Hunter Biden Business Associate, Tony Bobulinski, Interviewed by FBI – Senator Johnson Releases Statement…

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, releases the following statement:

Last night Mr. Bobulinski held a press conference outlining his knowledge of presidential candidate Joe Biden being the recipient of payments/bribes from foreign governments through his son Hunter Biden’s arrangements with several entities.  Mr. Bobulinski noted he was willing to pass along the additional evidence in his possession to the FBI including his cell phones and electronic records.  Apparently that process is taking place.

The current public evidence shows Hunter Biden was essentially the bagman for the Biden family; and various foreign business interests paid money into Hunter’s accounts as a pass-through to pay-off Joe Biden for his influence on policy that supported their financial interests.  Joe Biden is fully exposed within the sworn statement by Tony Bobulinski.

Unfortunately, due to their demonstrable political corruption, the appearance by the FBI in this situation is not met with any confidence that an actual and valid investigation would take place.

According to all reporting; and in line with all documentary evidence released so far; the FBI was already in possession of similar evidence from the laptop of Hunter Biden since December 2019, and yet they did nothing.

In December of 2019 President Trump was in the middle of an impeachment effort for his contact with the Ukrainian President Zelensky and a request for an investigation into corrupt payments to the Biden family.  The impeachment effort was taking place at the exact moment the FBI was in custody of the Biden laptop showcasing factual evidence that President Trump’s concern was not only valid, but factually evident.

So the obvious question is: why the FBI would allow an impeachment effort to take place for three months while they sat on exculpatory evidence that would have highlighted the issues in front of the legislative branch?

The answer to that question only goes in one direction…. Corrupt FBI officials were hiding the Hunter Biden laptop to allow the impeachment effort to attempt President Trump’s removal from office.

There is no valid scenario where the action, or lack thereof, by the FBI can be viewed as anything other than a corrupt and aligned effort to undermine the United States government.  This self-evident reality then calls into question the entire validity of the U.S. DOJ under Attorney General Bill Barr and the FBI under Director Christopher Wray.

Not since the civil war have the institutions of The United States government been as tenuously unstable as they are today.  We are on the precipice of a total collapse in confidence for the justice system in our nation… if we are not there already.

I pray for our nation, against the prescience of Mr Devin Nunes.

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412 Responses to Hunter Biden Business Associate, Tony Bobulinski, Interviewed by FBI – Senator Johnson Releases Statement…

  1. Sonia says:

    This Tweet from Paul Sperry, matched with the Fox News segment below it, raise red flags. Double-dealing?

    BREAKING: FEC records show former Biden business partner and corruption whistleblower Tony Bobulinski has donated $12,100 to Democrats and has contributed only to Dems, while his family has chipped in thousands more to Dems. Bobulinski turning over 3 phones, other evidence to FBI
    9:19 PM · Oct 23, 2020·Twitter

    Fox News has reviewed emails from Bobulinski related to the venture — and they don’t show that the elder Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings, or took any payments from them or the Chinese.


    • amjean says:

      The evidence shows that the “elder Biden” as your post identifies him,
      took money from his son and perhaps also his brother. To put it simply –
      Hunter and Joe’s brother were paid, then they paid Joe.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Exactly, see the wordplay they are doing. WTF. Thanks, Fox News…thanks, so it’s ok since Joey B only took the money after it was laundered through his son and brother. But, if it was me or my brother…or my neighbor, or the butthole I hate down the street…we’d all be in jail because of RICO. Yeah, laws for thee but not for me. Damn us plebes. We just aren’t important enough.

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    • Jimmy R says:

      The WSJ and Fox News are proclaiming that Joe was not listed as part of the venture. Rather than tefuting Bobulinski’s claims, this confirms his claim that Joe’s participation was supposed to be kept secret and that the Biden’s wer “paranoid” about this.

      They assume their readers are stupid.

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      • SanJac says:

        Some have come to sow seeds like always and don’t understand or didn’t listen to or pay attention.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        It’s all about the words. Words. When and how you use them. You see for them it”s an alibi and an excuse. For us plebes, words and word usage is called lies. We go to jail for that…we are not important enough.


    • rpcoastie says:

      Wasn’t that the whole point of using Hunter Biden as an intermediary so there would be no direct dealing with Joe Biden????

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    • carol buchanan says:

      so the fbi were investigating since last year. If biden wins the story disappears,if trump wins they tell us the truth. talk about covering your asses.


  2. Pale rider says:

    I hope he made copies of everything.

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    • KristiGnome says:

      I prefer to think of him as Tony BOMBulinski.

      Keep firing away, Lieutenant!

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    • Dutchman says:

      According to his lawyers statement, he gave COPIES to the FBI, so presumably KEPT the originals.

      He ain’t STOOPID, and is probably going into this with his eyes wide open, and trusting the FBI/DOJ, not at ALL.

      His contributions to Dems only makes his story MORE credible, and in and of itself is no reason for concern, IMHO.

      After all, in his years as a businessman, DJT often donated to Dem politicians, and this guy is a businessman.

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      • Yes Get Real – Remember Bobu. said directly last night that Biden lied about not knowing etc , Bobu. said he met with Biden at a conference and Biden knew about the Chinese deal and discussed it with Bobu. The PHONES show the veracity of the Hunter I pad emails ( which they first tried to say were Russia Russia) Of course the phones will NOT show any Big Guy direct evidence , but they do show that the Emails are REAL and then you have to decide if Biden is lying about having ABSOLUTELY NO Knowledge ( you know the answer to that) This is not Matlock where the evidence comes together in last 15 minutes of the show . Bobu said the phones verify the authenticity of the emails.

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      • Pale rider says:

        “He ain’t STOOPID”, he was in business with the Biden’s. Either corrupt as they are or serious lack of judgement, so much so that yes he would be consider STOOPID if not just insane. I’m sure he is scared for the country and his life, rightfully so.

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        • pmyoung68 says:

          He’s only a whistleblower because when push came to shove, he said the CCP wired the monies he was after directly to Hunter’s account. Had he got what he thought was coming to him, we’d of never heard from this guy.

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    • huecowacko says:

      He’d better have his attorney present, Wray’s FBI is capable of springing another perjury trap.

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      • littleanniesfannie says:

        He’d better hire Sidney Powell ASAP!!

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      • evergreen says:

        Not just perjury.
        Distortion of story line by barrage of questions, answers to which can be misconstrued to steer a preferred narrative. In other words, use him as a lever to turn the story just so slightly to create wiggle room that the media can then run with, all with FBI imprimatur.

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    How does the republic of the U.S. continue to survive when the coup continues?

    Sundance writes:
    “How does the office of a U.S. president; and more importantly the republic itself; survive a coordinated coup effort involving all three branches of government; while simultaneously those in charge of exposing the corruption fear the scale is too damaging for them to reveal”?

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    • Old Dawg says:

      Answer: It doesn’t.

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    • It is my considered view that Trump’s election was a miracle and his continued resistance to all coup attempts have been thwarted by the intervention of Almighty God. I do not think there is any other reasonable explanation.

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      • theoldgoat says:

        I do agree with President Trump being blessed from on High, but it is also a mark of his personality which allows him to fight on despite the odds against him. A slime like Romney would have folded in a month had he ever faced what the President has, as an example.

        I think the left are amazed that he continues to fight against everything they try throwing at him. It is just not in his DNA to back down.

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        • Linda K. says:

          This is nothing compared to New York real estate. The politicians are not as smart as business sharks or as honest. Trump sees through them.


      • linderella says:

        I also believe it’s a miracle that Trump is as wealthy as he is, so he is not tempted by the goodies that have entrapped others, while knowing exactly how the system works. And it’s a miracle that with all his billions, he is not part of the corruption, and therefore, is in a position to expose it. Too many Republicans that “appear” righteous or talk a good game are part of the Club, too — and they take things only so far, and then bail.

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      • mb says:

        I wish the Almighty would make a bit more obvious his thinking behind creating Democrats.

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      • Joemama says:

        I don’t disagree that there was likely an intervention by God, but I also believe that elements within our armed forces are involved. The elements that take seriously their pledge to protect the US from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

        In this case I believe that the bulk to the enemy threat was domestic and PDJT was recruited by senior military to help them take back the country, without having to resort to a military coup.

        We shall see if I am correct.


  4. lavender blue says:

    A new story posted on breitbart now implicates John Kerry and daughter Vanessa… Project Hanson and Global Seed Health. I agree w Kerik on putting Tom Homan in as FBI Director asap.

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  5. Deborah Fehr says:

    When did Barr start investigating all this? Did he know about the laptop? I mean its not like the shop owner just dropped it off and didnt mention anything..they should have all fallen off their chairs when the guy walked in..So its not like they didnt know. I guess the numbers of suicides in the next days and weeks should confirm what we already know…I just dont get it…its out there, you cant stop it, so get on it!! If this was Trump family, they would have been in jail already one week into it. Key thrown away.

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    • Blaze says:

      The DOJ does not like cases that are easily solved and handed to them on a gold platter. The case with the laptop and computer tech is a perfect example.


    • 1togetready says:

      Sorry if already mentioned elsewhere….Did the PC repairman drop the laptop off to the FBI? Or did he call them to come get it? Wondering how it happened since the FBI says they used a subpoena.


      • Anjali Punjabi says:

        John Paul and his father both reached out to the FBI in Sepetmber in 2019. In November 2019, they met with him and he offered to hand the laptop and the contents to them but they didnt take it. Two weeks later in Demeber 2019 they formally issued the subpoena and got the laptop.


  6. Mike says:

    The FBI asked him to come in to prevent him from going under oath for the Homeland Security Committee, nothing more, nothing less. They won’t do anything just like Barr/Durham won’t do anything.

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  7. Kroesus says:

    It seems the FBI has become the IG of the federal investigative arm. “It is where investigations go to die.” We have seen this movie before. Yada Yada Yada. No information can be released because it is “under investigation.” After a prolonged investigation with no discernable action, “That is old news and has been debunked.” SSDD

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  8. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  9. Jimmy R says:

    The Tony Bobulinski Twitter account is fake.


  10. Zydeco says:

    This current situation is the most dangerous for a president since JFK. It might be better for things to be buried if it means the president will be safer. The hiding of evidence during an impeachment couldacreate some desperate and dangerous characters.

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  11. SpankynotAlfalfa says:

    If they want better facts (evidence) look in plain sight:
    Yes, it’s been (and being) revealed, but they are trying to obfuscate it.


  12. weirdcan88 says:

    I smell an FIB perjury trap being set up to remove the credibility of Mr. Bobuli — will they use the expert — Pientka again?

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  13. SpankynotAlfalfa says:

    And the actual investigation report:

    Click to access KVBJHB.pdf


  14. sync says:

    Exclusive: Sen. Johnson Suggests Bobulinski Emails Are Authentic, May Release to Public
    BY GQ PAN October 23, 2020

    A Senate committee investigating a string of emails about the Biden family’s foreign dealings has so far found nothing that could invalidate their authenticity, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told The Epoch Times.

    “We do have access to Tony Bobulinski’s information,” Johnson confirmed, saying he “provided a thumb drive to our committee yesterday, and we’re going through, and we’re validating it.”

    “What I can say about all of those sources, we’re continuing to do our due diligence to verify and authenticate the genuineness of those emails,” Johnson said. “And to date, we have found nothing that disputes them. All we’ve found is verification, validation of their authenticity.”

    Johnson added that the committee has also obtained information from the Gmail account of Bevan Cooney, a former business partner of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

    According to Johnson, the committee has re-scheduled its interview with Bobulinski to early next week, allowing him to speak to the the FBI first. He also noted that the committee is willing to make public what Bobulinski is going to reveal.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      IMO the FIB will arrest Tony before he gets to Johnson’s committee

      Follow the pattern……..

      Wiener Laptop contents – Gone

      302’s – missing & altered

      Gen Flynn – interviewed by the FIB and charged with lying, to tie him up?

      Mifsud’s phones – collected and never heard from again

      31 Government issued phones – accidentally wiped

      Roger Stone – raided and indicted on bogus charges

      DNC Server evidence – never confiscated but accepted the story of a 3rd party

      Seth Rich murdered – no FBI investigative files provided to FOIA requests

      Epstein jailed then moved to another cell – Suicide or murder? Unfortunately both cameras were not working.

      Now we have……..

      A new laptop – that has been in the possession of the FIB for 10 months, not a peep

      A witness who has been moved to solitary confinement and unable to speak to anyone

      A second witness is now being “interviewed” by the FIB and turned over his 3 phones of evidence

      It is truly amazing when you see all the events that have gone down.

      Oh how we need Tom Homan and Sidney Powell and fast!

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  15. Seems like Barr was offended by Mueller’s legal theories. Not so much by Politicians taking bribes on both sides of the isle. He didn’t seem to like that Trump went digging into Biden after he helped end the Mueller Witch Hunt, which explains why he sat on the laptop.


  16. furtive says:

    Traitor Joe is inadvertently doing the Swamp Cleanup with his Voracious Vacuum cleaner, so President Trump can sit back, grab a bag of Skinnypop, and watch the Draining of the District of Corruption by osmosis*.

    Past is Prologue:
    1. How RELENTLESS was McConnell, adamantly refusing the President’s impeachment lawyers NOT call Hunter & co. as hostile defense witnesses ?

    2. It is obvious that FOR DECADES tributaries of GRAFT run along the underground tram from office buildings to the Capitol.

    3. This exposé begins with Max Baucus and the Clintons, and like the Middle East countries, lining up to make peace ☮️ with Israel 🇮🇱, you will see a conga-line of “resignations“ & “retirements”.

    4. Not only did fried egg brain 🍳 , Hunter, UNILATERALLY wreck his family’s livelihood and reputation, but he indirectly will open the CAN OF WORMS 🐛 McConMan wanted to KEEP AIRTIGHT at the impeachment trial.

    5. Drug 💊 Addiction, like alcohol 🍷, destroys one’s executive functioning. Ergo, neglecting to pick up his laptop💻, was his boon and ultimately, his bane. Once he downloaded his data from icloud ☁️ on a new laptop 💻 , a mirror of the one in the shop. he forgot all about the old pc. 💻

    6. Wray will clean 🧹out his desk by Thanksgiving 🦃; CIA PATRIARCH BARR ⚖️ , by Christmas 🎄 . Gina Haspell ⌛️too.

    7. POTUS needs some civilian deplorables in the Cabinet. Hopefully he will succeed .

    8. What goes around always comes around 🗓📆 for those who posed the Seven 7️⃣ Deadly ☠️ Sins.🧨

    9. God Blessed America…🇺🇸
    * Osmosis is the movement of water through a semipermeable membrane from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration, tending to equalise the concentrations of the water. Osmosis is passive transport, meaning it does not require energy to be applied.

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  17. Baby Hurley says:

    Interesting interview with Patrick M. Byrne who apparently is ready to tell the rest of his story. I think it was a year ago when he began to spill the beans on his activities with the FBI then he went into hiding. Not sure if this is another attempt to deflect attention but it’s provides more clues into the potential source of the corruption (Hint: B.O. stinks).

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  18. jus wundrin says:

    When I hear the acronym FBI, all that I can think about is that pic SD posts of about 20 or so of their ‘fine’ agents kneeling to their BLM masters. They need to be disbanded.

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  19. Jimmy R says:

    Youbcan’t make this stuff up:

    BOBULINSKI: Joe was off the books, paid under the table, and was involved in the business management. They were paranoid about keeping it secret that he was in on the business and selling influence.

    WSJ AND FOXNEWS: But we checked the business records and there was no mention of Joe!

    Dumb and dumber.

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  20. Scarlet says:

    I remember right when Biden was running for the Democratic nomination, B . O. Made some statement in the press.
    It was something similar to “ I don’t think Joe is the right candidate “ or something along the lines of thinking that it was a terrible idea to run Joe.
    It all makes sense now. He’s just too dirty and has the potential to take down everyone.
    Obama was concerned about the exposure.
    Probably concerned about this very situation.

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  21. puca58 says:

    Bevan Cooney has been “disappeared” from the Oregon white collar prison & put in solitary confinement at an unknown location, effectively barring him from continued communication with Schweizer & Tyrmand. And they know Chris Heinz won’t speak up. Grrrr. Will be watching “The Plot Against The President” this weekend. Anxious to see if there’s anything in it I’m not already familiar with, thanks to CTH!

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      So who does the Warden at this facility report to? Answer the Bureau of Prisons.

      Who does the Bureau of Prison report to? Answer the DOJ

      IMO, There is zero chance that Barr does not know about Cooney being moved.

      And how does Wray know about the Biden laptop back in Dec 2019 but Barr doesn’t?

      On Bannon’s show they said this move of Cooney was retaliation to keep Cooney from speaking with anyone.

      Barr owes the American people a complete explanation of what he knew and when he knew it.

      My question to Sidney Powell is…….

      IF AG Barr was aware of the Biden laptop back in Dec and it’s contents and if he was aware of the Cooney move thus keeping him from speaking to attorney, family and press would any of this be considered obstruction of justice?

      And the 2nd question for Sidney is if she became AG post Nov 3 would she consider investigating AG Barr and Wray to ensure everything was done by the book and the letter of the law.

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  22. Bogeyfree says:

    The three greatest sweep jobs in the History of this country and they are back to back to back of each other.

    HRC Unsecured Server & Wiener Laptop

    Russian Collusion & NSA Contractor Illegal Spying

    PT Impeachment fraud, Ukraine Blackmail & Biden Laptop

    Can we please appoint Sidney Powell and Tom Homan as our new Attorney General and FBI Director so we can restore an honest, one system of justice and bring back some real integrity to these agencies.

    These past 3.5 years have been the most disgusting examples of justice this country has ever experienced.

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    • Bogeyfree:
      I opine along the lines of Tom Fitton who wants a special counsel.

      I’ve never, myself, been a fan special counsels, but when you factor in that they are subject to the authority of the AG, and, as Mueller showed how the game is really played, has the authority of any US Attorney, can set up in a wing of the DOJ, draw on the ALL resources of the DOJ and FBI, and essentially can delve into a matter in a devastatingly effective (destructive?) way.

      Here again, the key is who sits as AG, and who (the hell!) they pick as SC.
      I again refer to Mueller in his complete authority to hand-pick which DOJ/FBI personnel he wishes to draw on.


      • (special counsel, cont.)
        I forgot the best of all: just as Mueller did when bringing in Weissman (and others) from the private sector, a special counsel is not limited to DOJ personnel. He could hire Rudy G. and Sidney P., a pretty devastating duo that would be, as well as (just as Mueller proved) whoever the heck the Special Counsel wants or needs!


        • (one last addendum)
          Just as IG Horowitz has demonstrated his reports, and as Mueller himself proved in this staffing, it doesn’t matter how partisan a lawyer, or investigator is, as long ‘you don’t let those biases affect the objectivity of your work. Who knew?
          I say to the President, think about this, figure out who the key players will be, and how this will play out and THEN DO IT!


          • (oh Lord, I can’t help myself!)
            Once the special counsel is installed, and has his cast of lawyers and investigators (Giuliani, Powell etc), you spend 2-3 years investigating the Hillary email scandal; Crossfire Hurricane; the Biden Crime Family corruption while extending the scope wherever necessary. At the end of the process, the country will, at long last, have closure on these maddingly corrupt episodes, just as it did after the fraud of the Russia Collusion Hoax Investigation (sigh!).
            Such a massive undertaking as this could never be carried out in the usual DOJ manner. Mueller showed us how it is done. I say we follow his example!


  23. JAS says:

    Not taking the FBI side for a second. That said, these perpetrators are very, very smart about what they do and how they do it. Heck the not only wrote the laws, they are fully in the know about the government’s capabilities to track money.

    Without a money trail there is no crime. Tracing said money can be almost impossible these days. For all we know it call all be in cryptocurrency. And if the source is, as in this case China, the source itself is untraceable as well.

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  24. marmocet says:

    Among the many things that really pisses me off about this story is that almost all the mainstream media outlets seem to be saying that this story about Biden is just some right-wing conspiracy theory that doesn’t have any supporting evidence. Apparently they want people to believe that Joe Biden is as pure as the driven snow. It’s as if they don’t remember that they’ve reported on Biden’s corruption themselves many times in the past. To give just a few examples:

    New York Times, Aug 24, 2008: Obama Aides Defend Bank’s Pay to Biden Son
    Time Magazine July 7, 2014: Ukrainian Employer of Joe Biden’s Son Hires DC lobbyist
    New York Times, Dec 9, 2015: Joe Biden, His Son and the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch
    ABC News, Jun 20, 2019: Biden sidesteps questions about his son’s foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge
    Politico, Aug 15, 2019: Donor with deep Ukraine ties lent $500,000 to Biden’s brother

    And these are just the ones I found after doing a brief internet search. There are plenty more.

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    • Feisty Hayseed says:

      If I have learned anything over the last ten years it is this – When the Mainstream Media calls something out as a Conspiracy Theory, especially a Far-Right / Rightwing / Alt Right Fringe Conspiracy Theory, THEN you know it is The Truth, or at the very least, is light years closer to the Truth than anything the Mainstream Media puts out. Bank on it.

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  25. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    I would never willingly enter s FBI office

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  26. snowshooze says:

    The problem is that nobody but us chickens have ever heard a bit of it.


  27. beach lover says:

    I want to know why, if the FBI had this laptop with these emails of all involved with these deals, WHY have they not contacted this Bobulinski guy before NOW?

    They want to bury it, just like Hilarys emails, and Anthony Weiners laptop. Disgraceful.

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  28. William Schneider says:

    I am with Sundance in near despair over the corruption and amoral behavior of our DOJ, FBI and CIA under Barr, Wray and Haskel. It is a disgrace in our once great country!! I can only pray for our country and hope Trump wins this election and can continue to clean up this swamp. God help our beleaguered country.

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  29. Rocket says:

    Did USA air base in Turkey and Hunter Biden’s World Food Organisation smuggle arms to ISIS during Obama’s presidency?

    Tuesday, October 8, 2019
    Hunter Biden World Food Organization…
    Hunter Biden became Chairman of the Board at WORLD FOOD ORGANIZATION in 2012 after serving on the organization’s Board since 2009. On Oct. 29th 2014 American journalist Serena Shim was on the ground in turkey near the Syrian border. She was reporting & videoing “Takfiri militants going in through the Turkish border”. These include not only ISIS but also terrorists from the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA). She also caught them bringing in ISIS high-ranked members into Syria from Turkey into camps, which are supposed to be Syrian refugee camps.

    Serena was exposing “Turkey’s Pivotal Role in Syria’s Insurgency: PressTV Report from Inside Turkey,” showed footage of what she estimated to be 300 semi-trucks “awaiting militants to empty them out”; included testimony explaining how Turkey enables the crossing of foreign terrorists “freely” into Syria; spoke of the funneling of arms via the Incirlik US Air Base in Turkey to terrorists in refugee camps or on through to Syria; and highlighted the issue of terrorist training camps portrayed as refugee camps, guarded by the Turkish military.

    Shim named the WORLD FOOD ORGANIZATION (The very organization that Hunter Biden is chairman of the board of) as one of the NGOs whose trucks were being used to funnel terrorists’ arms into Syria, and stated this in her last interview, just one day before being killed. Notably, in that interview she also explicitly stated that she feared for her life because Turkish intelligence had accused her of being a spy.”

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    • Feisty Hayseed says:

      Ay yes, those wonderful Syrian “Freedom Fighters” AKA “Moderate” Islamists AKA: “Rebels” who the Obama-Biden Administration Armed, Trained, Supplied, and Supported – ALL turned out to be evilly cruel, vicious and bloodthirsty ISIS Islamists.

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    • Feisty Hayseed says:

      It’s funny (well not really, but …) around the time that Barry, Creepy Joe, Samantha Power and Susan Rice were propagandizing Regime Change in Libya BECAUSE of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) I watched a Press TV (Iranian News) News Report about what was going on on the ground in Libya and it was all a bunch of crazed Islamists of different flavors running around in Technicals (little Toyota pickup trucks with 50 Cal machine guns mounted in the bed) and I thought Wait a minute! The people that we have a R2P are militarized, radical Islamists? Really? And thought, this isn’t going to end well.

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  30. Republicanvet91 says:

    “the appearance by the FBI in this situation is not met with any confidence that an actual and valid investigation would take place.”

    Any. Including from Johnson as his statement makes clear.

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  31. Feisty Hayseed says:

    Creepy, Corrupt Joe Pimped Out his son, Hunter to enrich the Biden Organized Crime Family with Foreign Money.

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  32. Ocelot says:

    Will this sudden FBI intervention put a Biden made lid on Mr. Bobulinski’s future public statements and delay his Committee appearance until after the election? Or will Director Wray make a public statement a day or 2 before “election day” to announce that there is nothing to see here on any of Bobulinski’s phones or on Hunter’s computer etc. Deja Vu Comey 2020 version.

    Like others here, I’m worried about the meeting with the FBI. If it was me, I would not trust them at all and after the FBI interview/frame up attempt is over, he should expect some kind of FBI retaliation to take the heat off Joe. With Wray still in charge, anything is possible.

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  33. logboom says:

    Name one time when the FBI was worth a spit in hell?


  34. logboom says:

    …..and I sure hope that Mr. Bobulinski had a great attorney with him during that “interview”.

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  35. Misha Berra says:

    Does anyone wonder – or is it just me – where is Durham in all of this?
    I’m not a visionary but – in the event of Biden stealing this election –
    all of us deplorables and smelly Walmart shoppers must start preparing
    for a civil war. There is no way I want to be shipped off to Communist
    China – or being told what to do by Pelosi, Nadler, Camela along with
    Obama and the 2 Clintons. Notice I’m not mentioning Biden – he himself
    doesn’t know what to do or say. Maybe we should all meet at the
    Villages in Florida to coordinate a plan. We’ll all arm ourselves with
    golf clubs – remember they are deadly weapons – ask Skakel. Forget
    about defending our homes – ask the McKloskeys. We need a plan!


  36. Eagle says:

    Faith in Justice is what keeps the peace. President Obama, the first un-natural president, has corrupted the federal government to it’s core, and destroyed all faith, intentionally. That Biden even has a chance to win is disgusting. The violence that he and Kamala have promoted, for power, is a crime against all citizens of this country. That we have not seen a violent counter reaction is because Trump is still in office. Once he’s gone, god help us. An unending slow grind into civil war against a Marxist elite. We now know justice is gone.


  37. magagal says:

    The MAC Shop owner tried to give the FBI the hard drive several times in several states. They refused to take it. There were actually 3 computers given to him by Hunter that day, but only the one was salvageable. The owner faces threats and financial ruin for trying to save the republic from the evil that is the Bidens. Please check out the Go Fund Me Link below to help JP.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. M James says:

    Mr. Bobulinski ,
    DO NOT speak with the FBI unless you have at least 2 or 3 Attys present and a certified video of the entire discussion. I probably would not speak with them even then. Guaranteed it will be a perjury trap.


  39. BigTex52 says:

    Something about this sparks a though that this could be a setup to trap the FBI doing their usual nothing in crimes against Republicans and the American people in general, but I still hope they made copies of everything they gave to the FBI as otherwise it may be lost forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Marguerite Vassar says:

    Our government is so corrupt that it would not surprise me at all if our enemies take advantage of such corruption that they attack our country. It’s time the People take action since it’s so obvious how corrupt our judicial system, media and government elected officials have proven to be.


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