Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Outlines U.S. Trade Policy and Goals of Administration…

Commerce Secretary delivered a speech to the Federalist Society today as he explained U.S. trade policy under President Trump and the long-term goals and objectives.

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33 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Outlines U.S. Trade Policy and Goals of Administration…

  1. Ono says:

    Hard to argue with facts!!!!

    President Trump MAGA

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    • A2 says:

      Seen the reports ( nothing official yet) on the PRC reneging on buying US Ag products, conditional to the US removing tariffs, but this was their position before and during the meetings according to Taoran Notes (the author travels with Liu He). I posted a summary here last week.

      I think, reading the editorials in the Global Times Party mouthpiece they have their hair on fire because Congress passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and specifically said they will retaliate against the US (the language was pretty blue).

      Pretty certain it was a retaliatory move and I’m also certain that is how they will spin it.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I wonder when PDJT will have had enough of this reneging by the Chinese Commies.

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      • Perfect time for POTUS to RESCHEDULE the 5% Tariffs for Nov 15th, announcing
        • He will not allow China to use what Congress does against our farmers.
        • That increase will REMAIN as an incentive for China never to reneg again.

        IMO, the Tariffs won’t come off until ultimately,
        • The COMPLETE deal has been passed and implemented.
        • Enforcement Mechanisms are PROVEN to work for a period of time across all issues.
        • Enforcement Actions have DEMONSTRATED that they have ended transgressions.


    • amjean says:

      Lou Dobbs is not easy to listen to; he uses 25 words when 5 will do and his many
      pauses while apparently searching for the next word or phrase is extremely annoying.
      He is wasting time while we wait for his guest to share their expertise and knowledge.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes. I agree that his inability to speak impromptu AND be brief is definitely annoying…..and it eats up the very limited time on his show…. But I tolerate that because Dobbs is pretty much very pro-MAGA and has been a solid long-term supporter of this President.

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    • NoFixedAddress says:

      Secretary Ross comments that the whistle blower was dealing with 3rd hand information!

      How useless is the CIA?

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  2. Sloth1963 says:

    Wilbur No BS Ross laying it out. Dang he’s good .

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  3. bessie2003 says:

    Listening to Sec. Ross made me wonder, since the majority of this Cabinet are successful business people, does President Trump and the others in the Cabinet look upon the whole Pelosi/Schiff impeachment move in the same way these business people look at hostile takeovers? Just another part of doing business?

    Watching Sec. Ross deliver his remarks in that cool calm manner of his, thought, these political games must roll off the President and the Cabinet members backs like water off a duck imagining they’ve all seen much worse in the day to day grind of multinational business these men have worked in for most of their lives, successfully.

    If so, it explains why the press has gone so kkkkrazy with TDS, all their ploys must seem like children playing in a sandbox to the President and his team of wolverines like Ross, Mnuchin,

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  4. mopar2016 says:

    I knew that the Chinese “belt and Road” strategy was big, but I didn’t realize that it involved more than a hundred countries. The democrats sold us out to China a long time ago.

    Nixon may have opened the door, but Clinton made sure that China got the latest satellite, computer, and missile technology. Before that Massa Jimmy made sure that China gained control of the Panama Canal. I like the way Ross tells it like it is.

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    • trapper says:

      “Clinton made sure that China got the latest satellite, computer, and missile technology”

      AND a back door to the US market via NAFTA. I do not believe in accidents or unintended con.

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  5. fangdog says:

    How can anyone say Ross’s facts are not good for America and the American people. You’d have to be a democrat to think otherwise.

    Once one realizes a typical democrat is Right-Brain dominate (feelings) as opposed to Left-Brain dominate (logic), It becomes apparent “feelings” rather than “facts” become a democrat’s reality. Commonsense is not an importance to a democrat as it is with those who do have commonsense.

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    • wildsailor2018 says:

      It is interesting you point this out as a reminder. Jefferson studied ‘why’ we have 2 parties, His conclusion is we will always have 2 parties. I paraphrase his finding as ‘there are those that think and there are those that react emotionally and this is the root of the two party system.’ I think it was Wigs and Torries he was analyzing back then.

      This explains why a third party cannot effectively get liftoff; it either splits the thinkers or it splits the emotional actors. A good case in point is that after years and years of trying to gain traction as a third party the American Communist Party decided to infiltrate the Democrat Party. Hence, the birth of the Demonrats….

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      • old codger says:

        This is PRECISELY what the Tea Party folks need to remember and concentrate on: Infiltrating and taking over the GOPe!

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      • Muthaucker says:

        Logic and emotion are also the core differences between males and females. Just saying…

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        • God's Poster says:

          Not in my family. Nor in my best friend’s family. Nor in my neighbor’s family… There are millions of women that voted for Trump, and to imply that they did so based on emotion is insulting. A better explanation is that they were informed, they recognized the kind of woman Hillary is, and they knew that Obama had damaged their family financially, put their daughters at risk, persecuted their family’s faith, threatened their 2nd Amendment rights, etc, etc etc. It’s the women – and men – on the Left that are emotional basket cases.

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  6. GB Bari says:

    Looks like, pending confirmation of China’s renege, the PRC is listening to US DemonRATs Media about impeachment and believing China has the upper hand.

    50% tariffs now across the board?

    On a related note, How are the negotiations with India doing?

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      • TradeBait says:

        Good article. It appears to me the bickering over trade issues sound much like family he said/she saids. Those type issues can be resolved with some solid negotiation and reconciliation if the parties are amenable to the process. When both patriarchs are committed like these two are, the families tend to get it together as they should.

        Above all things never, ever trust communists. Disengage with China completely. They need isolated and destroyed economically until/if they stop being totalitarians.

        However, I sleep well with PDT in charge. He and his patriot supporters know what to do and when to do it. May God continue to bless and protect them as well as our nation and sincere allies.

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      • GB Bari says:

        That’s actually a very well-written article that explains in plain language many of the issues that need to be addressed in the US-India trade agreement negotiations.

        TY for posting the link, A2.


    • GP says:

      This is what Tump said about China AG purchase today with the Italian President “Italian President Mattarella:

      “But there have been some reports that China is not buying until the deal is signed. No, China has started buying already from the farmers. It’ll be anywhere from $40 [billion] to $50 billion, which is far more than anybody thought or expected. It’s a great deal for the farmers. I think the farmers will come out — along with many other industries in the United States — will come out as one of the big beneficiaries of the trade deal with China.

      But they have already started purchasing; in fact, they started purchasing three weeks ago. You can see the numbers for yourself. It’s great for our country. It’s great for — I think it’s great for China, too. But it’s something that’s already taken effect, even though the deal won’t be signed probably until I meet with President Xi in Chile, where we have a summit. So that’ll be good.”

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      • GB Bari says:

        Ross said earlier today the $40-50 Bn was over several years (as opposed to right away). I’ll bet the media will try to play that as POTUS telling a fib when in fact PDJT didn’t say over what period of time; he just stated a dollar amount.

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  7. Raised on Reagan says:

    If Congress wishes to send a real message to China, pass the USMCA.


  8. 335blues says:

    I honestly never heard of Wilber before President Trump.
    But, boy is he the right guy in the right place, or what?
    Along with several others of course.


  9. 335blues says:

    I honestly never heard of Wilber before President Trump.
    But, boy is he the right guy in the right place, or what?
    Along with several others of course.

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