Something Sketchy In The GOPe Works – Emperor Karl Rove Campaigning for RNC – Meanwhile VA and NC Threaten Trump To Withhold Ballots….

Political campaigns don’t normally sell you the $1-$3 trinkets or gimmicks until the last month of a fiscal reporting calendar (March, June, Sept, Dec.).  So when a trinket email hits in August, that usually means a big infusion of cash is coming from somewhere (usually Wall Street) and they need to dilute the visibility of it with lots of smaller donations.

karl rove emporer

This email (transmitted yesterday) is from Karl Rove (mentored by Lee Atwater), although it doesn’t link to Rove’s Super-PAC, instead it links to the GOP website.


There’s nothing like a presidential debate’s energy and excitement. You’ve seen it on TV, but now the Republican National Committee (RNC) is offering one lucky winner and a guest the chance to experience it in person!

By contributing just $3 today, you’ll be automatically entered to win a trip to the GOP presidential debate in Denver, CO.

But this contest will CLOSE TONIGHT at 11:59 P.M. Don’t miss your chance.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. The RNC will fly you and a friend to Denver, put you up at a hotel and get you great seats at the debate.

You’ll get VIP treatment with privileged access and a chance to meet conservative leaders, including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Don’t miss your chance to see your favorite candidate take the stage and show the American people why he or she is qualified for the White House.

Contribute today to be automatically entered to win – before the contest expires TONIGHT at 11:59 P.M.


Karl Rove

P.S. Get updates on the fight for Congress, the White House and more at

[Political Junkies – you can learn more about Lee Atwater Here] We know Karl Rove is “all in” for the GOPe roadmap.  Heck, his skill-set in the dark arts means he probably designed it.  Rove is absolutely on a mission to get Jeb Bush elected.

Which begs the question what are the RNC planning to do with a large influx of money? Specifically, money going to the Republican National Committee apparatus.


♦  The second sketchy issue is North Carolina and Virginia looking to force Donald Trump to pledge not to run a 3rd party insurgency campaign, and withholding his name from the primary ballot if he refuses to pledge.

(Via Politico) Amid mounting concerns about Donald Trump’s candidacy from the GOP establishment, Republican leaders in at least two states have found a way to make life a lot harder for him.

The Virginia and North Carolina parties are in discussions about implementing a new requirement for candidates to qualify for their primary ballots: that they pledge to support the Republican presidential nominee — and not run as a third-party candidate — in the general election.

The procedural moves are clearly aimed at Trump, who pointedly refused to rule out a third-party run during the first GOP debate.

They come amid Republican fears that the real estate mogul is gaining strength in the primary contest, and that his jeremiads against undocumented immigrants will alienate Hispanic voters. Despite coming under a hail of criticism in recent weeks, Trump has held steady atop state and national polls.  (read more)

IRONY – If the GOPe put half as much effort into defeating Democrats -as they do defeating their own candidates- they would never even face a Trump-like insurgent campaign.

Jeb Bush road crew

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216 Responses to Something Sketchy In The GOPe Works – Emperor Karl Rove Campaigning for RNC – Meanwhile VA and NC Threaten Trump To Withhold Ballots….

  1. carole says:

    I am furious with my home state, NC GOP, and am letting them know it. Have voted R all my life, since I was just out of college and voted for Nixon (the first time). Fed Up with GOPe manipulations, I will vote for Trump this time even if I have to write him in.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Ron Hyatt says:

    I’m not voting for the GOP nominee unless it’s Trump. Held my nose for Bush 1, Dole, Bush 2. Gave the GOP the House, and the Senate. What did I get for it? bupkis GOP, you have a serious problem. Hello Whigs!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Roux says:

    Shouldn’t Jeb’s! left hand be black?

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  4. Chish says:

    I told some hack RNC pollster the other day that if they nominate another gutless RINO
    like Dole, McCain and Romney they will be getting a Democrat for president. The
    catch is (and it’s disgusting) that they know that we’ll “hold our noses” and vote for the
    RINO just so a Democrat doesn’t get in office. We still have a 2 party system though.

    Sadly, it’s them versus us.


  5. The Exile says:

    I don’t know…seems to me that campaigns tend to send out these “trinket” e-mails when they get desperate and start to panic. The Democrats were sending out a dozen of these a day before the last election.

    Perhaps their fundraising isn’t going as well as expected?


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