BOOM – U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Delivers Economic MOAB With Trade Warning to China…

Exactly as predicted.  President Trump is aboard AF1 headed to the EU.  After discussions with the President this morning, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley delivers prepared remarks  at the United Nations on the topic of North Korea’s continued military escalation.

Her full remarks are below.   Note she discusses speaking with President Trump this morning about trade with China.  Specifically note her comments about trade:

[02:59] “We have other methods of addressing those who threaten us, and of addressing those who supply the threats; we have great capabilities in the area of trade.  President Trump has spoken repeatedly about this, I spoke with him at length about it this morning.”

“There are countries that are allowing, even encouraging, trade with North Korea, in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.  Such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the United States, that’s not gonna happen.  Our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously.”

Before the path to a peaceful solution is entirely closed however, there remains more that the international community can and must do diplomatically and economically.  In the coming days we will bring before the security council a resolution that raises the international response in a way that is proportionate to North Korea’s new escalation.

I will not detail the resolution here today, but the options are all known to us. If we are unified the international community can cut off the major sources of hard currency to the North Korean regime. We can restrict the flow of oil to their military and their weapons program; we can increase air and maritime restrictions; we can hold senior regime officials accountable.

[04:54] […]  We will not look exclusively at North Korea, we will look at any country that continues to do business with this outlaw regime.  We will not have patience for stalling or talking our way down to a watered-down resolution.  Yesterday’s ICBM escalation requires an escalated diplomatic and economic response. Time is short; action is required; the world is on notice.

If we act together we can still prevent a catastrophe and we can rid the world of a grave threat.  If we fail to act in a serious way there will be a different response.  Much of the burden of enforcing U.N. sanctions rests with China.  90% of trade with North Korea is from China.  We will work with China; we will work with any and every country that believes in peace, but we will not repeat the inadequate approaches of the past that have brought us to this dark day.

We cannot forget the multiple missile tests this year, or yesterday’s escalation.  We cannot forget Otto Warmbier and others North Korea continues to hold.  We cannot forget the threats to our friends and allies around the world.  We will not forget, and we will not delay.  Thank You.

In the final analysis, China will either take action to remove the North Korean threat, or the United States will collapse the economy of China with the biggest set of economic actions against China in the history of economic sanctions.

√ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley will establish and highlight the action of the enablers.

√ U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad will politely request China to stop enabling and take action.

At the G20 – President Trump will politely ask Xi Jinping not to put him in a position of destroying the Chinese economy. Trump will remind Xi Jinping he really doesn’t want to, but he is being left no option.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue are the atomic economic sledgehammer…. awaiting orders.

Full Strategy Outlined HERE

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237 Responses to BOOM – U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Delivers Economic MOAB With Trade Warning to China…

  1. Minnie says:

    After watching this video a second time and hearing Nikki’s closing statements and the Russian counterpart’s response it dawned on me:

    He states the international community must address the issue “politically” and “creatively”.

    Is it far fetched to interpret this as a suggestion to promulgate the taking out of Fat Man by means of his own ranks?

    A little mutiny, perhaps?

    I find it fascinating.


  2. jmclever says:

    The real problem with NK is systemic. A regime change will only change the actors, not the script. Drastic measures will need to be taken to rewrite the script for the betterment of the people of the world.

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    • Betty says:

      I think you are right jmclever. After reading this post I have a whole new grasp to the situation. Using Twitter, SoS Tillerson and Ambassador Haley, President Trump has already set the table. He is moving us beyond hand to hand combat as a solution to problems. By he time our President gets to the G20 every national leader there will be ready to act in their countries best interest – and that won’t be trying to have it both ways – trying to have a trade relationship with us and whoring around with North Korea behind our back.

      Everyone now knows China’s leader, Xi Jinping, blew smoke up President Trump’s behind when he visited with him in FL and that Xi is not a man to be trusted, We also know that our President knows to the penny how much China trades with NK.

      What option does China have that will disrupt their economy the least?

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  3. Sandra-VA says:

    If this World Realignment goes south, there will be another world war and I think China and Russia have been preparing for that eventuality. China has its hooks into every developing nation right now.

    Russia is aligned with – Iran, Syria, China, North Korea
    China is aligned with – Russia, Africa.

    USA is aligned with – Israel, GCC countries, UK, EU (some of the Countries anyway), NATO, India, Australia, NZ

    Wildcards – Turkey, France, Pakistan.

    France now has a deal with Iran to develop the Pars oilfields. They have repeatedly been caught doing deals with enemy states so now, along with the new insane Macron (who thinks he is a Roman God and next King of France) there is no telling which side they will align with.

    If the economic warfare does not work, then bombs will be flying. I am pretty damn sure that the USA will win, but there will be devastation…

    I have always said that China is the biggest threat to the world and the way they are acting, they are about ready to test their might. I do not expect them to handle economic sanctions well.

    Frankly, I have full confidence in President Trump – he knows the players and their potential moves. He is the right man for this time.

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    • formerdem says:

      China is also linked to Maduro in Venezuela


    • xyzlatin says:

      China has been laying the foundations in Africa for some years, giving bad regimes money without strings except that they allow Chinese settlers in. Africa is the outer edge of the Chinese empire.

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    • scott467 says:

      “Wildcards – Turkey, France, Pakistan.”


      And Canada, lol!

      ‘Little Boots’ Macron (the closest he will ever be to a Roman god-emperor is Caligula) will need to decide whether he wants to bet against America, the country that saved France from speaking German as their first language.

      Seems like an easy call to me, but I am in awe of European treason against their own countries — both the political-class that openly commits the treason of facilitating the islamic invasion of their nations, and the public which allows it — so I’m sure it won’t be an easy decision for Little Boots.

      America will be fine, whichever side he chooses.

      France will not be, unless Little Boots chooses wisely.


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  4. MaineCoon says:

    My thoughts as I pondered TRex quote on NK guest laborers, countries providing economic or military benefits to NK as aiding/abetting a dangerous regime.

    “The top export destinations of North Korea are China ($2.34B), India($97.8M), Pakistan ($43.1M), Burkina Faso ($32.8M) and Other Asia($26.7M).

    The top import origins are China ($2.95B), India ($108M), Russia($78.2M), Thailand ($73.8M) and the Philippines ($53.2M).”

    I recommend reading the linked Forbes article, “North Korea’s Latest Export: Labor”. Although it’s 2 years old, the issues are valid and the stats are most likely higher now on the high end of any range quoted.

    I had no idea NK exported LABOR to ~2B, which is NK’s HIGHEST EXPORT value although the linked OEC article lists the top export as Coal Briquettes ($951M), because HUMAN LABOR is not included as an export.

    “DPRK has sent about 50-60,000 laborers overseas to earn an estimated $1.2-2.3 billion…”

    “North Korea’s overseas labor network is reported to extend to forty countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe including Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Poland. However, the bulk of North Korean workers are in Russia (20,000) and China (19,000). Most North Koreans are employed in the mining, logging, and construction sectors, and candidates are selected through a state-administered process.”

    “DPRK has become more active in exporting labor to earn foreign exchange as its returns from trade in illicit goods have come under greater pressure.”

    It’s interesting that PTrump met with India/PM Modi this week-NK’s #2 export/#2 import destination. I don’t think P45 wants to negatively impact India, the world’s largest democracy. So, he invited Modi for a timely visit. Also, very interesting PM Modi went to Israel after USA visit. No Indian PM has ever visited Israel. No doubt P45 paved the way for that hook up. Technology?

    Countries banning NK guest laborers would also address NK human rights issue in UN. Haley will be busy. Wilburine too. Mnuchin with his numbers.

    NK Labor Export = NK #1 $$$ = human rights issues.

    Human trafficking is an issue President Trump has tackled already in USA. This trafficking is human labor. Both are human rights issues.

    President Trump is a good person. God’s hand is in this.

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  5. sundance says:

    Full U.N. Security Council Meeting:


    • ledygrey says:

      This clip begins around 9 minutes in and is missing the first 3 minutes of Ambassador Haley’s remarks (along with the opening remarks of the President and Assistant Secretary-General.)


      • georgiafl says:

        Here is the entire meeting via C-Span.

        Begins at about 1:00

        Ambassador Haley’s first statement begins @ 7:37 and her second statement and very strong reply to the Russian Ambassador begins @1:16:25


        • MOA says:

          “Illegal missile launch”?
          The US doesn’t dispense chits to allow sovereign nations to acquire nuke weapons.
          Neither does the UN.


          • georgiafl says:

            The international body (UN and Security Council) have responded to NK threats and past actions, and forbidden NK to develop nuclear capability as well as ICBMs in which to attack other countries.


            • MOA says:

              That doesn’t make it “illegal”. Just more “recommendations” from the UN.
              if the UN is the ultimate decision maker on “illegal”, the US better cede ultimate legal jurisdiction to the World Court quick time. See how that works now?
              Nikki is making it up because it sounds good.


  6. James W Crawford says:

    The problem here is that China is supporting North Knorea so that it can act as a military surrogate.

    Assume NK gets a few nuke ICBMs then attacks the US. Unless the US has a seriously capable ABM system deployed, the US will loose a few cities with millions of people killed and $Trillions in damage to our economy. Classic deterence theory asserts that the US would then retaliate against North Korea, nuking the country into the stoneage.

    From China’s perspective, this is a huge victory. They loose a client state that is a problem for them anyway in return for grevious damage being inflicted on the US. This is not unlike the more convoluted web of Al Quida being a surrogate for the Taliban who were a surrogate for Pakustan which remains a surrogate for Saudi Arabia. The obvious military response to the 9-11 attacks was a nuke strike on Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately; the Saudis were protected by three layers of deniability and the US dependance on foreign oil.

    The obvious strategic diplomatic move with regard to North Korea and China is to announce clearly that any missile launch against the US from NK will be viewed as a missile launch by China and that the US will retaliate against China as well as NK.


    • whizzbang says:

      “…any missile launch against the US from NK will be viewed as a missile launch by China and that the US will retaliate against China as well as NK”

      That is insane.

      The USA cannot afford a military war against China. That would not end well. For hundreds of millions of people. North Korea is a suppurating sore on the face of humanity, but unilateral military action against it and China is short-sighted.

      President Trump has got this under control. Trust him. Saber rattling achieves very little but reveals much about the wielder of the saber.

      As Sundance has said, repeatedly, there is a long game at play here.

      Trust President Trump. He, and he alone, has our best interests at heart. Forget the past, we are living in the here and now, with an eye to the ever-approaching American resurgence.

      Make America Great Again!

      Shout it out, as loud as you can and as frequently as you can.

      We are witnessing history. We are part of it. And President Trump is enacting it.



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  7. It’s quite the difficult task cleaning up after “Half-Breed Dumbo’s” eight years of having his head where the sun don’t shine…


  8. catman4cats says:

    I implore everyone reading this to not buy any Chinese products (if you possibly can) for a 6 month period.
    Check the label. If made in China, put it down. Make contact with the Store Manager and tell them why you are walking out with less than planned. Do without Chinese items.

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  9. Michael says:

    China is rapidly buying or bribing Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) right on our doorstep.
    China recently bought what was the largest oil refinery in the Western Hemisphere – on US territory no less!
    I am pleased some attention is directed into this hemisphere but will it maintain?
    Everything we need is in this hemisphere.
    Brazil is the only country south of our boarder that was on our side during WW2.
    Heck last time I was in Brasil the average person still liked us. Something to nurture.
    IMO Brazil be given “incentive” in the form of favorable trade agreements Not given to countries flooding us with invaders.
    I am NOT advocating isolationism but I do believe helping out neighbors to our own benefit.


  10. Calbear84 says:



  11. jeans2nd says:

    Little bigger MOAB now available –

    4 July 2017 “In drastic move, China’s top hydropower plants slash capacity”

    “Days of heavy rainfall have pushed water levels in more than 60 rivers in southern China above warning levels”

    “The Three Gorges and Gezhouba, two of China’s top hydropower plants, have closed capacity by as much as two-thirds…The Three Gorges dam is the world’s biggest power station by far…The two power stations in Hubei province have stopped 26 generators”

    “Hydropower is China’s second largest electricity source after coal.”

    “Any prolonged closure of the generators will renew concerns about higher demand for coal…Traders said that it would take at least a dozen large fossil fuel or nuclear power stations to make up for the hydro restrictions…Beijing has urged coal mines to ramp up output”

    Did POTUS know this when he sent that tweet and then spoke with the Chinese premier? Survey says…
    Psalm 145:14-16


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