Video Series Part 2 – Political Fraud and The FBI FISA Application…

In Part 1 we outlined a historic pattern of FISA-702 surveillance abuse by President Obama’s top officials within the DOJ and FBI. Here in Part 2 we outline how a specific application for a Title-1 surveillance warrant to the FISA court was intentionally misrepresented.

This Part 2 video report focuses on the Obama administration’s Illegal spying of the Trump Campaign through an American named Carter Page who was a brief volunteer on the campaign.  This video outlines the FISA ‘Title-1’ warrant on Mr. Page and the House and Senate investigations of the executive branch’s misleading application to the FISA Court.  Former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova says he expects former top FBI officials to be charged criminally. WATCH:


The goal is to distill our research files into short high-quality ‘special report‘ type video segments that are easily digestible – and will help educate people on what the importance of what is happening. We hope you enjoy the content and will share with those who don’t have the exhaustive amount of time necessary to keep up on the issues.

A House Intelligence Committee memo shows government surveillance abuse and includes testimony from FBI Asst. Director Andrew McCabe saying without the infamous Trump dossier, the FBI and DOJ would not have secured surveillance warrants to spy on at least one member of the Trump team.

The House Intelligence Committee released the memo outlining abuses involving FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, during the 2016 election.


On January 4, 2018, Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham referred Christopher Steele, the author of an unverified “Trump dossier,” to the FBI for further investigation after reviewing Justice Department documents that conflicted with Steele’s sworn statements in British court about the distribution of his research.

At the time of the referral, the existence of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications described in the HPSCI memo was still classified. Grassley had sought the FBI’s cooperation to confirm that portions of the referral derived from sources other than the applications were unclassified.

Following weeks of consultation, the FBI asked the committee to redact additional material despite confirming that it was, in fact, not classified, and only approved the release of the unclassified, heavily-redacted version of the referral after the White House formally declassified the House memo, known alternately as “The Nunes Memo”.

While the HPSCI Majority memo is no longer classified, the underlying text of the FISA applications that it references are still controlled by the DOJ officials within the executive branch.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte is currently working with the FISA court to get the DOJ/FBI application they possess to the committee.

The Grassley-Graham referral contains verbatim quotes from the FISA applications that are not included in the HPSCI ‘Nunes’ memo. Specifically, the referral quotes the government’s description of Steele’s statements to the FBI about his contacts with the media.

On Friday February 2nd, 2018, Chairman Grassley asked FBI Director Chris Wray to remove the redactions of his referral and declassify the underlying supportive documents; known as the “Grassley Memo”.  FBI Director Wray did not remove all redactions, but did remove most. Here is the newest version:


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141 Responses to Video Series Part 2 – Political Fraud and The FBI FISA Application…

  1. JAS says:

    Sent both video links to 5 people, who will then send it to another 5 people, who will then send it…..

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  2. ForGodandCountry says:

    Lord Jesus,

    We see you at work through your servant Sundance and his amazing team, who openly acknowledge you and tirelessly work to shine the light of truth in our darkened world. Thank you, Lord, for this great blessing.

    Lord, we ask that these videos go “viral” and help effect the Great Awakening that must happen in our nation and the world; that tens and hundreds of millions would see these videos; that they would effectively drop the scales of deception from all eyes, and unstop all ears from the lies told as truth; that they serve to re-establish your Truths and the integrity of government in this great nation which you raised up and sustain. In you is our trust, and to you we give our eternal thanks.

    For your honor, Lord, and for your glory, we pray this in your holy name.


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      • Baseball Coach says:

        When all is said and done after this shamefully corrupt chapter of American history, I pray that we all here at CTH can experience the transformation to that new and better America. The one that our President has talked about since he first started his campaign. Make America Great Again!

        When the next chapters of our era of American history are written, I am hopeful that great people like Sundance and many others will be written about in those chapters to tell future generations of both the good and the bad of this era, and how we ultimately did Make America Great Again!

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    • Minnie says:

      In the most precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray.

      Amen 🙏

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      • Susan says:

        Amen. We often discuss how the “errors of Russia have spread throughout the world”, cultural Marxism, and how the only weapon left is prayer.


    • magacombover says:



  3. PureInHeart says:

    Posted both videos on my Facebook page.

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  5. gda says:

    Sharing these everywhere I can Sundance. Even with my 89-year-old mother who was doubtful anyone will go to jail.

    Now she has faith!

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  6. littleflower481 says:

    Just sent videos to two people, one who is involved with the Republican Party here. I just sent the YouTube links because I was afraid it would overwhelm them if I sent too much information. I hope they watch them.
    This is such a great idea! Mmmm maybe I should send to my congressman. Thanks for this Sundance, a fabulous idea!!! You are a genius!

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  7. LafnH2O says:

    Very Well Done!!

    Love the Gavel!!

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  8. Blacksmith8 says:

    Kills me knowing that there are lurkers here ( who occasionally get a personal message from Mickey Mouse) that are seeing this video and vomiting everything they’ve eaten for the last month right there on the screen and keyboard


    Thank you Sundance.
    Thank you TCTH.

    Thank You GOD!

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  9. InAz says:

    Thank you for the videos and all the hard work that goes into research, posting articles, now posting videos, and Tweeting.

    Fantastic job!

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  10. Sundance what fabulous work. if we the people dont stand up now we dont deserves freedom. i hope everyone will get the information out. The government and the educational sytem is out of conrol and only WE can get it back. We have to get this info out an HAMMER the media for doing and investigating NOTHING. TWEET THEM EMAIL THEM GIVE THEM HELL

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    • Realist says:

      Are you like me wondering what has happened to Schiff and the DemoncRATS ‘MEMO” it seems to have dropped down a black hole and the LEFTURDS are pretending it never existed. Most probably because it has been thoroughly DEBUNKED and exposed for the LEFTARD PROPAGANDA it is before it has even been issued


  11. Q&A says:

    Trey Gowdy “ There’s a reason the affiant swears to the truthfulness of the underlying information. Judges can’t then go research and say ‘Well gosh, I wonder if Chris Steele knew this all himself or wonder if he was relying on hearsay from subsources in Russia?’ That’s not the judge’s job. It is the FBI’s and DOJ’s job to present full credible information to the courts.”

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  12. R Daneel says:

    If and until the Demonrat DoJ & FBI swamp creatures go to jail this will all be for naught.

    I ain’t holding my breath.

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  13. Josh says:

    How do you share this info with friends ive lost 5 close friends when i tried to send them charlie johnstons ‘an-indictment-about-nothing-except-leverage’ Or here. With close family members they have just switched off. Very often i get this doesnt that tell you something if only few sites are telling you this. Then when i give them example of Christ that few people were on his side during his trial. After that romans persecuted christians who were a minority but the truth still got out. I get this unfazed look like im.crazy. i will not be suprised if i loose my facebook account. But who cares to see everyday people writing anti trump messages desperate for attention or validation but the truth. I have refrained for such sites normally but only taken to it since the Fisa memo was released.


    • Realist says:

      The Facebook CENSORSHIP FASCISTS routinely censor anything derogatory about Muslims, Homos, Blacks, Feminazis, Baby Butchers and the other darlings and Holy Cows of the LEFTURDS and issue bans on those who dare to tell the TRUTH about them . While still giving free rein to any of the above attacking those of us on the ‘right’ and especially Trump supporters . They especially love Muslim Terrorists.

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      • mike says:

        Fascesbook (fasces, the root of fascist) is a stolen software project, owned by a sociopath, monetized with corporate and government funds with really ugly methods and purposes.

        What possibly could go wrong?
        I don’t subscribe and that’s still not enough privacy protection.
        Still working on breaking the Google habit.


        • cali says:

          All of these Tech giants are members of the shadow government/NWO. They all work in tandem to censor, collect info on every user and then some.
          Checkout Google’s “DEEP DREAM” that they worked on. Total mind altering chit totally evil. I’m glad that Schmidt/Google is no longer the CEO although the company itself is a CIA deep state outfit who worked with Hussein/Hillary/CrowdStrike/Abramovich/Comey and the rest of these seditious individuals.
          Google sensors U-Tube videos and often deletes the videos created by the ‘awakening’ movement who simply try to inform anyone than may still is in doubt that the last administration was nothing but a crime spree carried out by the agents of the shadow government/deep state.
          But go and check out the program designed by Google which they attempted/planned to introduce to the American citizens in favor of their masters “Deep Dream v2”.


        • “Fascesbook (fasces, the root of fascist)” & I thought “fasces” was you’re Facebook FECES amalgamation–my bad!


  14. Realist says:

    All roads lead back to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero OHOMO the Serial LYING, Document HIDING, BC FORGING, DEVOUT Muslim according to ALL his Indonesian school contemporaries and ILLEGITIMATE President, you can’t be NBC with a FOREIGN NATIONAL as a ‘father; no matter WHERE you are born. Oh and his CORRUPT UNDEMOCRATIC CRIMINAL DemoncRAT REGIME and John McCain and RINO’s too are up to their necks in it as are all the OBAMUNISTS they infiltrated in to the alphabet organs of State many of whom are STILL there and STILL doing their ‘Masters’ bidding.

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    • Josh says:

      100% muslim you know what gave it away for me? The removal of sanctions against iran. Next was rogue support for isis. Finally betrayal of israel in the dying moments of his presidency confirmed it. Whats funny is some on facebook posted something asking everyone to make a bold move of supporting israel against palistine. His minions made so much noise when trump tried to undo all those things.


      • Ackman420 says:

        Dong forget when he hosted leaders from the Muslim brotherhood at the whitehouse in 2010.

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      • Josh says:

        I forgot to add those people asking everyone to support israel against palestine didnt like a comment on trump and were asking all traces of his name be removed from the comment when president trump made the boldest move for them unlike obama. See the hypocrisy?


  15. A2 says:

    Just watched both videos. Well done sundance and team. Hope you put them on the sidebar on this site for easy access (and repeat viewing).

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  16. CND says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    These vids are so much more concise and their presentation lays out the relevant information much more succinctly than on Hannity. I know it’s difficult and he’s doing his best but I feel like my brain is going to explode when trying to wrap my head around all the info. and connecting the dots during his program.
    Now I think I have a much better grasp on things!


  17. Brendan says:

    Oh, I was going to make videos of my own for easy consumption, but I guess I don’t have to bother now 🙂


  18. JimWVa says:

    New format for The Last Refuge? I give both videos 4 out of 5 stars. Great visuals with voice-over narration of the complex information on FISA abuse discovered by Admiral Rogers. Clips from the Admiral’s Congressional testimony were most effective.

    I recommend less (much less) talking-head commentary by Mr. DiGenova. No real need to watch him talk. His comments (off-camera) could have supported more graphics of the connections between the various Fusion GPS-FBI-DOJ actors in the FISA abuse / Obama Admin warrantless surveillance scandal.

    Waiting to see the next episodes. Thanks again Sundance for all the hard work on this.

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  19. WSB says:

    Sundance, these videos are so well crafted. So easy to send these on to my mailing lists! Thank you and everyone who helped to produce these two. Ingenious way to sprint through the mud!

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  20. Katherine McCoun says:

    I just tried to post these videos with my intro comments on 4 different facebook pages and all were immediately marked as “spam” so I deleted them. One was my Congressman’s page. Another was the page of one of my Senators. One was a new site’s fb page. The last was a friend’s fb page. All are places I have been able to post items in the past. Don’t know if they have changed their settings or if I did something wrong or I was trying to post the same thing in to many different places (each time the comments were different though).


  21. dusty says:

    Disregard everything (as innocuous) about the Papadopoulos and Mifsud story except for one thing: On 4/26 Mifsud tells Papadopoulos he has just learned that Moscow had dirt on Clinton via thousands of emails. It hasn’t been disclosed who Mifsud learned this information from. But it’s looking more and more plausible that Steele wasn’t paying Russians for information, he was paying them to say things to others. He was already (had just started) working for Fusion GPS, who had just officially started working for the DNC. They had already (and just prior) “About Queried” Papadopoulos and Mifsud from the FBI SigInt compartment, and it was likely the only path forward they had at that point. They were never interested in “finding” evidence that Trump and Russia were in cahoots on the email hacks. They needed to tie Papadopoulos to the hacked emails and Russia “on paper”, while betting the Trump Team’s follow-on emails and phone conversations would take care of the rest.

    No wonder the special counsel is spending all his time on the “Ukraine Investigation”!


  22. Monadnock says:

    I don’t Tweet…. but I made an exception for these two excellent clips. My ONLY two tweets ever.

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  23. Fin says:

    Wonder if Sundance is Joe DiGenova?


  24. 21leelee says:

    I have these two great videos on my FB page now. I had to check my settings to ensure they loaded, but all is well now. Some of my family and friends will quite like them while for others it will be an eye opener. Expecting ‘resistance’.


  25. f.fernandez says:

    It is very hard being patient on these issues and trusting they’ll all be punished.

    I’m disappointed at the MSM blackout on this and the fact a good portion of Americans are oblivious to just how corrupt the previous administration was.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Pat Frederick says:

    I enjoy reading the research, but my hubby and many others I know would rather view these concise but meaty videos instead. Thank you so much!! I will spread the word to as many as I can. AWESOME JOB!


  27. BobAt Wendys says:

    SD Should put a permanent link for the videos at the top of the page so infrequent visitors don’t miss them.

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  28. luciano2789 says:

    If all this is true, then all these people committed not only perjury, but also sedition.


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