Prescient Trump…

The level of media opposition and snark against President Trump is simply so ridiculous at this point there’s a desperation to it.  So let us consider…

From the outset of Donald Trump’s entry into the world of politics he espoused a series of key tenets around what he called his “America-First” objectives:

  1. The U.S. needed to have control over our borders, and a greater ability to control who was migrating to the United States.  A shift toward stopping ‘illegal’ migration.
  2. The U.S. needed to stop the manufacture of goods overseas and return critical manufacturing back to the United States.  A return to economic independence.
  3. The U.S. needed to decouple from an over-reliance on Chinese industrial and consumer products.  China viewed as a geopolitical and economic risk.

Donald Trump was alone on these issues.  No-one else was raising them; no-one else was so urgently pushing that discussion. In 2015, 2016 and even 2017, no-one other than Trump was talking about how close we were to the dependence point of no return.

Given the status of very consequential issues stemming from the Chinese Coronavirus threat; and the myriad of serious issues with critical supply chain dependencies; wasn’t President Trump correct in his warnings and proposals?

In early 2017 President Trump and his administration coined the phrase: “economic security is national security”, and the economic team set about starting a very complex process to ensure the past three decades of trade policy was reversed.

One month after taking office, February 2017, President Trump met with labor unions and assembled a corporate manufacturing council, telling all of them they needed to change their thinking about manufacturing overseas.

The members of the council didn’t like the conversation; many of them were Wall Street multinationals who were themselves part of the historic shift in moving jobs to Asia and beyond.  Several months later the council disbanded amid the policy contention; but Trump persisted with the America First agenda.

President Trump, never wavered; he warned the corporate CEO’s they needed to adjust their thinking and bring back their manufacturing jobs.  Trump warned them to reorient their supply chains because they had become too dependent on China; and that dependency was manifesting as geopolitical risk if the U.S. and China were in conflict.

Time after time, conversation after conversation, in the background of events where few media were paying attention, President Trump spoke privately and publicly about the issue of over-reliance on Chinese products and critical goods from southeast Asia.

Then, after months of warnings, came the tariff hammer.

Those same manufacturing council executives and their Wall Street pundits screamed into every microphone they could find that President Trump was going to collapse the economy; that consumer prices would skyrocket; that Steel and Aluminum tariffs would mean everything from beer to soup would no longer be affordable.

Team Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and USTR Robert Lighthizer didn’t waiver.  President Trump accepted the criticism of “Tariff-Man”; he owned the downside and then expanded the tariffs even higher upon more goods.  The CEO’s shrieked louder, but eventually, reluctantly, some started moving supply chains out of China.

While Team Trump renegotiated trade with South Korea and Japan; and while Trump renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico and Canada; the president kept the pressure on those U.S. corporations and multinationals to return critical manufacturing to the United States.

Now, with the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, people are starting to awaken to the real dangers of our medicines, pharmaceuticals and critical health care products being made overseas.  Right now we see the clear reasons why President Trump was so adamant about a conversation no-one wanted, Wall Street hated, and few were paying attention to.

Heck, it is only now that most Americans realize just how many critical products are at risk…. and instead of thanking President Trump for the foresight, the incredible prescience he exhibited, the professional political class are criticizing him for over minor details in addressing an issue they allowed to happen.  In many cases those who are now criticizing are the same people who participated in assisting the dependency, for decades.

The criticism is not only unreal to witness, it’s maddening in the scale of its hypocrisy.

On January 30th while Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer were literally trying to impeach President Trump; on that very day President Trump was assembling a task force in advance of his authorization for HHS Secretary Alex Azar to declare a proactive national health emergency.

On the exact same day the Senate was debating whether to call more witnesses for the Senate impeachment trial, the newly assembled Coronavirus Task Force was holding a press conference to outline: in accordance with the national health emergency declaration, at 5:00 p.m. EST; Sunday, February 2nd, the U.S government would implement temporary measures to increase detection & containment of the coronavirus proactively:

Any U.S. citizen returning to the United States who was in Hubei Province in the previous 14 days was/is subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Any U.S. citizen returning to the United States who was in the rest of Mainland China within the previous 14 days was put through proactive entry health screening at a select number of ports of entry, and up to 14 days of monitored self-quarantine. All foreign nationals, other than U.S. citizens and permanent residents, who traveled in China within the prior 14 days were denied entry into the United States.  (link)

Simultaneous to this joint HHS, CDC and NIH announcement, on the other side of Capitol Hill, the U.S. Senate voted on whether to add additional impeachment witnesses; and what the impeachment process would be moving forward.

Guess which event the media covered?….

So perhaps it’s not a surprise that most Americans did not know about the proactive steps that President Trump was taking.  After all, the entirety of the media focus was on a ridiculous Senate impeachment trial while the White House Coronavirus mitigation effort was happening.

However, it sure is blood-boiling to watch the media now. To see the media cheer-leading for a national health crisis -literally with smiling faces as they hope for an economic collapse- for the exact same gleeful reason they cheered the impeachment effort.   The level of U.S. media vitriol against President Trump is sickening.

The American mainstream media truly is the enemy of a prosperous and thriving America.

These times will never be forgotten.

God bless President Trump….

….And Thank You Prescient Trump.

We will never forget.

“Together we are putting into policy a plan to prevent, detect, treat and create a vaccine against coronavirus to save lives in America and the world. America will get it done!”

– President Donald J. Trump

President Trump has taken unprecedented steps to protect the health of Americans in response to the coronavirus.  The President is leveraging all of our resources to respond to the coronavirus, bringing together government and private industry in a collaborative response.

The Trump Administration declared a public health emergency in January to bolster response efforts.  President Trump took early action to help curb the spread of the virus from other countries to the United States, providing important time for response and preparations.

  • In January, President Trump acted quickly to restrict travel from foreign nationals traveling from China.
  • In February, the President restricted travel for individuals recently traveling from Iran.
  • The Administration put into place mandatory screening for all travelers coming into the country from Italy and South Korea.
  • Travel advisories for severely impacted areas like Italy and South Korea have been raised to their highest level.
  • President Trump is issuing a proclamation under section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to restrict travel to the United States from foreign nationals who have recently been in certain European countries.

The President directed his Administration to make general-use face masks available to our healthcare workers.  This action will help make millions of general-use respirators available to keep healthcare workers safe & mitigate transmission of the virus.

  • President Trump signed into law more than $8 billion to fund response efforts.
  • The Administration has taken bold steps to incentivize the development of therapeutics and vaccines to treat and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Working across the public and private sectors, the Trump Administration continues to drastically expand testing capacity using Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.
  • More than 1 million tests have been distributed nationwide, with another 4 million tests being shipped out by the end of the week.
  • Testing is now available in every State lab in the country and commercial labs are now deploying tests, which will help generate a dramatic increase in availability.
  • The Trump Administration has released guidance on how to keep businesses, schools, community gathering places, and families safe.
  • From the start, President Trump has made keeping the public informed a top priority.  There are daily 5:30pm briefings from the Coronavirus task force.
  • The Administration met with health insurance companies and announced that health plans with health savings accounts will be able to cover coronavirus testing and treatment without co-payments.

The President is announcing an economic assistance package to help support businesses and workers who have been harmed by this outbreak. President Trump has also instructed the Small Business Administration (SBA) to exercise available authority to provide loans to businesses affected by the coronavirus.

  • These loans will help overcome disruptions caused by the coronavirus.
  • The President is calling on Congress to increase funding for this program by an additional $50 billion.

The President will be instructing the Department of the Treasury to defer tax payments for certain individuals and businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus. This action will provide more than $200 billion of additional liquidity to the economy.

  • President Trump is calling on Congress to immediately pass payroll tax relief.
  • The President announced that he will soon be taking emergency action to provide financial relief for workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others due to the coronavirus.
  • The President also called on Congress to take action to extend this relief for workers.

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  1. Bendix says:

    It was after reading a book called The Great Influenza, by John M. Barry, which I believe I read in 2004 or 2005, that I became aware fully of the threat that globalism posed to world health, but I wasn’t calling it globalism back then.

    The proponents of globalism were like a diabetic who won’t give up eating candy, they knew what could happen, but had the adolescent viewpoint of “it won’t happen to me”.

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    • Esperanza says:

      Yes, things need to be filtered. For each you need the right place in the process. See water. It’s best and most effective at the water plant, not your kitchen.

      Same with our skin, it’s a filter.

      We have a filter to our homes. Called doors. In America you have screen doors. In Europe net curtains lol.

      We used to have borders. Kept a minimum of tabs on criminals etc.

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    • Santiago 1314 says:

      Google: Scientific American March 11 “Bat Woman” … WuFlu and its origins and Future Prevention…


  2. James F says:

    The “Italy doom” concern trolls are hitting this site hard today.

    The US health system is way more capable and prepared than Italy.

    For instance the US has 3x more CCU/ICU beds than Italy.

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  3. Perot Conservative says:

    Fox News: ““The single most consequential and valuable thing done to stop this virus from already spreading throughout the United States was when President Trump decided to shut down travel to China last month,” Cotton said, referring to the administration’s announcement Jan. 31 that it would temporarily bar foreigners from entering the U.S. if they had been to China within the previous 14 days.

    “Cotton said that though former Vice President Joe Biden accused Trump of xenophobia and The Washington Post said that Trump overreacted, “the so-called experts who opposed the decision at the time” eventually admitted that it “bought valuable time to prevent the spread of this virus in the United States.” “

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    • alliwantissometruth says:

      Future Trump commercial…

      “Back in January, when the virus was first confirmed to be a possible threat worldwide, President Trump took decisive action to prevent the virus from spreading here, even though he was ridiculed for it by the democrats

      Joe Biden called banning those who’d been in China from entering our country “xenophobia”, and many democrats screamed racism

      If Joe Biden and the democrats had been in charge at the time, they would have let anyone in, from China and anywhere else, and the consequences could have been tragic

      Joe Biden and the democrats put political correctness and politics above everything else, even the safety and well being of the American people

      Tough times calls for tough leadership, leaders who’ll do the right thing to protect America and not be burdened by political correctness

      Political correctness puts all our lives at risk. Thank God Joe Biden and the democrats weren’t in charge when the virus first came known, or we would have learned that lesson the hard way”

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      As usual our great president is doing everything alone! The uniparty are pretty much all criminals or compromised or worse! But I have never seen the republican congress as a group support this president or act on much! Pretty damned disgusting! We need all new congress, and all demoncraps put in prison or hung!

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      • hitgirl18 says:

        And the majority of republicans sent back to work at the local mcdonalds in their states!

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        • X XYZ says:

          No, politicians never worked at McDonalds. They began their career in politics by aspiring to be the local dog catcher – if they didn’t go directly into law school.


      • Adele Virtue says:

        the Republicans did circle around Trump during the impeachment. I do not count Romney a republican, he is a republican’t. Nothing he does is right in my books.

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        • Mikep says:

          That’s why Romney and McCain lost. They’re RINOs. Republican In Name Only
          Both of them had no spine and I couldn’t picture either one of them running the country. Hated holding my nose to vote for them.

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          • lady4trump says:

            God knew best about who to promote and when to promote Donald Trump! Let’s all thank God for being on the side of ‘right’!


      • trumpetter says:

        Well not according to Club For Growth, they say newbie Kelly Loeffler has been a huge help to Trump admin. You would think she has been supporting his agenda for decades, yet she was a big PP donar and even endorsed Stacey Abrams.

        The globalists really want her in Georgia senate seat, but we are voting for Doug Collins. May the voters please see through this agenda.

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    • Outstanding article and equally outstanding comment “Perot Conservative”.

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    • Santiago 1314 says:

      Trump is going to be Judged next November; on the Death Toll… No One is going to Remember Long lines and Civil Liberties… Death Toll; You Get it… Lock the Country Down for 2 weeks…Low Death Rate and Once Economy Bommerangs Back… Trump will look Better than Ever.!!!


  4. ed bernay says:

    The mainstream media is trying hard to crash the economy. They will do anything to try to stop Trump even if it means hurting fellow Americans.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      We should do everything we can to remove those in the media that are hurting Americans and trying to destroy our country.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Be nice if their media companies went out of business and with it, their jobs.

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      • fragemall says:

        Cancel all newspaper subscriptions and drop HBO and Showtime TODAY. MSM will get the message.

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        • whoseyore says:

          And let the managers of businesses know that you don’t want CNN on their televisions either because it offends you and you don’t want your children fed a bunch of propaganda lies. Tell them you would rather the television were turned off than to be spewing all of that hate toward our president, citizens, and country. If they don’t comply, take your business elsewhere!

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          • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

            When we cancelled cable 2 years ago, I wanted the pleasure of doing it. I told the rep. we would no longer pay to support garbage we didn’t watch, specifically CNN and ESPN. The rep. said “Ma’am, I hear this every day!” It felt great to do and to know others were doing it as well, for the same reasons.


    • hitgirl18 says:

      Not just fake news, they are an arm of the fascist dem party! This virus is patented. What does that tell you?

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    • czecharthur says:

      Media should be punished, you can’t scream fire in the cinema so they should have some consequence for this. This hysteria and panic will cause more death then anything else.
      If we do not deal with media in this country in some way they will destroy it. They are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!!

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    • lady4trump says:

      Even to hurting their own portfolios, will the MSM try hard to crash our economy! The MSM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Communist Party.


  5. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Well, well, well.

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  6. bethabcd says:

    Bravo, Sundance! So well written!

    We are with you, Mr.President, and our country is blessed to have you as our leader!!

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    • Lawrence L says:

      Sundance: excellent list of mitigating steps that POTUS has implemented. I would add to your list the fact that he dropped the Obama regulations that created a bottleneck in the development of Wuhan Virus lab tests that led to several weeks of delay in this critical diagnostic capability.

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  7. anothermikeh says:

    A favorite quote comes to mind:
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
    – President Theodore Roosevelt

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    • Greg1 says:

      Wonderful quote from a great man.

      I have loved that quote for years.

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    • Jeff says:

      I list my 3 favorite Presidents, and TR is one of them. PDJT of course, and Ike.

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      • rebelinme2 says:

        My favorites are also TR, Ike, and PDJT…. BUT I give great reverence to Eleanor.

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        • Jeff says:

          I’d be interested to learn why, in the case of TR and Ike. My take:
          TR: The Great White Fleet, which put America on the world stage as a major player. Also created the National Park Service and National Parks, first in the world, and other nations soon followed suit.
          Ike: When he was in Europe putting boot to ass for the country, he was so impressed with the German Autobahn system that when he became President, he created the Interstate system, one of the Crown Jewels of America.

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          • rebelinme2 says:

            Correction. it was FDR and Eleanor I meant. My interest was of the roles they played in office and opposite each other. Teddy was too far before my time to have an opinion outside of he was a family man and socially adept, and credited with naming the White House. I was a young child when Ike was in office and enjoyed listening to him. He was active in WWII resolution, ended the Korean War, and seemed to seek peacefull truces with other countries… NATO to allow countries to come together and work with each other in spite of differences to enable the best for all and each sovereign nation. My folks thought highly of Ike as well. He made us feel safe and we were confident in his leadership.


  8. bosscook says:

    Trump voters are going nowhere. When Nov comes, I’ll crawl over coronavirus infected toilet paper rolls to vote for him again. This is tough time, but we are tougher. The DNC-MSM pit of vipers have mistaken yet again, hoping their non-stop attacks on our beloved POTUS will change minds and hearts. Not happening. Another transparent, ugly, evil attempt to stop America. Not. Happening.

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  9. TJ says:

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  10. David R. Graham says:

    Trade is one type communications. When discussing trade, one is discussing communications. A synonym for communications is logistics. The root of the word logistics is the Greek word logos.

    Logos capitalized is Greek for Reason in Stoic mystical philosophers’ sense of universal and essential order and justice. In this sense early Christian apologists appropriated the word to represent and point to The Christ of God, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Trade is Christo-logical and Christo-genetic activity. Fair trade is truthful communications. And God is Truth.

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  11. theasdgamer says:

    Contrast the President’s excellent decisions with Mayor Idioto of NYC shutting down Broadway. That’s panicky lunacy. It would be appropriate to issue a public health advisory that people with chronic respiratory ailments or a history of pneumonia should avoid large crowds indoor.

    There shouldn’t be an issue for healthy people or anybody at outdoor events.

    Closing schools…panicky lunacy. Ending the sports season…panicky lunacy. Stopping cruises and not traveling on smaller airplanes (<200 people per flight)…panicky lunacy.

    Nursing home patients need to get outdoors and not be concentrated together around video screens. Else stay in their rooms until the outbreak is over. Avoid hospitals except when there's an emergency. Do health procedures in clinics if at all possible. Eat in your room if you're on a cruise. Avoid large crowds indoors if you're at risk.

    Owners of building where there have been large crowds should open the windows and ventilate them thoroughly.

    If you become ill from Coronavirus, self-isolate for yourself as well as for others. Being exposed to others with Coronavirus will make your illness more severe.


    My daughter, the doctor, had to deal with a patient whose arm was rendered ischemic by another incompetent doctor and it will have to be amputated. Health issues caused by incompetent doctors are a far greater problem than COV19.

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    • Bendix says:

      My church is telling anyone who feels ill or has cold symptoms to just stay home.
      They have also made arrangements to have ushers ready to let parishioners into the building, so people don’t have to touch the doors.
      Anyone at higher risk of dying from an infection knows who they are, and should also consider staying home.

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    • amjean says:

      I attended the Chicago Civic Opera Sunday and the place was packed;
      likewise last evening when my daughter attended a Chicago Blackhawks hockey
      game. I was in Walmart today and it was also packed.

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  12. TJ says:

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  13. FPCHmom says:

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  14. Eileen McRae says:

    President Trump will not flinch from any challenge, and he has had to face numerous ones. He is looking the deadly Corona virus in the eye and fighting back using all means at his disposal. Unfortunately, there is so much resistance from the Democrats and the media, that the American people are in peril. Think of what could be done if President Trump could battle this virus unfettered by the chains of the media/Democrats which seek to constrain him!

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    • Bendix says:

      Yes, he has fought all his battles with one hand behind his back. Fortunately for us, this hasn’t presented too much of a problem to him. This is a man who likes a challenge.

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  15. montanadi says:

    President Trump should use this “crisis” to emphasize at every opportunity how important it is to bring back manufacturing and control our borders. I contacted him with this suggestion and recommend others do so.

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    • rebelinme2 says:

      We need to add that China scientists currently working on viruses,etc. in US labs be sent packing before they take our knowledge back to China and release it again. If we did sell that to China, find the ones who did and hold them financially accountable for the damage that resulted from their sale. Then, start making our own drugs and medical equipment in the US so we are not dependent anymore. While doing it, see that the prices don’t gouge us as well.


  16. citizen817 says:

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  17. Publius2016 says:

    Will The Fed join 45 to preserve wealth?

    Lower Interest Rates will allow All US Debt to be refinanced, one reason Fed Chair Powell refuses to take the plunge…

    45 can Nationalize The Fed if things really go bad…EU was put on notice with travel ban…goods are next Globalists!

    We can produce everything here in USA as we have abundant resources!

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    • zorrorides says:

      I volunteer to refi my mortgage at a fair 1/3 of it’s present rate. I’d rewire and build an addition. I figure my good credit ought to get a 1.25% mortgage rate.

      Or a smaller rate, Publius. What number do you have in mind?


      • Publius2016 says:

        Think Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has an idea…refinancing $22 Trillion in zero interest rate environment is definitely not easy…US Social Security holds 20% of the debt…

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  18. Bob Thompson says:

    That Photoshopped image of President Trump’s shadow suggests the image of the Caped Crusader who loves US more than we love him and yet he is fighting those who would stand in the way so he can continue his job of building and fixing your beloved country.

    Just tell him ‘thank you’ and let him do his job.

    “I will always put the well-being of the American people FIRST.”

    Pres. Donald Trump

    You cant fault his performance. And if you love America, you must acknowledge the fact that he is healing and fixing up and rehabbing your beloved country and making everything he can, better in some BIG way.

    Like Batman, he will not fail us and his loyalty has always been US FIRST. He is truly a standout among the group of men who have served as Presidents. He stands out as the most accomplished President in the same amount of time.Check it out.

    He is heroic and close to perfect in every measure.

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  19. Doppler says:

    In projecting the course of the pandemic, I think this report that Xi visited Wuhan yesterday for the first time and the region announced the reopening of factories is a key indicator.

    If China’s recovery has truly begun, then Italy’s and ours will follow within a couple months.

    If China’s recovery is real, then President Trump’s strong action yesterday will be, in effect, a series of actions, constraints, shutdowns, that announce the danger is perceived, engaged, and strongest defensive action is taken. A month or two later, the US too will be able to return to work.

    Japan and the IOOC have not yet cancelled the Summer Olympics.

    If this scenario plays out, the deep, deep crash in the stock markets represents a rare first class buying opportunity, the chance to “Buy the bottom of the V.”

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  20. Stan says:

    Funny how Rod Rosenstein’s sister Nancy Messonnier at the CDC predicted rampant hysteria on February 25th; timed exactly when John Solomon produced documents showing Rosenstein, Comey and the entire cabal knew the Russian collusion hoax was a FRAUD in January, 2017 – in Trumps’ first month in office.

    We’re simply seeing Barry’s follow-up to “Russia-Russia-Russia! Impeach-Impeach-Impeach!” and now “Virus Virus Virus!” We’re simply seeing more of petulant Barry’s war on white America – colluding with China which dumping stocks because the tariffs are driving them BROKE.

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  21. billmonnie says:

    in light of the recent threat by CHINCOM officials threatening to cut off U.S. medicines and medical equipment which represents over 80% of U.S. supplies, I would hope that our government is ramping up production of critical medical supplies in the U.S. Furthermore, I think our Government should establish something along the lines of a Medical Production Manhattan Project with the purpose of immediately eliminating our dependence on China for critical medical supplies.

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    • Judith says:

      Yes, that is the general idea. As a wise MAGA man once stated in 2017, “Economic security is national security.” All aboard the Trump train! ( better late than never ).

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  22. FPCHmom says:

    Here is the updated daily test capacity as of yesterday. CDC is still low because almost all testing being privately done.

    Also – PDJT mentioned talking to Scott earlier in his remarks with the Irish PM (which were very good and informative, if you haven’t read them yet in the other thread), which is reassuring because it means he has been schooled very well in the epidemiological importance of distancing in slowing the spread.


    • Mikep says:

      Also, it’s my belief that they need to stress the point that you just don’t get tested because you have a runny nose. And just because you’re tested does not mean you may not get it later.
      It would be a waste if test kits to just start testing the population.

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  23. Ausonius says:

    As of this morning, Ohio had 4 – yes, four – supposed Wuhan Virus cases. NO deaths.

    So, what happens today?

    RINO Ohio governor DeWine – whose single and very undistinguished Senate term was a “reach across the aisle” disaster – decided to shut down all Ohio schools until April, and gatherings over 100 are not allowed.

    Just ridiculous! All of this hype reminds me of…

    The Elephant Repellent Story

    “Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and get your Elephant Repellent today! Only One Dollar per bottle! GUARANTEED to keep away elephants PERMANENTLY!”

    Man in Crowd: “But there aren’t any elephants around here!”

    “Sir, I’m glad you’ve noticed how well my product works!”

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  24. JMC says:

    The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne was cancelled a couple hours ago because of Covid-19 concerns. The teams and their cars and staff were all present. The stands would have accommodated 200,000 fans.

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  25. betseyross says:

    I love this President. He is the best!

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  26. TonyE says:

    I’m about to finally lose my patience with the Progressives, Globalists and Deep Estate (they’re pretty much the UniParty). I consider the Corporatist Propaganda just a tool so even though I’d love to slap their faces, I realize they are just useful idiots.

    But when Pelosi adds political pork to an emergency bill; when Biden and Bernie accuse Trump of making “colossal” mistakes; when Blumental and other congressmen/senators accuse the president of wasting two months…

    … my blood is done boiling dry.

    Jeez, these people have crossed the line. They were traitors before, but that was strictly business, strictly politics.

    Now it’s become personal and CRIMINAL.

    Honestly, I’ve just about have had enough of this merde.

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  27. Bill Dumanch says:

    This is COVER for the FACT:

    The 2020 Summer Olympics MUST be cancelled.


    Fukishima. That area (complete) is CONTAMINATED.

    NO recovery in about 77 lifetimes…

    Or, aliens…


  28. Joe Blow says:

    Hannity gave CTH a shoutout on the radio today for this article. 😀

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  29. Rynn69 says:

    I said it before and I will say it again, I wake up every day Thanking God Donald J. Trump stepped forward to become President and save America. The Bushes (really, IMO, the most responsible party to what has happened with the scourge of globalist elitism but remains under-the-radar as a stealth key player), the Clintons, the Obamas and their mega-donors got us to where we are now. And God sent us one man to lead America out of the path of ruin – President Trump.

    Words cannot express my gratitude, my family’s gratitude, and my Nation’s gratitude. We support him. We love him. We will not waiver. We will stand strong. United.

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  30. eric says:

    Thank You Mr.President.


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  31. FPCHmom says:

    The stupid is so strong with this tweet. How can Geraldo, who knows PDJT very well even tweet this out seriously?

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    • George Rivers makes the most sense and is the most believable when on mute.

      Liked by 3 people

      • MelH says:

        It’s way past time for him to be banished from the air waves. When they drag him out, you KNOW all the decent commentators have refused to share the stage with him.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Mikep says:

      Joe Biden has a better grasp on things???!!!! WTF!
      Geraldo is out of his mind, which is quite often lately. Joe Biden stayed on script and took no questions. In a time like this, to walk away from called out questions is irresponsible and shows lack of knowledge to what he just spoke to.
      He looks like he passed away a week ago. Can’t complete sentences and gets angry at constituents.
      Good presidential material. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  32. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I had a co worker today gleefully salivating over the stock market “crash” because the “1987 crash cost the republicans the House” I said to him first of all if you want to tank the market to get Trump out of office then doing it in March ain’t gonna help you. Secondly, it says a helluva lot about you that your are willing to see the American people suffer because well, Orange man bad.

    Liked by 8 people

  33. Serena says:

    “Donald Trump was alone on these issues. No-one else was raising them; no-one else was so urgently pushing that discussion. In 2015, 2016 and even 2017, no-one other than Trump was talking about how close we were to the dependence point of no return.”

    Yes ! Thank you Sundance! I prayed that God would send us a person that talked about all the issues facing our country, especially the ones that I was concerned about, and that they would have the guts to change and fix things. I told everyone I knew that as soon as that person came along I was voting for them Democrat or Republican. I knew who Donald Trump was from him being all over the news in the 80’s and 90’s but I really had no opinion of him and never dreamed he would run for President. I have never watched The Apprentice but I did pay attention to his Birther comments and totally agreed with him.

    When he rode down on that escalator that day and announced he was running for President and started touching on everything I felt was important, I was hooked. From the get go. He is a true God send to this country. I just don’t even want to think about our country after he leaves. I know there will never be another President like him again. He is a diamond in the rough,a true original and the most patriotic President this country has ever had. God I love him and his family! Praying every day for him and our country.May God bless him always.

    Liked by 8 people

    • lady4trump says:

      Very well said! I had so wanted Trump to run in the 2012 race, but God had other plans for when to bring him to the forefront. We love our President! May the Lord find us worthy to have him for another 4 years as of November, 2020.


  34. Jerry Joe says:

    Amidst the concern for health and governmental mandates and restrictions in your communities, PLEASE PAY extra special attention to your local leaders when speaking to the issue of voting polls.

    Listen for subtle language authorizing BALLOT HARVESTING. Dem leaders are using the coronavirus as a tool, i.e., help that person in the ‘elevated risk group’ to get that ballot into the box.

    Test run for national election being implemented for remaining primaries.

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  35. SD2020 says:

    No troller here,
    I love DJT and if he could he would get this fixed yesterday. But he can’t redo bureaucracies like the CDC overnight. And to the people that think we have a superior health care system because we have more beds take this into account.
    I talked to our health dept here in Indiana today because we have three cases reported(in our county). I asked if they are doing contact tracing and they said no, we don’t have the resources. I said I would do it as it’s only three people now but of course they can’t have “volunteers”
    The fact is Singapore, Taiwan, and south korea have all done contact tracing. This is why they have flattened the curve. It seems the health dept. in Indiana will wait until the dam breaks.
    South Korea had drive through testing which I am happy to see that the mayo clinic is now doing.
    We need tests that are free and then isolation for those that test positive and then aggressive contract tracing and a stipend for those that are quarantined.
    As far as our “system” we can’t even get masks. Of course this is what DJT has been yelling for decades. we need to make this stuff here. Masks will not keep you from getting this but it will keep the sick from spreading it. Which is really important for people that could be sick for 5 days and don’t know it yet. If we had N95 masks available it would be easy to tell people to wear one when out in public but I’m afraid they can’t because of the shortage. Also, it is much easier to get a homogenous society to get on board in a crisis. Diversity can be a weakness too!
    Please everyone, for just the next few weeks limit your social interactions and stay safe.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Rynn69 says:

      I respect your points, SD. As a person in the healthcare industry, I think everyone needs to calm down. This is a concern….but it is way overblown.

      56,000 Americans die on average every year from the flu. Last I read 33 have died from this type of virus. 26 of them were in the same city in the same building – a nursing facility. Keep in mind an elderly person, a person who is immunosuppressed in any way, or people with co-morbidities are at greater risk for ANY type of infection. Any type of infection. In addition, the 26 who died in the nursing facility – 13 tested positive. No word on the others.

      Nosocomial infections – these are any infections that occur while in a healthcare facility – have been monitored for years as required by healthcare facilities d/t the close nature of patients/residents. The Coronavirus news has morphed into hysteria being propagated by the media and politicians – with the assistance of bastions of the left – academia, Hollywood, and the like.

      The number one thing everyone should do is what everyone should already being doing in their daily lives – wash their hands. Peace out.


  36. USA Citizen Trump Supporter (Former Democrat supporter) says:

    Something is fishy with this Coronavirus originating in China. I have a hunch that the Democrat Party and China are behind this outbreak to get rid of President Trump. Yes, the Democrat Party would go that far, even if it means killing American people. On the fake news owned by the Democrat Party, they even said they hoped President Trump’s supporters would get this virus so they would die. Think about this. Why did this happen so close to the 2020 Presidential Election?
    Since the impeachment hoax didn’t work for the Democrats and China, they had to think of another way. God help us defeat all this evil going on.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rynn69 says:

      Of course the Democrats would engage with foreign nations to preserve their power which they lie, cheat, and steal to obtain. A communist dictatorship? No problem for them. They have sold out America to them, among others, to line their own pockets. They used several foreign nations to engage in espionage against a Presidential candidate and a President-Elect with their treasonous tactics continuing to this very day.

      Every American needs to vote Republican up and down the ticket. WalkAways, Independents, Bernie supporters, Republican non-RINOs, BlueDogs, every patriot-loving, hard-working American.

      Liked by 3 people

  37. I am looking for……Sundance wrote several times about “Cold Hard Anger”… detail. Can someone help me locate this please?
    Just had a computer go down hard and haven’t recovered my files yet – but need to share that with some folks ready to hear it.
    Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. X XYZ says:

    First it’s an epidemic. Then it’s a pandemic. Then it becomes a PANICdemic.
    Now, that’s PROGRESSIVE.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Wiltone says:

    I can just imagine how the Biden / Sanders debate will be turned into a POTUS smear fest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lady4trump says:

      Well, Bernie can’t possibly go after Joe Biden on his dementia, so no doubt you are right. Bernie can’t Afford to anger the Democrat Establishment, who allows him to run on their ticket in order for Bernie to rack up more million$ for his retirement years.


  40. Sparks says:

    This is spot on good. The technology transfer to the Chicoms has been one of the greatest sins perpetrated on the American public. It is time we secure our advantages and intelligence. We are a creative people and our creativeness is our advantage. Communist are not creative and their policies discourage it. So they are left to stealing any idea ir technology they can. It’s time to stop that transfer.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. sabreman30 says:

    Obama / Biden H1N1 Policies Killed ~ 13,000 people including YOUNG CHILDREN.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. theasdgamer says:

    Let’s assume that a lot of coronavirus cases aren’t confirmed because there haven’t been enough test kits. Maybe somewhere between a factor of two and nine cases are out there but haven’t been confirmed. The U.S. confirmed case mortality rate for coronavirus is about 2%. With the assumptions of three to ten times as many cases existing as have been confirmed, then the total mortality rate for coronavirus would be between 0.2 and 0.7%–just like the flu.

    We have outbreaks of CDS…Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome.

    In the White House…DNC…CNN…MSNBC…even at Fox News…

    …all test kits will do is help us figure out the actual coronavirus cases…the number of cases…the tests won’t help us cure any coronavirus infections…treatment is the same no matter whether the infection is coronavirus or not…doctors will treat the symptoms and the secondary pneumonia infection…the vaccine will only immunize people against coronavirus…

    …it’s like some people want to make hay off the fear…

    …no reason to cancel flights…no reason to cancel broadway shows…no reason to close schools…you issue precautions for people who are at risk, just like the flu…

    It’s just the flu, silly people.

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