Updates – Who Is Evelyn Farkas and Why Did She Spill The Beans on Obama’s Secret Surveillance Operation?…

Well, put this in the ‘going-back-to-timelines-sometimes-pays-dividends’ column.

For the past 72 hours we have been assembling the Obama Surveillance Story timeline from October 1st 2016 through March 22nd 2017.  [The project is ongoing]

As a result, last night (Tuesday) we highlighted a March 2nd, 2017 revelation of Obama’s former Deputy of Defense Evelyn Farkas appearance on MSNBC that no-one was paying attention to. –SEE HERE–  Thanks to social and non-traditional media, today (Wednesday) Ms. Farkas has finally caught the attention of MSM and DC politicians.

Fox News has run two stories:

  • FIRSTFormer Obama official discloses rush to get intelligence on Trump. (link)
  • SECONDWho is Obama administration official who spilled beans?  (link)

Sean Hannity ran the story on his RADIO Program –HERE– and also led his nightly news program with the dramatic revelations:


Additionally, Jay Sekulow outlines the legal ramifications for the Obama administration and Mrs. Evelyn Farkas.


In addition, RADIO host Mark “Old Yeller” Levin also drew attention to Mrs. Farkas and discussed the “smoking gun” content.


Cary Katz also published the Evelyn Farkas story in Levin’s media outlet Conservative Review – SEE HERE

Sean Hannity Discussed on Radio:


And Rich Zeoli discussed on his Philadelphia broadcast radio program.

Time and again the old research axiom rings true.

Stick with the timelines.  If you get stuck, go back to the timeline.  Always go to the timelines. It’s the timelines that trip up the deceivers and the timelines that deliver the truth.

This approach has allowed us to crowdsource and reveal some of the most interesting hidden stories over the past five years.  Thanks to everyone who pushed the truth and Evelyn Farkas story into the MSM bloodstream.  You make a difference.

Remember, it’s not important who gets the attribution for any story.  The important goal is to reveal the truth.

The truth has no agenda.  You’re worth it!

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803 Responses to Updates – Who Is Evelyn Farkas and Why Did She Spill The Beans on Obama’s Secret Surveillance Operation?…

  1. Can we put the op ed that James Comey wrote before the 2016 conventions stating his concern that Russia was interfering in the election into that timeline? Long before Trump was even the nominee. The obama WH denied Comey the right to go public and publish it – evidently they were never concerned about Russian interference until they lost.

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    • Shark24 says:

      I actually have far less “fear” from any Russian influence to our nation and its elections that I do the MSM and those with a progressive liberal agenda. They weaken and destroy us from within.

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      • cozette says:

        Russia wants peace. Trump wants peace. Putin is fighting Soros and the Rothchild globalists just like Trump is. We are in a world war between globalists and nationalists. Putin is on our side. Farkas is part of the Atlantic Council. That seems to be an active hub for Russia hysteria and Trump is a traitor nonsense. It’s fueled by neo Nazi Ukrainian nationalists. Alefantis of Crowdstrike, the ONLY source for the Russia hacked the DNC which was based on a laughable report is part of this group. McCain is part of this too. Actually everybody is connected to everybody on the globalist side. Anybody the media doesn’t like is a good guy. I’m even reassessing Iran. And North Korea.

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        • Jaimie Allred says:

          You are Correct about McCain. McCain, McMullin, Rick Wilson, JEB!, Graham, Rommey, paid for the Fake Dossier. McCain ALSO HAS RUSSIAN TIES with Russian Mob Oleg Deripaska, and Rick Davis of Davis Manafort Lobbying. McCain had his B’day Bash on Derpiaska’s Yacht. He was at the Rothchild’s Fundraiser for McCain in London. McCain also asked the Russian Ambassador for Campaign Donations. McCain and others have more Ties with Russia than Trump. ** This is all an attempt to Discredit Trump – with the misdeeds they did! Deflect and Project. Will anyone look into these?? Doubtful!
          Why FBI Hired Crowdstrike in July 2015- July 2016 for a Systems Analysis in a non-bid Contract. Same company who DNC called. Same Company that just had to retract the Ukrainian “Russian Hacking Ukrainian” Story using same Russian Virus “Cozy Bear” as DNC’s! Ukrainian Military said Crowdstrike Report was FAKE!


      • Personal Shopper says:

        My biggest concern is not the MSM or the Liberals. My biggest concern is the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who are selling out our country!


    • Maquis says:

      What happened to the story that ran a month or two back about our 2012 efforts to undermine the French election as we desired?

      What happened to Zero going to Britian to lecture them about the evils of Brexit?

      What happened to the story about Zero sending a team and money to Israel to undermine Netanyahu’s election?

      Who says we aren’t doing all we can to degrade Putin’s efforts to create a cohesive moral society out of the mess Lenin to Yeltsin made of Russia? (Remember Obama boycotted the Sochi Olympics on the basis of an unheeded demand that Putin retract a law that did not persecute gays, but rather simply banned the introduction and instruction of such matters to children?)

      The US in general, the Left in particular, and most especially Obama have no grounds to criticize efforts to influence the elections and internal politics of other nations.

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      • UKExpat says:

        LEFTARDS like OBOZO and the undemocratic DemoncRATS and the Media just don’t understand what HYPOCRISY even means they have no SHAME and no BRAIN they do not THINK they merely EMOTE


      • Gary Hanson says:

        One of the issues they are not talking about is the flip side of Liberals and MSMedia attacks on Trump campaign and transition talking to foreign governments (ie only current President allowed to conduct foreign diplomacy). So any contacts after Jan. 20th 2017 by anyone other than the Trump administration would be just as illegal.


      • Don’t forget the US government funds given to USAID by the obama WH. USAID then gave them to Soros backed groups to undermine the free elections and government in Macedonia.


  2. yy4u says:

    Farkas needs her thyroid checked pronto. .

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  3. yy4u says:

    I am reading “Reagan Rising”. Russia was “interfering” with our elections in 1976 if the author is correct. Suddenly, it’s a big deal now that the Globalist Party fears the swamp is going to be drained. Interestingly Carter ran against the “establishment” in 1976. .

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  4. Goldwater Rep says:

    FTA: “Remember, it’s not important who gets the attribution for any story. The important goal is to reveal the truth.
    The truth has no agenda. You’re worth it!”
    I always wonder who Sundance is.
    I think this quote tells me it is a group.
    ; )

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  5. Old Crewdog says:

    Either that is one heck of a case of Graves’ Disease… or she just sat on something totally unexpected and is REALLY surprised…


  6. Virgo says:

    Farkas is like Jon Gruber. She’s quite proud of the operation she ran and wants to be recognized for it. Unfortunately, while Gruber was being politically inept, Farkas is potentially up to her protruding eyeballs in illegality.

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  7. Atticus says:

    She’s now trying to “walk” this statement back.
    With the very willing help of the MSM, of course.

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  8. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Russia was meddling in our elections? Duh!

    What the hell do they think clandestine agencies are established for anyway?

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  9. Thomas says:

    Hard work deserves credit!!!! Excellent sundance job you were 3 steps ahead as usual!!!

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  10. BAMAFan says:

    White House counsel letter to House Intel Comm cites Dr. Farkas media quotes as something that the committee needs to investigate. Lawyer up Dr. Farkas.


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    • ladypenquin says:

      Hi, Bamafan, hubby is an Auburn fan, but we’re all friends here. 🙂

      That lawyering up is going to cost her some money, so maybe she’ll be the birdy who sings first and gets a good deal. While her interview isn’t under oath, once she is placed under oath, she can decide on perjury, taking the 5th or telling the truth. Any way she does it is gonna cost her.

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      • SafeSpace says:

        She can just use her Soros credit card.


      • Buck Turgidson says:

        I hope she either sings or goes to prison. the precedent w lois lerner does not give me much optimism. the criminal lerner is caught dead to rights, just pleads the Fifth 20 times, walks out of the courtroom and back to her secluded mansion in the woods in Montgormery Cty MD. Why isn’t she is prison? Why won’t fargas just do the same thing? I want these poeple put away, incluidng lerner. I want to see Sessions 2X on these crooks and see if there isn’t something that can be pinned on them. Why isn’t koskinen in a prison cell for life *right now*? He is still head of the irs!! FRUSTRATING


  11. Sonny's Mom says:

    And while you’re at it, Evelyn, might as well hire yourself some personal security too. You know the Clintons’ reputation for making “inconvenient” people “disappear”… right?

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  12. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    Evelyn Farkas responds to Trump supporters’ claims that she proved his wiretap allegation:
    WGBH March 30, 2017

    “I left [my Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia job] on Halloween, 2015.”
    “I never mentioned [in the MSNBC interview] surveillance, I never mentioned leaking, I never mentioned hacking.”
    “What I was worried about was…all these [media] reports about the Russians hacking, the information [that] got to Wikileaks…[and media reports about] Trump advisors going back and forth to Moscow, talking to Russians.”
    “I was worried that [President Elect] Trump would now be the custodian of the classified information.”
    “All I was saying [over a year and a half after I left my government job] to the Obama people and to the people on the Hill was, make sure you share the data, the facts, whatever facts you have on this.”
    “I was saying, Congress needs to be involved, Congress needs to be involved.”

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    • Enlightened Vulgarian says:

      The Russians are coming!!! The Russians are coming!!!


    • wheatietoo says:

      She’s wearing that same dress again…the same one she wore when she was talking to Mika.
      Weird. She must really like that dress.

      Did they ask her ‘Who was she working for’…after she left the DOD?
      Probably not.

      This was purely a CYA piece for her, at a ‘friendly’ outlet.

      She’s been referred to as “an advisor to Hillary Clinton” after she left the Obama admin.
      But someone upthread reported that her name doesn’t show up on the HRC campaign list of employees.

      So…if she wasn’t getting paid ‘officially’ by the HRC Campaign, then Who was paying her?
      Was she getting paid as a DNC operative?

      Follow the money.


    • BAMAFan says:

      Well, Congress is involved now Dr. Farkas. Maybe you will sing a different tune once under oath and facing Trey Gowdy. And yes, you did mention leaking to Mika. You might want to review that MSNBC segment again.


    • nimrodman says:

      What about her very explicit statements in that Mar 02 interview about “sources and methods” she feared would be found out and negated and no longer available to them?

      Yeah, “media reports”, yeah that’s the ticket …

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  13. jameswlee2014 says:

    I would like a definition of “Russians hacked election.” It implies that they actively affected to vote count. Of course, it did not. However, five million Mexican citizens residing illegally in the state of California DID cast votes in our election. Where is the outrage. McCain said Russian interference was an act of war. How about 5 million Mexican votes? Are we going to declare war on Mexico a country that is actively and nakedly meddling in our elections.

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  14. 3x1 says:

    Inspired by the timeless beauty of My Fair Fracas, i am compelled to express my feelings, whoa whoa whoa, feelings, in song.

    For you Evey, For Your Ears Only… 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

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  15. UKExpat says:

    LEFTARDS and RINO’s have no SHAME and no BRAIN and absolutely no idea what HYPOCRISY even means they do not THINK they merely EMOTE and often STUPIDLY, CRIMINALLY and VIOLENTLY.


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