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Hillary’s Instantaneous Health Morph – Unanticipated Pool Reporter Surprises Secretary Clinton…

There’s something quite telling about this video taken today in New York City.  This press video is prior to Secretary Clinton’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. It must also be very cold in New York City this afternoon: According to press reports Mrs. Clinton … Continue reading

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RIP Arnold Palmer 1929 – 2016

Really sad news: The great Arnold Palmer, the "King," has died. There was no-one like him – a true champion! He will be truly missed. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 26, 2016 On behalf of myself & @TrumpGolf our … Continue reading

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NBC Gaming The Optics With Custom Podium To Enlarge Hillary Clinton’s Stature and Visibility….

There was some discussion last week about how NBC would try to physically aid candidate Hillary Clinton’s optics with a custom designed debate platform intended to give the viewer the a false illusion of scale and scope. Well, it appears … Continue reading

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Suffolk County Monster Voters…

Just watch and stay with it: You see, this is the mistake that ‘check box candidates‘ almost always make.  Senator Ted Cruz made this mistake when he snarkily opined about “New York Values“. The binding material that makes us American … Continue reading

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Governor Mike Pence and Senator Jeff Sessions – Sunday Interviews…

Governor Mike Pence appeared on the irredeemable Fox News Sunday show with Clinton’s Machiavellian Master-at-Arms, Chris Matthews Wallace, asking questions while attempting to impersonate a journalist: Additionally, the adorable deplorable Senator Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend, and … Continue reading

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Stunning Sunday – Same Show Appearances by Mook and Conway Provide Opportunity to See Media Ideological Bias…

An interesting dynamic today as Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appears on the same Sunday morning talk shows as Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. The unusual media scheduling alignment allows political followers a rare compare and contrast opportunity.  Not only … Continue reading

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Clinton Campaign Accepting The Loss of Ohio….

Facing continually diminishing poll results in Ohio CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports the Clinton team is essentially ceding the state to save resources.  Michigan could be the next to drop. Additionally, Team Clinton are relying almost exclusively on Philadelphia, and to … Continue reading

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