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Breaking: Explosion in New York City – CCTV Video Added, 2nd Device Pressure Cooker Bomb Found

Developing – Earlier today there was a detonation of explosive device in New Jersey.  Currently Firefighters are at the scene of an explosion in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, and another in Charlottesville Virginia. The Fire Department of New York … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally, Colorado Springs CO – 9:00pm EDT Live Stream…

With candidate Hillary Clinton now slipping in the polls; and specifically with polls showing Trump ahead of Clinton in Colorado, anticipate some form of extremist protest to erupt in either Ohio, Wisconsin or Colorado.  This is traditionally a leftist tactic. … Continue reading

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Unbelievable – Centcom Command Admits “Mistake”, U.S. Break Cease-fire in Syria…

Stunning is an understatement.  This is beyond absurd.  There has been a tenuous cease-fire in Syria for the past 4 days, negotiated by Russia, between Bashir Assad’s Syrian Army and the militant fighters in the Islamic State (ISIS). Today, the … Continue reading

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Bill and Hillary Clinton Sell Access and Influence Under The Guise of a Birthday Bash…

Grifters gotta grift.   Despite the brutally obvious conflict-of-interest represented by charging $250,000, $100,000 or $50,000 to join Bill and Hillary for a birthday bash (proceeds to benefit the Clinton Foundation *nudge, nudge* … *wink, wink* … “say-no-more, say-no-more”),  Bill and … Continue reading

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Multiple Explosive Devices Discovered, One Detonation, During New Jersey Marine Run…

According to multiple media reports several ‘pipe bomb style devices’ were discovered after a garbage can exploded in New Jersey along the route of a Marine Benefit 5k race. Fortunately, the start of the race was delayed by a longer … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Speech “Remembrance Project”, Houston Texas – 2:00pm Live Stream…

Today in Houston Texas candidate Donald Trump will be giving a speech to honor a very special group of families he has supported from the outset of his campaign, The Remembrance Project.   These are families who became victims because of … Continue reading

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Transcript of Donald Trump “Our United America” Speech In Miami…

[ Transcript ]  Thank you. It is so great to be in my second home, Florida, and in the city of Miami where I have so many wonderful friends and employees. New polls have just come in, and we’re leading … Continue reading

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