Jordan’s King Abdullah III Will Visit White House Wednesday April 5th…

Holy Cats !!  No-one is watching this intensely important stuff. It’s all happening right in front of media, yet seemingly it’s under their radar. Previously it was reported that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt is coming to the White House on Monday April 3rd.

President al-Sisi’s Monday visit is a huge deal all by itself (more on that later).  However, additionally today the White House announces Sisi’s ideological and regional BFF, Jordan’s King Abdullah III, is arriving on Wednesday.  No coincidences there.

[White House] President Donald J. Trump looks forward to welcoming King Abdullah II of Jordan to the White House on April 5.  President Trump and King Abdullah will exchange views on a range of shared interests in the Middle East, including how the United States and Jordan can best defeat ISIS, end the conflict in Syria, and advance peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  The two leaders will also discuss how to further strengthen cooperation between the United States and Jordan and promote peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

♦ Immediately following his inauguration, President Trump spoke to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and gained his ideological and financial support for building a safe zone for Syrian’s as they rebuild.

♦ A week later, President Trump spoke at length to Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi about their efforts.

♦ At the beginning of February – King Abdullah III of Jordan traveled to Washington to meet with Vice-President Mike Pence and discuss aid and assistance for regional security.   Previously, in November 2016, King Abdullah spoke to President-elect Trump

♦ A week later – Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC for a very warm and optimistic meeting with President Trump for talks on regional security.

♦ At the beginning of March – Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry visited Washington, met with members of Congress and held a long discussion with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,

♦ Mid-March Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with an envoy from President Trump and told him that a peace deal is possible under the new president.

♦  Next Week (Monday) – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is coming to Washington for an official White House state visit.

♦ Next Week (Wednesday) – Jordan’s King Abdullah III comes back to Washington for an official visit to the White House.

Egyptian President el-Sisi has already secured most of the Sinai border region.  The current challenge is to keep the extremist elements in check and undermine their destabilizing efforts.  A big part of that stability includes Syria, Russia and the U.S. defeating the remnants of ISIS.

Under-reported in Western media, during the fall/winter of 2014 and spring/summer of 2015 al-Sisi removed every Hamas tunnel and relocated thousands of homes to create a miles-wide buffer zone no longer useful by terrorists.

gaza border sinai 2

gaza border sinai

Netanyahu-and-General-el-Sisi-of-Egypt-333-x-248The scope of what Egypt did to secure the Southern and Eastern border of Israel/Gaza is quite remarkable, and they have paid a high price battling extremists every inch of the way.

Simultaneously, as his Egyptian forces were removing the most significant security threat, al-Sisi brokered a peace deal between Abbas and Netanyahu and forced the Palestinian Authority to speak with one voice.   That’s why Egypt was so furious when John Kerry insisted on poking his nose into the agreement.

After the peace deal, and after he constructed the border security zone, Fattah al-Sisi then set up the construct for a Joint Arab Intervention Force.

We have continued to express optimism for a confluence of events, people and activity that is happening quietly, and could stun the geo-political world.  The timing is right, because we view these activities through a different prism.  We review against the backdrop of President Obama’s mid-east failure, equitable misery.

The reality of President Obama’s expressed foreign policy of regime change -regardless of cost or consequence- has left millions of Mid-East communities in peril; far worse off today than they were nine years ago.  In an odd and accidental way, President Obama created equitable misery.

• The Egyptian people, in no way a populist entity favorable to Israel, suffered through two years of brutal dictatorship from the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi.  Their very survival only due to a successful return of cultural and economic stability at the hands of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

• The Syrian people, again holding no favorable disposition toward Israel writ large, only just now coming out of the shadows of a horrific five-year civil war and seeing sunlight for the first time in half a decade.  Breathing room.

• The Libyan people, caught amid an ongoing crisis of regional and tribal strife suffering through ongoing extremist violence that has taken them into the depths of economic and social chaos.  And before the fighting is even over, Europe is outlining demands of the North African gates.

• The Jordanian people, again a tenuous and precarious Muslim nation, who has watched the most barbaric and horrific consequences from extremist violence in their lifetimes.

The end result of almost all far-left policies when carried out to their natural conclusion is equitable misery.  At no moment in recent history has the choking consequence of a decade-long ideological war left a larger population of people so exhausted than at this very moment.

Think of the nationalist possibility.  ♦ Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt), ♦ King Abdullah III (Jordan), ♦ Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), ♦ Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority), ♦ King Salman and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), and ♦ U.S. President Donald Trump.  Together they have a remarkable canvas.

Remember, when President Obama unleashed the terrorists within the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Syria became the victims of a horrific White House policy which grew worse over time.  President Obama aligned himself with Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, another ally of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This Obama policy further angered those who were trying to keep the Brotherhood from tearing their nations apart.  Turkey was, and is, considered an enemy of those leaders who value stability over religious ideological purity.

As a consequence of the void created by Obama changing sides in the region, both al-Sisi (Egypt), and Abdullah (Jordan), in addition to Assad (Syria) formed an economic and strategic alliance with Russia.



These are consequential times of such significance it’s really a once in a millennium opportunity to see such seismic shifts in the tectonic plates of geo-politics and the alliances therein.

Something incredible is on the cusp…

When you elevate yourself high enough, you begin to recognize why the U.S. Deep State, represented by John McCain NeoCon Inc., is a willing participant in Democrats’ Vast Russian Conspiracy.

It is all related.

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121 Responses to Jordan’s King Abdullah III Will Visit White House Wednesday April 5th…

  1. C-Low says:

    Something is up for sure.

    The only other site I have seen that is even whiffing this potential major story is Debka.

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  2. tonyE says:

    So, lemme see…. Trump wants the support the Egypt/Israel/Jordan trio with support from Saudi Arabia. Backs off regime change anywhere, including Syria. Just concentrate on ISIS and the terrorists in Gaza.

    Next, what we’ll need is a strategic alliance with Russia.

    Work on isolating Iran?

    At what point do we drop the “freedom fighters” in Syria?

    No wonder the Deep State is $h!tt!ng bricks. This might just work.

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    • Sentient says:

      McCain is going to have an aneurysm. I’m making popcorn.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      “No wonder the Deep State is $h!tt!ng bricks. This might just work.” Bingo— for decades the perpetual political class has stated peace can not be had…..really ? Where there is a will there is a way, and sometimes one must be made to see the benefit of the “will.”
      Anything with enough pressure will break.That is a scientific fact.

      I do think that the US with policies that have not worked in decades are part and parcel part of the problem in the ME. Can you imagine if say um Syria sent troops to overthrow our President ? ” We came we say he died” ….as I recall Hillary saying of Qaddafi.

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    • This whole ME thing is so complex couldn’t even imagine. Donald Trump hired top notch man for the job. T-Rex. Gorka told Breitbart news things will be different from over the last 15 years. No more regime change…its America First policy.


  3. markstoval says:

    Any movement toward peace in the Middle East (anywhere in the Middle East) is welcome news indeed. We must find a way to stop the wars there and let people live in peace. This is good news indeed.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      These leaders have more need than ever to end the perpetual turmoil. They don’t have the wealth they once had, and they are experiencing a tremendous brain drain.

      As much of a disruption and threat mass migrations from the area have been for Europe and the west, among those masses are some of their best people. They want some of them back.

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      • Maquis says:

        They can have ALL of them back.

        That ought to be a condition of any deal, even if it takes years to dig them out of Europe and, um, the United States.

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  4. fedback says:

    The President’s Middle East alliance gather at the White House
    Very exciting

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  5. bertdilbert says:

    The press would rather speculate on the Arctic Summit with Putin in Finland and all the negative connotations and spin associated with that than a potential good somewhere else in the world.

    CNN won’t cover it and Rush Limbaugh will claim he can’t trust the source. The rest of the media will concern themselves with whether they used the north or south door, rather than report on actual substance.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Speaking of Rush, I heard him say earlier today that our President Trump has an approval rating of 93 point something with the economy. It is from a poll that has been done for twenty years, and I believe he said this was the highest so far. I also believe it is conducted by the manufacturers or for the manufacturers. I know he kept repeating the word, ‘manufacturers’, and when he mentioned the word economy and poll my ears perked up, sadly a bit late, but then again I had been scrolling through the radio stations as well and had landed on him for a few short moments. I guess the same poll had been done in December and the number was 76 point something percent. So, it’s been quite a jump in just a few short months.

      Right before I got to my destination he said he would play/talk about a tape of the democrats (senators) talking about some nefarious thing about Gorsuch. I guess this tape is of them talking about how they were going to try to screw with Gorsuch and prevent him from getting voted in. Does anyone know more about this or was it just to keep his viewers tuned in? I just got back home and haven’t seen anything on the Drudge or here, so I will keep looking anywhere and elsewhere.

      Be well,

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Some amazing data from the National Association of Manufacturers Survey.

        14,000 manufacturing employees throughout the US take the National Association of Manufacturers Survey.

        The survey has been done quarterly for the past 20 years.

        Prior to the inauguration the percentage was only 56% of manufactures had a positive outlook on the future of the industry in this country.
        The most recent survey showed 93% of manufactures have a positive outlook on the future of the industry in this country (+37%).
        They are also asked if the country is moving in the right or wrong direction.
        Prior to the inauguration only 26% felt the country was moving in the right direction.
        The most recent survey showed 60% believe the country is moving in the right direction (+34% change).

        Folks I don’t want to hear about any polls that show their garbage % of the President’s approval rating. The president of the manufacturing association said in the 20 years of conducting the survey, it has NEVER EVER reached 93%.

        That is the reality and folks are realizing it BIGLY!

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        • NC PATRIOT says:

          Does ” As President I will be the biggest job creator God ever made” ring a bell to anyone?

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        • maiingankwe says:

          You are simply amazing and awesome! Thank you so much for straightening out my jumble. You did good.

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        • for what it’s worth…..
          i’ve run a minor “manufacturing” company for most of my adult life. esoteric little niche – blacksmiths making historic and upscale contemporary hardware. ’74-83 learning and doing lots of restoration for the national park service/bi-centennial stuff. then jimmy carter’s economy drove me to employment with a start-up software company.
          fifteen years later, with all the buttons punched (systems analyst, database engineer, compiler programming, platinum travelers’ card, options & IPO, two heart attacks) i came back to the blacksmith shop (i’d saved my original tools and machines and added dramatically with NAFTA-driven domestic factory liquidation pickups). focused on wholesaling hardware to shutter makers, built up good volume and seven/eight employees. ’07 our biggest customer (timberlane) shopped my stuff to chinese manufacturers and whacked our wholesale volume back to near zero. shifted focus to internet and started to build a retail base.
          and then along came obama. past seven years we been hanging on, three guys (two part-time) and a lady on the phones – we rarely had more than a week, ten days of work on the books.
          things started picking up last june to a steady drip.
          on nov 9th (literally) our phones started ringing off the hooks. projects from all over the country. big jobs that have been on the books for two-three years. everybody pulled the trigger as soon as trump won.
          our phones are still ringing. we’re booked with big projects through november and we got lots more out on bid. hired two full-time 30 year old disaffected millennials (who are great workers and desperate to get out of their parents’ homes) and brought in a part-time retired friend… and winter is our historic slow time. i’m gonna need to keep hiring if sales hold at this level.
          so yeah, this “manufacturer” is wildly optimistic about what’s happening – all over the country… and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. thank God for my president and leader donnie john trump.
          MAGA – one small business at a time.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            This is a beautiful story that I want our Treepers to read. I am going to share it on the Presidential thread where it belongs. Keep up the great work!

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          • JC says:

            Fantastic post, Blacksmith! Thank you so very much for posting it. I’m glad Flepore is reposting it on another thread so more can see it. Here’s to continued and enormous success with your Blacksmith Shop.

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          • Donald says:

            Hope more readers enjoy this great little story from “the blacksmith.”
            It portends wonderful things for the American economy.
            Thanks “blacksmith!”
            Your story is very important for those who may be contemplating a business.

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          • Maquis says:

            Wow! Blacksmith! Good on you!

            PDJT is a whole ‘nother kind of “Confidence Man” from his predecessor!

            This is such a great thing to see! I’m a broken Vet, but I invent, conceive more than invent due to means, space, health, and, um, “familial” circumstances, but I pray that I will succeed with many of my hundreds of totally doable ideas, and be able to afford a more effective and supportive living and creating situation.

            It’s news like this, Blacksmith, that truly lifts my spirits; as a great idea, even with a functional prototype on hand, doesn’t mean much in a dour economy. It almost looks as if there may arrive a point that there will be manufacturers enough here in a sufficiently strong economy that they will be scrambling for new products.

            Especially when President Trump does his Repatriation deal. When he arranges for all the US funds parked overseas to come home in a yuge one-time tax break, we will still collect enough taxes on that one move to fund the infrastructure push.

            Then there are the Trillions themseves being brought home…they aren’t going to sit in a bank, not even go to Wall Street. Smart money in a Trump American Recovery is betting on US business and projects. Especially with a competitive corporate tax rate.

            I anticipate something none of us could have dreamed of, especially when trapped under the Globalist yoke. An American Renaissance that dwarfs all expansions that came before. A true Golden Age.

            It starts with the confidence that our President knows d@mn well we built what we have, and wants us to succeed. A president with such Talents and Passion, Cunningness and Wisdom, that Ronaldus Maximus himself is surely smiling down upon us and declaring “Well Begun! PDJT. Well Begun!”

            Exciting times!
            Pray for our President!


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      • Maquis says:

        I know so far that McCaskill just joined the filibuster team, giving them the forty they need.

        I’ll go dig around on Rush’s site about anything nefarious about Gorsuch, likely the Left’s plan are the “nefarious” issue.


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        • maiingankwe says:

          Thank you. I had thought you had to be a member to be able to scroll around Rush’s website, it’s why I hadn’t in the first place.

          In addition, if it had been yuuge news, I would’ve thought other conservative sites would’ve mentioned it as well. If I see something I will let you know.

          I had to stop since my daughter came home and had to tell me all about her day of drama in middle school. Poor thing. At least she is happy and smiling now, I guess age and experience does help even if it was a long time ago when I had been there. Oh well, it’s something we all have to go through, none of us get to dodge that bullet, I don’t even think the guys do from what she’s saying. Life is rough when you’re a kid. I’d still like to be a kid once in awhile though. Someone can make me dinner and do my laundry while I go out and play.

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          • Maquis says:


            I agree on the play as a child without responsibilities, but I’d rather be restored healthwise and play as an adult answering to himself alone.

            So I’m going to go play now, something I can rarely do these days. Need just a bit more, um, freedom, soon.

            Take care my fellow Treepers! Best club in the World!


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            • maquis,
              be well, peace be with you. enjoy this spring and all it brings.
              so nice to be among good people and friends up here in this silly grownup treehouse.
              the blacksmith

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              • Maquis says:


                100 years ago, I’d’ve been a Blacksmith myself!

                Thanks for your kind thoughts. Much appreciated.

                Peace and Prosperity for you and yours, and all our Treeper Friends!


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          • dilonsfo says:

            So glad you take the time to listen to your daughter’s day of drama. Listening to her, giving advice, making her day and the things that are included in that day is what makes a young girls grow up knowing she is important and loved. Congrats!

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            • maiingankwe says:

              Thank you dilonsfo, your words meant a lot. I ended up taking her into town, which is about 35 minutes away. We went under the ruse of a few errands I had to do, which were closed by the time we got there. So, right around the corner we went to her favorite store and then followed it up by getting her favorite ice cream. She had a blast! I had a whole lot of fun too. She did figure it out though close to the end, but I think it just made it that much sweeter for her. She can yell to the rooftops her mama really does care, which makes all the difference in the world to a girl her age.

              Oh, and she took a selfie of her favorite drink in the whole world in one hand, which she tried so hard to savor, her favorite ice cream in the other and wearing the lip gloss with a hint of pink on, which made her feel so grown up. She bought her own drink with her own allowance, I bought the ice cream and lip gloss. It was a great ending to a hard day.

              I also got a lot of hugs from beginning to end. The first hugs was just because she was feeling vulnerable and the latter was because she was just so darn happy. It makes my world when she spontaneously gives me hugs in private or public, I hope that will never end.

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      • Maquis says:


        Rats! My post just minutes ago was to Ma’iingankwe, somehow got posted to the manufacturer industry poll. I promised to get back on Gorsuch.

        Firstly, as I mentioned a bit ago, McCaskill became the fortieth rat in the Senate to sign on to their fillibuster of Gorsuch.

        I went to Rush and while his transcript says he has a huge stack on the Gorsuch issue, but there was very little there about it, I’ve not seen his transcripts appear truncated before. Strange.

        But he did give us a preview. The rumour mill on the Hill, but I repeat myself, says the dems have a “secret” tape of McCaskill saying that confirming Gorsuch would be okay, a straight replacement for Scalia, balance is maintained. Then she goes into speculation about how a number of those elderly Leftist Justices could pop off any time, even speculating on the nature of their impending deaths, and what a nightmare it will be to be faced with conservative nominees for these sanctified Liberal seats and the risks thereof.

        So, at this point in time, I’m presuming that the Dems threatened to embarrass her with that tape and VOILA! She jumps right on the filibuster bandwagon, with a milquetoast meaningless statement about concerns over divisiveness…

        We’ll all know more soon, heck, I was probably already scooped downstream as I’m a bit late to the partye and my android typing finger is a bit on the indelicate side…and slow.


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        • Maquis says:


          I think you can see a lot on his site as a non-member. I happen to be an unabashed member and will try to poke through the audio for anything significant. I think at this point, his being a morning show, other sources might have something up by now. After all, McCaskill just raised the Nuclear Option to Def Con One with her filibuster call.

          That’s worth reporting, somewhere.

          There was an awesome Imprimis Article I either followed from here or stumbled into after following something else there, but the Nuclear Option is not the ONLY option!

          Thete was a stupid Senate Parliamentary rule change in the Seventies that made fillibusters painless and easy for the “concerned minority” to run the entire Government with filibusters.

          We went two hundred years with about maybe ONE solitary filibuster a year begore that change, now, we have had tbousands.

          I need to find that and get it on here! McConnell can restore this aspect of tbe Senate to sanity and the filibuster on Gorsuvh will last only a few days! The Senate leader can make that change!

          The Nuclear Option is as our only option is a lie, a “false only” choice.

          We need to get that to PDJT ASAP!

          A la prochaine!


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          • Maquis says:

            Ma’iingankwe, and all, I have come across an Imprimis article yesterday, a publication of Hillsdale College, the best Constitution loving educational institution I believe can be found in our land today.

            I apologize for failing to recall the manner I came across this, I believe I was following a link from here and then tripped over this Gem. If I am wrong, and another had posted a direct link to this piece, I apologize for not being able to make a proper attribution.

            Okay, I’ve never posted a link before, and I fear the spam box, but here goes:


            Essentially, the modern filibuster is an affront to a democratic republic and not what our Founders intended. It was changed in the Seventies and became this monstrosity that grants the minority party in the Senate to control the entire Government, particularly in the legislative department.

            I will re-read it again, after I try to restore my energy, but as I recall the modification of this rule does not require a super-majority, meaning McConnell could do this on Monday at the start of their session.

            I would love for this to get the attention it deserves. McConnell is Uniparty, so he needs his arm twisted. PDJT is who I feel should have this information. Nevertheless, this needs broad dissemination and pushed into the National Conversation, MSM doesn’t count, but tis sweet indeed when the Treehouse forces the MSM to acknowledge a story.

            I often feel like jumping up and down and yelling Sundance’s name as an energetic Third-Grader, and I’m usually not presenting anything as significant as I feel I am at the time. However, this one rule change cyts Evil Clown Schumer down to size and opens a much enlarged opportunity for our President to see his agenda through. So, here I am, SUNDANCE! SUNDANCE!! I THINK I GOT SOMETHING YOU’LL WANT TO SEE!

            Salutations a tous!

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            • maiingankwe says:

              Thank you so much for all of the research that you did for all of us.

              First, I’m thinking you’re spot on with McCaskill being bribed by the tape to fall back into the dem line. I wonder if it’s easy enough for her to figure out who taped her? It’s sad how our own troops or theirs are so willing to use such underhanded and/or illegal tricks to keep their people in line. It makes one wonder if they are constantly spying on each other in order to keep with their bidding. I don’t think it’s a far stretch on either side. It also really ticks me off because Gorsuch is such a good man and would do well for both sides when it came to following the rule of law. I know, I know, it’s no longer what it is about, but it should.

              Second, I learned quite a bit from the article done by Hillside. I know it answered a lot of my questions, so it was greatly appreciated. Thank you. And you’re right, they have an exceptional educational program. One can’t help but be proud of the work they do.

              Third, yes, there are certainly advantages to being an adult and being able to still make time and go play. My play time is fishing and small game hunting, even though I didn’t get a lot of time to hunt this year. I’m sure it will be better for me next season.

              Thank you for all of your time that you put into this. Be well and stay smiling,

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  6. rashamon says:

    Another reminder of how Sundance has shaped this site to pay attention to, discover and analyze the Big Picture, which resulted in Donald J. Trump being elected to the presidency. We have many, many very smart people contributing to this site who have never had a place — a treehouse — to share and develop their experience and thoughts.

    Thanks, SD, for creating this refuge from the mayhem and presenting a pathway for all these contributors to truly make a difference in our future.

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    President Trump working with the international mover & shakers & here at home with the business world

    Possible historic changes in the making with worldwide implications.The power structure may be completely transformed? Peace may be at hand? The American economy may be a juggernaut once again?

    And where’s the media? Oh that’s right, they can’t be bothered. They’re feverishly trying to concoct new stories about Russia helping Trump


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    • missmarple2 says:

      My dream is that someone steps forward to either buy one of the despicable media outlets or starts a new one.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        I think old media TV is going to go the way of the newspaper. I listened to a clip of ABC news giving a recap of the week of Trump and they spun everything as a negative, leaving the consumer with fake news from what actually happened.

        The only thing the MSM has is perceived credibility and they are fast tracked into destroying the very thing that would give them value, trust.


      • Where is Roger Ailes? He needs to start a new network, minus the oversexed females who want to work the casting couch until they get the promo then they Feel they were violated! What a group of pathetic females he picked round one. Roger needs a do over!

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        • Gil says:

          AONN is a decent network. And I say that especially since it it based out of san diego and d.c. i wouldnt watch any local coverage here in southern california and theres a lot, but its all liberal shiny nonsense. AONN is family owned and patriotic. If they had someone with his stature to assist with marketing and bring in a few more people, they could really up their game.

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      • filia.aurea says:

        Same here. The monopolistic media magnates are plying people worldwide with their various agendas. Murdock is trying to regain control of Sky in the U.K. They just keep getting bigger and louder. It’s too bad our President is so busy with the internals of the swamp. I’m sure he could rustle up a consortium of Americans (not foreigners) to establish a real news network.


      • MaineCoon says:

        My thoughts for a long time also.


    • Stringy theory says:

      They’re watching their favorite movie: The Russians Are Coming.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      I think President Trump should just ignore them (because they’ll squeal Russia Russia Russia whether he does this or not) and invite Vlad for a formal White House visit too. Soon,

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  8. FofBW says:

    McCain is in it for the money. I just do not know by what means.

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  9. screwauger says:

    ?wrong thread.

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  10. Niagara Frontier says:

    It amazing how the entire mainstream media, with all of its infrastructure and assets, can’t manage to keep up with one man, President Donald J. Trump.

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  11. Howie says:

    Deja Vu

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  12. Kokanee says:

    My take… Trump is keeping the Russia thing stirred up so the MSM and Dems will stay focused on that and not screw up a mid East deal.

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    • tappin52 says:

      I was just telling my better half the same thing!

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      Kokanee, that is a very astute observance. Agree completely!


    • Gil says:

      Lookee over here dems at this shiny thing in my left hand…while I reach my right hand over to seal a deal within the middle east.
      All the dems and rinos would hear at that point is the bowel tone, infinitely.
      Our President brings a mid east peace deal in the 1st year of his presidency!!!??? Wow….

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I’ve often thought that Our Man is quietly movin’ ‘n shakin’ behind the scene unbeknowst to msm, Dimms, Rinos as he keeps them chasing their tails via tweet. JMO.

      They’ll never catch up as they are looking in the wrong direction.

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  13. ALEX says:

    Excellent again Sundance….The Secretary of State saying the future of Assad is up to the Syrian people is a game changer and reverberated mightly in the region. Nothing could have been better. We all heard President Trump say over and over ” stability not democracy” is a better plan for many of these peoples..

    McCain and Graham went nuts and that’s great and a step forward. McCain was crying in Europe last week that Trump won’t even talk to him…Good stuff…

    Amazing when you look at XI visiting and all the others in the next week or so and what Sundance is laying out as he continues to add to this article..I’m very optimistic for first time in decades,and President Trump focusing on stability is a game changer…

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    Isn’t is King Abdullah II nor III?

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  15. rashamon says:

    We have to halt this worldwide trade of “arms, drugs and people” that has been going on for centuries, but has become the fulcrum to our existence since the early ’60s and the Vietnam debacle. Every. Single. One. of those meeting with President Trump makes trillions off of this trade cycle, costing their countries trillions in lost development of people potential.

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    • muffyroberts says:

      The human trafficking is the worse. Can you imagine?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Grace Anne says:

        Must be stopped.

        Liked by 1 person

      • rashamon says:

        No, muffy, I can’t imagine, but yes, I have seen it when I took in foster children over multiple years. It’s going on in your community and increasing markedly blessed by politicians, church leaders, gangs, and corporate heads. Every one and thing has a price, and there IS a market.

        Liked by 2 people

      • MaineCoon says:

        Only since I started watching Geo Webbs vids did I become aware of the overwhelming extent of trafficking, pedo. It’s really unfathomable to even try to grasp what it really means and what it is really like. It is evil beyond my imagination to fathom what mankind does again mankind. Earthly justice cannot deals with it. Only God can.

        Liked by 3 people

        • muffyroberts says:

          Exactly. I had no idea either. It sickens me to think about it. There are cases, from the last eight years, where toddlers disappear from their cribs, or from hotel rooms in Europe while parents are at a restaurant, that make me wonder.

          Child sex slaves must be worth more than even heroin.

          Liked by 2 people

      • dilonsfo says:

        Human trafficking is the oldest of all trade. It was called slavery, indentured and then human trafficking. It is all the same thing no matter the name. I don’t believe it will ever be completely stopped until the Lord calls the end to things. Law have been passed, wars fought, outright slaughter of those involved but nothing has stopped it. Why? In my opinion it serves the wealthy and powerful and sadistic nature of mankind.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Pilate says:

    But,but,but…President Trump hates all Muslims?

    Always darkest before the Don.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. jeans2nd says:

    But wait! There’s more!
    30 Mar 2017 Tillerson Meeting With Erdogan

    Tillerson Meets Turkey Leaders, Discusses IS
    Counter-terror Campaign High on Tillerson Agenda in Europe

    Tillerson will not meet Turkey opposition in Ankara visit this week

    Rex Tillerson Has Surprise Meeting With Wife Of American Pastor Jailed In Turkey

    Liked by 7 people

  18. Tonawanda says:

    God bless Trump. He is on the side of humanity.

    Liked by 9 people

  19. Grace Anne says:

    Chills reading this post. A rare event indeed. We have a great God. Gotta give Him credit. May He bless America and the entire world during this time.

    Liked by 7 people

  20. MVW says:

    The problem is that Saudi Arabia wants a pipeline and Russia doesn’t want them to have it. Also, a Saudi pipeline through Syria would be really bad for American shale oil. The Israelis have become the Saudi’s Dhimmi surrogate. So unless Trump can pry the Israelis out of Saudi servant quarters this deal won’t be closable.

    And the Turks and Kurds are in a death struggle. And Iran wants a nuclear bomb which will force the Saudis to arm.

    To top it off Egypt is beholden to Saudi Arabia as is Jordan.

    It is a basket of snakes. And Trump still has not gotten the Black hat CIA under control and they are the ones weaponizing Mohammed’s muslims.

    And the European men have been castrated by Socialism and given their women and children to the muslims as Dhimmis and sex slaves.

    Tell me that Trump can get rid of the self funding CIA Black hat group and I might think something is possible. Otherwise this will just remain a mess Trump inherited.

    (I really think the multi Trillionaire families keep Trump around for entertainment, if he had a chance they would have offed him long ago.)


    • dilonsfo says:

      Nothing is bad for American shale. It is what is going to free America from dependence on foreign power. What we need to do in this country is watch over the companies that will be building and controlling the power grid…remember Enron. Greed needs to be punished severely. Not profits…greed…like those Enron bastards that set up emergencies and then cashed in on them.


  21. Trump could negotiate peace in the Middle East and the MSM would be asking if Russia was involved….in a way it is good they are not paying attention; all they would do is confuse the situation. As long as the effort is successful, it is the citizens of the Middle East who will know what was done by whom and that is all that matters.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. CheshireCat says:

    While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet [Mohammad] shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men. The hand of Ishmael will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.
    – John Quincy Adams

    Liked by 2 people

  23. CheshireCat says:

    Al Sisi will likely thank President Trump for vetoing “Mad Dog’s” attempt to stack the DOD with Muslim Brotherhood supporters like Obama’s Anne Patterson.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. muffyroberts says:

    How many kings are allowed in 3D chess?


    Liked by 1 person

  25. MaineCoon says:

    Thank you SD for this information, which I would not have known otherwise.

    Only God could orchestrate this through President Trump and the other heads of state, but scripture states only the anti-Christ brings lasting peace on earth. So this will be a reprieve for which I am grateful to God for using President Trump to do so.

    Thank you God for appointing and anointing Donald Trump to orchestrate Your will in the ME at such a time as this. Protect him.

    These events are HUGE. HUGE. IMO nothing equates to the orchestration of these events.


  26. Trump: Hear me and hear me good. Don’t allow that Baal worshiper to come into your presence. They try to be God’s little ones when they complain like spoiled brats. Reject Jordan’s King Abdullah III and whatever Muslim.


  27. Trump: Hear me and hear me good. Don’t allow that Baal worshiper to come into your presence. They try to be God’s little ones when they complain like spoiled brats being offended by this and that. Reject Jordan’s King Abdullah III and whatever Muslim. Turn him away!


    • Marc says:

      You have NO clue who the real Baal worshipers are. King Abdullah is the last thing from a hardline Islamist. He and al-Sisi have fought back against terrorists much more vigorously than the US has in the past several years.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Joshua2415 says:

    I have always believed in the “two state solution”, and those two states are Israel & Jordan.
    God speed President Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maquis says:

      That is how it was intended to be, actually, a freat portion of Jordan was supposed to go to Israel as well, but the World largely shrugged their shoulders when the muslims reneged on the deal.

      I’ve always felt tbe West Bank should have been annexed decades ago, we kept Texas and California etc, did we not? It’s tbe price the loser pays for starting the war.

      If this doesn’t go through…well, I’m hoping it will.


  29. justfactsplz says:

    I hope the Left and the msm continue to chase the “Russia interfered in our election” meme down a long winding rabbit hole, long enough that President Trump gets these alliances with Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia shored up.

    I think the msm and the Left will be so busy hating on President Trump that won’t notice or report on these important meetings with these foreign leaders and what it mans. They will just wake up one day when President Trump tweets out that America along with the alliances of these countries just defeated ISIS. They will be speechless that they weren’t informed beforehand. Winning every single day we are.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Frank says:

    Of course the MSM is aware of what Trump is doing, meeting with these Arab leaders. They refuse to report any of it because they’re trying to present him as a do-nothing fool. But whatever. They can act stupid all they like, but our President will keep on making progress. Great things are coming, and the propagandists will soon have no choice but to either report it or go offline permanently.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Landslide says:

    Bret Baier went to Jordan in 2015 and did an interview with King Abdullah. He seems to be a stellar leader. I know the Jordanians love their king. They also loathe Israel. A large portion of their population is of Palestinian descent. Seems like many ME countries have been at odds or fighting for centuries. Not sure they will ever stop. I AM thankful that Trump is meeting with al-Sisi and also Abdullah. Along with Netanyahu, these are 4 highly capable leaders. The eradicating of ISIS is on the horizon. If it is with the help of Russia, so be it. Such interesting times to live in!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Xango says:

      I have a lovely client whose very close family member ,”works” for Queen Rania..she can’t say enough wonderful things about them both.


  32. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Thank you, SD, for another of your very informative time lines. They put everything into perspective.
    Obama and Clinton set the ME on fire and Trump and TRex are extinguishing the fire.


  33. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Another thing, where Obama and Clinton traveled all over the world wasting our tax dollars, Trump has the world leaders come to him! How many now have come to Washington? A lot.

    Liked by 5 people

  34. Donald says:

    If you understand the following questions and answers, you will understand the entire thrust of Obama’s disgusting Mid East Policy:
    1) What was thhe meaning of the Russian Reset?
    ANSWER: To purchase Moscow’s support of Obama’ goal of Mid East destabilization in favor of Muslim Brotherhood ascendency. The Reset also included the Uranium One deal and being totally mum about Russia’s recent expansionism. However, we all know Obama’s posture changed!
    2) Why did the initial, pro-Russia, reset posture change.
    ANSWER: Russia wisely balked at Obama’s insane (even for an anti-West Communist) goal of facilitating an eventual Islamic Caliphate in the Mid East AND EUROPE!


    • Trump needs to not give any Muslim respect. They are out for blood anyway they can get it. They make things sound the opposite to what they are. That Muslim wants to sway Rrtump t0 do what hye wqnts.Al;lowning btyhe Muslim here is allowing the eq


  35. Trump needs to not give any Muslim respect. They are out for blood in anyway they can get it. They make things sound the opposite to what they are. That Muslim wants to sway Trump to do what he wants. Allowing the Muslim here is allowing the equivalent to the possessed serpent at the tree in the Garden of Eden.


    • Maquis says:

      I will credit you that point, Muslims do not belong here, or in any part of Civilization.

      Otherwise, I’m sure Trump has this covered.

      Signing out,


  36. jakegr says:

    The globalists plan for the Middle East and Russia is this: Islamify and Balkanize.

    When you are wondering what their goals are, remember:

    Islamify and Balkanize.

    That is what globalists seek to do in the Middle East. Balkanize into small, fractitious states so that no leader can wield a large amount of power and its easier to install puppet heads of states. And Islamify to create chaos and foot soldiers motivation for war where needed.

    The end game is obvious: To control the extraction and flow of oil,and thus manage its profits.

    el-Sisi ruins their game. By secularizing Egypt’s govt he has ruined their plans to islamify it and possibly divide it into factions to break away. With popularity and fully secure borders, el-Sisi wields power…. and Power is a zero sum game that can scarcely afford to be lost in an oil rich region.


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