Sunday Talks: IMF’s Christine Lagarde Discusses Global Economy in Era of Trump…

I hope y’all are hanging in there with me today because each of these Sunday posts is essentially an audio-video chapter in one singular book.  A stunningly deep book that explains the entire purpose of Trump from his/our perspective.

Here is an absolutely perfect, and in many ways jaw-dropping, interview with the head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Legarde.   It would be easy to write 10,000 background words on this singular interview alone. Decades of advanced globalist monetary/trade policy -vs- the recent uprising in economic nationalism.  THAT is the significant backstory at work here.

As her homeland France erupts in turmoil, elitist Legarde represents the personification of why those flames are present.  Freedom -v- Serfdom, with messaging from a control agent of the cloistered class.  However, here’s the stunner… pay real close attention at 04:34 of this interview where Legarde outlines the analysis (IMF economic model) where the IMF is forecasting U.S. GDP growth….  what number does she share?  WATCH:


Did you hear that?

3.7% GDP growth for the U.S. is projected by the international financial community [global bankers].   This is the head financial liberal for the global elitist class admitting Trump has more than doubled the growth rate of the U.S. economy in two years.   Remember, simultaneous to this, when adjusted for inflation, the rest of the world is stagnant to shrinking in the same measure.

How is it possible that Trump is doubling the U.S. economic growth rate, and the rest of the planet is stagnant or shrinking?

3.7% GDP growth on an economy of $22 trillion is more than $700 billion.

President Trump is growing the U.S. economy at a rate greater than $700 billion per year.

Think about that.

Think about the scale of that.

Think about the scale of that in relation to the scale of all nation’s GDP.

President Trump is expanding the U.S. economy, each year, by an amount larger than the entire economy of Saudi Arabia.

Put another way – U.S. President Trump’s MAGAnomic policies are enlarging the U.S. economy, every year, at a rate that compares to approximately half of Canada’s entire economy and two-thirds of Mexico.

How is this possible in an era when all other developed countries show signs of stagnation and lack of growth?

The simple answer cuts to the core of why those nations, and the multinational benefactors within them, are aligned against Donald Trump….

…He is stopping the export of American wealth.

President Trump is the first U.S. president in history, to start dismantling the process that exports U.S. wealth to the benefit of all other nations.

After World War II, the U.S. allowed our economic trade models to be used to help rebuild Europe and Japan.  The tariffs put on U.S. goods helped both rebuild their economies; however, once rebuilt – the tariffs never came off.

Our politicians allowed the one-way economic benefit to remain in place even after our “allies” got back on their feet.   Those nations then started bribing (lobbying) our politicians to retain that process indefinitely.

President Donald Trump, through the execution of his policies and the global trade reset, is saying: “No More“!!

He is confronting them head-on, and they are going bananas.

Cue the visual…

The biggest flaw that people make is thinking POTUS Trump cares about the DC swamp enough to confront it, or expend energy on it….. in my humble opinion, he doesn’t.

He’s working on generational issues that are much bigger and consequential than the administrative state. The DC deep state is downstream from where POTUS is working.

Donald Trump is, well, essentially, John Galt.

Dutchman: […] “ALL this attack on DJT, the man, candidate and President, is NOT because of his demeanor, etc. It is BECAUSE he is taking on China, Globalists and D.C. swamp.

POTUS is largely focusing on China and trade, because if successful, the d.c. swamp becomes irrelevant.

As the economic engine switches from Wall st. to Main street, the swamp will realign its priorities.

On the other hand, putting a bunch of swamp creatures in jail, while leaving China and the globalist system in place, wouldn’t really accomplish anything of substance.

A new generation of swamp creatures would move up, and the behavior would continue.”

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308 Responses to Sunday Talks: IMF’s Christine Lagarde Discusses Global Economy in Era of Trump…

  1. fred5678 says:

    I urge all to read the history of the VAT:

    1950 France was first and only country with complex VAT. They asked GATT (forerunner of WTO) for exemption of VAT from trade equalizing calculations, so VAT was exempted because “too complex”.

    Now 145 countries have VAT, each one with trade advantage as our standard of living (us making STUFF and EXPORTING the STUFF) has steadeily decreased as our manufacturing base has disappeared.

    Watch MAGA bring back standard of living for your grandkids.

    “…AMTAC claims that so-called “border tax disadvantage” is the greatest contributing factor to the $5.8 trillion US current account deficit for the decade of the 2000s, and estimated this disadvantage to US producers and service providers to be $518 billion in 2008 alone…”

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Value Added Tax was always a trick by the comfortable academic elite. Advertised as an efficient “fair” tax, head-and-shoulders above income taxes, VAT boils down to a tax on the public, a sales tax on the final product. And the Trick Part? Every country that introduced VAT taxes, kept incomes taxes in place. That is, VAT is just another layer of Tax,a way to rob private incomes for the benefit of bloated government and their corporate Welfare Queens.

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  2. zaq123 says:

    Shouldn’t she be in prison? It’s about that time that US tells these ‘international entities’ like the UN and IMF, that are based in the USA, to GET OUT!!. Just take their Anti American policies away. Let someone else be their Sugar Daddy. If an ally of the US needs help, they’ll get it and then some. Everyone else, should pound sand.

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  3. Pyrthroes says:

    Most interesting– thanks again, SD! For the record, our Dec-17 projected 2018 U.S. GDP was $21.936 trillion, up 12.6% from $19.483 trillion. Compounding at 3.748% per annum from 2016’s $18.934, this growth rate more than doubled BHO’s pathetic 1.830% PA over eight years from 2009 to 2016. (The historic U.S. norm is 3.25% PA.)

    Given the long-term divorce of Main Street’s “real economy” from Wall Street’s phony-baloney algo-driven Central Bank derivatives, equities and bond markets will likely not reflect Trump’s sterling performance for some years (2020?). But here comes Christine Lagarde [that face!] to tell us, “Yes, we’ve sabotaged trusting citizens’ well-being for decades.”

    Anyone interested might browse the 18th Century’s Richard Cantillon, more recently Ludwig von Mises’ “catallactics” take-down of dirigistes’ self-dealing Statist mulct. Universal, unchanging human nature guarantees that none of this is ever new… for light entertainment, we suggest reviewing the fifty-year Bronze Age Collapse of BC 1200 – 1150, portending a 500-year Dark Age that made a picnic of post-Roman times.


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Wall Street was always about bleeding out real assets in the game of churning and skimming. The rise of Wall Street as a facilitator of the destruction of the U.S. economy- really of the United States as a nation- was founded in stripping this nation of it’s real wealth creators- jobs and industry.


      • cali says:

        @Orville R. Bacher: ^^^^^^^^This!

        If anything these bastards engineer a collapse if need be although I am convinced that president Trump will force ‘structure’ on all these ‘money changers’.

        The export of American wealth made many politicians super wealthy which was their incentive as a reward.

        This spigot will turn off the money flow into the swamp/politicians who conspired to sale us out.

        I look at you HRC and Diane Feinstein et al!


    • G. Combs says:

      “…. we suggest reviewing the fifty-year Bronze Age Collapse of BC 1200 – 1150, portending a 500-year Dark Age that made a picnic of post-Roman times…..”

      Good Grief, Hubby was just listening to that this morning! (Part I of 4) Bronze Age Collapse – Systems Collapse

      And Yes, this is where I think we were headed before President Trump but I figured at least 1,000 years…


  4. sat0422 says:

    Let’s just say it like it is….DJT has created his own NWO. It just puts our country where it should be based on our government and the work ethic that the “deplorables” have had for decades and centuries. People who yearn to be free and who have fought wars to be free have a deep desire to win. People with strength and resolve make great sacrifices to become American the “legal” way.
    One look at how ingrained “sports” are into our culture should tell you that Americans like to win.

    It would be nice if the Socialists and Dictators would adopt our constitution and if done right, their own people might just want to help make their countries “GREAT” too. Socialism and Communism are models that keep people down and/or depressed, unless you are chosen as more than an ordinary peon in those countries.

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  5. xXxMatxXx says:

    Lagarde says almost nothing of substance, everything is unspecific and general. Warm words of the holy togetherness. The interviewer has little clue. Doesn’t demand clarification or specifics. Also misrepresents the US position on China.

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  6. Dennis says:

    …and over 20% of GDP is spending by the federal govt. (from federal reserve bank of st. louis) That accounts for $140 billion of the increase.


  7. antiqueiron says:

    “On the other hand, putting a bunch of swamp creatures in jail, while leaving China and the globalist system in place, wouldn’t really accomplish anything of substance.”

    I have to respectfully disagree with this part. Putting swamp creatures in jail would not leave the globalists in place. They would be in jail. smh. There would be no place for a new generation to “move up” to. The swamp system would be dismantled completely, crushed, vaporized, gone. Having a great economy & trade deals won’t solve the biggest problem, the deep state. Trump is currently down stream of them, that’s why he must take them out. Reagan tried to bypass the deep state & look what happened to him, Hinkley. Trump is the world’s best multitasker. Crush the globalist deep state swamp and the trade issues will fall in line. Trump will be exactly where he needs to be for a second term and the rest of MAGA can be set to warp drive.


  8. Steven Larrea says:

    She could be a weekly expert on CNN or MSNBC, she says absolutely nothing verifiable, gives ambiguous replies, and basically tells everything, yet tells nothing. I am surprised she didn’t mention that she uses emoji’s (ala Crystia Freedland) when communicating with the bankrupt countries she lords over and extorts, all in the service of her Globalist robber baron masters.


    • WSB says:

      From the Daily Mail article:

      “Should Lagarde be ousted from her position close friend and ally of George Osborne has be touted as a replacement.

      As chancellor he backed her for the top job at the IMF in 2011 – and also supported her staying on for a second term this year.

      During the referendum campaign the IMF delivered a series of dire warnings about the consequences of a Brexit vote, as Mr Osborne pushed his ill-fated Project Fear campaign to keep our ties with Brussels.

      However, the salary of around £300,000 a year would require the MP to take a pay cut.

      Mr Osborne recently received more than £320,000 for making speeches at corporate events over the course of a month.”

      More money laundering.


      • WSB says:

        “During the referendum campaign the IMF delivered a series of dire warnings about the consequences of a Brexit vote, as Mr Osborne pushed his ill-fated Project Fear campaign to keep our ties with Brussels.”

        And more Sabotage.


  9. WSB says:

    Make sure you keep watching LaGarde’s comment after 5:00. What she seems to be saying is that if we lose the slave manufacturing trades in third world countries, purchased products will be unaffordable for others around the world.

    360 degree eye roll!!!!! OMD!


  10. viator2 says:

    If Trump is the orange man then this is the orange woman.


  11. DB says:

    She’s a certified nut job. Can’t have it both ways….. agrees with the recent MAGA historical growth of the U.S. economy on one hand, then poo poo’s the methodology on the other hand. What a quack!! But that’s what you get from these swamp folk…


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