President Trump Tweets Details of U.S. -vs- China Status – Talks Resume, Tariffs Remain, Ag Purchases and Non-NatSec Tech…

President Trump has tweeted the high-level status of the negotiation restart.  Essentially the outcome is as we expected.

  • Trade talks resume from former stalled point. [Likely Vice-Premier Liu He is back representing Chairman Xi Jinping – Beijing retreat]
  • Current enhanced tariff’s remain in place. [The tariffs that were raised when talks collapsed will remain raised and in force. – Beijing retreat]
  • China resumes AG purchases. [Likely soy beans will be priority – Beijing retreat]
  • U.S. will allow trade purchases, exports, to Huawei of non-National Security tech. [Ross likely to determine products – Trump modifies position]

From this summation it would appear President Trump has created an exit ramp for Chairman Xi Jinping that allows him to save face.  However, obviously with retention of the recent tariff increases the benefits beyond optics all favor President Trump.

We are assuming the high visibility of Vice-Premier Liu He at the G20; and the fact that Liu He was directly engaged with U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during the G20 sideline meetings; to mean the prior negotiated place of agreement is the starting point for renewed talks.

If the assumption is accurate, this indicates a significant retreat by Beijing.

If Beijing was not going to accept the closed chapters of the prior negotiation; a position they previously rebuked; then there would be no starting point between the Chinese and U.S. teams.  We don’t like to make too many assumptions, but common sense would indicate the agreements between all parties, prior to the collapse, is now the agreed starting point.

If accurate (obviously details to be identified later) this would indicate that the hawks in Beijing, those who formerly balked, have now retreated from their antagonistic position toward the agreement negotiated by Liu He.

It is likely they saw growing ramifications and consequences over the past 30+ days.  In essence, after getting a taste of what was coming, Beijing saw a cycle of continual collapse as their future; they had no option but to try and stop the downward spiral.

This internal outlook, overlaying their historic zero-sum perspective, would make sense given the latest developments; party because the reality of an increasingly losing position was their new baseline. A cessation of further damage was their best scenario.

Summary: Trump forced Beijing to see less-loss as the better loss.

However, as noted in the attitude of President Trump, he retains the larger tariff level despite China’s re-engagement.  Trump has allowed the restart itself to be the face-saving Xi needed, yet he retains the prior tariff gains.   Team Trump yielded nothing back.

Do not take this dynamic lightly.  China has never negotiated for, nor accepted, less-loss before.  Understanding this is new ground for them we can only imagine the anxiety within internal discussions.  Vice-Premier Liu He cannot turn to the Beijing Hawks and say: ‘I told you so’. He can only start again and hope the same outcome does not repeat.

Both teams know the prior closed chapters were negotiated in good faith by Liu He, Robert Lightizer and Mnuchin.  It wasn’t the U.S. who walked away from prior commitments. Therefore it makes additional sense for Chairman Xi to offer the Ag purchases as a show of good faith; and, in turn, President Trump gives the optics of compromise on high-tech.

Returning to the original point of collapse, the stickler point was/is the enforcement mechanism if China cheats.  This is where Lighthizer had built sector-by-sector, product-by-product, escalating and countervailing tariffs into the compliance chapters.

Unlike traditional trade agreements with one enforcement chapter that encompasses all of the sectors within the aggregate agreement, Bob Lighthizer built specific enforcement mechanisms into each sector.  Essentially, each product had it’s own compliance requirements unique to the sector of trade.

That multi-layered compliance is where China recoiled because they saw the U.S. as having ultimate decision-making about whether the rules were being followed.  However, that construct was/is the unidirectional price Lighthizer was applying due to the history of Chinese duplicity and cheating.

Any U.S. company (or U.S. entity) harmed by Chinese trade practices (ie. ‘cheating‘, ‘theft’, ‘coercion’, etc.) would have a set of enforcement provisions to protect their interests specific to their unique sector inside the agreement.  The scale of this approach is rather overwhelming to consider; however, as Lighthizer told congress this is the only way to insure compliance and protect very diverse U.S. trade interests.

You have to write the agreement while predicting the other party will attempt to lie, cheat and steal; and they will do so with the sanctioning of the communist government.

Lost in all of the discussions by western media is the fact that no-one has ever attempted to structure a comprehensive and enforceable trade agreement with China before.  What the U.S. team is attempting will be the road-map for all other nations who will likely write similar agreements of their own.

Writing a trade agreement between a free-market (USA) and a controlled-market (China) is where the challenge lies.  One of the inherent issues will always be how the free-market system can hold the controlled-market system accountable if they cheat.

Given the controlled-market’s governmental support for the cheaters, the accountability will naturally have to come from outside the system.   It remains to be seen if it can be done.

Arguably President Trump has a disposition that he doesn’t see how a deal is possible. However, Trump is willing to allow Lighthizer, who really is brilliant (along with Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary Ross), plenty of space to approach this problem with unique solutions.

As President Trump just said: “The quality of the transaction is far more important to me than speed. I am in no hurry.”

The tariffs will continue until behavior improves.

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103 Responses to President Trump Tweets Details of U.S. -vs- China Status – Talks Resume, Tariffs Remain, Ag Purchases and Non-NatSec Tech…

  1. Thanks for the report Sundance.

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  2. Nigella says:

    I see Chuckie Schumer weighed in on the Huawei thing saying the President was “caving” to China….There are no words… Well at least none I can use here

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  3. magatrump says:

    Excellent summary SD. The CTH and you SD are a treasure and invaluable. God bless President Trump.

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  4. G. Alistar says:

    Why did Sen Marco Rubio write: “If President Trump has in fact bargained away the recent restrictions on #Huawei, then we will have to get those restrictions put back in place through legislation. And it will pass with a large veto proof majority.”
    Seems that Sen Rubio should be in the know and not have to write “If” or would have the patience to wait a day or two for his staff to figure it out? is there something I am missing here?

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    • Nigella says:

      That’s even worse than Schumers hysterics.

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      Little Marco showing his true colors. I want him primaried.

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      • ristvan says:

        I will expend much effort to try to get Rubio primaried. This was the last straw.

        Not only is he not trustworthy, he must also be dumb not to understand the trivial Huawei concession PDJT wisely made:
        Not letting them buy otherwise unavailable US parts is a death sentence, unacceptable to Xi since Huawei is China’s main telecomms domestic equipment supplier. Letting them buy non defense critical components does not hurt US at all, and helps US exports, while saving Xi face.

        OTH, the real US related Hauwei issues (5g spying back door, IPR theft) will only be addressed by now mutual agreement after all else is decided. Classic Art of the Deal. Either Hauwei then gets fixed also, or Xi takes the deal without Hauwei. Your choice, Xi.
        Trump cannot lose either way, but Xi can. Checkmate.

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        • peace says:

          Little Marco suffers dearly from little man syndrome. Let’s hope he gets primaried.

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          • 1herder says:

            This President doesn’t “HOPE” anything…..he gets things done. Now it is up to Florida voters to primary “little marco.”

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            • chickenhawk says:

              Actually it’s up to someone in the Republican Party as a “candidate” to primary Marco. Then it is up to the voters in Florida to vote for this person. The only other option is to vote for the Dem in the General. Last time around the Dem was a true psycho and not an option.

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        • sarasotosfan says:

          I am sure there is a deal to be struck on Huawei. I would lobby for a majority stake or all of it to be sold to an entity in another country. To me this is easy to address.

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        • Do we install backdoors into products WE sell to communist china? If not, why not?

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          • ristvan says:

            Answer, since I spent a decade in the highest levels of that industry, NO.
            No backdoors for anyone, anywhere. And, minimize hackable exploits (always a challenge given the enormous hacking ‘industry’). Back doors are hackable by definition.

            Reason is simple. Max sales revenue, not covert unpaid back doors. China has different ‘rules’.

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            • Daniel M. Camac says:

              Ristvan, Thank you very much for being the Adult in this conversation. We are not Chinese……we are Americans and believe it or not some of us still have scrubles. And we ain’t as deplorable as the MSM makes us out to be. The joke is on them. MAGA and KAG

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            • cthulhu says:

              If something has a back door, it is there for both good guys and bad guys, for both good reasons and bad ones. Do banks have special doors to their vaults so that armored car companies can expedite deliveries without impairing retail operations? No sensible ones do.


          • Paul Hanlon says:

            Putting a backdoor into a product is a really bad idea. Think about it, you make this great product, and people use it on their site. A careful sysadmin, not being sure if the product is safe, sets up a “honeypot” site, alongside their legitimate site. The honeypot site looks just like the legit site, except there is no usable data on it.

            Any website only exposes a certain amount of web pages to the public. Any requests to pages outside of what is exposed publicly get redirected internally to the honeypot site. The hacker doesn’t know that he is being redirected to that site, and tries to use his exploit. Now the sysadmin knows the exploit, and can harden the legit site so that it cannot be used.

            If he is honest, he will tell other sysadmins about the exploit, so that they too can protect themselves. If not, he can use the exploit himself to hack websites with the same product. Eventually, it becomes common knowledge that the product is as leaky as a sieve, and it dies its own death. The author of the product becomes persona non grata, and nobody uses any products from him (or her) any more.

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        • swimeasy says:

          Exactly ristvan! Thank you. This was a brilliant way to allow the Chinese delegation to claim a positive outcome from the G20 meeting without costing the US anything related to national security and it restored the sales those US tech companies were counting on to meet their forecasts.

          Are Rubio’s strings being pulled by CoC chair who senses a Trump team major win coming?

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      • I’m in no way a “little” Marco fan, but it seems to me that Marco stating this is really helping President Trump with negotiations.

        Marco is signaling to China “Don’t get cocky with thinking Huawei is going to get a free pass because it will never happen, we got President Trumps back”.

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      • Dallavise says:

        I guess I’m not mad Marco wants to take a harder line, although it’s all political. He’s hedging in case it doesn’t work out. Don’t really see the anti-Trump in this, not sure why people do.


    • snarkybeach says:

      they can’t get their job done, but sure can jump to it in order to block our president.

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    • Truly, why don’t all these damn Senator STFU while the President is negotiating? These SOBs have had decades to come up with remedies for this and haven’t done squat. In fact, everything did do created this horrendous trade deficit in the first damn place. While they took bribes that enriched themselves, families, friends and cronies. I’m sick of these corrupt bastards messing with my President!

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    • Scrubio is in the know. You would think he learned from watching PDJT all these years. Scrubio’s first reaction goes where the breeze blows at the instant he makes his comment. No thought, values or principles go into his quick from the hip comment.

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    • USTerminator says:

      President gives nothing to China Huawei. If allowing US companies to sell microprocessors (like Intel CPUs, Qualcom Snapdragon chip …and Micron memory chip….) to Huawei to make phones and computers is actually in US interest. There is no point of blocking them since Huawei internal or another companies will fill the void and loss for US companies. You will never see Ross will allow China to buy Semiconductor equipment to sell the high end equipment to China since State of the art semiconductor is cornerstone for China 2025. That is what count and not some I7 chips or DDR5 memory chips. It will take China decades and hundreds of billions to develop their own semiconductor sector.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Rubio wants to create leverage out of nothingness for himself. He wants political leverage. Marco wants to matter.

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    • Esther says:

      Yes, Alistair. You’re missing the fact that Rubio is a UNiParty Neocon who wants to undermine Trump’s successes at negotiating. As long as Rubio has been in the Senate, neither he nor his fellow RHINOs ever lifted a finger or made so much as a whisper against China. They all took the Chinese bribes and sold this country out. Now all of a sudden Little Marco wants to make a stink and try to tell Trump how to steer the ship he launched all by himself with regards to taking on China. You are missing what a real hypocrite looks like and talks like. You are missing the deviousness of those GOPers who want to challenge Trump at every turn rather than guard his back. Oh, there is so much more you’re missing, but this is enough for a start.

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    • cthulhu says:

      Because he is retarded?

      Seriously, there’s been trade among Southeast Asia for millennia. If we were selling 1,000,000 chips there last year, and “totally cut off Huawei” from 200,000 chips tomorrow, would anyone actually expect that we wouldn’t sell 1,000,000 chips this year…..with a certain number being shipped to Vietnam and Malaysia and magically appearing in Huawei equipment?


      • cthulhu says:

        Actually, let me jump in here before anyone else does and say, yes — I grew up in a sort-of blue-collar way about 50 years ago and sometimes express myself suboptimally. I should have said something about Rubio having “significant personal issues maintaining coherent mental function” or something.

        That said, I never use that expression for people who are actually challenged but are good people. I think the word’s meaning and usage have changed along the way.

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      • Arrest Soros says:

        My understanding is no, it won’t happen that way.
        Chips are proprietory products that companies need licences (or permissions if you will) to buy and use in products.
        If any Chinese company bought chips 2nd hand from Malaysia or elsewhere, it would be obvious right away. The Malaysians would then lose their rights to the chips.
        Won’t happen.

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    • What a little puke Rubio is. If I were PDJT, I wouldn’t let the little twerp shine my shoes. However, he is typical of most Rino (i.e. RAT) Republican Senators. I despise them almost as much as Democrats.

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  5. rashomon says:

    Gen. Robert Spalding was retired from his position at NSC last January 2018 after, according to him, a memo he wrote on 5G was misinterpreted. He explains this all to the Epoch Times along with the dangers of negotiating anything with the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP’s use of financial markets to exploit our markets and the hazards of allowing the CCP into our tech products whether consumer or military. I also include a wrap on the news story by WSJ on AMD’s joint venture with the CCP that gave China keys to U.S. technology. The WSJ has a paywall, so the link is to Tom’s Hardware that also includes AMD’s response to the WSJ’s accusations.

    We live in dangerous times. As I have said many times, Chinese companies keep three sets of books: one for the company’s purposes, one for the global financial markets/media/invesstors and one for the CCP. Which one is correct, if any?,39766.html

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  6. FL_GUY says:

    When it comes to making deals, President Trump is a Grandmaster going up against hobbyists.

    The more US politicians open their mouths in criticizing President Trump, the more stupid they prove themselves to be.

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  7. RJ says:

    I sure do like a businessman as President as opposed to a fancy lying wind-talker like the anti-American B. Hussein O. and his ilk…especially that nasty, dirty back stabbing Kerry who sleeps with the Iranians and has so much American warrior blood on his hands, silk ties, wool suits and arrogant horse face! (Ok, my government considers me a combat vet of Nam…I’m venting here) Not only are the democrats a party of stupid idiots who lie on everything, they are the “sentry cells” who welcome any and every “cancer” to come into America to try and kill our country!

    Even Fox News is showing numerous signs of shifting to the left and undermining the work Trump and his team are trying so hard to accomplish.

    This website by Sundance provides so much important information and backs it up with transcripts, etc….where else can one go to get a start on discovering the truths with which one needs to make informed decisions? Thank you, thank you very much!

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  8. nats1mom says:

    Yes! “…where else can one go to get a start on discovering the truths with transcripts…” YES!!! I have NOT been able to find any site such as this for what you mentioned! Thank you Sundance!

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  9. If China wants to maintain the gains they’ve made over the last 18 years, as a member nation of the WTO, enjoying Most Favored Nation Trading Status with the USA, they must be made to compete & trade honestly. If they want to continue their deceit & thievery, then we must end all trade with them. Who needs trading partners who behave like locusts devouring everything of value, leaving us completely violated, looted and bankrupted? China needs to learn to deal with honor and integrity; character traits all but impossible to find in Communists. Which is probably why President Trump may think a good deal with China can’t be had.

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    • rashomon says:

      I want to know how much do-re-mi has changed hands between the Chinese Communist Party (or its member companies) and our politicians such as Bill Clinton and spouse, Joe Biden and family, John Kerry and family, Dianne Feinstein and family, Sec’y and Mr. Elaine Chao, etc., etc. etc. Tell me, do?

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  10. delighteddeplorable says:

    The US/China yuge trade imbalance and all associated issues didn’t get that way overnight and won’t be fixed with a couple waves of POTUS’ magic wand. This is a long overdue process and it’s simply fantastic that FINALLY, we have a President who has the talent, stamina, and most of all, cunning knowledge of the Art of the Deal to begin to right the ship. Truly miraculous to watch. Count me as one more happy Deplorable who’s thrilled with and in awe of VVVSGPDJT.

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  11. simicharmed says:

    It’s sad to believe (Prior to President Trump), the idiots we voted for actually had the US Chamber of Commerce (a private entity), negotiating these “deals” with ALL our “trading partners”!

    Actually UFB!

    Seriously..think about this! WE voted for a President (prior to 2016), and the winning-idiot was too stupid to negotiate trade deals (the entire reason for a President), so he pawned it off to the US Chamber of Commerce (a NON government/private entity).

    I’m actually ashamed I Ignorantly voted for any of these people! I’m an ashamed (pre 2016), voter who was un-engaged and ignorant to National issues. I always studied the State ballot on the issues before voting but I admit….I failed to recognize the enemies within the Federal System…

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    • rashomon says:

      Don’t beat yourself to death! It’s only since the Internet allowed for alternative press that the propaganda wing formerly called The Fourth Estate lost control of the news cycle. Of course, now that we have choices, such privileges are under fire by those who don’t want to lose control of our brains. But that surly alley cat is out of the bag and won’t retreat with a nasty fight.

      On to academia for the next confrontation.

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      • simicharmed says:

        Trust me….I do not “beat myself to death”. I’m only sharing the obvious “sin” WE have joined into….We Voters who have been led astray in the past….all of us older than 25 who voted for Bush 1 and 2….etcetera. This torn-seem is more vast Nationwide. Local and State and Federal (voting)….all of us we sold a bill-of-goods that was typically fraudulent on all four corners of the document.

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        • rashomon says:

          I sympathize.


          • simicharmed says:

            Thank you for “sympathizing”. Whatever that actually means. The reality is not a “sympathize”, moment. You understand that, right? Seriously. You have made the effort to cast a comment on my comment yet I do not see anything advancing the issue. Please tell me you have more to contribute here….no offense but I want more from you to address the topic I relayed…


            • rashomon says:

              Whoa! I sympathize with the frustration of “being sold a bill of goods” by those who have controlled the information highways, which has frankly been the problem since time began. With the development of an open source Internet, we have the potential, should we chose to pursue it, to become more educated about the choices we make. PDJT was elected in part . thanks to Internet blog sites and coverage of his rallies, not because the media covered his message fairly or factually.

              The next challenge is keeping the Internet open without the interference of Big Social Media who are influence peddlers par excellence.

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              • simicharmed says:

                No Need to “Whoa” rashmom. I’m with you and I support your comments. I do. But LETS discuss the TOPIC of the matter. You appear to have chosen your “topic” and it was a sentence of my comment. Ok. Let’s begin. Please STATE your position (not run on sentences), of this claim and lets begin a debate (state YOUR position in the matter)….lets go. Your turn


    • It’s not like the electorate had a choice anyway, simicharmed. Look at the incompetent candidates we were presented with.


      • simicharmed says:

        YES! We are presented with idiots to begin with. All comedy aside, we are limited in this “voting scam”….nationwide! The ONLY people who “run” for office are financially supported by either the DNC or the RNC…the UNIPARTY!

        This political-cancel has infected the smallest communities in this Nation too! Look around and search…There are multiple big cities/regions now that have radicals DA’s who will not enforce the standard LAW…seriously! Major City District Attorneys who WILL NOT enforce American Laws


    • SharonKinDC says:

      For a long time, we’ve had to choose the lesser of the evils, rather than a candidate who would do what is right for the nation and her citizens.

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      • simicharmed says:

        Isn’t that the bitter truth! Yet (sadly), WE have now learned that the “lesser of of the evils” is just more of The Evil…Sad but true.

        Your comment and point is actually a HUGE problem WE need to address! Yet we need people (patriots), to guide in the en-devour. WE have to figure out how to ELIMINATE the criminals slipping into political positions AND get Patriots into the terrible world of “Politics”


  12. AnotherView says:

    Terrific analysis, Sundance!

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  13. ALEX says:

    Not a bad play by the President. If the Congress passes a veto proof bill on Huawei, then his hands are clean and he can make Congress own the consequences going forward.

    It’s always interesting the alliances that form when those in Congress think they are sticking it to our President …..even though the majority of these frauds did nothing for years. Reminds me of the threat of tariffs on Mexico ….


  14. MVW says:

    China has detailed weather and crop history records that span 3000 years. China is investing in desert in Africa for farmland that was in use by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago. There is a new understanding of the sun, just published in the prestigious journal ‘Nature’ that replaces the stochastic model with a model that enables prediction that spans 100’s of thousand years, if not millions, with great accuracy. That model predicts with certainty that the sun is going into a Grand Minimum comparable with the Maunder minimum.

    China needs the Ag products now. China records must show this bad ag year is just the start. This is not a cave for them. We will be lucky if we can deliver anything in the ag market given the severe flooding in our fields, and cooler farm land temperatures.

    For Trump, this is an election issue, so also a win for him even if farmers can’t deliver. However, after 2020 there will be the need for Pharaoh & Moses dream to warn of the need for farm infrastructure to meet the impending ag issues with a Grand Solar Minimum. Politicians though are not known for good governance, ever.

    There could be even worse issues as the PDO & AMO ocean cycles are simultaneously going into their multi decadal cold cycle. Even worse is that the earth’s obliquity has past 23.5 degrees (now 23.4) and historically that is the end of the interglacial… without fail. This could be the trigger point for glaciation return.

    Good luck to all.


    • Joemama says:

      Here is the Nature article on the new solar model:

      Click to access s41598-019-45584-3.pdf

      If I am understanding it correctly, in the next three decades the sun will be putting out a little less power and the earth’s atmosphere will cool a bit. On a longer timescale, the sun’s output has been increasing and will continue to increase for quite a while.

      From the abstract: “These oscillations of the baseline solar magnetic field are found associated with a long-term solar inertial motion about the barycenter of the solar system and closely linked to an increase of solar irradiance and terrestrial temperature in the past two centuries. This trend is anticipated to continue in the next six centuries that can lead to a further natural increase of the terrestrial temperature by more than 2.5 °C by 2600.”


    • Esther says:

      MVW – All the 3000 year agricultural records of China has NEVER kept their people from starving. Has done nothing to stave off the Armyworm from devastating their crops, nor has it done anything for the Ebola that is ravishing the nasty swine you people gorge on. if China had any valuable records for agriculture, then they would not be forcing farmers off their land which they’ve worked for generations of individual families and take away their livelihood without any compensation. People who really know about agriculture reverence and cherish the land, rather than build empty rubbish high-rises in ghost towns and cities that will have to be demolished. All this rubbish is no different than all the rest of Chinese bluffing.

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  15. Dutchman says:

    WHERE is the ‘saving of face’, cause I don’t SEE it (which I argue is a GOOD thing!)
    Xi ‘released’ its hostage NK; we all know it, Xi knows it, PDJT knows it,..and the World will know it, soon.
    MAJOR loss of ‘face’.

    China said “Don’t anyone DARE bring up HK protests!”
    Abe, PDJT’s close ally, AND an Asian (so can’t be,critisised for disrespecting asian culture BRINGS IT UP ANYWAY.

    “WHAT you going to do, leave in a HUFF? GO AHEAD!”
    And,..Xi doesn’t. He ‘eats’it, again.
    MAJOR loss of ‘face’.

    Xi is forced to return to talks, RIGHT where they left off, and TARIFS CONTINUE.
    MAJOR loss of ‘face’.

    “Sure, we will SELL you product only we can make, that has no Natl Security ramifications. So you can put those parts in product we will insure NOBODY will buy.
    MAJOR loss of ‘face’.

    Sure, we will sell you soybeans, good for our farmers, and keep your people from starving. YOU were the one that said you weren’t going to buy our Ag products, when you went off in a huff.
    MAJOR loss of ‘face’

    And a TOTALITARIAN REGIME can NOT afford to be seen as weak. It is the DEATH nell. Combined with the retreat in HK, they are losing the ONLY thing that keeps them in power; the PERCEPTION of strength. Once they lose that, its over.

    Its prison social dynamics; where survival depends on being seen as a ‘bad’ or ‘crazy’ mf’er; if thats undermined, AT ALL, they are giving it away for candybars and cigarettes, within a week.

    Xi’s privates are in a guiotine, and PDJT has only agreed to hold off on releasing the blade, but Xi’s privates are STILL in the guiotine.

    It is NOT PDJT’s job, duty or obligation to worry about preserving or ‘saving’ Xi or Chinas ‘face’, quite the contrary.
    And, I think he KNOWS that.

    Forget ‘face’, Xi, you need to worry about saving your *ss, and life!

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    • Esther says:

      Dutchman – didn’t see you on the discussion threads today and wondered where you were. Mostly inane water-cooler hash prevailed. Disengaged to enjoy the summer heat and thunder storms. My gosh Xi’s privates in a guillotine only emasculates him, why should that blood thirsty heartless bastard’s head be saved?


      • Dutchman says:

        NOT saved, Esther, just,…postponed. By depriving Xi and CCP of that which they must have, ‘face’ or ‘rep’, the Chinese people will, in time cease to ‘respect’ (Fear) the CCP.
        Undermine from within. Then, as the economic effects, on the people of CHINA become apperent, without the fear, the people will reject totalitarian CCP rule.
        Its a beautiful thing to watch,…

        In jailhouse talk, PDJT has made Xi his b*tch, let that soak in for a minute, as you enjoy the thunderstorms.
        I have,ALWAYS enjoyed Thunderstorms,…and yeah I HAVE been on, but am avoiding commenting on watercooler stuff.
        “You don’t swing at every pitch!”

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        • Esther says:

          Gotcha! I was kinda pulling your leg a little bit imagining the man’s big bellied body lying there with his nuts as hostage. The idea that such small things can cause so much pain. I agree, Xi’s nuts and his ‘face/image’ are one and the same. In short Trump’s moves will make him sing like a girl. Its serious as hell, but I can’t help laughing some at how hard the mighty fall.


          • Dutchman says:

            And if ever there was a textbook example of “the BIGGER they are, the HARDER they fall!”, THIS is it!

            And yeah, if you can’t laugh about it, well you just don’t ‘get’ Trump.
            And, some DON’T,….and never will. As for those of us that do, he’s a RIOT, so FUN to watch!

            WHO says ‘winning’ shouldn’t be FUN! LOL


  16. Esther says:

    Never to be outdone, and to try to weazle her way back into the good graces of Trump supporters after her recent defection Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) pretends she has a good idea, which is to push to make English America’s official language. What the hell did she think our official language is for all these years? What a sleazeball, all she is doing is trying to make a non-issue an issue to stir up the pot for the MSM and get air time after Trump supporters let her know they have her in their cross-hairs.


  17. Perot Conservative says:

    I’ll disagree with Sundance here. I believe this is more of a Timing issue / play. Not wise to have USMCA, China, and Japan all in limbo. Top 4 trading partners. China standoff could improve leverage for others.

    1. Finalizing USMCA key for financial markets and potential China exiters to have a solid, low-cost landing option (Mexico).

    2. Japan being at least 2 months until a trade agreement is signed; and no short-term ag deal with Japan; meant President Trump really needed to find a place to dump a large amount of ag and meat product (pork). (TPP beating us in Japan.)

    3. This is all exacerbated by the fact that it looks like Trump would like to tariff Vietnam, India, and the entire EU.

    4. I don’t assume they went back to the exact same agreement before the split due to the above 3 motivating factors. They can talk and negotiate while USMCA gets ratified.

    5. How can we ever trust the ChiComs? And do we want to create our #1 adversary economically and Militarily? Seems like INSANITY.

    6. That business could just as easily be split among Vietnam, India, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, North Korea, and America.

    7. Especially given China’s actions towards Taiwan, North Korea, the South China Sea, several African nations, and their One Belt / One Road strategy.

    I believe its about timing and ag. Besides, we keep China in the game, sign a deal, and Barack Obama 2.0 will carve up the deal, add exceptions, be weak, and we’d be under China’s thumb. Better to reduce their footprint and spread the pie around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Esther says:

      How can we ever trust the ChiComs? WE DON’T.
      Trump is playing Chi like a cat who knows his prey cannot escape. Xi does not yet understand that Trump has thought of mostly everything in how he has position his plays. Yet Trump always remains very fluid because he knows he holds all the cards. Trump has also spent more than 30 years studying the game and the players ( faces change but the players essentially follow the same script). Trump has his timing all worked out though it may not seem like it. He has considered not only his own reelection, but the reelection of those who are important to his strategy. Notice his chief players on the foreign stage are actually winning their elections? Last one is Japan. In the meantime he’s testing commitment, knowing some players may have to be knocked off the board.
      Amidst the entire strategy keep your eye closely watching Mexico and Canada and the USMCA.

      BTW Trump is making strategic long term trade deals that no Obama 2.0 can easily overturn. He’s getting signed commitments made into law. Good chance he will scuttle the WTO for something completely new, and do so with the consent of his new trading partners. He has also given the requisite 6-months notice for pulling out of the 144-year old postal agreement which heavily impacts trade. This shores up our small businesses and middle class. In short, he is putting monkey wrenches in every aspect of the NWO to dismantle it. This is not just about America, nor is it just about containing China.

      Liked by 3 people

  18. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    I think this makes PDJT look magnanimous. Someone already mentioned that companies will need time to decouple from the Chicoms. The underlying reasons still lay exposed. Xi can cl!aim a victory, albeit a small one. If and when more tariffs are installed, President Trump can claim the high road. The threat of more tariffs still loom if Xi does’nt start bargaining in good faith. All good as far as I’m concerned.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Daniel M. Camac says:

    Hooray for Sundance and double hoorays for Robert Lighthizer, Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin! All are warriors and all deserve medals of honor because all of these people support our principles. God we bless you for giving us warriors of such caliber. Onward and upward USA!!

    Liked by 3 people

  20. The China Trade Deal FRAMEWORK, including ENFORCEMENT features, will become the Nation-State TEMPLATE for future deals – regardless of whether this deal ever closes.

    Good luck to other countries doing business with China – NOT gonna happen.
    … UNLESS they first cut a Bilateral Trade Deal with President Trump
    … that engages POTUS to use his LEVERAGE with the CHEATIN’ COUNTRIES to “convince” them to accept Template Deals like ours.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. MAGADJT says:

    If POTUS and Xi strike a deal and the stock market rockets, Rubio and Co’s whining and sniping will go as unheard as a whistle in a hurricane.


  22. 335blues says:

    GOD has blessed America with some really smart people in the executive branch right now.
    Of course, America’s future depends on their ability to hold the CCP, with their history of
    cheating and stealing, accountable. NO PRESSURE!
    Seriously, if Lighthizer and the gang can’t do it, it probably can’t be done.


  23. Gary Lacey says:

    The AG buy by the Chinese portends troubles in their economy. Don’t forget “fake news” is world wide. The tariffs could be having a devastating effect on the Chinese economy.


  24. Pete de Leon says:

    I predicted that the negotiations will resume, perhaps back to D.C. and with no pre-conditions. However, both the US and China as gestures of goodwill: (1) the US will defer raising tariffs on the remaining $300 billions of imports; (2) the US will allow US makers of chip and electronic parts to sell to Huawei so long as those parts do not pose security issues; (3) China will resume buying agri products immediately and the US will provide them a list of products US wants to sell.

    The speculation by pundits and so-called experts have predicted that China, as a condition to resuming trade negotiations, will ask the US to lift the sanctions against Huawei immediately and suspend all tariffs on ALL Chinese exports to the US. Obviously, this predictions were obviously proven to be wrong. Pres Trump and his trade team is firm that the talks will resume from where they left off after China Party Leadership rejected what former Pres Xi’s chief negotiator, Mr Liu He had agreed to. At that point, the US trade team said that 90% of the agreement has been completed. So this is where they are going to resume the negotiations. No preconditions, only actions of goodwill.


  25. Zippy says:

    No, It Can’t Be Fixed
    2019-06-29 by Karl Denninger

    Witness the so-called “G-20 truce” that just occurred. It’ll spike the stock market higher Monday, provided that it didn’t already get that move (which it might have; the closing bell featured a huge futures spike northbound.) At its core, however, surrender is the only “resolution” for the US, since China has built its entire economy on intellectual property theft and improper subsidy. Without both their economy and political system collapse; they can’t concede on these matters and stop it, and while they can “promise” they also can’t put into law those promises, because any meaningful enforcement and their over-levered, fraudulent game comes apart at the seams.

    Note that there was no hard commitment as to what they were going to buy from us in agricultural products either, but they did allegedly get a concession on sales to Huawei — the dumbest thing we could have ever done. That “company” is nothing less than a literal arm of the Chinese Communist Party and allowing it anywhere near anything sensitive in another nation is flat-out suicidal to the point that we may as well start shooting right here and now.


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