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Breaking: Five Men In Arab Garb Detained in New York En Route to Airport – *Update* More Bombs In New Jersey…

UPDATE 1:30am – Explosion in New Jersey terminal while bomb squad robot was inspecting a backpack containing “numerous devices”. It was NOT a controlled detonation. Thankfully no-one was hurt, area previously evacuated. #BREAKING video shows moment bomb robot accidentally detonated … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: “Just Grateful That Nobody Got Hurt” in New York and Minnesota Attacks…

See kids, this is what happens…. Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson appeared on CNN at 11:30 this morning to discuss current events including last nights’ bombing in New York (Chelsea), and the Jihadist stabbing in Minnesota. 29 people were wounded in … Continue reading

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Egypt’s President Al-Sisi Will Meet Donald Trump For First Time During New York Visit…

This is almost,.. almost, too much winning. According to Egyptian news media President Fattah al-Sisi will meet republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the first time during his visit to New York for a scheduled U.N. General Assembly meeting. Dear … Continue reading

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Significant Surge in Black Support For Donald Trump Underlines Current Democrat Strategy…

Why did CNN specifically broadcast the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in Washington DC yesterday? Why did President Obama and Hillary Clinton make the decision to attack Donald Trump at this dinner? Why did Hillary Clinton’s campaign make a specific decision … Continue reading

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Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Ohio Enthusiasm – The Invisibles VS The Deplorables…

Against the backdrop of a looming monster vote, and with the media beginning to discuss the “enthusiasm gap”, it can be challenging to get real reports not filtered and spun through the prism of the mainstream media. Subsequently, a deplorable … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks With Kellyanne Conway – Interviews With CBS and ABC (Video)

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway hits the Sunday talk show circuit: CBS John Dickerson – Face The Nation: NBC Chuck Todd – Meet The Press:

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Epic – Donald Trump Media Buzz Interview – Topic: The Failed State of U.S. Journalism…

Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox’s Howard Kurtz this morning and explained why it is so critical to push back against the transparently “biased” media.  For years conservatives have prayed for a candidate willing to call out the media; well, … Continue reading

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