Lawfare Expects McCabe Arrest – That Explains Why CNN Hired Him….

The Lawfare group are the external influence agents for corrupt politically motivated lawyers working in government.  The group fingerprints show up everywhere including among “beach friends” and legal schemes hatched from the premise of their assembly.  Lawfare = use the law as a tool in warfare.  [Adult Alinsky disciples.]

The Lawfare group is headed by Comey’s friend Benjamin Wittes; and the group give resistance advice to ideologues inside government as well as outside organizations who are resisting (suing) the Trump administration.

So when Benjamin Wittes announces to his ideological resistance followers:

…”You should thus expect charges against McCabe to be forthcoming any day. And if such charges don’t happen, that doesn’t mean they weren’t planned but, rather, that some extrinsic event has intervened”… (link)

…readers can assume Lawfare leadership has known about McCabe’s risk position for quite some time. Remember, former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker also works for Lawfare.

It is almost guaranteed Andrew McCabe and his lawyer Michael Bromwich are in daily conversations with their network of friends inside Lawfare.  This same ideological network has vast affiliates throughout media. The pending indictment of Andrew McCabe would explain why CNN hired him.

Knowing the DOJ was likely to indict McCabe, CNN could help frame a narrative that serves both their interests.  That narrative was already in the New York Times article describing the potential for the indictment.

When McCabe is charged the media narrative will be it’s because he took the job with CNN… Trump/Barr weaponizing the DOJ and trying to kill free speech etc.  CNN doesn’t have to defend their action in hiring a known liar, they’ll instead frame McCabe as a victim, a fellow traveler to the larger cause of justice – whose indictment is evidence of how far Trump and Barr will go to destroy their enemies etc.

Hey, at least now we know Andrew McCabe is about to be indicted.

Additionally, Wittes goes on to say that something else must be behind the conduct of McCabe if the DOJ is actually going to indict him:

[…] But criminal charges? At least based on what’s in the inspector general’s report, this is very far from a criminal case. Criminal dispositions on false statements matters in internal investigations are exceptionally rare. Absent some gross aggravating factor, I struggle to think of any other examples. Workplace false statements are normally handled through internal disciplinary means, not criminal charges. (link)

Essentially, the Lawfare position is that McCabe was authorized to leak to the media; ergo, the investigation of McCabe leaking to the media was a non-criminal investigation…. ergo, according to Lawfare logic, McCabe lying about non-criminal conduct to the FBI INSD (internal investigators) is not itself criminal.  To wit Andrew McCabe is only lying as a common workplace type of lying, not illegal lying in a criminal investigation.

So Wittes says there must be more to the story…

Which then expands the Lawfare mindset to believe the decision to indict must be related to something discovered within the criminal investigation of events in/around the FISA application (intentionally and materially false presentations to the court), etc.

Perhaps….  I guess we’ll soon find out.

However, it is worth remembering how this entire internecine mess was started.

Andrew McCabe lied to INSD about leaking to the media when the INSD was investigating leaks to the media.  McCabe’s statements contradicted the statements of his assigned DOJ lawer, Lisa Page; who said McCabe instructed and coordinated the leaks to journalist Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal.

When confronted with two sets of competing stories, Lisa Page -vs- Andrew McCabe, it appears the IG-INSD asked Page if she could prove her side of the story.  The need to prove her version of events appears to be the impetus for Page revealing her text messaging.  Page’s texts proved her story, and proved McCabe was lying.

However, from that text messaging review (June/July 2017), in addition to texts between Page and McCabe, the investigation turned-up discussions between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

And that’s how that whole thing got started…

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442 Responses to Lawfare Expects McCabe Arrest – That Explains Why CNN Hired Him….

  1. Johnny says:

    CNN knew something in advance, that’s why they hired McCabe. It will be a ratings goldmine for them. It is a win win if McCabe goes to jail or the DC cesspool sets him free.

    As other commenters have put forth, is this is purely a way for McCabe to recieve large amounts of bribe money to keep his mouth shut about the other coup plotters. CNN pays McCabe an obscene salary, which the deep state plotters funnel back to CNN and viola a bribe scrubbed clean. Of course CNN will charge a small fee to facilitate the money transfer.

    If McCabe is indicted (A mighty big if, I am not getting my hopes up) the prosecution should immediately move to gag all participants in the trial. That would deny CNN the ratings bonanza they are angling for. Plus that would also shut him up about anything in the Archey Declarations that CNN is hoping to use him to try and twist the most likely devastating info against the Coup Plotters and sow disinformation.

    That is the reason the FBI waited to pick up the rest of memos up from Comey’s house. Comey was trying to manufacture a way to defuse a bomb he had written in the Previous Comey memos, but alas Trump sacked him while he was away from his office. That is why Archey was as busy as a cat covering crap. They had to block those memos from getting out , because I believe it would be over for the FBI agency

    Your move AG Barr. The United States as we know it is riding on this decision

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    • mnmvr says:

      Agree- also posted similar. Am old enough to recall my outrage- when-Web Hubbell -while in jail- was paid off -via ‘consulting’ fees from Clinton cronies- assured his financial well being, legal bills paid- to prevent him from rolling over on Clintons. Recalls the type of pressure placed on Gen’l Flynn that caused him to take a plea.. This is a backdoor payoff to keep his mouth shut.

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    • inspectorudy says:

      I disagree that it will be a goldmine for cnn. The public is not watching them any longer and trying to milk a story that most people think is in the past is not going to help them very much. McCabe is not a sympathetic criminal. He has a rich/MD wife and got $700,000 backing from the clintons. He is weasely and a whiner. To put this man on TV would be to commit visual suicide.

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    • Bob Parker says:

      Tick Tock AG Barr,

      J Lieu (PU!) punted the decision to prosecute back to DOJ.

      So now we get to find out for REAL whether you are indeed a white hat or a black hat.

      Your action to pursue/decline prosecution will decide whether or not there is a 2-tiered justice system in the US.

      PS- You also need to 86 FBI Director Chris “Fay” Wray. This clown belongs in prison much less serve as FBI Director.

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  2. gary says:

    some seem to fear a tactic by lawfare to paint it as trump persecuting mccabe. it will make for great main stream media fodder. what matters,and american’s know it,is that there is meat on the bones of the accusations in an indictment. if it can be shown that a perp is guilty. when the jury say’s guilty ,it means squat what lawfare and cnn and the rest bleat out. and a D.C. left wing jury nullifies the evidence, like the O.J. trial, maybe all the rest of the charges will be filed in durham territory.

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  3. TrustyHaste says:

    Bring it on. Try to say that Andy is a Journalist! Ha! Then arrest Clapper, Brennan, too. They are not journalists in any way,

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  4. DeWalt says:

    Ho Hum. He’ll be indicted. The prosecutors will do a halfhearted job. He’ll be found not guilty by a DC jury. The DOJ will swear they gave it their best shot. He’ll sue the government and we will pay him $millions.

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  5. Chewbarkah says:

    McCabe went to work for CNN so he’d benefit from the traditional advanced notice CNN gets from the feds before an arrest. Ask Roger Stone how that works.

    In a sane world, McCabe working for CNN should play against their ability to protect him. CNN took a gamble hiring the proven liar, who likely lied to them about his criminal exposure. If bigger charges than some leaking and lying come down, they would be embarrassed and their news credibility wrecked. Oh, wait, CNN has no shame or credibility. Never mind.

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  6. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Criminal dispositions on false statements matters in internal investigations are exceptionally rare.

    When outside people lie
    We charge them with 18 USC 1001

    When WE do it.
    We don’t.

    Thankfully there is no DEEP state.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:



    Andrew McCabe has “said over and over again, if I go down, I’m taking everybody else with me.”

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  8. alwaystrump says:

    The whole situation with the deep state has drug on wayyyyy toooooo long for nothing to have happened. We know, all Conservatives know what has gone on. Judicial Watch, CTH, etc etc allll know. WHY is it taking so long for the news to be broken and hit the streets and for people to be indicted and sent to GITMO. How long must we wait?
    I remain optimistic because I believe God placed Trump there to reveal. If it isn’t revealed nothing will EVER change. It’s just the darnedest thing that it is common knowledge and no one will step up and do what is right…
    THEY must pay all the way to the top. THEY MUST!!!!!

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  9. HickTick says:

    While you are deciding what or what not they will do and Who they will Indict , I would go over
    and visit , 12-21-17 , EO & SJR-23 , 9-14-01 , PDJT had a belly full when he wrote this order .

    I think it will come into play with all these Coup plotters , Read it carefully .

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  10. Koot Katmando says:

    Indictment for the coup plotters? I believe it when I see it. Looks like brazen in your face – we did it and there is not a damn thing that will be done about it. In fact, they make money on book deals and as TV commentators. I give Barr credit for stopping the game that Mueller and Rosey were playing baiting PDT to fire Mueller. Other than that Barr looks just like the rest of the Swamp. Appears like cover up mode and protect the plotters plan is in full action.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I now translate the following statements:

      “I’ll believe it when I see it…”


      “Wake me when…”

      as “Ignore this post, it’s repetitious and boring and contains no actual information.”


  11. Phil says:

    Sherwood Anderson wrote a novel Poor White back in 1920 that sounds as pertinent today as his thoughts back then.:
    “At the seat of the American Government at Washington, hordes of somewhat clever and altogether unhealthy young men were already being employed for the purpose. In a sweeter age many of these young men might have become artists, but they had not been strong enough to stand against the growing strength of dollars. They had become instead newspaper correspondents and secretaries to politicians. All day and every day they used their minds and their talents as writers in the making of puffs and the creating of myths concerning the men whom they were employed. They were like the trained sheep that are used at great slaughter-houses to lead other sheep into the killing pens. Having befouled their own minds for hire, they made their living by befouling the minds of others. Already they had found out that no great cleverness was required for the work they had to do. What was required was constant repetition. It was only necessary to say over and over that the man by whom they were employed was a great man. No proof had to be brought forward to substantiate the claims they made; no great deeds had to be done by the men who were thus made great, as brands of crackers or breakfast food are made salable. Stupid and prolonged and insistent repetition was what was necessary.”
    As we all know, it will be prolonged and insistent chattering repetition from our fake news media.

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  12. Bill says:

    Isn’t the “lawfare groups biggest asset, keeping their clients from going to trial based on all their speedy connections in the industry? If this goes to an actual case, can these guys even litigate? If they have a true white hat on the other side of the courtroom and an honest judge (I know, tall order) can they even compete?

    I truly hope this is domino number one in a chain of arrests. Get this pretty boy to flip and start watching them fall one by one. Or all at once for all I care.

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  13. Bill says:

    Word press keeps changing what I post. SLEEZY!!!!


  14. mr.piddles says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Horowitz’ team recover a bunch of text messages in late 2017 that DOJ refused to hand over, and that the public has never seen? And if so, could some of those texts include communications with McCabe directly and/or conversations about McCabe between Page and Strzok (and possibly others)? IIRC, OIG utilized DoD resources to recover data.

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    • CM-TX says:

      Those were likely the ones that included the assassination plots. But we still don’t know how many of those 3 months worth of texts (purposely deleted by FIB), were actually recovered.

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  15. Bogeyfree says:

    Hopeful, but that extrinsic event has my attention.


  16. Bigcpieman says:

    He will skate on this! The deep state protects thier own!! Dont be fooled by ag bagpipe Barr! He is part of it! So I say dont get your Hope’s up! We cant win! This tic tock stuff does nothing! The only thing we can do is enlighten others to what is so obvious and help them see that it is truly us against them! Trump is smart enough to use this deep state covering job to get re elected!

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      This reminds me of Biden confessing to Obstruction of Justice on Video. Does anyone see him in jail now, or facing prosecution by the DOJ?

      if the DOJ continue to follow their track history then McCabe will walk.

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  17. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    ”You should thus expect charges against McCabe to be forthcoming any day. And if such charges don’t happen, that doesn’t mean they weren’t planned but, rather, that some extrinsic event has intervened

    If McCabe is indicted…’s bad.

    If McCabe is NOT indicted……IT”S REALLY BAD

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  18. islandpalmtrees says:

    If they get McCabe, they get RR for signing the Carter Page FISA warrant., right?

    RR reminds me of a king with a taste tester – I didn’t actually read the warrant, that allowed spying on the setting President of the United States. I had someone else read-it, first. and tell me about it before I signed. So don’t blame me, that I signed – blame my taste tester.

    What a wiener!

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  19. Bogeyfree says:

    So what could the intrinsic event be that would result in no charges??

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  20. Elle says:

    The group [Lawfare] fingerprints show up everywhere”

    Is that a good thing for the Lawfare guys? Seems to me like bread crumbs leading right to them.

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  21. Bogeyfree says:

    The word extrinsic means – Originating from the outside; external.

    So if the event is from the outside doesn’t that rule out…….

    1) Barr declines to charge, as that is an inside event

    2) McCabe flipping on bigger fish in order to get a pass, as that too would be an inside event

    3) So what outside event would cause charges not to be filed? Hmmm…………….


  22. Richard Belforti says:

    They are not going to charge McCabe. Get used to it. He should have already been behind bars. Wray and Barr are working together to protect the SES. Trump has already asked when do the indictments begin. McCabe, Strick, Brennan need military Tribunals. They are guilty of Treason, not Jay Walking.

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  23. islandpalmtrees says:

    Well, the DOJ can always use the tried and true. I lost all of the supporting evidence for the McCabe indictment after all it worked for Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Remember, the missing text messages. Unless of course, you look in the NSA(a.k.a, DNC) Database.

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  24. Keep in mind the most important point we can easily forget to take into account.
    They believed the polls, they NEVER thought they would have to answer for anything they did, they KNEW this would never come out……


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  25. Arrest Soros says:

    We’re giving CNN too much credit here. They’re not that smart and are just useful idiots for the alphabet agencies.
    CNN hired McCabe because they could hammer PDJT with what their viewers perceive to be a credible source i.e. McCabe, a former insider in the DOJ.

    The greater public will see a McCabe indictment as another nail in the CNN coffin. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    • Zorro says:

      The “greater public” knows nothing about this.

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      • Arrest Soros says:

        many obviously know something about the spygate issue because CNN are losing viewers by the bucket load.
        You didn’t interview all “the greater public” did you?
        One of their latest “expert insiders” getting indicted will be yet another nail in CNN’s coffin.

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      • amjean says:

        yes they do; it is only the never Trumpers who will glob up the lies. And there is
        no hope for them changing their minds. As for independents? They have been
        on to the Obama/Clinton scheme for a long time.


  26. islandpalmtrees says:

    It would have been more believable had McCabe said, I when to work for CNN in order to cut out the middle man – the reporter!

    “When McCabe is charged the media narrative will be it’s because he took the job with CNN… Trump/Barr weaponizing the DOJ and trying to kill free speech etc. CNN doesn’t have to defend their action in hiring a known liar, they’ll instead frame McCabe as a victim, a fellow traveler to the larger cause of justice – whose indictment is evidence of how far Trump and Barr will go to destroy their enemies etc”


  27. mtk says:

    My guess is the construct of the so called ‘Insurance Policy’ through the Lisa Page text messages has McCabe saying “He knew the path put forward was illegal, but there was no way HRC was going to lose, and if we did not follow this path, our careers are toast once she takes Office”

    That photo of Comey and McCabe is not a bromance photo. Its a guy knowning he toast.

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  28. islandpalmtrees says:

    “Trump/Barr weaponizing the DOJ and trying to kill free speech etc. CNN doesn’t have to defend their action in hiring a known liar”.

    Maybe, their is a different tact possible. Trump/Barr could move to revoke the CNN’s right to broadcast since hiring McCabe would damage CNN viewers with the prospective of a convicted lier, right? Therefore, the quality of the broadcast would be negatively impacted.

    As to the substance of Trump’s threat: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues broadcast licenses to stations, not networks. Thus, to revoke NBC’s right to broadcast, the FCC would need to terminate the licenses that the network’s parent company, Comcast, holds for various NBC stations.

    The FCC generally does not resort to such measures unless a licensed broadcast entity has engaged in severe, illegal conduct.


  29. mnmver says:

    At the time Web Hubbell was indicted- the Clinton gang assured his financial well being by sending ‘consulting’ contracts his way. Keep the $$ pressure off- so you don’t roll over on Clintons.
    IMHO CNN hire was akin to those consult fee’s. Make sure no financial stress- such as that which was applied to Flynn, and others. Pay legal fees and the like.
    This was a backdoor payoff to keep McCabe mouth shut- IMHO

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  30. Brant says:

    “If such charges don’t happen….” Extrinsic event could be McCabe’s own assisted suicide. I’m sure if lawfare found itself in any sort of jeopardy……….
    I guess CNN is a good place to work. On air assisted suicide would be seen by maybe 5 people? Then if he didn’t show up for work one day, no one would really miss him.

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    • Atomic Hillbilly says:


      They won’t punch McCabe’s ticket just for the lying thing….

      But if he winds up behind bars, all bets are off.

      He’ll rat out his pals once he gets cast down with the sodomites.
      It’s what rats do.

      He won’t come out of prison alive if that happens.


  31. mtk says:

    That explains why cnn hired him.

    Hope you’re sleeping well, knowing you have been reduce to a ratings martyr for a failing media company. In no short time…
    cnn will have you sitting behind a triple-A flak gun firing blanks into the fallacy of collusion, while the lawyers milk you for every penney of ratings that in the end will throw you under bus.
    Specifically, once the ratings tank even further and your value becomes a liability.

    Breaking news flash to McCabe you have climb into bed with people that have no integrity. Politicians are famously blow dried stuffed suits, media hacks are egotistical empty souls with the love of their own voices in their own ears.
    And you have hitched your wagon to that black hole.
    Good luck.

    Just because it is broadcast, does not make it a FACT. It only makes it a BANANA called an APPLE. That is a PINEAPPLE FACT.


  32. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Think about it…..

    Comey’s best friends were political activist lawyers who engaged in political “lawfare” against anyone who was not politically aligned with the swamp.

    How could Comey possibly be friends with those a-holes unless he was engaged in political douchebaggery himself?

    These lawfare douchebags may even be higher on the swamprat totem pole than Comey was.

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  33. Luminary says:

    This is good. Take down Comey too.

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  34. Bulldog84 says:

    I don’t give a darn about CNN. I realize that a small segment of the population watches it for hours per day. They don’t matter. These people do not know that McCabe had his wife take a bribe (meant to benefit him) to run for office. They do not know that McCabe sat on the contents of Weiner’s laptop. They do not know that Seth Rich’s murder could easily have been solved. They do not know about McCabe’s direct involvement in targeting Gen. Flynn.

    We need to be thankful — whatever happens — that McCabe’s FBI career was ended after POTUS took office. McCabe is a bad man. Whether or not he is indicted, and whether or not he is convicted, the fact remains that McCabe is corrupt man whose law enforcement career is over.

    Also, please keep attention on McCabe’s counsel, Bromwich. He is a particularly unethical swamp creature who covered up (among other things) the FBI lab scandal and participated in the discrediting of a whistleblower under Bill Clinton. Bromwich also spearheaded the whitewashing of the violent, unethical conduct of FBI agents after the OKC bombing. Google “MIchael Keith Trentadue” for a sample of Bromwich’s cover-up activities. It hardly needs to be said that Bromwich was nose-to-nose with Kathleen Blasey Ford during the Kavenaugh hearings, but if one needs a more recent example of Bromwich’s vile connections, look no further than the headlines of the past year.

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    • Dad's son says:

      I respectfully disagree with the idea of dismissing CNN’s influence.
      That channel is playing, 24/7, in every single significant airport in America.
      Every international traveler, either transiting or visiting the USA, is subjected to the “Voice of G-D” as declared by CNN.

      How much influence is CNN having right now upon Chinese decisions regarding :President Trump’s internal support?

      CNN is a hugely destabilizing, dangerous actor on the world stage today, I could see a scenario where its intentional distortions even lead to war, due to the false narrative it is piping to the world, nonstop.

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    • farrier105 says:

      Speaking of Seth Rich in the context of Andrew McCabe’s woes it is important to remember this from Sundance’s post:

      “Andrew McCabe lied to INSD about leaking to the media when the INSD was investigating leaks to the media. McCabe’s statements contradicted the statements of his assigned DOJ lawer, Lisa Page; who said McCabe instructed and coordinated the leaks to journalist Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal.”

      McCabe was heavily involved in organized, purposeful leaking to individual, picked reporters. He involved others in the leaking, such as Page and Strzok. Now, we have the Butowsky defamation filing about just who was Seymour Hersh’s source inside the FBI/DOJ that Seth Rich and his brother Aaron stole the DNC emails and SOLD them to Wikileaks and that the DNC emails were NOT the motive for Seth Rich’s subsequent murder. The last point is the one overlooked the most by supporters of the Seth Rich narrative, that Seth Rich was NOT killed because of the emails, as if the FBI would know the motive for a murder for which they did not identify the perpetrator. How could they know the motive without also having a logical suspect, or known perpetrator, for the murder?

      From paragraph 57 of Butowsky’s legal filing:

      57. The website (now at was launched in November of 2017, and it published texts, emails, audio, and video showing that Rod Wheeler had never been misrepresented by Mr. Butowsky, Ms. Zimmerman, or Fox News, including the email quoted above in Paragraph 51. The evidence on the website showed unequivocally that Mr. Wheeler had lied to other media about them. The website also included audio of famed journalist Seymour “Sy” Hersh stating that he had confirmed that Seth Rich was responsible for leaking the DNC emails. According to Mr. Hersh, who was by no means aRepublican or a Trump supporter, he could not find a media outlet willing to publish the Seth Rich story. In a separate phone call with Mr. Butowsky, Mr. Hersh said he obtainedhis information about Seth Rich from Mr. McCabe, the deputy FBI director.”

      Now the questions that remain are–IF McCabe actually leaked this highly detailed story to Hersh, WHEN did he leak it and to what other reporters? Did he leak the story prior to the first claims that the DNC and/or Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich murdered because he stole the emails, or after those stories first began to circulate?


  35. David Zink says:

    It never gets discussed why he leaked. He leaked to undercut Comey reopening the H email investigation AFTER McCabe sat on Huma’s laptop with 675,000 emails for over a month. McCabe was covering his ass for sitting on that laptop. McCabe wasn’t invited to a meeting regarding opening that investigation and since he didn’t know what Comey was going to say about it, McCabe was covering his ASS.


    • Ackman420 says:

      My very first discussion of the events of the summer of 2016 ended with, “the FBI is covering it’s a&&”. My friends couldn’t disagree. They were as suspicious as I was.
      I didn’t know what exactly was happening, but I knew they were trying to cover up misdeeds.
      Now I know what happened, for the most part, and my instincts were correct.


      • steph_gray says:

        Americans in general have finely-tuned BS meters.

        This is one of the many great reasons PDJT was elected. He gives off no stink whatsoever of it. What you see is truly what you get.

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    • farrier105 says:

      What’s the possibility that either Brennan or Lynch and Yates told McCabe to sit on the laptop without telling The Jimster?

      It could have been Brennan, going around Comey.

      It could have been Lynch/Yates because those two were reticent DIRECT CONTACT with Comey, according to a recent thread by Tracy Beanz on Twitter, which I think was unrolled. I tweeted Tracy with the opinion that The Jimster was not making Comey memos about only Trump. I think Lynch and Yates feared Comey did the same thing to his co-conspirators and memorialized his “conversations” with all of them.

      The Jimster was not the most popular guy around the FBI/DOJ campfire.

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      • steph_gray says:

        Didn’t they call him “The Bishop” behind his back?


      • Bruce C Galbreath says:

        My recollection was that FBI agents in the NYC office who had originally found the emails on Weiner’s laptop were putting heavy pressure on FBI higher-ups to do something and that is what forced Comey’s hand. He was fully on-board with letting the “matter” of Weiner’s laptop stay on the back-burner until after the election, but the NYC people were creating a paper trail by sending memos to higher and higher officials, and it would be hard to explain away their warnings. Comey acted because NYC people were threatening to go public with what they had. Even though Hillary supporters were outraged at Comey, he was trying to handle things in a way that would be least damaging to Hillary’s interests. And it almost worked, she almost did win.


  36. Pammipoo says:

    Suppose, just suppose that McCabe IS indicted and arrested at CNN studios in NYC. He would be housed in the MCCC, no? At least until his bail hearing anyway. But, what if he were assigned Jeffrey Epstein’s former cell? My understanding is that sometimes VERY odd things happen in there. Inexplicable things, even!

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  37. Johnny Dollar says:

    Lying to the FISA court.

    That’s what McCabe is going to get hammered for. Not this penny ante stuff about leaks to the WSJ.

    McCabe knew the Dossier was junk. Bruce Ohr told him that.

    And he knew it even before Ohr told him it was junk. Because Steele worked for McCabe. McCabe got Steels’s stuff directly from Steele. McCabe’s no dummy, he knew it was junk from the gitgo. But, he still put it out there for the FISA judge. Naughty boy!

    Be interesting to see how the prosecutors lay out their case. And it’ll be interesting to see how McCabes right hand man, Strzok, gets sucked into this.

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  38. GTOGUY says:

    CNN cannot think that hiring McCabe is a good idea. Look what happened when they hired Avenatti. They looked like fools and their ratings took another dive. Maybe he gets indicted and maybe he gets convicted. It all depends what the charges end up being. If it’s just lying, he’ll walk. If they charge him with Sedition or other more serious charges, he may do some actual singing on Lynch and the rest of them.


  39. srmikeinohio says:

    I fully expect to see this…
    “DOJ declines to prosecute. no intent”


  40. Doug Amos says:

    The animals are all named Outraged and their handlers know they have to be fed daily; thus the media. When 51% of the voters become Outraged, the future becomes obvious. If they do not, America is the best place to live.


  41. Elle says:

    You know you are F’d when the best your friends can do is to say they support you while they throw you under the bus. So, what I’m reading is…..Yeah, McCabe is guilty, BUT… it is Donald Trump’s fault! Trump was the only one “militating” in favor of it. Sure, sure, all the facts indicate that McCabe is guilty as charged, but pffff…not that big of a deal!

    When your friends have to make the following statements to SUPPORT you, it ain’t going well.

    “You should thus expect charges against McCabe to be forthcoming any day. And if such charges don’t happen, that doesn’t mean they weren’t planned but, rather, that some extrinsic event has intervened. Why is that shocking? Because as best as I can tell, the facts available on the public record simply don’t support such charges. The only visible factor militating in favor of the Justice Department charging McCabe, in fact, is that the department has been on the receiving end of a sustained campaign by President Trump demanding McCabe’s scalp.”

    Translation: We got nothing other than Orange Man Bad.

    And the following quotes are self-explanatory:

    “To be sure, the inspector general’s report that prompted McCabe’s firing paints a deeply troubling portrait of McCabe’s conduct.” BUT….

    “I have no reason to disbelieve the inspector general’s account of this episode and no interest in defending McCabe’s alleged conduct.” BUT..

    “It’s true that the FBI routinely treats lack of candor as a fireable offense—BUT it remains unexplained why the Justice Department seemingly raced the clock in order to push McCabe out”

    Screwed. Completely screwed.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. angrymike says:

    >Workplace false statements are normally handled through internal disciplinary means, not criminal charges.
    This just pisses me off to no end, the ppl that have thrown many ppl from President Trump’s staff in prison over lying, should be allowed to walk, because ? Total bullshit !

    Liked by 1 person

    • steph_gray says:

      And they are baldly lying about this. Dan Bongino has reiterated ceaselessly how many of the coupsters’ lies about the FISA are legally actionable.

      “LawFare” = “LieFare.”

      Liked by 1 person

  43. budsnblooms says:

    “Expect the truth but not necessarily prosecution.” After months of telling us AG Bar is a bulldog and that Comey, Brennan, Clapper better “lawyer up…they’ll need a batallion of attorneys.” we now hear DiGenova telling us he “wouldn’t put money on any prosecutions.” AG Barr is only interested in restoring confidence in the DOJ/FBI. Listen for yourself at 14:35
    He suggests Barr will disclose and allow people to make their own decisions? WTF? The sedition and treason of Obummer Admin and Intel Agencies goes unpunished?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Midnite says:

      I can’t believe it, but that’s what the man said. I hope he’s as accurate with that statement as he was two weeks ago when he said that blockbuster stuff was coming any day now…didn’t happen.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    CNN is The Baghdad Bob of gaslighting!!


  45. Gunner says:

    Seriously, CNN thinks they’re that powerful? Arrogant? Yes. Criminal? Yes. Powerful? No, at least not on their own.

    If all this comes to fruition, as Sundance has laid it out, it only underscores just how damn corrupt the news media has become, and how wide and deep the leftist cabal is. This does, however, offer Mr. Barr the opportunity to show everyone that he truly is invested in law, order and truth.

    Ignore the bastards, Mr. Barr, and put this man in an orange jumpsuit. We’re waiting.


  46. Gil Stonebarger says:

    at this point, it seems clear that citizen justice is the only recourse…..each of these coup participants would be visited by citizens……


  47. Gospace says:

    Leaking to the media in his position is illegal. IMHO, being authorized to leak from above isn’t a mitigating fact, it’s an aggravating fact. Adds an additional crime of conspiracy.


  48. dawg says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, back the truck up, beep beep beep

    Is it possible that we are TOTALLY misinterpreting Wittes’ Lawfare article? Including sundance?

    Wittes starts out by saying that the NYT story “shocks me”.

    Then he puts in an excerpt from the article. Then he gives an interpretation of what THEY are saying.

    WITTES, himself, isn’t saying “You should thus expect charges against McCabe forthcoming any day…..” Wittes is saying that is what the NYT is saying.

    He says he is shocked because X, Y, Z…..all reasons that he doesnt think the government has a case.

    Then, almost in passing, he says : “It is, of course, possible that there is evidence that is not public yet. But rereading the inspector general report this morning and thinking about McCabe’s likely defense (that he was confused under the intense pressure of the circumstances), Page’s likely testimony, and the mitigating factors he will surely present, I find it hard to imagine a probability of conviction. To prosecute a case under these circumstances, in fact, seems so bizarre that you have to at least entertain the possibility that the explanation for the decision lies in something other than the merits of the case against the man.”

    Thats BS. While suggesting it, he immediately shoots it down. What he is trying to get to is the next paragraph, which is POTUS’ long list of public attacks against McCabe.

    Hes trying to spell out McCabe’s defense for him. Wittes is telling the world that McCabe should use POTUS’s tweets attacking him as their defense.

    Wittes is Comey’s boy. McCabe just said that him and Comey dont really have a relationship anymore. Maybe Wittes is truly “shocked” by this. They werent aware that the DOJ was gonna charge McCabe, now they think they are, and are scared shitless. They are scared McCabe is gonna flip and maybe he already has. So they rush to get something out there, and methodically explain all the reasons that the govt doesnt have a case, aiding his defense, and are saying in addition to all that, POTUS has tainted the jury pool, affected his access to a fair trial, has been out to get him, personal vendetta, etc, etc, etc….

    They are basically begging McCabe to fight, not cooperate, and giving everyone else in the media the ammo to push that narrative, simultaneously signaling to the prosecution “This is what we have, you will never win, etc…..”

    Read the Lawfare article again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dawg says:

      Feigned “shock” so they can set up the defense, but legitimate surprise at this development? McCabe wouldnt inform them of whats going on in his case, especially if he’s thinking about cooperating.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Elle says:

      Good catch that Wittes is saying that the NYT is saying it, not him. And you are right, he is laying out McCabe’s defense.

      He really lays it out at the end with wishful thinking that – the threat that they will get “voluminous discovery” that he expects McCabe to seek based on their claim that Donald Trump pressured the Justice Department – is a silver bullet. He says he will wait to see what “evidence that is presented at trial”. That’s assuming McCabe will fight, not flip. I wonder how McCabe feels about that as he stares down the plank, alone.

      This article seems to be an attempt to rally the troops to prevent a break in the ranks.


  49. shipley130 says:

    Better not put him up in that prison where Epstein was.


  50. Kane says:

    I have a feeling that Dexter is sitting back watching how all this plays out.
    If justice isn’t served, it might be enough to bring Dexter out of retirement.


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