White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner Discusses Historic Arab-Israeli Peace Agreement….

White House Senior Advisor to President Trump, Jared Kushner, is the lead liaison between the White House, Israel and mid-east interests.  In an earlier interview today Kushner discusses the historic importance of the new Arab-Israeli peace agreements and what they mean for U.S. national security interests.


Start with the economics, not the conflict… then promote the goal of prosperity.

♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought North and South Korea together away from the table of conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought Serbia and Kosovo together away from the table of conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy rallied the Gulf Cooperation Council to stop Qatar’s support for Islamic extremists via the Muslim Brotherhood. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Turkey and the Kurdish forces together away from war and conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy created a ceasefire to stop the bloodshed in Syria.  President Trump mediated a cessation of hostilities between India & Pakistan in the Kashmir region. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Israel and the UAE together… and there will be more.

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71 Responses to White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner Discusses Historic Arab-Israeli Peace Agreement….

  1. tominellay says:

    Fine job by Kushner.

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      But it is Donald Trump.
      If Kushner had not been willing, President Trump would have found another negotiator.


      • Hans says:

        I guess you don’t like Mr. Kushner…

        The negotiations in Afghanistan broke down because the negotiators did not want the US to pull out…sabotaged it.. the negotiator was replaced.. And Afghanistan peace negotiation is moving forward again.

        So it’s not just a negotiator it has to be the right negotiator.. it’s pretty obvious Mr Kushner is trusted by all parties.. he might not be liked by all parties but then it is peace and that is good.

        I remember how the MSM vilified Mr Kushner not too long ago.. I wonder if MSM are going to retract their criticism.

        A manager success is being able to pick the right person to perform the task.. President Trumps difficulty is picking the right person out of a crowd of never Trumper RINOs


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        • Crooked Kushner is not to be trusted. His allegiance is to Israel who take, take, take, and never give. We are their friends, but they are not REALLY ours. Young Israelites are leaving the country due to government corruption. Kushner is a liberal DEMONrat incognito, and should have been shown out of the White House long ago. In fact, I don’t like the idea that he and Ivanka were there in the first place. By the way, I am a President Trump supporter and am voting for him again. But he is making a big mistake trusting this crook.

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          • Steve Herman says:

            I’m not a huge fan of the Israeli gov’t but . . .
            In the early 80s, the Israelis took out Iraq’s nuke “power” facility.
            They have turned in an art form the ability to terminate Hi Lvl assets.
            And these are just 2 items I can think of.

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          • DV Meca says:

            You left out all the reasons.

            The reasons I like & support Kushner are that he’s played a key role in not only these historic peace deals, but also as the point man on the First Step Act & on the 2016 campaign’s digital strategy (along with Parscale), that was an important aspect of the election victory; also, he seems highly intelligent and pragmatic in interviews and public appearances, yet he mostly stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t try to make his contributions about tooting his own horn. This attitude is probably a big part of the reason he’s able to work with a wide variety of people to make positive things happen. When the main people involved in the prison reform bill discuss how it came about, you always hear that it was Kushner who initially met with them, convinced them they weren’t going to be tricked or used somehow and brought together various groups who normally would be suspicious of one another.

            Many important issues are NOT about coming up with some unique genius solution as much as they’re about simply building the trust to get the right people to come together and make a good faith effort to find common ground. Kushner seems to get that. He shows up, leaves his ego at home, works towards the common goal and doesn’t get caught up in haggling over who gets credit or worrying about how he’s perceived. Peace is the prize, as Sundance often emphasizes, and Kushner seems to have internalized.

            You might recall that POTUS gave VP Pence the option to pick whomever he wanted for his Covid Response Team and Pence requested Kushner as his lead guy. Kushner was dealing with requests for protective & medical equipment from the states and I remember him imploring Governors not to “estimate up” broadly and pointing out that we could get supplies where they were needed fast, but that we needed real data and reasonable estimates not just people throwing out huge numbers “to be on the safe side.” He came across as quite competent and well-informed at the one presser where he spoke at length… in fact, he made such a positive impression that there was briefly lots of media chatter (and discussion here, as well) about how he seemed much more on top of things than Pence did and the contrast was striking/not a good look for Pence.

            You think it’s suspicious that Kushner used to be a Democrat. To me, the fact that he sided with his father-in-law & MAGA in the most public manner possible, choosing that allegiance over all of his old friends and connections (even at the expense of a falling out with his brother, if I recall correctly) is an especially strong show of loyalty. In an interview shortly after the election, he mentioned that he and Ivanka lost about 3/4 of their friends and almost all of their NY/NJ business connections by getting actively involved in the campaign, but that they had known what it meant and made the decision to be so involved with eyes wide open. The interviewer said something to him about how that must have been difficult and his reply was that it was worth it and he was grateful for it, because it clarified who their real friends were and burned away all the fake ones and he didn’t want it any other way.

            Does Kushner still maintain views that are more liberal than POTUS or most of his supporters? Probably, as I doubt he changed his entire political philosophy, although I would also think he would have to be strongly influenced just by being around all the success of the past few years. Ultimately, he believes strongly in POTUS’s leadership and in the big-picture elements of MAGA. And he’s not, nor is he ever going to be responsible for deciding Admin positions on specific hot-button social issues. You know those gossip items about how various cabinet members and confidants of POTUS talk sh*t behind his back and snicker about him with the press and so on… I’m not saying all of those are true, of course, but at least some have proven to be (about Tillerson, Kelly, Mattis and others) and it’s been obvious there’s some tension/disagreement between cabinet members/advisors and POTUS from time to time… but you NEVER hear about Kushner gossiping or talking down POTUS. As far as I can tell, he’s about as loyal to POTUS and committed to helping make MAGA a reality as anybody in the West Wing. His whole m.o. is working towards a consensus on important, widely beneficial areas of progress that aren’t even really partisan… everyone (or nearly everyone) wants peace in the ME & regardless of your exact views on the topic of prison reform, it seems clear the US prison system needed (and still needs) reforming.

            Kushner being extremely productive in a way that transcends partisan debates is a feature not a bug. As far as I can tell, he’s the obvious MVP of the first term (not counting Trump himself, of course).

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            • wolvybat says:

              DV Meca, Thank you for your words, I very much liked what you said & I agree ! Maybe Kushner was taught by his father in law how to use **that magic wand ** while working The Art of the Deal .

              I wasn’t sure about him at first & his sort of robotic, Dorian Gray look & demeanor turns a lot of us off. But I can’t deny anymore that he seems to love his father in law and works very hard for what P. Trump wants and that he is an unequaled winner at successfully making these almost impossible peace deals happen. God Bless P. Trump , all his family and staff that work so hard for us and the world.

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            • yucki says:

              Awesome, DV!

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            • Steve Herman says:

              excellent comment DC Meca

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    • albertus magnus says:

      Absolutely! Jared, Ivanka and Corey were about the only ones PDJT could trust during the campaign. Jared NEVER deserved the attacks he received from jealous people who wanted to get close to the President to help build THEIR brands rather than elect the President.

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      • thesavvyinvester says:

        Bingo A.B., he is “The Apprentice” & “46”…. BTW steffie, has his I am going for a root canal attitude on. Again I have bee saying since March of 17′ they are going for a peace deal, & they are gonna blow a head gasket that “this guy” got it. Rosh Hashanah for many will be a glorious celebration this year!

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    • leavemygunsalone says:

      Jared is growing on me, and kudos to him for doing an excellent job. I appreciate his work, today was a huge deal. Pretty amazing stuff.

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  2. A Fortified City says:

    I think Trump will indeed be re-elected for 4 more years. It is looking to me like Trump may usher in a time of world peace never seen before. If true this is beyond historic it is providence, a divine intervention.
    In my humble opinion these sequence of events speak to me of the last days.
    But then again we also know God doesn’t think like men think.

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    • Daniel says:

      I don’t mean to diminish Trump in any way. But I would like to highlight that “ANYONE” could have done what Trump has done. It’s that they chose not to. But it’s also that Trump chose to FIGHT to make things like this happen.

      People like to attribute “genius and vision” to Trump’s accomplishments but I would say none of his ideas are particularly novel. Where Trump stands out is fierce implementation. This guy is the most “heavy weight” president the US has ever had and, sadly, probably the most heavy weight president that we will ever have — I don’t hold out much hope that we will have another Trump after his second term.

      It is my hope that Trump establishes such strong precedent in the thoughts and memories of the nation that Trump’s wake will be able to maintain the US for decades to come.

      Consider simple things like “campaign promises.” Our society has long ago given up on the idea that a politician will actually keep campaign promises. We forgive and excuse far too easily and we are often thrilled with the mere appearance of an “attempt.” That’s not Trump and that’s a NEW standard which needs to be expected by all voters out there.

      God doesn’t think like we think simply because the circumstances are different. We’ve got a lot to lose and so we dang-well need to think differently. But in a more eternal sense, perhaps one of the purposes of our own mortality is to create incentive to care about outcomes. (Not saying God doesn’t care about outcomes, but rather, it’s incentive for less mature souls to care rather than not.)

      Over all, Trump’s value is not simply that he does a thing. It’s that he does things which also shape the expectations of what we actually need from a world leader. It is those new expectations which need to be preserved and perpetuated. Swamp creatures are best known for by their deeds. The contrast between the swamp and people who love this country (and indeed this world) is sharp and clear for me to see. I hope it is just as clear for the rest of the world to see.

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      • margarite1 says:

        Do you think Obama could have thought outside the box? I don’t – he was too torn up by hate for Israel.

        I don’t think Hillary would have done this – even if it occurred to her – if there wasn’t some bribes to the Clinton slush fund in it for her.

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      • elgato2020 says:

        Shaking my head in disbelief. Thinking “ANYONE” could have done this…nevermind, I’m on a fishing vacation and I’m just gonna go fish.

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        • David M Kitting says:

          Maybe this will make believers out of more people. Fear not. You haven’t seen anything yet.
          Be not (D)eceived. Identify these events as Divine Intervention and leave it at that.
          A bad day fishing is better than a good day working, unless you fish for a living. Enjoy your vacation.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        Common sense isn’t common. Others tried to ink or coddle the Palestinians – while POTUS is reaching peace deals with neighboring countries.

        October Surprise – Saudia Arabia?

        Don’t also forget the simple but key move of reaching out to Chairman Kim. Establishing a relationship.

        How many packs of cigarettes has President Obama polished off for not taking this simple approach? Obama instead listened to “experts”, policy wonks, Valerie Jarrett and his wife.

        How did he get the fabled and long-delayed ice skating rink built in Manhattan? Hire nighttime guards? Have a sit down with the local unions & mafiosos? He got it done. Copper pipes weren’t stolen, unions didn’t obstruct.

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        • linderella says:

          Also, President Trump is not making money off the Military Industrial Complex. It kind of frees you up to think creatively when you are not bought and paid for by anyone with deep pockets…

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          • Daniel says:

            Both of you mirror my impression in that it is more about MOTIVATION and less about ability. Every president has had the same ability and tools at his disposal. Even if they had great intentions, they folded under pressure “at best.”

            He is definitely a man who gets things done. It’s will and it’s motivations first and foremost. But it’s also “knowing how things work” for sure. His super-hero status is achieved in his ability to overcome those with opposing interests.


            • Pokipua says:

              I agree. Look at what they thought of General Grant.. that he was lucky. He had the same resources available to him as McClellan did so why wasn’t McClellan winning the war? McClellan did not win because that was not HIS goal. Grant was a man who got things done and was willing to use every resource to achieve the goal. Grant’s goal was the same as Lincoln’s goal which was to win the war and end slavery. McClellan did not like Lincoln and did not see losing Union lives to abolish slavery. All these years the American people have been had by these Washington bureaucrat’s who only want to prolong conflict because they probably get paid something for that. To think that they are willing to lose the lives of our soldiers so their pockets can get padded is a disgrace. I hope the Presidents recognizes that he can start cleaning out the State Department of all these career losers and communists who have advocated for prolonged conflict in the middle east. The middle east, land of Death and Blood.

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            • GB Bari says:

              Daniel I adamantly disagree.

              President Trump wrote a book many decades ago called “The Art of the Deal.”
              President Roosevelt gave away half of Europe to the communists.
              President Truman gave away half of our future liberty to the CIA.
              President Eisenhower basically maintained status quo for eight years.
              President Kennedy stared down the Russians in Cuba, but didn’t know how to negotiate with the Deep State and was murdered for threatening them.
              President Johnson gave away Americans independence and fiscal stability with welfare and Medicare, then couldn’t negotiate with China or North Vietnam so he got 50,000 Americans killed.
              President Nixon couldn’t negotiate with his own party and was run out of office for not understanding how he had been framed.
              President Ford couldn’t negotiate steps much less anything significant.
              President Carter couldn’t negotiate with the Arabs / OPEC so we got double digit inflation.
              President Reagan tried negotiating with Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neal to get money to rebuild a badly depleted military and wound up getting rolled both in ‘82 with the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act – which increased taxes – And a second time by House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski in the 1986 Tax Reform legislation.
              President GHW Bush prepared to give away America’s sovereignty to a NWO by first preparing to negotiate away our manufacturing industry via NAFTA. He did convince the communists to eliminate the Berlin Wall, which preceded nthe collapse of the Soviet Union.
              President Clinton finished “negotiating” NAFTA, this securing our loss of millions of jobs to Mexico, China, and elsewhere. He also negotiated China into permanent trade dominance via the U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000.
              President GWBush negotiated the U.S. into a long and costly Middle East war, and negotiated North Korea into expanding their nuclear weapons testing.
              President Ozero’s negotiations that proved extremely costly and existentially dangerous to the U.S. are legend but too numerous to list.

              By contrast, President Trump has negotiated the lowest taxes in decades, the best trade agreements in decades especially with China, a pull back of North Korea’s aggressive behavior, the beginnings of real Middle East peace agreements, and has pulled the U.S. away from several destructive international treaties and agreements in the process. IMHO he has negotiating skills that his predecessors lacked, regardless of their motivations.

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              • yucki says:

                Good summary, BUT~
                ~ President Ford got “tripped” by the media!
                He was probably the most athletic and graceful Potus in our history.


                • Nanette Dragoon says:

                  @yucki, ford gave away the Panama Canal I do believe. He was an extension and a puppet of the trilateral commission as well. You should look that up and read about the trilateral commission. whoa….


                • yucki says:

                  I just meant the media’s tagging him as physically clumsy. Clumsy like Gene Kelly: counter-factual in spades.

                  As far as his time in office – good thing he didn’t hold the job longer!


              • MelH says:

                BRAVO!.G B Bari. The idea that ANY President could have done what Trump did was eating at me. You fixed it. Thank you!

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        • In awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for having done precisely nothing to earn it, and in Obama accepting it, all parties proved none were the least bit interested in actually ACCOMPLISHING anything worthy of the award. Rather, Obama’s objective was to create World Chaos, the better to bring about the Communist Utopia for People of Color by confiscating and spreading around the wealth of the world’s “White People,” exempting that of the most filthy rich Depravity Party donors and politicians.


      • Heroic Dreamer says:

        You say: “I would like to highlight that “ANYONE” could have done what Trump has done”
        …but they didn’t!

        The best creations are always simple and obvious, once created. Trump’s genius is shifting the paradigms so the seemingly impossible suddenly is possible.

        Anything is possible and the best is yet to come.

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      • allin4freedom says:

        Could anyone have done what Trump has done UNDER THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES? Pleas give a list – we need more people like Trump in government.


      • TonyEuropa says:

        “…politician will actually keep campaign promises…”

        Trump is not a politician, he’s a business man.

        In the business you are as good as your word and your willingness to work with the other side to create a WIN-WIN situation. That makes money for all and forges long term relationships.

        Successful long term business relationships are the most profitable. The “overhead” of making a deal is minimal. Ergo… more profit!

        That, you see is Trump. He sees everything through that. To him, profit for a nation means prosperity, peace, happiness, independence. Then he applies that to other nations. Let them do it, the US will simply “help” them to switch their thinking from a political POV to an economic POV. The rest, is history.

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  3. Really had major reservations about this Kushner kid.
    Thought the president was dispatching him over there just to get him out of his hair.

    Guess I was wrong.

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    • listingstarboard says:

      He can really articulate with blinding speed. I just have a hard time reconciling pictures of he and Ivanka cavorting on David Geffin’s yacht–but dang he is one smart cookie.https://people.com/celebrity/ivanka-trump-and-jared-kushner-vacation-on-democrat-david-geffens-yacht/

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      • albertus magnus says:

        PDJT also cavorted with scum.

        It is great to see Jared serving PDJT and the MAGA movement so well and that patriots are getting past the BS that Bannon and his ilk and many who are snti-semites unfair and relentless attacks on him.


      • drg13miami says:

        I thought Jared was for trust, not help. But that boy is really smart, and so quick on his feet. Terrific that The Donald seemed to know this; Our President knew he’d be criticized for appointing his SIL.

        To say that anyone could have done this? Silly, poor thinking….

        Trump is tactically brilliant. Give credit where credit is due.

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        Dubrovnik is a breathtaking place to be. I hope Jared and Ivanka enjoyed it. He really is a smart young man, serving the president like a true servant does. God Bless, what a beautiful thing to see, peace.

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      • Steve Herman says:

        I read shortly after the 2016 campaign that Jared had several positions of responsibility & one of them was internet fund-raising. He had no previous experience or education in multi-level fund-raising, but a college roommate did it for a living. So for several weeks, he’s calling his roomie who is providing articles, short course books and advise. The writer said Jared basically got a Master’s degree in marketing over those weeks. And the premise of the article was that Jared was a highly intelligent, organized young man.


  4. Daniel says:

    I’m never been a fan of Kushner but you know? He’s kind of growing on me. And consider this: He allowed his daughter to marry him. Maybe that’s oversimplifying — I have no idea how much genuine influence over his daughter the president actually has though I think it’s objectively clear his influence has apparent results in terms of the over-all quality of his children in terms of intellect and public behavior. That says a LOT about Mr. Kushner in my view.

    If Trump were to get the Nobel Peace Prize over this, I think it would be awesome if he then gave it to Jared and refusing to take full credit for it. Who else would do such a thing but Trump?

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  5. Peter Rabbit says:

    Could Trump find another negotiator to do what Kushner did? Doubtful in my view. Who in the swamp can we trust with exception of the economic team? Kushner is great and so is Trump’s entire family. Like Trump, Kushner is an outsider and non-politician.

    This is extraordinary. Congrats to both men for this achievement. And the hits just keep on coming!

    Happy to learn the UAE Ambassador stated that the Palestinians should get on the Trump train, in so many words!

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  6. Eric C. says:

    Uniparty, the party of war and prosperity for party members (heck, you can even go to a baseball game if you’re party member).

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  7. Leon Brozyna says:

    Politicians solutions to conflicts are to get a loser to accept the victory of the winner.

    PDJT dumps this model of short term success/long term failure. His focus is on what works for everyone … win/win. Now let’s sit back and await the chain reaction in the Middle East as other parties climb aboard the Trump Train.

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  8. TradeBait says:

    For those who prefer to rain on parades, go pound sand. Historic day for the world. When SA comes to the table and does the same thing – you will probably say the same garbage. Islamic State Of Iran supporters will take it in the shorts again. Wonder if they want to take on the GCCC – not.

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  9. Linda K. says:

    The last few Presidents have led us down the path of globalism. We did not see it coming till out jobs were gone and Obama was trying to stir up race hatred instead of domestic policy. He still is trying to stir up race hatred.Trump cut through it all to bring jobs home. President Trump is a man of great perception. More than I realized.
    I have been hearing how impossible it is to have peace in the middle east my whole life, and here it is occurring because President Trump works outside the norms. Georgie knows this as well and is choking on the importance of this story. Can the drive by media and the deep state say “Nobel Peace Prize?”

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  10. elizabethross1776 says:

    My favorite part was the look of distain Snuffleuppagus was trying to hide throughout the whole interview, because one can can’t possibly be happy about World Peace if Trump had anything to do with it. I bet his lips still smell like Hillary’s butt.

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  11. MVW says:

    It is laughable to hear the geniuses come out of the wood work and claim anyone could have done this for ‘reasons XYZ.’ It is nothing but pure garbage.

    It is laughable because it could not have been done until Trump did it. Trump took what existed, forged a path with a strategy ferreted out of the muck of 1400 years of Muslim Demonry, and against valid distrust on the part of Israel of everyone and anything as their existence was at stake.

    No. This is pure magic and illusion. Magic because rabbits don’t fit in small hats and illusion because it goes against 1400 years of bloodshed from the hands of Muslims, entombed in the commands of their religious founder, demonstrated in his wars of murder, plunder, rape, and enslavement, and written down in ‘Holy’ words many times.

    Only Trump, truly, only Trump, could pull this off. The problem is what happens after his next 4 years are up? Will the world wake up to the mirage, Muslims rediscover the ‘Holy’ words, their history, and commands? Especially if the ‘Gulf States’ with new weapons feel they have the upper hand and do what was done in the past when that happened, what their founder actually did and taught.

    These words and deeds will have to be scraped off the pages of their ‘Holy’ texts and their memory expunged. Who can do that? It would take a ‘Holy’ hand. Who has that hand?

    Enjoy the illusion of a beautiful snake safely pressed against the bosom of a stupid, trusting woman.


    • TonyEuropa says:

      You know. when I was growing up, on Sundays after supper ( 3PM in the Continent ) my grandmother would take out all of the cash from the stores, get a cognac, light up a cigarette ( WInston ) and start counting up the money. Putting it into piles and then write a deposit slip and put the whole thing into a money bag so my mom could go down to the bank on Monday.

      All along she’s day “Ay! What a crisis, what a crisis… one thousand, terrible, ten thousand… ” and on and on. To me, heck, we HAD money. Quite a bit it turns out.

      What does this have to do with Trump and his legacy?

      Look, my family fought in the Spanish Civil War against Franco. Two uncles died, several -and grandfather- spent time in POW camps after the war.

      Yet my grandmother would tell me: “Tony, Franco is not good for politics, but he is good for business”.

      When business is good, people get to know each other, get to trust each other. You don’t listen to the snake politicians that want to destroy what you and the other guy have built and have going. After all, you got your grandkids to take care of .

      I think THAT will be Trump’s legacy. Long term trusting relationships that transcend the politicians and fundamentalists.


    • yucki says:

      These Arab monarchies have to retain power till their peoples emerge from bloody history. The UAE is tiny, a federation of tribes that manage well collectively. Saudi is much bigger, much more diverse and precarious. MbS has learned a lot from MbZ (UAE), but he’s got a lot more to learn.

      Egypt is the most populous, most influential Arab nation to the “Man on the Arab Street”. Western media are gaga over these Gulf sheikhdoms, don’t pay sufficient attention to the nation that embodies the history, the culture.

      The greatest institution of Sunni Islam is Egypt’s al-Azhar, founded in 970/972 A.D. They just came out with a positive ruling, that seems to draw a distinction between Islam and political Islam. Also, Pres. al-Sisi praised the Accord.

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      • yucki says:

        Islamic scholar rejects Palestinian Mufti’s fatwa banning Emiratis from praying in Al Quds

        CAIRO, 18th August, 2020 (WAM) — A grand scholar at Al Azhar Al Sharif, Egypt’s renowned Islamic institution, has rejected a fatwa by Al Quds Mufti where he forbids the Emirati people from praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque following the UAE-Israeli peace accord.

        “As a specialist in Islamic Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) I can’t find any religious justification for declaring as haram (forbidden) the worship of any Muslim people in any mosque all over the world based on a political stance taken by these people’s leadership. I reject any religious fatwa that is not based on Shari’a – compliant rules,” Dr Abbas Shuman, a member of Al Azhar’s Committee of Senior Scholars.

        “I’m not here defending the UAE’s decision, nor interfering in its political stand which is solely determined by its leaders. I’m only dismissing that fatwa as biased as it has no legal sanction and cannot be enforced.…



  12. yucki says:

    Noah Pollak @NoahPollak
    What accounts for today’s historic peace deal? A lot of hard work, for sure. The enormous growth in Israeli economic, military, & demographic power over the last 20 years, definitely. But the key new ingredient is the Trump admin being guided by the right ideas. Short thread. 1/

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  13. yucki says:

    An important point: Nothing matters to “the Arab Street” – whatever that is – unless it’s spoken in ARABIC.

    “Significant that UAE FM speaking in Arabic. In past the criticism was that Arab leaders spoke peace in English, and something else in Arabic. He’s speaking peace very publicly for entire Arab world to hear. Also explains why at outset he thanked Netanyahu for stopping annexation.”


  14. JG3 says:

    Thank you, Jared, for working so hard for POTUS and America (us). And, for achieving success on this Abraham Accords. You and Ivanka are wonderful! Praying for you and your family!

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  15. Epstein's Ghost says:

    Excellent summation of PT’s foreign policy accomplishments in the last paragraph, Sundance!


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