Wow – Major Scoop By Gateway Pundit Shows Documentary Evidence of Andrew Weissmann Giving “Head’s Up” to CNN for Roger Stone Arrest…

Wow.  There has been a lot of articles claiming bombshell or stunning evidence to highlight the duplicitous fraud that surrounds the Robert Mueller investigation, but an article by Gateway Pundit is exactly that: A Bombshell.  [Report Here]

According to their report Gateway Pundit received a letter from lawyers representing Roger Stone that contains a documentary trail, via email metadata, highlighting that Robert Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann sent a CNN reporter a head’s up in advance of the arrest of his client Roger Stone.

If true, these facts -as shared by Stone’s lawyers to the Senate and House Judiciary committees- would lay bare a series of lies told by CNN explaining their pre-staged presence at Mr. Stones’ home; and simultaneously expose the inherent motives of the Mueller investigation.

The metadata outlined in the letter above is available to review at Gateway Pundit [SEE HERE]


Mr. Weissmann’s unscrupulous political Lawfare tactics have been known for quite some time.  However, this could be the most jaw-dropping exhibition of corrupt DOJ scheme to date.

[Prior letter from 2017 showcasing Weissmann praising Sally Yates for her refusal to act upon a directive by President Donald Trump]

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474 Responses to Wow – Major Scoop By Gateway Pundit Shows Documentary Evidence of Andrew Weissmann Giving “Head’s Up” to CNN for Roger Stone Arrest…

  1. I honesty believe that those of us on the side that still believes this nation and the principals she was founded upon are still worth fighting for are all suffering from normalcy bias. We know something is seriously don’t with the current state of law and it’s enforcement. It’s plainly obvious. The nations watched the media, like CNN blatantly lying to them. Ignore the greatest conspiracy in our nations history while portraying the victim of the crime as the villain. The Clintons, BOTH of them, have had zero fear for the legal ramifications of their clear intent to commit felonies (multiple counts), perjur themselves, used the levers or power to enrich themselves by defrauding the American people. God only knows what they’ve done that we have never caught a whiff about. The Obama admin. Used the full power of our gov’t to spy on a pesidential candidate. There is far more evidence for this and the Clinton campaign directly coordinating with Russians, Brit’s, Aussies, Ukrainians and countless other “allies” to drop the Trump team in a nice little “collusion” fairy tale. When are we going to wake up and realize that the reason Trump hasn’t taken the action he must, is b/c he doesn’t have the support of the very agencies who targeted him. These agencies have been so deeply corrupted and our nation so deeply divided it is patently obvious at this point. This only ends one way. I’m 44, no military experience, re-taught myself American History through direct sources instead of the sources schools gave us telling us to think. The left has control of our law enforcement and Intel branches as well as our educational system from top to bottom. They own the overwhelming majority of the media. It’s checkmate. We have but move and it will require the same sacrifice our founders had to make. I don’t have the knowledge or skills required to lead what must be done? But I would follow those patriots that do and do what must be done to secure the blessings of Liberty for my children.

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  2. noswamp says:

    All is not lost my friend. The masses are waking up. Slowly but surely. Trump will have more Latino voters voting for him next election and more blacks. You watch.

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  3. LibertyONE says:

    ALL these evil, corrupt POS MULEer et al should be sent to Gitmo for life, BUT first waterboarded for info.

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  4. RJones says:

    Looks like the CNN doc was created on 1/23/19 at about 11pm. Most likely, that is the time it was copied from some source (I.e., email, USB stick, CD/DVD, messaging app) to a CNN storage device (e.g, hard drive). That is probably approximately the time it was sent to CNN.

    Was Mr Weismann working in the office that night? Are Mr Mueller’s folks permitted to bring laptops home and connect to the internet? Is use of removable media permitted? Can FBI smart phones connect via VPN to the FBI network? Can FBI computers access and use file transfer web sites (e.g., Dropbox).

    If FBI computers are configured in compliance with NIST requirements there should be event log records showing a particular user accessing that document around 11pm and possibly records showing it being copied or transmitted. The logs might only be on the laptop or they might be forwarded to an event log collection system.

    Someone should probably confiscate Weissman’s laptop or computer and have a look. In a properly secured network, data cannot be exfiltrated without leaving fingerprints. Usually printing a document is about the only way to get it out without leaving a definitive audit record showing transmission of the data.

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    • noswamp says:



    • Julian says:

      You can take a picture ( or pictures) on your phone/digital camera of the computer screen or paper document (ala James Wolfe with concubine.

      Safest way.


    • NavyBuckeye says:

      Bingo. But lil Andy boy can manipulate those data points if he knows they exist. He can use laptops not part of the system. Transfer the doc and then send. The stamps on the document itself are key….tying it to AW will be the tough part.


    • Zippy says:

      “Someone should probably confiscate Weissman’s laptop or computer and have a look”

      LOL, that ain’t gonna’ happen. The criminals are in charge of catching criminals. When are people going to realize that? “The system” is not self-correcting and probably hasn’t been for a very long time, proved by what has happened and NOT happened during this Mueller and SpyGate farce.

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  5. ron Milam says:

    This man and Muller need to be hanged for Treason.

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  6. noswamp says:

    Once Mueller is finished, Trump strikes. NYC investigation has nothing to do with obstruction at that point though they think it will. We do have Barr. Not sure what he will do. But we do have Barr. A glimmer of hope.


    • tappin52 says:

      Mueller is never going to be finished. President Trump has to rain thunder down on this cabal himself or just let them eat him alive, and I don’t think that is in his DNA. But I do wish that he would get on with it.

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  7. Vs says:

    I think Weismann is not so stupid to leave papertrail, thats why he is still in DOJ


    • ASK says:

      In a few minutes of searching, I’ve been unable to confirm AW’s middle name & whether it begins with A. His NY attorney registration doesn’t show his middle initial. Can someone confirm the “A”?


      • Craig Englund says:

        Andrew A. Weissmann, born 3-17-1958, N.Y., N.Y., is identified on Spokeo.. Among his past locations are N.Y., N.Y.; Dallas, Texas; and Washington, D.C. The date of birth of birth is from N.Y. births on Ancestry.Com; Spokeo only identifies his current age as 60 years. More could be found, perhaps, if anyone were to pay for results on the many people search services, but this weasel isn’t worth my spending a penny.


        • Your Tour Guide says:

          This looks like a job for the Chans. Anybody got posting
          priviledges over there?


        • Craig Englund says:

          After I posted this information, editing mistakes and all, I fpund ample proof that he is, in fact, Andrew A. Weissmann — just google that exact name. There are numerous court pleadings under Google Images in which the name with the middle initial “A.” is used in identifying Weissmann, including a number of pleadings in the Manafort actions.

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  8. MaineCoon says:

    The devil is in the details. Who doesn’t know about metadata? Weissman thinks he’s untouchable. Man. They’ve got him, Mueller & CNN. I posted on day 1 of Roger Stone’s arrest that he just might be the guy to take these lawyers committing crimes down. It’s showtime!!

    Make sure you look at the link to the metadata. Proof is in the pudding.

    An excerpt from the linked article:

    FTA: The DC judge in Mr. Stone’s case has claimed that the New York Times bestselling author and political commentator’s vigorous public defense against the sham charges being leveled against him could “taint the jury”, though she has failed to address CNN’s role in Stone’s arrest, or the illegal nature of CNN obtaining a sealed draft indictment.

    A draft indictment is still posted at the Lawfare site (won’t link) with Robert Mueller’s signature block. Both Weissman & Mueller should be charged.

    So what’s this little DC judge going to do now? Waiting….


    • Zippy says:

      “They’ve got him, Mueller & CNN.”

      All they’ve got is yet more proof that CNN lies. That’s as far as it’s ever going to go.


  9. D3F1ANT says:

    ROFLMAO!! Yeah…a “bombshell!” The problem is the NOTHING will come of it. The FBI doesn’t need to follow laws! Only YOU and I do! The reason MORE and MORE evidence of Mueller/FBI corruption is allowed to come to light every day is that they know there won’t be any consequences! Have there been any yet? Mueller and the the Democrat Party elite operate with impunity.

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  10. Mickjt says:

    Seems to me Stone has a serious case of Defamation of Character among other charges for the release of information to the press of his arrest. What should have been a call to his lawyer and he turns himself in turned into the Circus we’ve come to expect from Mueller and his THUGS!


  11. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    The whole Get Roger Stone fiasco was not just about publicly arresting him for a media enhanced perp walk. They raided his home AND his offices in Florida. He has been a thorn in the side of the DeepState Democrats for decades and they finally had their chance to gobble him up and spit him out. There’s no telling what they will come up with now as they are busy going through his past with a fine toothed comb. His lawyers should demand that they immediately return EVERYTHING that they confiscated during their illegal search & seizure; but Herr Weismann & Comrade Mueller won’t likely let that happen . . . and here we are.


  12. noswamp says:

    Rule of law exists only for those on the bottom not for those on the top. And corrupt agency heads still control the show. And others (Whittacker more than Wray) are being manipulated to do what DS wants them to do. Disgusting times we are living in.


  13. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Trump could declassify it all and it would fall on dead ears. The truth is already out there in suffcient quantities to justify investigations and prosectuion, but since, as we’ve learned, at this level of our republic there simoly is no duty to prosecute, and all remedies are political, I think this ends up with an impeachment trial in the Senate. We would do well to look into the rights of the accused, right to discovery, to witnesses, etc. I am increasingly of the view that the Senate will be the forum where this all ends and is decided, with all the things we know on full display, and then some.


  14. Lady Graham needs to update her letter to Wray.
    Meanwhile, The fat man needs to be yelled at some more. The appearance of a sweaty head would be a good sign.


  15. Joe says:

    Simply put: (1) CNN colluding with Müller means Barr shuts down the investigation; as a result years of future “coverup” stories in the MSM are in the bank. Or (2) Müller’s garbage report is released, and years of future garbage stories are in the bank. Or (3) Barr refuses to let Müller publish garbage, and please see (1).

    The hysteria can never be allowed to end.


    • Kerry Eubanks says:

      It’s likely #1. Müller has nothing to deliver on Trump, so deliberately getting the investigation shut down gives him cover and everyone else involved –FBI, DOJ — ALL of the bad actors in this thing off the hook. The immediate next step will be for the Congressional Oversight committees to stop any further investigations that might expose their own member’s duplicity… EXCEPT never-ending investigation into the President.


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