October 2016: James Comey Friend Benjamin Wittes Discusses “The Insurance Policy” Against Trump…

Researchers will share the value of pausing, going back, and looking upon previous information with new insight gained from current discoveries.  In hindsight there are many contexts that shape a new understanding.  Fired FBI Director James Comey ran a corrupt and heavily political organization. He himself helped to shape the politics of it.

On Comey’s watch he allowed the FBI to become a weaponized tool against political enemies.   The upper-level officials within the FBI are now under scrutiny as their actions are increasingly transparent in their political motives.  With James Comey sitting in the sunlight, I doubt there is a more apropos example for the value of hindsight-review than to visit the 2016 writing of Benjamin Wittes.

Mr. Wittes is a close personal friend of Mr. Comey, and was the go-between used by Director Comey to leak information to the media, and specifically to the New York Times.

Three days after the FBI secured the FISA “Title-1” surveillance authority over former Trump campaign official Carter Page (using the Clinton-Steele Dossier), Benjamin Wittes wrote a column in his blog titled: “What if Trump Wins” – “We need an insurance Policy“.


October 24th, 2016 […]  The point is that there is no reason at this stage to imagine that the legislature will be a viable venue for push-back, which is a shame considering the powerful set of tools at its disposal.

The Coalition of All Democratic Forces should certainly see what kind of use it might make of the legislature, but realistically, we should probably expect that the coalition’s job in Congress will be to prevent Trump from passing anti-democratic legislation. That is, the task in Congress will be a negative one of denying Trump the use of the Article I powers, not the positive one of the coalition’s using them itself.

That leaves the tool that will certainly be available: the courts. The courts have a few obvious advantages, starting with hundreds of independent judges of both parties whom Trump cannot remove from office and who don’t have to face his supporters in forthcoming elections.  (read more)

I strongly suggest everyone go back and read the entire October 24th, 2016 article written by James Comey’s close friend. –SEE HERE– While you are reading it remind yourself of what has taken place in the fourteen months since President Trump did actually win the election.

Compare the writing of Benjamin Wittes to the actions taken by the DOJ, the FBI, James Comey and every participant inside the enterprise.

With hindsight applied, that October 24th 2016 outline could be considered a road-map for how the DOJ and FBI intelligence apparatus, specifically the “small group” within it, conspired to carry out exactly what Wittes was suggesting.

Even the “insurance policy” language used by Comey’s friend strikes a familiar cord.

No doubt about it… the removal of a democratically elected President Donald J Trump was “their plan” all along.  Transparently planned and openly discussed prior to the election.



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478 Responses to October 2016: James Comey Friend Benjamin Wittes Discusses “The Insurance Policy” Against Trump…

  1. Tony says:

    The only thing in this comparison I see is the use of the words “Insurance Policy” > The rest of this article by Wittes deals with court battles on agenda.Not obstruction and the overthrow of Trump. Let me WARN all of you of a major flaw in this comparison and many conclusions you all live by. You have taken a narrative created over 2 years ago and “not” fully adjusted it using current reality. This is why you are SO STUCK on Comey and the memo and the congressional drama. Because of this many of you are completely missing the reality of what is happening. Unless you adjust your narrative with current knowledge you will never see the real picture .

    The problem with this narrative here on The Last Refuge and at most media sites is this. You start date for all this and your 99.5% focus surrounds 2016 thru Today. And the actual start date of Obama Gate is Late Summer 2015. And the full on investment by the swamp began in November 2015………….. UNDERSTANDING THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF UNDERSTANDING WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT THE F IS GOING ON WITH EACH PLAYER TODAY AND FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS. I am sorry for yelling. I know we are all here for the same reasons. Which are to Restore a Constitutional government and hold accountable those who dared destroy it.

    That is exactly why I am writing this because it’s time we take the offense. On April 2016 Admiral Rodgers was alerted to “about query” problems in his data base THAT BEGAN IN NOVEMBER 2015 . This fact is the most significant fact of all because it screams things we are all missing.
    …………………………100% Fact’s below Try to debunk them…………………………………….
    1) Sept 2015 FBI notifies DNC of attacks & on NOV 2015 FBI again Notifies DNC of more attacks
    2) Nov: 2015 702 About Query’s Begin
    3) April 2016: Rodgers is alerted to possible 702 Search violations SHUTS DOWN “About Query’s” And requests the FISC review the system ( 99 Page Ruling came out Oct 24 2016)
    4) April 2016: Papaodopoulos ( P-Dop) and Page to join his Campaign.
    5) READ 1 through 4 AGAIN.
    Summary: The swamp began hunting Trump in NOV 2015 4 Months before a single vote is cast. This spying was illegal and it was ended in April 2016 because the terms used in the ‘Query” had been disabled by Admiral Rodgers. In Come NEVER TRUMP who hire Fusion GPS. The Fusion dirt dig contract also happens at the same time P-Dop and Page get on board and coincidentally at the same time when there locked from the 702 Search terms they had been using. Page and P-Dop now fill the positions of the 702 Query no longer available to them and each has a specific function.
    Page: Eyes and ears on the ground mingling with the Trump people
    P-Dop: Try to get Trump to meet or accept meetings with Russian Gov Officials. Offer topics for these meetings (Magnitisky act, HILLARY EMAILS ect.) and include well connected Russian players to host these meetings.
    FACT: as testified to by P-Dop and confirmed by the Trump team’s own records:
    P-Dop did talk to many important Russians and also offered meetings to the Trump Team repeatedly including to meet for “Hillary’s emails”. No on in the Trump camp ever asked him to do and all offers got turned down or ignored by the Trump people.
    FACT: Trump team emails sent and received by P-Dop confirm this above narrative.

    You follow that ? This activity initiated by the REPUBLICANS AND FUSION GPS took place from April 2016 Until the month of June 2016. And it is not until July 5th 2016 That Christopher Steele enters the picture. And not Until Late August early September that the dossier created . And it’s main reason for creation ? The FISC 99 Page ruling is expected in September / October.
    …………………………………………Got that ? ……………………………………………………………

    The dossier was created to protect from the FISC court ruling Rodgers commissioned which showed FBI/DOJ/NSA/Contractor misused the data base and shared it with unauthorized personnel, DO you now understand The dossiers primary function ? IT was not ELECTION RELATED but a cover for the 702 Violations. And why on October 21 2016 a Foreign spy warrant was issued for Carter page. A warrant that is retroactive to his birth. And 3 days later the 99 page ruling was delivered to Rodgers Oct 24 2016 .

    Now some may ask why do that if Hillary is supposed to win ?
    Because the FISC ruling was real , and with out something to offer up an argument there would be no basis to sweep it under the rug as has always been the case of a cover up just like we see in Benghazi , Fast and Furious , Uranium 1 on and on and on .

    This entire Dossier also was an Insurance policy as Mentioned by Strzok and Page ..

    But I will stop with what I have given you here.

    I have hours and hours of research it follows most narratives out here but makes key distinctions as I have with the dossier. This process I outlined above , I have completed for Mueller’s roll, Comey , Trump and all of the actors in play. I hope you enjoyed this and if you find it a good read look for me on Twitter @diehrd9

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    • WSB says:

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio found out that pre-candidate Trump was being surveilled back in 2012 ( see the Montgomery whistle blower case) due to his statements about the birth certificate, and possibley even prior under the Bush Admin as far back as 2005.

      There are also some questionable FOIA requests from May 2016 to September 2016 which do not show up on the FOIA vault but only as a PDF, which may mean that with the Nellie’s HAM radio (May 2016) and illegal handling of FOIA requests, 5-Eyes and laundering real and fake evidence through the PDB’s by unmasking by Susan Rice and Samantha Power in name, this was and may still be going on.

      We also do not know if any FISC judges were part of this, nor Justice Roberts.

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      • Esperanza says:

        Everyone is being spied on. We had a spying scandal in France with Mitterrand. They were spying on political opponents, but also actresses. Kanye, lawyer up! I’m not joking.

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  2. WSB says:

    So, I am researching Wittes family. Not sure ai have everything correct yet, but in doing so, I ran across something REALLY disturbing. Do not dicount how sick this guy is. This was posted on his twitter account on Christmas, I think:

    If anyone whi is a twitter warrior can verify this, Inwould appreciate.


  3. Bill Ouchie says:

    I would surely like to see all 16 of them dressed in prison orange.

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  4. WSB says:

    Benjamin Wittes is married to Tamara Cofman Wittes.

    Benjamin’s father was Robert Eliot Wittes and mother was Janette Turk Wittes, PHD. She worked for the FDA.

    Click to access UCM476138.pdf


    Janette Turk was the daughter of Amos Turk and Regina Wallace Turk.

    Her father was the “father of octane fuel’ chemist and probably a lot of ties to the government.

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  5. WSB says:

    Amos Turk’s first wife was Pearl Bergman Turk who spent a lot time in Palestine. Still researching.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get this………

    Tamara Cofman Wittes was in the Obama Administration/Clinton State Department from 2009 until 2012. Looks to be a real left-winger at the Brookings institute.


    Tamara may be in the crosshairs of the IG report on the State department, which is maybe why her husband was so insistant about creating an opposition force against the Trump administration if he won.

    The end.

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  6. WesternWhere says:

    Immediately after the election in an effort to educate myself, rather unfortunately I found and I listened to Witless’s podcast, Rational Security.

    I despise the man. It is my fondest desire that he be flogged in the public square for his hand in all this sedition. While hundreds of deplorables walk up to stocks to shout “Boom” in his stupid face as payback for his incredible hubris.

    If you are not mad enough about all this already, please go listen to equally venal Preet Brahara’s podcast. Where during his interview, Witless describes, in detail, how he would kick Putin’s ass in a fair fight. His rationale for taking down Validmir Putin, with a single side kick to the chest, is that Putin’s machismo is toxic to global security.

    I kid you not, it was like listening to clueless 14 year old boys circle jerking about GI Joe and Kung Fu. I find it hard to believe that these nitwits who seem to be completely lacking in self-awareness have reached positions of power and influence.

    Dunning and Krueger, I hope, are taking notes.

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  7. Paul Killinger says:

    Surely this fellow traveler didn’t initiate the term “Insurance Policy” himself. And I doubt the FBI dweebs did either. I wonder who actually coined it… And could it have been the actual code name of their secret operation?

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  8. ZooNTexas says:

    Does this guy look like Arte Johnson or is it just my bad sense of humor? I was thinking “very interesting but stupid”.

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  9. Shark says:

    I can’t screenshot now. But someone had better save WITTS blog post

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  10. Nat says:

    Future Unlocks Past


  11. SSI01 says:

    In other words, a coup d’etat exactly as I was telling people – and being looked at like I was crazy.

    This evening I was with the wife watching an episode from a long-running television series about police in NYC. One of the episodes concerned the actions of a man whom the chief male protagonist stated was more or less a Nazi or reactionary who spewed hate for the sake of ratings, and was positing nonsensical theories of government encroachment on our rights as citizens during his inflammatory speeches. The villain was made to be a sort of Rush Limbaugh on steroids. He was made to look somewhat psychotic and out of touch w/reality. I looked at the date of broadcast which I believe was 2013. I wondered aloud to the wife how many people who watched that episode when it first aired in ’13 ever in their wildest dreams thought they would see information reach us, the citizens, confirming the “villain” in the episode was actually right on the money in his statements. The only thing that stopped this stuff in its tracks was Trump’s election; otherwise, we’d be well on the road right now to an eventual dictatorship in this country, the destruction of our political system, the opening of our borders, and the demonization of patriots, Christians, home schoolers, and anyone else who didn’t spout the liberal progressive agenda.

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  12. MaineCoon says:

    WSB, since you’re on a roll of researching wives, I’m re-posting mine on Priestap’s wife, MIL & FIL. It was a late posting on another thread.
    I took a bunny rabbit trail. Q said to follow the wives. In Priestap’s case it would be wife + MIL.

    I stumbled upon a video by urban moving (?), entitled “Bill Priestap FBI CI Chief And His Wife Sabina Menschel, The Fed/Mossad”

    Naturally, I watched it. I can’t vouch for who made it or all the data, but below are confirmed interesting wife + MIL facts, plus a bonus of FIL.

    1. FTA: Ronay Menschel, Sabina’s mother, Elected to New York Fed Board of Directors
    March 19, 1998

    NEW YORK—Ronay Menschel, president of Phipps Houses and its subsidiary, Phipps Houses Services, Inc., has been elected to the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it was announced today.


    2. Ronay was one of the people Ed Koch’s said was behind his career. This NY article gave her background prior back prior to her marriage, Congressional staffer.

    FTA: Mrs. Menschel denied that she herself was “the woman behind Ed Koch” although he said so.

    3. Richard Menschel, Sabina’s father, senior director Goldman Sachs


    4. He says Sabina worked for K2 Intelligence, which was founded by Kroll, who he states is the Mossad connection.


    5. K2 Intelligence, a private investigative company that works for the government. An article, “Is your partner having an affair? There is nothing that the new generation of private investigators can’t uncover, from affairs to multimillion-pound corporate fraud.”

    FTA: Corporate-intelligence gatherers in the new era often work quietly behind the glare of numbers on screens, assembling crack teams of analysts mining code for patterns, anomalies and clues in seams of  big data. Less Mr Bond, more Mr Robot. Jules Kroll, the original corporate spy who founded J Kroll Associates in 1972, now presides over K2 Intelligence with his son, Jeremy. The firm’s tasks have included applying data-mining techniques used by governments for uncovering terror plots to help trace the billions lost in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-scheme scandal.


    Urban Moving attributes all of the above to be cut outs. Priestap is under wraps — by everybody.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      The video I referenced above didn’t transfer. Here we go..

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      • WSB says:

        Wow…spinning! Fabulous connection!!!!!

        Wittes mother, even though she worked formthe FDA, was a statistician. Extensive. Priestap’s wife takes it into the 21st century. Not to mention her background.

        We should check out Burr and Warner spouses. This may be drawing that line to the secret society.

        Oh, and PS, Goldman Sachs shows up again. When the 2007 crash occurred, my taller half was rather pissed that Lehman Brothers went down, as it was one of the better houses on Wall Street… and equally ticked off that Goldman Sachs survived, as it was one of the most ‘batsh!t crooked pieces of crap’!

        It was predetermined which firm would lose out, Lehman lost on some whim, and here we are.

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  13. honestyoz says:

    SD There is one thing I dont understand can you please help. Pistol Pete and Laydown Lisa have the most unromantic text msgs conceivable if they are having a steamy affair behind their wife and husband. Txt about Hillary are a passion killer where are the I want your throbbing you know what rather meet me in the SCif?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      In official letters it was explained that personal texts were not included and personal info from work texts was redacted. We’re not seeing all of their communications. Also keep in mind that they had other (personal) phones, they are mentioned in some of the FBI phone texts.

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      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        The irony of ironies would be they had enough shame to send sexts on personal devices but acts of treason being discussed didn’t cause them to switch phones.


  14. Shark says:

    Now I’m reading this rats posts, here is a good one

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    • Patrick Blasz says:

      Notice the self-authenticating of the allegations. Not proven but because the authorities are taking it very seriously, it’s as good as having been proven. Classic fellow traveler technique of bootstrapping their lies into truths.

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  15. Realist says:

    All roads lead to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero OHOMO the Serial LYING, Document HIDING, BC FORGING, DEVOUT MUSLIM , according to ALL his Indonesian school contemporaries, ILLEGITIMATE, you cant be NBC with a FOREIGN NATIONAL as a ‘father’ no matter WHERE you are born, President and he and his CORRUPT UNDEMOCRATIC DemoncRAT REGIME who have INFESTED all the alphabet organs of State with OBAMUNISTS who did , and STILL do, their “masters’ bidding – Oh and then there’s the RINO’s like McCain, Graham, Rubio, Romney, Bush etc etc who are just the icing on the DemoncRAT cake.

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  16. woohoowee says:

    Hoooo Boy! Sundance! Get a load of this one…….:

    January 29, 2017 – Benjamin Wittes


    Whether President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers know it or not, a complex challenge in the field of intelligence law will confront the new president almost immediately when he takes office: The legal authorization for one of the intelligence community’s most important collection programs is set to expire on December 31, 2017.


    What’s more, despite the anxieties expressed over 702, particularly in the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks, there have been no serious allegations that the 702 program has been the subject of abuse, and there is a lot of evidence that it has been used responsibly. There is strong bipartisan support for the program among members of both the House and Senate intelligence committees. As of November 7, in other words, the only serious question about 702 reauthorization was whether it would be a “clean reauthorization”—one without significant changes—or whether Congress would seek to build in some limited number of additional protections.

    Mr. Trump’s election, however, substantially complicates the reauthorization picture. This is a man, after all, who campaigned promising abuses of power involving the intelligence community: spying on people because of their religion, torture, and retaliation against political opponents. This is also a man who, after the election, has left open the possibility of removing FBI director James Comey because the director concluded a criminal investigation without bringing charges against Mr. Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. We often think about 702 as an NSA authority, but it is also to a significant degree an FBI authority. Thus, the person and the integrity of the FBI director is critically important to the integrity of the program. When a president openly contemplates violating the strong customary norm against firing the FBI director, based on the president’s predetermination that a citizen is guilty of a crime absent evidence, and replacing that person with someone acceptable to himself, it inevitably casts 702 in a very different light.


    First, the president-elect should immediately cease the speculation about replacing Director Comey. Comey is not a popular man these days in either political party, but his removal for refusing to indict Hillary Clinton would constitute the most dramatic politicization of the intelligence community since the Watergate era. Though the president undoubtedly has the raw constitutional authority to fire Comey, it would be a grave breach of the presidential obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed to fire an investigator for concluding that a U.S. citizen had committed no crime. If President-elect Trump wishes for Congress to continue reposing in him the awesome collection powers associated with 702, he immediately must cease contemplating such abusive behavior.


    Y’all really should READ THIS ONE!

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    • TDU_Weight says:

      Sounds like more James “Lordy” Comey pillow talk.

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    • Ziiggii says:


      that is a REALLY good read…

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    • Ziiggii says:

      The burden is entirely on the new administration, and on Mr. Trump personally, to instill in Congress and in the public the kind of confidence that will make reauthorization possible. To this end, the new administration should take the following five steps:

      First, the president-elect should immediately cease the speculation about replacing Director Comey.

      Second, the president-elect needs to choose Justice Department leadership of genuine stature and bipartisan regard.

      Third, the president-elect needs also to choose a CIA director of genuine stature and bipartisan regard.

      Fourth, the president-elect needs to work with the bipartisan leadership of the two intelligence committees to verify publicly that he has not altered the NSA’s operating authorities or guidance—or, alternatively, that any changes he does make are lawful and prudent.

      Fifth, and almost too obvious to mention, the incoming administration needs to assiduously avoid any actions involving the intelligence community that represent any appearance of departure from reasonable public expectations of intelligence community conduct.

      WOW, WOW, WOW – their entire game plan was being shared publicly; if you knew where to look. Reminds me of this comment by Chucky boy:

      that quote from Schumer is made at the beginning of the month… by the end of the month we have Wittes pretty much making the same veiled threat/demand from the IC to a sitting POTUS.

      Un-FREAKING believable!!!

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      • Ziiggii says:

        All the players that have been looked at and need to be looked at are included in Wittes piece – FBI/Comey, DOJ/Leadership, CIA/Director, NSA/method’s &procedures and finally the IC as a whole.

        I just chalk it up as “coincidence”…🤔


        • Ziiggii says:

          This doesn’t have much connection to the current subject, other than to support a particular ideology that Wittes seems to favor, but this quote is pulled from a paper that he jointly produced with Jonathan Rauch at Brookings titled, “More professionalism, less populism: How voting makes us stupid, and what to do about it”:

          The literature on voter ignorance is one of the oldest, best established, and most dismaying in all of political science. Every so often, journalists and commentators dip into it and emerged “terrified.” In recent years, however, a wave of research has shown ignorance and irrationality to be even bigger problems than previously believed, and has cast new doubt on standard remedies. Neither theory nor practice supports the idea that more participation will produce better policy outcomes, or will improve the public’s appro- bation of government, or is even attainable in an environment dominated by extreme partisans and narrow interest groups.

          Click to access more-professionalism-less-populism.pdf

          Their solution?

          …the best way forward is to rebalance the reform agenda away from direct participation and toward intermediation and institutions.


          That’s right – BIGGER gov’t and more special interest groups / lobbyists! And these are the high societies “best and brightest” political thinkers…

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      • woohoowee says:

        Did you notice in the 2nd point they didn’t want Sessions?

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        • Ziiggii says:

          yes – and this conclusion quote closing out this piece seems to not aged very well:

          Section 702, in short, is a palatable tool only because we have high confidence in the fidelity both to law and to a certain set of relatively settled expectations about intelligence community behavior. That is, we have high confidence that it is being used responsibly, by responsible people, and for genuine foreign intelligence, not political, purposes. Our president-elect must come to understand that it will survive only as a long as that continues to be the case, and he needs to behave accordingly, or his first year will see the loss of a critically important national security tool.

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          • brh82 says:

            The degree of arrogance and self-righteousness is simply stunning. But at the same time, when I look back at the Democrat family I ALMOST married into, I saw those traits as a lack of education and/or experience, rather than repulsive personality traits that are probably genetic! Phew! I indeed dodged a bullet.


        • Cow wow says:

          Fought against Sessions vehemently!!!

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      • Cow wow says:

        Ha! And so what did our PDJT do?? Found the best qualified people in our great nation for Cabinet Sectetaries, State, DOJ, OMB…to fulfill our potential! Not some expected bipartisan academics! Another reason to ❤️ and admire PDJT’s discernment and wisdom even more.

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  17. GREENMIRROR says:

    Not so much for that peaceful transition of power are they!

    Comon, Most everyone has been peaceful though then Kenyon Squatter years.

    Get on the MAGA train it’s gonna be a fantastic time!

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  18. honestyoz says:

    What is the evidence that Peter and Lisa are h aving an affair? Where in the texts of 5000 is 1 that shows it? Where is the original source of an affair? There is none.

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  19. honestyoz says:

    What is the evidence that Peter and Lisa are h aving an affair? Where in the texts of 5000 is 1 that shows it? Where is the original source of an affair? There is none.


  20. honestyoz says:

    What is the evidence that Peter and Lisa are h aving an affair? Where in the texts of 5000 is 1 that shows it? Where is the original source of an affair? There is none.

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    • abstain says:

      Keep that parrot away from the Enter key.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      This is a curious aspect of the messages – not a hint of intimate involvement.

      What is the source?


    • covfefe999 says:

      In official letters it was explained that personal texts were not included and personal info from work texts was redacted. We’re not seeing all of their communications. Also keep in mind that they had other (personal) phones, they are mentioned in some of the FBI phone texts. I’ve posted one of the letters in several prior threads, don’t feel like doing it again.

      There’s a news report stating that Congress was briefed that Strzok and Page were having an affair. I’ve posted it in several prior threads, don’t feel like doing it again.

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      • honestyoz says:

        Thanks. It seemed always assumed.

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      • gda says:

        That’s disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing some texts along the lines of “I want to —- you the way we —-ed Trump”.


        • BobInFL says:

          I think I saw one text that one of the recipients was having a bad hair day and was also having a pooh-pooh face and the other texter suggests that they should “pet” it out. Sorry don’t have the exact text. That is about as close to a couple I have seen……


  21. frank field says:

    Wittes. Intelligent evil. Stomach turning evil. Friend of Comey. Friend of Mueller. Enemy of righteousness. Enemy of truth.


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    • Patrick Blasz says:

      Wittes, . . . , one of the most pernicious and insidious people to the Republic.

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      • brh82 says:

        No article ever written has made me more angry than the Wittes one. I contemplate possible acts of revenge, but then i read he often contributes to the Atlantic, which is like being a WaPo or NYT writer, all of which deserve zero nano seconds of my time. Wittes is a zero and, though his face belongs on the collage of the black hats, he is not worth the effort because he is legally a zero.


  22. Angry Dumbo says:


    “If you believe the FiveThirtyEight electoral forecast, Donald Trump has only between a 14- and 16-percent chance of becoming president. If you believe the New York Times’s “Upshot” forecast, that chance is even lower, around seven percent.

    Given these numbers, it’s tempting to not plan for a Trump presidency. Personally, I’d like nothing more than to sweep the possibility under the high-impact-but-low-probability event rug, right alongside all those asteroid impacts and worldwide pandemics I don’t spend much time preparing for.

    Better yet, I would love to put it in the category of horror movie, the sort of zombie apocalypse I can enjoy imagining knowing that it is impossible.

    But events with a seven percent chance of happening actually take place all the time, and events that have a 16 percent chance of happening take place more than twice as often as that.

    This is why I keep life insurance, even though I have a much lower than seven percent chance of dying this year. And while I don’t think I have a 16 percent chance of major medical expenses either, I still maintain a health insurance policy, as do other healthy people who know what’s good for them. Responsible people plan for disasters of this likelihood; and while the Sunday shows yesterday were full of talk of whether the presidential race is over, a major party candidate for president always has a chance of prevailing.


    So our democracy needs a health insurance policy.”

    Context. “Insurance policy” was popularized in the Hillary world of the time. (Fall 2016) It had a meaning of its own. Don’t let the legacy media explain way the Stroke and Page texts.

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  23. benzy says:

    In case anyone had doubts about the accuracy of the “insurance policy” approach and how real it is being utilized (not that anyone following even remotely closely on the Treehouse would have doubts at this point)… here is yet one more example. Remember Judge Curiel or “Mexican judge” fame? He has just been assigned to hear the case wherein the State of California is suing to force the federal government to go through all of the various environmental protection steps before building a wall on the southern border. I’m sure he’ll be totally unbiased and fair… and I’m equally convinced that it was purely random that HE was the judge selected to hear this case. (I wonder if he has written his decision yet, or will he wait until the briefs have been filed


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  24. OpenMind says:

    Wittes at Lawfare on October 29th:
    “Comey’s recommendation reflected the unanimous judgment of the career investigative team. And what’s more, a redacted version of the FBI’s memorandum of its interview with Clinton is now public. Comey has publicly explained his team’s process and reasons for decision. There is no basis whatsoever to question the integrity of the FBI’s decisionmaking and investigation, and Trump and congressional Republicans have been reckless in suggesting otherwise.”
    Well that fell apart. I won’t hold my breath for Wittes to revisit this expert assessment.

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  25. OpenMind says:


    Wasn’t this Comey’s old twitter handle? Another Lawfare article on October 14th seems to indicate he may have been in close contact with Lawfare. This is a high society verion of the deplorables mindset. CREEPY.

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  26. Ziiggii says:

    supporting evidence…


  27. LannyD says:

    So Comey tells Witted who tells world thru NY Times. Another nail in the no party client coffin.

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  28. Leapin says:

    I think this is an interesting statement.

    Page 455 of 502.
    Strzok-Page Texts.

    Great. This sentence aggravated the s out of me. Trump has threatened a lot of people and he is about to be in control of the MOST PERVASIVE and LEAST ACCOUNTABLE surveillance infrastructure in the world.

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Ziiggii says:

    Liked by 2 people

  30. nuthinmuffin says:

    witness: “Trump is, to be sure, part clown and part showman”
    i’m just so tired of being ruled by condescending progressives…i’m still hoping these projecting clowns get their asses burned

    Liked by 1 person

  31. jeans2nd says:

    Funny you should bring up Wittes.

    Wittes participated in a discussion panel at Brookings 7 Feb 2018, uploaded last night, which included current buymybook-pusher David Frum, Elaine Somethingorother who was a VP Gore whatsits, Wittes, and moderator Whosits. The title of the discussion was “Threats to democracy in the Trump era” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-s9xx-dN5E 1 hr 30 min 03 sec which, perhaps not coincidentally, is the theme for all think tank discussions recently, including some at Heritage and AEI.

    Wittes claimed illness and had little to say, speaking only 3-4 x, most unmemorable.

    Couple three things stood out. The discussion opened taking a show-of-hands on the question of ‘is Pres Trump upholding the Presidential Oath of Office’ to which the answer was, unsurprisingly, overwhelminly ‘NO.” Wittes made the point that the Pres Oath was the only Oath included in the Constitution. Wittes point? No idea.

    Further on, Wittes stated ‘we are not a nation of laws, we are a nation of men who control the laws.’ Um, since when? Never ever taught that in civics class. Hmmm…

    Either moderator Whosits or Frum made a statement conflating Occupy Wall Street w/the Tea Party. Wittes was actually the one who spoke up and said the Tea Party was reminiscent of the Suffrage Marches, in that the Tea Party’s demonstrations were the most orderly and respectful since the marching Suffragets, even cleaning up after themselves. Will pause here to pick up one’s jaw from the ground.

    Wittes has issued FOIA demands for Pres Trump’s income from foreign sources to Pres Trump’s businesses – which law would that be, exactly, that permits that? – and how much the State Dept is paying to Trump Int’l D.C. for services rendered – what? what services? This guy knows the law and federal bureaucracy? Now that is scary.

    This guy is Comey’s BFF and current attorney-of-record, both of whom are self-acknowledged leakers of classified information and manipulators of Law.
    We noticed.

    The entire discussion was a bash-fest on mostly Pres Trump, some bashing of the specific Republicans and the Republican Party, and glorification of the Bureaucratic Control of The State. Everything.Single.Thing attributed to Pres Trump was actually done by Obama and Bush, and remarkably none of these Mouths ever see that, let alone acknowledge it. Oh yes, HPSCI is irredeemable and Our Only Hope is in the Senate Intel Cmte.
    ya, we got yer number…

    Elaine Whatsits closed by demanding Dem rigid adherence to Party Over People. Frum closed by encouraging the Dems to lie to their constituents to facilitate the Dems’ election in 2018, and quoting a Socialist. Wittes had earlier pointed out that the NeverTrumpers were now so small they all fit into Frum’s living room.
    glad the putz notices something

    Speaking of looking back and previous info, do you recall the Russian spies caught in 2009 who were using Morse for comms? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-10-russian-spies-arrested-in-us/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7861119/Russian-secret-agent-scandal-11th-suspect-arrested-in-Cyprus.html
    We remember.

    They are counting on the Death of The Tea Party to enable their return to power.
    They have hate.
    We have Cold Anger.

    Game On.

    .-.-/—/.-../-.. .-/-./–.-.-.-.

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  32. uvaldegirl says:

    Drain the swamp….build the wall….lock her up.

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  33. People like this Benjamin jerk-wad, have increased my water bill due to the fact that after reading about him and his article, I have to get the slime and the sh*t smell off of me.


  34. Mike diamond says:

    Comey = a total disgrace to the f b i. Agents in the field !!!!


  35. Pingback: October 2016: James Comey Friend Benjamin Wittes Discusses “The Insurance Policy” Against Trump – IOTW Report

  36. Well, he was right, they really couldn’t afford to take that risk.
    *snicker* *hmphuh* *guffaw*


    • brh82 says:

      Above jack Rail comment is a tiny thing that says : Pingback: October2016:james Comey (title of this article followed by IOTW Report.. I’ve seen that now and then o following coments here. what does it mean, “Ping back”?


  37. Bill says:

    Benjamin Wittes is guilty of Sedition, Period – Once again why is he walking around free too?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Bill says:

    It seems likely that we have corrupt FIAC Judges or at the least very badly compromised Judges walking around free too. How will they ever get all of the cleaned up?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. spren says:

    I became so disgusted while reading the blog of this Witte-less, sanctimonious puke. This mental midget keeps virtue-signalling about the need to protect our democratic processes, and in the next utterance expresses his total contempt for the populists with pitchforks and their lack of ability to make wise choices. He believes that “elites” such as himself should decide things.

    He values the rule of law except when it is inconvenient to serving his cause evidenced by his illegally serving as the conduit to convey Comey’s memo to the NYT. These people are totally undeserving of the blessing of living in America.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Bill says:

    I am taking the following to mean that FISA Ttilte 7 have been cracked using “wiretapping shell game.”. So, once again, we get to see just how impossible it is to control the FISA process/system. It will not matter how many times Congress extends it use.

    FISA must be removed, not renamed removed.

    Did the following occur prior to October 21, 2016 when the first FISA request was approved?

    The trick is for the two agencies to swap places so that the NSA can deny they are wiretapping, and the GCHQ can deny that they are wiretapping. The Brits are trying to escape in between these moves of what a key expert has called the US-UK “wiretapping shell game.”

    This is the first time that news sources have explicitly stated that Obama personally ordered the wiretapping of Trump himself, through Obama officials going to the British, though it has been implied in the past by the suspicious lack of any circumspect denials, even when The New York Times said on January 19 and 20 that “wiretapped communications” went to the Obama White House. No one in the article said “Obama White House—but not Obama personally.”

    Consider how one important person—President Trump—got the clear media message that he was indeed the target of the spying: President Trump told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that he read this New York Times story of January 20 before he tweeted about Obama “wiretapping” him. White House spokesman Spicer quoted from this article.

    President Trump told Carlson on Fox on March 15 why he tweeted what he did: “Well, I’ve been reading…I think it was January 20…New York Times article where they were talking about wiretapping….I think they used that exact term.”



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