Volker and Sondland Testimony Released – And Elise Stefanik, Once Again, On the Right Trail…

The transcripts of the closed-door deposition of Kurt Volker and Gordon Sondland were released today by the Lawfare impeachment organizers and Adam Schiff.   Both pdf’s are below; however, first it is worth reestablishing a bigger, more important, context.

In the fall of 2016, long before the term “spygate” reached the lexicon of political followers, CTH research discovered the background use and weaponization of the intelligence apparatus.  This was before the November 2016 election. We didn’t exactly know who was involved, but we outlined what appeared to be a coordinated effort amid the intelligence community, current and former officials, politicians (both parties), and media.
Immediately after the November election, when CTH noted NSA Director Mike Rogers unscheduled visit to Trump Tower & the immediate moving of the Trump transition team, our review took on a more narrowed focus.  It was at that point when CTH outlined a simplistic 30,000 ft. explanation ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat‘ ops. [I regret those terms]
In the year that followed, CTH was blasted for outlining what appeared to be a planned, organized, and very concerted effort within a network of DC interests, to conduct spy and surveillance operations against candidate Trump, president-elect Trump and President Trump. We were labeled conspiracy theorists by both sides of the political spectrum.
We outlined how the Evelyn Farkas’ inadvertent admissions on MSNBC spoke to a coordinated effort that no-one was paying attention to.  However, it wasn’t until March 20th, 2017, when James Comey testified before the HPSCI and took an unanticipated series of questions from then freshman representative Elise Stefanik, and CTH outlined the specifics behind the admissions made by the FBI Director, that people started to realize what we had been saying for the past six months was indeed structurally evident.

By the end of 2017, people started to see clarity amid a picture we had been painting for over a year.  By mid-spring 2018 admissions within the apparatus of government, and released documents from Devin Nunes solidified the evidence.
Yes, there was political surveillance; yes, there was political spying; yes, there actually was an intelligence operation to remove President Trump being coordinated with involvement by a group within the IC, politicians, DC operatives (Fusion-GPS) and a network of specific media.
All of the aligned interests; and specifically all of the granular activity throughout 2018 – including activity within the DOJ and FBI under the Trump administration; which encompassed the Weissmann-Mueller effort; were working on a cover-program where defeating republicans in the 2018 mid-term election was part of a plan to: (a) protect their interests; (b) defend themselves from discovery of prior activity; and (c) hopefully continue the endeavor.  The election loss of the House was not accidental or organic political activity, it was purposeful.  [Uniparty GOP reps retiring was purposeful; ballot harvesting was purposeful; nothing was happenstance.]
Why does that background matter now?
In the aftermath of the 2018 election, CTH highlighted how top-level operatives immediately began working with Pelosi to construct the forward plan.  House rules were changed; Lawfare members were contracted; specific committees were redesigned and re-purposed following a road-map of sorts.  This 2018 activity was, as we stated, a continuum of the program that initiated before the 2016 election.
Immediately after the 2018 mid-terms, in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare group members to become House committee staff. Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman (link), and Chairman Nadler hired  Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke (link).  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then hired Douglas Letter as House General Counsel – all are within the Lawfare network.
Again, CTH was blasted for outlining what seemed ridiculous… Too many interests would have to be working together in order for our December 2018 outline to be accurate.
We continually warned: ‘do not underestimate the scale of planning‘.  However, by September 2019, it was -unfortunately- no longer deniable; the Lawfare/Pelosi plan was being executed and now it was directly staring everyone in the face.
Again, why does this background matter now?
This is the part everyone needs to think about to reset reference points: What is happening now with Adam Schiff and Daniel Goldman, was designed last year.  The current HPSCI legislative impeachment process, and every little aspect within it, is the execution of a plan, just like the DOJ/FBI plan was before it.
The use of a ‘whistle-blower’ was pre-planned long ago.  The agreements between Schiff, Lawfare and the CIA ‘whistle-blower’ were pre-planned.  The changing of whistle-blower rules to assist the plan was designed long ago.
Adam Schiff and Daniel Goldman are executing a plan concocted long ago. None of the testimony is organic; all of it was planned a long time ago, long before anyone knew the names Marie Yovanovitch, Kurt Volker, Gordon Sondland or Bill Taylor.   All of this is the coordinated execution of a plan.
The anti-Trump members of the National Security Council and U.S. State Department were always going to be used.  Throughout 2018 and 2019 embeds in the ‘resistance’ network were awaiting instructions and seeding evidence, useful information, to construct an impeachment narrative that was designed to detonate later.
When Bill Taylor is texting Gordon Sondland about a quid-pro-quo, and Sondland is reacting with ‘wtf are you talking about’, Taylor was texting by design.  He was manufacturing evidence for the narrative.  This was all a set-up. All planned.
When Marie Yovanovitch shows up to give her HPSCI deposition to Daniel Goldman with three high-priced DC lawyers: Lawrence Robbins, Laurie Rubenstein and Rachel Li Wai Suen, having just sent her statements to the Washington Post for deployment immediately prior to her appearance, Yovanovitch is doing so by design.  All planned.
….And the most interesting aspect to all of this is the only person (besides us) who appears to recognize the bigger, much bigger, big picture; is the same person who questioned FBI Director James Comey on March 20th 2017 when no-one had a clue about the scale and scope of their operations.  WATCH:

Here’s the Transcripts:
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Lawfare 2018

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226 Responses to Volker and Sondland Testimony Released – And Elise Stefanik, Once Again, On the Right Trail…

  1. Brant says:

    You know the republican establishment (98% of them all) is a huge pile of steaming crap when the Republican senate wouldn’t lift a finger at the Clinton impeachment yet here we are in this case clinging to hope that they won’t “convict” Trump if to gets to them. They are all worthless sacks of ……….

    • Zorro says:

      They don’t have sacks.

      • Brant says:

        They have sacks……..of money, that’s the problem.

        • reliablydeplorable says:

          My consolation right now is that these sad sacks all want to be re-elected in order to continue their graft. But if they vote with Dems for impeachment, then they will all be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. Mitch McConnell is due for re-election next year. He may be powerful. But would he win re-election if he participates in lynching President Trump?
          I think it more likely he would he return home to a very angry electorate, would not survive re-election, and would be strung up and quartered by the people of his own state. Rand Paul put McConnell on notice at Trump’s rally last night. He is being watched.

          • CountryDoc says:

            Disappointed a bout Virginia house and senate. How can we vote RINOs out if we can’t even vote dems out?

          • CountryDoc,
            “Disappointed a bout Virginia house and senate. How can we vote RINOs out if we can’t even vote dems out?”
            Losing VA is deja vu 2018 election of losing house.
            It is lost purposely.
            Uniparty purposely made it appear that it is a big deal when there was hardly any effort by VA Republican politicians to win it. I read one headline suggesting that 25% of seats were uncontested in favor of dem candidates. Now if one thinks that VA turned blue, then I guess I can say I saw pigs fly with a cow over the moon.

          • CountryDoc says:

            So you think the population Virginia is still red with the politicians are blue?

          • CountryDoc,
            I can guarantee you that entire United States is “Red” (if you want to color code it) if the media will do an honest job.
            Having said that, I live in VA, surrounded by immigrants like me. I am a one man island in my neighborhood. (My wife is actually very scared and concerned because of my passionate and vocal support for our President. She just told me to keep my mouth shut, once again today evening, because apparently a guy in Trump shirt was shot dead in Leesburg).
            Sorry for the detour, coming back to VA (or for that matter any state of your choice) – yes, I believe if the electorate are educated / informed with the ground realities, they are “red”.
            The reason we lost in VA is because in Northern VA, our guys did not campaign. I watch ROKU and in every ad, it was John Bell “campaigning” and hammering Mr. Griffin. Not one ad from Mr. Griffin. Only one guy knocked on my door and he was from a PAC supporting Mr. Griffin. When I told him that I am so glad to see you, he was surprised to hear that he was the only one to show up campaigning for Mr. Griffin.
            Look at our President. He won because of his hard work and he will win again because of his hard work. Compare that to the lazy bums of VA republicans and no surprise there why they lost.
            My wife voted in the morning, and she said that at polling station there were bunch of youngsters with democrat sample ballots and only one young lady with republican sample ballots. Apparently, this was not a one off – I heard on Larry O’Connor show another listener confirming the same story outside his polling station.
            The reason I say that we are “red” is based on my discussion with my little kids. When I talk to them about democrats “issues” about killing babies, boys using girls room, taking guns away, etc. … their instinctive reaction is “EEEEwwww” and then my elder one will say “this is so stupid” (she tells me that I know you don’t like me using this word but I cannot find a better word so sorry to use it.)
            I don’t label myself as a democrat or a republican, but I do label myself as the “Trump guy” and funny thing is I always say in the same breath that “Do not be mistaken as I am one of his zombie fans, but do count me as his hard core supporter”.

      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        Or perhaps their sacks are empty.
        Regardless, it’s a sad sack of suds.

  2. rebelinme2 says:

    So , basically in both transcripts, the democrats badgered the witness trying to make them say something the democrats wanted to hear or formulated questions to sound like statements they wanted made that were in direct contrast to the witness’ statement. The persistent referencing of MSM reports, which the democrats planted, was consistent with the democrat’s pattern of first planting statements in the news and then referencing them as though they were evidence when clearly they are not. It truly is a corrupt performance rather than a gathering of witness presentation of evidence. In particular with Sondland, the questioners were browbeating the witness mercilessly, and then digressed into severely admonishing him for not reading or watching the MSM recount of what the democrat politicians had so painstakingly labored to get published . This is just like watching the Mueller questioning which was collection of democrat statements in the guise of ‘question’ that could have been carried on without any witness present.
    My take after reading both witness accounts is that both are evidence that the democrat accusations are without any merit, and that both were baiting by some trickery to intimidate the witnesses and to set them up for accusations of lying under oath, and by that means to diminish the testimony that directly discounts the allegations the democrats have made. Again, this follows the pattern of former hostile interrogations that were posed as being an investigation.

    • ms doodlebug says:

      The tragedy is that the vast majority of voters will not read transcripts and reports. Many are not interested in ‘politics’. Many others don’t have access to what is only found online primarily in echo chambers. They will vote according to what they hear from the media. The only solution I see is for AG Barr, Durham, and IG Horowitz to expose and bring serious charges against so many ‘perps’ that the media can not hide the scope of corruption within our government.

  3. Little bird on a tiny branch here… Sundance, what happens to our beloved President?

  4. thedoc00 says:

    There is a fascinating statement in the introduction to all the depositions, released thus far, by Chairman Schiff and “professional” staff.
    “This is a staff lead deposition”.
    This is a big deal that needs to be public and thrown in the face of the democrats. The Democrat members of congress have abdicated their responsibilities and powers to unelected staff members. So, the democrats are not doing the peoples business to legislate and govern and they are also allowing unelected lawyers to also do their work in conducting this “impeachment inquiry”.

  5. oldguy05 says:

    “It was at that point when CTH outlined a simplistic 30,000 ft. explanation ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat‘ ops. [I regret those terms]”
    Cowboys in the Black Hats = Bad; in the White Hats = Good
    Don’t regret those terms. All red blooded Americans know that.
    If you had termed them White Helmets I could understand the regret:)

  6. Blind no Longer says:

    President Trump, PLEASE nuke these MFers with everything you got. Please expose/exploit, taunt and shine the light on everything they’ve ever done in their past and are now doing!!!!
    Pleaase do it for us!!! Destroy their careers so that they can never ever do this to another person again!
    Use an exorcist if you need to!!!!

    • chipin8511 says:

      The entire uni-party he’s close they know it they are all scared to death..Trillions at stake so maybe they will try to bribe Senator to vote him out ? Remember they all have something to hide it has been going on for years.

    • CountryDoc says:

      He can only do in proportion to which We the People, the Republic back him. Otherwise they will eliminate him.

  7. Carson says:

    It’s very obvious that all this was pre-planned but I cannot understand how this administration could be so blind-sided…naive or bad advisers or what?

    • CountryDoc says:

      They weren’t blind sided. He came in knowing this was the kind of crap he would face. We the Republic have to back him

  8. Jim Raclawski says:

    this is a full blown “street brawl”… which will not allow for time outs…. do overs.. or second chances…
    they do some nice planning… but even well prepared plans go wobbly on the smallest screwup…. the schiff whistle blower script went ” poof ” … President Trump tossing the live hand grenade back into Schiff’s lap…. de-nutted the whole track….. Now, obstruction of congress…. is gonna have to stand up against constitutional separation of powers… executive privilege… and the built-on-the-fly appearance of this faux impeachment fuster cluck… It is gonna need bunches of make-up and costumes to pull off the “3legged giraffe is really a swift gazelle…” story line out in front of the hot foot lights and the booing crowds. …..

  9. trapper says:

    Hijack the process. Issuing minority subpoenas to Schiff and his staff is a start. Conducting a coordinated simultaneous heist of all the transcripts and immediately making them public could follow, along with a minority press conference announcing the name of the “whistleblower” who isn’t. Burn down the House.

  10. Austin Holdout says:

    While I was reading this post, I was waiting for “all of this was planned a year ago AND here’s what they’re planning a year from now”. Because sure as the sun comes up, their scheming won’t cease while Trump is still in office.

  11. FreedomLover says:

    It really is a sad state of affairs when we get “wowed” by a congressman who is simply doing the job we would expect from any congressman.

  12. Doug Amos says:

    The salvation in all of this is that no matter what they do, thanks to Sundance, we know. That has to be uncomfortable and disconcerting for them; especially the Rino thems.

    • GP says:

      Hi Doug-The rinos don’t give a damn what we think or what we know. The Dems and RINOs are ALL in on impeachment. I’m hearing sometime in December. Trump WILL BE impeached in the House. Then Mitch will negotiate with Trump…if Trump doesn’t fold on China, he’s gone.
      Folks, we aren’t gonna wake up one morning soon as hear it’s all gone away.

  13. ale81inn says:

    Don’t ya just love being able to say I told you so? Those are my four favorite words in the English language!

  14. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    My apologies to Elise Stefanik. When she first questioned Comey, I thought she got lucky with her question or it was fed to her. She seems well versed on what’s going on and able to articulate it. In a toss up district, I’m sure they’re pouring Democrat money into it to defeat her.

  15. In 2017, in 2018 and again in 2019 the SWAMP Senate took the unprecedented action of denying PDJT the right to recess appointments, hamstringing Executive and Judicial nominations to just swamp approved puppets. The crooked DOJ, caught out on FRAMING Flynn now throws the FIB FBI under the MAGA bus to avoid Brady disclosure.
    This is the WRAY-BARR COVERUP.

    • CountryDoc says:

      I don’t think everyone here at CTH agrees with you fauxsienceslayer. I’m still trying to see clearly. The lawyers among us who have the most experience seem to be comforatble with the pace of sunlight and the amount of work that it would take for a large mass conviction of deep state, government rep traitors to stick against their resistance. Must weaken media, awaken republic, make the truth clear, corner them from weaseling out.

  16. Truth and Liberty says:

    Great article, you have certainly been on the right track for while now kudos. This is for all of you weak balddered bed wetters posting here. What we are seeing from our President is not real, well let me rephrase. What we are seeing is a show a play planned out long in advance, much longer ago than the ongiong witch hunt. President Trump and his inner circle have been using the cabals plan against them at every turn. Everything they have done in the past is now serving to pin them down paint them into a corner limiting their available responses just like in a game of chess. This is not so much a battle or a war but the long drawn out death spiral of the old guard as they struggle to maintain some kind of grip on power as the noose tightens at each turn. The impeachment proceedings are a dead end and no matter how much dirt or mud they sling even when trumpeted and echoed by their lapdogs the MSM they will not swing public opinion against President Trump. Remember what is taking place goes far outside of politics and borders, it is about removing a power structure that has been in place for as long as history, this will take some time. So relax enjoy the show and rest assured in the knowledge that the outcome has been determined and we are simply watching events playout. Nothing can stop what is happening nothing.

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