Video Series Part 3 – The Scheme Team

In Part 1 we outlined a historic pattern of FISA-702 surveillance abuse by President Obama’s top officials within the DOJ and FBI. In Part 2 we outline how the application for a Title-1 surveillance warrant to the FISA court was intentionally misrepresented. Here in Part 3 we discuss the roles of people within the DOJ and FBI, “The Scheme Team”.

VIDEO #3 begins to put a close focus on a specific cast of characters at the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI. These were the key players from the Obama administration, FBI and DOJ whose goal was to ensure Hillary Clinton won the election and that Trump lost:


The goal of the video series is to distill our research files into short high-quality ‘special report type’ video segments that are easily digestible – and will help educate people on importance of what is happening. We hope you enjoy the content and will share with those who don’t have the exhaustive amount of time necessary to keep up on the issues. Each video produced by John Spiropoulos a former MSM journalist and producer for Channel 7 in Washington DC (1979 – 1989).

On a Monday night (February 12th, 2018) episode of Tucker Carlson a Democrat member of the House Intelligence committee said something interesting that almost everyone missed. Appearing on the show to joust with Tucker, HPSCI member Eric Swalwell stated: “the House Intel Committee has not interviewed a single witness in over a month”. [Video Here, quote @03:47] This statement is rather enlightening.

A month earlier, January 4th, 2018, an agreement was finally made between House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and DOJ Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for complete disclosure of all unredacted documents AND a list of witnesses who Nunes wanted the HPSCI to question.

Included in those names was: FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who exchanged anti-Trump text messages during an affair and previously worked on the special counsel’s Russia probe; FBI general counsel James Baker, who was reassigned; FBI head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap, whom ex-FBI boss James Comey testified made the decision not to brief Congress about the Russia case during last year’s election; and Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official reassigned after concealing meetings with figures involved in the dossier.

The January 4th agreement between Devin Nunes and Rod Rosenstein was made after a great deal of back-and-forth. Chairman Nunes then documented the agreement in a letter.

On January 8th, Bruce Ohr was demoted for the second time. [AND DOJ officials scheduled Bruce Ohr to be available to Devin Nunes on January 17th]

On January 9th, the DOJ provided the unredacted DOJ/FBI documents requested to Chairman Nunes; the documents the DOJ produced surrounded the Clinton-Steele Dossier and the FISA Title-1 application. The documents were assigned to a SCIF in the basement of the House. Those documents become the basis for Chairman Nunes to outline his memo; essentially a declassification request to the White House written by Trey Gowdy.

As a result of the agreement between Rod Rosenstein and Devin Nunes, one member from each side of the HPSCI aisle (one Democrat and one Republican) was permitted to review the original FISA application documents which included the Clinton-Steele dossier use therein.

Trey Gowdy and Adam Schiff were the two Intel committee members who reviewed. (Remember, this is January 9th, 2018) [Only Gowdy, Schiff and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte reviewed the original FISA documents]

A week later, January 16th, 2018, Chairman Nunes postponed the witness interview with DOJ official Bruce Ohr scheduled for the next day, January 17th.

Instead, on January 18th, 2018, the HPSCI voted to allow all members of the House to review the Nunes-Gowdy Memo created after the DOJ provided the documents (January 9th). [January 18th THROUGH February 2nd was #ReleaseTheMemo]

Now remember, throughout this time none of those prior agreed-upon FIVE witnesses (Strzok, Page, Priestap, Baker, Ohr) have been interviewed. Everyone’s attention shifted from witness testimony to the Memo; and as Democrat Eric Swalwell stated, no witness was interviewed. Period. [<- key point].

So to summarize so far: during January all the DOJ documents arrived, the HPSCI (Nunes) memo was written, released, declassified and released to the public on February 2nd, 2018 but no witnesses testified. [Nunes Memo – Link]

So the question becomes:

How does the exact testimony (including quotes) of Bruce Ohr, and Bill Priestap become part of the Nunes Memo if neither Bruce Ohr or Bill Priestap was ever interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee?

Who is doing the interrogations of Bill Priestap and Bruce Ohr?

It’s not the HPSCI. It’s not the House Judiciary Committee and it’s not the Senate (Chuck Grassley). [Remember Grassley is relying on responsive FD-302’s provided by the FBI.]

See where this is going? DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has interviewed these witnesses and extracted testimony. Can you see now why Nunes was in ‘no hurry’ to interview the FIVE? (Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker and Priestap).

Let me remind everyone that each of the aforementioned names is still within the system. Unlike Mike Kortan, David Laufman, Sally Yates, James Rybicki or Andrew McCabe, none of the five (Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker, Priestap) have been removed. Peter Strzok is in FBI HR; Lisa Page is doing something; Bruce Ohr and James Baker are holding down chairs somewhere; and Bill Priestap is still Asst. FBI Director in charge of counterintelligence.

It doesn’t go unnoticed the media are transparently not following up on Peter, Lisa, Bruce Jim or Bill. No satellite trucks in front of their houses etc.; no pounding on their doors for comment etc. Nothing.

Further, ask yourself why Inspector General Michael Horowitz (or someone thereabouts) began to advance upon the entire ‘Trump operation’ with releases of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages? Why them? Surely, other collaborative communication was also captured, yet we only heard of Page and Strzok. Why?

Here’s what is becoming transparently obvious. The fab-five are cooperating with the investigative unit of the OIG. All five of them.

The text message release was strategic. It was intended to substantiate the entire enterprise, put the ‘small group on notice’ and flush out the co-conspirators. The downstream exits of Kortan, Laufman, Rybicki, McCabe et al are evidence therein.

Additionally, the OIG (Horowitz) would want to keep the testimony of Page, Strzok, Ohr, Baker and Priestap away from the Democrat politicians, well known leakers, within the House Intelligence Committee (ie. Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff) until he was certain their usefulness as witnesses was exhausted.

The reason for this is transparently simple. The OIG is a division inside the Department of Justice. During an internal investigation if the IG becomes aware of unlawful activity he/she is obligated to inform the AG (Sessions) or AAG (Rosenstein). He can’t ignore it and he cannot delay notification of it. Unlawful activity must be reported.

The IG does not have legal or prosecutorial authority – the IG must immediately refer unlawful activity to the proper authority; essentially to his boss. A DOJ prosecutor is then assigned to work with the IG and essentially creates a parallel investigation focused only on the law-breaking part. [That prosecutor could, likely would, then begin a Grand Jury proceeding; no-one outside the AG, AAG, and that prosecutor’s office would know.]

The prior testimony/statements to the IG by the fab-five would explain why AAG Rod Rosenstein was negotiating with Devin Nunes, and why Nunes came away from those negotiations with wind in his investigative sails.

The DOJ (Rod Rosenstein) needs to wall-off the politics (Devin Nunes) from the ongoing investigation (DOJ-OIG-Prosecutor) to preserve the integrity of his advancing and assembling case (including witness testimony). Understanding this, after a review of the FISA documents – Nunes dropped/postponed his demand for immediate testimony by the fab-five to the HPSCI. [A record is already established]

As a person familiar with such specific investigative measures recently shared:

“They are sat down, told to not do anything, say anything or discuss anything UNTIL they get an attorney. At which time, the attorney is handed a letter from the investigating unit. That letter says in essence, this is how screwed you are. If you want to be less screwed you will sign this letter of cooperation and assist us. When we don’t need you, you sit there. When we do we will call you and you will provide what we need. Any deviation from this agreement lands you in jail for the full term.”

Additionally regarding Bruce and Nellie Ohr:

“The Republican memo states they turned over all their work and testified to someone that Bruce Ohr met with Christopher Steele and Steele was saying he didn’t want Trump in office. They didn’t testify to a Congressional committee, so it had to be the IG.”

All of the news and information coming forward, including the withdrawal of the request for the Democrat memo, aligns with a very specific fact pattern. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, Bill Priestap, Bruce Ohr and likely Nellie Ohr, have cut some kind of deal with the IG for process leniency in exchange for cooperation.

The fab-five have likely provided the IG and the DOJ with sworn statements and testimony which is highlighted in investigative communication between the DOJ and Chairman Nunes; and we see snippets surfacing in the Nunes memo.

That perspective explains everything seen and not seen.

It is very likely the final investigative summary from the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG), Michael Horowitz, is going to be encompassing:

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  1. Sauce says:

    Ever notice being on a comments section of a thread and it suddenly goes dead,,,,its always that another article got posted….guess I should read this one 😉

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    • COS Patriot says:

      Yup. That’s how it seems to work around here.

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Or immediately after posting you find yourself several rows down in the backyard and upon finding ones self you become aware of others also posting! WTH

        Just one of the reasons I do not pay attention to grammatical or spelling or if some one gets offended by double same thoughts posted.

        That being said this is a fantastic, knowledgeable run site. Thanks Sundance and the many very smart folks that call this home.

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    • woodstuff says:

      My time is limited so I read what I can. And sadly, I sometimes just get burned out with information overload. I have a very small & weak mind.

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  2. Apollo says:

    Thanks for this.

    I can’t wait for all of this to shake out—hoping and praying that it does!

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    • Oridnaryman says:

      The bottom Line is that all 3 videos are great. Let us know how and when to spread their existence beyond normal circle of friends.

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      • WSB says:

        You can do that now by clicking on the arrow and then copying and pasting the share address that comes up.

        You can open the share address in a new tab snd then send link, or cut and paste the address in chat rooms or other sites.

        Share away!

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    • G. Combs says:

      I would also suggest including as a lead in:

      Maxine Waters Confirms “Big Brother” Database — 2013

      President Trumps was only the latest of a long series of people who were spied on. News reports show journalists and even Congress Critters were targeted during the Obama years.

      There are three other very important points:

      * This shows how intrusive a Title I is:

      As an example: […]  The FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company. In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices.

      Note UCE-1 was outed as CARTER PAGE LINK

      This PHYSICAL ‘bugging’ of Trump would explain why President-elect Trump removed from Trump Tower within 24 hours of the visit by Admiral Rogers AND why Admiral Rogers waited until a SCIF, a bug proof room had been set-up in Trump Towers.

      * Three Hop Rule:
      NPR — With 3 ‘Hops,’ NSA Gets Millions Of Phone Records

      President Barack Obama’s national security team acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that, when investigating one suspected terrorist, it can read and store the phone records of millions of Americans.

      Since it was revealed recently that the National Security Agency puts the phone records of every American into a database, the Obama administration has assured the nation that such records are rarely searched and, when they are, officials target only suspected international terrorists….

      Testimony before Congress on Wednesday showed how easy it is for Americans with no connection to terrorism to unwittingly have their calling patterns analyzed by the government.

      It hinges on what’s known as “hop” or “chain” analysis. When the NSA identifies a suspect, it can look not just at his phone records, but also the records of everyone he calls, everyone who calls those people and everyone who calls those people.

      If the average person called 40 unique people, three-hop analysis would allow the government to mine the records of 2.5 million Americans when investigating one suspected terrorist.[…]


      LAST there are stories showing the UK was spying on Candidate Trump as early as 2015 and sharing the information with the CIA.
      May 23, 2017
      “[…]Trump fired Comey earlier this month, just over nine months into the FBI’s probe of Russia’s hacking and disinformation campaigns that targeted Democrats during the election. That probe began in earnest when Robert Hannigan, then the chief of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, passed Brennan material related to conversations Trump associates had with suspected or known Russian agents in late 2015 and early 2016,….
      Brennan was so concerned about the intercepted communications that he established a counterintelligence task force, which included the FBI and the National Security Agency. (Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified earlier this month that those communications had been picked up and handed over to US agencies, but he could not elaborate due to the “sensitive” nature of the intelligence.)[…]”

      h t t p://

      Apr. 13, 2017
      “[…]Brennan reportedly established a counterintelligence task force, which included the FBI and the National Security Agency. That summer, Robert Hannigan, then the chief of the GCHQ, passed Brennan more material related to conversations Trump associates had with suspected or known Russian agents,[…]”
      h t t p://

      CIA then set up task-force in 2016 to investigate possible Russian funding of Trump’s campaign
      h t t p://

      Hannigan abruptly resigned on Jan. 23, 2017. This was three days after Trump’s inauguration and shortly after the first allegations that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele was involved thanks to the Buzzfeed article on January 10, 2017.


  3. emet says:

    One day these videos will comprise training materials at the FBI Academy, as new agents study the most significant criminal conspiracy in history

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    • jbt says:

      Absolutely! And in our schools (4th grade).

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    • jbowen82 says:

      Only if they’re forced to. As any bureaucratic institution would, left to its own devices, the FBI is going to bury all this deep and forget it ever happened.

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    • Good Job! says:

      It’s a great video. I see a few issues with it.

      1. I think the Lynch calls it a “matter” business is a nothingburger. Comey used that once, then went back to saying investigation. It’s a minor attempt at spin.

      2. I think the unlikeliness of the Phoenix tarmac meeting needs be emphasised by mechanically explaining where at the airport and timing. (BTW, at least Bill knows something about secure communications!)

      3. Lynch said she and Bill talked “mostly” about grandchildren and travel. That may be true. That doesn’t preclude her from hearing from Bill, “Comey’s going to issue a report and you should submit to it.” She’s not an old Clinton or Obama hand I believe. She could be a bad actor–or she got steamrolled.

      4. You should be careful with Priestap. He has not been demoted, or course he’s cooperating. Operation “Latitiude” may have been managed by his superior McCabe to who Strzok, etc. reported. Priestap could have been busy with other counter-intel matters. I think you should sound more “up in the air” about Priestap.

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      • I’d like to add my thoughts on the Tarmac meeting.
        It would never be worth the impropriety their “chance” meeting would cause, to just say “hi” and “how’s the grandkids”.
        Who would risk looking like they were colluding just to small talk with someone who is “off limits” to you in a big league way.
        Was Bill Clinton really there in Arizona that day, in August (110+ degrees) to golf?
        Plus they didn’t know that a local journalist was tipped off about the “meeting”..
        Who tipped her off?
        What were the flight plans?
        This meeting was not a chance meeting since it was leaked before it actually happened.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Re: item #3 – Lynch is not an old Clinton or Obama hand?

        Shirley you jest. Lynch goes way back with Clinton and Eric Holder, Obama’s first Attorney General, who also has tight ties to Clinton. Clinton was the one who originally appointed both Holder and Lynch.

        More research is strongly urged.
        As for your other comments – see previous sentence.


  4. Don'tMessWithTeas says:

    Great work, Sundance, for giving multiples ways of explaining the complexity of this story and the players. We appreciate the hard work, research, and devotion to explaining the corrupt nature of the Deep State. Many blessings!

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  5. I hope someone is sending these to obama and Hilary.

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  6. Ivehadit says:

    I am noticing that my sphere of friends is past ready for this to happen. The emotions of all this are having an effect and are very heavy: the rage and anger at learning what was done to our beloved America is a lot to hold while we wait…and having to trust that the perpetrators will be brought to justice when we have been so betrayed especially by those who pretended to be “on our side”.

    Our boundaries have been violated beyond belief and it is enraging. Cold anger doesn’t begin to describe the feeling. Being battered has its effects. I can only imagine how the president feels.

    Continuing to pray all day every day for our President, his family and for my fellow citizens. Keeping the faith that we will endure and prevail. Thank you, Sundance for helping us through this. And…

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    • I’m praying that the IG is knocking on Obama’s door. These 5 will go to prison before they rat out the true source of this scheme.

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      • Steve in Lewes says:

        ” These 5 will go to prison before they rat out the true source of this scheme.”
        If that does happen, there are stupid-er than I could ever imagine. Destroying the remainder part of your life for someone else that is not family is pure STUPID!

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    • Cold Anger … PERIOD.

      NEVER post something that would preclude you from serving JURY DUTY.

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      • Good Job! says:

        If it ever gets to be too much to bear, reread the Strzok/Lisa Page texts for some laughter. Esp. the texts where Strzok praises Lisa Page’s intelligence.

        My second fave is Page’s “Oops” text.

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      re: “Being battered has its effects. I can only imagine how the president feels.” I thought of that while watching our presidents speech to CPAC – this man is so resilient. I remember the Dems repeating endlessly during the campaign, how Trump could never make it as prez, because he is ‘much too thin-skinned.’ Watching him amongst his friends, giving that talk, it was just wonderful seeing how relaxed and rejuvenated he was.

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    • mdaush says:

      Take heart, President Trump isn’t sweating…in fact, he seems to be having a good time other than his sorrow about the shootings.
      At CPAC he was rousing, confident and upbeat. Walk with a skip in your step, smell the spring air, live with joy. Our leader is showing us how to live. He’s got this….we’ve got this.
      All things Are Possible!

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  7. Peter says:

    How long before they make a movie of this? 50 years

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  8. 17CatsInTN says:

    Warms the cockles of my heart that adults are in charge.

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  9. drawfortruth says:

    These videos are really well done. I just wish that a large percentage of Americans would actually view them.

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  10. adoubledot says:

    So if Nellie is cooperating, does that now make them the sinister-six?

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    • Summer says:

      She is not a government employee so, technically, she does not have to cooperate. We don’t really know if she was questioned.

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      • Bill says:

        I understanding is that Nellie is CIA.

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        • I’m wondering if she is a double agent of some sorts?

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          • Good Job! says:

            One can hope that the “reports” Nellie wrote for Fusion GPS given to the FBI by her husband look much like the “dossier.”

            There is also a chance she was hired to monitor and review Russian media for not nice things said about Hillary. If this is the case the IC report would be a trifecta. 1. CrowdStrike report–paid for by Hillary. 2. Steele “Dossier” — paid for by Hillary*. 3. Russian propaganda and media review–also paid for by Hillary!

            The propaganda part of the IC report is little discussed but a big part of the report. Even Hillarybots laughed at it (unlike the current FB/twitter claims).

            * The last memo dated in December has an unknown sponsor.

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    • Jonesy says:

      Looks like she and her husband Bruce will be exchanging child custody while the other serves in a Federal Prison instead of going at the same time! That’s the only deal I can see being negotiated.

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  11. NoJuan Importante says:

    Among my democrat friends, the new position I am hearing is that BOTH SIDES were collaborating with Russians. and that they should all be indicted, and the political system should be reborn. which is an encouraging concession. I’m just thankful Jeff Sessions was providing advice for the campaign in that regard. Remember when Papodopoulous suggested involving Russia and Sessions said to never speak of that again?

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  12. cboldt says:

    Two pieces of info to throw in the mix. DOJ Regulations anticipate the possibility of a need for a secret special counsel. We are accustomed to SC coming into being based on noise from the political side, but that noise is not necessary. See 28 CFR 600.9(b). The prosecutor working with Horowitz may be career DOJ, or may be a SC. Either way, we don’t know for sure. Just tossing it out as a possibility under the regulations.
    The HPSCI Schiff counter-memo to the Nunes memo is still kicking around out there. Brought up yesterday in CNN interview of Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL). Schiff had, on two separate occasions this past week, indicated an intention to complete negotiations with the FBI/DOJ this week. Appears that plan is kaput. The fallback is apparent in the Quigley interview, blame Trump and insinuate the delay is because the Schiff memo fully exonerates the FBI frameup of Carter, in FISC.

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  13. COS Patriot says:

    I’m trying to keep the faith but it’s becoming awfully hard. It’s late in the game and there hasn’t single indictment yet. Not even a whiff of an indictment.

    Meanwhile Mueller and his DNC hit team have only increased their efforts to destroy anyone remotely associated with Trump while ignoring the blatant Clinton/Russia collusion.

    Can we at least all agree now that Mueller is not a white hat?

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    • red6242 says:

      There are 2 ways Mueller goes, if he gets Trump on something or if he is removed by force.


    • Bill says:

      Mueller is not a white hat. I am concerned that Muller’s team has two functions.
      1. Find or create something, indictable on President Trump.
      2. Prevent the corrupt actions of the Obama administration from surfacing.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Does not matter what color Mueller’s hat is. Mueller is doing the digging, uncovering skeletons of the evil doers. No skeletons of those that are doing good. He could just be a useful idiot. Lots of those going around, particularly used by the evil doers.

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      • An American says:

        DM, if you hear the media tell it the headline always has the President in it, guilt by association. Makes no difference that Gates and Manafort’s stuff happened years before and that Manafort’s was campaign manager, what for a month. Every time there is a blurp on the happenings, the President is mentioned. And that is the only thing the low information folks hear! IMO.

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  14. StarGate says:

    Good job. Videos will help awaken the public. Used to work inside. Saw how easily this is /was done and no one to stop it until this administration.

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  15. Bill says:

    SD, great video! It needs to be seen everywhere and all the time! *Repeatedly*

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  16. FofBW says:

    The “Assault on the Constitution” has been going on for decades, IMO.

    The Deep State thought they had the 1, 2 punch with Obama then Hilary to finish off the death of our Constitution.

    They just did not count on the providence of God to give us another chance.

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  17. snellvillebob says:

    Those five all turning witnesses conflicts with their email going lost for two weeks until IG Horowitz recovered them. It is suspected by some that they were erased by McCabe to cover up his tampering with Strzok’s 302’s from the famous token Hillary – FBI Saturday get-together. If they were states witnesses they would not have tried to erase them.

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    • neal s says:

      You are assuming that it was Page and Strzok who were asked for the text messages and who failed to turn those texts over. I think others in the FBI were asked to produce those messages, and their convenient failure to be able to do so, just highlights that there are others who are trying to obstruct justice. Too cute stuff on the order of “the dog ate those text messages” (not literally!) just won’t cut it. Those who failed to produce the requested texts are either incompetent, or trying to hide things.


  18. positron1352 says:

    The videos are excellent. Thank you, again, Sundance, for your meticulous work. Your opinion is probably the only one that I trust and I especially love it when you give us a peek into the future as to what will likely transpire. I agree that this is wearing thin on all of us. Especially when I review some of the other media sources. We will see how far this clean up goes. Nevertheless, it comes down to mathematics. Our demographics have changed dramatically and that isn’t going away. It will be a battle to continue with what our country once was. Coupled with an irretrievably broken MSM….we will continue as a tribal country, the road upon which we are now finding ourselves. Various minority groups have literally taken over. Let’s continue to pray for God’s intervention in all of this corruption and divisiveness so that we can maintain our Constitutional Republic. You are a blazing ray of sunshine, Sundance..

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  19. Please God let this be so. The truth will come out like a dam burst.

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  20. Everywhereguy says:

    Notice how Schiff has not been rushing to revise the Dem memo to make it releasable, or talking about his plans for doing so? — He must know by now it would just damage Democrat credibility when the DOJOIG report comes out soon, and/or indictments are issued.

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  21. MM says:

    Sundance is right about staying informed with the truth and facts can be a full time job and Exhaustive. Thankful for these videos that people can assimilate with ease and stay informed while working to support their family. My friends and family still get side tracked by media Propaganda…

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  22. snarkybeach says:

    the Dems memo has been released and Catherine Herridge is breaking it down live…

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  23. Little Annie's Fannie says:

    Another stellar performance Sundance. How many more videos can we expect? This will be an excellent reference for any law school group or graduate government program.
    At what point will Mickey come out and point to the Big Ugly? I doubt it comes soon enough to many of us here but,per your advice, we remain anxiously patient.
    The latest wolf cry (both sides are guilty of cooperating with the Russians) is rather amusing. So they are admitting their part? Fortunately, PDJT has proven a far more formidable opponent than they thought. Try though they may, they have thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at him and nothing has stuck. The Deep State doesn’t know how to deal with an honest man. THAT is why they feared him. The fact that he was independently wealthy didn’t help their cause since they likely couldn’t make the pot sweet enough to have him bite! (although I would hope that he would have laid a trap for them)
    I can only imagine with Mueller’s indictment of Manafort that the Podesta boys must be shaking in their boots. Manafort did nothing that the Podesta’s have done and the boys have likely done much more!!

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  24. LafnH2O says:

    The videos are Excellent!
    Thank You, Sundance!!

    Sundance, please consider including all videos in the series on each subsequent “Video” Post.

    Then, I could offer “The Willing”, a single link to all videos with a brief history such as you have done with this post.

    Easy. 👍 Click the link…watch videos.

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  25. Another Scott says:

    I sure hope this happens as Sundance is intimating and I sure hope that drives a stake through the Mueller investigation. Mueller is a slap in the face to 304 electoral votes, 30 states + Me-02, 63 million voters and our democratic elections in general. Charges against Manafort from before the election? Russians trolling social media to influence the election? Give me a break, everyone knows Mueller was put in place to either bring down our properly elected president or provide cover for a bunch of illegal activity by the Democrat Party dirty tricks team to undermine him.End rant.


  26. Steve in Lewes says:

    Sundance – May I suggest that you place your Video Series someplace special on CTH where they are all available in one convenient location. That way, when we direct friends, family, and others to see what is really going on, they will not have to navigate the entire CTH site, but one single link that has the videos all teed up, in sequence, ready to go.

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  27. malmino says:

    Why are Sally Moyer and Greg Brower never mentioned in the same breath as the fab five? They too were on the to-be-interviewed witness list. What became of them?

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  28. wheatietoo says:

    Another great video!
    Thank you so much, Sundance and Mr. Spiropoulos!

    I love it that Joe DiGenova summed it up in simple language:
    “A Plot…to frame the President of the United States with a false crime.”

    That’s exactly what they did.
    It can’t be said enough.
    And I think they did it on orders from the O White House.

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  29. Annie Moler says:

    Just WOW. Thanks Sundance.

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  30. frank field says:

    Ahhhh. Another beam of encouragement from Sundance. Perhaps we really will see some indictments and convictions! Go Horowitz!


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  31. wheatietoo says:

    “Here’s what is becoming transparently obvious. The fab-five are cooperating with the investigative unit of the OIG. All five of them.”

    Sundance, you think Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker and Priestap, are all singing?
    Oh I hope so!

    I hope they are admitting that they were operating on orders from O and ValJar.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Wayne Klobe says:

    Sundance, where is Carter Page in all of this? Was he a plant?

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Excellent video? Hell, I thought all three were better than the movie JAWS.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Margaret Berger says:

    If the fab five plus one (Nellie) are cooperating the pressure on mueller to find something, anything and throw it at the wall is huge. Manafort is part of that anything, the podestas no. Manafort was an indpendant podestas are part of the globalist team, they know where the bodies are burried and will only go down if the white hats bring it all down.


  35. nimrodman says:

    Sundance’s final sentence:
    “It is very likely the final investigative summary from… Inspector General … Michael Horowitz, is going to be encompassing:”

    … and by logic there should be precious little squawking about “partisanship”, since Horowitz is an Obama appointee

    … but of course there will be.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. John Keiken says:

    Is it coincidence that I could not view any of these videos or have they been blocked?



  37. TMonroe says:

    Good stuff, forwarding away. Did find it interesting that Lisa page was still being called the “mistress”.


  38. Charlotte says:

    Guys Obama was a Soviet/Cabal Manchurian Candidate from the beginning we have confirmation back to the 90,s it all fits:


  39. Pat Frederick says:

    all these players who have resigned or been demoted or fired—have there been eyes on any of them? could they already be held somewhere or have they been sighted in public at all?


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