Panda Takes a Knee – Beijing Announces Lowering of 850 Import Tariffs…

Donald J Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who knew how to use China’s panda playbook against them.  Thus, when you plant your tree in another man’s orchard, don’t be surprised when he charges you to harvest your own apples…

BEIJING (Reuters) – China will lower import tariffs on over 850 products from Jan. 1, including frozen pork and frozen avocado, the finance ministry said.

It will also further lower import tariffs on some information technology products from July 1 next year, said the ministry, in a statement on its website. (link)

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97 Responses to Panda Takes a Knee – Beijing Announces Lowering of 850 Import Tariffs…

  1. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Funny how China has to import hog food and put tarriff on top of shipping costs.

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  2. rjones99 says:

    Holy moley…Did we play a role in destabilizing Hong Kong as a means of getting more cooperation on N Korea? If so, that would have been a genius move.

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    • Tall Texan says:

      Nice thought, but i will say no. If we have learned anything from CTH and fellow Treepers, it is that our “intelligence” agencies are not that competent or smart.

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      • Old Codger says:

        If by “our intelligence agencies” you mean the old Deep State, Skull&Bones varieyties, I would agree!

        Yet, however, I believe there are small enclaves of State and the alphabet agencies which have been taken over by TRUMP and his band of patriots, who are more than capable of “assisting” with the ruckus in Hong Kong!

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      • Beenthere says:

        No, we did not.

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    • A2 says:

      Absolutely not. The PRC in cohoots with local pro-Beijing leaders started down this road aggressively in 2014 and the Umbrella movement. It was over eroding freedoms then and the attempts to pass the Security Act that Beijing has been pushing.

      The extradition bill was part of that act and brought out the protesters again.

      Xi is insane.

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      • JanPT says:

        Definitely insane in the usual libtarded sense, as in seeking total and absolute control. It eats them alive that they cannot read minds yet, and control every thought.

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      • old white guy says:

        Sanity has nothing to do with it. China is a communist dictatorship and all the so called freedoms Hong Cong enjoyed under the Brits will soon be gone. No one here wants total war with China and that is where you would have to go.


    • Garrison Hall says:

      From the very start Trump’s had this whole thing wired. I was talking to a couple of progressives the other day and they were pissin’ and moanin’ about Trump, something that’s pretty much their standard conversation these days. When I explained, that Trump was a consummate performance artist who was in absolute control of everything he does they stopped and sated at me for a couple of moments. Then they realized that I was serious. And then they realized that I was right. Lunch went quite well after that. 🙂

      From the very first Trump understood completely where China’s core weaknesses were. Although China mounted a surprisingly adroit disinformation campaign using, not surprisingly, a number of American globalist politicians and business execs, Trump was rather conspicuously unmoved. And why was he unmoved? The answer is simple: Trump’s got this.

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      • ManhattanMauler says:

        As someone who did over a half billion dollars in major transactions with Trump years back, I can attest to the truth of this statement. I am sick and tired of the internet memes by reporters and hacks that Trump is some kind of rube from Queens who just inherited all his money and is a moron. Yes, Trump speaks “Queens English” not “the Queen’s English” which offends the senses of many of the elite snobs in the media and political world who have accomplished nothing as a principal, only observers or providing services to others, or taking from the public. Lawyers in particular fit this bill – like the Lawfare hyenas and jackals who have infested DC.

        Trump had an incredibly disarming personal affect. He starts all business relationships with an intensely personal touch. He asks abut your family, education, interests, sports – and shares with you his own. This conversation leads to literally disarming – the cynical defenses of the businessman are lowered, and a bond of friendship is established. You both know you are there to take advantage of each other, but that doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal or unpleasant. Trump’s approach was always to seek a “win win” – he never tried to take all the chips off the table, and he believed in investing in the future – forgoing short term gains on “punch list” items or deal terms in order to build a relationship for future business.

        I dealt with almost all of the major New York and most of the major US real estate companies and builders. The developers in New York are a breed unto themselves. They play in the big leagues, and many of them are pure killers. It amazed me how many of them were obsessed with Trump – even men who were five times his size. In one morning, I had a meeting with my team to review the rent rolls on several of Trump’s buildings They were nuts – he was getting 20-40% more for almost identical space in the same location as his competitors. Where other companies were getting (for an example – I dont remember the actual numbers) $25 a foot, he was getting $32-35. We were flabbergasted. We checked the receipts account to verify these were real numbers – they were. At lunch that day, I happened to be sitting down with Steve Ross of Related. He had heard I was doing business with Trump, and by coincidence he brought up this exact topic. “Donald is crazy,” he said. “He claims to get $30 or more over by us on the West Side. That’s ridiculous.He just makes stuff up.” I told him I had literally JUST reviewed those numbers, and it was true. Ross had a moment of cognitive dissonance, and said “Right, he’s just making it up. He exaggerates everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he says ridiculous stuff.” I didn’t want to offend Ross, as he could be a hell of a client, but I clarified that we had audited his books, and it was true, “Holy shit,” Ross said. “How does the guy do it? What, are people stupid?”

        In everything I did with Trump, he was thinking way down the strategic road. He might react viscerally to events, even impulsively, but he always had a plan, and while he didn’t get into legal contracts or minutiae, he knew the important details of every deal far better than most CEOs. Like most NY builders, he LOVES construction, and he also knows his “Bronx Renaissance” taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For the high-end condos at his spec buildings, he made everything plain white boxes. “If I spend a fortune, even though my decorators know what to do, someone might not like it and have the imagination to see it their way. And in a$5 or 10 million unit, they’re just gonna rip it all out anyway. I put in white or steel GE appliances – Welch is a hell of a golfer – and usually that’s the only thing left when they renovate.If I made everything what I like, I’d wind up stuck with all of them,”

        My point is that Trump understood every aspect of his principal businesses and was very much a Chief Executive. He would delegate the small stuff, and trust his people. With his casinos, he used them as a cash cow, and took advantage of creditor laws like an Icahn or Pelz. He probably could have kept them going much longer if he had been able to raise reasonably priced debt, but in the meantime, he provided thousands of jobs and benefits to people in a very depressed region for 10-15 years, and brought hundreds of millions in business to a hellhole of a city. Yes, investors got killed, but anyone betting on junk debt or the gaming business ought to know what they are doing.

        Anyone who thinks Trump and Lightheizer are just winging it have no clue who these guys are. The media punks are out to get Trump for a multitude of reasons – perhaps the principal one being they are offended that someone so vulgar can be so successful. And, he has had the last laugh on all the snob “journalists” who mock him. People forget that after Graydon Carter coined his nasty if clever handle for Trump “short-fingered vulgarian and Queens-born casino operator” Trump predicted Spy Magazine would be out of business within a couple of years. Carter put a calendar inthe back of the magazine tearing off the pages every issue to prove Trump wrong. But, Spy folded just as Trump had predicted. Carter has both had it in for Trump and cashed in on Trump since, helping to build the negative portrayal of the man by giving space to all his detractors, in order to to sell issues.

        Finally, I grew up in Manhattan. I was surrounded in my school by kids of enormous wealth. Almost ALL of these kids wound up as drunks, drug addicts, business failures, and almost of third of them were dead by 35. Several took over and destroyed their family businesses, one of them a Fortune 100 company driven into debt and bankruptcy, and the scion driven into alcoholism and death in his early 50s. A buddy of mine went to a similar private school, one which all the Sulzberger boys attended. The current Times chief was in his class. He said Art was “A moron, I mean needed help tying his shoes kind of dope. He thought one of the teachers, this absolute knockout blonde from Florida had a thing for him at age 17. She was married to another teacher who was just unbelievably handsome and they had a little girl. Every man in New York was after this woman. Art actually deluded himself into believing they’d had an affair. He went around telling people this years later. I mean he was slandering this woman as a pedophile teacher, and it was ridiculous. This pimple-faced skinny twerp who was as dumb as a stone. The story kind of got around. But it tells you about his ethics.” Anyway, Trump could have been one of those wasted stoned rich kids. He went out on his own, sure with help from his Dad, and made a hell of a name and business for himself. On the deals I saw, he made probably a billion and a half or two. The deal to convert the Gulf & Western Building, Delmonicos on POark Avenue, The Central Park South condo conversion, the Wall Street office building, the huge condo across from the UN, Trump Parc… calling this guy stupid, a bad business man, or someone who doesn’t know how to plan ahead and run a big operation against the toughest competition in the world is just ignorant.

        Personally, I was kind of scared about him becoming President. But, to not just survive, but thrive despite the relentless attacks from the media, the Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, the Special Counsel… it’s UNBELIEVABLE. He even sacrificed temporary growth and short term political benefit to take on CHINA, and to try to reverse their hegemonic expansion throughout the world on a mountain of US cash stolen in unfair trade and technology transfer deals and crimes. How anyone can doubt this man’s patriotism is beyond me. If Putin likes him, despite the crushing tariffs and sanctions, and arming Ukraine, tearing up one-sowed missile treaties, it is ONLY because he is taking one Russia’s main rival in Asia, China. This benefits Russia two ways, but ultimately Trump knows Russia’s tiny economy is defenseless against China, and will be crushed if Trump arms that missile through targeted sanctions and treaties.

        A long post for a Mondat morning. But some first person history is always interesting – I hope.

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    • grainofsalt2 says:

      No! This is an example of how fake news is born.


    • snellvillebob says:

      Xi did Hong Kong to himself. Remember, the spark that set them off was when China ordered the Hong Kong government to sign an extradition treaty which would have given China the freedom to nab anyone they wanted at any time for any reason.

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      • snellvillebob:
        Xi’s strategy for Hong Kong is the ‘slow boil’ method whereby, with a light and hidden hand, he precipitates civic unrest (just like a puppeteer) which then leads to the inevitable lowered standard of living, higher personal dissatisfaction, greater anxiety, and, ultimately, a collective willingness to utter that magic word (and really mean it!) that every leftist loves to hear: CHANGE! Not only a desire for change, but a NEED for change.
        At that point, Communist China enters with the promise to ‘Make Hong Kong Great Again!’
        What follows doesn’t even require explanation.


    • 2112 is here says:

      The CYA is too busy causing unrest in DC to to much else.
      Hong Kong wants the Liberty promised to them by G-d.


    • Sofa King says:

      Our spooks can’t mobilize a million people.
      This has been boiling for years.
      Lam and the extradition bill set this in motion.


  3. Johnny Boost says:

    Not surprising that China cut tariffs on pork imports. They’ve had to slaughter much of their livestock due to disease and pork prices have skyrocketed.

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  4. SoCal Patriot says:

    Winning never does get old.

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  5. Sue says:

    FROZEN avocado? Interesting. . .

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  6. Jeff P. says:

    BOOM!! POTUS Trump strikes again!!!! Win another one President Trump!!!

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  7. MNBV says:

    In return for what?

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    • cbjoasurf says:

      Money flow to AMERICA rather than towards China! Stopped ex-filtration of wealth. Also, bigger yet is reduction and penalties for illicit policies China uses to force technology transfer.

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  8. Dolly Demure says:

    Ultimately hope for America to have nothing to do with China whatsoever.

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  9. ann says:

    Thieves get their comeuppance.
    Unbelievable, the ineptitude before President Trump.

    I should be happy, and let the past go. Easier said than done, with nthe Uniparty, Wall St,, EU, lurking, stalking us.

    Fair, reciprocal trade. Bilateral, so less quarrels & simpler Enforcement.
    No more of these huge indigestible lumps, one suspects no one really knows the entire thing.
    They just see what they can get away with.

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    • Mike says:

      “Unbelievable, the ineptitude before President Trump.“

      It wasn’t ineptitude, it was Wall Street moving jobs overseas while politicians sold the lie. And used US taxpayers as ATM machines.

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      • ann says:

        All of them?
        I didn’t like those deals, although very young when it started.
        It made no sense,
        plus isn’t it true that both parties adopted globalist model?

        I didn’t see any other candidate except Mr. Perot who objected & educated voters on it.

        President Trump is the first President who puts Americans first while making decisions.

        And he informs us, gives performance reports.

        I think the Bureau, DoJ, Commerce, State and Leaders in both Chambers should give us quarterly performance reports. ❤️

        Agree with your description Mike. 🇺🇸

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      • cattastrophe says:

        Don’t disagree but many were not that smart. It was follow a few leaders for easy money. Most libs are pretty dumb even the so called educated ones. How smart can you be when you want to ruin the golden goose in exchange for short term wealth you can’t take with you.

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  10. MNBV says:

    Meanwhile the real killer politics goes on with no-one except Coulter paying attention.
    We deserve exactly what we get.

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    • vikingmom says:

      And THIS is why it is so important for Donald Trump to get at least one, if not two more Supreme Court Justices seated. This question came up before John Roberts and he ruled AGAINST adding a citizenship question on the 2020 census, just the way his blackmailers told him to rule…not sure if there is any way to fix it before the count is taken next year but it is just flat out WRONG that non-citizens are counted in the totals to apportion Representatives! (And I say that as someone who is married to the son of legal immigrants!)

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    • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

      Democrats don’t want the Citizenship question on the ballot for a reason.


  11. eric says:

    Doesn’t sound like much to me. The Chinese are starving and their dropping tariffs on food?? Yawn. Meanwhile, “lower import tariffs on some information technology products from July 1 NEXT year…”. We have to wait on tech they’ve been stealing for years. One tech company, IDCC just opened a court case against Huawei in UK of all places. US courts are of no value.

    The US is being turned in a simple “bread basket” to China, while our tech sector is robbed blind and allowed to wither.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      Do we really have to grow corn fence row to fence row and deplete and basically export the most important natural resource we have – our soil – just to have a few more farmers? Of course more volume is good for ADM and Cargill. By the way I am a farmer.


      • bertdilbert says:

        That is something the government should probably regulate. What do you think the proper setback from the fence should be?


        • zorrorides says:

          Red Ball Express, I know, if you’re a farmer of any type, then you are connected to common sense and have strong reasons behind your opinions. I just want to ask if you’ve studied Sundance’s economics curriculum on exfiltration of wealth?

          I’m sure Cargill, ADM, and all the huge food conglomerates would not be favored winners in a world run by Sundance OR Trump. We could have 10 times more farmers, (a very good thing for US people,) and export less American soil. Better times a’coming.

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          • bertdilbert says:

            He cannot be a farmer. Any farmer knows that what comes out my butt from the farm gets processed and pumped out to sea. It does not get put back on the farmers soil. So it does not matter whether or not it comes out of the butt of a US citizen or a Chinese butt.

            Now Zorro, why would we want to increase farm employment by 10 times? That sounds like a tax. How is a tax good for the US people? If we ban farming technology we can readily achieve this. The answer of course is more government.


            • unconqueredone says:

              Increase farm labor as a “need” for more (illegally) labor? Pretense to move more illegal immigrants to heavily blue areas?
              Just a thought.


              • bertdilbert says:

                By making food more expensive we could solve the obesity problem. That will reduce medical cost overall.


                • GB Bari says:

                  IMHO, expensive REAL food is one of the direct causes of obesity in this country. Not to mention too much reliance on fast food instead of good home cooking.

                  Go to any poor area in or near any U.S. city and watch how many morbidly obese people live there yet have little money to buy necessities. While there are classic examples of buying steak and lobster on EBT cards, most poorer folk look to stretch their dollars as far as possible at the food market.

                  The cost of REAL food (the food sold around the perimeter of most supermarkets – produce, meat, dairy, seafood) has made processed food – full of salt, sugar and other addictive and unhealthy additives – a staple in far too many middle and lower income American family’s pantry. Processed food is what occupies 85% of the shelves in the average chain grocery store.

                  Instead of a fresh filet of flounder (from a fish with its gills still pink), too many will buy and eat frozen breaded flounder filets. Or fish sticks made from only God knows what.

                  Instead of a good cut of lean beef, too many will eat Hamburger Helper with fatty ground beef. Or just hamburgers or meatloaf that has bread crumbs and other filler mixed into the ground meat.

                  Instead of fresh vegetables, too many will eat a very limited amount of low cost frozen or canned veggies, with many opting for some form of starch instead (bread, potatoes, pasta).

                  Instead of a balanced diet, too many are hooked on starchy and fatty diets composed of cheaper products loaded with salt and sugar to satisfy cravings and fill bellies but only temporarily.

                  Make REAL healthy fresh food less costly and more widely available and THAT’s what people on limited budgets will eventually choose to eat.


      • cbjoasurf says:

        Dunno what you farm, however, where/what we farm around here our “DIRT” stays right where it is and gets better year over year. We farm grains, corn, cotton and peanuts which require very little hired labor since most of our crops are fully mechanized from planting until harvest. We use “cover crops” (green manure} to amend the soil as weed control between crops and plant using high density planting techniques for weed control. Highly perishable row crop production, however, have large labor requirements causing much higher risk.

        Finally between me and my closest neighbors we farm almost for thousand acres with a labor force of about a dozen, mostly family members. Even though we have pivots to irrigate our biggest problem is good old mother nature. As to climate change we see it every day, every month, every year but this “global warming” thing is a “bucket of BS” being sold to uninformed people. How do I know, been doing this for 60+ years and only GOD knows what the CLIMATE will be tomorrow.

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        • Ron Jaeger says:

          LOL, thanks for that confirmation of common sense. The “dirt” comment got me wondering as well as the ADM/Cargill. My ? is when & if the monopolies they have are going to be busted up by the unraveling of the Chinese/EU trade issues? Sundance explained it very well using lemon crops as an example. I was totally shocked by the explanation and the prediction by Sundance of our food prices dropping 20% or so. Please elaborate I found the monopoly issue shocking.


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        Well it is better then making Ethanol out of it.

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  12. hoghead says:

    “But…but…a trade war with China will wreck our economy and make stuff cost more…and tariffs will ruin EVERYTHING! I heard what tariffs did way back there in the past…” [s/off]

    I am SO glad someone knows what he’s doing, and has some guys working with him that know too.

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    • Magabear says:

      The Fox crawler had something to that effect the other day. “Economy strong despite trade tensions with China”. Maybe the economy is strong because of being tough with China? Nah, can’t be! 🤔

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  13. Grandma Covfefe says:

    President Trump and his Trade Team are the Best!
    Merry CHRISTmas!

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  14. Magabear says:

    Team Panda could only withstand Team Wolverine’s relentless forecheck for so long…….the puck inevitably ended up in Team Panda’s net. 😁😎

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  15. bluenova1971 says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict new all time highs in the markets tomorrow….(again 😊)

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  16. Sunshine says:

    Meanwhile, NoKo’s Kim Jong Un has a Christmas surprise for the American people. I wonder what that could be?


  17. A2 says:

    Sorry folks, but the relaxation of tariffs on certain category of goods is across the board to all nations that trade these items with PRC and in line with recommendations of the State Council, a decision made even before the ‘trade war’ escalated at least that’s what their selling.

    BEIJING, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) — China will adjust import tariffs for a range of products starting Jan. 1, 2020 to promote high-quality development of trade, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said Monday.

    Approved by the State Council, the commission recently released a circular on the adjustments of import tariffs to implement the spirit of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress, the second, third and fourth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, as well as the Central Economic Work Conference.

    The adjustments will be made to expand imports, promote the coordinated development of trade and environment, advance the high-quality development of the jointly building of the Belt and Road, the commission said.
    To stimulate import potential and optimize the structure of imports, China will implement provisional import tax rates that are lower than the most-favored-nation (MFN) tariff rates for over 850 commodities.

    The country will introduce or reduce the provisional import tax rates on products including frozen pork, frozen avocados and non-frozen orange juice amid efforts to moderately increase the import of daily consumer goods that are relatively scarce in the country or have foreign characteristics to better meet people’s needs.

    China will impose zero import tax on pharmaceutical products containing alkaloids for asthma treatment as well as raw materials for the production of new diabetes medicines to reduce medication costs and promote the production of new medicines, the commission said.
    The country will introduce or cut provisional import tax rates for commodities including ferroniobium and multi-component integrated circuit memories to expand the imports of advanced technologies, equipment and spare parts, and support the development of high-tech industries.
    China will also introduce or lower the provisional import tax rates for some wood and paper products.

    In order to promote the coordinated development of trade and environment, China will replace the provisional import duties on tungsten and niobium scrap and waste with MFN tariffs from Jan. 1, 2020 as it tightens solid waste management, according to the commission.

    In 2020, China will continue to apply conventional tariff rates on some products originated from 23 countries and regions under the relevant free trade agreements or preferential trade arrangements.
    Further tariff reduction will be made according to the free trade agreements China has separately signed with New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Georgia, Chile and Pakistan, as well as the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement.
    In 2020, China will continue to apply preferential tariff rates to the goods from the least developed countries that have established diplomatic ties and completed the exchange of notes on the establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

    China will also make adjustments to the applicable countries in line with the United Nation’s list of the least developed countries and China’s transition period arrangements, the commission said.
    Starting from July 1, 2020, China will implement the fifth MFN tariff concession on 176 information technology products and accordingly adjust the provisional import tariff rates of some information technology products.

    The tariff adjustments will help reduce import costs, advance opening up to a higher level and allow other countries and regions to share in China’s development.‘

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    • bluenova1971 says:

      “at least that’s what they’re selling”…

      Dragon cannot look weak, doncha know.

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      • A2 says:

        If you notice, US isn’t mentioned and we do not yet have a ‘trade deal’ signed with the PRC.

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        • bluenova1971 says:

          I got ya, A2. Serious question: do you think PRC would be doing this if not for the US tariffs?


          • A2 says:

            IMOp no, but the pressure on their economy from the tariffs, helped big time. They were heading for this anyway. They tried to grow out of their massive debt problem before, it won’t work a second time. That is besides their recent Ag problems. Timing is everything.

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            • Dutchman says:

              The debt problems they created, as a result of a centrally controlled Conmunist system, but the AG problems, swine flu, etc. are an ‘act of God’.

              I agree with the,sentiment above regarding the ineptitude of the US IC, so it,didn’t come from us.
              This HAS been in the works, they have offered incentives (financing and eliminating environmental regs) for new hog farming operations.

              Too little, too late? Yet another problem with centralised control; can’t move nimbly to address change.

              Got to have a plenary committee study the matter for 6 months, reach a concensus and issue,a,report or ruling.


    • snellvillebob says:

      I sure hope they don’t raise the price of my treasured baby back ribs.


  18. ATheoK says:

    “China will lower or remove import #tariffs on a number of products starting in Jan. 2020.”

    Don’t count chickens before they hatch!
    This does seem sudden given China’s recent anger, recalcitrance and threats.
    Causing one to suspect this is a distraction in aid of Pelosi’s schemes.

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    • bluenova1971 says:

      Always a possibility, and tbh, would not surprise me in the least.


    • Publius Syrus says:

      China is starving. Swine flu decimated decimated domestic supply.
      Prices up 300%, shortages of pork, the main protein source and holiday festivities center piece.
      Starving rural farmers, unemployed masses of hungry young men in cities…read your history. Trump has, as has Xi.
      The real question is what will Xi’s b#tch in Nork do…

      Meryy Christmas, baby!


  19. Dutchman says:

    So, CCP princeling was heard saying
    “Let them eat FROZEN pork!”


  20. 1911pistolero says:

    If you pay attention and listen to what DJT says about China, I believe he want’s to eventually curtail all trade with them. And as a manufacturer I totally agree. You will NEVER be able to trust them, and we don’t need them.

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  21. A2 says:

    Asian Exports #Chins #Vietnam #Taiwan #RestofAsia 😄

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  22. rah says:

    “Panda Takes a Knee” Great! I hope there comes a day when they’re on both knees then fall to their belly groveling for mercy.

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  23. Zippy says:

    Tony Nash: Trump’s Tariffs & This US vs China Trade War Are Hurting Chinese Manufacturers A Lot More – 19 Dec 2019


  24. 335blues says:

    This Christmas I pray that the vicious, murderous dictator Xi is somehow made to loosen his chokehold on the throat of the chinese people.


  25. webgirlpdx says:

    Both of those two pictures are my all-time favorites!


    • Publius Syrus says:

      I am sure its just.a.coincidence…

      Otherwise, 3D chess and Grand Go Master and Galactic Troll Master of the Universe
      Orange Bad Man’s OK sign to the Fake News Media…


  26. ed357 says:

    Pelosi and the DEMocRATS tried their best to not let Trump45 have a USMCA win…..

    But when they finished Impeachment…..they needed a win… they passed USMCA…..and wanted to share in Trump45’s USMCA win….

    On the heels of this the Panda has relented on US goods and tariffs…..and is giving Trump45 another win….

    When Trump45 wins…..America wins….and Trump45 wins again and again and again…..

    Trump45 is the “Economic Bunny.”


  27. todayistheday99 says:

    I’m in California and most of the “good” avocado’s come from CA (Hass) and are very seasonal and are very perishable.

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      The Mexican avocado’s are ok but not nearly as good as real Hass (and their are fake Hass). Similar deal with watermelon. The Mexican one’s are subpar to CA watermelons, you can tell by the firmness of the rhine by pressing with your finger, the harder the better.

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  28. james dickinson says:

    The new normal. Unprecedented!!!


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