White House Manufacturing Adviser Peter Navarro Discusses Predictions for 2020 U.S. Economy…

Peter Navarro discusses the Trump administration’s trade agenda and some predictions for the state of the Main Street U.S. economy heading into 2020.

Navarro highlights the completed agreements with South Korea, Japan, China phase-1, and the U.S., Mexico, Canada USMCA agreement and what they can deliver next year.


It really is quite remarkable that President Trump and the economic team could simultaneously diminish the interests of multinationals, focus on Main Street USA, and still create a situation where Wall Street stocks are growing.

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35 Responses to White House Manufacturing Adviser Peter Navarro Discusses Predictions for 2020 U.S. Economy…

  1. JackB says:

    Wall St has been helped by the Fed adding several hundred billion to its balance sheet.

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    • Kim says:

      Minimum one trillion dollar deficits this year and every year hereafter without end. And that is without a recession. A shale oil industry that spends more pumping oil than it makes when it sells the oil. One in ten of all public companies in the US is a zombie – i.e., they have to borrow money just to cover their interest payments – despite historic low interest rates.

      Yet this is supposed to be some kind of amazing economic achievement?

      I suppose that partisans gotta partisan. That’s just how it is.


      • jeans2nd says:

        You make a whole lotta accusations resulting in dread and gloom, yet you offer no proof for said statements.
        Where might one find all these pearls of wisdom that you cite? ShareBlue? Media Matters?
        Or are they merely a product of your own imagination?

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      • spren says:

        You’re really the glass is half empty type of person, aren’t you? One in ten companies being in bad shape is terrible? And the fracking companies, whether they are producing oil or natural gas, only operate when the marginal cost is less than the marginal price they can receive. Record numbers of workforce participation, record low un-employment, and unbounding opportunities available to people who have been shutout for a generation, yeah I’d call that a pretty amazing economic achievement.

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      • Only Obama would use “Kim” as a disguise.


      • Only Obama would use “Kim” as a disguise.😬
        Troll Team ZERO. 😏

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      • Only Obama plays dress-up “Kim”.
        Troll Team ZERO. 🙄


      • Chimpy says:

        Kim, I call bullsh1t.

        I am in the shale gas & oil business and know it well. Thirty years well.

        Back up your statements with links and facts. I sure can.

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        • Jack is Back / the JG says:

          hi Chimpy –

          an out-of-bandwidth question – have you had a chance to read Peter Ziehan’s “Accidental Superpower (2014)” and “Absent Superpower (2017)”?

          He talks extensively about Fracking, and in Absent Superpower, he goes into detail about the incredible tech advances that allow deeper drilling, multi-use product extraction, even using different fracking technologies at different depths depending on what the product is. He writes that once the fracking drill is in place, the company can extract according to cost-effectiveness… some things are harder to get out of the ground than others, hence more cost — but Ziehan writes that the more expensive product can be tapped into when the vagaries of the Oil Market prices make the extraction profitable.

          I’m not doing it justice in the above paragraph, but noting your background in the above response, I couldn’t resist asking.


          The JG / CGVet58

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          • Chimpy says:

            I have not read those books. Never even heard of them. Will definitely take a look.

            Sorry for the random off topic, folks, so skip past if this is not of interest.

            I have been involved with the technology side of fracking now for about 6 years. So, I know it well. Have been engineering products for oil & gas customers for 30 years now.

            To address your comments:

            1. Deeper drilling: In the frack world, the depth is not extreme. The shale beds of interest tend to be relatively shallow – only 8000 feet for the Barnett Shale in West Texas, for example. However, the amazing technological feat that is mentioned is the length of the lateral.

            You see, the trick for the driller is to maximize the length of the hole within the thin horizontal shale bed. So,they drill down 8000 feet, then TURN THE CORNER 90 degrees and continue to drill horizontally within the shale. Some horizontal sections are longer than THREE MILES.

            Try doing that with your hand drill… 😁

            2. Multi use product extraction. Never heard of this term.

            3. Extracting according to cost effectiveness. Yes, just as I called bull above, no Operator is losing money while extracting gas. Doesn’t happen. If the market does not support the cost to extract(plus profit), the wells sit idle or volume is reduced.

            Due to over supply, the market is flush with gas and prices are down. So, a lot of frack companies are struggling today. Some have failed and many are merging.

            Another issue is getting the gas to market. During the Obama admin, additional pipelines from west to east Texas were not approved. The current pipes are at capacity. But, since 2017, the Feds have been approving construction and new pipelines are coming online in 2020-21. This will increase our ability to export more gas and will be a boon for west Texas drillers, technology providers (like my company) and Operators. There are currently thousands of wells waiting for this new pipeline capacity.

            In short, the technologies developed to make all this happen are incredible. We use the same high tech materials as the Aerospace industry, go to extreme temperatures (400F) as the Space industry, and go to high pressure (20,000 psi) as deep sea. Plus, we have to fit it in a 5 1/2” diameter and operate it all remotely. Good fun.

            Hope that this was interesting for some of you.

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            • Jack is Back says:

              Tx, C – I just said it wrong, the multi-use – what I was trying to get at was your description about a fracking line throttling down, or sitting idle – at least until the next time market/pricing favors the line ramping up again. And the Gas, of course – Zeihan wrote that we’re trying to capture as much of it as we can, since absent carrying/throughput capacity for the NatGas, it goes up in the air.

              In any case, tx for the input – and yes, we truly live in remarkable times. Imagine, when I was a kid, all this new technology could only be found in a comic book, on Dick Tracy’s wrist!

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      • kneejerkreactionary says:

        As opposed to the boom we all experienced under the Obama and Bush administrations.


      • ” shale oil industry that spends more pumping oil than it makes when it sells the oil. ” And you can’t see PDJT is developing an industry to enable independence on foreign oil while using the Fed to fund it? You also can’t see PDJT is using the Fed’s tools to boost economic sectors? Think running up a credit card before declaring bankruptcy…there’s much more behind the scenes we’re not aware of. I’m not giving up on PDJT.


      • Ron Jaeger says:

        OMG !!!! The sky has fallen.


      • James Carpenter says:

        Golly, thanks for the post.
        But you really oughta find Rachel Maddow’s producer’s phone number and give it a call.
        Time is precious.
        Spend it well.
        With friends.


  2. markone1blog says:

    If he wants the main stream media to quote him, he had better say something negative about President Trump.

    Thankfully, as you have reported in other poats, Mr. Navarro seems more interested in the truth.

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  3. Peter Rabbit says:

    Trump economy roaring so 2020 reelection is locked in.

    If Dems select more establishment candidate for 2020, the crazies will completely take over their party, setting the stage for a potential wipe out of the Dem party in 2024.

    Republicans will run a Trump like and Trump endorsed candidate in 2024 and win big again. Maybe Nunes, Jordan or Sara Sanders, who will have finished her first term as Arkansas governor.

    Future is bright.

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    • Issy says:

      Nunes, he is an American hero. I’m reading Lee Smith’s book. So are these guys that got the economy roaring. Fortunately, the dems know so little about economics they were unable to interfere very much.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      On 2024…. I have been listening to the Doug Wead interviews via podcast on the book he wrote on the Trump Presidency. I am going to take a lot of crap frankly for this but it must be said. The guy he can’t talk enough about (all good, brilliant) is the guy who caught my attention after the 16 victory because he brought Brad Parscale aboard is Jared Kushner. I think he’s the 2024 candidate. He is not a DC insider, out of the box thinker and his FIL trust him with big task, aka visiting the Saudi’s and others as a kitchen SOS to get around the Deep-State Dept, the M.E. Peace Deal he has come up with, bridges to the A.A. community with 20,000 being let out of Prison that were on the low end of drug convictions, as well as the pre-apprentice & apprentice movement that both he and his wife are doing that are helping the A.A. community more than you know.

      This is big stuff folks, he is the apprentice for 2024 and I think I am the only one that see’s it other than maybe Presidental Historian Doug Wead, and he hasn’t tipped his hand like I have. Your 1st Orthodox Jewish POTUS, what a concept….

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      • JMP2 says:

        TSI – I like your thinking. I think Jared is competent and theoretically qualified to step in following PDJT. I believe he would require much more exposure on a national scale to become electable (name recognition and all that). To push this theory a little further, is it a coincidence that Ivanka is saying publicly she may sever her relationship from the WH if PDJT is re-elected?



        • thesavvyinvester says:

          Thank you for the compliment JMP, Interesting thought on Ivanka and the 2nd Term. Perhaps a run for a New York Senate seat?


      • MaineCoon says:

        Several weeks ago I made the same forecast-Jared, with Ivanka being imo a great 1st lady. Jared is really racking upgreat experience on multiple fronts. Quietly everywhere and I is jobs. Jobs, jobs.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Jared has no interest being in that harsh of a spotlight. He prefers to operate behind the scenes, in a supporting management role.

        Plus he is very sharp and knows he has no hope of winning because of his religion. I won’t defend that statement other than note that despite my not agreeing with it, it is nonetheless a harsh and cruel reality in the current political climate in this country and most western nations.

        And Ivanka will lose too many conservatives because she is measurably more progressive than her father.

        Don Jr. has a better chance if you want to keep it in the family. He’s more of a political fighter like his dad, but I don’t know much about his business and negotiating acumen.

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      • genjake says:

        I’m thinking Ivanka with Kushner providing support just like he’s doing now to The Donald. She’s got the looks, charisma, business experience and is a close confidant to the President and all that has been accomplished. The left would go batshit crazy but I think she would be a shoo-in…….


  4. TradeBait says:

    Close to 3.0 GDP and 32,000 Dow on deck for 2020. Economy will be “robust”. Farmers and auto industry to really benefit from USMCA. Reporting on China deal is “wrong”. The deal has teeth on major issues.

    Yep – MAGA. This team is incredible.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      34,000 is not out of the question for 2020 (Not investment advice) IMHO. Charles Payne nailed it, he said 28,000 he was spot on. W/ these major unilateral trade deals if each one is worth 1% GDP, does that springboard us to 5 to 6% GDP? I say it’s not out of the question. Does anyone remember Our Koala Larry Kudlow saying PDJT was asking why we are not at 6 to 8%? I still say it is not out of the question IMHO, these guys are freaking amazing. I have said early in this Admin here on CTH, I don’t think 60l to 70K on the Dow are not crazy with all the positive moves they are making taking the shakles off of regulations, taxes, but more importantly our dreams….

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  5. Even our President Trump’s enemies have to admit that this roaring economy makes him INVINCIBLE. #MAGA2020&FOREVER


  6. WPZ says:

    The truly amazing part of these successes in foreign policy is that Trump got this done while fighting the enemies of the state with one hand, essentially tying one behind his back.
    It can’t be easy to negotiate with a foreign diplomat who turns around and sees CNN International declaring every few minutes that the president is about to be forcibly removed from office.
    Looking back, it’s hard not to wonder about the forward movement with North Korea being derailed by this same sort of thing.
    Why would any executive take seriously what he believes to be yesterday’s news?

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  7. amwick says:

    A year and a day ago, I read this.. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/12/27/cea-chairman-kevin-hassett-discusses-disconnect-between-wall-street-and-main-street/

    I did not understand the details… I admit that,, I was just really uncomfortable a year ago.

    I like the post today so much better. TY VSGPotus. Quite remarkable, indeed!

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  8. X XYZ says:

    All prognosticators are brilliant. They must be brilliant. Why else would they have been hired?
    Just like those in the National Weather Service. Just like court judges.
    They get paid whether they are right or wrong.

    Most of the little people get fired from their jobs when they are wrong.
    Think about it.

    “Mongo just a pawn in the game of life” 😉


  9. GGHD says:

    Wall Street might be benefiting from a good economy [Of course, Wall Street is benefiting]. People have more money in their wallets, because of the Trump tax cuts and the pay raises. Millions of people that were NOT working now have jobs. More dollars are going into Wall Street Investments. [It’s NOT all money from the Federal Reserve. Supposedly, investors in Foreign Countries also see the USA as the Goose laying the Golden Eggs.]

    Many companies set up a 401k retirement plan for their employees. … Plus, the money managers, for the UNDER-FUNDED public employee retirement systems, must be riding the ‘BULL’ on Wall Street, to make up for the chronic money shortages in public retirement funds.

    Is there a Bubble in the value of stocks. = Of course there is. = Classic economics: = Too many dollars chasing too few goods. … Ordinary citizens should do some reading about the Stock Market, before investing; >know about such things as: Price to Earning Ratios, Book Values, and Dividend Rates.
    [Investors like to ride the Bull on Wall Street. = As they say in Wall Street/show-biz: this Bubble has legs.]

    “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered” is an old Wall Street saying that warns investors against excessive greed.


  10. TwoLaine says:

    Peter just did an EXCELLENT interview with Smitty & team, America’s Newsroom, on FNC.

    He knocked down their idiotic tariffs are bad report with a few wise tidbits based on what he learned at Har-vard. 😉

    It’s a keeper!


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