CNN Experts Question Authenticity of Mike Brown Shot Audio Provided By Brown Family Attorney Daryl Parks…

Sooner or later someone in the mainstream media is going to catch on to the reality that Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump have a grievance manual which they follow to get their financial rewards.    This audio came from Daryl Parks to the FBI and CNN.

(Breitbart) [...]  CNN’s timing of the release made perfect sense. The leftwing network dropped the audio the day after treating the funeral of Michael Brown as though he was a head of state. With the death porn concluded and the Ferguson streets quiet, CNN needed to fill the race-baiting vacuum with something.

This is the second time CNN has been unforgivably irresponsible with audio. Using unintelligible audio of George Zimmerman’s 911 call, CNN falsely claimed Zimmerman had described Trayvon Martin as a “fucking coon” before fatally shooting the teenager. CNN not only fabricated this evidence against Zimmerman, after it was proven Zimmerman didn’t use the racial slur, CNN continued to lie to its audience and claim he had.   (read more)

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Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

Jason put this reference map together which helps to give some perspective to the reports and videos many have been following. One of the more interesting aspects is where Dorian was located when the initial crowd, police, and media were gathered following the shooting. It helps to understand Dorian’s intents and puts context to his immediate behavior.

Jason screenshot map mike brown shooting

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Wow – President Obama Speaks To The American Legion and The Reception Is, Well, See For Yourself…

This has to be seriously alarming internally. How will Josh Earnest spin this one ?

american legion

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Wednesday Open Thread – August 27th

tomb of the unknown - memorial dayOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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Hidden Video Of Dorian Johnson (Mike Brown Accomplice) Within The Crowd – Prior To Talking To Media/Authorities…

CROWDSOURCING REQUEST – Located within this inital media feed video of the Ferguson shooting various rumors and speculations can be dispelled:

1. The Reporter outlines how several (5 or 6) shots were fired after the arrival of the media. Hence the initial problem for the Police securing, and processing, the crime scene. This was part of the delay in morgue body recovery.

2. Clearly you can see Officer Darren Wilson’s POLICE SUV being removed by flatbed tow truck as it was evidence in the shooting.

3. Almost every “eye witness”, as well as Dorian’s mom, can be seen (albeit quickly) in a group discussion prior to giving the visible Detective statements.

4. However, perhaps more importantly, is the visibility of Mike Brown accomplice Dorian Johnson.  Until now – his immediate location was unknown.

Dorian Johnson who, as witnessed, (@2:01) can be seen to have removed his T-Shirt -worn in the Ferguson Liquor Strong-arm Robbery- and standing in discussion with another male who is wearing a ball cap. Dorian’s T-Shirt slung over his left shoulder as he watches the scene from a safe distance.

Dorian johnson 1

You can compare his appearance as an unknown observer to the CCTV video from the Ferguson Liquor Mart (the giveaway -beside the shorts and shirt- is the shoes and anklet) Continue reading

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Lawyer Responsible For Released Mike Brown Shooting Audio Refuses to Answer Questions About Details of Recording …

This Saint Louis report is claiming 11 shots, we can only hear 10 – Previous analysis HERE

  • First volley [6 shots] in a 1-5 sequence lasting 1.8729 seconds
  • {pause and reacquire sequence of  3.024 secs}
  • Second volley [4 shots] in a 1-3 sequence lasting 1.627 seconds

sig sauer

(Saint Louis Dispatch) Seven shots. A three-second pause. Four more shots.  An audio file obtained by the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday is believed to have captured the shooting of Michael Brown Jr.

If authenticated, it would be the first recording of the actual incident to have surfaced since Brown’s death on Aug. 9.

Lawyer Lopa Blumenthal said her client, who lives in the apartment complex where Brown was killed, captured the shooting while recording a video text message to a friend.

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Michelle Obama’s World – We Control Any Space We Occupy, And We Occupy Any Space We Choose – Deal With It…

The leftist media have inflated the ego of the current regime…  It’s how you get a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing noble or prize worthy.

Vocativ was on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to film a piece about the African-American community on the island. While we were shooting on Beach Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares on the Vineyard, the Secret Service approached and asked us to switch off our camera for 15 minutes.

A moment later, first lady Michelle Obama power walked by our crew. She was out for some exercise with a small group—and a serious security detail. It was 9:30 in the morning.

Our producer and cameraman were surrounded by Secret Service agents and very strongly advised to stop filming. At one point, Mrs. Obama looked in their direction and said, “Don’t do that.” It’s unclear if she was telling the agents to leave us alone, or scolding us for filming on public property. Continue reading

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