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If I Have To Vote For Romney I’ll Hate Myself….

….but based on what I just saw, I’m afraid without any other entry he’s the one we are going to be left with.    What are your thoughts?  

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“You Say You Want A Resolution”….

(visit Daletoons) It’s that time again, when a cloud of mass-murderers descend on New York City, clustering in the U.N. General Assembly to condemn Israel and lobby for the carveout of a Palestinian state. Chief among them is Columbia University … Continue reading

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Arabic Writing Found On Southwest Planes…TSA Continues Gropedowns

Well….you can add one more reason to enjoy flying to your list.   The FBI is now investigating writing that appears to be Arabic on the underbellies of more than a dozen Southwest Airlines planes.  The messages were first noticed by … Continue reading

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Republican Debate Thread – 9pm EST on Fox

The 5th Republican Debate will air tonight on Fox News Channel and also broadcast via live stream.   CLICK HERE   y’all know what to do….

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Thad McCotter drops out and endorses Romney…..

WTF endorses Romney?   This from the McCotter candidate who claimed that Romney was “Obama-lite”?   Generally I disconnect from the Hot Air vitriolic folks, but on this point they appear to be spot on.   Unreal. Hat Tips to Stella and AFinch … Continue reading

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Corruption Junction Wasserman Function…

Remember yesterday we were wondering why Debbie Wasserman Schultz had resigned her post on the Judiciary Committee.   BINGO ! Well, it appears legal issues are plagueing the Wassermans’ at the moment.   Her mother specifically is about to be charged with … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters: Republicans “Eat Obama’s Food, Drink His Beer And Leave, Then They Go And Try To Kill Him”…

This from the same ‘Shallow Waters’ who is going to send us all to hell, and refuses to disagree with President Obama’s policies because of the color of his skin. (The Hill) — It’s time for President Obama to quit watching … Continue reading

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