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He is The Most Intelligent President Ever….. You’ll Stay Thirsty My Friends

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Report: Obama Will Propose $300 Billion Stimulus Bill…

More spending, spending, spending….. But what really strikes me as oddly progressive is a demand for spending from the President occurring right before the bi-partisan legislative budget reduction congressional team is about to meet.   It’s a little silly for them to be trying to … Continue reading

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The Tea-Party Lynching Libel – By Dennis Prager

What if the Congressional Black Caucus were accused of wanting Jews gassed? (National Review Online) Imagine a Jewish member of Congress accusing the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) of wanting to see Jews gassed.  How would every decent … Continue reading

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Wedding Party – Palin’s surprise visit delights bride and groom…

(New Hampshire) On the eve of Sarah Palin’s speech before the Tea Party Express in New Hampshire, the former Alaska Governor shocked diners and delighted wedding guests by making an unannounced visit to The Puritan Backroom restaurant for some of … Continue reading

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Jake Trapper Makes SERIOUS Splodey Head of Jay Carney

I HEART Jake Trapper…..  Pretzel maker extraordinaire….

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Detached Reality

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Economic Treason Or Cognitive Dissonance?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz said this morning on MSNBC “the stimulus helped “turn the economy around” and is responsible for the “continuing upswing.”  Now this…. The real unemployment rate actually rose in August, according to the Department of Labor, belying the … Continue reading

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