Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

There’s a visible twisting of history taking place that’s increasingly obvious within the last few days.  Against all intellectual honesty, an entirely different version of historical reality is being seeded by the media.  Here’s the basic outline:

In general terms it goes like this – Vladimir Putin, the global villain and Machiavellian nemesis of freedom, wanted to undermine NATO and find a way to take control of the world, starting with Europe.  As such he schemed to seed the origin of ISIS in Syria so that he could begin killing them and driving a mass exodus of Syrian Muslims into Europe.  According to the conspiracy, Putin knew if he forced enough Muslims into the EU it would disrupt society and create the chaos he needs to undermine NATO.   That’s the current version of the Media story.

putin4Obama Erdogan - Turkey

However, what the insufferable leftist narrative avoids, is something called reality.

The reality is: President Obama went to Cairo Egypt in 2009 and told the Muslim world that America’s political approach for the past decade was wrong.  Obama apologized for our meddling efforts.  President Obama then told the entire Middle East audience the U.S. would no longer protect Arab dictators, thereby seeding the ‘Islamist Spring’ uprisings which followed.  

The Muslim Brotherhood understood clearly what President Obama was saying.  All of the Brotherhood affiliates: al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and eventually the Islamic State (ISIS), took advantage of Obama’s encouragement.

The Brotherhood took Tunisia and Egypt first, Libya, Yemen and Syria followed thereafter.  Between those five nation uprisings, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia also came under regime pressure.

However, the Egyptian people fought back and appointed Army General Fattah al-Sisi to get rid of the Brotherhood.  He’s still there today.  Obama was mad.

Turkey via Recep Erdogan, not coincidentally Obama’s first mid-East BFF, supported the Brotherhood (and all affiliates) covertly and later openly.  Erdogan looking at Obama’s approach as an opportunity to replace all the dead zookeepers with his own central magnanimous Ottoman Empire rebuilding self…. The Brotherhood is seen as a great political tool to bring about this outcome.  A great Turkish opportunity.

erdogan-obamaerdogan ompa loompa

The Media Propaganda –  The insufferable Western media would have the world believe the “rebels” in Libya, and later Syria, were simple ordinary people. Moderates.  However, the reality was and is the “rebels” are 100% Islamic Extremists. Period.

The recent Aleppo “evacuees” into Turkey are the ISIS supporters from inside Syria.  In essence Russia and Iran’s approach toward assisting Bashir Assad in Syria was to confront and kill ISIS (ie. The Brotherhood ‘extremists’).  With the Syrian “rebels”, ie. ISIS now removed, Syria is back under the control of Assad, who has no essential beef with the ordinary Syrian.

aleppo-christmas-1That’s why yesterday, for the first time in five years – Christians in Aleppo and Eastern Syria, were able to take to town squares and light Christmas Trees.


Yeah, a little… but with a purpose.

Bashir Assad, Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani are letting the world see it was ISIS who terrorized the moderate Syrian citizenry, not Assad.   (See Picture Above)

Western media, together with President Obama, have been fixated on regime change for President Obama’s entire term in office.   In every single example, the change of the regime delivered a more radical Islamic outcome.  That’s not an accident.

The media now need to re-write that history, and avoid the historic truth:

President Obama’s policies unleashed the Salafists (Brotherhood), radical Islamic terrorists, all over the middle east. Those extremists killed the zoo keepers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen; and almost took down Assad.  With the zookeepers out of the way, the big cat extremists, ISIS, were unleashed.

Despite the Western Media spin, it was not Vladimir Putin who started that mess, it was President Obama.


And a whole bunch of DC UniParty politicians, from both wings of the singular party apparatus, also support that Muslim Brotherhood objective/agenda.  See:  Adam Kinzinger, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, etc.

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250 Responses to Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

  1. Howie says:

    With the fall of the left terrorists will now become an official leftist aggrieved ‘victim’ group entitled to protection by the democrat party.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      What a well written article. Thank you Sundance.

      Bongo’s legacy will be known to all. He’s a pervert and global anarchist.
      This is a guy that’s played the race card his whole life.
      And he can continue to play the race card till the end.
      It won’t change the truth.
      And there’s only one version of the truth.

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  2. fedback says:

    CNN reporting from Berlin, the reporter just told us that the terrorist ‘was not a refugee but a thug, a criminal’.
    MSM is a propaganda machine

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Sundance nails it again.

    Just another example of how the Treehouse is a must-read stie that will tell you truths that the Western Uniparty Media won’t.

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    • drdeb says:

      Merry Christmas to All of You

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Merry Christmas!

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        • dekare says:

          Damn Right….MERRY CHRISTMAS….NOT happy holidays, or ram-a-lama-ding-dong, not kwazzaa, or any other moron holiday….MERRY F’ing CHRISTMAS. Every minority has bee promoting itself for so long and with so much zeal, that it is done to the detriment of whites and christians. They are always trying to divide us. They are even trying to divide whites up into man, woman, LGBT, trans-testicles and whatever. It is easier to destroy when you break everyone down and no one stands together, and are fighting among each other. That way, we kill off each other, and they simply kill the last battle weary group left.

          And while every single group is allowed to promote, I am labelled and destroyed if I do the same. Blacks promoting being black….Good for you. Whites promoting white….you goddamn racists….DIE!!!

          Well, it is our time again. I wish no ill to anyone, regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, or any other thing that is used to label you. But dammit, I am tired of my face being rubbed into dogshit every single day for the last 8 years. Okay…I get it…whites are not perfect, and slavery sucked….but whites were not the ones who started it, nor were we alone in the scheme. And dammit, how long must I wait to be forgiven, by people who were never slaves, against me, a person who never owned one. When has retribution been paid. Obviously, the 700,000 dead white guys during the civil war was not enough blood spilled.

          I am not racists and I have never been one. I treat everyone equally, and as taught to me by the great MLK, who said we should judge a person not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. Yet, I am being judged by the color of my skin. People see my white skin, and yell racsim if I speak out against a president who I disagree with on policy. And if I work for something and think I deserve the fruits of my efforts, I am told to check my privilege. Well, how long can a man take being kicked and labelled as horrible before he starts to get a chip on his shoulder.

          There are those that claim they have a RIGHT to riot and act out and avoid being held responsible for their actions because of something that happened to their great great great great grandparents. Well, what about the atrocities being thrown at ME….today…as in NOW…as in I have suffered personally from this backlash. Does that give me a right to do the same? What is worse. Something really bad that happened to an ancestor you never met and have no first hand accounts of what really occurred? Or, something not as bad as as slavery, but pretty damn despicable and life destroying, to whites today…where they are now still alive and still paying the price for the crime of being white…and heaven forbid, slightly successful.

          So excuse me if I am not as sympathetic to the plight of the black man today as I was 8 years ago. Excuse the hell out of me if I happen to think it’s time for a little “ME” time. And I am not even segregating myself into an all white group. The group I most associate with and the group that has been the real victim of the last 8 years is the group of hard working men and women, from all walks of life, that go to work every day, try to care for their family, plan for the future, pay my taxes (as in my fair share) and treat everyone with the same respect I would like. Thems is my people. We are damn tired. It is not that we do not care about others, especially those less fortunate. But we feel that maybe we should not be made to suffer so that others who also suffer, feel better. That maybe our country should not be pushed into 3rd world status, less some 3rd world cultures be offended.

          If everyone is allowed to be proud of their heritage, then why should I not? Is it my fault that men who look like me became the dominant culture. That it was us that invented great ships, found new worlds, produced things that slowly contributed to a better life for EVERYONE…not just other white societies. No one stopped Africans from doing these same things. I have no idea why Africans were still forming tribes, pushing bones thru their noses and building spears, while the vast majority of whites were building cities, learning medicine, and inventing cannons. I had nothing to do with that…I am merely a beneficiary, just like EVERYONE ELSE. And I am using my time on this planet to make the world just oh so slightly better than when I left it. No one will write about my accomplishments, but I added value to this world, and was able to benefit from my doing so.

          And unlike my darker skinned bothers, I had no united scholarship fund, no preferential admission to grad school or law school, no extra benefit when it came to being hired and/or promoted. I started out with less than optimal parents. They divorced, went thru alcoholism, child abuse, and lacked any self esteem, with my being beaten at home regularly, and targeted as the poor kid who was everyone’s punching bag on the school yard. I spend most of my childhood afraid all the time. Afraid to go home, afraid to go to school.

          And you know what, I blame my horrible childhood on how I turned out. You see, I used it as an example of what NOT to do. I busted my hump as a roofer for ten years. I went to college, and then grad school, and then law school. No one gave me a damn dime, and I had to get admitted to these schools based on my grades, my volunteering to help kids, and my test scores. Today, I am living the life I wanted. I didn’t fall down and use the excuse that my parents beat me, that my parents were alcoholics, that school was hard. I did without. Life was damn hard…and there were times I wanted to give up. It was that hard. And I mean hot dogs and macaroni every night HARD. Doing without all the luxuries that today, so many people say they have a RIGHT to. Yet, when life is hard for a minority, well, that must be racism….and guys like me are not paying our fair share.

          For that, I say screw you. I DID BUILD THAT. And the only rights I had, was the right to work as hard as I wanted. I didn’t whine at what I didn’t have. I didn’t whine because someone else had something I did not. We are not all equal. Get over yourselves. I don’t look like Brad Pitt, does that mean we should make him ugly so I feel better about myself?

          I could just have easily ended up in a dead end job doing mindless labor for pennies. And I could have used all of the horrible things that happened to me as an excuse, and people would accepted that. But the fact is, I didn’t accept anything from myself but the very best I could do. I busted my butt, even when it all seemed hopeless. I did so, even when the reward was YEARS away. Check my privilege? I did…it’s still there. I had the privilege to live in the greatest country in the world. A country, that no matter where you start out, you can end up obtaining what is called “The American Dream”.

          And it’s called that for a reason. Nobody says, “The cuban dream”, “The African dream”, “The european dream”, “The chinese dream”…and so on…you get the point. It’s called the AMERICAN Dream, because that is exactly what happens in America if only people get off their ass and bust their humps, day in and day out. When I hear people say “It’s not fair” when they see something someone has and they do not. Well, was it fair, when the person who has that something, threw away the best years going to school, building a business, putting their balls on the chopping block for the chance at success, while the person whining was “too cool for school” and was partying, having fun, going around without a care in the world? I can’t speak for everyone that is successful, but there are times I wish I was twenty-something again, and had no responsibility other than to go out, have fun, drink and get laid. I gave that up to a great degree in order to benefit now. You see, in life, there is a cost. You can pay now, or you can pay later. Very few of us outside those born with a silver spoon in our mouths, or get adopted by Angelina Jolie, have it all handed to them.

          If you are one of those “victims” who want everything that you see others have, you have to ask yourselves….did you work as hard as that person? Did you risk the same as that person? Did you make yourself valuable so that others would compensate you for the value you have to offer? If you aren’t making six figures and you can’t understand why not, well, I have to ask, how old are you, and what have you done so far? If you worked hard, and did all the right things, even that is no guarantee of success. I didn’t come out of law school and get handed a big salary job with a corner office and a hundred thousand dollar car. Hell, ask any lawyer about his first few years out of school. I bet the common response is, he or she made peanuts, worked 70+ hours a week, and had no life. Because that is what success takes. You pay your dues.

          So, I am sure I got way the hell off topic, what they hell even prompted my tirade. So, in point is… point is….PRESIDENT TRUMP. YEAAHHHHHH. He will set the course of this country so that if you work hard, instead of whine hard, you will succeed. Maybe you will not succeed as much as others, but it’s much more likely you will succeed more than if you did nothing…but the fact is, you will succeed. And only in AMERICA will you do this the best. OH…and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      I agree . . . this is the BEST piece of writing on the subject I have ever seen. I would go one step further . . . . This Hijra is exactly what Obama wanted, this was his plan. . . . he made a way for Muslims to quickly migrate into the West LEGALLY. . . . . he got rid of everything in his way, even Khadaffi knew how the Muslims would take over the West. Get rid of him. There had to be upheaval in the Mideast to make a way for so many Muslims to make their way into Europe and America. Without Mideast turmoil, how long would it have taken to get all these Muslims into the West, legally? When anything happens there should be only one question “Qui bono”. . . . .in this case it is the Muslims in their quest to take over the world. Obama made a path for them and what is so egregious is this has all been facilitated by the laws of our Democratic countries. Just as the Muslims said, “We will use your laws to overtake you.” Obama used his power to help the Muslims succeed in their agenda . . . he didn’t give a damn about America or her people, as we now see him bringing in as many ‘immigrants’ as he can each day. Obama is a dark stain on America’s history. He has embraced the Muslims and their agenda at our peril and I pray history will speak the truth to future generations.

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      • marierogers says:

        what a great read, thanks..
        it still boggles my mind that Americans blindly elected a black man,( to 2 terms) who sat in that church with the devil! and they call us racists!

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      • But now, BebeTarget, Democrats are blaming O for their losses! Oh, the irony!

        Headline from the WSJ: Candidates for DNC Top Job: Obama Failed Us

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      • WSB says:

        Just keep in mid that there was a Fatwah in 1996 for Jihad and Hijrah. It was not long after 1996, that we saw four new mosques outside of Princeton, NJ and wondered what the Hell was going on.

        Now, I do believe that Obama is up to his eye balls in this; however, this strategy started earlier than Obama’s public office years.


        • BebeTarget says:

          Yes, WSB you are correct. It DID begin long before Obama took office. The Progressives and the Brotherhood have been working together for a long time. But with Obama, the Muslim migration was made possible. They laid the groundwork for Obama to do the deed. I wonder if they were surprised by the Egyptians’ overthrow of the Brotherhood. A ray of hope for the Mideast . . . . thank God for al-Sisi.

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          • WSB says:

            I believe the Obama/Clinton cartel was shocked that the $6B, IMHO, that was used as start up money for Morsi, was ruined by el-Sisi’s bulldozer.

            I was actually shocked that Obama and Clinton were so stupid they believed Egypt would acquiesce? Having studied in Egypt and worked in the ME, most anyone with a 10 IQ knows that Egypt can only survive on their tourist industry. Decapitation is not in the brochure.


    • Billy Dunn says:

      I totally agree MGA, thanks Sundance.
      CTH and Lou Dobbs are who I depend on for my SERIOUS news.

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  4. helmhood says:

    All that Islam can promise is death and fear.

    But we celebrate life and love. That makes us more powerful.

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  5. 3x1 says:

    For those sick of people using Snopes as their source of “truth”, a useful response:

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  6. Liberals for last 8 years: “Muslims are great! Refugees welcome! Multi-culturalism makes Europe better!”

    Liberals now: “Putin creates millions of muslim refugees in grand conspiracy to destabilize Europe and Western civilization.”

    Oh what a pickle the left is in. 😀

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  7. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Also, the “war on ‘Russian propaganda'” that is ongoing at this time is designed so that people in the West don’t find out and spread the truth, as Sundance is doing here.

    The Globalists never stop. They can lose, as they have in Syria and elsewhere, but don’t expect them to admit they lost or to give up the fight.

    Why lose cleanly if you can blame your loss on “Russian hacking” or a “Putin master plan” to destabilize Europe?

    These people are crazy, and they are evil. And they won’t stop until there are no more lies to tell.

    The war for the truth continues.

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  8. Major Styles says:

    Putin reminds liberal women of that jerkish, white Alpha male that they fell in love with in college, but were never able to snag. He’s the guy they hooked up with at the frat party. Cocky, confident Alpha. They wanted him, but he chose a hotter girl who was not batsh*t crazy.

    A liberal woman’s hatred of Putin is merely a psychologically projection of her failure in the modern sexual marketplace.

    Putin’s whiteness is the key factor here. Remember that most liberal women prioritize white men over other races, seeking to marry them and have their children. These women say they are “inclusive” but their mating choices are largely race based, in favor of strong white men.

    Racist much, liberal woman?

    To prove my point, note how these liberal white women know nothing about the other male world leaders that are dark-skinned: the presidents of the Middle East, for example.

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    • Paula says:

      LOL I stayed away from alphas in college. And that wasn’t easy b/c they are relentless, but they made me so nervous. After college I met a sly alpha, who managed to hide his alpha-ness from me long enough to snag me. We’ll be married 30 years this Valentine’s Day. Long live the alphas!! ❤

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      I have a different take on this.
      It became apparent to me while watching the BLM protesters take over, and create chaos in the Twin Cities.

      I noticed a pattern developing within the mobs of people who were congregating at these protests aka riots. The people who were turning out were getting “whiter and whiter” by the hundreds. I kept asking myself why are these middle aged, professional looking white people so inclined to attend, what I consider to be, nothing but a HATE FEST against White people.

      Then it smacked me in the face…….

      These decent, hard working, law abiding, middle aged WHITE people have a daughter who rebelled against them and got involved in an inter-racial relationship and now these White folks have bi-racial grandchildren.

      These are the same people who initially wanted to disown their daughter for the choices she made, but after they had their “Come to Jesus” moment, they accepted the situation and made peace within their family.

      The problem is, these people now want to FORCE their decisions on everyone else. According to them, we MUST accept inter-racial marriage and bi-racial children as the new “normal”. If we reject this notion, WE ARE DEEMED RACIST.

      I am speaking directly from personal experience. I have a niece on my husband’s side who put her parents in this exact position. At first her parents didn’t even want to speak to her, but now, 7 yrs later – Do not even DARE to think that they once were upset over their daughter’s choices. They will deny it and make you feel ashamed for even having that thought.

      I have one problem with this whole thing……..

      Do Not FORCE Your Lifestyle Upon Everyone Else.

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      • marierogers says:

        i do not approve of inter racial does seem to be a growing trend, stupid white women following a kardashian POS!
        i will gladly accept whatever some may call me!

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  9. LM says:

    I believe the Clintons, captivated by the shiny objects of Arab gold–and partnered with Soros and co.–opened the door to Islam in America.

    Since the Clintons seem to be godless, one religion might have seemed like another to them. A religion willing to support them with money; and encourage and celebrate lies, hatred, murder of ones enemies and lives of deception must have proven irresistable.

    The Clintons have run the Democratic party since Bill held office. They have either blackmailed or enticed with enrichment, members of both party. They are corrupt and they have corrupted even their supporters in the media, who must lie and support deception in order to support the Clintons and Obama.

    I believe the Saudis, pulling the strings, saw that the time was right to install one of their own in the Whitehouse wnd therefore used the PC mind control weapon against us to install Obama. I do not think that the Clintons were completely on board with installing Obama above Hillary, but it is illustrative of the fact that what they thought they were in control of and would control, was in fact controlling them.

    The Bushs and McCain etc., imo, have been willfully blinded by lucrative “business deals”–to our detriment.

    For all who are entrapped by the lies and lure of personal gain through their commitment to the left, I recommend a thoughrough course of research into Islam, Sharia, and the reason for the infighting between Sunni and Shia–as well as their instructions for dealing with the rest of us.

    Is Obama a Christian? All of the beautiful people have told us so.

    Has he helped usher in an Islamic caliphate and also tried, as he said to create the world’s largest Islamic state in this country?

    I think there might be a tiny bit of wisdom buried in the arrogance of the left in thinking that they can lie to and control the masses, since they have done so for so long and achieved so much…..but only because we let them.

    It is a special mercy of God that we have had this second chance to repent, and MAGA.

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    • marierogers says:

      LM..agree, but what happens after TRUMP? many voters are uneducated in politics and are easily misled! bozo can happen again!

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    • WSB says:

      LM, I could not agree with you more. I have believed for awhile now that even the Clintons are pawns in this whole mess.

      Divine intervention. I believe that Trump, only with his army, us, will create the next guardians of freedom. How long it will last entirely depends on us…to educate VP Pence and to make sure we do not devolve again from a Reagan to a Bush.

      As Trump states all the time…our chapter has not been written yet, but we shall be the authors. We need to plant this seed for a long growth. Let’s start thinking about just how to do this.


  10. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    “The ongoing daily reality comedy we know as ‘the news’ is reporting cheerfully on President Obama’s ‘legacy’ and his feverish attempts to fossilize it into place…. I think the entire world is overlooking Obama’s major legacy which will continue for decades to come. The legacy the world forgot is ISIS, the Syrian Civil War, and mass migration as a result. Let me state it plainly: The whole idea to bring ‘democracy’ to Syria was hatched by the Obama Administration and probably mostly by the Emperor himself….”

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  11. smartyjones1 says:

    This is a step too far as a) the mullahs in Tehran don’t celebrate Christmas b) Assad and his lineage past and present are brutal dictators c) Russia is executing (exceedingly well) its newfound influence and retaining a warm water port and d) Syria is now decimated with Western Europe and us paying for it in money and refugees.

    So it’s a bit more complex than posited by some. It’s also getting a bit wearying the Hail Putin theme among some. He’s executing his vision on a renewed bear after decrying the fall of the Soviet Union.

    He’s no hero of Western civilization. The Crimea grab, the slaughter in East Ukraine, the shooting down of a civilian airliner, the saber rattling against the Baltics, Finland and Eastern Europe speak to a revived Russian (non-Soviet) Empire.

    People need to take stock of that reality. MAGA!

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    • John Galt says:

      Did you miss the part where the USA spent $5 billion to incite war in the Ukraine? Saudi Arabia’s support of Chechen terrorists? Go compare Russia’s GDP and defense spending vs USA and NATO GDP and defense spending and get back to me about the extent of Putin’s influence.

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      • platypus says:

        Don’t overlook that our CIA promoted a coup overthrowing the elected govt of Ukraine only because the people voted for leaders who would move closer to Russia and rejecting the EU. Unacceptable.

        While I do not morally agree with what Putin is doing, I certainly understand that historical water is seeking its own level. Everything he is doing is long established in history and he is merely claiming the spoils. For example, the time to defend Ukraine from tyranny (Soviet communism) was when Stalin conducted genocide on the Ukrainian people. Since then, relocated Russians have been living and breeding children in a big chunk of Ukraine. By the time the USSR collapsed, Ukraine was a divided country with ethnic Russians in on area and Ukrainians in the rest.

        Bitching today about the current events in Ukraine is living 80+ years in the past. It’s a done deal and we need to stop being involved in these foreign affairs.

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        • smartyjones1 says:

          The thug in charge wasn’t overthrown. He had his own soldiers shooting peaceful protestors. When that didn’t work, he fled in the dead of night to Russia.

          The Russification of Ukraine is certainly old news but the people are united in retaining independence.

          Yes, if you want to stay out of foreign affairs, do so. But at least get the history and present accurate.

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      • smartyjones1 says:

        What do you know about the people of an independent country trying to throw off corruption? Gee, didn’t we just fight tooth and nail here to do that in the last election?

        Why would people in another independent country not have that right?
        Your “answer” is a total fail “Galt.” 100%.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Screw ’em all, everywhere. America first. This is the only country I care about, and our policies must be geared to improve our economy, our level of freedom, our culture, and our strength. First, first, first. Who we align with must be always based upon that first principle. Otherwise, we are tangled in knots choosing sides in every battle, ever uprising, every civil war, every incursion on earth. Pull up the friggin’ drawbridge, rid the corruption from our own country, and much will take care of itself.

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    • happy2h says:

      Smarty J, Thank God we have you here to refute Sundance and reinforce the NeoCon worldview. I know we are just lowly simpletons and Sundance isn’t sophisticated enough to properly comprehend this “bit more complex” stuff.
      Btw, What kind of cookies did you and Victoria hand out during Maidon?

      Merry Christmas!
      (Cause you know we believe in Santa Claus too)

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I’m not a fan of Mr.Putin, but I’d say that Soros is a bigger threat to America than Putin is.

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    We are doing this too:

    “Conservative MP Peter Bone told the Daily Mail: “I think many people will be outraged to learn that we are sending more than £1billion a year to the world’s most corrupt countries and even more shocked to discover that the figure is going up.

    “By showering these countries with money we are effectively propping up some of the most corrupt and unpleasant regimes … What is the point of sending ever more money to these countries if it is not reaching the people in need?”

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      World’s most corrupt nations get bumper £1.3bn payout of YOUR cash in foreign aid

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      • WSB says:

        Foreign Aid is the biggest scam of all time. Not ‘a lot’ in your country’s budget you are told but scam money that Clintons have been using with the COC to enrich themselves and small time dictators. Ever wonder why we have spent so much money in ‘Foreign Aid’ yet nothing ever gets better?

        Now you know.

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  13. Howie says:

    Conservatives need to understand that our ongoing fights with communistic elements, whether in the media or in public forums, is about a lot more than trying to change the minds of the leftists themselves. They are only interested in entertaining an audience and shaming their conservative, pro-liberty opponents.

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  14. SPMI says:

    Love the TRUTH. It is true that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer.It is true that Obama’s birth certificate is bogus.
    It is true that Obama is against Israel, wants open borders, is deliberately bringing in terrorists into our country. It is true that Obama has lied repeatedly about his policies. This is a national disgrace and anyone in America who chooses not to believe the truth is expendable and free to go elsewhere. We have a God of our understanding that stands above the money, corruption, and degeneracy of our current elected officials. The new guys will win constantly for the next 50 years.
    These will be the greatest 50 years in our country’s history.
    Prediction 2018: 75 senators on board the Trump Train, 350 House members on board the Trump Train.
    G O D J T R U M P!!!

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    • John Galt says:

      “Prediction 2018: 75 senators on board the Trump Train”

      I’ll be happy with 67, which allows impeachment of federal judges. Bye Bye, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg and 300+ Obama appointed judges.

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    • singingsoul says:

      Think about it, communism was defeated in the USSR, DDR and other Eastern European countries and now it has manifested itself in our Universities and Government. How stupid is that specially after we know it does not work. Communism is a romantic dream that one cannot realize in a country with corrupt people leading it. The dream enslaves people and puts a small % in society on top.
      Thomas Merton before he was killed in India was going to address communism and why it does not work in society. He never got to give that speech after he was electrocuted by a fatly switch.
      I have an idea, having spend time in monasteries that only in a monastery egalitarian life of sharing and living is possible because of the love of Christ and daily ritual of prayer and self-examination . That is just my hunch.

      Liked by 2 people

      • WSB says:

        President Wilson was influential in flirting with Stalin’s little farming experiment. That created an industry of US left wing advocacy. It was all a scam.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      And yet progs tut-tut about half of Republican voters thinking Obama is a Muslim.


  15. keeler says:

    Putin undermined the West by creating instability which fueled mass immigration.
    Russia tried to manipulate the Presidential election.
    Trump won’t accept the election’s result.
    Trump is unfit for office.
    Trump is responsible for the violence at his rallies.

    If you ever want to learn the truth from a leftist politician, simply apply whatever he says or does to himself.

    Liked by 8 people

  16. paulraven1 says:

    The larger issue here, and the one Trump will need to contend with whether he likes it or not, is that we’ve entered an entirely new dimension of politics – that of insanity. The Left is essentially insane. Their policies are insane. That is to say, they and their policies are counter-reality and culturally suicidal. Moreover, they are infused with a wholly insane determination about their insanity.

    It won’t be enough for Trump to come up with great people developing great ideas to make America great again without coming up with a parallel plan and policies to deal with the insanity.

    Liked by 9 people

  17. Remington says:

    Here is a quote from Victor Davis Hanson from a few years ago….also can anyone shead some light on that note from Rudy shown above?

    “The problem in the next four years will be not just that the president of the United States serially does not tell the truth. Instead, the real crisis in our brave new relativist world will be that those who demonstrate that he is untruthful will themselves be accused of lying.”

    Liked by 5 people

  18. Sherlock says:

    You are posting b.s. Only question is, do you know it’s b.s.? Absolutely fraudulent, just like the 4 fake twitter accounts yesterday.


  19. For about the last four years the false narrative pushed by every MSM outlet (without exception) is Assad is a “murderous butcher” who “slaughtered 400,000 of his own people”. According to this false narrative “Obama led from behind” and “didn’t provide enough support for the “moderate” rebels” and he failed to act on the “red line”. I would estimate that 90%+ of the public have been completely brainwashed into believing this narrative.

    How does PE Trump turn perceptions of the wars in the ME around? He MUST turn public perceptions around 180 degrees if he is going to successfully implement a non-interventionist foreign policy in the ME and other regions of the World. Will this be like the Iraq war where it took the public 15 years to finally wake up to the fact that the Iraq war was a monumental mistake – a war crime actually ?

    The public must come to accept as fact the following:

    Obama (with Clinton) encouraged Islamist radicals (Muslim Brotherhood) to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt thereby destabilizing one of the most important allies in the region and resulting in the loss of the lives of countless innocents.

    Obama (with Clinton) KNOWINGLY armed and provided air-support to Al Qaeda in Libya to topple and kill Qaddafi thereby destabilizing one of the most stable and successful countries in the region and resulting in the loss of the lives of countless innocents.

    Obama (with Clinton) KNOWINGLY armed and provided air support to Islamist rebels in Syria (including Al Nusra and ISIS) in an attempt to topple the secular leader Assad who protects millions of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities. 100,00’s of innocents have died horrible deaths (little Christian kids have been beheaded) as a DIRECT RESULT OF OBAMA’S ACTIONS!

    Obama (with Clinton) funded insurgent groups in the Ukraine (which included neo-nazi groups) who toppled a democratically elected President resulting in the deaths of countless innocents and causing a dangerous stand-off with Russia who was forced into annexing the Crimea (what choice did Russia have?)

    Getting the public to accept the above truth’s will be difficult because once you come to accept what Obama has done in the ME and Ukraine one must conclude that Obama is a murderous war criminal and I don’t think many American’s – regardless of political affiliation – are willing to accept that war crimes were committed by their President in their name.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Orygun says:

      The military support was used against our own troops and resulted in the deaths of many air crews and their passengers. That is the killing of Americans with arms provided by their own government.

      Liked by 3 people

    • mopar2016 says:

      Bongo and Hilldog created and armed every side of every war in islam.
      They destabilized North Africa, Ukraine, and other places too.
      But we’re not supposed to be able to figure that out.

      Benghazi was an outpost that was selling weapons to Al Qaeda and others.
      They left 500 million dollars worth of weaponry in Yemen for the enemy.
      And they did the same in other places.
      Gaddafi was killed so Europe could be overran with the cult of islam.
      Hill and Bozo deserve the same fate as Gaddafi.
      They’re just as evil.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. 4bleu says:

    Very good article. Please though, add into it the related crisis in the African Sahel and the south-moving pressure on Sahelian countries to move the front line to the Sub-Saharan African countries. When the citizen majorities of the north African countries reasserted civilization, to where have the radicals fled to cause havoc? Not just Syria! From Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, they drove south, west and east into a more lawless and exploitable region to push the battle lines closer to the heart of Africa.

    Look at a map of Africa. A line can be drawn across the entire continent west to east where the Muslim overland conquest pushed south through the Sahara and met the European conquest moving north and inland from the coasts. Most of the next line of countries have a potential fracture line halfway through, northern half Muslim, southern Christian: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Kenya. This is the reason for Sudan’s civil war and genocide that broke the country into two, Muslim Sudan (the north half) and the new majority Christian country of South Sudan, established in 2011.

    Look at all these countries and note which borders they share with other countries. On the Atlantic Ocean, on coast of Senegal, the furthermost point of the entire African continent is called “Almadies” – the land claim for the Al Medi mystic prophecy. This is the same mystic prophecy that led the uprising against the British far to the east, in Sudan, that cost General Gordon his life, the same that Turkey’s Erdogan constantly alludes to. Note that Saudi Arabia planted fancy mega mosques in the capitals of all these countries back in the 1970s and staffed them with Wahhabists. Just a coincidence that the rise of radicalism and anti-Christian destruction in Northern Nigeria started after that? There are extensive Arab, Lebanese, Syrian communities throughout Africa – they control much of the commerce through family ties, exerting an influence and control far deeper and greater than any European presence.

    Note how Kenya has been the target of numerous vicious terror attacks, its government with a Muslim Luo who Obama campaigned for and a Christian Kikuyu sharing power.
    (Note that for ‘Muslim’ and ‘Christian’ both, in Africa are often heavily blended with the animist traditions, but even so the major cultural distinctions are very evident even to the casual observer. Because of this, the Salafists are very brutal to Africans to ‘bring them in line’ with the ‘correct’ practices.)

    After Ghaddafi’s government fell: to the south, Mauritania/Mali/Niger/Chad/Sudan are all majority Muslim, thinly populated and weak militarily. Ghaddafi’s trained rebels poured out of Libya and back to their home countries, something the African countries warned the US and Europe would happen if Libya’s government was brought down, but they were ignored. Ghaddafi provoked a civil war years ago in Chad, so Chadians hate him and his troops, so they are being discreet there.

    In contrast, Mali lost half its territory in a few weeks, and if France hadn’t overnight mobilized French and Foreign Legion troops to stop the advance on the capital, all of Mali would have been taken by radicals. The radicals had almost a year to burn and smash the famous ancient libraries and cemeteries of Timbouctou, maintained by the citizens for over a thousand years. France initially asked the US for help, and was first refused, then got some tepid logistical support.

    Meanwhile, shifting out of the reach of the French troops, Boko Haram moved out of Mali south in earnest to terrorize Northern Nigeria, Cameroon. The destabilization of Central African Republic and pressure by radical rebel militias fighting, slaughtering and burning inside eastern DR Congo.

    ISIS has already openly stated that they want DR Congo – the jewel, the heart of Africa, fabulously rich in natural resources, scarce strategic minerals and shares borders with seven other key countries. Formerly Belgium Congo, with a decrepit Catholic Church presence and an unpopular sitting government that is now blatantly un-Constitutional, Catholic and Christian Congolese are being attacked in their homes in eastern Congo.

    So, the political crisis this week in DR Congo with Joseph Kabila, his legal Constitutional presidential term expired as of 19 December, being seen by the opposition as illegally occupying the office of the presidency, after blocking any elections to determine a democratically-chosen replacement could have all sorts of unwanted implications that could resonate around the globe if the impasse is not resolved peacefully. There are a lot of aggressive foreign elements that are poised, waiting for an opening.

    Here is a clear case where Americans aren’t informed for another reason: language. There is a lot of reporting in French about the situation, but rarely does even one sentence get translated for the benefit of the English-speaking (anglophone) audience. Has any US school ever pulled out a map of Africa to show students? To have a brain ‘blank’ for this huge continent with over 50 countries is not very good.

    This is a very very general overview, but maybe now whatever news people here get out of Africa will start to make some sense with this context. It’s solidly related to everything going on now and who in the US knows about it? There are opportunities and dangers alike, truly not anything for people to be ignorant of.

    Liked by 5 people

  21. jdvalk says:

    So after his fundamental transformation, his legacy painters want to fundamentally transform the perception of that reality. Got it.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. spanglishkc says:

    Never forget….

    Shut up your mouth Obama



  23. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Assad is an Alawite muslim, who follow the Twelver school of Shia Islam. Its all muslims killing muslims.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. quintrillion says:

    Commander of the Golden Dawn forces fighting to liberate Mosul, Iraq says he has location of Baghdadi and has given the location to USA. The article:

    Liked by 2 people

  25. El Torito says:

    The leftist white house has been rewriting the history of the USA since his first day in office. I would suggest that we write him out of the history books as well, except we need to remember how stupid we were to vote him in – twice – and all that we just went through to reverse course. Obama is a mistake we must never repeat.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. andi lee says:


    Syrian Ambassador Dr. Al Jaafari decimates the western media as propaganda, the UN, as criminal and the countries involved, complicit, with providing terrorists – naming the foreign intelligence officers involved. Syria will be capturing them to expose their country’s involvement. Imminent.

    At 17:30 mark, HEAR, genetically modified.


  27. rsanchez1990 says:

    I wonder what will come out once Attorney General Sessions starts investigating. We’re already getting the calm before the storm with Sheriff Joe’s investigation into Obama’s birth certificate revealing points of forgery. I suspect more connections between Obama and the jihadists will come up soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. NJF says:

    Wow. I’m on my phone so linking is hard.

    BB has an article from Joel Pollak, regarding the recent UN vs Israel resolution which was averted via Egypt. Very good article. He mentions Trump’s tweet & also this from Bob Costa.

    The replies to this tweet are mind blowing. It’s unbelievable how quickly many feel Isreal is..what our enemy?

    Or is it just outright hatred for Trump?

    Liked by 1 person

  29. 3x1 says:

    Need some signs for inauguration day to drive the left berserk (berserker?)

    “Putin for SCOTUS” should get em antsy, ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Obummer just pointed out Hill monster did not win because she did not campaign in all 57 states ……


  31. John M says:

    Yep. How many times have we heard glowing celebrations of the so-called “Arab Spring?” And yet, “In every single example, the change of the regime delivered a more radical Islamic outcome.”

    Great article, well done!


    • 4bleu says:

      Also the use of the term ‘Arab Spring’ alluded to the ‘Paris Spring’ protests that brought down a corrupt government. Sounds appealing to bring massive crowds of students out on the streets, but that was only half the historical story. Chaos ensued and the political vacuum was eventually filled by a more oppressive dictatorship, the last thing the protestors thought they were marching for. They had decades to rue their naivete.

      So, it was a cynical use by both the Left and Islamists because they knew most people didn’t know anything about French history and would fall for “Spring” it as it ‘sounded good’ and had a deceptively positive appeal to the emotions, but the facts of real history are a plain warning to the wise to not be seduced to step on that path.


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