The Scale and Scope of the DOJ Control Agents – DOJ FISA Official Quietly Removed After IG Draft Report Sent to Bill Barr…

Rumor in the DC grapevine is that a few weeks ago Tashina Gauhar was quietly removed from her position as lawyer for the DOJ National Security Division (in charge of FISA applications).  This removal happened immediately after IG Michael Horowitz submitted his first draft report to Attorney General Bill Barr for classification review.   Ms. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing.
If confirmed, Gauhar’s exit in advance of the IG report could indicate helpful participation, or DOJ Main Justice may be providing cover to protect Tash Gauhar as they did with SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.  Keep eyes on a swivel, here’s why:
♦ On March 2nd, 2017, Tashina “Tash” Gauhar was one of a small group of DOJ officials who participated in a conversation that led to the recusal of Jeff Sessions from anything related to the 2016 election.  This recusal included the ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane, later picked up (May 17th) by Robert Mueller.
Immediately following this meeting, AG Jeff Sessions announced his recusal.

The attendees for the recusal decision-making meeting (see above schedule) included Sessions’ chief of staff Jody Hunt; Criminal Chief in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland, Jim Crowell; Acting Deputy AG, ¹Dana Boente; Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Department of Justice National Security Division Tash Gauhar (FISA lawyer); and Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools.
[Note: Tash Gauhar was lawyer for FBI Clinton case; and Scott Schools was part of drafting Clinton exoneration letter.]
This was the Main Justice group who influenced Jeff Sessions to recuse.
Now, fast-forward to May, 2017:

Tuesday May 16th, 2017 –  In Main Justice at 12:30pm Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Jim Crowell and Tashina Gauhar are again part of another meeting.   I should note that alternate documentary evidence, gathered over the past two years, supports the content of this McCabe memo.  Including texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

[Sidebar: pay attention to the redactions; they appear to be placed by existing DOJ officials in an effort to protect Rod Rosenstein for his duplicity in: (A) running the Mueller sting operation at the white house on the same day; (B) the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, which was pre-determined before the Oval Office meeting.]
While McCabe was writing this afternoon memo, still May 16th, Rod Rosenstein took Robert Mueller to the White House for a meeting in the oval office with President Trump and VP Mike Pence.
After six days of phone calls, emails and in person meetings, this visit to the White House was clearly Rod Rosenstein introducing Robert Mueller to the target of the investigation.  Rosenstein already knew he was going to appoint Mueller; and Mueller, along with the small group in the DOJ and FBI, already knew Mueller was going to be appointed.
Later that night (May 16th), following the Rosenstein-Mueller WH sting operation, there was a debriefing session back at Main Justice.  This evening meeting appears to be Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe; along with Tashina Gauhar taking notes.

[Mueller Report]

Considering the 2016 operation against candidate and president-elect Trump, as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Department of Justice National Security Division, FISA lawyer Tash Gauhar would have a specific, material and self-interested alignment with the ongoing DOJ/FBI effort to remove President Trump.
Either Tashina Gauhar has cooperated with the Horowitz, Durham and Barr probes and left the DOJ prior to the IG report on FISA abuse (and her role therein) being made public, as part of an internal dynamic; -OR- the IG discoveries about direct and affiliated activity that surrounded Ms. Gauhar led to her pre-report exit as a Main Justice coverup.
Hope for the former; but keep an eye open for the latter.

With hindsight it is now clear the various players inside Main Justice and the FBI had a vested interest in maintaining the assault against Trump. In late 2019 everyone can see the bigger goal was against the office of POTUS. [“obstruction” etc.] All of the personnel moves should be reviewed with hindsight of the larger anti-Trump objective in mind.
Important Point – Against the known fraud that was the Trump-Russia Collusion-Conspiracy narrative, there are no visible 2016 and 2017 top-level DOJ/FBI people who didn’t participate in one form or another.
¹When Jeff Sessions became AG, Dana Boente became Acting Deputy AG, a role he would retain until Rod Rosenstein was confirmed on April 25th, 2017. [Mary McCord remained head of the DOJ-National Security Division] In 2019 Dana Boente is currently FBI chief legal counsel.
Tashina Gauhar, Jim Crowell and Dana Boente all advised Jeff Sessions to recuse himself.
With AG Jeff Sessions recused on March 2, 2017, FBI Director James Comey reported to Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente.  [Technically, Boente was still EDVA U.S. Attorney and was only ‘acting’ as Deputy AG]  Additionally, on March 31st, 2017, President Trump signs executive order 13787 making the U.S. EDVA Attorney the 3rd in line for DOJ succession.
In the period between March 2nd and April 25th – With AG Sessions recused, and without a Deputy AG confirmed, Dana Boente is simultaneously:

  • U.S. Attorney for EDVA
  • Acting Deputy AG.
  • Acting AG for all issues related to Sessions recusal.

James Comey & Dana Boente sign the April 2017 FISA renewal against Carter Page.

(Page #271 – Carter Page FISA Application)

This dynamic would later become important as notes Boente took from conversations with James Comey became evidence for Mueller’s expanded obstruction investigation.  [3/2/17 Mary McCord is still head of DOJ-NSD]
Dana Boente was head of DOJ-NSD from May 11th, 2017 through end of October 2017 when he officially announced his intent to retire.  However, the timeline gets cloudy here because Boente said he was staying on until an official replacement was announced. There’s no indication of when he actually left the DOJ-NSD or the EDVA role.
On January 23rd, 2018, FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Boente has shifted over to the FBI to be Chief Legal Counsel (replacing James Baker).  This decision is made while Weissmann and Mueller are using 19 lawyers, and 40 FBI investigators to continue their investigation of President Trump.
As FBI legal counsel Dana Boente now becomes a legal adviser to Christopher Wray while the Mueller probe is ongoing.  From the Mueller Report:

As we discovered earlier this year, Mueller’s lead FBI agent for the corrupt Russia collusion-conspiracy investigation, was David W. Archey.  Archey was selected by Robert Mueller when FBI Agent Peter Strzok was removed.  The Mueller probe took over the counterintelligence investigation May 17, 2017, a few months later Special Agent Peter Strzok was removed (July) and David W. Archey was brought in:

As David Archey arrives in August 2017, Mueller is getting the new scope memo from Rod Rosenstein.  The August scope memo authorizes the Mueller team to investigate the Steele Dossier.  There’s little doubt the entire FBI group would have known the Trump-Russia collusion-conspiracy narrative was false.  So David Archey status as lead agent has to be considered *corrupt/sketchy*; FBI activity was likely focused on the obstruction angle.
Interestingly at the conclusion of the Mueller investigation Archey was promoted by Christopher Wray to head of the Richmond, Virginia FBI field office on March 4, 2019.  This FBI field office overlaps with another FBI/DOJ filing from the EDVA.
A little more than a month after Archey takes over the Virginia FBI field office, on April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment  was unsealed in the EDVA.  From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….
The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the EDVA where Dana Boente was still, presumably, U.S. Attorney.  The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

Why the delay?  Here’s where it gets interesting….
This FBI submission to the Grand Jury in December of 2017 was four months after congressman Dana Rohrabacher talked to Julian Assange in August of 2017: “Assange told a U.S. congressman … he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents … did not come from Russia.”

(August 2017, The Hill Via John Solomon) Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published during last year’s election did not come from Russia and promised additional helpful information about the leaks in the near future.
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican who is friendly to Russia and chairs an important House subcommittee on Eurasia policy, became the first American congressman to meet with Assange during a three-hour private gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been holed up for years.
Rohrabacher recounted his conversation with Assange to The Hill.
“Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”
Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Trump. (read more)

It would appear the FBI took keen interest after this August 2017 meeting and gathered specific evidence for a grand jury by December 2017.  Then the DOJ sat on the indictment (sealed in March 2018) while the Mueller probe was ongoing; until April 11th, 2019, when a planned and coordinated effort between the U.K. and U.S. was launched. Assange was arrested, and the EDVA indictment was unsealed (link).
To me, as a person who has researched this three year fiasco; including the ridiculously false 2016 Russian hacking/interference narrative: “17 intelligence agencies”, JAR report (needed for Obama in December ’16), and political ICA (January ’17); this looked like a Deep State move to control Julian Assange because the Mueller report was dependent on Russia cybercrimes…. AND that entire narrative is contingent on the Russia DNC hack story which Julian Assange disputes.
The Weissmann/Mueller report contains claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers as the central element to the Russia interference narrative in the U.S. election. This claim is directly disputed by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, as outlined during the Dana Rohrabacher interview.
There is the corrupt DOJ/FBI motive to shut Assange down.

There are no “good guys” in this. There are no “white hats” here. Certainly not Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, Bowditch, Boente or Tashina Gauhar. Instead, this is a matrix of broad interests positioned only to benefit and sustain the status quo of the administrative state; and protect the larger DC community from the Trump disruption.

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497 Responses to The Scale and Scope of the DOJ Control Agents – DOJ FISA Official Quietly Removed After IG Draft Report Sent to Bill Barr…

  1. JeffP. says:

    Hang Them All!! PUBLICLY!!!

    • Rhi says:

      Another deep dive by Sundance, thank you sir! Question, is anybody going to do anything re all this blatant corruption exposed over the past years by many patriotic sleuths? Bondo Barr? Is it too big to take down? Stay tuned.

      • dallasdan says:

        “Is it too big to take down?”
        I remember that long ago one of SD’s commentaries included in its headline (as best I can recall), “The swamp may be too big to drain.”
        SD’s meticulous research and reasoned, logical assessments of the facts are the bases for his consistent prescience in projecting the developments and outcomes of the coup debacle.
        IMO, the likely answer to your question is, regrettably, yes.

        • ALL Of Washington is the Swamp, very few aren’t in the swamp!

          • Raptors2020 says:

            Another curious case was Rachel Brand, the third-ranking lawyer at DOJ for nine months 2017-2018. She left to join Walmart. According to Wikipedia, she was a Bushie and a big believer in NSA 702 metadata collection.
            Did she leave when she saw how misguided or misapplied her 702 theories had been? Was she just ostracized for being from the wrong tribe, in a DOJ gone hard left?
            If anyone knows about Rachel, even a little gossip, please share. It might help explain why Sessions crumbled.

        • nattyrem420 says:

          We took the swamp down in “1776” and it will happen again. When? Good Q!

        • nattyrem420 says:

          We took the swamp down in “1776” and it will happen again. When? Good Q!

        • nattyrem420 says:

          We took the swamp down in “1776” and it will happen again. When? Good Q!

        • Assange is just a shell of the man he once was. but with 100% certainty, his attorney or his supporters at Wiki and elsewhere have all the goods he once had. The evidence he can/will provide is inescapable.
          As for the “impeachment” THREAT, President Trump is going NOWHERE because ALL the trial balloons about his demise are crashing like the Hindenberg and he KNOWS IT! Remember what he told Pelosi after her charade at their last meeting: “I’ll see you at the polls”?
          Trump’s ACE in the hole is/are his supporters and I suggest we don’t ACCEPT for one minute that he isn’t going to “WIN” and that all this will go unpunished. Keep the Faith!
          As for McConnell and Co., they are clearly still Swamp Creatures, but they are fully aware of the power Trump has because the FACTS are with him and SO ARE “WE”!
          Have faith. Justice WILL prevail And, I’m not talking the DOJustice!

          • L. E. Joiner says:

            I hope you’re right.
            Where is Assange now? Can he be induced to testify about the source of the DNC emails? If it was Seth Rich, we might see an explosion beyond anything we’ve yet imagined.

        • Derrufo Konepke says:

          we are now 3 years since a presidential election,and even when Trump was elected,there is still this tide of Resistance against Trump, a sort of political process in USA where a professor would say (to a class) : “show me the direct reversal or opposite process of USA legal & political actions after Trump election versus the 1st Obama victory”. Thus what you see in USA was the opposite of normalcy in Wash DC before 2016 election and after, so far. The elitists who were in Obama govt are waging a successful battle to do illegal acts & survive intact. Time will tell if the Barr DOJ can win against, not a swamp of corruption, but an Obama/Clinton created lake…

    • Deplore Able says:

      Please remember. First, we have to give them a fair trial. Only then can we hang them.

      • Rhoda R says:

        Fair trial? In Wash DC? The chance of getting a conviction out of a DC jury is approximately nil.

        • dallasdan says:

          Agree, and therein lies the strength of the Deep State in avoiding judicial consequences for the coup attempt.

          • Bubby says:

            Agree it’s one big unbroken circle of corruption in Washington DC where everyone knows someone or is related to someone who is involved! So friends, relatives and corrupt money take precedence over WTP, the Republic and the Constitution. We’re no longer slouching towards Gomorrah we have arrived! It appears everyone in DC is jaded to the corruption. Is there an honest incorruptible person in the FBI/DOJ/IC/Department of State/Federal Judiciary in Washington DC?

        • Do you actually believe that they won’t try and be successful requesting a change of venue?
          Trust me, It’ll be the first motion filed by the Prosecution.

          • OR, they’ll simply file the case in a jurisdiction where they feel they’ll have the best chance at trying the case and leave it up to the defendant(s) to file for a change of venue.

  2. RedBallExpress says:


  3. WSB says:

    Would love to get Tash’s phone number at Boeing and ask her on what credeneitals a militay industrial complex colluder hired her?

    • Retired USMC says:

      Her security clearance is what is needed by Boeing..which should be yanked..

      • WSB says:

        My apologies for the typo…but so angry over this laundering of traitors.

      • Patrick Healy says:

        Once again wonderful sleuthing by our Host.
        Two points need emphasizing.
        1/ if your President is friends with our brainless prime minister Boris – why is British intelligence colluding with your Marxist intelligence services to destroy President Trump.
        2/ the question of security clearance is beyond my understanding. It would be expected that some gangster who had been fired by the government should not have access to any state secrets. Or am I being silly?

        • Retired USMC says:

          Na, In our dumbass system you get to take your clearance with you….its how otherwise unmarketable idiot burocrats can survive in the real world. It their parting gift for their service to the State.

    • John says:

      Boeing is almost Kaput.

      • Lucille says:

        Oh, you can bet the house that she got a very substantial golden parachute, though. She knows where gazillions of bodies are buried. Boeing obviously believes she’s worth it.
        Probably along with that gold, she’s got a doomsday brief at the ready for any and all contingencies to keep the DS from separating her head from her body.

    • ?Gunny66 says:

      She’s a lawyer………
      Recently Boeing probably needs “Lots” of lawyers.

      • WSB says:

        Yes. Oh, boy.
        From what I have been reading, there is no easy fix here.
        The wings were constructed to hold a lot more fuel but at the wrong area. They may have needed to be positioned farther back on the jet. I do not believe this is a software problem but a structural one. IMHO.
        However, this supposition may have nothing to do with Tashina being repositioned at Boeing.

        • We the people know says:

          The engines are just too big. Then they placed them too far forward, which resulted in too much lift. To counterbalance the problem of too much lift, they constructed a software fix that would force the plane into a non-recoverable nose dive, but no one told the pilots.
          You don’t have to be a Boeing designer to see the problem. You can see they were aware because they shaved a little off the bottom of the engine housing, see the flat spot underneath? How did this design progress past the drawing board?
          What a weird place for a traitor to land. Although, Tash maybe familiar with non-recoverable nose dives.

          • WSB says:

            This is the first time I have taken a look at the jet statically, and yes, the entire structure of engine and fuel-carrying wing does not look right. They are trying to fix a strudtural problem with software. Never gonna work, IMHO.
            Tash was hired to fix it!

          • tdwesselman says:

            As someone whom works for the company that makes 70% of the 737 max. And also is the person that designed and built the equipment that machines section 11 (the fuel cells) I can tell you emphatically that most of you don’t know anything beyond what you have read in the papers. You sound just like the talking heads on CNN.

        • JohninMK says:

          The fundamental problem was that Airbus upgraded the A320 family with new, larger, more efficient engines. Boeing had to react but, unlike the Airbus’s, the 737 undercarriage did not allow sufficient space under the wings for the big engines. Boeing thought that they had solved the problem by altering the nacelle of the engine, moving it forward and up. But had the effect of moving the aircraft’s center of gravity and nothing that has been done since seems to have cured the problem to the satisfaction of the World’s safety authorities.
          It now seems likely that the 737MAX will not fly again until well into next year and, when it does, may be a ‘never going to fly in that’ dead duck from the public’s perspective. This is the result of finance and marketing having the final say over safety decisions rather than engineering. Boeing poured its profits into share buybacks, financial engineering, rather than real engineering R&D on a new plane and are now backed into a corner.
          There now appears to be another issue with the existing 737NG. During the deep stripping of the existing airframes on conversion to cargo cracks were found in major supports struts for the wings. It has turned out to have been caused by very, very slightly oversized holes for the fixing bolts. This is not safety critical at the moment but hundreds of aircraft are going to have to be checked and repaired. Fortunately for Boeing, due to their warranty contracts, the main costs of this seem to be going to have to be met by their customers.

          • We the people know says:

            And, let’s not forget who grounded the 737 MAX when the FAA was dithering, President Trump.

          • amjean says:

            It is my experience working with engineers that purchasing does not interfere
            with them; they just source out the drawings and when recommendations for
            safety or cost savings enter in from outside sources (suppliers) they are most
            always ignored because the engineers are “god”.

          • WSB says:

            Unbelievable. Sounds like scrap metal. Should we short Boeing?

          • L. E. Joiner says:

            Very interesting summary. Sounds to me like a public relations disaster that is not recoverable. No one is going to want to fly in that plane with just a ‘software and training’ fix. Boeing would be smart to take the hit and withdraw the 900MAX, take them back and offer free previous-model substitutes, and steep discounts on a new airplane to be offered in two years. It would hurt, but Boeing still has Defense Department business and without any financial knowledge I’d guess could survive.

        • booger71 says:

          Doesn’t Boeing hire a lot of HB1 visa engineers? Maybe India isn’t sending their best

          • We the people know says:

            They do what they’re told or they (and their families) immediately get sent back to Bhopal.
            The threat of losing their jobs and visas is a powerful incentive to get along. A very compliant, lower-paid Indian employee offers huge advantages over any qualified American…by design.

            • botchedcasuality says:

              What a stealthy way to destroy an iconic American company. On the flip side Boeing can blame it on
              The Inferior work of:
              “Imported cheap labor”.

              • vladdy says:

                Aren’t they the airline company that assured us “Environmental safety is our number one priority” or something like that?

          • WSB says:

            Yes! Maybe they were schooled in US colleges! Bracelets and lamp parts do not equal jets, IMHO!

    • amwick says:

      Excellent question. I bet there is a casting agency somewhere that deal with DC miscreants… That is the only possible explanation. Ok, tongue in cheek.. but sometimes I wonder…

    • Peoria Jones says:

      WSB – let’s not forget that Nikki Haley is now on the Boeing board of directors, after leaving the Trump administration.
      There is already talk in the RINO grapevine that she will be our first female POTUS, and she seems to be making the rounds lately. I suspect she is a chosen one.
      I don’t know exactly what this means, but as always…it’s all connected. Somewhere, Sundance has a 1-million-piece jigsaw puzzle keeping him busy.

    • Linda K. says:

      We are able to make a difference and we are able to truly matter. So keep this in mind: When times are tough, you must be tougher. Don’t pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a tough one that leads to greatness.Aug 17, 2014
      You go, WSB!

    • WSB says:

      PS. Called the switchboard today. They do not show that name.
      Will try again tomorrrow.

  4. Peggy Z says:

    This is all so maddening. The criminal are still running the asylum and I wonder if there will ever be justice. If everyone involved were arrested there would be no one left at work which would only be a good thing.

  5. jay says:

    Wouldn’t Barr/Durham want to talk to Assange?

    • Michael Kunz says:

      Assange seems to be one of the very few who comes out of this with honour.

    • dallasdan says:

      IMO, they don’t want to hear what he has to say.

      • True. Although he holds the keys to this insane mess, he is suppressed at all costs. Are we dumb to think PDJT would not want to hear what he has to say?

        • railer says:

          Of course he wants to hear it, but his hands are tied. The Swamp and Deep State are committed to silencing Assange, and they are capable of manufacturing a “crime” he did. Flynn has had to face this same thing, and Trumps hands are tied here too. Time is the only cure here, and the conspirators have the means to avoid even that.

      • lolli says:

        Then Barr would have to admit Russia did not hack the DNC. Barr likes to pretend they did, to keep the ball rolling.

        • vladdy says:

          Doesn’t anyone in government care that Russia is irrelevant when we already know that the Awans hacked the congressional Dim computers and took all their info to Pakistan? Who cares about the campaign files when all the intel data was stolen? Never understood that. (Oh, yeah — can’t blame that on PDT.)

    • beach lover says:

      Reports are Assange is not in good health. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t being poisoned. No one in the Deep State wants him to testify. Of course can we trust the Brits either? They seem to have had a hand in all this.

    • Bubby says:

      Jay I agree but we need more than talk. What documents does he have and where are they that support his statement that the Russians didn’t hack the DNC’s computer? I dream that Sundance is able to get those documents untouched and lay them over what he has put together already! Perhaps Sundance should go pay Assange a jail house visit?

  6. joeknuckles says:

    F*** ’em all.
    Let God sort ’em out.
    Throw the book at every last one of the conspirators.

    • ann says:

      To prosecute we must change the rules, the entire system is corrupted and jury pools tainted.
      Plus, with all the floating clearances and outsourcing, cross institutional & branch contamination, every person , loved ones, employers etc who are involved are vulnerable to everything from media harassment, kavanaugh style smears, blackmail, proosecution based on insertion of false evidence. And I will not rule out homicide.
      I never fully comprehended how critical just having clean, impartial and loyal law enforcement is,
      Truly, the state’s most basic duties: justice and security of ones sovereign homeland .
      We have neither.

      • joeknuckles says:

        The bastards could never do this crap if the press wasn’t giving them cover.

        • rororojo says:

          Soros cash is paying off the media.

          • lotbusyexec says:

            Why has not his (Soros) cash flow and ability to fund these anti-American groups/activities been blocked?

            • amjean says:

              I would like to know who is funding Soros. He is a billionaire, however, even
              Soros must need outside funds at the rate he is spending on socialist/communist/Marxist
              activities around the world.

              • Kintbury says:

                The Obama Administration gave him money all the time through the State Department.
                I am sure elsewhere too.

              • coltlending says:

                Soros has probably been given information from those controlling the levers of The Hammer; and at the NSA; and the like, thereby giving Soros inside information that allow him to make massive profits in the markets. Just my humble suspicion.

              • L. E. Joiner says:

                Soros has his tentacles in hundreds of organizations and NGOs that Leftwing foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation happily pour money into. David Horowitz had documented many of these interconnections.

            • Redzone says:

              Remember when Obama loaned $2B to Brazil’s state owned oil co, which Soros happens to own a huge stake in? Remember when Obama stopped US offshore drilling due to the spill, which just so happened to help Brazil’s offshore oil production to increase substantially?
              That’s the tip of the iceberg.

  7. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Later that night (May 16th), following the Rosenstein-Mueller WH sting operation, there was a debriefing session back at Main Justice. This evening meeting appears to be Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe; along with Tashina Gauhar taking notes.”
    Why does a FISA lawyer have to be involved in what was described as a “job interview” for Mueller?

    • lady4trump says:

      Corruption in every direction.

      • The Third Man says:

        USA is the most corrupt nation on the planet…by far.
        Billions and billions of $$$ in bribes are euphemistically labeled “campaign contributions”. No other country comes close to matching this “quid pro quo” corruption.

        • amjean says:

          That’s because we have the best economy in the world; everyone wants a piece of it,
          many of them outsiders along with our corrupt politicians.
          We are not a corrupt nation; we are millions of working men and women who raise
          billions for charities around the world.

    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      She was a note taker!!
      And perhaps to manipulate the recordings(from Muellear s ‘rogue phone’) to advance the obstruction narrative.

  8. Elric VIII says:

    Out them all. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. That being said, too few people are paying attention. And the main stream media is complicit.

  9. H.R. says:

    Sundance wrote: ” Ms. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing.”
    Oh… my… goodness! That was a Golden Parachute or perhaps a bungee cord calibrated to spring back about 50 millimeters before SPLAT!
    We’re all a bunch of generous people here. Let’s take up a collection to send her a couple of cases of unscented Sure Extra-extra-EXTRA Dry.
    Any Treepers that reload, you might want to hang out near her because she is assuredly sweating bullets.. .50 cal by the looks of it ;o)

    • WSB says:

      I will work on Monday to FIND her extension. Anyone else in?

      • TEWS_Pilot says:

        I take it you work for Boeing. Shouldn’t you or someone alert upper management of her involvement in this coup so they can be prepared for any fallout if she is indicted or in any other way her employment there embarrasses Boeing? They have had their share of bad publicity and poor management decisions with the 737 max, so having hired a crook won’t help their image. Things have sure changed since the days of “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going.”

        • WSB says:

          I do not work for Boeing at all but have been able to get in touch with people just by calling.
          You and everyone else should do this. Bring the pressure on these people who have wronged US Citizens.
          I will do my best on Monday to try and get a hold of her, ask for a statement and spread the number around if I get it. That is all.

    • Boeing hired Tash because of her DS creds. As Bill Gates used to insinuate, “It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.”

  10. Perot Conservative says:

    Did we ever get the Archery declarations?

    • Chick-fil-A Traffic Jam says:

      No, and we never will. They’ll tank the case and let Flynn walk before revealing that info.

    • Chick-fil-A Traffic Jam says:

      No, and we never will. They’ll tank the case and let Flynn walk before revealing that info.

  11. ganesh says:

    She is a public figure. Try and find an image of her. (Just one stock image springs up – could be anyone.)
    Means she is a “spook” in the old IA lingo.
    Go look! See if you can find her history or image.
    You will find yourself on rabbit trails. Spooky!

  12. Roni says:

    In Lee Smith’s book, Devin Nunes reported they used something else besides the dossier to get the FISA approved. He couldn’t reveal what it was but said that info needs to be released so the American public can see it.
    Any idea what the “something else” was?

    • mr.piddles says:

      Well, Brennan’s Electronic Communication to Comey… but that would seem an obvious choice, so not sure what could be such a secret. Maybe a bottle of 100-year old scotch for Rudy Contreras?

    • American Nationalist says:

      One of the key elements of evidence is that it substantiates a claim. Now, we know that the claim is unsubstantiated, but what would give that appearance? What would back up the Steele Dossier? It would have to be a credible claim by a US intelligence or government agency (IE the State Department). I’m hedging my bets on the Blumenthal Dossier, first reported by The Guardian that we never heard from again. The rest of the ‘evidence’ is the unsubstantiated claims by Blumenthal.

      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        Nines tells us the coup cabal had many protodossiers. Just choose and launch when the need is apparent.

      • Sherri Young says:

        The heavily-redacted version of the original Carter Page FISA application uses assertions that Donald Trump was too soft on Russia and might be unwilling to send lethal aid to Ukraine. The application references a news article that almost certainly was this opinion piece by Josh Rogin in the WaPoo which is available on the Wayback Machine:
        The opinion piece was published during the RNC convention. It was written in the context of policy disputes in the platform committee negotiations. It does not stop with Russia/Russia/Russia, but states that Trump wanted a decreased US commitment to NATO.
        That this short article made it into the Carter Page FISA application and in the manner it was used is a clear view into the Deep State trying to control policy.
        (Interestingly, the piece seems to reflect what is said to be Eric Ciaramella’s stance on Ukraine/Russia and weapons. Obviously, it lines right up with Vindman’s.)
        It also reflects McNoName’s too. Try searching on “john mccain josh rogin”. Rogin was/is a McNoName admirer. Considering what we know, this article stands a strong chance of being at least a part of what McNoName and Harry Reid gave to the FBI that made it into the FISA application.

    • cheekymeeky says:

      John Brennan’s Fusion Center.
      MADDOW: So, it’s an intelligence sharing operation between –
      BRENNAN: Right. We put together a Fusion Center at CIA that brought NSA and FBI officers together with CIA to make sure that those proverbial dots would be connected.

    • iwasthere says:

      The Downer bodywire of Popadopt saying what the set up Misfud said to Popadopt?

    • We the people know says:

      Any idea what the “something else” was?
      That’s easy. The FISA Court is nothing but a rubber-stamping deep-state co-conspirator that approves any “verified” request dropped on its desk. Even something that is so transparently corrupt as a request to investigate Hillary Clinton’s top presidential contender, Donald J. Trump.
      “Donald Trump is conspiring with Russia to destroy our Democracy. Please approve this FISA warrant to investigate his campaign.”
      Someone, someone at the FISA Court was complicit, but they’re going to say they were lied to.
      What no FISA Court Judge ever said:
      “You want us to investigate Hillary’s opponent? Are you flipping insane?”

      • We the people know says:

        The Assignments
        Peter Strzok – Flynn’s 302’s
        Tashina “Tash” Guahar – FISA Applications
        Rosemary Collyer – FISA Approvals
        John Roberts – Under the FISA Act, the Chief Justice appoints the members of the FISA court.
        Trump Tweet 8/29/18:
        “Ohr told the FBI it (the Fake Dossier) wasn’t true, it was a lie and the FBI was determined to use it anyway to damage Trump and to perpetrate a fraud on the court to spy on the Trump campaign. This is a fraud on the court. The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is in charge of the FISA court. He should direct the Presiding Judge, Rosemary Collier, to hold a hearing, haul all of these people from the DOJ & FBI in there, & if she finds there were crimes committed, and there were, there should be a criminal referral by her.”
        If you want to go from cold anger to boiling blood, read this (8/30/2018):
        “Department of Justice and FBI officials have been doing their jobs. They work for the American people, as do the Attorney General, White House Counsel and Chief Justice.
        It is time that Donald Trump be removed from office before he is allowed to do further damage to this country.”

      • snellvillebob says:

        Actually, the very first, and seemingly forgotten, FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign was turned down. It appears this almost never happens.

        • We the people know says:

          I want to see the original, rejected FISA request just as much as I want to see all of the original Flynn 302s. I suspect the working copies weren’t packed with enough convincing, incriminating lies.

    • wightmanfarm says:

      Media reports? Wasn’t it a circular firing squad ?

  13. Leftnomore says:

    The AG, Dunham and Horowitz must realize they’ll be unable to whitewash those lowlifes with so much incriminating evidence now available to the public. If they try they’ll have Trump, the knowing-public, investigative bloggers and a few Fox News heads loudly protesting. I’m sure they’ve come to realize they have one expected role…indict the perps and get them convicted. Anything less only proves all of us anti-Staters right, and we will not back down now.

    • ann says:

      Ah, but we knew 18 months ago, and the DoJ keeps rolling on
      Has public knowledge yielded convictions, complete compliance w the stock page texts or unredacted Collyer report?
      No significant actions, say, cross country emptying of SOE & supervisory personnel?
      Sweeping Confiscation of LE & politician, state dept clearances ?
      If not, does our knowing even matter?
      In other words, how far are we on the authoritarian scale?
      Impeachment proceeds. No arrests, no curbing of sedition.
      I truly wonder iim not living in denial .

      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        That’s just a fantasy version and not how it works in reality.
        Team Trump is very nimble in this for good reasons. Wide sweeping arrests and then hangings might sound “fun” but not what Team Trump aims for.

      • ABN says:

        A knowledgeable public and PDJT matter, and together they matter greatly. A signature PDJT move is build momentum and then build more momentum and then keep it going. He is doing that now.
        At CTH, we know a great deal of what happened and we can see more of the public catching up every day. At the same time, we can also see many legal cases closing in on the Dems even as their defenses weaken. Even my family is beginning to see impeachment is a farce.
        I worry about Barr/Durham and to a lesser extent Horowitz, but the above forces are also pressing on them. I believe it is probably already too late for Barr/Durham to bury the facts; that strong evidence will come out for all to see.
        All of the above — a knowing public, strong evidence of law-breaking, plus PDJT’s energy and presidential powers — will almost certainly force just & significant prosecutions of the worst offenders, with many lesser offenders left in disgrace.

        • teabag14 says:

          ABN: I was so encouraged by your post that I went deeper. I saw & read the article written by Stu Cvrk that you posted. I have followed Stu in one way or another for a long time. He pulls no punches which is both encouraging & a little frightening. I greatly appreciate the insight into Cofer Black & Mitt Romney. So much now falls into place. In any event, I pray for our deliverance from evil and for the safety & health of PDJT, his family, & his team. Thank you so much for brightening my outlook. ?

        • ann says:

          ABN. Agree w your POV. ✅,
          I just posted on Saturday open thread a couple factors & historical perspective

        • ann says:

          “Even my family”.
          stages of recovery
          denial, integration, anger,
          Acceptance and proactive growth
          Agree, ABN. like calculation models of thresholds for critical masses. ♥️

      • vladdy says:

        Thought they were using Isakoff and other journalists’ (WSJ) stories, making a feed-back loop where the media and the FISA requests “backed” each other…The press has been so much a part of this…not by keeping quiet on facts and pushing Orange Man Bad…but by actively making specific “news” happen. Would sincerely like to see them called out in the “we’ll have it in two weeks” reports…

        • ann says:

          Vladdy, I’m sure of it.
          Post election, so riled up, in tears my son concerned for my health, cut my access to cable news .
          Appalled since the the rollout w Yates & Uncle Fester,
          Felt it was a duty, to stand witness to treason. .
          But he told me no, it’s like a toxic diet,
          Now I stick w curated online sites: esp Treehouse. Still just as motivated, and more sane. ♥️ .

  14. Attorney, William D Ware says:

    In so many posts here at CTH, I cannot follow the “inside baseball” narrative (and I am a criminal defense attorney!) This is not a criticism. Just two things: The proprietor of this site is light years ahead of his audience. I look at the comments and they rarely grasp what they were just told. Second thing: if true, if all of these postings are substantively true on at least a general level, why is this being wasted here as fertilizer as it should be destined for a more proprietary audience for those who have access to the levers of power…Perhaps it is getting to them…the so-called “white hats”…I do not know. I am reminded of the bible verse…”do not leave your pearls before swine”…not to denigrate the audience here but by the measure of the comments here…most have a very thin grasp of what you are intimating…that all said, I have read you reports and I an amazed that you have what appears to be inside information…credit to you. Why little of this is getting any traction in the larger swaths of news reporting remains another matter. I look at your audience here – it is very small…surely this site is meant for larger fish – yes? I am confounded.

  15. Dutchman says:

    She, Guhar, was NOT “quietly removed”, and hired by BOEING, because she is cooperating. The ‘small group’ continue to be shielded, protected from the consequences of their actions, and rewarded for their silence, in NOT ‘flipping’ and naming higher ups.
    Now WHO has the kind of clout, to continue to exert such a strong influence, to prolong the cover-up?
    FORMER Obama officials? I don’t think so. Hillary? MAYBE with threats of Arkanticide,..but no.
    Leadership in Congress, from both faces of the Uniparty? Bingo.
    They are ‘still in power’, and collectively wield unbelievable power.
    In particular, NOBODY messes with Mitch. They, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, McConnell, Ryan, Graham, Thune, Burr, McCain ‘green lighted’ Crossfire Hurricane, “Operation Zero Footprint, and the unamed operation in Syria, Lerner/IRS, and Fast/Furious.
    They are the center of the corruption in D.C., and the source for the origin of the Coup. Until THEY are taken on, head on, the swamp will not be drained, no one will be punished, and the coup attempt will continue.
    Epstien was a ‘hit’, and Assange has been nutralised. The clean up continues apace, and Barr is Bondo man, playing his bagpipes.
    To believe anything less, is wishful thinking, after all, NO ONE gets confirmed, unless Mitch says yes; just liten to the,Ratcliff interview, where he explains why he withdrew his nomination.
    Notice how careful he is, not to critisise Mitch, while making it clear that without Mitchs support, he knew he had no chance at DNI.

    • lolli says:


    • MVW says:

      “Now WHO has the kind of clout, to continue to exert such a strong influence, to prolong the cover-up?…
      Leadership in Congress, from both faces of the Uniparty? Bingo.”
      By dangling ‘Impeachment’ over Trump’s head, stick, and approval of administration officials, budget $ as carrot. But CIA has their slime all over the organization, orchestration.
      2020 is key. We will have to see what is accomplished after that.

      • Dutchman says:

        Between Corrupt Congressional leadership, and IC, WHO is the Master, and who does the others bidding?
        Personally, while the IC have their agenda, and their corruption, my guess would be Congressional leadership call the shots; THEY control the purse.
        He who has the gold, makes the rules.

      • wightmanfarm says:

        Is McConnell being primaried this year?

    • cantcforest says:

      I’ve previously posted that Congress needs to be emptied, as well as FBI, DOJ, CIA. That includes McTurtle.

  16. MVW says:

    “There are no “good guys” in this. There are no “white hats” here. Certainly not Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, Bowditch, Boente or Tashina Guahar. Instead, this is a matrix of broad interests positioned only to benefit and sustain the status quo of the administrative state; and protect the larger DC community from the Trump disruption.”
    Barr / Durham goals are NOT for a cover up as there is too much real digging going on. A coverup would never involve so much work. On the other hand, cleanup and repair of DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. would require it. Further, prosecution has a place, but I am uncertain how much is necessary, how ever much it would be gratifying.
    In the end the chief goal is to make sure the monkey business is prevented in the future, and to get the bad apples out, thus exposing them is needed. Moreover, the foreign involvement too has to be exposed.
    The one danger in gratifying prosecution is making these Obama / Hillary justice vampires into martyrs for the left.
    What a mess.

    • Republicanvet91 says:

      The same left who makes martyrs out of cop-killers? Terrorists? The same left who looked the other way at Bra Rack’s BFF Bill Ayers?
      I don’t care what the left makes out of them. They need to be prosecuted as thoroughly as possible to try prevent any future martyrs.
      Think a young Ciaramella going to prison until he is middle aged when he gets out.

    • John Hyland says:

      I’m not 100% sure, yet, but I think my test for Barr is that his investigation to “get to the bottom” of the Epstein fiasco has to show publicly a clear and credulous explanation of his death. If he doesn’t produce on that, he, sure as hell, is not going to produce on nailing the deep state. I haven’t heard a peep out of DOJ on that. Sanguine, I am not.

  17. Newt Love says:

    Thank you, Sundance. You exposition is perfect, and your idictments are impeccable.
    It makes me sick to my stomach to realize such a Cabal was ready to do this to an innocent man. What horrible people. I realize that US Atty Durham will plea bargain with the minions to get the big fish, but every one deserves the death penalty.
    It will be several hours before I can sleep after reading this.

    • mr.piddles says:

      “a Cabal was ready to do this to an innocent man”
      What about the country? To whom and to what are the allegiances of these people? And how long has this been going on? A long, long time. But has been said, and will be said again… nobody expected her to lose.
      With people like that, who needs conspiracy theories?

  18. ganesh says:

    What is Tashina doing in these meetings? Note taker?
    Usually when someone is this below the line, they are a cipher or a spook.
    Wonderers gotta wonder.
    Maybe she is just another DC denizen doing denizening for a paycheck. Not even realizing the resultant damage.
    Or, …

    • Linda K. says:

      I doubt she is a master mind..they got her out of the government, hopefully to fully fry bigger fish. sigh.

  19. ?Gunny66 says:

    Well Sundance, you got it.
    You have all the dots connected and now any moves they make can be rationalized by all your investigative efforts.
    Now the only items that remains are;
    When will the ax fall………or will they disappear into the woodwork?
    This is Pulitzer worthy X10

    • meow4me2 says:

      Gunny, like the Nobel, the Pulitzer long ago became a way to push leftists’ values, not at all what we were told the awards represented. We need a new Pulitzer and a new Nobel award.

  20. The Demon Slick says:

    She went to Boeing. NOT a cooperating witness. Boeing is a payoff job. I bet she got a ginormous raise.

    • Contrarymary says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Didn’t Comey also work for Boeing where he made millions?

    • Linda K. says:

      You know, when you pay someone off, you give them lots of money so they can go live on an island somewhere. I mean, work is nice but if I’m being paid off, I don’t want a 9 to 5 job. Just sayin.

      • amwick says:

        Good point. Does she have to actually show up for work? No show jobs are a thing… especially when people can “work at home”….

    • And with security clearance.
      How stupid are we to afford security clearance to all and sundry?
      How many crooks are pacing around DC with security clearance INCLUDING Hillary Clinton, Yates, Holder, Lynch, Obama and ALL the cabal!!!
      Are we really that dumb?!!!!

  21. Attorney, William D Ware says:

    Testing… am I getting through on posts…

  22. susanphd says:

    Oyy yoy yoy goodness! The puzzle is finally coming together. I feel like when Durham and Barr were in London recently, they must have had a meeting with Assange. That is… if they really want to get to the bottom of this investigation. Assange is key to unraveling the entire hoax.

    • CM-TX says:

      Doubt it… if recent reports are true– Assange has been tortured to the point he’s incapable of communicating.
      What’s more disturbing, NOTHING was done to HELP him! ?

      • ezpz2 says:


      • Seneca the Elder says:

        CM- I find what’s been done to Assange is horrifying and disturbing. I don’t understand why no one from our side has done anything to rescue him. ?
        Surely he deserves better than to be tortured to death in prison because he helped to expose the absolute corruption of the Clinton Death Machine and its appararatchiks.

        • beach lover says:

          agree.. which then begs the question, why? Answer is NO one on either side wants his info to come out. If they can prove that Crowdstrike hid the information of the DNC leaks, the biggest crack in the dam is started.

        • lolli says:

          Yes, senecatheelder, it is horrific. Makes me realize we don’t have anyone on our side.

      • madeline says:
        Could Assange be Company 1 in this video.

  23. susanphd says:

    “In Lee Smith’s book, Devin Nunes reported they used something else besides the dossier to get the FISA approved. He couldn’t reveal what it was but said that info needs to be released so the American public can see it.
    Any idea what the “something else” was?”
    My guess is that it’s that girl, Butina. Who was infecting Trump Team socially, in order to create FISA suspicions; at the direction of Strock & McCabe. But she has also been neutralised. Deported back to Moscow, before she could talk.
    Or…. could be other OCONUS LURES that they unleashed on Campaign.

  24. farinc says:

    Why does everyone assume that Barr, Wray and Horowitz are on the side of justice?

  25. Tom says:

    Why does everyone assume that Barr, Wray and Horowitz are on the side of justice?

  26. CopperTop says:

    Perfect article as Roger Stone will be front and center next. The bold text by SD of cyber crime is the queue up for what to watch next.
    Media will use Stone to further the lib narrative regarding all things cyber crime.
    Possibly this is to squeeze POTUS via some connection they make (using those precious Grand Jury testimonies) between Don Jr or other family members to force Trump’s removal or resignation so they ‘don’t have to go after the family member of someone just because he’s President (‘We think Hunter should be left alone too…’ they’ll cry).
    A wicked step is planned. We can know that for certain.

  27. CopperTop says:

    Question: Is Tash in Boeing Washington (State) or Chicago???

  28. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    It’s now clear Sessions recused cause he was a victim in the initial probe.
    Imagine the victim leading the investigation or calling the investigation off.

  29. WES says:

    So far Barr is saying all the right things, but then the actions of the DoJ say the exact opposite!
    Bondo Barr so far.
    “It is just around the corner!”
    But then we seem to be going around in a circle!
    I sense SD is increasingly becoming more skeptical that anyone will be ever be charged.

  30. Lucille says:

    I’m trying to think of which leftie female General Mattis wanted as his second in command at the Department of Defense. Was Tash that woman?

    • Payday says:

      McMasters, Mattis, Kelly…
      …all those great generals PT appointed didn’t seem to turn out so great. They sure had me fooled.

      • Lucille says:

        Not really knowing much of anything about McMasters or Kelly before they came onboard President Trump’s administration, I was neither surprised or disappointed when they left, though I did think Kelly seemed to be a good guy. As for Mattis, when he didn’t support his men at Haditha and stuck with his Dem pal John Murtha rather than Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, I began to think Mattis was not as presented. I still think that way.

        • RightAroundTheBlock says:

          “Well Red” Mattis reminds me of a “constitutional scholar” once so highly toted. All one needed to do was listen to a couple of the former’s think tank/univ speeches to clearly conclude, Globalist.
          Appreciate his service, not his politics.

        • Woogumz says:

          Thank you for remembering.
          None of those at the top of the DoD foodchain are who you think they are.
          It’s a slippery, greasy pole to climb.

  31. Linda K. says:

    She is involved in the conspiracy as a lawyer, but we don’t know what her actual role in this was, or if she knew of the broader plan.She may be a dupe/dope, and cooperated with Durham when she realized the extent of the coup, when he questioned her…so they let her go

    • botchedcasuality says:

      She (Tash) would not have been permitted to join the post Mueller interview strategy aka download & eavesdropping on Oval Office conversation transmitted by Muellers forgotten phone. Admission required more than the role of “scribe”
      No loose ends, all “Inner circle” are bound by mutual crime and risk & cause, rather than oath & honor to country

  32. Blind no Longer says:

    Think of all the information, everything damaging to governments and individuals that Wikileaks has published over the years. Lots of things much more damning to the US than these DNC emails…but this, the DNC/Podesta info is what makes the US and UK finally go in to get Assange.
    Things that make you go hmmm.

  33. Mike in a Truck says:

    That little Fink Sessions could have shut this whole thing down.I still say he’s blackmailed. And now he’s thinking of running for office again?

  34. Elle says:

    It’s noted that “Dana Boente is simultaneously: U.S. Attorney for EDVA Acting Deputy AG.Acting AG for all issues related to Sessions recusal. James Comey & Dana Boente sign the April 2017 FISA renewal against Carter Page.”
    Wow. Talk about being caught in a trap. No way out.

  35. JL says:

    Is it possible she’s not a cooperating witness, but perhaps the IG came to the conclusion that she acted unethically and violated policy, and perhaps was referred for prosecution?
    It seems to me that would be grounds for termination, which is not typically done publicly, and in this case will be described in the IG report?
    Why are the only two options cooperation or coverup? It seems to me that perhaps this is jumping the gun a bit.

    • WRB says:

      My first thought is that Boeing would not hire her if she had a pending prosecution. So I guess no indictment for her.
      On the other hand, she was up to eye-balls in the coup, with documented meetings, and signed FISA applications. You cannot cover this up, you can only brush it aside as “unimportant” (see Clinton e-mail investigation). But Horowitz is not an out-and-out fraud (unlike say Strzok or Comey), and will document the obvious (stuff that has been written down.) So she is guilty of breaking FBI rules and procedures; probably just enough to convince her to cooperate, and not enough to fry her (but it would cost her a lot in legal fees).
      So my guess is she cooperated, staying on as long as necessary, and at the end, was told you were a bad girl, you have to leave.

  36. mptc says:

    So to set the table…
    On one hand we have the impeachment proceedings. Pelosi, Shiff etal running around like their hair is in fire…and with such urgency.
    On the other hand we have Barr and Durham with an investigation that are now criminal in nature and Horowitz finalizing his FISA investigation.
    Here is a scenario that worries me to no end….
    Barr, Durham and Horowitz, knowing they have damning evidence on the deep state and the democrats in an effort to protect the establishment tell the deep state and the democrats to cease and desist all impeachment inquiry; to cease and desist all Russian/Ukraine collusion inquiries, to drop all things anti-Trump in exchange for the complete whitewashing of the entire Barr, Durham, Horowitz investigations.
    Both sides agree and those most guilty leave the government or in the politicians cases they retire or decide not to seek re-election ever. Everyone gets their full pensions, no one goes to jail, everyone plays nice and Trump is president for a second term, Michael Flynn is exoneratedand
    AND the establishment (deep state) lives.

  37. DebbieSemms says:

    I will never forget how gung ho many of our GOP senators were to have Mueller investigate Trump. Lindsey Grahm so much so that he even wanted legislation preventing Trump from firing him,
    I think Lindsay always knew what the Mueller investigation was really about.

  38. snailmailtrucker says:

    You ROCK Mr. Sundance !
    Awesome research !

  39. Colorado Rich says:

    I live in Colorado, obviously. So what exactly are my taxes supporting? My Countries demise? I’m paying to destroy my children’s and my grand children’s future? Like hell I am, Burn this sh** down, I say.
    Funny thing is, not really funny, these people/things don’t just want to break US they want our children for their pleasure. We are talking some sick puppies here, they thrive on the thought of abortions. Sorry folks but we need more God like interventions, we are dealing with fallen beings reincarnate to resemble humans, that thrive on the destruction of ‘In God’s Image’.
    Good news is we have a Warrior in House, President Donald J Trump, I believe chosen by God for these final hours. Look at it, he has been giving everyone, every criminal a chance to choose whom they will serve. I’m gonna say this is pretty biblical here.
    I think someone once said, let the wheat and the tares grow up together that way when they are mature it will be easy to discern the good from the bad. Paraphrasing of course.
    This is it, so exciting, the final act in this play.
    I know I’m rambling but bear with me for another thought. If God is our father then our father would never allow US to suffer really, it may seem like suffering but I would venture to say it’s a virtual classroom, a pretty advanced one at that. My earthly father I love, but we’re not close, don’t really know him well. But I am a father of 4 beautiful children whom I would give my life for, that’s how I envision our heavenly father’s love. I know the only way I would allow them to go through this life, the life we are all experiencing right now here, is so they could learn to have faith in me, and learn these crucial lessons in this life.
    Anyway I know this probably didn’t make a lot of sense except to me but I felt impressed to share. God bless Sundance, all our patriots and Donald Trump for giving up everything because he loves this country and wants to give something back. I say we increase his salary to $2 dollars a year, just imagine double the DJT!

    • amwick says:

      You want a future for your family… Bless and keep you… I don’t have children, but I have nieces and nephews and I feel the same way… That is why I wonder about how this will end.. Lets say you have a building, and you find out that the foundation is totally unstable, shot in four or five places… That Mr. Rich, is how I see our government. The foundation is bad now.. meanwhile, there are people upstairs, having a party,, dancing and listening to strange music. Sometimes I think the whole swamp analogy is flawed,,, because a swamp is a place where very few people live.. (I have been to the the Atchafalaya Swamp a few times)
      You need a builder to fix this… ?

    • Blue Wildflower says:

      I believe God put President Trump in the Oval Office to put this country under Him again. I think President Trump is starting with 9/11 and cleaning the swamp forward. He is sick and tired of seeing his great country losing everything, money, freedoms, respect, etc. Many people may be forgiving of corruption and just say get the country going and look to the future. I don’t think President Trump is that person. The Deep State knows he is not that person!

  40. pucecatt says:

    Has anybody noticed Lindsey is not chumming it up with President Trump lately ? Seems to be Meadows , McCarthy and Gaetz have been at a few events with Potus lately .. on this Tash lady I remember RR got extremely upset when he was being questioned about the FISA and her name came into the fold and he got extremely angry and defended her vigorously.

    • 1riot1ranger says:

      He may have a poker he forgot about in the Ukrainian fire. The guilty way he was looking around in the Ruptly video of him and McCain and Klobuchar and the former ambassador all being feted just rubbed me the wrong way. LIke he knew he was doing something wrong.

  41. deqwik2 says:

    Julian Assange tweeted this thread on March 22, 2018 & report of Ecuador shutting off his internet service was on March 28, 2018.

  42. Newhere says:

    This gives me a real sinking feeling. Along with the recent report that Barr is rolling out a domestic “pre-crime” detection program — events are not boding well.

  43. 2Alpha says:

    Make No Mistake… Traitors among us…

  44. Genie says:

    I get the sense from Strzok and Page texts that they were displeased with Tashina “Tash” Guahar on that pivotal day, 5/16/17.
    Strzok: “Because Tash doesn’t relay sh*t.”
    Page: Tash calling. Super.
    Strzok: Tash have anything worth saying at 11:36?
    Poor Tash. Sounds like highschool mean girls talking behind her back. She probably told Horowitz she “unfriended” them when the texts surfaced. Sheesh.

  45. Pelayo says:

    Tashina Guajuar was also one of three FBI agents that were tasked with “reviewing” Clinton’s emails on Weiners laptop. Its amazing how in this huge bureaucracy Tashina and Peter Strozk keep appearing at every facet of the effort to whitewash the Clinton email investigation and frame Trump.
    If she did leave to escape Horowitz interviewing her it’s for naught because Durham doesnt have the same restrictions.

    • Kintbury says:

      They are what I would call the willing donkeys. The ones the bosses know will do what is asked regardless of whether is it legal or not.

  46. JPinBalt says:

    Great work.
    Despite, I fear all corruption, illegal spying and planned coup against Trump will die in so much as Louis Learner IRS abuses targeting conservative groups.
    Time kills, but hope for Horowitz and Durham.
    Would like to see people charged with crimes, trial, and prison as opposed to this MSM propaganda mission with Democrats in Congress participating, or DNC and Clinton campaign where it started.
    We really see draining the swamp ASAP. Not happening.

  47. johnnyfandango says:

    I can’t stand it I know you planned it………….I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s sabotage.
    Round up all these FCkrs, put them in rubber room and play this video on a continuous loop as they wait to be interviewed by Durham.

  48. John-Y128 says:

    Sounds like the DOJ is even covering up for lower-level employees, thanks (FU) AG Barr!

  49. Alison Wilson says:

    I think that Tash probably cooperated and then left on her own. The agreement may have been to agree with her removal and then quietly leave town altogether. My reasons to thinks so?
    1) Sadly we are seeing that NO ONE ever gets prosecuted from the Clinton/Obama group so she would have had nothing to fear by staying.
    2) Her job at Boeing would be in jeopardy when the reports are released if she doesn’t come out of this looking better than a swamp creature that conspired to bring down a sitting president. By leaving quietly she can claim that when presented with the information of what the rest had been doing and the part she unknowingly played (she will claim ignorance, I am sure), she can hold her head up high claiming status as a victim.
    The people remaining are fighting for their careers. The ones who have left still seem to have a finger in the Washington swamp pie. She, unless she is a lobbyist for Boeing, has left the swamp entirely.

  50. DJ Snyder says:

    Like Sundance says, it could still go either way at this point. I won’t believe that Barr is Bondo Bagpipe Barr until Trump himself starts disparaging him. Then we’ll know for sure.

  51. Boots says:

    ….OR, the IG discoveries about direct and affiliated activity that surrounded Ms. Gauhar led to her pre-report exit as a Main Justice coverup.
    There can be no other reason than this, SD. Past is prologue here.
    Bit more on Tashina. The number of non-white names that support or participated in this three year coup, and who agitate in general for the destruction of America, is simply astounding. Convinces me 110% that immigration should’ve always been limited to whites from countries with values similar to USA….which is what I understand immigration law WAS until that SOB drunk murderer Ted Kennedy’s 1961 bill designed to crack the dam and allow America to become contaminated.

      • We the people know says:

        I’m pulling this from your link because it’s SO important. Mr. Gohmert has been on to them for a very long time…
        “Tash Gauhar”
        Congressional Record
        Page H3089 – April 10, 2018 <-—— DATE
        115th Congress, 2nd Session
        Issue: Vol. 164, No. 57 — Daily Edition
        The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Comer). Under the Speaker’s announced
        policy of January 3, 2017, the Chair recognizes the gentleman from
        Texas (Mr. Gohmert) for 30 minutes.
        ” I think he is also trying to provoke the President to firing Mueller
        because Mueller knows he doesn’t have anything right now. This is a
        last-ditch effort to try to find something, try to get something, get
        somebody to testify against the President, even if it is a lie just as
        it was that put Sergeant Derrick Miller in prison for life whose parole
        hearing I came back and testified before last week. It is not that hard
        to get people to testify to a lie against somebody else when you are
        threatening to take everything they care about away.
        Rosenstein needs to be stopped. He was involved in the original
        Russia uranium investigation as a U.S. attorney. He should never have
        been allowed to appoint a special counsel. If Rosenstein had any
        decency and ethics about himself, he should have told Jeff Sessions: I
        am not the guy who can do this because I was involved in that Russia
        uranium investigation that enriched Hillary Clinton’s foundation $145
        million; I can’t do this.
        But since he is not ethical, he is not moral, and he doesn’t mind
        keeping the limitations running while they are looking elsewhere rather
        than at him and Mueller who is also the FBI Director involved in that
        Russia investigation where Russia was trying to get our uranium,
        neither one of them should have been able to accept.
        Rosenstein has got to go, and his assistant who so often keeps the
        good people who supported President Trump in the dark, Tash Gauhar, she
        needs to go. She needs to go, and Rosenstein should follow right out
        the door. Those people are doing more damage over there. They have got
        to go, and then we can try to salvage this country and our
        constitutional Republic.”

  52. Martin says:

    The 2nd biggest “oh, shit” after election night 2016 was PDJT mentioning CrowdStrike during the Ukrainian call.

  53. JKR says:

    When exactly does Obama stop being the boss of DOJ? When does President Trump decide to become the boss?

  54. JKR says:

    When exactly does Obama stop being the boss of DOJ? When does President Trump decide to become the boss?

  55. hawkins6 says:

    “Ms. Tashina Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing….DOJ Main Justice may be providing cover to protect Guahar as they did with SSCI Security Director James Wolfe… In 2019 Dana Boente is currently FBI chief legal counsel.”
    Meanwhile, the unrelenting DOJ prosecution of Gen Flynn continues after 2 plus years of bankruptcy and then Roger Stone’s trial will begin in a D.C. federal court in Washington on November 5th “for allegedly lying to Congress about his interactions with Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign.” Same old story so far…except the politically corrupt Mueller Dream Team has been easily and seamlessly replaced by the politically corrupt Schiff-Pelosi-Nadler Impeachment Dream Team. .

  56. Bill says:

    If it’s credible, and that’s a big IF, McCabe memo of 5/16/17 leaves little doubt that Rosenstein was/is a black hat co-conspirator and did volunteer to wear a wire to record the President.
    Very possible McCabe tweeked the memo language to protect himself…who knows for sure…?

  57. Jenevive says:

    About Barr, I know people seem to think he is not
    gonna do anything. But he did put an end to the
    Mueller fiasco, and got POTUS out of that
    pretty much unscathed.
    He shut it down and he let his bestie Bob give that
    ridiculous interview and then appear at the hearing.
    Mueller didn;t come out looking good in either of those.

    • wightmanfarm says:

      I think he made a deal to shut down the Mueller investigation (for Trump) with the understanding that no one would be prosecuted (for the Swamp). Until I see evidence to prove me wrong, I believe my theory. (note: nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong.)

      • bpressey says:

        That was always the plan – blackmail Trump with a ‘trumped’ up B.S case to use that leverage in order to let the true criminals get away with it yet again.

        • warrprin1 says:

          bpressey, THIS ⬆️ makes sense. 3 years of framing President Trump, making it appear that they held all the cards, in order to use this spectacle as the Get Outta Jail Card for every member of the DS colluders’ tribe. Meanwhile, the nation remains forced to carry on in the handcuffed state of “stay tuned”. Judgement is coming, Kids, it is coming.

        • Daniel says:

          If that was the plan and the deal was made, then it would have ended without the continued effort to remove Trump. It would be unlike Trump to make a deal of this kind and since they are still going after him in absurd and unrelenting ways, I would say that is fair indication of no such deal.

      • lolli says:

        And the investigation of PT never ended, it just switched hands.

        • aarmad says:

          Exactly!!!! And they will be allowed to impeach the President in the house. The delay of the IG report and the Durham investigation WILL NOT come out until after the President is impeached by the house. Then it will be too late. BUT this will not be the end. Abuse will continue with no charges to those who should be indicted for treason. comby, strok, page etc. many many more should be indicted. I fear it may not happen. One thing for sure The President will be re-elected. And it will be another 4 years of little getting done. Even if the Republicans take back the house. The Trump Dynasty needs to think beyond 2020/2024. Maybe one of the Trump sons would run :

          • vladdy says:

            I’d say no, not the Trump sons….Nunes, Jordan…..Gaetz, Meadows, DeSantos, Biggs…a Freedom Caucus or similarly-minded guy….who knows what they’re getting into even more than PDT did when he came in and have spent years fighting it already.

      • dbobway says:

        I don’t believe it’s a theory Wightmanfarm.
        This is AG Barr’s purpose for being who, and where he is.
        The ‘Swamp’ is real and includes a lot of important ‘influential’ power brokers.
        The President is keeping them all busy creating legislative fiction while PDJT changes the direction of the country. Barr is part of that diversion.
        The prosecution of the traitors of this Republic, is not going to happen, in earnest, until after we stomp the Democrats in the 2020 election.
        Do I want justice? You bet.
        The direction of this great nation, is more important to me.

        • dbob- EXCELLENT POINT.

        • chipin8511 says:

          Just remember it was Barr who wrote that op-ed in June 2018 about a sitting President could not be indicted ..A few months later Barr was AG all part of the plan.Remember Muller and Barr best friends there fathers their wives all friends..Barr was put there to make deals and to cover it all up..Where is the investigation of Epstein you promised. Barr? Lindsey Graham I will investigate nothing why? too much to lose he and Mic Shame best friends Lindsey is a dirty piece of shit scumbag whore.Only one Trump can trust is Rudy and he is up to his ass in making $$$$$$$$$$ too.The whole country is a fi**g disgrace.Trump has no one to turn to all blackmailed compromised corrupt trash in America greed power $$$$$$$$.I pray I am wrong.. All you have to do is look at cover-ups in America 9/11 Benghazi Las Vegas Weinstein Epstein Russia hoax….Shoe-face dont cross the CIA they have 6 ways to Sunday to get you in progress stay tuned…Until people ask question about how these people get so rich in DC you solve nothing. Even if Trump gets 4 more years the cover ups will continue..Face it will live in the most corrupt country on earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Why no one has any incentive to fix it……..$$$$$$$$$$ trillions at stake.Pray for Trumps safety

          • lolli says:


          • John Taylor says:

            Deep down Barr has the right idea about who is really in charge, listen to the Speech at Notre Dame.
            I take some small comfort in his big picture Understanding.

          • Sherri Young says:

            Barr’s statement about a sitting president not being subject to indictment came several months after a law professor mentioned the same thing in a SCOTUS 101 podcast. He cited a remark by Justice Scalia and reiterated how Justice Scalia fleshed out his assertion, IIRC.

        • vicarioushikermom says:

          I think, also, that there is some agreement that holding accountable those who should be held accountable will result i the country going up in flames. Unhappy Democrats are given to violence and destruction; unhappy conservatives — the powers that be know will put up with it. Wil we? There is much talk that we won’t, but in the long run, yes, I think we will, sad to say.

          • sturmudgeon says:

            I don’t know where this “the country will go up in flames” business comes from… is it just another “the people cannot govern themselves” b.s. from those that think “they” are the elite and should make all the decisions for the ‘masses’?

        • johnparham1 says:

          The direction of this great nation is dependent on justice being served.

          • vladdy says:

            Agree. And we have proof that the corruption WILL continue if people are not imprisoned…at least enough to give the message that it COULD be you. Our proof is, they are still corrupt in those agencies now, 3 yrs after election with a supposed criminal investigation going on. They will not stop unless people are in jail. And there have to be some big names. What’s the use of the country continuing, if it’s a hornet’s nest full of villainous traitors working against the people and protecting each other? Who cares, if that’s the case?
            And oh, boy,what their people and base will do in public spaces to the rest of us if they get away with it. Ever see a few disruptive kids turn a whole classroom into chaos? All it takes is a few in the public, citizens like ourselves, who would say “Ah…now we know there are no boundaries….” and violence in the streets…not a civil war, not something started by us…but against us, as now, but squared.
            Just knowing they’re still quieitly letting people move on, who were part of this, gives me a deep sense of foreboding.

          • dbobway says:

            I couldn’t agree more with your comment John.
            What if the leaders in charge are the very traitors who are attacking our Constitutional Republic. If the President were to lose in 2020. these very criminals will be back in charge.
            If our form of Government is so great,
            Then it must perform above and beyond sedition.
            The voter becomes the firewall.
            President Trump plans are to overwhelm the voter with prosperity, freedom and most of all hope.
            We must have a vote that overcomes fraud and mischief.
            We must have a vote of American citizens,
            All races, denominations, gender and age group.
            That will not slay the beast,
            But it will give us 4 more years of the leaders with more power to fight the beast.
            If we can’t do this peacefully, then I’m not in a form of government who values human life with virtue and moral clarity.
            We need to win and win big.
            Our President is doing an amazing job of making that happen.
            He is putting us first, then he’ll go get the bad guys.
            Remember, President Trump is in each of their heads when the black hats go try to sleep, every night.
            Our President is our sovereignty in his head when he dreams of the pursuit of happiness for ‘all’ of us.

      • frances says:

        That is possible, but the Mueller report was already in its death throes so why such a heavy price unless it was a price he wanted to pay. But IMO all bets are now off once they came up with Russia 2.0 via Ukraine.

        • When the scandals are 100% fake, completely manufactured, and without any facts or evidence, the number of fake impeachment investigations will be unlimited (sort of). The only limit will be how fast their fiction writers can churn out tall tales.

      • I agree that most of these deals are going to be worked out behind the scenes. Though I tend to disagree. He will have to issue a report on what happened. With the cat out of the bag as much as it is if he is going to restore any credibility back to the DOJ which democrats think is fine and republicans know it is corrupted. He will have to hold some people accountable. The reason they changed it to criminal was for leverage. Without a doubt deals will be made but Barr will ultimately have to restore the reputation. No way of doing that without some level of accountability.

    • Tom S says:

      Too many lawyers on the government dole, they are stealing whatever they can from whoever they can no holds barred, nothing is sacred they are destroying this Great Republic for evil and personal gain.

      • chipin8511 says:

        Lawyers are paid liars in most cases.. All for show actors and actresses.Our legal system is a sham…….Stop electing lawyers to congress…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ whores.They hate Trump because he is already rich the others come to DC to get of us the citizens.

    • inspectorudy says:

      Imagine that you become the captain of an aircraft carrier. One that has all kinds of discipline problems, performance issues and moral problems. Just because you are the captain you cannot fix everything in one day/year/several years. This is how becoming the AG will take time and a lot of help from outsiders to clean out this mess. Just like the carrier, there are many sub-departments that have corruption within them. Info coming into the DoJ that goes first to a deep stater may take months to surface deliberately to slow down the investigations. How is Barr supposed to know about this? Wray is another problem that cannot be solved overnight. He obviously was not part of the hoax but seems to be covering it up. Why? Barr literally came out of a wealthy retirement to handle this and is not going to succumb to the DC PC!

  58. frank field says:

    ANOTHER great read Sundance. Thanks again.
    Just think of all the individuals at DOJ/FBI who knew/know of this river of filth… and say nothing?
    May God grant that I (especially me), and all of us here do all we can to expose this systemic evil and advance righteousness. Just going to the voting box is not enough.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      May God also grant a willingness on the part of radical Democrats to open their minds to the level of corruption in our government. What many of them don’t realize is that these people who are willing to stick it to Republicans and Conservatives will eventually need “new blood” to stick it to and they will be that new blood. After all, they are willing to kill unborn and pre-born children, why do DemocRAT voters think they will be safe?

      • 7delta says:

        Exactly, the left’s entire ideology is dependent on having victim classes. The oppressed v. the oppressors. You can’t be the champion of the oppressed, if there is no oppressive dragon to slay. When a new dragon is needed, it must be conjured up.
        When power is secured by these ideologues, the real dragons take off their social justice masks to rule and reign over their devout and everyone else with fire and force. Always.
        Rule of thumb: Anybody (or ideology) that will ask/require you to lie for them, to ignore and ridicule verifiable facts, to never question or dissent, to put them into power by any means necessary, because their noble end justifies the means, you can take it to the bank that they are lying to you, that you are merely a temporary necessary “means”, and once the end is achieved, your fervent belief in the cause will be a liability for the very people you put into power. From beginning to end, it’s all a lie.
        I also pray for the left’s (and everyone’s) eyes to be opened to the truth too. We all need wisdom and discernment to recognize what’s true and what’s a lie. 

        • 1 Observer says:

          “…and once the end is achieved, your fervent belief in the cause will be a liability for the very people you put into power.”
          Yep, just like Boxer, the horse in George Orwell’s Animal, they’ll be sent to the “glue factory”. All “useful idiots”, a term put to devastating effect by Lenin.

    • WhiteBoard says:

      Question regarding the COUP plottters,,,,,
      Does that make a difference in how the public perceives the data? reads the data? questions the reason?
      Russia hack = CNN says dont read them and it covers up the Bernie stolen nomination via delegates. Didnt people dies that delivered lawsuit papers to the DNC regarding Bernie?
      Seth Rich Leak = ? what different public view other than Russia could of been seen?
      AGAIN – Why was it so important to have the SERVER hacked versus leaked via Seth Rich?
      OH I SEE – from this article! THE COUP RELIES on the RUSSIA ANGLE to start the Mueller BS (recusal Sessions BS) .. This is literally a FREAKING OVERTHROW AND ABUSE OF THIS GOVERNMENT, NOT JUST A DIRTY POLITICAL TRICK

    • DeWalt says:

      Yes. The trouble really starts at the local level. Take Charlie Crist. I remember what a Shyster he was in Pinellas Co.,in Florida. but people still pushed him right up the ladder. If we snuff their careers at the local levels and be alot more vigilant about who we allow to progress we can control alot more at the top.

  59. Ausonius says:

    The White Rose was the code name for a group of students and a professor in Munich who started an underground organization against Hitler and his National Socialists.
    In one of their last pamphlets urging the Germans to stop supporting the war, to stop the silence, and to start preparing for the end, they wrote that everyone needed to note and remember the smaller fish swimming with the Nazis, for it was especially these smaller, nearly anonymous individuals who by the thousands had helped the National Socialists ruin Germany and Europe.
    I note the extent of the amoral, Nietzschean will-to-power aspect of this coup d’etat and am unfortunately not surprised by how many people (dozens? hundreds?) with high levels of education have obviously felt no compunction whatsoever about assisting in an illegal coup d’etat.
    Keep in mind: The Left has no morals. They have only the illusory moral from the mirror-masturbatory pleasure of telling themselves that they are creating good by their actions, because by definition whatever they do is always for the good, and so nothing they do is ever wrong. The Left defines only their own actions to be good, and cannot step back and disinterestedly observe whether those actions are Good or Evil (capital G, capital E). If those actions fail, then what needs to happen is that one needs a higher dosage of those actions. Failure because of Evil does not exist, because Leftist actions ipsis factis can never be evil.
    For the Leftists, Evil with a capital “E” does not exist except as the antithesis to Leftist action. And so anything a Leftist does for the cause is good, because a higher idea of Good and Evil in their opinion does not exist.
    The “smaller fish” have absorbed this philosophy from our patently Leftist kulcher (check the lyrics – if the term is not laughable for what passes as “songs” these days – which they are plugged into, check the plots of the movies and T.V. shows, etc), from their possibly non-religious parents, and from their Leftist teachers and professors. Remember the mantra of the 1960’s: If it feels good,it can’t be wrong.” Opposing the presidency of Donald Trump makes them feel good about themselves -they are the REAL patriots! – and so nothing they do is wrong.
    Which is why everything was kept secret and dark!
    Those who deny the existence of a conscience prove themselves wrong with their furtive actions.

    Like the largest fish leading them, these small Leftists are also culpable of a great crime, but like the German National Socialists, they will undoubtedly be unable to see the immorality of their actions, since such thinking is alien to them.

    • icthematrix says:

      Excellent points.

    • amjean says:

      It is totally astonishing to me as I go through my daily life with family, friends and work
      and meet up with the no nothing, non thinking people who, with no provocation,
      have something negative to say about President Trump. Usually the words racist,
      sexist and paid by the Russians comes up. Its as if in order to belong to the “club”,
      they need to let everyone know their political position….based on no facts, no research and no knowledge.

      • Ausonius says:

        Why does a BILLIONAIRE want to run the risk of taking bribes? And where is the proof? How much was deposited and where and by whom?
        How does a racist support Israel, and have increasing support from minorities in America? Why would a racist help minorities to get employed?
        Sexism? Well, here is why your contacts believe in Leftist Fairy Tales:
        …The (president’s) unattainable feat?
        Hiring an astounding number of women for senior-level positions in the White House.
        Luckily for women everywhere, in 2018 it has finally been accomplished.
        Naturally, Vogue has written about it. Cosmopolitan has shouted it from the rooftops, as has MSNBC and every other liberal news outlet.
        If only that last part were true.
        Despite impressive hiring practices during his first year in the White House, President Donald Trump has received little to no credit for his choice of women for the most senior positions on his cabinet, as well as the West Wing.
        In fact, <b<the mainstream media only selectively reported on the male appointees of the Trump administration, claiming that he was appointing “more white and male than any first cabinet since Reagan.” This myth was perpetuated by Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) comments as well as media reports that Trump only valued the opinions of “guys named Steve.”
        The New York Times even reported on Jan. 13, 2017 — a full week before Trump even took the oath of office or set foot in the oval office — that he apparently preferred men over women for senior roles.


        • YeahYouRight says:

          Trump has had a Target on his back via tabloids and aspiring AGs and governors for his entire adult life. I guarantee you that he keeps a clean house and the Dems have figured that out, hence the need for fictitious shampeachable offenses.

      • amjean- don’t ever under-estimate the brainwashing that the average person receives!
        Especially those like my adult children who went to public schools all their lives. They are all wonderful people in every respect except POLITICS. How did they ever become Lib Dems with two conservative parents?? Answer- they learned in in school and from MSM.

        • Ken Maritch says:

          Same here.

          • vladdy says:

            One thing I notice is, those people are very influenced by pop culture. They’re the types who say “Have you seen—-” (insert name of lastest gore-filled movie or other “entertainment”) and say “I think they’re funny” or some other excuse about thugs in the “music” industry.
            They have no interest in researching politics,but yeah, they’ll speak up about it anyway. I’s horrid, when they’re nice people in other ways, but acting as “useful idiots” though living traditional lives with the kids in the suburbs… and picking up on the undercurrent that it’s “not cool” to be pro-PDT.
            Frankly, I wish they would keep quiet in this area that they know nothing about. They hurt us all by giving the left the exuse “See, just your ordinary family with kids, and they hate PDT, too”…when they don’t know enough to hate him…they’re just going along with the politics de jour (so they believe.) Just a little research would turn them, but they won’t do it. Not interested enough to know, but interested just enough to talk in that area.

        • Peppurr says:

          Fortunately, my husband’s political rants against the left wore off on my children. It all started in Grade 4 when the 1984 Book became part of their Social Studies curriculum when they were 9 yrs old!!! Thankfully, today, they are both solid Conservatives.

          • fractionalexponent says:

            Agree Peppurf. My girlfriend in highschool gave me 1984 and Atlas Shrugged as gifts. My daughter in Staten Island flies a “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsden flag over the house, despite the fears of her husband.
            It’s not the fault of schools if some folks kids end up commies.
            It’s the job of parents.

            • vladdy says:

              And we must encourage cons/trads — young or mid-life career changers — to go into teaching. It’s imperative. It needs to be a movement. Not to enourage all, like some dumb “Teach for America,” but specifically conservatives encouraging those they know. This is an area we could take back, one school at a time. School boards are not enough. They need to be in the classroom and at all the teacher “trainings.” (indoctrinations.)

              • Ausonius says:

                Thank you! I will not be teaching forever! Retirement at age 70+ looms very soon! Someone needs to replace me, and I hope it is a young Conservative who can stand up against the Leftists sure to be found on any faculty.

        • sturmudgeon says:

          Seneca: I think a part of the reason is the “rebellion” part… we shouldn’t forget that most? of our ‘critical thinking’ comes into our lives once we have come ‘beyond youth’.

    • Janus says:

      Good comment. For the left, the end justifies the means. That is why we see Schiff, Pelosi & Co. trashing the Constitution and willing to risk even Civil War in order to remove the President from office. These are demonic, soul-less creatures who are only interested in maintaining their power and willing to do–literally–anything to keep it.
      The administrative state believes IT runs this country (not the elected leaders) and they–and they alone–are the anointed leaders. Their “morality” is the belief in their superiority (same as the Nazis), and hence the justification for the ongoing Coup d’etat.

    • rmramerica says:

      You could not be more correct! – An example is during WWII, the French formed their “resistance” movement (from which the Dems used the term “resistance”) against the Nazis. France was a very Catholic country and the acts they used, lying, stealing, cheating, the destruction of property and murder when necessary were all sins to the church. The French appealed to Pope Pius XII for a dispensation in/to fight the Nazis and still be practicing Catholics. The Pope granted it in a letter because – when “good” (resistance) fights “evil” anything, any tool is accepted to stop it. (paraphrasing) The important point is these people believe that they are fighting evil, and anyone who contests them must represent evil, for they (liberals, Democrats) represent “good”. There was a term used at the time, WWII, and afterwards by historians to describe this dispensation/exception by the church, wish I could remember it.

    • StanH says:

      No question. The entire federal bureaucracy exists for one thing, self preservation. Every agency, every law, is designed to diminish The Constitution and the Bill of Rights to usher in the NWO. “If it feel good, do it — The ends justify the means — Stick it to the man — Turn on, tune in, drop out. ” The creation of the hyphenated American (African-American) all designed to “divide and conquer.” The intentional confusing of what’s a little boy and what’s a little girl. LBGQTFRUIT as a real force and that represent a majority of thought in this country and around the world. The contorting of the meaning of Holy Matrimony:
      For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother
      and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh,
      So then, they are no longer two but one flesh.
      Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”
      (Matt 19: 5,6)
      Ask yourself why? In order to create theoretical Utopia, they must destroy the closest thing to Utopia that has ever existed on planet earth, the USA. They must replace faith in a higher being, God, with faith in government. The Founders knew if you did not enshrine Judaeo-Christian ideals in our founding there would be no glue that binds a people.
      I’m not trying to be sanctimonious, but it’s imperative we understand their method of attack. All things foundational in this country must be destroyed.
      The “Ivy League” have been stamping out these statist droids for decades filling the bureaucracy with untouchable apparatchiks who get real pleasure from terrorizing Free America.
      You are exactly correct, and using your meme, in many cases these swamp denizens are akin to Hitler Youth and do not developed the gray matter to understand where they are being led and that they are disposable. Perhaps it would be good in there very expensive education look into Stalin-Mao purges and how the “intellectuals” fared.
      Right on Ausonius.

    • 7delta says:

      Those who deny the existence of a conscience prove themselves wrong with their furtive actions.
      Following the Revolutionary War, while Virginia was debating and establishing its State laws regarding how to determine the mental competence to understand right from wrong of someone who committed a crime, but may have or claim mental incapacity, Thomas Jefferson wrote (paraphrased) that a person who believes they have done no wrong has no need to lie or to hide what they’ve done. A person who does either or both knows they have done wrong.
      Leftists often use the excuse that people are too stupid to know what’s good for them, so the masses must be deceived to “nudge” or “push” them into acquiescing to their superiors. Think Jonathan Gruber and many others.
      Even if these people have convinced themselves they’re intellectually and morally superior, their deceit, and its many iterations, proves they know their ideas are not benevolent and cannot withstand debate or challenge from people they know aren’t stupid, which, as you wrote above IOW, nullifies and exposes their fragile superiority lie. 
      It’s all a self-induced delusion that when frustrated is glued together only by unhinged childish emotion.
      Really good post, Ausonius.

      • Ausonius says:

        “Leftists often use the excuse that people are too stupid to know what’s good for them,”
        Yes, Marx’s “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” planted the blossoming elitist contempt for Americans seen today among Leftists.
        Many thanks!

  60. Brant says:

    I’ve noted on other posts that all of these folks probably had window offices with doors that closed or at the least interior offices with doors that closed. None of these actors lived/worked in cubicle land. Cubicle folks were told not to knock on closed doors. I’m sure any outside people that came in for “meetings” were taken to special access offices so cubicle folks wouldn’t see them walking thru cubicle land. There may be “white” hats in these agencies, but they are worker bees. Granted, live/work in DC probably not white hats, but I don’t think cubicle land folks had an active hand in any of this.
    Of course since all conducted by “office with doors” folks, that puts them closer to the very “top” if before inauguration and close to the prior top if after inauguration.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      A reminder that this whole thing was planned AND executed by the very most senior offline the FBI.

      • Rami says:

        We the People want to round up ALL of the “corner office” people, be they FBI, DOJ, IC, NSA, CIA, etc, etc.

    • fractionalexponent says:

      Problem is the rank-and-file cubicle folks are the ones who conduct the 4am raids and boo the President at baseball games…

  61. wightmanfarm says:

    So people will get “new” jobs but no one goes to jail. Looks like that will be wrist slap resulting from the Horowitz report, which we will see “in 2 weeks”.

    • mtk says:

      Yup, Boeing making a perfect hire, before the upcoming lawsuit over the grounded 737 Max.
      Her sole responsibility will be to help Boeing navigate the labyrinth that is the DOJ.

      • IGiveUp says:

        Boeing is corrupt. Guahar should fit in well. Technologically efficient ,willingly corrupt , sure of their virtue, these people in the fascist bureaucracy (think Eichmann) have so many more opportunities than the rest of us. I think that’s common in the decline of Empire phase.

        • trialbytruth says:

          It is the new science of.the millennials. Prove your theory by only including those things which support your theory. Ignore everything else because you know you are right (actually this may be a variant on Ausonios brilliant post above).
          Millennial science has become advocacy for your or the collective belief (are the two even separable ). They have been taught they have value from existing, knowledge equals opinion and wisdom comes.from repetition.

      • WhiteBoard says:

        she will say Russia did it.

    • Will Hunt says:

      the only remedy is sunlight. The “institution” will never police or correct itself. it is truly dispiriting and disheartening that so many 100’s or maybe many thousands of people involved in these clearly anti-American activities. How is it possible that none has had the moral strength to come forward.

  62. TwoLaine says:

    Whenever Mary McCord & Dana Boente come up I always go back to this piece, a PBS interview with Mary McCord to see if anything new pops out or makes more sense. Keep in mind, Mary is also married to a top dog at the Supreme Court, with a different last name, of course, Sheldon Snook. They don’t want the general pubic to know they have related tentacles everywhere in gubt.
    Mary McCord
    Acting Assistant Attorney General, 2016-17
    I did find new points I had missed before, like The Kenyan using a never before used Executive Order to order the sanctions against Russia that started the ball rolling to Take The Kill Shot on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. I don’t recall that the fact that this EO had never been used before, and/or that he had expanded it as well, which begs the question, was it put in place just for this occasion?
    Executive Order — Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
    29 Dec 2016

  63. Brad says:

    What ever happened to the 30,000 emails that Hillary destroyed, Which some amount of were backed up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop?

  64. digleigh says:

    Sundance:: In your opinion is Trump fully aware of the former and current plots against him? As you lay this out, it seems deepstate is in control and his name is cya..It does not bode well for the Intel’s to ever be cleaned up nor convictions of those who were involved in subversion, sedition, and conspiracy to overturn an election! Our Republic will not survive the lack of accountability !What say you??

    • littleanniefannie says:

      It will take a housecleaning of unimagined proportion. Time to farm the agencies out across the country so this type of collusion and obstruction against a duly elected President can never happen again!

    • redthunder238 says:

      If Trump is aware he’s trusting the wrong people to clean it up. Barr is pure swamp and always has been. The fact that Trump appointed him AG shows that something isn’t right. Barr is filthy.

      • lolli says:

        McConnell let’s PT know who would be approved. Turtle would never approve a Patriot.

        • Janus says:

          Bingo! John Ratcliffe was shot down as the nominee for Director of National Intelligence by Richard Burr and Mitch McConnell precisely because he was a Patriot and loyal to Trump. As Sundance wrote about, there was no way McConnell or Burr would let anyone loyal to Trump anywhere near the keys to the kingdom.
          Barr is pure swamp critter, which is why I am dubious about indictments and prosecutions.

          • lolli says:

            ?agree Janus

          • Linda K. says:

            Maybe this woman, Tashina Guahar, took a new job on her own, when she heard/saw the IG report come out. Time to get out of town. I think indictments are coming and this impeachment process is very weak.

      • L4grasshopper says:

        ROLCON elsewhere please 🙂

        • redthunder238 says:

          omg man. I’m as MAGA as MAGA gets. I’m also a realist and can CLEARLY see that Barr is Swamp. Some people just don’t want to accept it.

          • Linda K. says:

            Barr does not look like Swamp to me. He has an ongoing criminal investigation going on and went personally to Italy to get evidence. He stopped SDNY from putting Manafort in Rikers Island,he stopped the endless Mueller probe…I think Barr understands the Swamp and knows what line to draw on their behavior. Barr brought in some of his own people from outside DC to work with him, also.
            We will see what happens with the Flynn case, as well.

            • Bogeyfree says:

              Get or secure evidence I was t sure what you meant.
              Whatever happened to…….
              Wiener Laptop
              Clinton Server
              Clinton 33K emails
              DNC Server
              Hammer Whistleblower and his 47 Hard Drives
              PapaD’s serial numbers on the 10K
              Ratner’s video recording about Assange,
              Mifsud’s Phones
              Dana Rohrabacher Deposition from his conversation with Assange
              Brennen EC
              Scope Documents
              Steele Deposition
              U1 Whistleblower
              So you see there is a treasure trove IMO of hard evidence that should blow this case to kingdom come.

            • redthunder238 says:

              You need to read up on Barr’s history going back to the 70’s when he was CIA and especially what he pulled in the 80’s. The guy is pure swamp. Durham is Huber 2.0. It’s a RUSE!

            • redthunder238 says:

              And speaking of Flynn, why is the Barr led DOJ still fighting that? I want to believe Barr is MAGA but there’s been MANY indicators that he’s not. He’s had so many chances to help Trump and he hasn’t done it a single time. And yeah, Manafort didn’t get sent to Rikers, he’s at the MCC, the same jail where Epstein got killed. What ever happened to Barr’s investigation of that anyways? 100% Bondo.

        • redthunder238 says:

          Give me ONE reason to think otherwise. Seriously. What has Barr EVER done to help Trump? Meanwhile he’s out blowing Rosey, blowing Wray(and allowing him to still run the FIB), allowing that dirtbag Jessie Liu to continue covering up for people. Even Boente is still in a position of power! Tell me why McCabe hasn’t been indicted, or ANYONE else for that matter. Barr is a traitorous pos.

          • WhiteBoard says:

            1) Assange case indicted weeks before Barr nomination – they knew.
            2) Durham Criminal Investigation
            3) Barr came in and shut down Muellers spy operation so they could begin Durhams without EYEs
            4) Jessie Liu rethinking her cases = example was shown recently with her deferring to DOJ’s opinion.
            5) TRipwire Ukraine trippped and started to get Barr recusal. FAILED.
            cleaned up prior to his arrival, and tried to recuse him an failed. that is not a sign of a traitorous pos. Thats a sign of the DEADLY CLEANER.

            • redthunder238 says:

              You’re overly optimistic, bordering on delusional. You did see that one of Durham’s lead investigators is DS didn’t you? Even if Durham is legit they know everything he’s doing. And with #4, what was the DOJ’s opinion? BARR’s DOJ. He’s a cleaner all right. Get real.

              • 1riot1ranger says:

                Barr was the best PDJT was going to do that could get approved by a Senate. End of story. I have said many times that the goal here is to get PDJT reelected and Barr knows what to do and when to do it to accomplish that purpose. What happens after that should be more satisfying. If you have someone better that you think could have been appointed that would have made it past Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and the rest, please let us know.

                • redthunder238 says:

                  If Barr’s goal was to help get Trump re-elected he would have released something that would undermine this whole impeachment sham and pretty much every other con the Left is pulling. I wanna believe you but there’s a whole lot of evidence that Barr is trying to sweep it all under the rug.

              • WhiteBoard says:

                you have only two options.
                1) go after the entire COUP and they use all resources to destroythis country.
                2) negotiate and take out the one’s most harmful to this country, and let some coup string pullers realign their money to america versus previous scams.
                all sides will lie and backstab in the end. the trick is to look the most honroable and godfather III them when you can.
                but, looking like Peter Smith saying you are going to GET to the bottom of the EMAIL thing – will end you up in a hotel with gas cans committing suicide with a signed letter.
                get it ? Seth, Epstein, Peter Smith, Shawn Lucas, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.,
                no one is untouchable – thats why you must play by the rules – even eric boillings son found out that cocaine can be fentanyl in one second. these people are sick! it any of that is true

          • mark says:

            Lets not forget that bagpipes is planning a big holiday party for DOJ spending $30,000 of his own money in December. Does that sound like a guy who is going to be prosecuting people in the DOJ, FBI & CIA? Barr said this IG report was going to come out months ago. Its obvious that they are running out the clock. I don’t trust Barr or Durham. Where are indictments?

          • Linda K. says:

            Not reaching. Quit trolling.

      • Will Hunt says:

        Trump has to be aware at this point that he has no institutional or political allies. His only recourse is us… his loyal and faithful supporters. In the end that’s all he needs.

        • Linda K. says:

          Indictments will have a way of cleaning up the Swamp behavior. They have gotten away with too much for too long.

      • chipin8511 says:

        Trump has no one to turn to they are all comprised and blackmailed [email protected]$$$$.. All of congress is corrupt they are there for $$$$$$$$$$ ..

    • Retired USMC says:

      Can’t say soCIAlist without CIA…

  65. digleigh says:

    Sundance:: In your opinion is Trump fully aware of the former and current plots against him? As you lay this out, it seems deepstate is in control and his name is cya..It does not bode well for the Intel’s to ever be cleaned up nor convictions of those who were involved in subversion, sedition, and conspiracy to overturn an election! Our Republic will not survive the lack of accountability !What say you??

  66. In the words of Chandler Bing (when Rachel hit Ross with “it’s NOT OK, it doesn’t happen to everybody, and it IS a big deal!”): I KNEW it!

  67. Bogeyfree says:

    Not only could Durham and Barr simply talk to Assange they could also question/depose Ellen Ratner and Ed Butowsky.
    Remember this Sundance thread:
    I’m surprised he didn’t include this in this current thread as additional info that could prove the DNC emails were not given to Wikileaks by Russians but via an internal source as Assange says because if true it DESTROYS this entire fraud and frame job as a setup from Day 1.
    Could this be why the FIB is trying so hard IMO to fight the Ed Butowsky/Ty Clevenger and their Seth Rich investigation lawsuit? Go to Ty’s blog at and he sure seems to think so.
    This is why I hope Sidney once Gen. Flynn’s case is dismissed, joins up with Mr. Clevenger and they prove it wasn’t the Russians who gave Wikileaks those DNC emails.
    Think about this. We have two living, breathing people who have potentially CRITICAL, FIRST HAND evidence IMO about the most important case in America and the President of the United States.
    Surely either Durham or Barr have spoken with these people, right???
    So my question to Ristvan…….
    Is there any reason why Durham or Barr may have not deposed those who potentially have first hand knowledge of the DNC emails getting to Wikileaks?
    And if they haven’t at this point, what does that tell you or us?

    • redthunder238 says:

      I have about 2% of the intelligence of Ristvan but can clearly see that Barr isn’t trying to expose any of these scumbags or their lies. He’s 100% Bondo.

      • Linda K. says:

        I don’t agree redthunder that Barr is Bondo, but if he is, he is oir Bondo. He is not on the side of the coup.

      • 1riot1ranger says:

        He has the Democrats absolutely enraged. You are completely wrong. He was a great pick. I guess we could have kept Sessions.

        • redthunder238 says:

          Except we all know the Democrats are full of it 100% of the time. Everything is upside-down with them. They say one thing and then do the exact opposite. And seeing that they seem to have blackmail material on everyone but Trump what makes you think they don’t have any on Barr, who has a VERY sketchy past? I think the whole thing is a sham. What are they even “enraged” about? Barr hasn’t done ANYTHING to ANY of them and there’s even several DS mfs still in power, still covering for people, still redacting documents, still declining to prosecute. Most of them under Barr and he’s LETTING THEM DO IT! Wake up man!’

          • vladdy says:

            That is an awfully long string of posts dealing with one topic only — Barr is Bad. I would not be surprised if he was….but no one can be sure of it at that stage, which makes me leery when I see someone sounding as though they know or desperately want others to start saying and thinking “Whatever Barr says is full of it.” Why would a citizen be so intent on getting that one message, undiluted, across to others?

          • 1riot1ranger says:

            Keep in mind that willy-nilly indicting people without rock solid cases is going to make PDJT’s administration look bad prior to the election. PDJT does a lot better playing the victim, and he is doing fairly well at that right now; could be better. I trust Barr to bring out the big guns when it is necessary. Until then, he can build his case quietly.

            • redthunder238 says:

              They could have had rock solid cases over a year ago. The report on McCabe’s “lack of candor” came out how long ago? They’re clearly trying to run out the clock.

    • WhiteBoard says:

      They dont want to tip their hand! think about it!!!!!
      every step they do is being seen – so they want the COUP to feel they are winning.
      They are allowing the impotent IG to do the investigative work (BECAUSE THE COUP FEEELS THIS CAN BE FLUSHED AS ALWAYS DOWN THE TOILET).. then Barr and Durham can easily SWOOP in and collect all the COUP at once – depose -and end this crap.
      BARR HAS TO LOOK like a loser to us…cause its what the COUP is seeing also..
      it is brilliant how they are letting the IG legwork this investigation BUT taking it and running with it at the right time, versus the old way of FLUSHING IT .

  68. Bogeyfree says:

    If virtually all in power and key decision making authority are possible participants, who is left to trust and help Durham do all his investigating work?
    After reading this article, Durham would get more help and support from the local people in Waterloo, Iowa than Main Justice IMO.
    I ask again, going forward if you are on a jury trial where the DOJ and/or the FBI are involved in the case in ANYWAY, how are you going to be able to trust anything they say or any evidence they produce???

    • redthunder238 says:

      What makes you think Durham himself is to be trusted?

      • Linda K. says:

        I am thinking you cannot be trusted actually.

        • redthunder238 says:

          This is unreal. Countless people on here have accused me of ROLCON. I have a Pinochet tattoo ffs. I HATE the Left. lol

          • 1riot1ranger says:

            Pinochet was a dictator. We don’t do that here.

            • redthunder238 says:

              My point was that I’m not a Shareblue ROLCON punk. And yeah, a dictator that HATED Communists. We need someone like him in this Country. These Leftists are out of control. You understand there’s only one way to stop them at this point right?

            • He .. gen.Augusto Pinochet been patriot never involved in Chilean politics up to Sept.1973..when he said to socialist/communist Allende enough is enough and imposed military takeover with martial law to stop anarchists/communists/socialists to overrun CHILE. Only leftists and stupid/naïve /gullible/blind& demoncraps public here had problem with his rule….

            • 1riot1ranger..even here in USA LEAST 60% POPULATION GETTING IDEA WHAT RULE of socialists/communists/anarchists would be can Mr.Barr/Durham change it ….his time running do something running very fast..

  69. Bogeyfree says:

    The other thing Americans should rise up against immediately is by simply stating if they sit on ANY jury case where the FBI has supplied hand written notes they should IMO immediately reject that document.
    It is time for the people to force the FIB to use video recordings as their hand written words can no longer be trusted IMO.
    It is we the people who serve on these juries and it is we the people who must stand up and force change.

    • Sherri Young says:

      There was a headline this that said a judge was unable to seat a panel of jurors who might convict on a marijuana charge.

  70. Bogeyfree says:

    Does Barr realize that over half of the entire country DOES NOT TRUST the DOJ or FBI anymore??
    To continue with DECLINE TO PROSECUTE is NOT the solution!

    • redthunder238 says:

      For all the guilty DS scumbags it’s absolutely the solution.

    • Sentient says:

      Does he care?

      • Zippy says:

        No, because without OFFICIALLY exposing the perps by PROSECUTING THEM he knows that the vast majority of our current idiocracy will never know even remotely the EXTREME seriousness of what went on with SpyGate and now UkraineGate. The Deep State (at least 80% of government at all levels according to my previously justified estimate) and their lapdog media will make certain of that.
        With a propagandized idiocracy such things are easy to cover up. Only intelligent, truly informed individuals will realize The Republic is long dead and what the hell can they do about that considering they are surrounded by a vast idiocracy?
        At this point I only come here to further confirm how incredibly corrupt the system actually is. I long ago totally locked in my vote for Trump in 2020, as if there was any question of that anyway. Anyone with even half a brain should be able to tell from the constant attacks against him that HE is the ONLY one to vote for in 2020.

    • Janus says:

      I think Barr does know this–he just doesn’t care. Why should he, who is going to do anything substantive about it?
      Trump? He’s tied down by the Lilliputians in DC. We the People? Well, that would require force of the type the FBI is hyper-focused on interdicting. You see, the FBI is not for the protection of the American people, they are for the protection of the Ruling Class from the American people.

      • Will Hunt says:

        That’s exactly what Great Britain believed.

        • Zippy says:

          And look what it took to fix that. If you think that’s going to happen again and that it wouldn’t be shut down before it even began by our modern government surveillance state, and wouldn’t be vilified in the media, please give me a warning before answering so I won’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read it.

  71. Carrie says:

    Some mornings I get confused again by all of the titles and chains of command- so I pull out one of Sundance’s nifty charts- it’s just awesome. It also shows a couple of other names that haven’t been followed up- Trisha Anderson? Did someone get her to flip? Or did she disappear?

    • Sherri Young says:

      Tashina Gauhar was over at DOJ.
      FBI Attorney 1 was (is) Sally Moyer. She is also “Unit Supervisor” in the Comey report. The reason her name does not appear in either report is that she is GS-15, not SES.
      I am pretty sure the same applies to the redactions of Joe Pientka’s name everywhere you look.

  72. Sentient says:

    What if the president quietly issued a full and unconditional pardon of any/all offense committed by Assange? Could he engineer the UK releasing him and his being whisked away to safety (wherever that might be) before Pompeo and Haspel could put a stop to Assange’s release?

    • Bogeyfree says:

      He better hurry as by many reports, his health is failing.
      I truly hope Assange has a trip wire that will expose the truth even if he is not with us anymore.
      Let’s be honest, here are some very simple and obvious things that any junior investigator would have done by now IMO:
      1) Depose Assange
      2) Depose Ratner
      3) Depose Butowsky
      4) Depose Brazile
      5) Trace PapD’s serial numbers
      6) Declassify if Mifsud was always a western agent
      7) Depose Steele
      8) Declassify and audit all 2015, 2016 and 2017 texts, emails and phone calls by key alleged perpetrators.
      Unless they are trying to round up the entire ring at one time or get to the true ring leaders themselves, this really doesn’t seem that hard to prove that this whole thing was a fraud, a frame job and a setup from Day 1.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes to all of this! And yes, please let there be trip wire. Please let the truth get out there. the fact that Assange is under solitary confinement is tough to hear. Either it’s done for his own protection (Epstein scenario), or because they want to kill him off. The UK has utterly pathetic sentencing and there are convicted murderers who get treated better than Assange.

        • Bogeyfree says:

          If they were protecting him he wouldn’t be in such poor health and losing his mental faculties as some reports have claimed.
          IMO Barr could change this with one call.

      • WhiteBoard says:

        if you dont trace the coup plotters to the head- it will rise again. Hillary is not the brains. Obama is not the brains. McCabe is not the brains.
        THEM not arrested now GIVE ME HOPE that Barr and Trump are actually going for the FULL KILL and not just trophys..
        We dont need to depose Assange – we have Seth’s emergency room stay.

    • lolli says:

      Assange is being slowly arkancided. On display for the world to see. Don’t ever go against the machine.

  73. hokkoda says:

    The move to Boeing is a soft landing. That’s how this game works. If you get “caught”, you get a sweet paying job at a major government contractor. Their job is to make Gauhar a millionaire. They need Guahar out of the government so they can say “oh, no longer works here, nothing to see!”
    Bet on your cynical side.

    • Linda K. says:

      She may have made her own decision to move on, seeing the coming of the indictments. Hard to get a new job when you are under indictment. These people are not puppets.

      • hokkoda says:

        Probably a bit of both. It’s how the game is played. Somebody in the hiring chain at Boeing called her boss at DOJ. DOJ is glad to have one less employee to explain. Boeing gets an insider with “relationships” they need for the 737 debacle, and she keeps all her security clearances.
        Another happy landing in the Government Party.
        In a few years, when the dust settles, and her bank account is fully loaded, she’ll jump back to DOJ. That’s what Comey did after earning millions at Lock-Mar.

  74. mark says:

    So according to pelosi, President Trump can be impeached for asking the President of a foreign country (Ukraine) for help in uncovering corruption between the United States and Ukraine. But it’s perfectly okay for Special Counsel Mueller ( who was appointed but not elected by by anyone) to use 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, 17 intelligence agencies, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search and seizure warrants, 230 orders for communication records, 50 orders for Penn Registers, interviewed 500 witnesses and ASKED 13 FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS PURSUANT TO THE MUTUAL FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS ASSISTANCE TREATYS, to help for the same thing, uncover corruption between the United States and another Country.

    • … and according to the entire Swamp, it was perfectly okay for the VPOTUS to extort the Ukranians (and to say of the POTUS, “call him”), and to do so … not for any legitimate purpose … for obstruction of justice against his son and himself.
      Unfortunately for them, the United States is not the only country whose people are now determined to deprive their local alligators of a place to live: the Ukranians are doing it, too. And, since so much American wrongdoing has taken place there, by so very many people in Congress today … you’re damned right “they’re scared shitless.”

      • northerncanuck says:

        If I may put this forth….
        I’m pretty sure, but not certain, that Ukraine’s justice system is different than the US’, so “interesting things” might come out much sooner and in a different fashion than we’d think. Therefore, the hoops they would have to jump through to get issues and perpetrators to court could well be different?
        Might hear “interesting things” sooner rather than later.

  75. MLK says:

    “The Scale and Scope . . . ”
    Yes. This was to be expected. If we start at the fictitious high water mark of the 1970s (see “Prince of the City”), the U.S, Department of Justice was presented as fearlessly incorrupt at a time when other agencies’, federal (e.g. CIA) and local (NYC Police) reputations were in tatters. It’s easy to forget all of the warning signs, some rather prominent, like Ruby Ridge and Waco, that presaged the depths that DOJ/FBI has fallen.
    I started this comment with ‘this is to be expected’ because while FBI/DOJ were at the center in this biggest political scandal in our history, it’s worth remembering that FBI/DOJ fear and loathing of Trump was hardly unique or extreme.
    The booing and chants of “lock him up” at the Nationals’ home World Series Game the other day was a stark (intentional, by the POTUS) reminder nothing has changed in this respect.
    FBI/DOJ has had decades — since the end of the Cold War is a good, if imperfect, demarcation point — in which establishment factions made peace with each other, dividing up the spoils. Surviving the scandals of the 90s (again, e.g. Ruby Ridge; Waco) made them a template for what was to come re candidate/President-Elect/President Trump.
    Thankfully, at least so far, cooler heads have prevailed. I won’t detail what I mean because it’s too frightening to contemplate. Suffice it to say that would be evidenced by devolution to factional violence and social disorder.
    This President — any president, cannot both lead the sovereign and be at war with it. While we’d like to imagine that’s simply Drain the Swamp, or Clean[ing] out the Augean Stable, these powerful factions, as we’ve seen, have been willing and able to make serious threats as a matter of self-protection.
    It isn’t that Tashina Guahar, or any of these characters, isn’t entirely expendable. It’s that Barr/Durham/Horowitz have to come up with a Resolve. The POTUS, in his inimitable truth-telling style, captured it when he said that FBI/DOJ’s reputation “was in tatters.” Whatever is about to come from Barr/Durham/Horowitz is indisputably intended to begin the long road back under the totality of the circumstances.
    The latter clause of that last sentence anything but mere dicta. Which explains why, though I reserve judgement on what is coming, there’s much more at stake than a reckoning for bit players.
    As I alluded above, as head of the sovereign, it was essential for the POTUS to publicly recuse, so to speak, from Barr/Durham/Horowitz. Yet he has made it clear in no uncertain terms, at least as far as I’m concerned, that he will reclaim and exercise his declassification authority at his discretion, depending on what Barr AND the Democrats do.
    The current impeachment “inquiry” is entirely connected to Barr/Durham/Horowitz. That’s why Pelosi relocated it to the constitutionally suspect (and thus challengeable) Schiff/Intelligence. I’m not saying it will be, there are myriad reasons it might, but impeachment can be made to go by-bye in the blink of an eye by Pelosi. Call me crazy, this context explains poor Katie Hill. She was a roadkill warning to House Democrats, particularly the newbies hankering for impeachment, that this is now above their pay grade.
    Pelosi has continued to publicly insist that the House did not vote to formally open an impeachment inquiry. Right after this past week’s vote she gave a Bloomberg interview in which she barely talked about impeachment. She criticized Medicare For All as popular in her district but not in many other districts. That, in my view, was her warning about the existential risk to the Democrats in the House of impeaching Trump.
    I continue to believe that the LESS likely outcome is the House voting Articles of Impeachment. I think the two Democrats voting against was intended to give Pelosi running room. One resolve being that the House fails to pass articles because a sufficient number of Democrats — those in Trump districts, saving them from wipeout next November.

  76. mylabs5 says:

    Ready through all this something came to mind about strategy of the conspirators. Any one who has ever been involved in a lawsuit knows the term “paper them to death”. In other words, issue so many documents, demand letters, requests, subpoenas, etc, that the other side has to waste so much in resources and time that it becomes almost impossible cover every response. MIssing one particular request can lose a case. And as we saw in the Flynn case, his original attorneys missed a lot. ERGO comes the settlement stage/plea bargain. Thank God for Sidney.
    It’s a Cloward-Piven move….overwhelm the system. Overwhelm the ultimate decision makers – the American public. I see it across all the IC involved in this.

  77. Zorro says:

    Trish went to Boeing. Isn’t that Comey’s old haunt? Also part of the military-industrial complex.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      No, In August 2005, Comey left the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and became a senior vice president of Lockheed Martin as general counsel while based in Bethesda, Maryland until 2010.
      But it is worth reading and listening to the Whistleblower Chronicles and Tapes.

  78. islandpalmtrees says:

    Is Boeing one of the contractors authorized to spy, by the FBI using the NSA Database?
    “Rumor in the DC grapevine is that a few weeks ago Tashina Guahar was quietly removed from her position as lawyer for the DOJ National Security Division (in charge of FISA applications). This removal happened immediately after IG Michael Horowitz submitted his first draft report to Attorney General Bill Barr for classification review. Ms. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing.”

    • Sherri Young says:

      I would be willing to guess that Tashina Guahar herself might be on the distribution list to review the new IG report.
      Don’t know. Just making an assumption.

  79. Lawyer Not says:

    That’s exactly what Boeing needs… more ethically challenged leadership & legal advice. If a Boeing jet falls out of the sky because this corrupt lawyer overruled an engineering decision, can the families of the crash victims sue the DOJ for letting her off the hook?

  80. Zorro says:

    I wonder if Joey Pientka has been quietly removed from the FBI?

  81. Zy says:

    There are so many tentacles ? to this coup, for recent example, the NSC co-conspirators. Another thing to look for is if no one in this vast seditious conspiracy flips or there is no sign of pressuring someone to flip. I think that would be rare without a government coverup.

    • Zippy says:

      “There are so many tentacles to this coup”
      Since, according to my reasoned estimate, 80% of government at all levels should be considered to represent the Deep State / Swamp, that’s exactly what one should expect.

    • Carrie says:

      The sheer number of the players is astounding really. The chart I posted above has 9 alone. And it still missing quite a few (Kortan, Rosenstein, Yates, etc) and doesn’t include the players in the other arms (Halper, Mifsud, Turk) or insiders (like McMasters, Carter Page?) the Fusion GPS gang (Simpson, Veleskitny) or big wigs like Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan (plus Senators like Burr and Warner, Feinstein and helpers like James Wolfe, Dan Jones) or even the entire Lawfare gang (Bromowich, et al). We are looking at easily over 50 to 60 people, possibly 100! How can Barr think that he can let this slide? It is a genuine putsch! And it’s impossible to think that not one has flipped? If they actually try, there has to be several flippers!

    • Darren says:

      The one common thread is the CIA. CIA assets, many directly involved in the 2016 election interference, from different agencies. Why is the CIA allowed to operate on American soil? The reason they should never be allowed to is starkly clear….

  82. tommyd22 says:

    Sessions gullibility is a major contributing factor in this entire fiasco.
    Sessions could have stopped all of this B.S. if he wasn’t an old doddering fool..

    • 1riot1ranger says:

      Exactly what I was thinking at the same time. Such an important decision and he just completely punted. I guess you could say he didn’t know the evil that was lurking but the man has been in politics for decades. He knows what’s going on. Which is what makes me suspicious of him

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Gullibility, Interesting choice of words.

      • lolli says:

        Someone in office that long, knows all the players, very difficult for me to think Sessions was gullible. Unless he has dementia.

    • Superman says:

      They had something on Sessions to get him to back off.

      • Sherri Young says:

        I was McCabe who opened a perjury investigation on Sessions over Russia/Russia/Russia.
        Sessions was eventually cleared.

  83. 1riot1ranger says:

    Just think how much time, effort, and agenda could have been saved if Sessions just had the gumption not to recuse. And reassigned other new DOJ hires to the cases.

  84. Superman says:

    Great insight Sundance. While reading I can’t help but think…yup you have confirmed what we all know was a ruse. Will anything be done about it?
    We will wait and see. Trump is very confident of late…I believe they are timing the release of the damning information for political gain. The Democrats are trying to damage Trump as much as possible because they know what it coming…and they keep using the same deep state set-ups that Barr is investigating to try and compromise Trump.
    You have to admit their gall is set to 11.

  85. B Woodward says:

    Sessions was an idiot to listen to the corrupt, conniving, duplicitous Obama holdovers. In his recusal (which was when he took office), he cited a law that was not even relevant. 28 CFR 45.2 applies to criminal investigations, not counterintelligence investigations. Sessions is an attorney who wanted to be the attorney general and he couldn’t even discern what the law was and WTF was going down. He should have unrecused himself when he found out that he was duped and that Rosenstein violated DOJ regs and was trying to take down the President. But no. Sessions doubled down and recused himself from the Uranium One investigation. Sessions should have fallen on his sword or resigned rather than let Rosestein run roughshod over the DOJ. When you look at it, Sessions’ recusal cost us the House in 2018, which lead to Pelosi’s impeachment scam.
    And now he wants to be a senator again? Hopefully Alabama will find someone who supports President Trump and the MAGA agenda for the Republican ticket.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      To elect Sessions at this point would be like electing another Romney IMO.
      I hope the people of Alabama are smarter than this.

  86. islandpalmtrees says:

    I believed this is called a Revolving door. So who, is authorizing all of these moves? What is going on at the NSD that would interest Boeing? Say, arms deals to the …? “SCHIFF-PELOSI CAUGHT IN UKRAINIAN ARMS SCANDAL”
    By Jessica McBride
    Updated Oct 28, 2017 at 2:01pm
    “Dana Boente was also “serving as acting assistant attorney general of the National Security Division and will remain in that post until John C. Demers, an attorney for Boeing who worked at the Justice Department under President George W. Bush, is confirmed,” reported The Post.”

  87. Zippy says:

    “Either Tashing Guahar has cooperated with the Horowitz, Durham and Barr probes and left the DOJ prior to the IG report on FISA abuse (and her role therein) being made public, as part of an internal dynamic; -OR- the IG discoveries about direct and affiliated activity that surrounded Ms. Gauhar led to her pre-report exit as a Main Justice coverup.”
    Alex, I’ll go for “B,” having done so well in the “Spygate perps indicted so far in the over 1000 days of the ‘Trump’ administration” with my answer, “What is NONE.”

  88. BobinNJ says:

    The posting concludes with this: “Instead, this is a matrix of broad interests positioned only to benefit and sustain the status quo of the administrative state; and protect the larger DC community from the Trump disruption.” This seems to be only partially true and is, in fact, unintentionally misleading. The objective of these individuals was to concentrate and expand political power of a particular kind, hence their loyalty to Obama despite the damage he caused America. (Brennan and Comey are admitted past communists and Obama an Alinskyite, as is Hillary Clinton.) Their past and ongoing actions show they do not hesitate to damage American institutions to obtain political advantage; cumulatively, that damage is what makes their ultimate objective of permanent power achievable. Had Clinton won, that corrupt concentration of power would have increased exponentially with an accelerated Gramscian cleansing of governmental institutions. Those who had taken the big, early risks would be retained and rewarded as single-leader Clintonian power entrenched itself in Washington. Until the inevitable purges of dictatorial solidification and succession. (Elected Republicans, how would you fare?)
    This, I believe, truly explains the Democrat insanity. After a century, they were at the hinge point of permanent Marxist power over the United States, packaged as socialism. (Clinton would ruthlessly finalize the transition into a totalitarian hyper-surveillance state in ways the useful idiots cannot even begin to imagine.) The Gramscian power entity created under Obama—a critical mass of clandestinely cooperating individuals in positions of legitimate authority—has been fractured and partially disbanded by resignations, demotions, and firings. Every action now taken by the Democrat party leadership is to protect and preserve its embedded subversive infrastructure, regardless of the collateral damage. However, this is not about protecting individuals—Clapper,Brennan, Comey–from prosecution. Heroes of the revolution can always be rehabilitated and rewarded after control is taken. Nor is this moment solely about preserving its remaining network of assets in the executive branch until the next Democrat president. Instead, they seek to complete the takeover now, to forever deny America another fair election, while the current opportunity still exists. After all, they and their dictatorial ways have been revealed to the public (and only because of Trump victory and defiance.) Their revolutionary ideology will not allow them to give up this opportunity. They desperately need to create new power and new forms of power now, at this instant, by whatever means necessary. And that should be truly frightening to all.

  89. titan28 says:

    Alas, I’m going with main Justice coverup–until proven otherwise. These people just never pay. She probably got a raise when she went to Boeing. Boeing! A company in mighty deep trouble. And they hire an untrustworthy lawyer?

  90. islandpalmtrees says:

    Where are all of these people going? Would School be your pick for “ethics officer”?
    Isobel Asher Hamilton Jul 10, 2018, 3:47 AM
    Uber has hired its very first chief compliance and ethics officer Scott Schools, formerly of the US Department of Justice (DOJ).
    Schools will report to Uber’s chief legal officer Tony West, who is also an alumnus of the Department of Justice.

  91. The present actions of the House of Representatives in fact constitute a “Bill of Attainder,” which is expressly prohibited at both the Federal and the State level by our Constitution. The Supreme Court decided that upon a three-pronged test: that it “1) specifically identified the people to be punished; 2) imposed punishment; and 3) did so without benefit of judicial trial.
    The House has abandoned all pretenses of justice, even as it persuaded a judge to say (erroneously) that theirs was “a judicial proceeding.” (The Constitution does not grant that role to the Congress …) They specifically seek to deny the accused the protections of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments, in particular, in their kangaroo court. Their proceedings are certainly not a “judicial trial.” So, what they actually have – and are attempting to use as proof of “high crimes and misdemeanors” – is a very historically-familiar thing that is Unconstitutional: a Bill of Attainder, writ by Adam Schiff in a secret “star chamber.”

    • P.S. The WikiPedia article on “Star Chamber” also contains this interesting sentence:

      Due to the constitutional separation of powers and the ceasing of the Star Chamber, the main powers of select committees are to enhance the public debate. Politicians are deemed to no longer wield powers in the criminal law, which belongs to the courts.[a]

      So, if you want to know what the House of Representatives is up to right now, from a historical perspective, just read that article. What’s happening in America today is not exactly new … it’s just Unconstitutional.

    • Bogeyfree says:

      I agree with your points
      So why hasn’t PT or Barr taken this directly to the SC??

  92. gsonFIT says:

    I wonder if there is a little old man behind a curtain pulling a bunch of levers and manipulating the Wizard of Government. I thought it might be someone like Strobe Talbott. Here is a Strobe Talbott quote
    “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
    But i just dont see one person being able to coordinate such [email protected]^&ery. I am starting to think that the: Deep State, Uni-party, Apparatchik, Military Industrial… yada yada is a waste product of any government structure. That we can never do away with it totally, but that we can manage it by significantly reducing the size of Government. I would include in this the buyers and the sellers of government goods and services which would be the Lobbyist and NGO/Think Tanks.
    We might also move the IC into the military as much as possible, and give the IGs more bite.
    What I believe I see as I watch and live this government debacle is an organism that is self healing and self preserving to the detriment of the very people it was created to help. So we get people like Rosenstein that no one knows if he is white hat or black hat. I don’t think he knows if he is white hat or black hat but he carries out his job as he understands it. Problem is that his job description does not put the citizens/voters first.
    Then you have people like John Brennan who are just criminals

    • evergreen says:

      “In the next century, individuality as we know it will be obsolete; all individuals will recognize a single, global master. Individual liberty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
      Bringing that notion back to the present, why would a Strobe Talbott deign to have an opinion in the first place? He’s a nobody, per his own philosophy. By the way, who gets to be the master? Oh, wait, it must be Strobe himself. Ah, I get it now. Clever little tyrant.

    • Sherri Young says:

      Strobe Talbott — yet another board member at the Atlantic Council.

  93. Bogeyfree says:

    I haven’t seen much discussion on this comment by PT yesterday but I like it!

    • 1riot1ranger says:

      So what’s the scoop here? No one?

    • Perot Conservative says:

      Could Ronald Reagan stand up to this avalanche of horsecrap?

    • thedoc00 says:

      Lt. Col. Vindman has a major problem in his near future, if the Military is also not in on the coup.
      He committed major UCMJ offenses, that should earn him a courts marshal.
      1. Disobeying a direct order to not discuss the call. He has admitted to discussing the call with 3+ people, one of whom does not have clearance nor need to know, his brother.
      2. Either Mutiny or Gross Insubordination as he never question legality of anything involved the Ukraine Phone call.
      3. A major breach of security, gross lack of judgement and misconduct, for discussing the classified phone call with his brother.
      Given the sailor, who took pictures, on-board the sub got jail time as well as reduction in rank and a discharge that was not honorable, this LTC Vidman should have prison time, reduction to private and bad conduct discharge in his future.

  94. Bogeyfree says:

    I saw this the other day.
    Think about this…………
    We pay Congress millions to do nothing
    We pay PT nothing to do everything
    This should be a tee shirt!

  95. God, no wonder most people have no clue what’s going on. I’m sure the lib dem scumbags knew regular peeps would never be able to figure this out. Rabbit hole city…….
    Thanks Sundance.
    ( “Can I move ? I’m better when I move ” )

  96. “The Weissmann/Mueller report contains claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers as the central element to the Russia interference narrative in the U.S. election.”
    Beggars belief that this outsized “investigation” and all men on deck effort to frame President Trump makes such a claim, in The United States of America, without ever having obtained the servers, much less evaluating them professionally themselves.
    “The DAG said he had two candidates ready, one of whom could start immediately.”
    Don’t know who the other candidate was, but I imagine at this point he (she?) is relieved that he didn’t get drawn into this seditious mess.

  97. Concernedcitizen says:

    Gauhar’s “quiet” removal and her subsequent hiring by Boeing is an indication that she is cooperating. Why? It seems she is being given the respect of a star witness. Was she escorted out of the building by security carrying a box of personal effects? Apparently not. And
    before being hired by Boeing, it is likely that she had to assure them that no criminal charges were expected. Conclusion: she probably has an immunity deal.

  98. Phil aka Felipe says:

    “Either Tashing Guahar has cooperated with the Horowitz, Durham and Barr probes and left the DOJ prior to the IG report on FISA abuse (and her role therein) being made public, as part of an internal dynamic; -OR- the IG discoveries about direct and affiliated activity that surrounded Ms. Gauhar led to her pre-report exit as a Main Justice coverup.
    Hope for the former; but keep an eye open for the latter.”
    Thanks to Sidney Powell’s representation of Gen. Flynn, we shall soon find out whether it is the former or latter.
    IMO, if it’s the former, AG Barr will let the corrupt DOJ persecutors of Gen. Flynn continue to be exposed by waiting to see what Judge Sullivan decides after hearing Sidney’s sur-surreply and let the chips fall where they may.
    OTH, if it is latter and the “activity that surrounded Ms. Gauhar led to her pre-report exit as a Main Justice coverup”, then AG Barr will order the withdrawal of the charges against Gen. Flynn. If he is covering up for Main Justice, he cannot afford to have all the players deposed in a trial which is exactly what will happen if Sidney does not get what she is after, i.e. complete exoneration of Gen. Flynn.

  99. Tl Howard says:

    You’ll notice that the Fox News impeachment poll comes out right before Wallace goes to air on Sunday so he can get more goosebumps.
    I hate that mf.

  100. Tl Howard says:

    I guess we can’t expect the IG Report until Congress comes back in a couple of weeks?

  101. BigTalkers says:

    This bears repeating… Either Rod Rosenstein was the biggest Goober in the whole history of the FBI, or (for whatever reason) he was IN ON IT!

  102. Tashina can’t fix Boeing’s airplane–but she’s highly qualified to wiretap those who do!

  103. For Eyes says:

    So it appears the “what’s up” question has to do in part with the nature of her exit.
    And remembering the incestuous nature of rotation back and forth between govt and large corp jobs (Barr did it, Comey did it), then exactly WHO picked up an attorney with a resume as a FISA attorney with few valuable transferable skills in the corp world becomes an interesting question. Somebody made a call to somebody to have this woman picked up and paid.
    The senior exec of govt relations at Boeing is a Clinton loyalist. Timothy Keating
    To me this smells like the Dem team picked up and are protecting one of their own, more than it does like Barr arranging to take her out of reach. Barr is probably clean in this, and probably deserves kudos for this swamp cleanup.

  104. Bogeyfree says:

    Maybe a FOIA request on all documents regarding her departure from the DOJ is in order??
    New Golden Rule going forward:
    It should be a button that 62 million Americans wear everywhere and everyday IMO!

  105. mark says:

    I believe that when the time comes to a place near YOU, ( Think, Hong Kong, Venezuela, yellow vests, Brexit, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, San Fransisco. Hundreds of other places where law abiding citizens just want to live in peace with equal justice under the law. ) that Law Enforcement and the Military will be on our side. Think it can’t happen here? It’s 2019 AD folks and we dropped 2 nukes on Japan so that we would always remember and it would never happen again. JMHO

  106. hokkoda says:

    Sounds like FBI and DOJ are going to go with the “none of these people work here any more, case closed” defense.
    I feel like a media campaign to call attention to corrupt Boeing hiring a corrupt DOJ lawyer is in order…would be good if Guahar’s career as a highly-compensated-employee at Boeing came to a short, ignominious, end…

  107. thedoc00 says:

    The underpinning to the (now acknowledged) “deep state” is the 1,000’s of “professional” Federal Employees who are the action officers for all decisions. Approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of them were hired during the Clinton and Obama administrations and they cannot be removed nor just reassigned if the Federal Government has even a hope of functioning. They can be commanded to go rogue by the Democrat Party puppet masters as needed and be assured of work outside the government after they are fired or resign. Plus, they know the limits to which they can act to stay out of legal peril.
    The remedies are painful and/or long term:
    – remove them as they are exposed and examine closely if they can be legally damaged.
    – 4 more years of hiring under a re-elected President Trump.
    – 8 more years of another President Trump clone (replaces about 50% of the Clinton-Obama hires).
    – Win back the legislature in 2020 with real Republicans (a long shot), to improve quality of appointees and depth of Executive Branch control by the President.
    – Begin closing down “redundant” Federal agencies and furlough the Obama-Clinton hires.

  108. Sherri Young says:

    This is going to be long, but please hang with me.
    I commented earlier this morning about an allusion to a WaPo opinion piece in the Carter Page FISA. The piece is available on the Wayback Machine if you don’t have a subscription to the Bezos yellow journalism bird cage liner. On first pass, I missed the importance and need to pull in more info.
    This article sets the table for the Trump/Russia collusion story.
    In that opinion piece, Josh Rogin writes about Diana Denman, a Ted Cruz Texas delegate to the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland. She advocated for a change in the GOP’s platform that hardened the platform position on Russia/Ukraine to one of heavier sanctions against Russia and for providing lethal aid (weapons) to Ukraine. JD Gordon of the Trump campaign got that hard line reference to lethal aid softened to “appropriate assistance”.
    The passages in the FISA application can be seen in the screenshots in this blog post.
    Ms. Denman and the change in the platform plank again show up in the Mueller report on pp. 123-127 (pdf pp. 131-135).
    Byron York interviewed Ms. Denman’s (and Maria Butina’s) attorney, Robert Driscoll.
    Ms. Denman was interview by the FBI, the Mueller team, the SSCI, and the HPSCI. In that podcast that aired on May 8th of this year, he relates that Adam Schiff, along with his sidekick Eric Swalwell, seemed to already have a theory about Ms. Denman’s experience with the Russia/Ukraine platform plank. To me, it sounded like Schiff was trying to drive the same narrative in her interview that he is seeking today.
    The other statement Driscoll made that sticks out is that Ms. Denman communicated with some policy types in Washington DC before she wrote her plank amendment. Who were those people?
    For that matter, who is Diana Denman? She has been active in GOP politics for decades. We already know she is hawkish. Is she this Diana Denman? If so, she is a severe Never-Trumper. As such, her roll might not have been so innocently benign.
    I’ll stop here for now.

    • Sherri Young says:

      This Diana Denman.

      • Sherri Young says:

        3rd try. Obviously cannot post the link to her Twitter timeline.
        Her Twitter handle appears to be @dhyana77 .
        The photo looks too young for a 70+ y/o woman, but that could be an old pic from 1977.
        Please tell me what you think about all of the above. TY.

        • Angel Martin says:

          I think the fact that they cited a political platform fight in a FISA application shows just how weak they knew the FISA application was.
          IF you have real grounds for a FISA warrant, you don’t put in nonsense like that.

          • Sherri Young says:

            So true, but here’s the thing: Ms. Denman’s advisors apparently helped her decide to offer and advocate for that specific plank to virtually lock in weapons for Ukraine.
            The Dimms, Never-Trumpers, and Deep State all seemed to be locked onto their Russia/Russia/Russia mantra. They got what they wanted on Russia. They did not get what they wanted on Ukraine, but that did not cause loud complaints. Now that Ukraine has popped up, there is huge outrage.
            Could it be that they really do not care about Biden except in the context of not wanting attention turned to their piggybank Ukraine and our corrupt people who have been soaking money out of there? Biden is nonviable against Donald J. Trump. This is about saving their own skins.

        • dutzie60 says:

          I think you’re one hell of an investigator. Great work! Thanks.

  109. 335blues says:

    “…to benefit and sustain the status quo of the administrative state; and protect the larger DC community from the Trump disruption.”
    It also seems there might be a larger and DARKER MOTIVE beyond what is perceived
    as the status quo, in that is it seems the supervisory function of America’s spy agencies
    have seized some level of control over the federal government.
    Control by way of access to most, if not all, personal communications and information
    of elected, non-elected and appointed officials.
    This information could be used to influence, and even control, the decisions and
    actions of our elected officials.
    Can anybody say “JUSTICE ROBERTS”???

    • DeWalt says:

      By our Congress abdicating their responsibility of oversite and checks and balances to the unelected petty bureaucrats while they pursued the riches of the world.

    • grumpyqs says:

      Bullseye 335blues! Perhaps you have described the ONE WORLD ORDER that GHWB described in glowing future terms around 1991?

    • Life Coach says:

      Amen. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, alone, names FISA judges. Doesn’t require Congressional approval.
      So, why has Chief Justice John Roberts, allegedly a Conservative, named 4 of 5 FISA judges who are Clinton & Obama appointees?
      It was John Roberts who named Judge Rudolph Contreras.
      Rudolph Contreras is, infamously, the FISA Judge who’s friends with Peter Strzok. The one Stzrok & Lisa Page texted about setting up a secret meeting with, just as Strzok was prepping to interview Gen Michael Flynn.
      Judge Rudolph Contreras then ended up as the Judge on the Gen Michael Flynn case. It’s hard to imagine the Chief Justice would not be following a case of Gen Michael Flynn’s magnitude and not be aware his appointee Rudolph Contreras was on the case. Especially considering Contreras would have been on his radar, as many people were asking about the FISC and which Judges had approved which surveilance warrants against the Trump team?
      After taking Flynn’s guilty plea, Judge Rudolph Contreras was then recused from the case. Only one of two people could have recused him. The top FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer, or….Chief Justice John Roberts.
      Has Roberts been naming Clinton/Obama FISA Judges because he’s been compromised by the Clinton/Obama machine? By their Praetorian Guard, aka the the CIA & FBI?
      Did Roberts grow a conscious and recuse Contreras? Were people starting to figure it out, so his hand was forced? Did Judge Collyer recuse Contreras and blow Roberts out of the water?
      These are questions few are asking, that I would love to know more about.

  110. evergreen says:

    Is all of this an insurance policy for McConnell?
    If he were to be primaried, he would have no incentive not to remove Trump from office.

  111. dustahl says:

    Just moving on to another high paying, deep state related job, is not acceptable for traitors to the American People

  112. islandpalmtrees says:

    Here we go with the CIA, again. I think, I would be safe in saying Jody (Joseph) Hunt is Gina Haspel most favorite attorney. And here is why.
    “CIA Director Gina Haspel, confirmed by the Senate last year amid accusations of involvement in torture, may have run a so-called ‘black site’ at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Haspel did not mention this role in her confirmation hearing.”
    By MARGIE BURNS on 12/21/2007, 6:49pm
    “DoJ attorney Jody (Joseph) Hunt, speaking for the five attorneys seated at the Defense table, called it “inconceivable,” a word he repeated, that the destroyed videotapes could relate to detainees at Guantanamo.”

  113. dcnnc says:

    Looks like Tash was Rosenstein’s evil little minion right hand.
    Louie Gohmert:
    “Rosenstein needs to be stopped. He
    was involved in the original Russia
    uranium investigation as a U.S. attorney. He should never have been allowed
    to appoint a special counsel. If Rosenstein had any decency and ethics about
    himself, he should have told Jeff Sessions: I am not the guy who can do this
    because I was involved in that Russia
    uranium investigation that enriched
    Hillary Clinton’s foundation $145 million; I can’t do this.
    But since he is not ethical, he is not
    moral, and he doesn’t mind keeping the
    limitations running while they are
    looking elsewhere rather than at him
    and Mueller who is also the FBI Director involved in that Russia investigation where Russia was trying to get our
    uranium, neither one of them should
    have been able to accept.
    Rosenstein has got to go, and his assistant who so often keeps the good
    people who supported President Trump
    in the dark, Tash Gauhar, she needs to
    go. She needs to go, and Rosenstein
    should follow right out the door. Those
    people are doing more damage over
    there. They have got to go, and then we
    can try to salvage this country and our
    constitutional Republic.”

  114. bruzedorange says:

    I know this will sound simplistic to many, but it’s nonetheless true: the best means to turning guilty participants into cooperating witnesses is praying for it to happen.
    No physical entity has that kind of access to an individual’s conscience.

  115. trapper says:

    The McCabe memo is a window into the fundamental political/philosophical disconnect that underlies everything that is wrong at DOJ, FBI, State Department, the IC, and probably every other agency of federal government. The ultimate product of that disconnect was on display in the recent “Thank God for the Deep State” proclamations by some of the afflicted.
    The underlying affliction is a disconnect between the philosophical underpinnings of a representational democracy in which a nation’s government answers to its citizens, and an operational belief in which employees of that government see themselves as “citizen of the world” answerable only to a “higher calling,” independent of and unaccountable to both citizens and officials elected by citizens. This affliction’s ultimate manifestation was the creation of the CFPB, a perfect storm of Deep State unaccountability and Orwellian doublespeak where, under the guise of citizen “protection,” an agency was created with no accountability to elected officials or citizens, a Frankenstein monster ready to be activated against the very citizens it was supposed to protect. This affliction is fatal to representational self government and must be rooted out and destroyed.
    Only a person who views himself as answering only to a higher calling could take it upon himself to open a criminal investigation of an elected sitting president, his boss, over policy differences (the elected president determines what the relationship will be between the US and Russia), for firing the head of the FBI (who answers to and serves at the pleasure of the elected president) and for expecting the head of the FBI to profess loyalty to an elected president.
    The elected president reportedly told the new AG (Sessions) “you were supposed to protect me.” Indeed. This is precisely the opposite of an “offense.” The duty of every Attorney General is to protect an elected president against a coup d’etat orchestrated by unelected bureaucrats who view themselves as unaccountable to either the citizens or the officials they elect. In this, Sessions utterly failed. It remains to be seen how well Mr. Barr will perform this duty. A good start would be declassifying and making public unredacted versions of everything on Sundance’s list.

  116. ADDgolfer says:

    Dayum Sundance, fess up…
    You’re an ET from an advanced civilization, with a staff of dozens, and exist on 36 hr days?
    You articles read like chapters as if they’re can’t put down books
    Good Stuff

  117. Tashs Office says:
    Bruce Ohr’s calendar has interesting references to the material in this post (Gauhar and Boeing).

  118. Judiciary says:

    From a May article in The Federalist by Willis L. Krumholtz: “Tashina Gauhar is a Department of Justice attorney who was deeply involved in applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court, which were used to spy on the Trump campaign using the dossiers. Gauhar was also one of the few people to see or be notified of the existence of missing Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Weiner was being investigated for pedophilia and was married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
    Gauhar and Andrew McCabe sat on those emails, and a cursory investigation—led by anti-Trump FBI agent Strzok—was only conducted when FBI field agents in New York threatened to go public. Gauhar later played a role in recommending former attorney general Jeff Sessions’ recusal from overseeing Mueller’s probe.”
    Supposedly, photos of Gauhar have been scrubbed from the internet. Its also said that she would deliberately fail to notify Jeff Sessions of meeting times so he would be late and unprepared, yet no one else had any problems with timely meeting notifications.

  119. Daniel says:

    When information like this Tashina Guahar exiting, the source of the rumor should indicate which direction to look: ‘either’/’or’
    Am I the only one wondering why Sundance isn’t transparent or specific about the source of this rumor? It’s not like him to hold back unless he is protecting a source and not wanting to come out with the news. It kind of feels like we are being steered more than informed.

    • dutzie60 says:

      Quite the contrary.

      • Daniel says:

        Quite the contrary to what? Search the web. All references to this name and the word rumor originate HERE. Sundance always cites source articles of there are any in public.
        And since no definitive conclusion is being reached, the article’s new information can be summed up like this: “There is a rumor. If true or could mean this or that.”
        Objectively speaking, that’s not really news. It’s speculation based on unfounded rumor. GOSSIP.
        If you disagree, spell it out? How is this not gossip?

        • Mean Old Man says:

          Like speculating their is an underlying meaning in a conversation that is beyond what was actually said…
          Conversation -> Translation -> Interpretation -> Awesome Work
          Conversation -> Translation -> Democrat Interpretation -> IMPEACHMENT!
          We here read Sundance for his interpretation… Unlike the Democrat Interpreters that have an awful track record, Sundance hits quite often..
          Similar to why I listen to Dan Bongino…
          Dan writes a book providing speculation… Mainstream right-wing news breaks the information in the book as news a year later. Mainstream left-wing news breaks it 2 years later as side-notes and on page 17 between a Viagra add and a new recipe for “Mushroom Soy Tofu Casserole”.

  120. accountability we the people are waiting. . we ALL have been held hostage for at least 3yrs. . .

  121. rashomon says:

    Many kudos to Sundance on this post from Charles Ortel during today’s “Sunday with Charles – Terminate her Dark Foundation” hosted by Jason Goodman’s YT channel (about the 1::00 hour if you want to go directly to it. Prior to that, Charles and Jason discuss politics with three gentlemen from the UK and Scotland, which I missed for the most part due to other duties.
    The second half, which is still live, reports updates on the Clinton/Bush/Obama Corruption with Mueller and Comey as part of their complicity in attempting to bring down PDJT.

  122. It's what they do, not what they say. says:

    I need me a deep state job! Good old Tash, facing serious jail time (probably, though we don’t know for sure) gets a 6 figure job at Boeing instead. And, THEY still expect US to fight THEIR wars for them. I’m not thinkin’ so. Not no more.

  123. Sue says:

    I don’t know about everybody else but I’m sure having a hard time keeping up with all this.
    Sundance’s reporting is stellar, but just when I think I understand this puzzle, a whole new set of puzzle pieces present themselves. I never imagined The Swamp was so deep, wide, and pervasive!

  124. Richie says:

    Email this to Bondo Barr so he knows we know.

  125. Mary says:

    They should all go to prison if proved. Keep up the good work.

  126. Otherwise Law Abiding says:

    Kill them all. Problem solved.

  127. Otherwise Law Abiding says:

    Kill them all. Problem solved.

  128. Gil Stonebarger says:

    every day that goes by without justice simply empowers and strengthens the enemy. How long will YOU wait, dear reader?

  129. Night Flight says:

    If the charges come back as a conspiracy to overthrow the sitting President; it should be handled by military justice.

  130. David Farrar says:

    I would not be a bit surprised if there wasn’t a direct quid pro quo between Jeffery Epstein’s murder and keeping Julian Assange from talking, forever.
    And if AG Barr is supporting Christopher Wray, I am afraid he might be involved in this deep-state conspiracy as well.

  131. David Farrar says:

    It’s the military and Intel deep state who are in the midst of trying to overthrow our duly elected president.

  132. […] It’s been reported that a few weeks later, a small group got together to discuss AG Sessions recusal from the Trump – Russia investigation, on March 2, 2017. […]

  133. Mikal Dene says:

    The world as I knew it is gone. I fear I know too much and certainly more than I ever suspected. I fear my children and grandchildren will never have the American dream I once chased. We have entered into a world where you are chosen for the sacrifices you are willing to make, not the contributions you offer society. Corruption doesn’t begin to describe the crimes or the situation in DC. or around the Globe. The age of the internet has brought us out into the open when we seek knowledge but has come at a cost I can’t begin to fathom. If what we know seems bad then how horrible is what we don’t know. Is this our lives from here on out? Do we question every motive with skepticism? I find myself questioning everything these days and at some point I feel I will become like them. Angry. Lost. Confused. I pray that never happens. God save us all. Save us from ourselves…

  134. […] It’s been reported that a few weeks later, a small group got together to discuss AG Sessions recusal from the Trump – Russia investigation, on March 2, 2017. […]

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