Another “Possible” Ebola Case – West Africa Aid Worker Arrives At Newark Liberty Airport, Then Develops Fever…

This one is a little weird.  One account says the aid worker went through health screening without issue and was isolated as a result of the *NEW* policies in place for New York and New Jersey.  It was only during the quarantine time at the airport she exhibited symptoms of a fever beginning.  A second account says the health screening caught her fever.

ebola oneNew Jersey - One day after New York officials announced a Doctors Without Borders physician had tested positive for Ebola, another person who treated patients in West Africa developed a fever and was put in isolation at a northern New Jersey hospital.

The second health care worker, a woman who hasn’t been identified by name, did not have any Ebola symptoms upon arrival Friday at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey health department spokesman Donna Leusner said.

Yet things changed in the hours that followed. According to Leusner, “This evening, the health care worker developed a fever and is now in isolation and being evaluated at University Hospital in Newark.” Continue reading

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Socialist EU Sends Britain $2 Billion Bill So They Can Share The Economic Wealth…

Essentially the EU is charging Britain for having an economy that has outperformed other EU members over the last 20 years.   Pushing the socialistic equality in outcomes principle…  Opposition leader Nigel Farage (UKIP) was just given a golden arrow in his quiver to advance his goal of exiting the EU construct.

David-Cameron-001The Telegraph - David Cameron is fighting to stop Britain being forced to pay an extra £1.7 billion to the European Union due to the success of the British economy.

The Prime Minister was ambushed with a demand from the European Commission for the extra cash because Britain’s economy has performed better than other economies in Europe since 1995.

The bill is due on December 1 and Mr Cameron is particularly enraged because Brussels accountants are also preparing to give France back £790 million as its economy performed less well than Britain’s.

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Hannah Graham Body Positively Identified

hannah graham recovery body(CNN) — Human remains discovered last weekend in Albemarle County, Virginia, belong to University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, authorities said Friday.

Graham, 18, went missing before dawn on September 13 after being last spotted on several surveillance cameras in Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall area.

Authorities looking Graham found the remains last Saturday on an abandoned property eight miles from where the sophomore was last seen. Continue reading

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10/25/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

♦ NEW – Feds Release Investigative Details To New York Times (LINK)

♦ NEW – Officer Darren Wilson version of events given to media. (LINK)

♦ NEW – Official Mike Brown autopsy supports Wilson’s Version of events. (LINK)

♦ NEW – Eight Black Witnesses Confirm Darren Wilson Version (Link)

• Officer Darren Wilson pushed into vehicle by Mike Brown. • A Struggle ensued. • Two shots fired inside vehicle. • One bullet striking the hand of Mike Brown. • Blood from right arm wound on interior door, uniform and officers weapon. • Gun powder residue also on hands of Mike Brown. • Attorney for Dorian Johnson admits DJ lied to media.

canfield map new 3

• One bullet lodges in door panel of SUV • One bullet strikes near window of adjacent apartment building. • Hat and one shoe located on South side of police SUV. • Second shoe located approximately 10-15′ East. • Officer Wilson chases Mike Brown. • Both travel approximately 100′ from SUV. • Brown stops, turns, makes aggressive statement. • Brown charges Wilson. • Ten additional shots fired at approaching Mike Brown. • Five bullets strike Brown. • Total of 12 shots fired.

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Saturday Open Thread – October 25th

tomb of the unknown - memorial dayOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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Just Sayin’… Might Be Nothing…. Or Could Be A Thing That Make Other Things Make Sense…..

Light BulbLast night WH Correspondent Media (several) reported Executive Office “in the dark” when the hatchet attack happened in New York City.  They reported it seemed “strange”, and White House officials were a little “off guard” about questioning. Something seemed quirky.

Then today the prolific dot connector (meaning this guy sniffs “unusual” tremors before anyone else – and he does so with subtlety) Mark Knoller tweeted:

Now this:

[Powerline] A faithful reader who asks us to withhold his name informs us that he has reason to believe the computer network within the Executive Office of the President has been down for close to a week, and staff throughout the various components still lack basic access to their files (though many are now able to access e-mail and the Internet). He advises that EOP staff have been told not to say anything about the situation to anyone. He adds that a major security breach is suspected, but no information has been forthcoming, either to those inside the EOP or to the public. (more)

Could be nothing.  Probably is nothing.  Then again, there’s a chance it’s all connected and the White House communication system has been “compromised”.

Which is to say either: A.) A security breech, or, B.) Some needed Scrubbing because White House email accounts etc. have just been identified as communication sources for illegal activity.  [A dose of "Lois Lerner Malware" is in the works?]

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THEY Believe This – Hillary Clinton: “Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs”…

This ideological outlook directly aligns with “you didn’t build that”….

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