Trade Dynamics – Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses *The Big Picture* of Ongoing Trade Resets…

Amid breaking developments on multiple trade fronts which will likely see USMCA passage; and the potential for enhanced China tariffs on December 15th; Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the big picture.

Secretary Ross highlights the manipulation of USMCA ratification and timing by Pelosi to obfuscate the highly partisan political impeachment effort.  Mid-2019 CTH noted this strategic plan was visible and probable.

Ross also discusses the specifics of China, the EU and Brexit as it relates to the global trade reset being carried out in a methodical manner by the Trump administration.  The USMCA will be the first cornerstone domino in a chain of trade events that will fundamentally restructure the nature of all international trade and supply chains.  Great Interview:


As we have discussed on these pages, the dynamic is severely consequential and the Wall Street multinationals are reacting to the daily details while Main Street gains strength. President Trump is dismantling global supply chains; focusing on bringing high-wage manufacturing industry back to the U.S; and driving a process of profound consequence through economic nationalism.

Titan Trump is winning the economic battle by: (a) repatriating wealth (trade policy); (b) blocking exfiltration (main street policy); (c) creating new and modern economic alliances based on reciprocity (bilateral deals); and (d) dismantling the post WWII Marshal plan of global trade and one-way tariffs (de-globalization).

An Incredible Team…

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83 Responses to Trade Dynamics – Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses *The Big Picture* of Ongoing Trade Resets…

  1. Perot Conservative says:

    And now Turtle slow walking the USMCA vote for his Chinese masters.

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    • vikingmom says:

      Will Turtle attempt to hold the President hostage on the impeachment trial in order to get the China tariffs dropped?

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      • bocephusrex says:

        This is my biggest worry-when and how he and the other uniparty/Tom Donohue puppets will extract their pound of flesh-they can’t tolerate 4 more years of #MAGA winning-

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Fine by me. Then Trump will start focusing on the Turtle and he will have brought it on himself. Trump has been very careful about not alienating McConnell because of his Senate position.

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        • vikingmom says:

          IMHO, the House is full of a bunch of cartoon characters who are clearly idiots and ideologues…the truly evil traitors are in the Senate! If the Swamp is really going to be drained, then the President is going to need to take down a large number of Senators, of BOTH parties, and Mitch McConnell is near the top of that list!

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        • Doug Amos says:

          Mitchy Mouse’s wife is in the administration; happy wife, happy life?

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          • vikingmom says:

            Or is that “corrupt wife, corrupt life”? The two of them together have been behind MANY of the Chinese trade deals that have decimated our manufacturing sector and stolen our technology!

            Again, it just depends how much of a fire the president wants to start…he could burn down the whole thing if they push him too far. I suspect there is a LOT of high stakes poker happening right now behind closed doors!

            I don’t want to see my country in ashes but if the Swamp isn’t drained soon there may no longer be a country to rebuild!

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      • We should bear in mind that POTUS … with Rudy’s work … holds YUGE cards:

        EVIDENCE of the Congressional Foreign-Aid CAMPAIGN-KICKBACK RACKET.
        • Ukraine
        • Romania (noted by Rudy)
        • China …

        Which is why McConnell cut the Swamp-Protection deal with Pelosi to “FABRICATE” MEANINGLESSLY IMPOTENT SCAMpeachment charges that EXCLUDE Ukraine from their scope to forbid trial revelations that would destroy SWAMP RACKETEERING.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Certainly agree that Mitch would care to protect the viability of the family shipping company with the ChiComs.

      AND Mitch will delay USMCA passage to employ as a negotiating tool to structure the rules for an impeachment Senate trial. Too many Senate honey bears are currently being exposed in Ukraine. Lindsey Graham is currently the most obvious.

      POTUS Trump would have ample ability to expose a great deal in the Senate and USMCA will be employed to curtail the scope of what can be introduced at the impeachment trial.


      • The Demon Slick says:

        Mitch can’t move openly, he’s up for reelection. And USMCA has strong bipartisan support. I think he’s going to be forced to do the right thing. President Trump is in a strong position. The timing is probably no accident. And President Trump may have leverage we don’t know about.


    • Mark L. says:

      I’m curious as to this slow walk.


  2. Baycity Duckhunter says:

    Watched the interview this morning – SD – it was very helpful having read your analyses over the past year about the Trump trade reset. I enjoyed some of the guests expressing consternation over the lack of progress in Deal #1, #2, etc. Especially with China decreeing that non-Chinese computers w/b banned in China. And the announcement Morgan Stanley is laying off 1,000 investment bankers (as a result of less multinational deals?).

    I haven’t heard any cries out of Silicon Valley about ‘what’s going to happen to their IT/AI investments’ in China with the ChiCom military – write billions off you anti-US weenies… It was good to hear that Apple launched its $6k Computer made in Austin Texas.

    Michael Pillsbury was on Fox Business later today, expressing Trump’s sentiment that he was going to wait for a good deal, and the threat of increased tarriffs hanging over ALL of Chinese imports. Also heard that Foot Locker or similar was whining about import tariffs on shoes – it was not expressed, but the saying – buy American, or pay the tariff resonated on that – the pimps that are making huge margins importing cheap goods from China are in coming into the sunlight now….

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  3. riverelf says:

    I’m in love with Wilbur Ross. There. I said it.

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  4. emet says:

    The Commerce Dept wields tremendous power. Sec Ross is the first in my memory to use it for the benefit of the American people.

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    • ed furman says:

      Its always the first Cabinet Dept. mentioned whenever someone offers up departments to close. Up till now, there was little argument to be made against it. I’m now open to the benefits DOC


  5. hokkoda says:

    In my town, a gigantic Intel facility was constructed to manufacture microchips. It’s one of the largest buildings in the city, and Intel initially employed thousands of technicians. In just a few years, the plant was shuttered and all manufacturing shipped overseas (China). The employees were given severance, the plant was closed, and now it’s this huge (mostly empty) facility on the west side of town. The same happened to several other (smaller but productive) plants in the city. These are the kinds of jobs pillaged by the globalists in the 00’s. I don’t know if we’ll get those jobs back, but it certainly would be great to see all that work repatriated to US soil from China.

    It’s stuff like this which helped me cross the bridge from a “free trader” to the realization that what the globalists had in mind wasn’t free trade it all. It was pillaging the US economy like a PE firm extracting capital and shipping all the jobs overseas to be accomplished by slave labor in China.

    It’s really shocking to look back on the industry we used to have in this city that is just…gone. Great paying jobs just…gone.

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    • mielba says:

      I would implement a law, that does not allow to sell goods in the US if they are made by slaves. And that it is not allowed to have business with countries who are not democraties..

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      • hokkoda says:

        I think we do have that all about slavery, but what I mean by Chinese slave labor is that the Chinese gov’t dictates the wages and can for their people to accept wages far below the prevailing rate. It’s the Dictator Loophole, so to speak. The people aren’t slaves, they’re “prisoners with jobs”.

        I’ve long favored a Dictator Tax for countries like China…which Trump is basically implementing using his tariffs.


  6. highdezertgator says:

    Wilbur “Dead pigs don’t breed!”
    Ba’dump bump!
    I.e. China’s wine flu problem!

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  7. dufrst says:

    With USMCA in the books, UK and Japan, can sign on. As Wilbur said, UK and USA together can leverage a trade agreement with the EU. When EU, Japan, UK and USMCA come together as essentially a single trade block (via bilateral agreements), the US now has more leverage against China or an alternative for the developing world (think India, Brazil, and ASEAN) to consider to China.

    Funny thing that was discussed today with Russia’s foreign minister Lavrov was greater economic cooperation between US and Russia. Russia needs economic development. It has a decision to make going forward – plug into the West or China? Something to watch.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Yes…this is the great issue: Will Russia join with Iran and China or US UK Japan…like WWII, Russia will go with US if they are assured a piece of the pie.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I think there’s a problem with the UK. There’s no indication that Boris is getting it done. Are there new developments that I haven’t seen?


      • We’d be hearing it if BoJo’s support were eroding.

        2 more days…


      • Petrel says:

        Robert Smith, here are some new developments — you will see that Boris Johnson is leading his party admirably.

        The 5 – 7 December SURVATION poll in the UK has the Conservatives rising 2% in the last week to 45%, Labor falling 2% to 31%, the Liberal-Democrats static at 11%, Brexit (which deliberately did not enter many races to favor the Conservatives) rising 1% to reach 4% support and the Greens falling 2% and now stand at 2%.

        Britain is a district-winner-take-all country and Brexit may acquire only 2 seats in Parliament — but the the Brexit self-sacrifice may ensure that Johnson will have a majority to break free of the EU and cut a deal with the US.


      • dufrst says:

        Election is on Thursday. So we shall see!


    • Steve Herman says:

      I know I’m repeating myself, but IMHO the best deal would be:

      Creation of SOYPEC
      Soybean Producing Exporting Cartel
      US and Brazil produce 70% of the world’s soybeans
      This is leverage
      Include Argentina and India and that’s 84% of the world’s soy production.
      This is leverage of EPIC proportion.
      And PDJT does like leverage.
      If a cartel of this size is put together, you would have little soy price fluctuations, which is good for farmers.
      Crop damage or failure in one country would drive prices higher, but bumper crops would allow the cartel to buffer and maintain stable prices.

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      • BONUS: POTUS bans exports of livestock.
        • Makes China’s dependence on USA slaughtered-meat EXPORTS PERMANENT.
        • Protects against China’s exfiltration of livestock to undercut our domestic supply
        … enabling China to spike prices for what we’d then need to IMPORT.


      • dufrst says:

        Brazil, under their current leadership may very well plug into USMCA. But USMCA must be fully implemented and then other nations can sign up to it. When a good coalition of nations are attached to the US trading system, we can dispense with China. USMCA was always the centerpiece and starting point in rectifying US global trade and going forward, trade negotiations will define our relationship across a broad range of issues such as military, geopolitics and peace agreements.

        These finals years of Trump will be a masterclass in geopolitics done like no other President!


  8. grlangworth says:

    There is a breathtaking opportunity here in the U.S. for manufacturing innovation, taking it overseas to marry with its natural resources and sharing the harvest with the local resource holders. The world can actually stop paying global transport tariffs for moving mostly dirt.

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    Red Dragon sad.

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    RE Michael Pillsbury on FoxBusiness (Clayman)

    Pillsbury: We haven’t really put things back together again since May
    (the 150-page document)

    President Trump: “China is not going to pass America on my watch.”
    • He would like a deal only if it meets his requirements
    … for a RECIPROCAL, BALANCED Trade Agreement
    • He wanted some 60% of the Deal in Phase 1.
    • The President has been looking for a really significant Agriculture purchase
    • If there’s not some real Chinese movement on this, he’s not even going to sign a Phase 1.
    • China has just not reached the level that he wants yet in purchases
    • President Trump is looking for enough movement from China that they STOP this OUTRAGEOUS TECHNOLOGY THEFT, before he can make a deal with China.

    Pillsbury: Tariffs could be part of our relationship with China for ”YEARS to COME”
    • We don’t have the WTO Organization available any more to settle disputes
    • Chinese have their fingers crossed that Biden will win and take the Tariffs off.
    • But Biden said a few days ago, he’s NOT GOING to TAKE the TARIFFS OFF.
    • If the Tariffs go in [this weekend], you’re going to have some REAL STABILITY

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  11. StanH says:

    Keep up the good work boys. Free America applauds your efforts.

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    Demo☭rats’ House DECLARED today they’ll IMPEACH the PRESIDENT
    • … then BURGLARIZED Credit for USMCA after DELAYING it for over a YEAR

    Republican Senate DECLARED NO VOTE on USMCA until AFTER Impeachment Trial


    Republican Senate DECLARES NO TRIAL for SCAMpeachment
    • … until Demo☭rats’ House PASSES a BUDGET that the Senate APPROVES.

    Demo☭rats will now have to do THEIR Job
    • … INSTEAD of REMOVING a President for doing HIS Job
    • … or they’ll be SHUTTING DOWN the GOVERNMENT to EXECUTE their COUP

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    Republican Senate DECLARES NO TRIAL while China DELAYS a DEAL until 2021
    • … because Republicans will NEVER allow China to INTERFERE in an ELECTION
    • … and we REFUSE to allow Demo☭rat COLLUSION with CHINA to do so
    • … given China paid Demo☭rats (Biden) to ROB us BLIND under Obama
    • … and D-rats will DELAY a China Deal ’til 2021 to go BACK to Obama
    • … just as they COLLUDED with Canada on USMCA DELAY to deny a Trump WIN

    Demo☭rats can whine all they want, but they CANNOT force a Senate Trial
    • … just as Republicans CANNOT force Due Process on the House
    • … until AG Barr and Durham have OUTED the COUP CO-CONSPIRATORS
    • … ALL of whom will be Demo☭rats 😳
    • … giving President Trump ALL the LEVERAGE to bring China to HEEL 🤣
    • … while China Tariffs BANKROLL a USA Manufacturing Renaissance. 😎

    Proving in 2020 that Americans can ONLY WIN by RE-ELECTING President Trump.

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  14. STEP 4 – 2021 BUDGET again delays IMPEACHMENT

    Senate REFUSES to allow House Demo☭rats to bypass the 9/30/19 Budget DEADLINE
    • NO MORE Continuing Resolutions, HONORING President Trump’s stand.
    • NO MORE Debt Ceiling Increases, UNLESS same-year Budget Cuts pay for HALF
    • Rinse-and-Repeat STEP 2, pulling House Demo☭rats off the Campaign Trail. 🤬
    • … requiring House Demo☭rats to CUT SPENDING on Non-Citizens
    • … giving POTUS the leverage for COMPLETE Immigration Reform & Deportations
    • … or passing authority to POTUS … as Demo☭rats FAIL on SPENDING CONTROL
    • … with NO WAY to PAY for their TRILLION-DOLLAR 2020 Election Giveaways

    STEP 5 – 2020 ELECTIONS: We WIN, They LOSE.

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  15. Buck Turgidson says:

    Another slam dunk global trade dynamics post from Sundance! All these changes might even help reorient midwest agriculture away from growing subsidized corn and soybeans for export to china. The fertilizers and pesticides are really tough on our water and soil resources (horrible water quality across the corn belt …). The worlds wealthiest nation can create a better profile of leading exports than grains … Let brazil and argentina do that maybe we can revitalize manufacturing so that we export more higher-value goods.

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    • We can and should do both.

      The Ag and Energy Exports
      • rebalance our China Trade Deficit,
      • suck up China $$$ that they’d otherwise need for Imports from others
      • use those $$$ to fund our Manufacturing Renaissance.


  16. InAz says:


    Thank you for great information. The time it takes to write all these articles, and weed through information is very time consuming.

    Because of the articles on this site, especially economic articles, I can talk to people and set them straight.

    This is the only site, that I know of, that outlines how the DemoCommies and RINOs operate. Makes a big difference knowing these things.

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  17. Shark24 says:

    God bless Wilbur. Like a wise older professor teaching his young paduawans. 😉

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  18. A2 says:

    A2 says:
    December 10, 2019 at 3:02 am
    Knock, knock, anyone there?

    How to Avoid China Prisons: Know YOUR China Risks


    “Toxicologists will tell you that everything is toxic; it is just a question of quantity. I will tell you that every foreigner and foreign company is at risk in China; it’s just a question of how much.”

    Read more here:

    I’m having a laugh. Not at the very good, timely article, but at those businesses that live in looney land.

    Caveat emptor,

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  19. omyword says:

    Decoupling from china is like decoupling a caboose from a roaring train at full speed. Once it decouples it will coast to a stop dead on the tracks. The train will only speed up.

    All aboard!

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    • A2 says:

      China has been decoupling for years, especially the Internet for at least ten years (BigBrother), therefore it is bizarre all the commentary about it in the MSM claiming ‘oh noes’. They made it official policy, and announced it, and are doing it. Sometimes one must wonder about some pundits, so-called experts and talking heads who just ignore what the PRC Actually says and does.



      Well worth a read, great thread.

      Brad Setser
      The market’s attention is all on deal or no deal.

      But there should be no doubt that China maintains a host of discriminatory policies. I have long thought “buy Chinese” import substitution policies should be a bigger U.S. priority for example.


  20. woohoowee says:

    Knights in armor bent on chivalry 🙂


  21. trapper says:

    “It’s most important getting the right deal [with China]” wink wink, nudge nudge

    China will never agree to “the right” deal, therefore there was never going to be a deal. WE know it, and China is beginning to get a clue.

    We will make a deal with the UK, “then EU will eventually have to make a deal with the combination of US and UK.”

    That’s huge. The US is the 600 pound international trade gorilla. Everyone needs access to the US market to survive, and for EU to get that access we will make them do a deal with UK on OUR terms. Wilburine just set fire to the back of the EU’s pants to get a deal done with UK and fast before WE embrace UK and in effect take over negotiations on UK’s behalf. EU has its chance now, but the window is closing. Now THAT is pressure. THAT is how to look after our Brit friends.

    It is always necessary to ask, when one watches these interviews or reads Trump tweets, who is the intended audience, and what is the message that is being sent. This was for the EU.


  22. ann says:

    History makes it clear that the development of a coherent strategy is absolutely essential to national security in times of both war and
    Dr. Owens is Associate Dean of Academics for Electives and Directed Research and professor of national security affairs at the Naval War College. From 1990 to 1997, Dr. Owens was editor in chief of Strategic Review and adjunct professor of international relations at Boston University. He earned his PhD in politics at the University of Dallas. Dr. Owens, who led a Marine infantry platoon in Vietnam in 1968–69, retired from the Marine Corps Reserve as a colonel in 1994. He is coeditor of Strategy and the Logic of Force Planning (2000); a new book, tentatively titled Sword of Republican Empire: A History of U.S. Civil-Military Relations, is forthcoming from the University Press of Kentucky.
    Naval War College Review, Autumn 2007, Vol. 60, No. 4
    Published byCU:\.SW.INP\aNvWaClRW\NaWrCCRoelvliegewe DAuigtiutmanl C2o0m07m.vopns, 2007 Thursday, September 13, 2007 3:41:39 PM
    peace. In the absence of a coherent strategy, non- strategic factors, such as bureaucratic and organiza- tional imperatives, will fill the void to the detriment of national security.


  23. Unsolicited opine says:

    The turtle is Prarie Doggin.


  24. Kent says:

    Dear Mr. Secretary Wilbur Ross…thank you for your wisdom and guidance in these troubled times….and now that the formalities are over….here ya go….

    baby likes to rock it like a boogey woogey choo choo train…..


  25. Sherri Young says:


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