Horsetrading – Pelosi and Schumer Meet POTUS for Infrastructure Deal…

Well, it looks like the outcome of a horsetrading deal is starting to assemble.  President Trump meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer et al, to discuss a $2 trillion infrastructure deal.   Despite their schemes and plots this is worth watching:


Democrats don’t want the baggage of a tax increase heading into 2020… so Schumer punts the financing of the $2 trillion to President Trump; forcing the White House to deal with the dirty part (likelihood a gas tax increase), while Schumer/Pelosi keep clean hands on the high-brow aspect of beautiful infrastructure. That part is politically predictable.

That said, CTH can see the outline a deal where Democrats exchange votes for President Trump’s trade deals (specifically USMCA); to offset the Wall Street Republicans that will vote against the trade agreements; in return for provisions of an infrastructure deal that will benefit Pelosi/Schumer.

The devil is going to be deep in the details because Democrats will attempt to use any massive spending bill to purchase (and repay) votes and activism from their political constituents, ie. Union Leadership.

(White House) Press Secretary’s Statement on President Trump’s meeting on Infrastructure:

“Today, President Donald J. Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Tom Carper, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Representative James Clyburn, Representative Ben Ray Lujàn, Representative Richard Neal, and Representative Peter DeFazio had an excellent and productive meeting on rebuilding our Nation’s crumbling infrastructure including roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and railroads, modernizing our air travel system, and expanding broadband access for our great farmers and rural America.

The United States has not come even close to properly investing in infrastructure for many years, foolishly prioritizing the interests of other countries over our own. We have to invest in this country’s future and bring our infrastructure to a level better than it has ever been before. We will have another meeting in three weeks to discuss specific proposals and financing methods.

The President and the Democrat leaders also agreed to a meeting in the near future to discuss prescription drug prices. We look forward to building on this Administration’s success in having lowered drug prices for the first time in 50 years. President Trump feels there is a long way to go – drug prices should be much lower than they are today.

The President looks forward to working together in a bipartisan way and getting things done for the American people.”  (link)

Flashback – Three Days after inauguration, January 23, 2017:

(January 23rd, 2017)



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213 Responses to Horsetrading – Pelosi and Schumer Meet POTUS for Infrastructure Deal…

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Seems the Wall Street Journal heard what I heard.
    The Democrats are lying. Again. (still?)

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    • For Eyes says:

      Typical Dem.

      Chuck gets: 1) his infrastructure, 2) income tax hikes which he wants, and 3) gas tax hikes which he wants.

      Trump gets: nothing.

      They want the moon on the heels of digging in their heels on wall money. Trump must have his reason for not telling them to take a hike, but its not visible yet.

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      • John Palmer says:

        Your “Chuck wants” reminds me of an old story.

        The old Avon Tennis Tour was looking for a new sponsor, and thought they had one from the Volvo car company. The subordinates were apparently completely talking past each other. Executives were flown in to sign the contracts, with a press conference to follow.

        As those press who arrived earliest were setting up the meeting broke up and everybody was leaving. One of the press grabbed a Volvo person he apparently knew and asked what happened (as it was obviously a failure re:signing a sponsorship contract).
        The unnamed Volvo employee said -and was heard by those other press in the area- They demanded the Sun, the Moon, AND the Stars, then we asked for a hit off whatever they had been smoking.
        And then he walked away.

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      • says:

        Trump is AGAIN setting a trap for them. They will end up opposing JOBS in an election year.

        Pawn to queen 4, level 3. CHECKMATE!

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  2. Robert Smith says:


    Trump will dangle that carrot in front of them, get the Democrats allies salivating for it, then Trump will get what he wants FIRST.

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  3. Disgusted says:

    I just cannot do it. I cannot look at her, or listen to her. Is it just me? Nothing at ALL what a leader who had earned true respect as a politician should ever sound like. In her little self congratulating world she is the captain of the cheering squad! How and why do people vote for her?

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  4. Hiddenmountain63 says:

    Here’s simple solution to help pay for it…
    Since a large portion of the fuel taxes and the 12% heavy truck excise tax is going into general revenue, which it never was supposed to, simply return them to their original mandate.
    I’ve been following the fuel tax situation here in BC Canada and it’s the same thing here. $18.5+ Billion is collected here and only a small portion of that is used to maintain and build roads! It’s crony capitalism, graft and malfeasance all rolled into one!
    A fuel tax increase would be a stain on the Trump presidency, so here’s part of your solution.
    You’re welcome.

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  5. Real simple:
    ACCUMULATE Full Funding PRIOR TO Contracting for the work.
    1. Cut federal spending.
    2. Match with state funding.
    3. Quadruple that with private funding.
    4. Whatever portion comes up short, bill the states.

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  6. LookUp says:

    It’s always about the money. All the precious needs for the money. It’s never ever enough. I hope our wonderful genius tells them no. I hope he says he has a better plan and it doesn’t include any of them. I would love to see this artery of cash for evil vaporized right in front of them.

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  7. Daniel says:

    Yes, horse trading, but also I think it bears mention that the Democrats haven’t done ANYTHING useful since they have taken the house. What they have done is horrifyingly unpopular with their productive, voting base. They do not want Republican candidates asking “can you name a single thing the Democrats have accomplished in the house since last election?” That’s a very powerful message for two reasons:

    1. It points out the Democrats have no agenda beyond “resist”
    2. Trump has changed the expectations of voters — whether Republican, Democrat or other, they now expect politicians to actually DO what they said they would do and also bring the kind of improvement they have always said they would — in short, a new and far higher standard is established and it is now more than “we say things you want to hear.”

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  8. phillip jeffreys says:

    What the blank is Trump doing? He’s negotiating with the Dem leadership only? He’s undercutting his own party!

    RINOs or not…it’s a dumb move if he is serious about making a “deal”.


  9. phillip jeffreys says:

    Trump better be reeling them in here to throw back into the water. Ther effects of an ingfrastructure bill won’t be felt prior to the election. But raising taxes to pay (or worse adding 2 trillion to the deficit) will hurt him – badly. He needs to express interest, find some positives, then point to areas that need further bartering AFTER the election.

    This simply isn’t very smart. He will lose on this one and lose big. I will not vote for someone who adds two trillion to the debt with his signature.


    • It is really bizarre to watch you rant about what might happen when we have no facts yet. After all POTUS has done you are going to throw in the towel and attack him over a rumor released by the Left & their sources?

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      • phillip jeffreys says:

        Wrong. It’s called strategy and optics.

        Further, an ad hominem attack isn’t getting anywhere with me.

        So, with all decorum, I pass what I and my fellow Naval aviators used to say: pack sand.

        There is no room for mistakes.


        • Do you actually know the meaning of ad hominem? “Appealing to personal considerations rather than to logic or reason.” I didn’t attack you, I said it was unsettling to see you attacking Trump’s strategy with neither facts nor a plan laid out by POTUS. That’s known as surmising before the facts and it does no one any good. You are falling prey to the MSM game of trying to divide & demoralize President Trump’s base by putting out lies, spins & 1/2 truths.
          Nice of you to offer sand but I find crushed stone packs better in the patios I have laid.


  10. curator55 says:

    Tucker C. ranted about Trump’s pondering of a Gas Tax although when he said this, he didn’t mention the tax offsetting an infrastructure Bill. It was on Carlson’s list of policy decisions that would guarantee an election loss for Trump in 2020.

    The Gasoline Tax wouldn’t hurt Schumer’s NY riding anywhere near as much as it would hit car commuters in the Burbs, trucking companies, people in farm states and so on. But, if the tax is going to be added to natural gas, propane etc, then it will be even worse.

    POTUS shouldn’t get suckered into taking the full rap for a gas tax or any tax after promoting his tax reduction theories for the last 2 1/2 years. Every time the voters put gas in their gas tanks, they will think of the politician that added to their traveling tax bill. Not a wise position for a politician to be in, in the USA.

    Other countries are so heavily taxed that the gas tax is often forgotten until the prices begin to rise to a certain point and drain the wallet. Then, they remember the %$&**** gas taxes. .


    • GB Bari says:

      Remember PDJT’s negotiation strategy is to never start anywhere close to your final offer or position. So anyone commenting on the deal today (like Tucker Carlson apparently) just has not learned to be patient and wait for the President’s offers in the negotiations to evolve – which they will.

      But Tucker has a show to sell to his viewers and feels that he must generate controversy …I guess.

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      • curator55 says:

        I agree GB but Carlson announced this list of policies to implement and supposedly lose election as a result, appx. 10 days ago.

        But it is true that the alleged “Trump gas tax” will be remembered by some–and not favorably–every time they fill up.


    • Gas taxes don’t affect farmers. That’s why if you get caught with it (different color I believe) on the road there is a fine.


      • GB Bari says:

        Farmers don’t buy gasoline for personal use at all? I think they do. Not every trip in the car is for the farm’s operation.

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      • No farm implements utilize gasoline. Tractors, semi-trucks, back-hoes, and all sorts or heavy equipment run on diesel. Diesel is dyed red, and yes, there is a heavy fine if it is found to be used for on-road use.

        Gasoline is only used in riding lawn mowers and 4 x 4 pick-up trucks. Gasoline is not exempt from any taxes, in the manner that diesel is.


  11. Jerry Joe says:

    I see it as Trump appearing to be open-minded to massive infrastructure spending while reminding all Pelosi is in charge of the House and alloting her one afternoon to dream of spending $2 Trillion. Tomorrrow, her House will no doubt will embarrass itself with General Barr laying down some law. Should be interesting to see how her pipe dream gets interrupted….

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    • Lindenlee says:

      That Obama $1T “stimulus bill” that got added into the baseline budget for NINE succesive years, unappropriated funds, and the Pelosi gov’t STILL COULDN’T LIVE WITHIN ITS MEANS. so Nancy, it’s time to pay up, and give us some of OUR MONEY BACK. You owe us $9 TRILLION.


  12. Greg says:

    Pay for it by lowering interest rates and stop quantitative tightening 😉


    • Lindenlee says:

      No. I scrimped and saved my entire life to save enough to retire on, and have not gotten a dec3nt rate on my investments since 2009. It KILLED THOSE OF US THAT NEEDED A DECENT RATE OF RETURN ON OUR SAVINGS.

      It is not my fault that wastrels and thieves have made a life of debt they can’t pay for. And low rates benefit borrowers, but KILL savers.


  13. azgulch says:

    OK, I now understand Word Press hell. The last two days have been fun.

    Trump is doing a fantastic job, within the confines of this skewed up government. I trust him to get the best deal possible. Let him do it, and quit complaining. Or you run for this god forsaken job ( I used to dream about being President and what I would do, now you couldn’t pay me enough.)


  14. Rynn69 says:

    All you Washington grifters are money-grubbing POS. Never having earned a dime in their lives, stealing from American taxpayers.


  15. trapper says:

    This has been working in my head all night. It finally woke me up.

    Trump’s been doing rope-a-dope. Baiting, trolling, daring, taunting.
    Hit me with the rope-a-dope.
    When they let up a bit, stop punching, he pops them in the nose with a rude tweet to piss them off and get them throwing punches again.
    Hit me with the rope-a-dope.
    Trump U. Bush tape. Stormy Daniels.
    Hit me with the rope-a-dope.
    Muh Russia. Obstruction.
    Hit me with the rope-a-dope.
    And now that they’ve thrown everything they got, they got nothing left … here I come … and down you go.

    The Big Ugly is here. It’s about to pop. Nancy smells it and is dancing into the far corner away from it all (Political spying? I don’t know about that. We’ve moved on to the infrastructure bill now.) That’s the tell. That’s how we know it’s here. Not her first prize fight.

    Or, another metaphor, when bears, deer, rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, all race past you in the woods in a single tumbling herd, you’d better run for cover because there’s a political conflagration headed right at you.


  16. askandgettruth says:

    DO NOT MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. stand your ground as the pres.don’t let this senile senator and washed up chuckie get what they want


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