Trump Doesn’t Bluff – Observers, Writ Large, Continue To Find Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable…

Sharing only because CTH readers have a more thorough understanding than most; and we are entering a phase of extreme consequence.

Donald Trump doesn’t bluff.

Bluffing is for those who accept they may or may not win.  The outcome is based on an unpredictable response from the opponent.

In business or in life, go review the decades of available information and you will see that Donald Trump, now President Trump, doesn’t bluff.  It’s one of the reasons he so openly owns the downsides.  It’s also the reason he has never engaged in the stock market.

President Trump controls outcomes.

Donald Trump the person, doesn’t wait for an entity, ally or opponent to enter his orbit. He greets them at the perimeter.   Trump doesn’t sit with his back to the door, he positions to see all upon entrance.   Donald Trump doesn’t try to hide his interest, he’s quite open about any engagement he is focused upon.

Donald Trump limits those who know the strategy to a select group he chooses; and even within that group each participant often doesn’t know the intent of their role in the larger dynamic, but he ensures they have clarity of purpose in the specific action required.  Action that he designs after a great deal of consideration.

There are not three aircraft carrier battle groups positioned off the coastal waters of Asia and North Korea because President Trump is positioning for military engagement, or positioning as a deterrent for DPRK military engagement.  Thinking that’s the purpose is the popular review, but it, in the full scope of review, is incorrect.

Again, President Trump doesn’t bluff; he tells you openly what is the focus.  President Trump has not mentioned one-single-word about using the military to engage the North Korean missile threat.

All of President Trump’s words are directed at the economics of the situation.  All of them. Yet almost every review of analytical opinion of the situation is centered around the military.  Why is that?  Tradition? Traditional frames of reference?…

If the long-term strategy is economic, and with Trump almost everything is economic, the military inventories are more purposeful as enforcement mechanisms for a trade and mercantile blockade, not for military combat.

[And with that in mind, close quarter shipping lane maneuvers could be requested as part of an exercise to train on mission for something the navy has not encountered in decades.  That might adjust thinking on the recent U.S.S. Fitzgerald situation – and I’ll just leave that there.]

President Trump doesn’t bluff.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (HERE) and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley (HERE) are not delivering idle threats.

President Trump has zero inclination toward military conflict, but he has gobsmacking levels of strategic interest in economic leverage toward attaining security objectives without the use of military.  (“take the oil”)

Right now the Gulf Cooperation Council is dealing with the issues of terrorism in the middle east.  It is not U.S. President Trump pressuring Qatar, he’s already outlined the security and economic value to the group (and established the argument for their self-interest), it is the GCC pressuring Qatar.  President Trump doesn’t need to pressure Qatar; the U.S. role, Trump’s role, is now supporting those who are doing the confronting.

President Trump knows the key to North Korea is China.  Intellectual minds established in decades long perspectives of geopolitical events have not yet caught up to the reality of modern trade economics driving the behaviors of militaristic nations.

Those same minds are so entrenched in the larger, more popular, dynamic of advanced global logic, they can no longer contemplate national action shaped by anything other than applied force.

President Trump doesn’t apply force, he simply creates outcomes were the best alternative for the adversary is to change their approach according to their own best interests.  Trump positions the interests themselves, he does not need the direct application of force.

President Trump doesn’t seek to apply force to the mouse running through the economic maze; he simply changes the location of the cheese, and the mouse’s travel responds accordingly.

China will take direct action to change the behavior of North Korea because it will be in China’s best interest to do so.  Trump doesn’t bluff.  Once he makes up his mind on a long-term strategy he simply works through each sequential move to obtain the objective.

There’s no limit to the economic squeeze President Trump is willing to apply toward China.   The U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Dept of Commerce, the U.S. Dept of State, the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, these are all tools in the sequential approach that are far more powerful than bombs, planes and rockets.

There is nothing to fear from North Korea in this equation because there is nothing to lose from this Trumpian level approach.  The more the DPRK provokes, the more China has to lose.  Start with multi-millions, then go to hundreds-of-millions, then billions etc. etc.  The behavior of North Korea is essentially irrelevant; the focus is on the root entity that can change the behavior of North Korea, China.

There is not a single regional military benefit surrounding the DPRK that is worth losing a single U.S. service member.  Especially not when there is an essentially endless supply of economic leverage available to put upon their enabler, China.

Begin there, and everything starts to make sense.

Donald Trump doesn’t bluff.

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258 Responses to Trump Doesn’t Bluff – Observers, Writ Large, Continue To Find Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable…

  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    Europeans are like the Left and Right coast Loons here. Loons are Betas.

    Money. It’s always about the money. The war drums? We still have the 16-year-old war to finish. Taking away Asia’s allowance is enough of a punishment for now. Unless the Chubby Bucket deviates from China’s strategy and creates his own demise.

    Don’t trust the Japanese or any of the other countries over there. Especially South Korea. Many of them at one time or another has had dreams of taking over the world. Bad tempers and big egos have always stopped them. Don’t give them nukes. None of ’em.

    The anger and egos of the Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Chinese empires, Japanese imperialists, is why they will never rise again. They have genetic, cultural character defects:

    Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained; fight not unless the position is critical. No ruler should put troops into the field merely to gratify his own spleen; no general should fight a battle simply out of pique. If it is to your advantage, make a forward move; if not, stay where you are. Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content. But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life. Hence the enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution. This is the way to keep a country at peace and an army intact. Sun Tzu

    This is the Art of War lesson these hotheads cannot ever maintain.

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    • deanbrh says: This is where i bought my copy of The Art Of War, as well as many other books, which is only to say they are a reputable Used book seller and you really should own a copy of The Art of War, even if the WAR is just with your wife or toddler or neighbor.

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      • BT in SC says:

        I’ve purchased several books from Abe’s. Got an email this morning that they’re have a 50% off sale on selected books through July 28th. Didn’t check for “The Art of War,” since I already have it.


    • G. Combs says:

      I think G. Edward Griffin explained why we have wars very well. It makes money for the Banksters and the politicians. Prior to fractional reserve banking (theft via inflation) wars were ONLY pursued IF there was some sort of gain. Loot/land worth more than the cost of the war or for defence.

      After the banksters gained control of the US money in 1913 and the press in 1915, the USA ABRUPTLY changed from isolationist to “World Policemen” and the Banksters have been using endless war to sucking all the wealth out of the country ever since. We are STILL paying for the debt run up during WWII.


      • srr says:

        The banks and money are really just about stealing earned, real wealth and power from those it rightly belongs to, so as to break their spirit and faith in God.

        It’s hard when all your good honest works keeps leaving you more deprived, to keep believing in The God Who also promised to perfectly balance every account and wipe away every tear, when those same power and wealth thieves also bring injustice into the courts and churches and attack the family unit.

        They literally work at cutting us off from all access to the wells of the waters of life that renew our parched spirits, BUT, with God all things are possible, even water from a rock. Keep Faith, especially when that’s all you have. 🙂


  2. RC says:

    In addition to re-negotiating US imports from China, the US might consider opening negotiations with African and Asian nations for their minerals.

    Way back in the 1960s as Britain and France withdrew from Empire, guess who rapidly filled the “leadership vacuum” ? Yes indeed and, at a minor cost of a few $ million in private Swiss accounts, China sealed long-tern mineral deals at a fraction of world prices. Immediately, export income in these nations fell by over half and caused comparable deterioration of local schooling systems, health systems, roads and local investment.

    Perhaps Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross might begin publicly courting those nations with an offer of fair value for their mineral resources ?

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    • Southern Son says:

      I went by Communist Nooz Network (yes, I clicked), to check headlines about #fakenooz, and one thing I saw was an article promoting the idea, that China and Mexico are in Trade Talks.
      I’m like, Bwahahaaa!!
      They got nuttin’.
      Tequila for WonTons?
      I didn’t stay long enough to smell the story.
      There was another, about how to track down meme originators.
      Funny how they Brag about this, as it Proves that they were Paid to Not track down Leads in IRS Scandal, Fast n Furious, E-mails, Classified Government Document Leaks, etc…

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      • Sherlock says:

        I don’t think they will ever real how they actually found this guy. Their explanations thusfar have been uncoinvincing to me.


  3. Dave says:

    Sundance, as usual, you describe things that the ordinary person might overlook, and then slap their forehead and say, “Why hadn’t I seen that before?” I totally got how you described the President’s instinct of positioning himself so he isn’t unprepared and taken by surprise. I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. We knew “the boys” would never sit in a restaurant with their backs to the door. No, they strategically sat where they could see who enters their environment. Whoever enters, good or bad, he is ready to take charge and meet them at the perimeter if need be. DJT, a man of integrity, is totally focused, and never surprised. Note that I don’t condone what the mob does, but the principle of being aware of one’s surroundings applies to all of us, whether politicians, construction workers, first response personnel, or deep sea divers. I even apply this to when I’m seated in a restaurant over the last 50 years. You have read enough accounts of terrorists invading places of business and attacking the unsuspecting patrons. Personal awareness may give you enough seconds to save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Trump is always aware. He always knows the escape exit locations if it comes to that. He knows when to duck behind barricades or below tables because of his extensive preparedness training. I’m not just addressing physical attacks. More than anything, DJT is mentally and emotionally prepared to meet his enemy. But what is often overlooked is his psychological preparedness. A master chess player, he is so many steps ahead of his opponent, that sometimes he does things that appear illogical at first, only to be seen as genius a short time later. Let’s follow his example, folks. Stay focused. Know your Constitution. Grasp and improve your ability to communicate the Constitution to others. Know your surroundings, especially when being confronted by the fascist scum on the street. Exhibit integrity yourself. Assume you are being watched at all times and act accordingly. And if man isn’t watching you, rest assured God is. Proud to be an American, and despite my strong ethnic background, proud to be an Unhyphenated American.

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    • Minnie says:


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    • thluckyone says:

      WOW, Dave, THANK YOU!


    • NewNonna!!! says:

      Dave, idk if it’s from being born and raised in bklyn thru 7th grade and then on LI where I remained for another 42 or so years, but I do the same thing. Face the entrance in whatever room I’m in.

      Maybe it’s my mothers drilling ‘Presence of Mind’ into my head as a teen.

      Either way, SD indeed aptly describes our good President in terms of his being prepared always. Maybe it’s a New York thing. In any case, I’m happy to share the trait with President Trump even if he’s more experienced in using the trait in heavy business situations and I’m not.

      God bless our President and God bless the United States of America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    • ladypenquin says:

      You must read the Jack Reacher novels. Great series by Lee Child. As I was reading Sundance’s article, Reacher’s name came to mind. I’m a Queens gal, but get your description and meaning about being alert and aware. It’s about time the country woke up.

      PS They made a couple of the Jack Reacher stories into movies, starring Tom Cruise. Not a fan of Cruise, and he really wasn’t the right casting for the Jack Reacher of the novels, but the movies were okay. (Difficult to name even one good, strong male actor compared to the actors of long ago.)


    • Dogstar_K9 says:

      I never sit with my back to an open room and I grew up in jerkwater. You can’t teach strategic thinking. You’re either born with it or you finally pick up up on it after seeing bad things happen to your buddies.

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  4. NJF says:

    Thanks SD. Always learning here!

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  5. Betty says:

    Only geniuses hang out and comment here! You people seriously ROCK! Loving it!

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    • Old Codger says:

      A lady, such as yourself, recognizes the “alpha-red pill” mindset on display here, as well!

      (Although there are blue pill betas and white knights lurking, but they serve their purposes as a contrast.)


  6. MOA says:

    “the recent U.S.S. Fitzgerald situation.”

    Too long a bow. This wasn’t a 3 dimensional chess incident.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      I am not sure what you are referring to when you say “Too long a bow.” The whole incident could be an inept Captain’s fault or the result of the most hair raising maneuver ever attempted by any Captain. In the midst of an devastating and extraordinary attack on Japanese shipping during WWII, the U.S. sub Tang sank itself with a defective torpedo that circled and hit the sub. No one knew what happened until after war.

      During much of the cold war every single Russian sub was followed throughout their entire patrol by a U.S. sub. The Russians never knew that in the event of a nuclear war every single Russian sub would have been torpedoed immediately. There is a deadly game going on at all times on the high sea.

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      • MOA says:

        SD was hinting that perhaps the Fitz collision was due to practice harassment of the Chinese? merchant marine in their local waters.
        ” close quarter shipping lane maneuvers could be requested as part of an exercise to train on mission for something the navy has not encountered in decades. That might adjust thinking on the recent U.S.S. Fitzgerald situation – and I’ll just leave that there.]’



        • I read from a blog I follow that the AIS data showed that the container ship did a turn while USS Fitzgerald was maneuvering. That could have at least contributed to the accident if not caused it. The rule of the sea on overtaking or giving the right of way states that a bigger ship usually has the right of way (due to being less able to maneuver around smaller ships) but that the ship being overtaken or given the right of way should maintain a steady course and speed while the overtaking / maneuvering to avoid takes place in order to ensure the safety of both ships.


          • MOA says:

            No, it doesn’t matter what a container ship does near a USN Destroyer, including backflips, the Destroyer can run rings around it manoeuvring.
            This screw up happened on the Fitz bridge.
            Best accept that, excuses help no-one.


            • Timmy-the-Ute says:

              It is interesting that the U.S.S. Fitzgerald was one of the few anti ballistic missile destroyers in the fleet. By the way destroyers are not built to run circles around other ships. They are built for a specific mission. They don’t do somersaults back flips , or donuts either. Why is there no local civilian investigation if it was just an accident blamed on a clumsy sailor. The Government is hiding the cause for a reason. I lived on a destroyer fro over 4 years. They Navy is not that incompetent. Looks like the ship was incapacitated before hand and then rammed to sink. You need to ask who benefits from taking out that ship.

              Blaming sailors helps no one either. Just remember what happen on the USS Iowa when the Navy higher ups tried to blame the turret explosion on some poor sailor, that died and couldn’t defend himself, they thought was homosexual, rather than a over ram problem.


              • MOA says:

                “By the way destroyers are not built to run circles around other ships. They are built for a specific mission. They don’t do somersaults back flips , or donuts either. ‘

                You first have to understand what a metaphor is.
                USN Destroyers can manoeuvre with ridiculous ease and speed around any container ship on earth, even if that container ship is being driven by terrorists trying to, say, ram the destroyer.
                The fault lies with the Fitz.


              • Old Codger says:

                Maybe the watch commander was below deck, helping whelp one of those “strong and independent, fully equal” female sailors?


          • Y2K says:

            Respectfully, there is no such term as “Right of Way” in the COLREGS.

            Today vessels are considered “Stand on” or “Give way” with corresponding obligations assumed accordingly.

            No matter the designation, at some point both vessels have the obligation to avoid contact.

            There is also no absolute “might makes right” rule based strictly on size. Larger vessels in open water are generally not restricted in their ability to maneuver hence no special consideration.

            The Fitz incident is being investigated by several “local” agencies in addition to the USN. No findings as of yet.

            Lots of opinion though.


            • Tom says:

              While you are mostly correct, the ship specs tell any investigator that the container ship is far, far less manoeuvreable than a USN destroyer. Unless the destroyer was interdicting on the high seas, and we have no evidence that the USN is currently doing any such thing including radio traffic, their navigational equipment would allow them to remain far enough away to entirely avoid any possibility of collision yet still collect any data they seek. And after having gotten too close, there was no radio contact even attempted from the Fitzgerald to the container ship.

              I’m 100% certain the courts will find that the Fitzgerald bears the majority of the responsibility for the collision. The containership will be found to have some responsibility, but the Fitzgerald bears the heavier burden here.


          • PowerCord says:

            I had to go back and refresh my memory of my ship driving days and reread the Navigational Rules of the Road, Rule #13 regarding overtaking. I was right, there is nothing in there regarding gross tonnage have the right of way. Unless she is in a restrictive maneuver then it’s a ball-diamond-ball issue. Every ship follows the same rules, otherwise it would be like freakin’ bumper cars out there. Sail safe.


  7. Betty says:

    Love Sundance, and my Treepers!

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    But wait. There’s more.

    “the US Senate Armed Services Committee has approved a bill for US naval vessels to make regular stops at Taiwan ports and help the island develop undersea warfare capabilities.”

    “It would also permit the US Pacific Command to accept requests for Taiwanese vessels to dock in their ports.”

    “While the bill has been approved by the US Senate Armed Services Committee, it still has to pass both houses of Congress before coming into effect.”

    Tell me Our POTUS and his Administration is not on top of things.

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    • Sue in MT says:

      I’m also thinking this Russian Sanctions bill that sailed through Congress just before G20 is no coincidence. POTUS is “reluctant” to sign it right, but it IS there while he meets with Putin. Did Congress pass this to give PTrump leverage with Putin? Maybe they are working together? One can only hope.

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    • CorwinAmber says:

      nyuk, nyuk, this is what I’ve been saying all along…the road to resolution leads thru Taiwan. If you think our President knows how to drive CNN batsh!t crazy, it pales in comparison to how the ChiComs will freak out should anyone “threaten” their precious possession formerly known as Formosa. I’ve been wondering all along if Trump’s conversation back in Dec 2016 with Taiwan’s president was an opening gambit to test these waters in a strategic maneuver to deal with the little fat boy once and for all…time will tell, I suppose.

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  9. Betty says:

    MOA…give more info, please!


  10. Betty says:

    Withholding info?


  11. jmclever says:

    He has also positioned himself to be as independent of Congress as possible. Congress declares war, but the cabinet level departments are more independent. Congress can’t agree on anything, so he uses that against them and gets the job done anyway.

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  12. Betty says:

    Trump doesn’t bluff. Neither does Tillerson! This will turn out very, well, Trumpian….more popcorn is in order. We are in effing control now. Awesome! You don’t go from being a billionaire or making 24 million a year, to lose! Let me introduce you to my little friend s….LOTS OF THEM!

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  13. Betty says:

    What I love is the fact that this is world wide! All GOOD people love Trump…bad ones don’t.

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  14. A2 says:

    President Xi ‘Mr Harmonious Society’ Jinping will be a bit of brown bread if he continues down this path. Millions of Chinese have been lifted from abject poverty and have invested their new found wealth in housing, investments, stocks (love to gamble), and business enterprises all of which has been encouraged by the government to make China ‘rich and prosperous’ and has created an aspirational middle class citizenry.

    If the economic MOAB falls (it will be precision targeted), no Chinese, worthy of the name will countenance a reverse engineering on their hard won economic wherewithal.

    President Trump has, and will continue to brand Xi as putting his ‘foreign adventures’ i.e. support of North Korea above his own people’s prosperity and well-being. Remember that the biggest investors and business owners are high-ranking members of the CCP and have by far the most to lose.

    There will initially be ‘patriotic’ anti-American rhetoric in the State-owned press, and Xi has already started extreme censorship of VPNs that millions use to circumvent the “Great Firewall’ so they can access outside social media. But this too will fail.

    A pejorative term for China circulated by pissed off netizens, Xī Cháoxiǎn 西朝鲜, literally “North Korea of the West”, who have complained about similarities between China and longtime (if increasingly uneasy) ally North Korea, such as repressive leaders, a lack of democracy, official corruption, and a fear of the West.

    It is censored of course by The Ministry of Truth, but not forgotten.

    Also recall, the exemplar of the Arab Council and the swift reaction to Qatar. If Xi wasn’t taking note, he won’t survive the next Party Congress.

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    • thluckyone says:

      Oh, A2! I hadn’t THOUGHT about the puppeteers (CCP) who yank the strings of President XI as actually having anything but their ideology in the game. But, LOL! What a TREAT to think of them as wanting to protect their investments by empowering President XI to do exactly what our Lion wants done. ROTFL! Let THEM clean up their NorKor mess! Oh, I LOVE it! Who needs war or Chairman Mao when you can stay RICH by cooperating with President Donald J Trump? LOLOLOLOL! THANK YOU!

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      • A2 says:

        thluckyone, perhaps Pres Xi should reread his fellow comrade and supreme leader, Deng Xiaoping’s “Greatest Hits”, like:
        “To get rich is glorious”

        “Seek truth from facts.”

        “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”

        “Cross the river by feeling for stones”.

        “Reform is Chinas second revolution.”
        😀 😀

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    • Esperanza says:

      It seems to me we have totally the upper hand with any negotiations with China. We do not need what they need to sell us. In fact it actively harms both our economy and the planet. The 30 percent import tax would bother us in the short term, but we would soon adapt. Their economy would go down the toilet.

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      • TPW says:

        “We do not need what they need to sell us”……..Oh so true……and what we need we can make in this country. I actually remember an AC unit never having to be replaced, repaired occasionally. I also remember when Asians started to take over the Auto industry when their cars had to be better quality. Now they look as though they have “fat and lazy” syndrome. Kinda where we were 50 years ago when unions became too demanding. Perfect time in the cycle to take back our middle class jobs. RCA Xerox Polaroid just to name a few oldies but goodies. Let them keep their tainted dog food, baby formula, sheet rock and any other poisonous goods………

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  15. Betty says:

    The good, the bad and the ugly. We all know who they are.

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  16. wolfmoon1776 says:

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  17. Betty says:

    Big Mama Tea…where are you!

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  18. lfhbrave says:

    “There is not a single regional military benefit surrounding the DPRK that is worth losing a single U.S. service member.”

    Well said, as always.

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  19. Betty says:

    Love my wolf-moon!

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  20. Betty says:


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  21. NewNonna!!! says:

    And, A2, besides being a Master Strategic Genius from all his negotiated and successful business experience, he KNOWS China businessmen and how they think. He only recently applied for 38 new trademarks there for his businesses. The man KNOWS his ‘adversary’ more than any prior US president before him. Wow!!

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  22. Betty says:

    They will get rid of themselves.

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  23. Betty says:

    Let me re-state that…they are basically dead. Will be very soon! Meet my little Friends…

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  24. Betty says:

    They have fallen…and they can’t get up…we won’t let them up.

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  25. sg says:

    I love seeing Trump in the Oval Office. I wonder if he can believe it himself ..that he really is there.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Actually, I think he can. Not from a lack of humility but from his mission objective – to save America.
      His presidency’s purpose is so simple in its design; the condescending, ignorant Lefties missed it entirely.


  26. Betty says:

    We are doing this, just on our strength of character, we will never let up. We will never stop believing in the strength of our country, or our elected President, each and every single one of us, and the MAN WE ELECTED AS OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

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  27. Betty says:

    He will never let us down! We need to stand with him!

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  28. Betty says:

    My uncle was a Korean War vet. He brought home grenades, a bazooka, and lots of guns and ammo. We played with the grenades, and the bazooka as eight year olds…not about to let my, our country go to shit now!

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  29. Betty says:

    Real kids…and Real Presidents know how to protect their Country!

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  30. Betty says:

    My President and My First Lady are in Poland tonight!!!

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  31. Betty says:

    I’m looking for two bazookas or flame-throwers…one for each side of my Ford F-250. Call Betty…in Louisiana!!

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  32. Betty says:

    Praying for Steve scalise!


  33. Betty says:

    Is there any law against mounting an RPG On your vehicle?


  34. Betty says:

    Isn’t that open carry???


  35. Betty says:

    Duct tape!


  36. Betty says:

    I will never get tired of winning, Trump style!


  37. scott467 says:

    All of President Trump’s words are directed at the economics of the situation. All of them. Yet almost every review of analytical opinion of the situation is centered around the military. Why is that? Tradition? Traditional frames of reference?…


    Well, if you ask a military analyst, you are likely going to receive a military analysis.

    As for the rest, they do not have access to the ‘big(ger) picture’ that President Trump does. They can’t see (for a variety of reasons) what you report on here, they only see the two-dimensional either/or construct.

    If we do this, they do that. If we do that, they do this. And they can go down a whole long list of ‘point / counterpoint’, they know it by heart, because almost none of it has changed in the last 50 years.

    It is maddening to watch it happen on live TV.

    A panel (e.g., I saw a recent panel on Brett Baier’s show with Krauthammer, Hayes, Lane and Molly Henneberg… Henneberg was the only one who understood the perspective of Trump supporters and ripped Never-Trump traitor Stephen Hayes) can rapidly go over all the reasons why nothing can be done. They have ‘gamed’ it out a thousand times, they could (and do) sleepwalk their way through the ‘analysis’.

    It never occurs to them to think outside the box, it only ever occurs to them what we CANNOT do. So they will enumerate a list of all the things we cannot and could never do, and after hamstringing us (America) completely, look at each other for nods of approval.

    The worst is when the answer is obvious, but because the answer is politically incorrect, it is not only dismissed out of hand, but it is never even mentioned. Instead, they will talk all AROUND the obvious answer, that’s how you know THEY know it, but won’t acknowledge it.

    Most often this occurs with regard to issues having to do with race or islam, the religion of atrocities and crimes against humanity.

    Most of them will NEVER address the root causes of the problems, ONLY the symptoms. They will ONLY discuss how to apply band-aids to the symptoms, which always, always, always involves throwing more money at the problem. They will NEVER discuss a potential CURE for the problems, because that would involve an ‘uncomfortable’ analysis (and judgment) of root causes.


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    • scott467 says:

      So they will never ‘go’ where the answer is.

      They simply won’t ‘go there’.

      They will only ‘go’ where the answer is not.



  38. south park conservative says:

    Leftist heads are exploding all over the country. They turn into 13-year-old “mean girls” every time our president “trumps” them (which is daily). This “Out the Fake News” thing is KILLING them!


  39. MOA says:

    Without wishing to get too far ahead….
    China can’t fight more than a short big conventional war with the the US or Japan.
    It imports more than half its oil through the Straits of Malacca. Easily blockaded. The alternative route is north of Australia through the Arafura Sea, easily blockaded.
    Game over.


  40. 6x47 says:

    “I can’t MAKE you do anything; but I can sure make you wish you had”.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. JBrickley says:

    Meanwhile, both the NYTimes and WSJ are publishing fake news about a military strike in the near future against NK. They are using fear to stoke people up and get them worried that Trump might actually start a war with NK. They are talking about strategic strikes and retaliation against Seoul, etc.

    1. Trump never mentioned a military response
    2. If the US were to hit NK, it would not be a strategic strike. It would be a knockout first strike of epic proportions, land, sea, air, cyber, missiles. We would have to completely crush them in less than a day and they would not see it coming. In hours the NK people will look around and see nothing but scorched earth and the government would be gone.


  42. Raven says:

    The best line to me, written many times is this, “President Trump doesn’t bluff.”

    Bluff is an odd word, but when you get to its core all it means is LIE.

    President Trump does not lie. His words do not lie, his life does not lie, his actions do not lie and that is why all the liars around him are attacking him — they cannot handle the truth, they do not want to hear the truth, they are full of deception and think everyone else is as evil (or worse) than they are.

    I would rather hear bad news from someone who tells the truth, than good news from a liar, everyday.

    Thank you, President Trump, for never bluffing.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. zephyrbreeze says:

    We are getting a world class education from Trump and Sundance’s analysis. It’s great to be alive.


  44. Kaco says:

    The globalists want their goods still made in slave labor China for us, the world’s biggest consumer, to purchase. It will be interesting to see this plays out. Praying for our President and his people. We, the People, built Red Communist China, into what it is today, being with little choice but to purchase goods made in China as our manufacturing shifted there.


  45. PDQ says:

    There is not a single regional military benefit surrounding the DPRK that is worth losing a single U.S. service member.



  46. TPW says:

    Bluff…maybe…..maybe not………just said he had no tapes


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