Day Two Schedule – G7 Summit Biarritz, France…

An interesting line-up of scheduled meetings (bilats) for U.S. President Donald Trump as the first official full day of the G7 Summit agenda takes place.

French President Macron has scheduled summit priorities around gender studies, global inequities, climate issues and planetary justice. However, the majority of international media focus will likely be on President Trump and Boris Johnson’s economic discussions.

♦ 2:15am EST / 8:15am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a working breakfast with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:20am EST / 9:20am CEST – THE PRESIDENT departs Hotel du Palais en route to Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:25am EST / 9:25am CEST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France, the primary venue for the G7 Summit.

♦ 3:30am EST / 9:30am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in the G7 Working Session on the Global Economy, Foreign Policy, and Security Affairs, Biarritz, France. [NOTE: This is the economic segment of the summit requested by the U.S. delegation – keep an eye open for very specific remarks to the audience by President Trump.]

♦ 5:15am EST / 11:15am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, Biarritz, France

♦ 6:20am EST / 12:20pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Justin from Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada, Biarritz, France

♦ 7:00am EST / 1:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working lunch on inequality, Biarritz, France. [To reflect their global magnanimity Emmanuel Macron has selected sustainable algae cakes as the menu. /kidding]

♦ 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working session on the G7 partnership with Africa, Biarritz, France

♦ 10:35am EST / 4:35pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in an unusual pull-aside with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia [Not a G7 Participant?] Biarritz, France

♦ 10:55am EST / 4:55pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT departs the Centre de Congrès Bellevue en route to the Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France

♦ 11:00am EST / 5:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France

♦ 2:00pm EST / 8:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY participate in the G7 extended partners program, Biarritz, France, [This is usually a cultural program for summit guests]

~ Day Two Schedule Concludes ~

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215 Responses to Day Two Schedule – G7 Summit Biarritz, France…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Gary says:

    Well, at least France got the drape colors right for our Prez.

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  3. The US media is an utter embarrassment when traveling overseas. There needs to be an application system whereby ‘journalists’ are selected by the WH and they cannot travel on consecutive trips. Limit the press pool to 5 journalists per trip. PDJT will get more conservative, respectful and well behaved people covering him this way.

    People could not argue if he said he is reducing the cost of traveling press and giving everyone a fair shot.

    He doesn’t need all those grifters using up his oxygen.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      “French President Macron has scheduled summit priorities around gender studies, global inequities, climate issues and planetary justice; however, the majority of international media focus will likely be on President Trump and Boris Johnson’s economic discussions.”

      With a focused media, this crap will not waste the time of a meeting. The schedule of the meeting should have been pre-published so that our Lion could be there for the “meat” issues and come home and let the losers gorge themselves on the “sugar” issues (gender identity, climate control, and my personal favorite—planetary justice—is the G7 being combined with ComicCon??).
      I can see PT attending the meaningful meetings and getting back on AF1 rather than attending the 💩show! Leave the pontificating to the (un)useful idiots!

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      • Linda K. says:

        I love how Trump tweets to us, so we know directly what he is doing. It is like hearing from a family member.Very effective. I hardly ever paid attention to other Presidents when they went to the G7, but it is impossible not to pay attention to Trump.

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      • sarasotosfan says:

        The President needs to declare a family emergency and leave. Let the lame ducks entertain themselves for their last time.


        • Ken Lawson says:

          He shouldn’t lie by making something up. Just tell them he has no interest and that he’s leaving. It’s not like anyone is going to stop him (as if they could stop him if they tried).

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        • Sherri Young says:

          He should stay and continue to overshadow everyone and everything. Besides, it is a chance to show off Melania.


      • FrankieZee says:

        I saw that crap agenda and said to myself, what flaming asshole put that together. What a bunch of BS.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          Exactly my reaction. Nothig is really of consequences except the President’s requested Global Economt, Foreign Policy & Security Affairs meeting. The rest of the agenda is what elite rulers do — pontificate. Majority of them are lame ducks, not to return to 2020 USA G7, so they will just coast along nonproductivly ti they depart. PDJT/Morrison meeting will be productive.

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        • PatrickS says:

          Truly looks like it was written by Gov. Newsome of CA.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        “French President Macron has scheduled summit priorities around gender studies, global inequities, climate issues and planetary justice;”

        Littleannie, there is a saying, “If you are not at the table, then you are on the menu”

        These sugar issues a issues that the Parasite/Extortionist globalists have designed and stirred up the bleeding heart/communist/leftists to create drama about. The purpose is to raise the overhead of American businesses so that they cannot compete in the international market. The Traitorous American economic globalists can then make money selling manufactured products made cheaper [because the globalists will not require the other countries to comply with the gender, LBGTQH, climate change, planetary justice issues and quality standards.

        Yet they want us, the U.S. consumer market to absolutely buy these products from the companies they now own in other countries, without paying the taxes and overhead costs they have created for the U.S. manufacturing base.

        They want us to be a “service economy” while they are shipping in destitute and starving immigrants who will work for nothing, and not enforce the immigration work laws. They also ship in freeloaders, thugs, gangsters, terrorists, ex-cons, and mentally ill from other countries whom we are obligated to provide a cushy “safety net” and free medical care for.

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      • Remington says:

        little…I mean how do you sit in a meeting with that crap agenda and keep a straight face? I think I would have slept in and gone for a swim…Dumb, worthless world leaders…

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      • ScoutBird says:

        Per usual, the French representative seems to live in an alternate reality given his issues versus issues serious people are there to address.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        “French President Macron has scheduled summit priorities around gender studies, global inequities, climate issues and planetary justice; however, the majority of international media focus will likely be on President Trump and Boris Johnson’s economic discussions.

        For so many reasons—puke, gag!

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    • yy4u says:

      Since the MSM speak with one voice, shouldn’t they elect THREE mainstream “Journalists” to travel with the president –

      They can cover the pres in shifts like nurses used to (don’t know if they still do) – 7 – 3:30, 3:00 to 11:30, AND 11:30 TO 7:00 (next day). The half hour overlap is for “report”, i.e. for nurses information about the patient, for “journalists” getting the party line for the day straight.

      It would save us AND the “mainstream” networks a lot of $$$ since they all say the same thing anyway: Orange man Bad, Country going to be in Recession, Racism is rampant, Russia Russia Russia, Tweets are bad, Resist Resist Resit, etc., etc. etc.

      Fox News is mainstream now so they should “stand for election” with the rest of the once voice crowd. For the truth, another election between Fox Business’ Varney, Dobbs and Bartimoro and OAN journalists.

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  4. SwampRatTerrier says:

    ……… Macron has scheduled summit priorities around gender studies, global inequities, climate issues and planetary justice…….

    Whaddddaaaaa DUMP!!??!???!

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  5. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Sundance, here is where I saw the Aussie PM Wikipedia the other day but couldn’t remember where I had seen it until just now.
    “The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron invited the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez and the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to attend the outreach session of the G7 Summit in Biarritz as special invitees.”

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    • ATheoK says:

      It is always the way, when a person is afraid of the meeting, they invite more people to serve as backup, buffers and time wasters.

      Macron is afraid of a serious meeting with President Trump. Likely, Merkel is too since Macron is her puppet.


  6. redline says:

    This, the indispensible man!

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  7. calbear84 says:

    People will be writing books about the Trump presidency for years to come. We are witnessing nothing less than a counter-revolution of Main Street vs. the central banks, oligarchs and leftists. It looks to me like PDJT is just hitting his stride now. He’s confident and in total control. Love how he puts the jackal press in their place and takes zero BS from China or anyone else. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day when a man like Trump came along, but lo and behold it’s here now and I am truly grateful for him.

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  8. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Senator Sanders, you have a long distance overseas phone call.
    (Smiling broadly as if he thinks he is important, he picks up the house phone at Ben and Jerry’s) “This is Senator Sanders.”
    “Hi, Bernie, this is President Donald Trump calling from the G-7 Conference …I have a Knock-Knock joke for you….Knock, Knock.”
    Disappointed, Sanders reluctantly says, “Ok, who’s there?”
    President Donald J. Trump replies, “NOT YOU!!!!!” and hangs up.

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  9. sundance says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

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  11. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Video — POTUS with Boris Johnson at working breakfast

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  12. citizen817 says:

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    • ATheoK says:

      So much for Macron’s, Merkel’s and Tusk’s plans to keep President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson from discussing Brexit. They keep thinking that they are dealing with Obama.

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    • linda4298 says:

      The White House Retweeted

      Boris Johnson
      This morning I met with
      at the #G7 Summit.

      We discussed the special relationship between our two countries 🇬🇧🇺🇸

      #G7Biarritz #TeamUK 🇬🇧

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    • Wow! Thanks for that video citizen! A lot of news in that one and it’s very reassuring! Main street’s Champion hard at work!

      Oh by the way all you lefties… he looks and sounds very Presidential!

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  13. A2 says:

    I’ve been watching the beeb on and off. The breakfast meeting and these comments indicate a meeting of minds.

    Firstly, Boris has to make a few noises about hands off the Nhs. He would never make it through any election if he didn’t say that. Domestic audience. The other things he said about pork pies, shower trays and cauliflower is well 🤣🤣🤣. Again for the domestic audience. It would never stop a trade deal.

    His comment on free trade and China, has to do with the Hong Kong. There are still very important British companies in Hong Kong. They are getting hammered by the PRC.

    I will say this, for all the fluff and nonsense, every European and participating invitees are afraid of China. The US is leading the way, the pointman. They will follow. They have no choice. And they know it.

    Shall I say it again? This is not a trade war. Think about it.

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    • Pyrthroes says:

      Biarritz in deep-thunk cultural-geophysical context-and-perspective:

      Our Wall Street contacts, about 4 : 1 of Rat persuasion, keep referring to this U.S. – China confrontation as a mere “trade war”. Wrong,,, since Sun Yat-sen ended the 268-year old Ch’ing (Mongol) Dynasty in 1912, and Mao T’se-tung hijacked Mainland China in 1949, ye ole Celestial Empire has undergone a peculiarly Chinese-style Interregnum, an essentially defensive tropism seeking New Imperial power at Foreign Devils’ expense. (See Joseph Needham, “Science and Civilization in China”, a decades-long, multi-volume Cambridge University project begun 1954.)

      Right as rain, come late 2021 Chairman Hsi et al. will face a 72-year, three-generational inflection point remarkably similar to America’s ante bellum period of 1788 – 1860, Russia’s Soviet dalliance from 1919 to 1991. In context, demographics are destiny: In all such intervals, the Fathers create; Sons manage; Grandsons dissipate their heritage. As for geo-historical perspective:

      From Galileo and Kepler in AD 1600, the post-Reformation Anglo-European West has driven a Scientific Revolution (1600 – 1725); an Industrial Revolution (1725 – 1825); the 19th Century’s astounding Innovation Age (1825 – 1900); lately Mass Commercial culture from 1900 – 1950, then Biogenic / Nuclear and Info-Tech from 1950 – ’75, 1975 – 2000. From 1975 on, these diminishing 25-year time-frames have reversed: 2000 – 2050, 2050 – 2125 and so on. As sentient Cloud Minds evolve from c. AD 2030, in face of a looming 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum similar to those of AD 1350 – 1420, 1645 – 1715, humanity will ascend en masse off Planet Earth. Having ended the 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch with a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) 700 years ago, current generations confront cyclical 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciations due to cover 60 – 70% of Earth’s continental landmasses with ice sheets two miles thick.

      Not only will post-Millennials born 2012 – 2034 remove to giant intra-solar refugia circulating within the plane of Sol’s ecliptic, but from c. 2050 on they’ll face a-biogenic, hyperlinked, nigh-immortal “symbiontic exocetes”, self-emergent “artificial intelligence” (robotic/AI) entities whose commitment to “save and guide” humanity will have –so to say– minimal incentive.

      Funzies!– but Pres. Trump feels in his bones, “As goes America, so goes the West; and as goes the West, so also goes the World.” Ulysses: “Push off, and sitting well in order smite the sounding furrows / For my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset and the baths of all the western stars … That which we are, we are .. made strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” (Tennyson, 1833).

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      • L. E. Joiner says:

        Quite a prophecy! I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Little Ice Age, but I sure hope we’re not as close as you suggest to the end of the Holocene and the return of glaciation. Another thousand years and we’ll be better prepared to migrate off-Earth. /LEJ


        • MVW says:

          GSM is a given. End of Holocene due to insolation drop (Milankovitch cycles) is upon us, but there is a lag, which is the timing issue. Also, rapidity of transition to glaciation is a question. I pray for warmth.

          Chinese have records for predicting agriculture cycles, and it looks like their ventures into African desert lands, the Sahel, reflects that. We don’t have access to those records so far as I know. Further, our agriculture records are too short for prediction. But I give our farmers credit for flexibility and adaptability.

          The good news is that Trump does not buy the CO2 causes runaway high temperature hypothesis like France and Germany. Europe agriculture will not fare well in the next 35 years with the GSM. Forget grapes & wine! Hang onto your MAGA hats.

          I am optimistic for the US. Pessimistic for Europe. Socialism will collapse there with the US subsidies disappearing. Russia, Russia will struggle. So sorry.

          Anyway, Thank Sundance for the essential, key insights, A2, and others for posts.

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      • Wengair says:

        Sounds like a Coast-to-Coast caller


    • bruzedorange says:

      “Domestic audience. The other things he said about pork pies, shower trays and cauliflower is well 🤣🤣🤣.”

      I’m wondering if Boris cited those three as a way of intentionally belittling the UK’s current production under the limitations of a Brussels-managed economy–needling British pride–as a set-up to his domestic audience for the big reveal of what the coming US-UK trade deal will deliver in new job opportunities.

      BoJo’s mediaenemies have a hundred stories in the works on how Brexit will negatively impact the UK. I’m thinking Boris needs the announced benefits of this US-UK trade agreement to prememptively neutralize those stories from the concerns and conversations of the voting public.

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      • bruzedorange says:

        correction: “…on how Brexit will have negatively impacted the UK.”

        [Caution: Multi-tasking male at work!]
        I should have waited and proofed my post AFTER I finished refueling the portable nuclear reactor. Drat! Now the kitchen sink’s gonna glow another 20 years…

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    • Baby Hurley says:

      Agree…PDJT always says, and repeats here, “China wants to make a trade deal more than I want to…”. PDJT doesn’t want a deal, he wants to completely decouple China from major world trade partnerships once and for all.

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  14. citizen817 says:

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  15. citizen817 says:

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  16. citizen817 says:


  17. oldschool says:

    Repent fake news…

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:


  20. citizen817 says:

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Never felt well represented at these meetings before, until PDJT came along.
      I always had the feeling that our side was going to make some stupid deals and they did.
      Just look at the people at that table, we’re definitely very well represented.

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  21. Paul B. says:

    What a pleasure to have someone who knows what he’s doing, AND loves the US, at the helm. For a change. Be blessed, President Trump.

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  22. cheekymeeky says:


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  23. citizen817 says:

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    • Rob Allison says:

      It’s hard to take anyone seriously whose ego is so big that they have to list their degrees on their Twitter account. Some people need to grow up and realize that most of us don’t care and those of us who also have some of those degrees know how worthless they really are.

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      • Somebody's Gramma says:

        I heard a phrase recently that I heartily agree with, since I too have advanced degrees (in Science not gender studies) that I have found completely inconsequential to real life, and that is “intellectualism is useless”. The “left” has this ridiculous notion that they are morally and intellectually superior to everyone else, even when their logic is hopelessly broken, their thinking circular… And yes, highly educated people shop at Walmart. LOL.

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  24. Patriot1783 says:

    I do not like this photo capturing armed French soldiers supposedly losing concentration for my own three reasons:
    -Obviously not following their training which is to guard, be alert & vigilant at all times to entire surroundings.
    -Multiple weapons (i count four in the photo) held by foreign country soldiers so close in proximity to our President and First Lady, why the need?
    -if there is a need, why isn’t our secret service escorting President Trump more closely from plane as they do during some campaign stops.


    • bluebongo says:

      I guarantee they had no ammo. Our own military forces are sans ammo when the POTUS visits the troops. Those guys were just for show.

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      • retiredseabee says:

        The firing pins are remove.


        • Patriot1783 says:

          Thank you both for answering as I’m wary with some of these countries and their leaders, unfortunately nothing would surprise me if rules were intentionally overlooked…it just takes one.
          retiredseabee, you don’t have to point out exactly but since idk can you tell visually by these photos if the weapons are disabled?
          Thank you.


  25. I’m so embarrassed when traveling overseas the usa fake news medias porpaganda behaviors on our president,
    GOD Bless our President,
    Thank GOD for our president bravery and smart,

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    • Baby El says:

      Kathy – It is good that they show the world just what ill-mannered prats they are.

      It just reinforces what our President says about them.

      The more the people see this; the more they agree with our VSG!!

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      • Ken Lawson says:

        The media in Europe is no better, and often worse than our own media. The difference is that they don’t have conservative media to offset it. The opinions of the public in other parts of the world are tainted by the lack of information they get. Some see through it, but many/most accept it as being accurate. It doesn’t matter, though. America has always been an outsider to the rest of the world. Even when we are seen as the one who has saved them from tyranny it’s taken that the “uncouth Americans” did a good favor, but America is rarely seen as having the class they believe they have. But it’s their problem. We’re the ones with the freedom that no other country has every had. When you’re in the lead you don’t need to look back at whose behind you, just keep moving forward and don’t worry about what others think.

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    • Dixie says:

      They act like an uncivilized bunch without a courteous bone in their bodies. I find them extremely disgusting.


  26. H. Hawke says:

    Bias has Killed the Grey Lady by Michael Goodwin.

    Must-Read! Nails it!

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  27. H. Hawke says:

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  28. Lulu says:

    Can you imagine the misery of meeting with some of these people?

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  29. CTH Fan says:

    Be wary of Boris, he is addicted to the limelight. Notice his posture in one picture where he has his hands on his hips. Notice how he interjects his own comments when POTUS is speaking. Boris wants to out Trump President Trump.

    Boris strikes me as more like Macron than POTUS. The very countries who’s lives the US saved in the past are very condescending towards us.

    Just my opinion folks.

    God Speed President Trump.

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    • Thank you for your opinion. I’m just going to wait and see. He is probably very, very thrilled to be experiencing what has happened to him in the last month. He is now PM and got to meet VSGPOTUS!!! He is at the helm of Brexit and he is also working on a trade deal with the USA!!! He has the chance of being the man who leads the UK out of the claws of Globalism. I remember how many people criticize POTUS because of the way he acts and speaks (straight to the point and unafraid) instead of on his policies and how he is saving the USA. So I will wait and see about BoJo and give him a chance to show me who he is based upon his policies of saving the UK.

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    • amjean says:

      I thought the same thing. He wants to be thought of as equal; he won’t be.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      BoJo has wanted this role for a long time. I will maintain a healthy skepticism until he’s proved himself.

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  30. The Boss says:

    Last 20 minutes is with Aussie PM Morrison. My guess is something’s been worked out and this is just a final check in to be sure all’s ready to go. We’ll just have to see what happens….

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  31. Akindole says:

    “planetary justice”

    Bring back the United Federation of Planets and the Prime Directive. It was simpler when Kirk (original) always won.

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  32. TradeBait says:

    Our POTUS shines like a big, brilliant diamond amongst grains of sands. We are witnessing a great renewal – real history in the making and not some fantasy of Hollyweird and leftist revisionists. Glad I was able to witness it during my lifetime before leaving this planet to be with the Lord at some point.

    Precious Lord Jesus, please make straight the paths for all believers that lead to your throne while protecting the innocents who are oppressed by tyrants and narcissists. Continue to turn evil MSM and political commentators into babbling idiots who turn on one another as Lucifer’s demons do when challenged by truth, light, and the goodness of your presence. Please lead the patriots who serve in our nation’s government, military, first responders and judicial system into your righteousness with strong resolve to perform their roles in accordance. Where your servants exist, grant us wisdom and discernment to accomplish our missions on this planet. Where instruments of your will exist, please use them and grant us understanding of their purpose. We choose to thankfully and with great love in our hearts submit to your will and plan for America and all of your creation. We know America was blessed by you at its inception. We know it’s purpose is to serve others and be an example for all people of the world. We acknowledge all of our many sins and shortcomings and seek repentance. Please forgive us for our failures and lead us back to a righteous restoration within your kingdom and relationship with you. It is in your name and spirit we pray…


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  33. NJF says:

    Just saw that Us & Japan have reached trade agreement.

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  34. fangdog says:

    No matter who says what or does what Trump remains the Boss. Our USA fake-media becomes more irrelevant each day. Trumps tweets are the real news with any credibility. People who do not keep up with Trumps tweets are misinformed when it comes to reality. They are politically dullards and unwittingly “Useful Iditols”.

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  35. Greg1 says:


    “Now we discuss gender studies and global Justice!”


    “Soooooo Boris, about those trade deals we discussed after everyone went to bed last night…….do you think we should let anyone else participate in such logical and financially beneficial deals? Are y’all interested in getting in on this?”

    Aaaaaaaaand THAT is how President Trump will deal with the pathetic (non) priorities of Macron and his fellow globalists at this and all other meetings.

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  36. mr.piddles says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of…


  37. Dora says:

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  38. Peoria Jones says:

    Micron, in his high-heeled Prince booties, fancies our POTUS flying over to Europe for a lesson in gender? Here’s a crash course to save everyone else some time:

    In Spanish, the door is “la puerta” – feminine gender.
    The port is “el puerto” – masculine gender.

    People have a sex. Either male or female SEX. Not gender.

    I don’t give a damn how you feel, what you think, who you sleep with, or what clothes make you comfortable. Not my business. Just like actions speak louder than words, chromosomes speak louder than feelings. It is what it is, and no bastardization of the English language is going to change that.

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  39. Dora says:

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  40. Dora says:

    Why is he there? What’s going on?


  41. rustybritches says:

    I am not sure how I think or feel about Mr Johnson When PT went to Europe and he refused to meet with him I thought that his reasons were a little off base,
    He said that he didn’t want to meet with PT at that time because there was still so many candidates to meet with from the left That excuse didn’t hold water then and still does not and sorry but I am still not sure that the man can be trusted to work with the USA and PT
    We shall see I will pray that he is doing the right thing now by our President I do have to say that until he refused a meeting with P T I had high hopes for this guy taking on some of the brave ideas that Pres Trump has and deals with every day.. We shall see..


  42. georgefromtwitter says:

    I see the media has latched on to Trump’s “I have second thoughts about everything” comment as proof he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Anything Trump says to the media is usually calculated to misdirect, so I’m wondering if he is about to let the hammer fall on China very soon. I’ve seen it before with Trump, every time he gets cagey like this, something big is about to happen.

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  43. Carrie says:

    Ok, I’ve got to ask- where is Trudeau’s wife???


  44. Marko Mendoza says:

    Macron wants to discuss “Planetary Justice”?

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  45. MfM says:

    I just watched the video of the US / Japan news conference talking about the trade deal.

    One phrase jumped out at me. The Japanese spokesperson said this was a win-win agreement. Got that China? Win-win!

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