Report: James Comey Had Designated FBI Spy in White House…

Paul Sperry has an interesting article today citing anonymous sources in/around the Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigation.  Much of the information within the report is confirmation of prior research.  However, the citations of FBI James Comey implanting an FBI operative into the White House is very specific:

Real Clear Investigations – At the same time Comey was personally scrutinizing the president during meetings in the White House and phone conversations from the FBI, he had an agent inside the White House working on the Russia investigation, where he reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to officials familiar with the matter.

The agent, Anthony Ferrante, who specialized in cyber crime, left the White House around the same time Comey was fired and soon joined a security consulting firm, where he contracted with BuzzFeed to lead the news site’s efforts to verify the Steele dossier, in connection with a defamation lawsuit.

Knowledgeable sources inside the Trump White House say Comey carved out an extraordinary new position for Ferrante, which allowed him to remain on reserve status at the FBI while working in the White House as a cybersecurity adviser. (keep reading)

Part of this is predictable (the overall scheme), and part of this is directly connected to the outrage trap (the justification).  Lots of people fall into the outrage trap.

If the DOJ and the FBI genuinely believed Donald Trump was a hostile agent of a foreign government, their proclaimed justification for their by the book endeavors; and if the DOJ/FBI actually had reasonable evidence to support that investigative position; then everything FBI Director James Comey is now accused of doing would be justified.

The key words are “reasonable” and “justifiable”.

As we have discussed before,… generating public outrage over the investigative outcomes is a favored chaff-and-countermeasure approach by DC politicians and swamp protectors.  See Benghazi, Fast-n-Furious, IRS targeting, etc.

You’ll note the origination stories/motives behind each aforementioned corrupt activities remained out of the public discussion, while all outrage was focused on the ‘outcome’.

In 2013 everyone wanted to talk about the Benghazi compound attack, but no-one wanted to ask about why the State Department and CIA were there in the first place.

In 2014 everyone was willing to talk about the IRS refusing tax-exempt status for conservative political groups, but no-one wanted to talk about why the DOJ originally requested CD-ROM’s from the IRS “Schedule-B’s”. etc.

In 2019 the FBI and DOJ would love to talk about planting bugs in the Trump White House; putting FBI assets in/around the Trump oval office; and being forced to lie to President-elect Trump etc, because all of that type of activity only highlights the FBI’s diligence and magnanimity given the risk of having a Russian agent as President of The United States.

That’s their justification position, and it makes for splendidly good DC media coverage and pundit pearl clutching.  Oh those poor souls in the DOJ/FBI trying earnestly to protect our country…. well, you know the routine.

What they don’t want to discuss is the origin…. or the evidence to support their predicate position(s).   That’s where the weaponization of the intelligence apparatus is located.

That origination aspect is what the DOJ and FBI do not want to talk about.

As a result, when it comes to the James Comey aspect, we need to start by demanding the declassification of the Comey memos; and the release of the Archey declarations that describe the Comey memos.

Mueller’s lead FBI agent David Archey wrote a series of declarations to the DC court describing the content of the memos and arguing why they should be kept classified.

On July 5th (around 3 weeks ago) the U.S. Department of Justice -under Attorney General Bill Barr- while waiting until the last minute (28 days since prior ruling), filed a motion [full pdf below] to block the release of the Archey Declarations, despite a June 7th court order demanding their release.

Again, if transparency in conduct of the DOJ and FBI during 2016 is the expressed goal of Attorney General Bill Barr, then his current department fighting to keep descriptions of FBI memorandum hidden from public review runs exactly counter to that intent.

This DOJ activity does not bode well for a narrative of Bill Barr is an honest broker.  This is an example of how to cover-up material that is damaging to the institution.

To be fair, Attorney General Bill Barr may not be aware the United States Department of Justice Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch, is fighting this court ordered release.

However, the DOJ Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division is Jody Hunt.  That name might be familiar to you because Jody Hunt was Jeff Sessions former chief-of-staff.

Asst. AG Jody Hunt most certainly knows his office is fighting to keep the FBI descriptions of the Comey memos hidden from the public.  Despite the original FOIA lawsuit coming from CNN -vs- DOJ, there is no-one covering this story.   Here is the July 5th DOJ filing.

Here’s the background on the June 7th, 2019, ruling as we shared at the time:

Judge Boasberg was deciding what could be publicly released, meaning current redactions removed, based on two connected events: (#1) The content of the Comey Memos; and (#2) the declarations of lead FBI agent for Robert Mueller’s special counsel, David Archey, in describing those memos.  CNN had filed a lawsuit to gain full access.

[Note: the descriptions of the Comey memos by FBI agent David Archey are known as the “Archey Declarations” – Read Here.]

For those who may not be aware, there are so many memos (dozens) when assembled they seem to make up an actual diary of moment-by-moment events, during the FBI investigation of Donald Trump, as documented by FBI Director James Comey.

♦ In the issue of the redactions within the Comey Memos, the judge doesn’t remove them. Some are ordered to be removed, some are approved to stay in place.  The Comey memo aspect, and the redaction decision, is basically a splitting of the baby 50/50.  It will be interesting, but meh, maybe not too much detail. – CNN ARTICLE

(Pdf Link)

The issues argued by the FBI lawyers to keep the Comey memos hidden surround sources and methods.  The judge generally agreed to the potential for compromise, but also outlined several sections of redactions within the Comey memos where that argument doesn’t hold up.  [The judge has read the fully unredacted memo content.]

♦ However, on the issue of the Archey Declarations there’s an opportunity for some very interesting information to surface. Here’s an example of currently existing redactions within the Archey Declarations:

And stunningly, yes, STUNNINGLY, Judge Boasberg has ordered the Archey declarations to be fully released to the public WITHOUT REDACTIONS. See pages 34 and 35 of the ruling.

That means all those black boxes in the example above would have been removed and CNN would have been allowed to see the fully unredacted content of the declarations by FBI Agent David Archey.

That was until the DOJ stepped in on July 9th and requested to have the June 7th, ruling modified/changed.

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290 Responses to Report: James Comey Had Designated FBI Spy in White House…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    The last sentence in Sperry’s article is:

    “I executed the session exactly as planned,” Comey reported back to his “sensitive matter team.”

    That is a chilling statement.

    I have a handful of faves that I want to go to jail. For life. He’s one of them.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Brennan is at the top of MY list.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      “I executed the session exactly as planned.”

      Yeah…..but he didn’t INTEND to execute it exactly as planned.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        No intent there. He set a precedent for his own actions.

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      • I have some questions for Ristvan and others.
        How does executive privilege of information stay privileged with a spy listening in?
        Comey is a known leaker. What classified info that the spy heard was lleaked?Who else knows that is outside of the spying by FBI/DOJ?
        There has to be others that know outside of the small group.


        • All Too Much says:

          A spy, or any third party whose presence is not known to one or more of those in the conversation, listening covertly to a privileged conversation, does not waive the privilege.
          Waiver requires one of the participants to have the conversation knowing it is being listened to by a person outside the scope of the privilege. A participant who is not aware of the unauthorized, by him or her, listening retains, and can invoke, the privilege. Really just common sense, though a retained lawyer, unlike moi, would send you a five page letter saying the sane thing and charge you $5,000 for the privilege of explaining privilege.


        • farrier105 says:

          You made me think about this, marcustullius: If we find out what is in each COMEY Memo, then check for any leaks of those contents of the COMEY Memos and we automatically know who is to blame. If “The Jimster” leaked them that would mean nothing in those memos was every meant to be secret as “The Jimster” leaked them.


    • maggie0987 says:

      MaineCoon – I feel this way too.

      Although, at the moment, in our house there is a constant discussion about how Comey was perhaps a ‘useful idiot,’ in the diabolical scheme, inasmuch as he could have sincerely believed all the Russian collusion nonsense about candidate PT and set out to ‘rescue’ the republic!!

      He does come across as a seriously pompous man with a high estimation of his own capabilities. My hubby does not think Comey is smart enough to have done this purely for political purposes from the get go. Comey sees himself as a superhero of some type who slotted right in with being manipulated by the Obama swamp gang in denying PT the presidency.

      None of this is to mitigate what Comey has done – it is more of an academic discussion
      on how devious, arrogant and evil the gang was and is still.

      The other thing is how far these two VERY tall men, (Mueller and Comey – let’s face it, they look like they came from central casting) went in their careers when they both seem to be not too bright? Shallow, I know, but interesting??

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      • Risa says:

        Comey is, and always has been, a completely political creature. There is a certain amount of cunning involved in being a successful political creature.

        Whether that cunning is the same as intellect is debatable.

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      • You are giving Comey way too much benefit of the doubt. Stop buying his holier-than-thou-I’m-just-looking-out-for-the-good-of-the-country act. The man is corrupt to the core. The only person he is looking out for is James Comey.


    • RKEESX says:


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      • David says:

        Samantha Powers should be high on everyone’s list, right below Valerie Jarrett and bozo himself. These are wishes, after all. Samantha is married to Cass Sunsteen, both of whom have always advocated for the Vientiane overthrow of the United States. Early in Bozos presidency, Cass shared an office and phone number with ACORN. Basically two halves of a double wide trailer. Political pressure and Project Veritas destroyed ACORN and Samantha eventually became Ambassador to the UN. Everything goes back to the czars and bozos inner circle. One more thing that I think is relevant is the 1700 FBI files that Bill Clinton was caught with when he was president. Those files have never been identified to my knowledge and they could explain how these people managed to corrupt the FBI/DOJ. It also could explain the totally weird behavior of John Roberts among others.

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        • David says:

          That should read violent overthrow of the United States


        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          Einstein has a nauseating book, “Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech.”
          In this, he lays out the case that some team of know it alls should develop the mix of viewpoints in our media, for our own good, since we cannot be allowed to just access whatever we want, willy nilly.

          That is where the Prog echoes of “echo chamber” arose, that handful of years ago.


  2. It seems several of us have been studying Rantingly most intently today.
    The most interesting article I saw pertained to the Army asking for funding to be reprogrammed to cover an ongoing “classified” mission around the greater DC area that involves the Helicopter Unit tasked with delivering special forces folks.

    Much information is coming to light in a short period here. Much about the how and why the “government” attempted to prevent the election of Mr. Trump; prevent President Elect Trump from forming a coherent cabinet; and preventing President Trump from implementing his policies and legislative goals.

    Some of us are reading the information for what it is… carefully hidden nuggets that are semi-obscured by “acceptable justification”. The folks trying to “justify” their actions are not what is “troubling” to me; it is that they acted in this manner in broad daylight while daring anyone to say “the emperor has no clothes”.

    So I don’t think the extra Army activities are occurring to provide additional security for the President; but rather to provide additional security for those who are the Principals in the Seditious Activities meant to “fundamentally transform the United States and its Constitutional Republic”.

    There are quite a few individuals who can “justify” the argument that certain “oaths” do not have an expiration date. Federalist #46 does lay a good bit of the groundwork in that regard. I can only hope that those folks the Army is carrying around in those helicopters are there not to cover for the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, even though that may be their “official mission”; but rather to prepare the way for those who say “If You (DOJ) will not, then I (We The People) will.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      There were allot of unexplained operations set in motion by the Obama DoD leading up to the election, some of which were terminated after the election and some who knows. The Republican Party continues to work very hard to ensure the President does not have full control of the Executive Branch of the Government.

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    • Revelation says:

      The article talks about a Temporary SCIF at a airbase.

      What the hell do you need one of those for?

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Temporary? Every Air Force base in the country has a SCIF….or several. However, The implication of a temporary SCIF ….. begs the question, “what and whom are they hiding?”


  3. Patriot For Life says:

    Simmer down folks…I get it I do trust me. I’m getting really irritated by the left and their shenanigans even here in good ole Georgia. I don’t believe it’s just me…there’s a growing anger over this racism thingy that has just busted on our scene because some top dem lawmaker thought some other dem citizen said go back but now she is trying to infer he simply assaulted and simple battered her for freaking words!

    We are in a dangerous spot if we don’t start prosecuting the deep state and yes the radical Dems! Folks are getting ticked by the minute and I hate my tv and radio being inundated by this junk!

    Why I say simmer down well I say it because you know what POTUS called for people to come to DC on the fourth and well over 1 million I believe did! That tells me the people have this Presidents back and will show up enmasse if called upon to defend this country.
    DC is scared…I believe they are running out of options! Give Barr at least till Oct…and then reassess where we are if nothing…then it will be up to us decide whether we take our country back!

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    • Ray Runge says:

      So, the question becomes, What can Joe in the street do to support the peaceful transfer of power both the USA’s constitution and tradition have practiced in regards POTUS elections?

      Documument release is at the top of my list. IMO, 10,000 people daily outside of FBI headquarters until the documents are released to USA citizens is a task worth the trouble. The logistics of buses, food and campgrounds can be planned and implemented. We the people need to demonstrate our love for country and demonstrate to the Swampy Deep State there is a righteous comeuppance.


  4. cheryl says:

    Nobody freaking really thought Trump and his administration was dealing with Russians to get elected. Get real.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    The verdict on Barr is almost in:

    “Again, if transparency in conduct of the DOJ and FBI during 2016 is the expressed goal of Attorney General Bill Barr, then his current department fighting to keep descriptions of FBI memorandum hidden from public review runs exactly counter to that intent.

    This DOJ activity does not bode well for a narrative of Bill Barr is an honest broker. This is an example of how to cover-up material that is damaging to the institution.”

    If Barr acts to prevent the above disclosure in favor of the FBI and DOJ then we will all know he is a believer in Institutionalism. In which case, we can all kiss the prosecution of conspiracy members good-bye.

    And, this is sadly, what I am expecting to happen based on actions to date.

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    • huecowacko says:

      Overall, it’s the Clinton strategy, i.e., deny endlessly and delay endlessly until it’s forgotten; only question is, will POTUS allow it to be forgotten—I don’t think so.

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    • All Too Much says:

      The big unveiling.
      If it come to that, the Deep State can take their masks off and finish what they are after.
      Why hide it any longer?
      We’ll know soon enough, but Barr’s record, to date, ain’t great.


    • Ray Runge says:

      So Islandpalmtress, what are you willing to do?


    • mike says:

      Barr’s other notable 2nd/3rd strike on Institutionalism: encryption

      US attorney general William Barr says Americans should accept security risks of encryption backdoors

      While I expect all the old fashioned ways to overcome encryption, including deception, bribery, physical breakins, are part of the ecology of Life (in the jungle), I utterly reject the notion of compulsory encryption backdoors at birth, including “official source” operating system and hardware hacks, with legal standing.

      Barr’s heritage from daddy on down through his career, including Ruby Ridge, is as a creature of State and deep state. Great if PDJT can get some mileage out of him, but he increasingly looks like just another DS gas guzzler to me.


  6. Dani TX says:

    Isn’t spying on and lying to a duly elected president or president-elect illegal?

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    • Maquis says:

      Since they had agents in place “executing” plans we know they weren’t just spying, ie watching, but running operations, political wetwork essentially.

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  7. todayistheday99 says:

    “If the DOJ and the FBI genuinely believed Donald Trump was a hostile agent of a foreign government, their proclaimed justification for their ‘by the book‘ endeavors; and if the DOJ/FBI actually had reasonable evidence to support that investigative position; then everything FBI Director James Comey is now accused of doing would be justified.”

    I disagree, they would have to be the stupidest people on the planet that ever existed. It’s not possible to be that gullible and uninformed. Unfortunately my argument only holds true for conservative minds.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Please note: this is my best understanding of Sundance’s position in summary. The actions taken by the FBI after March of 2016 is in an effort to cover-up their corrupt behavior prior to this date. So it follows, that this statement, “If the DOJ and the FBI genuinely believed Donald Trump was a hostile agent of a foreign government”, can not be true.

      Please read the prior articles on this site to gain a full understanding.


  8. islandpalmtrees says:

    The good news, if their is good news, is that if Barr is believer in Institutionalism, then he is likely to work to protect the Presidency from Congress and our Judicial system.

    I would like to see, someone with a in depth knowledge of Institutionalism talk to it’s characteristics. So that I may better understand what to expect from Barr?

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    • leftnomore says:

      If Barr took the job knowing why Sessions was fired, and hearing Trump tell the world that a do-nothing Sessions was his biggest regret, if he refuses the evidence already made public and the many hours of interviews by Nunes, Gaets and Jordan pass as irrelevant, and lets Trump twist in the wind yet again, then he will make Trump’s anger over Sessions look like a mere spat. Is Barr really *that* evil? I doubt it. But if he blows this then he’d better resign and hide before Trump wrings his fat, lumpy neck.


  9. Cocoon says:

    Comey purposefully allowed Clinton to avoid prosecution, making the FBI look like a tool.
    Then he was in the process of setting up Trump, with McCabe, and they had Mueller appointed to further their efforts.
    Comey has forever stained FBI and DOJ and Obama is not going to save him.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Why? I don’t believe for a second that the cabal of dirty cops and corrupt DoJ actors were simply acting on “Orange man” – bad, I hate Trump” and out of political ideology, I love Hillary??? Someone got some VERY damning and juicy info on a bunch if these Obama Administration actors. Still have it for leverage.


    • All Too Much says:

      “Comey purposefully allowed Clinton to avoid prosecution”

      It goes back to Whitewater etc, when Comey was one of the prosecutors.
      Too big to prosecute then too.
      Judicial Watch has all the WW documents.

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  10. drawfortruth says:

    I can’t help but think that Susan Rice was referring to “Rules for Radicals” when she wrote “by the book.”

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  11. repsort says:

    unnamed sources.. in and around… people close to the situation…


  12. islandpalmtrees says:

    Anthony Ferrante: FBI agent in the White House, now contracted with BuzzFeed to try to verify the Steele dossier. For months, a source said, an NSC supervisor couldn’t get rid of him.

    Paul Sperry reports that after FBI agent Anthony Ferrante left his position, a series of Obama holdovers continued to make sure Ferrante still had access to the White House even though it was in direct conflict with the “no-contact policy” between the White House and the DOJ.

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  13. bacillus says:

    It is possible that the redacted material is important for the prosecution of Comey, so that is why the DOJ came back to oppose its release.

    Hope springs eternal.

    At any rate, we know Barr has complete authority to declassify docs. Just because the public doesn’t see them, that doesn’t mean the hunters don’t. The frustrating thing for the relatively few people who are aware is that it takes so long for the process against the traitors to complete.

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    • Rebelchick says:

      It is very possible and likely that is the case. Same with the declassification of all docs related to this coip.
      Time will tell and until then we should enjoy our great economy and more WINNING.

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  14. StanH says:

    This is indeed is the largest scandal in the history of the swamp, and brother that’s saying something. When AG Barr pulls that thread many fabled political houses will fall. He is either getting his ducks in a row or he’s desperately searching for a reason not to pull that thread. This is building to a crescendo and we will know soon I believe one way or the other.

    My personal belief, it will be a half a loaf thing, something for everyone. We’ll see.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      It just CAN’T be – there is so much wrong that we all know about. Can’t put the crying baby back in the box — we all hear it now. If William Barr does not drop the hammer on this cabal the US of America as we “thought” we knew, is over forever. We can not live with the James Comey of the world arrogantly telling us that he is above us all, we can not live with the John Brennans of the world pontificating on what he believes to be just, we cannot live in a world were made up stories (Jerry Nadler, “high comes and misdemeanors”, Adam Shiff, “There is proof of Russian collusion…”, Susan Rice, “it was a video” Hillary “I should be up be 90 points…”, “Right wing conspiracy…”, Louis Lerner “I take the fifth”, Bill Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, AOC, Ilhan, CNN, MSNBC, … “Trump is a racist..,” If AG Barr does not take a stand and end this blatant disregard for truth and END this two tiered system that most of us feel we are in – than all is lost and we will forever live in the USSA – United States of Saul Alinsky. I cannot and will not live amongst such a state.

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      • Mr.G says:

        @lotbusy-“I cannot and will not live amongst such a state”.

        So what are you going to do when another scandal gets covered-up…and make no mistake that is what’s being done.

        Are you going to relocate to another country?
        Are you going to march on DC?
        What EXACTLY do you plan to do?


  15. littleanniefannie says:

    But, but, but I don’t do weaselly things. At least John Brennan told me they weren’t weaselly. He said he had DoJ advisory statement confirming by Andrew Weissmann!
    Thus saith James “The Weaselly” Comey!


  16. richie says:

    Looks like the “Barr Tab” will remain unpaid. All they have to do is run out the clock until the rigged 2020 election in which they (Deep State) hope & predict, (with the help of Google, MSM, etc.), will complete the coup of POTUS ensuring a Civil War to follow in the not to distant future..


    • ozymandiasssss says:

      too soon and it risks blowing over before the election. too late and it doesn’t build up fast enough. takes good timing with these things. It’s like Trump’s grabbing tape. They were way too early on that.

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    • ltravisjr says:

      I’m guessing if they wait it out and somehow defeat him in 2020, then November and December before the inauguration are going to be something of the likes history could never have imagined.


  17. ozymandiasssss says:

    One problem in a federal agency is you are in a cone of silence; the deputies encase you and don’t let you know what’s going on. Have to hope that’s the case here. Interesting tidbits being thrown around about what Horowitz has found.


  18. ezduzit63 says:

    Coinkydink…Shawn Henry Cybersecurity Expert left the FBI for Crowdstrike


  19. Paul Strauss says:

    Flynn is the real key- and that mess is falling apart.


  20. Rynn69 says:

    There is no other choice but to bring these individuals to justice. There can be no “reformation” of the justice system without justice. AG Barr will destroy the Republic and our institutions of law and order if he does not do so. Utter destruction of the integrity and rule of law will be the result of inaction. I hope AG Barr understands this as he chuckles with these criminals at the DOJ. IT IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Obviously, we’d like to know what’s in the Comey Memos. Just like we’d like to see the Mueller SC scope memos. But even though we don’t know what’s in them the Coup is steadily and more quickly being revealed.

      The Coup was stopped by Barr. We may yet see the Coup members go down but it’s not going to happen on our timetable and how we’d like it to. Trump and steady revelations from Trump-friendly, or score settling in the Deep State, will force Barr to do more than just saving the institutions.


  21. spoogels says:

    Is THIS is the man who spied for the FBI inside Trump’s White House?

    Anthony Ferrante
    aka the Ferret

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    • BobR says:

      U1 is very bad for these same actors. Could all of this spygate be just insulation from the serious crimes of U1? No one is talking about U 1 now.


  22. mr.piddles says:

    So when the IG report declares that the FBI was actually “spying on” Donald J. Trump in the White House, will Jake Tapper furrow his meticulously tended Brow in a display of Great Concern and Bewilderment at the IG’s particular choice of words?

    Will we get a expeditious FactCheck.Org Internet Publication challenging Horowitz’ direct assertion that, in fact, “spying did occur”?

    How many Pinocchios will WaPo dispense in response to Horowitz’ “wild and unfounded accusation”?

    Who will Tweet first in vociferous denial of the claim: Comey? Brennan? Clapper? Or will the three of them join forces and publish a single, scathing MegaTweet to rebut the “spying” assertion?

    Will 7,452 “former Intelligence Community and Department Of Justice Officials” sign a Letter Of Condemnation against Horowitz and his most unfortunate and disagreeable assessment?

    Will a panel of 437 CNN Analysts and Contributors spend 63 contiguous Television Hours attempting to exactly define and contextualize the terms “spy”, “spied upon”, “spying”, and “to spy”?

    These are the things I want to know.


  23. Dena says:

    The Boys (Band) are back together! My husband tells me give Barr a chance, I say I did! When he let Muller put out the report that went against all things DOJ stands for. He could not get it out fast enough, you don’t see him racing to get out the spying truth do you!! Barr is a Bush guy, so was Sessions, So was Comey, So was Muller, So was Rosenstien… the boys (band) are back, is all that needs to be said. All comes out and then we get Linsey, what a joke…..


  24. All Too Much says:

    This point about Trump being led to believe the allegations were from US intelligence is something I have missed entirely. From RCP article.

    “Comey also withheld the facts that the dossier was financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign (Comey had known this since October 2016, if not earlier), that it was compiled by a private foreign contractor, and that it was not a product of the U.S. government. The omissions led Trump to believe the contents of the dossier came from U.S. intelligence and were taken seriously by serious people in the government. If he had known otherwise, he could have easily dismissed the information as biased and unreliable — and questioned why Comey was even bothering to conduct such a briefing.”

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  25. CA M says:

    So, every week we learn more and more about the corruption and lies. All I can think is that video of Trump during the election when he describes the vast Deep State. At the time, we kinda knew from Fast and Furious/ Benghazi /Lois Lerner and how everything just got shoved under the carpet. But folks, it’s STILL GETTING SHOVED under the carpet. And I have about had it. People need to be in jail for this. I mean—this is sedition and treason. It is serious.


  26. 6x47 says:

    What Sundance is reminding us, “it doesn’t matter if the car came to a complete stop at the red light after running over the old lady.”

    The legal stop is irrelevant, the issue is killing the pedestrian.

    Likewise, it’s irrelevant that the FBI conducted a criminal investigation with undercover agents and electronic surveillance. The issue is the ENTIRE INVESTIGATION was illegal because it began under false pretenses by corrupt political operatives abusing the power of law enforcement and intelligence and willfully, with full knowledge and corrupt intent, perpetuating a fraud on the FISA court.


  27. Spoiler alert: I stopped reading when I came to this phrase…”we need to start by demanding the declassification of the Comey memos…”

    That bottom-line word, “declassification”, just shut down all those pesky details otherwise.

    “Shut them down — Declassify”, “Shut them down — Declassify” …etc.

    Anybody listening? Barr? Mr. President? Bueller?

    The Democrats are a criminal mob, and no one wants to see that come out. In league with the globalist NeverTrumpers and the Islamists. It’s avoidance behavior, all the way down.

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  28. Interested Observer says:

    Sundance is correct, as corrupt as this is, the focus still needs to be on how this all started. Because that is the key to exposing the corruption. The rest of all this will follow.

    That said, this is excellent reporting by RCP investigations.


  29. Shepdog says:

    Comey’s FBI didn’t spy on people, ask the filthy p.o.s., he said so. (sarcasm in my voice)


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