Here Comes the SSCI – Senators Burr and Warner Now Advance Whistleblower Narrative….

There has been so much we have documented about the corrupt intents of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), that it doesn’t take a deep-weeds political follower to see where this is going.

SSCI Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner now inject the Senate into the process of advancing Adam Schiff’s Ukrainian “whistleblower” narrative.  In a letter today Burr and Warner write to the attorney representing the “whistleblower”:

(Document Link)

As with the Trump-Russia investigation, Warner and Burr now insert themselves into position in order to advance the Trump-Ukraine investigation.

The SSCI is corrupt to the core.  This committee is where SSCI Security Director James Wolfe was caught leaking the Carter Page FISA application; almost certainly leaked on behalf of –and with the full authorization of– the committee leadership. [Go Deep]

This is the same SSCI who derailed the nomination of John Ratcliffe for DNI.  This is the same SSCI who “worked closely” with Robert Mueller.

Who was tipped-off and writes the first article about the SSCI letter?….  The same journalist who was working with Christopher Steele to advance the original narrative for the Dossier; the same journalist who received leaked information from James Clapper about the content of the dossier, Michael Isikoff.

[Michael Isikoff] Even as the House is ramping up its investigation into the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine, the Senate Intelligence Committee has opened its own inquiry and is seeking a quick interview with the whistleblower who filed the initial complaint with the intelligence community’s inspector general, according to a letter obtained by Yahoo News.

A letter seeking to question the still-anonymous whistleblower was sent Tuesday to Andrew Bakaj, the lawyer who represents the official. It was signed by committee chair Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. — signifying that the panel is pursuing the politically explosive issue on a bipartisan basis.

“In order to ascertain the appropriate path forward for your client while protecting your client’s privacy, we are writing to request that you make your client available for a closed bipartisan interview with Committee counsel no later than Friday, September 27, 2019, in a mutually agreeable secure location,” the letter reads.  (read more)

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172 Responses to Here Comes the SSCI – Senators Burr and Warner Now Advance Whistleblower Narrative….

  1. Gunner says:

    So, looks like the House has taken the temperature of the Senate. And if this little tidbit Sundance offers is any indication, a sufficient number of the 535 ‘representatives’ on Capitol Hill are all in for impeachment and removal.

    I have to believe that POTUS is still a handful of moves ahead of these cretins. If he’s not, God help us all.

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    • Sporty says:

      Perhaps they have to shoot the bullets they have because there is no other option. They are skrewed

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    • Ellis says:

      Pelosi doesn’t have a crime nor the votes in the house or she would have taken a vote to launch an official impeachment inquiry. Today was a nothingburger media stunt. Nothing has changed, she launched an investigation to decide if the democrats should launch an official impeachment inquiry. Just like Nadler did weeks ago. Impeachment is doa in senate. This is a lame attempt to cover for Biden.

      Trump has been goading the democrats to make this awful political decision and has been quite happy the last few days. This would be an opportune time to present evidence of the spying scandal for the public that has not been paying attention. He seems rather eager to release the transcript.

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      • ATheoK says:

        “Ellis says:
        September 24, 2019 at 7:13 pm
        Pelosi doesn’t have a crime nor the votes in the house or she would have taken a vote to launch an official impeachment inquiry. Today was a nothingburger media stunt. Nothing has changed”

        Nailed it in 1!

        Pelosi pulled her stunt to keep the attention of leftist progressives.
        Which given their attention span of gerbils, 3…2…1, They’ve already forgotten.

        Once again, there is no room in their heads for anything but “Climate is doomed” and “Orange man bad”.

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        • I will tell you what you are missing.
          She has the votes but doesn’t want her 30-40 Trump district democrats to have to expose themselves. So this is what she will do:
          1. Declare the Impeachment Investigation officially “Open”;
          2. Get a Federal district court judge in DC or California to agree that she doesn’t need to bring it to the house floor for a vote (actually this is already done and the judge is picked, assigned and ready to go)
          3. Start getting everything from Trump that would normally only be available to an official impeachment process
          4. Leak leak leak leak leak
          5. Hope it is enough for Trump to lose in 2020.


  2. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    The Founding Fathers weren’t prescient enough to know the 1st amendment would eventually be weaponized but they knew enough history to know the 2nd amendment was necessary.

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    • trevieze says:

      We don’t necessarily need to use the 2A. A tall strong oak tree will do.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Our legislative slate of perfidious malfactors includes a long roster of swamp creatures. So long a list, so entrenched and co-supportive that I dispair of remedy through lawful means. Pray I am wrong. But it increasingly looks to me like settling for serfdom or risking it ALL are shaping up to be our only two choices.

        As attached to the Declaration of Independence:
        “We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”
        Their thinking at the time went something like this: Honor and duty are superior to rights and self-interest.


  3. Mortimer says:

    It is claear that the Dems don’t want a transcript. They want one thing and one thing only …. THE COMPLAINT.

    Some people are convinced that there is NO whistleblower. I think there is, but that it’s another “put up” hit and run artist in the Blasey-Ford style. Remember they never wanted her to testify, but had to. But they learned from that debacle that when you bring in a liar with a story full of holes …. ur doesn’t end well. So you must insure they NEVER have to testify.

    I think it’s a DNI hack who has worked in concert with the Dems since the idea was hatched. The Dems have known all along exactly what the complaint says, but they need to have it given to them before they can use it and leak it. Moreover, the deal was that they would make sure to provide cover for the whistleblower.

    The easiest cover is to have him/her handed off to a lawyer who can then be the iron wall. So then the Dems have the unverifiable ammunition to leak/use without having to back it up.

    SSCI firing off and a letter to the whistleblowers lawyer establishes some credibility that he/she may be legit. Of course they made sure to publicize the letter so we are all duped into believing there is a legit chain of people.


    • Mortimer says:

      UPDATE: The lawyer for the whistleblower just issued a public statement.

      Why do that? The lawyer stays very visible and the client never has to. Lawyer being visible gives impression that it’s all legit.

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    • Leaking to someone who leaked to the media or filed the complaint is going to occur over and over because the DOJ let Comey do exactly that without any consequence.


    • Leaking to someone who leaked to the media or filed the complaint is going to occur over and over because the DOJ let Comey do exactly that without any consequence.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      The only thing this ‘whistleblower’ is whistling is hearsay, something someone (may have) told him. Update: Where does his hearsay fit into that legit chain of people now that a transcript of the conversation has been released? Do these senators still want to chat with him?


  4. Linda says:

    They keep talking about PDJT overstepping in investigating a 2020 opposing candidate “Biden”…..but what about what that candidate did as VP in his past tenure? Is that off limits? Just wondering.

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  5. Horrible lawlessness by the Senate.

    I’m wondering if Trump would suffer more politically if the Senate had blocked the report. Trump can still obliterate this. God works in mysterious ways. Now, declassify everything.

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    • The Boss says:

      Something tells me it won’t be long before Chuck Schumer is whimpering like a girl (again).


    • Contrarymary says:

      Since burr is a lame duck, couldn’t mitchy pull him off that committee? Even if he could, not sure he would. He’s about as dirty as they get, but would still like to know if it’s possible.


  6. railer says:

    You know The Swamp wants Biden in the WH, but if they go after Trump over this Ukraine thing, it’s going to destroy Biden.


  7. Jerry Joe says:

    I wish some bold reporter would ask Cryin’ Chuck Shumer in reference to his prior statement over “6 ways from Sunday…”, what number he thinks we are on. It would certainly help clear some air.


  8. Boots says:

    If the Communist Democrat Party succeeds in removing Trump from office…

    ….and if Trump supporters don’t riot in the streets and burn cities to the ground, causing mass destruction…

    ….then the America which those of us who knew her remember fondly…

    ….will within 10 years become a sh!t hole country like France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium have become due to Muslim invasion…

    ….because our communist masters will know we’re sheep not men, who can be cowed into submission by fear of arrest, imprisonment, or death for daring to take arms and fight back.


    OR DIES.

    “I know not course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death”. Some have posited this is what those words mean in today’s language: I will fight like a wild man and die like a warrior before I surrender to those trying to subjugate me to the dictates of tyrants who wish to rule me as a slave.

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  9. Boots says:

    This is the only box left when the ballot box fails. Get it while you can. Before the Communist Democrat Party outlaws the stuff.

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  10. Jenevive says:

    Ed Henry just now on Hannity has reported the following
    a WH source says that not only the transcript but the IG
    report showing the whistle blower has a bias against POTUS
    and in favor or a 2020 candidate. Also said the transcript
    has no smoking gun, no quid pro quo but there is some
    language or wording that might raise a few eyebrows.


    • Dixie says:

      I don’t trust them not to put words in that transcript which were never uttered by President Trump. They are all a bunch of lying imbeciles.


  11. mj_inOC says:

    What is the turncoat story on Burr?
    Who/what got to him?

    Dishonorable and Despicable.



  12. shirley49 says:

    I would like to know why they are even listening in on a Presidents phone calls? Not sure but do they do that to every President? Also, does not a whistle blower need proof of his accusations? Inquiring mins want to know.


  13. millard fillmore says:

    The same Mark Warner who talked to the Russians HIMSELF to find dirt on Trump is now the arbiter of what is appropriate for the President to discuss with Ukrainian leaders?Meanwhile,there is no apparent interest in a former sitting Vice President who strong-armed that same government on behalf of his son?


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