Sunday Talks – Devin Nunes Notes: “Two Parallel Tracks” Used To Target Donald Trump…

During a segment today with Maria Bartiromo, Representative Devin Nunes notes the “two parallel tracks” CTH has previously outlined.  The “parallel track” explanation begins at 11:15 of the interview. [Prompted – Just Hit Play]

“Two Parallel Tracks”

CTH Archive – Everything after March 9th, 2016, is a function of two official intelligence units, the CIA and FBI, operating together with two private political operations, Fusion GPS and the DNC, to coordinate -then coverup- political surveillance and spy operations.

Prior to March 9th, 2016, the CIA/FBI political surveillance and spy operation was using the NSA database to track and monitor their opposition. However, once the NSA compliance officer began initiating an internal review of who was accessing the system, the CIA and FBI moved to: (1) continue the operation; and (2) create ex post facto justification for their endeavors. [Full Backstory]

The evidence for this is found in the documents attached to both operations; and bolsters the original 2018 statements by Congressman Devin Nunes as highlighted below.

The Official CIA/FBI track took place between late 2015 and July 2016, and consisted of using foreign intelligence allies in Italy, the U.K and Australia to create a background illusion of Russian involvement with the Trump campaign. This operation was based on earlier -more innocuous- contacts from various countries, weaponized and redeployed in what everyone calls “spygate”. This track successfully culminated in Operation Crossfire Hurricane on July 31st, 2016.

The Unofficial FBI/Fusion/DNC track was domestic-centric, albeit sub-contracted to Fusion GPS and later a former British intelligence officer, and took place between late 2015 and October 2016; also to create the illusion of Russian involvement. This operation is best known around the Steele Dossier and FISA warrant against U.S. person Carter Page. The FBI track continued with the Mueller investigation into 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In April of 2018 Devin Nunes noted:

[Transcript] “So it took us a long time to actually get this, what’s called the electronic communication, as we know it now for your viewers, what it is it’s the original intelligence, original reasons that the counterintelligence was started.

Now this is really important to us because the counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services that are not supposed to be used on American citizens. And we’ve long wanted to know: what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation? So what we’ve found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence.

So we have a traditional partnership with what’s called the Five Eyes Agreement. Five Eyes Agreement involves our friends in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and of course, us. So long time processes and procedures in place where we move intelligence across.

We are not supposed to spy on each others’ citizens. And it’s worked well. And it continues to work well. And we know it’s working well because there was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government.

And that’s why we had to see that original communication. So now we’re trying to figure out, as you know, we are investigating the State Department, we think there’s some major irregularities in the State Department, and we’re trying to figure out how this information about Mr. Papadopoulos of all people who was supposedly meeting with some folks in London, how that made it over across into the FBI’s hands.” (video link)

The direct evidence for what Devin Nunes is describing is found in two specific documents. Each of the documents is unique to their track. One track is the CIA the other track is the FBI. The merging point that binds them is the U.S. State Department.

♦ First, we review the Official CIA/FBI track.

The evidence for the CIA track is found in the Weissmann-Mueller report. More specifically, it is found in the intentional way the report tries to conflate two contact points.

This track is CIA Director John Brennan’s work, with enlisted help from the FBI counterintelligence unit (Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap) as they travel to the U.K.

After western intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud (posed as a Russian) plants a story on George Papadopoulos about Russia having “emails of Clinton”, the operation then needs Papadopoulos to share the information. That’s where a joint network comes in. The network is the U.S. embassy in London; the Australian embassy in London; the Australian Ambassador to the U.K. Alexander Downer; and his top aide Erika Thompson.

Notice page #89 of the report; but read carefully and specifically notice the date Weissmann and Mueller use to frame the Russia story extraction from Papadopoulos:

The meeting on May 6th, was NOT a meeting with Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer. That meeting did not happen until May 10th. The recent release of documents from Australia confirm this timeline.

The meeting on May 6th was between George Papadopoulos and Downer’s aide, Erika Thompson: …”that the Trump campaign had received information from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”

So, if the U.S. used the information from the May 6, 2016, meeting as conveyed on July 26th, 2016, it was the conversation with Erika Thompson that opened Crossfire Hurricane; not the meeting with Alexander Downer on May 10th. {Go Deep}

This subtle but important distinction in contact and communication reconciles the statement by Devin Nunes; because Thompson is also a reported intelligence operative (spy) and information from her would not be passing through “Five Eyes” official channels. However, for their intents and purposes, the U.S. operation needed to give the appearance of official channels, so the *inference* between the claim and the footnote *implies* Ambassador Downer. But you can see that’s not actually what happened.

This is an example of Weissmann/Mueller disguising the actual origin in their report. They are giving cover to the reality that unofficial intelligence was the actual basis for the originating “EC” or two-page electronic communication from CIA Director John Brennan to FBI Director James Comey. It was that 2-page EC, likely written by FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, that initiated “Crossfire Hurricane”.

The page in the Weissmann/Mueller report is factually true but the inference is false. It is written in the way they intended, to give a false impression. It is quite subtle and sneaky.

What is outlined on Page #89 is also the CIA track that ran from March to July 31st, 2016.

The operation positioned Joseph Mifsud as a Russian spy; has him plant information on George Papadopoulos; then uses U.S. and AU operatives to withdraw the information; thereby giving the appearance that a Trump campaign official, Papadopoulos, was receiving and passing-on Russian intelligence. This is the CIA justification for creating the EC. This is the CIA cover story.

Now let’s review the evidence of the unofficial FBI track and how it also connects to the U.S. State Department. This path is more brutally obvious because the document had to be less ambiguous in construct to track through the FISA Court.  This operation involves the FISA application on U.S. Person Carter Page.

♦ The FBI Track – The Steele Dossier, FISA Warrant and Carter Page.

The second page of the FISA application used to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. Carter Page identifies where the material came from. Notice the direct attribution is to the State Department; not the DOJ or FBI, and certainly not Christopher Steele.

Applying hindsight to the backstory of Fusion GPS hiring Nellie Ohr (Oct. 2015); the Clinton Campaign hiring Fusion GPS (April 2016); and Fusion hiring Christopher Steele for the Dossier; and the Steele Dossier being passed on to the FBI and DOJ via various official and unofficial channels… Question: why would the DOJ be citing the State Department for their FISA application?

The answer is simple. Carter Page was a known person to the FBI and DOJ. Carter Page was a subject witness from 2012 to 2016 in the Evgeny Buryakov case [DOJ March 2016]. How could the FBI claim Carter Page was “an agent of a foreign power” to the FISA court in October 2016, when they only finished using him as a cooperating subject witness in May of 2016? [DOJ May 2016]

The short answers are: (1) they couldn’t; (2) they were in a big hurry; there was a sense of urgency; they needed the FISA and Steele Dossier as insurance policy; and (3) it wasn’t safe for the DOJ/FBI to make the ‘foreign agent‘ claim against their own prior witness if things went sideways.

Remember, there are dual purposes, one critical purpose is a coverup. Their efforts are about gaining position and appearances to justify the preceding action. Their efforts are not focused on an actual investigation.  They told the FISC the information came from the State Department and [Redacted]…. Whichever source could give them the best legal justification to gain the FISA warrant was the leading point in the thought process.

Despite everything around the Steele Dossier primarily inbound from Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele to the DOJ and FBI, the people creating the FISA illusion needed to use the State Department as a valid reference for fraudulent claims they were making.

From the beginning Fusion-GPS was not hired to research Donald Trump; the intelligence community (FBI, CIA and DOJ-NSD) were already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion created the dossier for them.

In essence it was the Steele Dossier that merged unofficial political opposition research being conducted by Fusion GPS, into official investigative use in the FBI to join with Crossfire Hurricane.

The FISA application is the point of merging, joining one unofficial track with the official FBI track as noted by Devin Nunes in today’s interview with Maria Bartiromo.

The FBI knew Carter Page. Essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the FISA warrant and the Dossier in the system {Go Deep} as their insurance policy.

So there we see two parallel tracks; one from the CIA/FBI, and one from Fusion, DNC and the FBI.  Both tracks intended to:  (1) set up Trump for the Russian collusion narrative; and (2) provide a cover story for political surveillance and spy operations that preceded March 9, 2016.

The CIA track created ‘crossfire hurricane’. The Fusion/FBI track created the Steele Dossier. Both had the same purpose and merged with the FISA application.

Both tracks originated from ‘unofficial channels’ and then transferred into official status through the use of two documents. The CIA generated the two-page “EC”; and the FBI generated the FISA application from the Steele Dossier.

Both tracks held the same essential purposes; both tracks were insurance policies; and both tracks merged for intelligence exploitation continuing after President Trump won the election. After the election the goal was shifted to remove the risk Trump represented.

Once they had the legal justifications for targeting Trump, albeit fraudulently obtained, the effort could move into phase three: by-the-book processes. The FBI track evolved into the Mueller probe; that’s why the Dossier is so important to the validity of the special counsel.

A big part of everything after March 9th, 2016, through today – was/is covering for everything that happened before March 9th when political “contractors” were allowed by the FBI and DOJ to have weaponized access to the NSA database for political surveillance and spy operations.

This two-track process and ultimate merging is what all of the documentary evidence supports. I suspect when the arc of the story concludes, this is where we will be.

The most important sentence in Judge Collyer’s brief:

…”many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges.”..

This Page #82 sentence specifically highlights that during the 2016 presidential campaign, those who had access to the NSA database were searching the same phone numbers, email addresses, electronic “identifiers”, or people, repeatedly over different dates.

Specific people were being tracked/monitored.

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  1. Elric VIII says:

    The Big Ugly is a gross understatement.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Plus the PLANTING OF EVIDENCE ON TRUMP CAMPAIGN! Remember Vault 7!! This was the real INSURANCE PLAN…The FISAs may finally show why Deep State was so SMUG!!!


      • Nobodysfool says:

        Two Parallel Tracks, 5 Buckets, Vault 7…volumes of evidence, repeated over and over (in hopes another set of eyes will see and be the ones to really get this story on Page One).

        Treason occurred. Well planned collusion and obstruction was comingled with normal job descriptions of employees of the Tax Payer–and they had no fear of what we might think or do. Laws were broken without a smidgeon of conscience. Trust was woefully betrayed. Precedents intended to damn our freedom and sovereignty were set–we may possibly never fully recover from what was deliberately inflicted.

        Bottom line is clear, our country as a whole, our systems of law and order and justice, the solemn privilege that is the legal right to vote, our national security–all were hijacked, and Dear Folks, we are far from being out of the woods even now. Dirty cops, crooked lawyers, evil and seditious political office holders from the top of the flag pole down to our sacred ground betrayed oaths of office (Putting sweaty, greased palms on the Holy Bible and swearing before God and Country no longer means squat to these scum buckets.)

        We are reaching a point, or may have already passed same, where there is a monotony in being told some really spectacularly horrible things happened before, during and after the 2016 election. And some really big, explosive things are just about to happen in response. The tick tock clock is running low on batteries. Big Ugly, multi dimensional chess games, predictions–all of it may sadly be losing steam. We need to see action.

        God bless Nunes, Gaetz, Jordan and a handful of others in Washington. God bless this website, Citizen Free Press, some writers at American Thinker, CNS News, Clash Daily, Big League Politics and a few others. God bless investigators such as Greg Jarrett and John Solomon who have laid bare what was done in our names, and who, BTW, are making a living off their soothsaying and truth telling. God bless a dwindling number of voices at Fox News, most at OANN and God bless a handful of radio talkers. Bless them all for keeping the midnight oil lit, for trying to expose and indict the obviously guilty in the court of public opinion. But let’s be clear, NOTHING will advance these criminal cases unless and until AG Barr declassifies as per POTUS’ request, files indictments and flat-out goes to town on them all.

        The end game better be magnificently comprehensive and unprecedented. We will have to see persons at all levels of govt employment, from the lowly to the most high, cuffed and stuffed into armored black Suburbans, headed to the local police station for booking, chased by bail bondsmen and crooked lawyers. In retrospect, maybe the cases against the foot soldiers of The Evil One would have been more compelling if we’d kept our powder dry and unloaded all of it at once. Yet, ‘what might have been’ is but another waste of our precious time.

        The modern American easily falls prey to disinterest and downright malaise when breaking news never breaks in full. Let’s hope in our earnest 2+ year battle to expose the crimes and the perp’s, there is enough effect in the endgame to get the country behind us. At this point, it’s rather like studying and reviewing for a test, over and over, sun up to sun down, memorizing dates, places, names and timelines but the date for taking the test is never set.

        IMHO, our Lord and our POTUS are in charge of the timing. POTUS knows so much more than we do. He doesn’t drone on about details, but rather drops little hints. He isn’t ready for the lid to come off. When the timing is right, we’ll know it. In the meantime, PRAY. Take care of and enjoy your families. Love your neighbors. Celebrate our glorious Independence. Once Labor Day is in the bag, get to work to reelect our POTUS. Stay faithful and wait on the Lord. His timing is the clock we should set life to.

        God bless America, Land that we love.

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  2. DeWalt says:

    If we as a nation were smart, Nunes would be the nominee for president after Trump. Other than Nunes or Mick Mulvaney we’re screwed.

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  3. crash71234 says:

    That’s all peachy. Where are the indictments?
    Patience. Any day now….

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    • Coast says:

      So many criminals….and yet nothing. But they sure know how to go after a major threat like Roger Stone.

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      • TPW says:

        Add to that so much EVIDENCE ……no need for anymore investigations…..Barr just needs to go back and read all of Sundances extensive work. If any of us had 1/10 of the Patriotism that our Sundance has…..we would not just be sitting around and complaining that nothing is being done. We would all form coalition to demand Justice now. I try and understand …with the number of patriots/deplorables that exist….why is it so hard to get together and overwhelm DC with protest…..will it take hitting rock bottom…….will rock bottom be too late for our country to survive. Sure seems like a better option than armed civil unrest. in comments above, one of the obviously younger posters complains that we all are too stupid to admit POTUS makes mistakes. Well I submit that it should be those younger able bodied patriots that gets out there and lead the protest on the streets of DC. Laying blame on us or POTUS will do nothing to change your future. Us naive old farts will not be far behind. We can be just as loud as the idiots on the left… difference is…..we will be justified in our demands that the rule of law be followed and arrest made.

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    • Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

      What, exactly, are all the indictments? Who would be charged with what? And what, if any, is the Statute of Limitations on these?

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  4. OldParatrooper says:

    The background of the Electronic Communication deserves a very close look. Funny how FBI and CIA resources in London reached out to a relative unknown (Papadopoulos). Were Downer, Mifsud and Halper tasked to develop Papadop? What about Azra Turk? How did she get involved? What were her marching orders? Was their collective mission to dirty up Papadop to justify a CI investigation?

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    • JMC says:

      Dear PT: Thanks for your service! These issues you so appropriately mention have often been discussed here on the Tree House since they first became known – often through our leader SD himself. There used to be a sidebar section with key-word links (words like e.g. Mifsud, EC, etc.) which would put you in touch with all the articles in which those people or words were discussed. Perhaps someone can direct you to it.


    • sarasotosfan says:

      And where was Ms. Haspel when all this was happening in her neighborhood?

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    • farrier105 says:

      “Azra Turk” means “Real/Genuine Turk.” Azra Turk was an alias dreamed up, most likely, by whichever FBI agents were working Papadoupoulos. She probably was not a Turkish woman as told to Papadopoulos. She was trying to set up Papadopoulos and use him to set up others in the Trump campaign with ideas about meeting with Russian officials and meeting with Putin. No one in the campaign did any of the things Papadopoulos suggested, but it did get Papadopoulos’ official suprevisor with the campaign, Jeff Sessions, recused from the Trump-Russia investigation, putting Rod Rosenstein in charge of Mueller.


    • spoogels says:

      Huge. They had exculpatory evidence on Papadop but hid it from the FISA court to obtain a warrant on Page.

      Mueller must have known this but still went ahead and charged Papadop. How do you explain that?

      Remember he was set up in the first place via USA assets.

      Again Mueller must have known that.


  5. Eric C. says:

    Didn’t someone say “my administration was the first with no scandals” or something like that?

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  6. sDee says:

    Why lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Google when anti-trust action is needed??

    If there was free market competition and open, standard API’s they could not do this.

    Media monopolies aligned with the Globalists and the State are the most dangerous. Fines and settlements do not phase them in the least.


    • rayvandune says:

      I have been wondering whether the leftist social media channels helped out in suppressing interest and discussion about spygate in the general public. It would have been easy for the IC to have placed or recruited key assets in those platforms to monitor, filter, and shape conversations about the Trump campaign. Of course, the same goes for more traditional media like CNN, NYT, and NPR. If you read CTH and then listen to an NPR (lack-of-) newscast, you realize that there is absolutely not a trace of even the most scandalous FOIA documents released over the last year. A sane business would try to hedge its bets a bit to not get caught flat-footed when the dam bursts, wouldn’t it? I suspect there are connections between the IC and both the social and traditional media that are based on more than simple ideological compatibility.

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      • V says:

        Spot on. Intelligence agencies/NWO globalists are in the people controlling business.

        Like Cambridge Analytica:

        Publication date of video – 25 March 2018 (Video no longer available I see)

        Interesting data at 1:03 on Cambridge Analytica aka Strategic Communication Laboratories being British politicians/defense/intel connected, behavioral science research, does behavioral change programs in over 60 countries, described as “international deception and meddling is the name of the game.” Its clients include British Ministry of Defense, US State Dept and NATO.

        Like its British predecessors at Tavistock.

        Like FB, Google, etc.

        Like these CIA proprietaries:

        ” In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s personal investor,” [How about an audit of the CIA’s global financial empire?]

        Lists Google Earth formerly known as Keyhole. Lists 25 more companies. (These are publicly listed, so obviously CIA has other investments, too.)

        “Although it is in the early stages, Recorded Future is extremely ambitious as a company. The goal is to use information pulled from the 24/7 media flow to extract time-related information. The idea is to organize the media into a temporal experience, giving the user an accurate sense of relationships over time.

        The point? Use the web as a predictive mechanism. Use the chatter online as a forecasting tool.

        In-Q-Tel first invested in Recorded Future in 2010.”


        • V says:

          And, of course, the well-known CIA Project Mockingbird since the 1950s:

          “Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.”

          And, of course, the CIA is only supposed to operate overseas. But as Spygate has revealed, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the State Dept, etc. all have their minions in the US media. Can these minions still be defined as “journalists” with freedom of the press rights if they are actually intelligence operatives acting illegally to influence US citizens?


          • Patrick healy says:

            Yes V and others good research and not surprising.
            On the subject of indoctrination, over at Anthony Watts wuwt there is a great piece and discussion on the global warming scandal and the media’s efforts to suppress the truth.
            Combined with the wonderful research and explanations of the swamp corruption done on here by Sundance it appears the search for truth is being strangled at birth.
            The piece I refer to is by Kip Hansen and involves a conference by an outfit called the Columbia Journalism Review together with The Nation and The (lying) Guardian.
            It highlights their efforts to get ALL news organisation on side with the lies surrounding the great global warming fraud and suppress any dissent leading up to a UN conference this September in New York.
            They even have a handbook prepared for useless so called journalists to dip into so that everyone sings from the identical global warming hymnbook, as if most do not do so already.
            We (or should I say you – we have nothing like The Tree house or WUWT in the UK) are blessed to have them and owe them a great debt of gratitude.


  7. Trump Train says:

    Yet nobody is in jail, hell not even charged.

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  8. littleanniefannie says:

    Carter Page. I can’t figure this out. Black hat/white hat/pink pussy hat? Where does he fit? The fact that nothing’s ever happened to him makes him highly suspicious.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      They did not need Carter Page.
      They needed the FISA.

      From Sundances post ^^^^^

      The answer is simple. Carter Page was a known person to the FBI and DOJ. Carter Page was a subject witness from 2012 to 2016 in the Evgeny Buryakov case [DOJ March 2016]. How could the FBI claim Carter Page was “an agent of a foreign power” to the FISA court in October 2016, when they only finished using him as a cooperating subject witness in May of 2016? [DOJ May 2016]

      The short answers are: (1) they couldn’t; (2) they were in a big hurry; there was a sense of urgency; they needed the FISA and Steele Dossier as insurance policy; and (3) it wasn’t safe for the DOJ/FBI to make the ‘foreign agent‘ claim against their own prior witness if things went sideways

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        A case against a Russian entity no less!!!


      • Jan says:

        What makes this REALLY stupid is even if the State Dept. alleges Page was a spy for Russia, the State Dept. didn’t file the FISA app–the FBI/DOJ did. At a very minimum, someone in the FBI-NSD would know Page wasn’t a spy, and the NSD files the FISA app. Of course, no one who signed the app verified the underlying facts either.


    • farrier105 says:

      Being branded as a “Russian agent,” and therefore a traitor, was something that was done to Carter Page along with a year of electronic and human spying.


    • Mac says:

      About Carter Page. While people have been trying to paint Page as the Forrest Gump of this whole thing, there is considerable evidence that he was far more than that.

      First, Page was far more than simply a witness against Evgeny Buryakov. He was, at least, a long term civilian intelligence asset for the FBI [2012-2016], in that opertion. He was a known asset.

      Second, Page immediately went from his FBI “witness/informant./agent” gig to a member of the Trump Campaign. This occurred when the NSA access to Trump Campaign communications had been cut-off by Rogers. So, it is entirely possible that Page was actually acting as an agent-in-place [spy] for the FBI in the Trump Campaign and was reporting back to that agency.

      Third, it was probably an act of desperation to use Page as the subject of a Title I FISA warrant. At the time the warrant was secured, Page had already left the campaign, possibly because he was suspected of being a spy, by other members of the campaign.Yet, he continued to maintain contact with others in the campaign. Why? Perhaps to provide a legal virus trail to allow the expanded surveillance of members of the campaign with whom he never had direct communication? Remember, a Title I warrant would give the FBI the authority to monitor the subject, Page, all the people with whom Page had contact, all the people with whom they had contact and so on. The Page warrant allowed the FBI to maintain, and expand surveillance of the Trump Campaign.

      Fourth, there was no way that the Page warrant would have given the Obama administration any cover, re: the use of NSA 702 queries prior to the issuance of the Page warrant in October, 2016. There were already copious records existing of exactly who accessed which records and when they were accessed. The warrant would have allowed investigators to query NSA records created prior to the date of issuance of the warrant, but it would not grant retroactive authority for the queries themselves which were made prior to the date of issuance of the warrant. 80% of those queries were illegal and the FISC was aware of that.

      The reason that the Page warrant was obtained was to continue surveillance of the Trump Campaign for two purposes. One was to assist HRC in winning the 2016 election. The other was to generate evidence which could be used to destroy or influence a potential Trump administration. By October of 2016, the Obama Administration actors were getting desperate. HRC had continuing legal scandals ongoing. Trump was running neck and neck with HRC, in accurate polling. There was no way that the Obama players could possibly cover-up all the illegalities in which they had been involved, especially in the preceding two years. If HRC was elected, fine. There would be no investigation and everything would be covered. If Trump was elected, there had to be an insurance policy which could be used to destroy, or influence, the Trump Administration, to quash any investigation into the aforementioned illegalities. However, the players soon learned that The Donald don’t play that.

      The two tracks, one the IC/DNC and the other the Law Enforcement Community, were not really parallel. They were simply two halves of the same operation. The IC operation, involving the CIA, State, several foreign intelligence agencies and governments had the purpose of establishing a reasonable predicate for the FBI/DOJ surveillance operation. The IC EC was the predicate that the LEC needed to begin its part of the operation. FBI Counter Intelligence assets were also used in the IC operation. The LEC operation, Crossfire Hurricane, was to provide reliable surveillance on the Trump Campaign and, later to be used to continue to put pressure on Trump and members of his administration to to keep them from investigating the Obama Administration activities during 2015-2016. Investigation of activities during that period, especially with regard to surveillance of political opponents, would expose people who had knowledge and evidence in other, even earlier, cases of irregularities and illegalities. This was all a flimsy house of cards, and it could all come tumbling down if certain people were indicted or leaned upon heavily.

      I’m not convinced that the “Steele” Dossier’s original purpose was to be used, directly, to obtain FISA warrants. The FBI had, reportedly, attempted to obtain two or three FISA warrants on members of the Trump Campaign, prior to the use of the Dossier as the basis for obtaining the Page warrant. It is possible that the FBI turned to the Dossier in desperation, rather than as part of a carefully crafted plan.

      This will turn out to be the most egregious political scandal in the history of this country. And, it is very possible that it will destroy the nation.

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      • evergreen says:

        The dossier appeared on my radar the day it was briefed to Trump as BS but that BS that the president ought to at least be aware is floating around. That was the tell that this was a setup. Right there, day one. It was a long, messy shot to inject this into the mainstream of media, as it was going to be a PR play from here on out. So it has turned out to be: a hope-for impeachment and trial with the decisions to remove from office being made in a hostile media bubble where no other “reasonable” option exists.

        As to Page, I’m 100% convinced the guy was in on the deal. His is an act.


      • Tom says:

        I would like to see all the investigative material they did on Carter Page, it’s strange how he was never charged with anything. What if there is none? That would expose the entire operation for what it was.


        • evergreen says:

          If you were branded a Russian agent–and you were nothing of the sort–would you be a wee bit peeved? Enough perhaps to sue in civil court the officials who branded you?

          Instead he demurrs in interviews and grins his way out of answering any substantive question.

          Don’t know for fact but instead recall reading that he was a supporter of Hillary prior to his Trump experience. That’s a hard pill to swallow.


          • Your Tour Guide says:

            Haven’t quite figured out Page as
            friend vs foe.

            COULD see them setting him up, but
            not charging him for one reason. He
            comes across as someone who can
            get things done, but would be an utter
            nuisance to be around. Could see
            persons trying to get him out from
            underfoot for that reason.


          • Linda K. says:

            Carter was an FBI asset before he was subject tp this warrant.


  9. leftnomore says:

    Tell the American dolts who vote the parallel would be using counterfeit records and forms to justify a press-intensive FBI investigation into Obama being foreign born. Of course no one looked into that other than a few outsiders (now our president) but the media could have forced it into the public conscience. No dem would have allowed it any space, regardless.


  10. calbear84 says:

    Thank you Sundance for making this complex story comprehensible to us average Joes. I mean, I have a doctorate degree in science, but this stuff is quite opaque to me until I read your detailed analyses. Also, thanks to so many brilliant Treepers for their insightful comments!

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  11. myrightpenguin says:


  12. Riskographer2 says:

    Is there an honest man/woman left in the FBI or Department of Justice?


    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      In their opinion, they all serve our country well. As elites…as entitled….it is We who don’t understand the way of things. Honesty has nothing to do with anything in their world. I’ve worked for the government for 35+ years (military & contractor), and they truly believe they are better than us.

      The “honest” ones…the ones with integrity, are rooted out of the system early in their careers…which sends a memorable message to the rest. The true power in this country does not lie with legislators, judges, or the POTUS…it is in the hands of GS-15’s, SES’s, and O-6 thru O-10’s. The only government entity I’ve witnessed not to be corrupt is Special Operations…amazing patriots throughout this entire organization.

      Liked by 1 person

      • jeans2nd says:

        Please do not leave out the SIS, perpetraitors of many of these crimes.
        SIS – Senior Intelligence Service.


        • KnowSERENoFear says:

          Oh I left out a whole bunch. Thanks for the addition! 🙂

          Yeah the SIS – the ones that found WMD’s in Iraq…until they didn’t.


      • KnowSERENoFear — I’m not even sure about Special Ops. This particular case is still being tried, but at the very least, the Navy prosecutors have already been found to be corrupt.

        “The case has been shadowed by allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, after the Navy prosecution sent emails with tracking software to defense attorneys and to a member of the media that would track their activity.

        The judge in the case, Capt. Aaron Rugh, found that the prosecution used that software to spy on the defense team and removed the lead prosecutor, Cmdr. Chris Czaplak from the case just weeks ago.”

        It sounds like a frame-up of Eddie Gallagher, a 19-year veteran, who served as a Navy SEAL, and was a Navy medic attached to a Marine unit in Iraq… Everything’s FUBAR.


  13. Interesting, the theme of many of these comments. It’s nice that the research is done, but we don’t really want to hear it, we want action, indictments, incarceration and these felons we are constantly speaking of in jail…


    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      You get used to it after a while…and the scroll key wears out. 🙂


      • farrier105 says:

        I have some kind of bursitis in my index finger.


        • KnowSERENoFear says:

          I thought farriers get thrush! 🙂


          • MustangBlues says:

            Hello, Reading here, It has been rumored said:

            “”Some people post comments of helpful information, or commiserating support and
            glad hope for the best;””

            “”And some people post whines, and why nots, and why not now, why did you do this, and Are we there yet? and proclaim because of all that The President Trump has not done by Presidential Fiat, then of course,

            President Trump is just a orange baddie, and, worse, a blue meanie.

            And we will now tell our mothers on you.””


    • LafnH20 says:

      I hear ya, Charles!
      As do many.

      I’m reminded of a quote, from the movie, Collateral (2004)
      Felix: “Probably some major Federal Indictment of someone (Swamp) who majority doesn’t want to be indicted.”

      And.. abbreviated version

      There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.

      Niccolo Machiavelli



      The Instant Gratification Crowd.


    • Joemama says:

      It is frustrating, to be sure, that the indictments/prosecutions of the criminality of many in our government has not started. However, we can take some solace, in the fact that prosecutions of human traffickers, pedohiles/sex traffickers has begun. This includes some of the Hollywood dirtbag elite (and IMHO will ultimately include many of them). There was a countrywide sweep last week (which was not reported on by the MSM), where about 1500 of these criminals were arrested and many child sex slaves were freed. NVXIM perverts have been convicted, soon to be sentenced.

      Brennan, Comey, Lynch, Hillary, Obama, etc. will be prosecuted, or at least be made pariahs that won’t feel safe walking the streets anywhere in the USA, in time.

      I at one point began to think that I was wasting my time reading/researching/commenting on the massive criminality, since nobody, except the good guys, were being arrested and prosecuted.

      I have now come to the realization that this is not wasted effort. While it is a very small contribution, I now believe that everyone who supports people like Sundance as “keyboard warriors” helps the cause. More and more people are opening their eyes to the criminality in our government, law enforcement, the MSM and hollywood. The more comments the recently enlightened see from “little people” like me, helps these people in realizing the extent of the MSM brainwashing and criminality in the US institutions.


      • V says:

        Absolutely, JoeMama! It is not wasted effort.

        Nunes video at 10:04:

        “There’s no evidence of this, right. [Trump Russia collusion.] So, the only thing they had on Russians was the Steele Dossier, right, and then Joseph Mifsud, who you’ve talked about on your show. Those are their Russians. But guess what? They’re fake Russians, they’re phony Russians, they’re Fusion [GPS] Russians, they’re Russians that only the Democrats knew about and the Democrats were the ones that were colluding with Russians. You just can’t make this up. So, I don’t know of a better term to use than you have the Democrats in this city, in Washington DC, the media for the most part – 90% of them – are possessed individuals. And the sad part about it is is they have a responsibility. They are poisoning and have been poisoning the minds of Americans, millions of Americans, for two and a half years now and the worst is they’re not stopping. Right. They’re not stopping and that’s the concern. ”


        But they WILL be stopped. They will be like dust in the wind.

        At 1:23

        Defeat of the army of wraiths


        We all have better things to do once this is over. I can just see Devin Nunes tending his vineyards in a beautiful valley 🙂


  14. TradeBait says:

    Snakes and vipers just like the Pharisees and Scribes. If we know these facts, we also know that PDT, Barr and other key staff have known these things for a long time before us. Yet, we wait expectantly with no indication of any sort of judgment days coming for the criminals.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Dutchman says:

    Ive long felt the dossier was NOT written, initially to justify a counter-intel investigation. I THINK it was a manufactured Oct. Surprise to insure a Hillary victory.
    When Adm. Rogers caused a panic, the I.C. then grabbed it to use for a secondary purpose; to get FISAS to cover up the preexisting spying operation.

    I actually thought what Nunes said about Iran. One implication would be
    “PDJT decided NOT to do a small operation against Iranian targets, kill 150 Iranians because they shot down a drone. “PDJT is ADAMANT Iran will NOT get a Nuclear weapon”, so take some time, develop ally support, and then do a comprehensive attack to take out their nuclear program?

    If some Chinese,…er sorry North Korean scientists die in the attack, well they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. California Joe says:

    President Trump has appointed two CIA Directors Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel. Am I supposed to believe that neither of them know anything about a mutiny in their own agency to frame the President of the United States for a crime that not only he didn’t commit but a crime that never even happened?


  17. Has anybody ever asked congressman Nunes how he has come to reconcile the fact that Speaker Ryan initiated an ethics inquiry into him, unjustifiable sidelining him for several months in an act of apparent obstruction?


  18. Publius2016 says:

    People demanding indictments when Deep State has infested intelligence services over three generations??? 45 said this is the most important fight of his Presidency!!!



    The discrepancy between the dates, 4/6 vs 4/10 (when whatever PapaD allegedly said) was passed
    has haunted me and I gotten no answers.
    PapaD has said his contact with Erika T. was by email and it was essentially an invite to meet Downer. Muller/Weisamann is saying in their dossier that that was when PapaD made those comments. Why?

    Is Downer then lying?? He has to be if the Muller/Weisamann story is true. He drafted his notes on the 10th and said nothing about PapaD/Hillary emails/Russians. Hmmm?
    If the comments were made on the 10th, what’s the purpose of alleging the 6th?

    Something isn’t right. I’m being to wonder if Downer didn’t just make it up on the 26th when he claims he had an ah hah! moment.


    • lawton says:

      Yep I thought George said he didn’t discuss the e-mail nonsense with Erika Thompson but Downer asked him crazy stuff .


  20. jeans2nd says:

    There is still a problem with Page 89 of the Mueller Dossier, where the dates are transposed – 6 and 10 May 2016 – with George PapaD allegedly telling Erica Thompson/Alexander Downer of the Clinton/Russia emails narrative from Misfud.

    PapaD has claimed several times, especially recently to several interviewers, that he, PapaD, never told anyone about those emails. PapaD says he regarded the info from Misfud as Swamp Gossip, and from several years working at the Hudson Institute learned not to repeat gossip, so PapaD told no one, least of all Erica Thompson or Alexander Downer.

    PapaD believes there are recordings/transcripts of his meetings with Thompson/Downer, and says those recordings/transcripts are part of the evidence withheld by Weisman that will exonerate him (will exonerate PapaD).

    Two recent interviews where PapaD made this claim are with Jan Jakelek of Epoch Times (American Thought Leaders), Mark Steyn, and, iirc, Byron York.

    The Swamp Creatures have more problems than we have uncovered.. How difficult it is to remember all the lies. Eventually, someone will forget something. Then the fun begins.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike Maddox says:

      PapaD says things in public that don’t match his closed door testimony. He either has a horrible memory, or he’s lying to sell books.

      He told the Greek Foreign minister. He said he did it because people gossip in these circles. It’s in his Congressional testimony.


      • jeans2nd says:

        But did PapaD tell Thompson/Downer? When did PapaD tell the Greek Foreign minister? And how did the Greek Foreign minister tie in with Thompson/Downer on 6/10 May 2019?


    • jeans2nd says:

      Not Jan Jakelek, Byron York. Plus this, from Trey Gowdy, 19 May 2019 –

      Liked by 1 person

    • V says:

      Here’s what Papadopoulos wrote about those dates in the Mueller Report:

      “George Papadopoulos
      Bob Mueller himself stated that I met Alexander Downer on May 6th, and that “started the investigation.” That’s not true. What happened on May 6th is that two DIA officials from the US embassy in London made contact with me: Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker. They might have a story

      1:33 PM – Apr 19, 2019”


  21. MVW says:

    It is no wonder that President Trump is talking to Jimmy Carter. GW Bush, but not talking to Obama.

    JC & GWB must be very unhappy with what Obama did and is still doing. Huge breach + got caught. Something will happen, that I believe.


    • DJ says:

      “Something will happen, that I believe.”
      I wish I could believe that, but I don’t. The Deep State is deeper and wider and most folks want to think it is. All of this talk about how Barr and Durham are going to expose the corruption and issue indictments just reminds me of all the “trust the plan” Q folks.

      There is no “plan”, there will be no indictments and NOTHING will change except for the faces of the bad guys. They are like the walking dead – one goes down and another just takes their place e.g. Wray for Comey, Boente for Baker, Haspel for Brennan, etc, etc, etc..

      Eight (hoping…) years of PDJT will not erase decades of planning by the Deep State string pullers.


  22. mtk says:

    And we’ve long wanted to know: what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation? So what we’ve found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence.

    I totally disagree!!!!!

    There was intelligence. There is massive intelligence.
    It is just that this intelligence all runs counter to the narrative.
    All the intelligence points to a ‘POLITICAL WILL’

    I am so over the of framing the of ‘muh Russia’ investigation that leads futher and futher away from the likely origination by redirection. To where now the investigation is about the fraudulent so called investigation.
    So much so, that any who deeply scratches the surface and arrives at, “Well, it all a scam to convolute the classified material on the HRC server, and goes that is the smoking gun NOT being investigated.”
    That theory of origination is STILL missing the obvious.

    Please every one get a clue…
    IT IS not the classified material that is the problem, it the scope of what HRC was communicating outside of the classified material, the stuff deemed personal of correspondences.

    Again, everyone please note.
    The more anyone digs into the HRC email narrative, notice the issue ALWAYS boils down to the classified material avenue. NEVER is the question proposed, “What is in the stuff that is not classified.”

    To ask those questions, “All investigative inquiries are now three steps removed(at that point) from the origination of the need to frame PDJT and stop at a dead end(infractions of transmitting classified material) never to ask what was being communicated outside of classification.


  23. Yahoo says:

    “Remember, … one critical purpose is a coverup. Their efforts are about gaining position and appearances to justify the preceding action. Their efforts are not focused on an actual investigation.”

    Could it be that the actual “insurance policy” was Mueller himself? Mueller the willing volunteer under the guise of investigating Russian collusion. This gave 18 lawyers (Lawfare) and 40 sympathetic deep state FBI agents to coverup the tracks of the Obama administration which would include White House, DOJ-FBI, State Department, NSA, CIA, IRS, etc. Tell me what did they do for over two years? He was the shinny object that everybody was looking at to perform a investigation with integrity. The media pushed that narrative from the beginning. Chastising anyone who was critical of him. He has refused to answer questions about the investigation. He can’t answer because he doesn’t know. Only what is printed in the Weissmann dossier. Getting Session to recuse was the first and easiest step. Now all they had to do was destroy or hide evidence they may have to produce to Durham. No evidence no conviction.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. mtk says:

    And we’ve long wanted to know: what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation? So what we’ve found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence.

    I totally disagree!!!!!

    There was intelligence. There is massive intelligence.
    It is just that this intelligence all runs counter to the narrative.
    All the intelligence points to ‘POLITICAL WILL’

    I am so over the of framing the of ‘muh Russia’ investigation that leads futher and futher away from the likely origination by redirection. To where now the investigation is about the fraudulent so called investigation.
    So much so, that any who deeply scratches the surface and arrives at, “Well, it all a scam to convolute the classified material on the HRC server, and goes that is the smoking gun NOT being investigated.”
    That theory of origination is STILL missing the obvious.

    Please every one get a clue…
    IT IS not the classified material that is the problem, it the scope of what HRC was communicating outside of the classified material, the stuff deemed personal correspondences.

    Again, everyone please note.
    The more any investigate journalist digs into the HRC email narrative, notice the issue ALWAYS boils down to the classified material avenue. NEVER is the question proposed, “What is in the stuff that is not classified.”

    To ask those questions, “All investigative inquiries are now three steps removed(at that point) from the origination of the need to frame PDJT and stop at a dead end(infractions of transmitting classified material) never to ask what was being communicated outside of classification.


  25. SD analyzes this data and reports it in manner easily understood by all. Excellent research. For that I am grateful. I wonder if AG Barr and Mr. Durham have the resources and willpower to do the same. Plagiarizing Sundance’s work would save them some time and effort!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jan says:

      I did suggest to AG Barr if he really wanted to get a handle on things, he should read Sundance/CHT when he took office in my first email asking him to restore equal justice of the law.


  26. rayvandune says:

    “Prior to March 9th, 2016, the CIA/FBI political surveillance and spy operation was using the NSA database to track and monitor their opposition.”

    Okay, why? To what purpose? What was gained (or hidden) by the crime, and for whom? The answer to THAT is the motivation for everything that happened after! We have been struggling to unravel the clues pointing to where the treasure chest is buried, but have we have forgotten that there IS a treasure? The guilty parties are not merely guilty of burying a treasure chest – they are guilty of STEALING THE TREASURE, and probably of committing multiple heinous crimes in doing so! Folks, we are nowhere near the bottom of this hole.


    • The answer to that — of course, though most are reluctant to even say the words — is Obama, his 8 year political crime spree and his supposed legacy, of Muslim and Racist Black supremacy in America. The whole “transformation of America” lie. Aided and abetted by globalists of the New World Order on both sides of the political aisle (hence, the NeverTrumper Republicans and their multinational cash flows).

      That is why it is Obama, above all, who has to be taken down as someone to be admired. HIs deluded followers need to be made to confront the hard truth of his treasonous, characterless personality and (Muslim and Black racist) suborned soul.


  27. ozymandiasssss says:

    This again. Can someone wake me up when someone actually does something besides get the their ass kicked in the media.


  28. Johnny Dollar says:

    Mr. Nunes is right, in 2016 there were two tracks. But he didn’t describe them correctly.

    Track One: Hillary Clinton on the track to get herself elected. Hence the Dossier she paid for. She needed to get that Dossier inserted into the bloodstream of the FBI/DOJ before November 8. Knowing that from there, it would be leaked and end up in the broad media as a “major Trump scandal.” And get her elected. That’s what she paid for.

    Track Two: The FBI/DOJ on the track to remove Donald Trump, preferably before the election, failing that, after the election. To do that, they pay for the same Dossier as on Track One except they want the Dossier for FISA purposes. Which means they do not want the Dossier leaked and discussed in public. Fearing public scrutiny of the Dossier, in essence, would ruin the Dossier as a basis for FISA.

    In short, Hillary Clinton, didn’t give a sh^$ about the FBI & FISA. She paid for the Dossier for an entirely different reason than what the FBI wanted it for. In that sense, contrary to what Mr. Nunes, thinks, the two tracks never meet.

    In fact, after November 8, only one track remained – track 2. And Hillary wasted the money she spent paying for the Dossier because the Dossier didn’t do a thing to get her elected. Thanks FBI !!!


  29. Bryan Alexander says:

    I won’t disagree with Sundance. OUTSTANDING analysis of the publicly available documents and research. But, one of the things that is not being investigated as much in this is the role the media played, and is STILL playing, in creating and maintaining this scandal.

    Everyone, including me, want to know when people will be indicted for their crimes. The answer is that the media is controlling the narrative of all of this. How so?

    Note all of the interviews that Sundance posts where explosive information is revealed. Almost without exception, where are these interviews? Fox News. And on which programs on Fox News Channel? Maria Bartiromo’s show on Sunday Morning. Hannity has some, but he is an opinion show, not a “News” show.

    So, the news is getting out? Here are the numbers from June:
    ABC News – 7,730,000 Viewers
    NBC News – 6,875,000 Viewers
    CBS News – 5,160,000 Viewers
    FOX News – 2,388,000 Viewers
    MSNBC News – 1,654,000 Viewers
    CNN News – 761,000 Viewers

    So, if these numbers are somewhat accurate you can surmise that:
    22,180,000 people are getting their news from non-Fox News.
    2,388,000 people are getting their news from Fox News. and remember, this is basically Bret Baier or Martha MacCallum’s shows.

    90% of the people NEVER hear the truth of what the Obama administration has done.

    When ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest of the cable world all have news broadcasts that start detailing what Sundance is posting, only then will justice begin.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. joethenick says:

    These outrageous Lies are easily provable. If Joseph Mifsud told George Papadopolous that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails which would include Top Secret classified information and Western Intelligence became aware of it, then where is the documentation concerning the FBI or any Intelligence Agency setting off alarm bells with the Clinton Campaign ?? This would be a FIVE ALARM FIRE ! with Intelligence / FBI demanding to know what was exposed. Let’s see the documentation !!


  31. Daniel John Sobieski over at American Thinker has a fine article that tracks a lot of what Sundance has been telling us. Great reading.


  32. Again (I’ve commented on this quite a few times): What Sundance is calling the FBI track — the Steele dossier leading to FISA warrant(s) and the Mueller inquisition — was preceded by the FISA “queries” illegal data access, permitted by a politicized (Democrat-partisan) FBI. And the CIA track only “started” (according to the Dem/Insane Left narrative) with the addition of Manafort, Page, Papadopoulos and Flynn to the Trump campaign, in March 2016.

    It is the FISA “queries” abuse of late 2015 to April 18, 2016 that gives the lie to any talk of “cover” for the “parallel tracks”, because that criminality, blatantly allowed by the weaponized folk at the FBI (in league with the weaponized snakes at the CIA, with various individuals working for both CIA and FBI at the same time), predates both of those latter parallel tracks. The FBI colluded with Fusion-GPS, both in service to the Insane Left of Big O (the leader) and HRC (the “victim” they were protecting from Trump, in their little snake minds).

    Mike Rogers outed the whole dirty plot when he stopped the illegal FISA data queries, and informed President-elect Trump. Everybody from Obama/Soetoro on down was caught at that point (if we ever see the honest consequences of that critical revelation). Everything else is just more “aiding and abetting”, and of course continuing treason — all gravy, in the serving of it (when are we going to get called to this feast of justice, so far denied and postponed).


  33. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    “The page in the Weissmann/Mueller report is factually true but the inference is false. It is written in the way they intended, to give a false impression. It is quite subtle and sneaky.”

    It appears to me to be factually false. Ambassador Downer is a ‘representative of a foreign government’. Only a judge in Hawaii would rule that his aid is included.


  34. Patricia Dolan says:

    Project Veritas just exposed GOOGLE!!!!!


  35. jsbrodhead says:

    BS-Barry (“Obama”) and Co. got away with MURDERING America, for 8+ years. Now they are getting away with MURDERING effectiveness of the People’s choice of Chief Executive of the United States government. THIS IS PROGRESSIVISM (Incrementalism) pushing “forward”, then holding position until the next opportunity to push “forward”.

    I’m SICK of the LYING Leftists! They deserve expulsion from American soil.


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