Occam’s Razor: Michael Flynn…

There is a great deal of suspicion and analysis surrounding the latest developments in the Mueller case, or lack thereof, against Michael Flynn.   Consider this a summary addendum to the CTH initial review.  This is the Occam’s Razor that explains some contradictions.

We cannot view these actions through the transactional prism of modern judicial proceedings as they relate to you and me. These are political struggles taking place inside the venue of the legal system. The players use the legal system to game out the optics and narrative of political battles for ideological wins and losses.

After the November 8th, 2016, election everyone within the Obama network who was associated with the surveillance operation against the Trump campaign was at risk. This is the impetus for the “Muh Russia” conspiracy narrative that was used as a mitigating shield. Within a few weeks ODNI James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan began pushing the Russia election interference narrative in the media.

NSA Director Mike Rogers went to Trump tower on November 18th, 2016, and essentially informed the principals within the campaign they were under some forms of surveillance.

By mid-December the Obama administration was deploying a full-court-press using their media allies to promote the Russia conspiracy.  However, despite their public proclamations Clapper and Brennan were refusing to give any specifics to congress.

The hard narrative was that Russia interfered. That was the specific push from within the Obama intelligence apparatus writ large.  All IC officials, sans Mike Rogers (NSA)  had a self-interest in pushing this narrative; after all, it was the defensive mechanism to justify their illegal spying operation throughout 2016.  This was their insurance policy.

The media was battering the Trump transition team every hour of every day with questions about the Russia Narrative; and fertilizing the seeds of a collusion conspiracy.

On December 29, 2016, the IC produced, and rushed to completion, a ridiculous document to support the false-premise.  This was called the Joint Analysis Report which claimed to outline the details of Russia’s involvement hacking into targeted political data base or computer systems during the election.  We were introduced to “Grizzley Steepe” and a goofy claim of Russian hackers.

On the same day (12/29/16) Obama announced a series of sanctions against Russians who were located in Maryland.  This was Obama’s carefully constructed response to provide additional validity to the Joint Analysis Report.  After fueling the Russia conspiracy for several weeks, Obama knew this action would initiate a response from both Russia and the incoming Trump administration.

On the day the JAR was released and Obama made the announcement, President-elect Donald Trump and some of his key members were in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.  Incoming National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. As expected the Obama action spurred calls between Russian emissary Kislyak and Flynn.

The Obama IC were monitoring Kislyak communications and waiting for the contact.  They recorded, and later transcribed the conversation.

The media continued to follow the lead from the Obama White House and Intelligence Apparatus (writ large) and fuel the narrative that any contact with the Russians was proof of collusion of some sort.   In addition the communications team of the White House, DOJ, FBI and aggregate IC began pushing a narrative surrounding the obscure Logan Act.

The ridiculous Logan Act promotion was targeted to infer that any action taken by the Trump campaign prior to taking office was interference with the political Obama Russia action and would be evidence of collusion; that was the plan.  DOJ Deputy AG Sally Yates was in charge of pushing the Logan Act narrative to the media.

The first two weeks of January 2017 was now a merging of two necessary narratives. (1) Russian interference; and (2) the Logan Act; deployed against any entity who would counter the Russia narrative story.   The media were running this dual narrative 24/7 against the incoming Trump officials; demanding repeated answers to questions that were framed around this story-line.

On January 3rd, 2017, the new congressional year began.  SSCI Vice-Chair Dianne Feinstein abdicated her position within the Gang-of-Eight, and turned over the reigns to Senator Mark Warner.  Warner was now the vice-chair of the SSCI; and a Go8 member.

With the Flynn Dec. 29, 2016, transcript in hand the DOJ/FBI began aiding the Logan Act narrative with Obama intelligence officials supporting the Russia Conspiracy claims and decrying anyone who would interfere or counter the official U.S. position.

On January 14th, 2017, the content of the communication between Flynn and Kislyak was leaked to the Washington Post by an unknown entity; likely the leak came from the FBI’s counterintelligence operation and/or the DOJ national security division – the same units previously carrying out the spying operation.

The FBI CoIntel group (Strzok, McCabe etc.), and the DOJ-NSD group (Yates, Carlin, McCord etc.) were the largest stakeholders in the execution of the insurance policy phase because they were the epicenter of spygate.

The leak of the Flynn conversation with Kislyak was critical because the DOJ/FBI were formulating a political case.  This was not about legality per se’, this effort was about establishing the framework for an investigation, based on a false premise, that would protect the DOJ and FBI.  The investigation they needed was the Mueller special counsel to protect them.

The leak led to Vice-President Mike Pence being hammered on January 15th, 2017, during a CBS Face the Nation interview about Trump campaign officials in contact with Russians.  Pence was exceptionally unprepared to answer the questions and allowed the media to blend questions about campaign contacts with necessary transition team contacts.

Sunday January 15th, 2017 – VP-elect Mike Pence appears on Face The Nation. [Transcript Here]

JOHN DICKERSON: But there’s a distinction between that feeling about the press and legitimate inquiry, as you say, that the Senate Intelligence Committee is doing. Just to button up one question, did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election?

MIKE PENCE: Of course not. And I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy. (link)

*NOTE* Notice the incoming administration was under a false-narrative siege created by the media.  At the time (early Jan, 2017) ‘any contact’ with Russians was evidence of meddling/election-collusion with Russians.  VP-elect Mike Pence poorly answered the question from Dickerson from a very defensive position.

That toxic media environment and Mike Pence speaking poorly during a Face The Nation interview was the issue. Once Vice-President Mike Pence made the statement that Flynn had no contact with anyone from Russia etc. any contradictory statement from Flynn would make Pence appear compromised; so Flynn had to stick to Pence’s false point without clarification.  Flynn was interviewed by the FBI on January 24th, nine days after Pence made his comments.

Tuesday January 24th – Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was interviewed at the WH by the FBI.

During this ambush interview, disguised as a meeting, FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Agent Joe Pientka were contrasting Vice-President-elect Pence’s statements to CBS against the known action of Mike Flynn.  [Flynn has three options: either (1) Flynn contradicts Pence, or (2) he tells a lie; or (3) Flynn explains Pence misspoke, those were his options.]

How Flynn responded to the line of inquiry and explained/reconciled the difference between Pence’s statement on Jan 15th, and what actually took place, is why the FBI ended up with the conclusion that Flynn wasn’t lying.

I have long believed it is within this dynamic where the FD-302 reports, written by Strzok and Pientka, then became the subject of political manipulation by Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Stay with me and think about this carefully.

The FBI knew the content of the Flynn call with Sergey Kislyak because they were listening in.  The FBI were intercepting those communications.  So when Pence said no-one had any contact on January 15th, the FBI crew IMMEDIATELY knew they had a bombshell issue to exploit.

We see the evidence of the FBI knowing they had an issue to exploit, and being very nervous about doing it, in the messages between Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok who would end up doing the questioning of Flynn.

The day before the Flynn interview:

January 23, 2017, the day before the Flynn interview, Lisa Page says: “I can feel my heart beating harder, I’m so stressed about all the ways THIS has the potential to go fully off the rails.” Weird!

♦Strzok replies: “I know. I just talked with John, we’re getting together as soon as I get in to finish that write up for Andy (MCCABE) this morning.” Strzok agrees with Page about being stressed that “THIS” could go off the rails… (Strzok’s meeting w Flynn the next day)

Why would Page & Strzok be stressed about “THIS” potentially going off the rails?  The answer is simple: they knew the content of the phone call between Mike Flynn and Sergey Kislyak because they were listening in, and they were about to exploit the Pence statement to CBS.  That’s why they were so nervous.  They were planning and plotting with Andrew McCabe about how they were going to exploit the phone-tap.

I’m not convinced that Flynn lied.  There’s a good possibility Flynn was honest but his honesty contradicted Pence’s national statement on CBS; and he likely tried to dance through a needle without being overly critical of VP-elect Pence misspeaking.   Remember, the alternative, if Flynn is brutally honest, is for the media to run with a narrative about Vice-President Pence is now a national liar in the media.

That’s why the issue of how the FBI interviewers write the 302 summary of the interview becomes such an important facet.   We see that dynamic again playing out in the messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok with Andrew McCabe providing the guidance.

February 14th, 2017, text messages – here is a note about the FBI reports filed from the Flynn interview.  Peter Strzok asks Lisa Page if FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is OK with his report: “Also, is Andy good with F-302?”

Lisa Page replies: “Launch on F 302”.

That would be Flynn’s 302.  The FBI interpretation of the Flynn interview, is now the way the FBI can control the interview content…. and, specifically because the only recourse Flynn would have to contradict that FBI interpretation would be to compromise the Vice President… Flynn cannot challenge the structure of the narrative within the 302 outline.

See what happened?

Does it all make sense now?

Do you see why there are reports of the second FBI agent, Joe Pientka, saying he didn’t believe Flynn lied to them in the interview.  Likely because Flynn didn’t…. but the McCabe crew jumped on the opportunity to frame a lose/lose.  Either Flynn accepts a version of the 302 report where he lied; or, Flynn has to take the position that Vice President Mike Pence lied to the nation in the CBS Face The Nation interview.

See how that went down?

That’s also the likely reason why FBI Agent Joe Pietka has been kept quiet.

FUBAR !!  All of it.

WATCH – The first three minutes are important :


Wednesday January 25th –  The Department of Justice, National Security Division, (at this timeframe Mary McCord was head of the DOJ-NSD) – received a detailed readout from the FBI agents who had interviewed Flynn. Yates said she felt “it was important to get this information to the White House as quickly as possible.”

Thursday January 26th – (morning) Yates called McGahn first thing that morning to tell him she had “a very sensitive matter” that had to be discussed face to face. McGahn agreed to meet with Yates later that afternoon.

Thursday January 26th – (afternoonSally Yates traveled to the White House along with a senior member of the DOJ’s National Security Division, “who was overseeing the matter”.  This was Yates’ first meeting with McGahn in his office, which also acts as a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

Yates said she began their meeting by laying out the media accounts and media statements made by Vice President Mike Pence and other high-ranking White House officials about General Flynn’s activity “that we knew not to be the truth.

According to Sally Yates testimony, she and ???? reportedly presented all the information to McGahn so the White House could take action that they deemed appropriate.  When asked by McGahn if Flynn should be fired, Yates answered, “that really wasn’t our call.”

Yates also said her decision to notify the White House counsel had been discussed “at great length.”  According to her testimony: “Certainly leading up to our notification on the 26th, it was a topic of a whole lot of discussion in DOJ and with other members of the intel community.”

Friday January 27th – (morning)  White House Counsel Don McGahn called Yates in the morning and asked if she could come back to his office.

Friday January 27th – (late afternoon) According to her testimony, Sally Yates returned to the White House late that afternoon.  One of McGahn’s topics discussed was whether Flynn could be prosecuted for his conduct.

Specifically, according to Yates, one of the questions *McGahn asked Yates: “Why does it matter to DOJ if one White House official lies to another?” She explained that it “was a whole lot more than that,” and reviewed the same issues outlined the prior day.

*If you consider that McGahn was trying to thread the needle between Mike Pence’s poorly worded response to CBS, and Michael Flynn’s questioning that came after Pence’s statement. ie. McGahn could see the no-win situation Flynn was in during that inquisition.

McGahn then expressed his concern that taking any action might interfere with the FBI investigation of Flynn, and Yates said it wouldn’t: “It wouldn’t really be fair of us to tell you this and then expect you to sit on your hands,” Yates claims to have told McGahn.

McGahn asked if he could look at the underlying evidence of Flynn’s conduct, and she said they would work with the FBI over the weekend and “get back with him on Monday morning.”

Friday January 27th, 2017 – (evening) In what appears to be only a few hours later, President Trump is having dinner with FBI Director James Comey where President Trump asked if he was under investigation.

Now, accepting the politicization of the entire Russian Conspiracy Narrative that was leading the headlines for the two months prior to this dinner; and knowing moments earlier your Chief White House counsel informs you that two political operatives (Yates and ????) from the DOJ were providing classified intelligence reports about General Flynn; and knowing the prior months (Nov/Dec/Jan) were fraught with leaks from intelligence reports identical to those discussed;  wouldn’t you perhaps think that any action you take could be utilized to add fuel to this Russian narrative?  And/Or be used by these same leak facilitators to make something seem like something it is not?

Think about it.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in later effort to help the scheme team cover-up the entire surveillance operation, charged Flynn (full pdf) with falsely telling FBI agents that he did not ask the ambassador “to refrain from escalating the situation” in response to the sanctions.

According to the plea, while being questioned by FBI agents on January 24, 2017, Flynn also lied when he claimed he could not recall a subsequent conversation with Kislyak, in which the ambassador told Flynn that the Putin regime had “chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of [Flynn’s] request.”

Furthermore, a week before the sanctions were imposed, Flynn had also spoken to Kislyak, asking the ambassador to delay or defeat a vote on a pending United Nations resolution.

The criminal complaint charges Flynn lied to the FBI by denying both that he’d made this request and that he’d spoken afterward with Kislyak about Russia’s response to it.

There was nothing wrong with the incoming national-security adviser’s having meetings with foreign counterparts or discussing such matters as the sanctions in those meetings.

However, lying to the FBI -or McCabe structuring the FBI position of the 302’s to give the appearance of Flynn lying- is the process crime that led to Flynn’s admissions.

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651 Responses to Occam’s Razor: Michael Flynn…

  1. Tseg says:

    Looks good on paper. Needs to be made into a movie by Spielberg if the masses are ever to grasp 1/10th of what went down, and even then 1/2 the country will never believe it. Our decades of nationalized education system has really created quite a complication for pro-American national leaders.

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    • Olfdart says:

      Spielberg? The guy whose movie on Lincoln messaged that the end justifies the means? I think we are going to need to find another director.

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      • coltlending says:

        Paging Clint Eastwood.

        Tho he seems to be pretty non-political in his craft.

        But, he also seems to have the right sense of right and wrong.

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        • Larry says:

          VP PENCE’s “poorly worded response to CBS”

          How does ANYONE know his words were poorly chosen?

          Maybe, just maybe, they were INTENTIONAL?

          If Flynn could be part of the Scheme, so could Pence!

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          • Larry says:

            Personally, I think it is odd that anyone in his position (VP Pence) would make such a statement of fact. He could not possibly know if everyone in the campaign had ZERO contact with anyone from Russia. Once elected, the Trump Admin. had a DUTY to start making connections with all world governments and their leaders.

            How else could he effectively develop and implement a solid Foreign Policy Strategy?

            Pence’s words were ill-advised AT BEST!

            Dickerson: “did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election?

            MIKE PENCE: Of course not. And I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy. (link)”

            Bow could Pence possibly know that?


            • sDee says:

              I have been thinking about this since I read Sundance’s post.

              Had the question been………“did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with Russians”
              His answer would likely have been “Probably, but this was massive, campaign. You shoild look into that yourself.”

              So….did CBS throw him off has game by adding “Russians who were trying to meddle in the election”??

              Pence has been around the block a few times. He should be used to setups and how to challenge the premise of the question. Maybe respond with “I’ do not know but if you tell me the names of these Russians who were meddling in the campaign, perhaps we can find out it they contacted anyone here.”

              (disclaimer – I distrust Pence and think that Trump knows his game.)


              • Eagle 61 says:

                I think you are correct. It was all about the wording of Pence’s response. Unfortunately, he did not include the tag end of the initial question in his response, as you have corrected noted.

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              • justlizzyp says:

                I dunno- seems like Kavanaugh tried that in his hearing when Senator Harris was demanding to know if he’d ever spoken with anyone that worked or a rather large law firm in DC. He kept trying to get her to be more specific and she tried to paint that as him being evasive and the media lapped it up, saying ‘Now THAT’S a cross examination!!!!!!’


            • Zoe says:

              If Flynn’s only contact was wih the ambassador to Russia, aren’t those talking heads saying the Russian ambassador meddled in the election? Think about that. The question was asked if anyone in the Trump campaign had any contact with Russians who were meddling in the election. The election was over and Flynn didn’t have contact with the ambassador until after the election was over and he was the NSA head. How could this have been bad for either Flynn or VP Pence? Flynn talks with the Russian ambassador in his role as NSA head after the election and somehow they spin this as the Trump campaign spoke wih Russians meddling in the election and it so happens to be the demon-rat friendly Russian Ambassador? So is the LSM saying the rat friendly Russian Ambassador meddled in the election?

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            • jackphatz says:

              At the time I can’t believe Pence (like all the rest of us) had any idea that every word or phrase could later be subject to a possible investigation of…whatever!


          • beachbum31 says:

            I CRINGED watching this program live. I thought VP answered off the cuff as it set off my poker bluff instinct. I even mentioned to friends I thought Pence was being covered by the new admn but couldn’t explain WHY?? Well… SD just brilliantly explained a lot, but it still defies good sense what the motives were/are.


          • justlizzyp says:

            I think it was the question that was poorly worded. I


      • tanfords says:

        Spielberg who is alleged to have been raping children at Epstein’s island?


    • Dar Adal says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. Don’t know a movie could do justice; I thinking a TV miniseries or an entrire new season of Homeland (see what I did there).

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      • Zippy says:

        “Don’t know a movie could do justice”

        It wouldn’t do well because it wouldn’t be exciting enough. It would be far more complex that a John Le Carre’ spy novel/film without a surprise twist at the end, just a story of a bunch of corrupt deep state criminals committing crimes and what should be crimes and then covering their asses in exactly the same way.


      • Notmeagain says:

        Yes, a soap opera with a telenovela version to hit the Hispanic demographic would be the right vehicle for this endless story. Nice change to the traditional format of misguided attractions, too.


    • trump20162024 says:

      Sad, isn’t it?


    • George 1 says:

      Flynn tried to cover for his boss. It is as simple as that.


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      A movie about a democratic Republic being destroyed from within “for their own good”. Summary: Corruption without consequence. It makes the Russians look good.


      • tanfords says:

        now you get it.

        the story began decades ago with a young bush, cheney, and rummy blaming what they perceived as American defeat in ‘nam on Americans freedoms including freedom of the press and the right to assemble. they envied the USSR and spent their life attempting to destroy American freedoms and they were highly successful. the media is now indistinguishable from the CIA

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    • Tl Howard says:

      No, this would take a “Roots” length mini-series.


  2. Putchy says:

    The crazy part about this is that Obama ASKED Flynn to contact Krslak (sp?) and so the contact was authorized by Obama (no Logan act violations).

    So all it this really boils down to is Pence not being on the same page as Flynn.

    And yet, we see all this breathless huff and puff cloak and dagger stuff from Yates and Obama. It’s like Flynn went and sold of 25% of the US Uranium production or something and quietly delivered it to Russian through Canada or something…..

    What a KUBUKI theatre this how episode is. DISGUSTING.

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    • Please says:

      The question asked of Pence was this:

      “… any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election?”

      (emphasis mine)

      Was Kislyak ‘trying to meddle in the election’? No, there was no proof he was. So Pence answered correctly, as did Flynn.

      The question was also asked about the Trump Campaign. The Flynn/K contact was made during transition, NOT campaign.

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      • Brian Baker says:

        Agree. People with 20/20 hindsight are being overly critical of Pence and others in the Trump administration who were not only surveilled by the institutionally corrupt DOJ/FBI but actually the target of a soft coup, sting operation and misinformation campaign rolled into one. It’s hard to anticipate how truly Machiavellian and depraved these traitors were toward the incoming administration.


    • Zippy says:

      “The crazy part about this is that Obama ASKED Flynn to contact Krslak (sp?) and so the contact was authorized by Obama (no Logan act violations).”

      Their are multiple “crazy” parts like the timing of the expulsion of the Ruskie resort area timed exactly to match Flynn being out of the country on vacation, triggering a certain call to Flynn from the Ruskies at a wiretap convenient time (out of the country). They needed to shut up Flynn after Trump refused to get rid of him at BHO’s request because Flynn knew where all of the Russian/Iran/Uranium/DOJ/FBI bodies were buried.

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  3. Jues says:

    FYI Mr. Sundance.
    I have linked you on the front page of this website.

    Crediting you for exposing the extreme corruption of the SSCI – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for those of you who don’t know what the acronym means.


    • Jues says:

      And providing a link back here. I’ll post a better summary of what this website provides – which is amazing – later.


    • tanfords says:

      God Bless you Patriot.

      I wish the President has a modicum of the courage you have shown all the while you knowing that the filthy criminals at the DOJ/FBI/Fisa court are watching what you are doing.


    • notfaded1 says:

      The best part is the end… “If ever there were grounds to investigate the investigators, these facts provide the justification.

      Director Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein likely hold the answers, as do the still-classified documents. It’s time all three be put under a public microscope.”

      Liked by 2 people

    • Rex70 says:

      Wow–that made it on The Hill…definitely noteworthy. Baby steps…???


      • steph_gray says:

        I agree. I tried to watch video on this last night but somehow missed that Nunes is trying to get the entirety of these emails. Nunes has been a hero in all of it.

        No doubt the swamp is fighting hard, but the revelation of this, and the growing visibility in places like the Hill, seems to me simply good news.


      • GB Bari says:

        John Solomon’s articles are regular published in The Hill (mostly in the Opinion section; rarely in the News sections). He is one of maybe 2 contributors at The Hill who are trying to get the truth out about the DOJ/FBI corruption.


  4. I have not read every comment in this post, but I have not seen any discussion of the following, which I think is a HUGE question that need to be answered:

    “How did the reporter know exactly how to ask that question of Mike Pence?”

    That question was framed in such a way as to almost guarantee that they could execute a take down of General Flynn.
    Who prepped that reporter to ask Pence that question?
    What else was that reporter told about what was happening, and who told them?

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    • Deb says:

      The regular readers at this site know full well that the media is often used as a tool of the deep state. Often we forget it isn’t common knowledge everywhere and so we don’t even mention it. But you are correct, the media is a tool used to set up the enemies of the Deep State.

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    • cozette says:

      My question is why did the media savvy, seasoned politician Pence give an answer that guaranteed the take down would succeed. His answer was jaw droppingly stupid and Pence is NOT stupid. The interviewer set up the take down question but Pence gave the answer that allowed the plot to work. Trump was forced to choose between Flynn and Pence and did not have the political capital at the time to go against his VP. I believe this was part of the calculations and why Pence was chosen for the job. Pence has well known connections to the Bush cabal which have mentored the Clintons since their Arkansas days and are now fond of the Obamas. Bush was head of the CIA. Flynn and Trump intended to dismantle the agency. Was the answer Pence gave that sealed Flynns fate and prevented him from taking on Bush’s beloved CIA just a catastrophic lapse in critical thinking or an intentional act by a seasoned politician who knew he was protected from blowback? I did take note that Pence did NOTHING to mitigate the damage he created for Flynn and Trump by his inexplicably “rookie” /s answer.

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      • I don’t think President-elect Trump told very many people, if any, what Admiral Rogers told him. At least not at first. Also, I don’t think even President Trump realized at first just how many people were in on the plan to remove him from office. I don’t think Mike Pence had a clue as to how deep and vicious the hatred was for Trump, and how many laws were being broken to frame people.

        Until I read different, Pence was ambushed with a highly specific question intended to trap Flynn. Pence simply did not know that DOJ/FBI were monitoring conversation of transition staff with the aim of using them to execute a soft coup. At this point in time, I don’t think any one knew the depth and commitment of the plotters.


      • Rex says:

        No argument here.
        Ranks right up there with the “naive and misled” FISA judge(s) .


      • law4lifeblog says:

        Cozette, who benefits the most if President Trump gets taken out? Three guesses, first two don’t count.


      • At best, not being prepare in light of the preceding weeks up to the interview, let alone what was a clear surveillance of the campaign, is wholly the fault of Pence’s arrogant delusion which arises from being a member of the GOPe at best.

        At worst, it is as you say. I tend to believe as you say. I be never trusted Pence, and have always questioned the if the jealousy of the agency of the upstart DIA and/or Flynn especially regarding their desire to restructure the IC had more to do with Pence’s rookie answer. Throw in the other advise provided by Dan McGahn and other GOPe and we have what looks like a clear picture. WELL DONE!
        P.S. This doesnt excuse Trump. Personnel is policy and he has done a bad job at delivering a good one, especially by outsourcing hires to the swamp.


      • At best, not being prepare in light of the preceding weeks up to the interview, let alone what was a clear surveillance of the campaign, is wholly the fault of Pence’s arrogant delusion which arises from being a member of the GOPe at best.

        At worst, it is as you say. I tend to believe as you say. I be never trusted Pence, and have always questioned the if the jealousy of the agency of the upstart DIA and/or Flynn especially regarding their desire to restructure the IC had more to do with Pence’s rookie answer. Throw in the other advise provided by Dan McGahn and other GOPe and we have what looks like a clear picture. WELL DONE!
        P.S. This doesnt excuse Trump. Personnel is policy and he has done a bad job at delivering a good one, especially by outsourcing hires to the swamp.


    • How many “former” CIA officials does CBS have on staff? Corporate Media is chock full of those guys. The IC has a direct line to every major news room in the country.

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      • Rockindubya says:

        Security Clearances should be revoked immediately upon exiting any position in the IC.
        No exceptions. If your input is required on another issue at a later date, fine. We’ll call you if we need you.
        Drawing a six-figure salary from the MSM, due to being privy to classified data, while drawing a six-figure retirement pension is beyond ludicrous.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jederman says:

        Names should be named.


        • RobInPA says:

          Yes, including the names of the 400 congress-critter’s that stole $17 MILLION of taxpayer’s money to pay-off / silence those that they raped and sexually assaulted, etc.!

          Liked by 1 person

    • LEET says:

      Bryan Alexander:

      “Always remember, the journalists, editors, narrative engineers and executives within the New York Times, Washington Post, Lawfare and corrupt intelligence apparatus are comrades. They attend the same parties party together; go to the same concerts together; BBQ with each-other; exchange Christmas/Hanukah gifts with each-other; take vacations together and are part of the exact same ideological community. All of it.”


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      • I know. But that reporter was more than likely given classified information in order to frame the question. The person who prepped the reporter in all likelihood committed enough felonies to spend the rest of their life in prison. I want to know who did that.

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      • steph_gray says:

        I’ve been thinking about this quote since it appeared here yesterday.

        All of that social interaction is almost guaranteed to create ideological purity.


        Personal example. I have lived behind enemy lines in blue MA now for almost 40 years, a libertarian and now conservatarian.

        I also go to the same parties, concerts (play at them actually), BBQ, exchange gifts, take vacations with extremely far leftists, some who have worked at high levels in DC and some who are deep in the communist insanity that is Harvard University.

        These are practically all my friends, practically all of my family, and my significant other.

        Some of them know I have conservative leanings, but as of 2016 I went totally dark on every leftist I know on my support for President Trump. The only people in my life who know are a handful of similarly cloaked POTUS supporters. I will NOT talk about it with anyone else. I am guessing they think I am a typical squish Republican who is soured because PDJT isn’t polite enough (ha ha).

        Therefore – I know it seems farfetched – but there could also be quiet people in and around the DC swamp who feel this way.

        And I guarantee you that after a lifetime of studying and fighting leftism from within the belly of the beast – the cold anger and resolve of people who became redpilled this way is very strong.

        Just an opinion.

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        • boogywstew says:

          Talk about being “unequally yoked”! I often wonder how James Carville and Mary Matalin can maintain civility over cornflakes and coffee. God Bless you for trying! I have a liberal sister in Great Barrington right by Tanglewood.


    • coltlending says:

      I suspect that professorial Jr. G-Man of Comey’s might have done it.


  5. william elbel says:

    How can we find out why Flynn does not defend himself publicly?
    That answer is THE key as to where we are going to end up. Nothing else really matters.


    • covfefe999 says:

      We’ll never know until he is pardoned. I believe the theory that Mueller threatened his son.


    • singingsoul says:

      william elbel says:
      “How can we find out why Flynn does not defend himself publicly?
      That answer is THE key as to where we are going to end up. Nothing else really matters.”
      Maybe the reason Flynn is not defending himself is that he was sworn to secrecy by Mueller. The silence might be part of the plea agreement. We might never know the truth concerning Flynn because Mueller made sure of that..?
      Remember the one FBI informant was not able to talk either.


      • Jederman says:

        I agree. I also believe that the SC ginned up the “…he’s been so cooperative…” narrative to stick it to him on the way out the door. Put him on ice by emphasizing how he has flipped for mueller et al.

        I have no way of knowing but I always partly suspected the Flynn scam was payback, pure and simple. There was no love lost between the obama admin and Flynn’s overt support for PTrump and open disdain for clinton made him a target for the chicago treatment.


    • I believe Mueller had him over the barrel with the Turkey allegations but that did not fit the narrative of Trump Russia blah blah blah. He traded the one that did not fit his agenda with the allegation that did fit.


  6. Marlene says:

    “…On the day the JAR was released and Obama made the announcement, President-elect Donald Trump and some of his key members were in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Incoming National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. As expected the Obama action spurred calls between Russian emissary Kislyak and Flynn….”

    This just blew my mind. I was not aware (or had missed) the JAR. This has clarified the “why” the call with Flynn while he was on vacation. I am retired, I have time in my life to have followed this story from the beginning as it developed. Reading CTH and listing to Bongino.

    In my youth I traveled by subway to and from work and had time to read complex spy novels, by John LaCarre and the like. Most people not only don’t have time for this twisted and perverse story with multiple characters, but Tsg is correct, they wouldn’t be able to follow it having short
    attention spans.

    The JAR is a very important piece in the puzzle. Also, the timeline you laid out solidifies in my mind the Pence interview and the pretzel Flynn had to torture himself into in order to not throw
    an incoming VP under a bus. Flynn is a very honorable man.

    This is all so disgusting!!!!

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  7. John says:

    Pence wasn’t unprepared. No way he could have really anticipated the setup by the media.

    Don’t forgot that Susan Rice’s “by the book memo” was on January 5th. Yates, Comey were in that meeting. Comey claimed he only met the president twice, conveniently (when he was hired and obama was out of office). He was interfering he didn’t meet with Obama about Russia in his answer.


    • gsonFIT says:

      Mike Pence was one of the more experienced Politicians on the transition team, and he had no idea how ruthless dems and O admin resistance would be.

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      • singingsoul says:

        gsonFIT says:
        “December 6, 2018 at 9:16 amMike Pence was one of the more experienced Politicians on the transition team, and he had no idea how ruthless dems and O admin resistance would be.”
        I always felt that Pence was not serving Trump well only this past year he seemed to do better. Pence was involved in the transition team and helped give POTUS his first cabinet.
        He was responsible for the firing of Flynn’s son from the transition team and then for Flynn himself.
        I would suggest to listen carefully to Pence when he gave the Bush eulogy. Listen to the word specially concerning VPs.
        Pence was and is a Bushy and that explains why so many from the Bush no Trumpers got jobs in the Trump administration. Thee were times I thought Pence was putting his team together. Very often Pence does not defend POTUS before he was in office and after.
        I got this strange feeling when Pence was unrelenting about Flynn. Pence has a very hard core but the appearance seems wimpy. He learned well from HWB.

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        • treehouseron says:

          “Very often Pence does not defend POTUS before he was in office and after”

          Can you give me 1 example? Surely you have one, you said “Very often”…. how about One?

          ONE EXAMPLE where Pence didn’t stand up for the President. You talk about the glowing words Pence gave about Bush, and you ignore the glowing words Trump gave about Bush.

          Can’t wait for 2024 to watch people like you not vote for Pence, so we can usher in the next great liberal loser to destroy the country…. it’ll give you plenty to complain about for the next couple terms.


          • Deb says:

            Pence cancelled a campaign event in WI the day after the Access Hollywood tape broke. Right after Paul Ryan came out and denounced PDJT and said he wouldn’t appear with Pence when he came. So Pence caved.

            Everyone in the local GOP office knew what it was, a backstab by Ryan. That is why Ryan had to retire, everyone in WI had his number, that is the average voter. He would not have won re-election.

            PDJT came to Green Bay WI himself that Monday. He refused to roll over and lie down. If Ryan and Pence wouldn’t do their job, he’d do it himself. This showed everyone here he was a leader and would not give up the fight. It’s why he won Wisconsin, and thus the Presidency.

            After that show of strength, Pence followed suit and campaigned harder than ever. Was this because he decided to be loyal to PDJT? Was it because he thought PDJT would win and wanted to be on the “right side?” Was he just trying to save face for his own future career? Who knows. Time will tell.

            I think of Pence as a well meaning squish. If he is putting on an act, it’s a very good one.

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      • Sp basically the Trump transition team especially under the “wise” sagacious Pence, was utterly outclassed? Good point.


    • Remember the relationship Pence has with Paul Ryan. And, the support provided by Paul Ryan for Pence’s selection as VP.

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  8. Ken Maritch says:

    I appreciate the work Sundance (and others) have done to expose the level of the corruption in our country. Let me see if I have this straight:
    – The FBI and DOJ are corrupt (and have essentially gone rouge.)
    – The vast majority of Congress is in some way compromised (and is not representing our interests.)
    – Our voting system appears to be influenced by significant voter fraud.

    If we accept these statements to be true, than what can *we* do to eliminate corruption, restore law and order, and restore confidence in our voting system?

    It simply appears there are not enough good guys in positions of power to effect any real change.

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    • Rex70 says:

      I feel THE SAME on each of you points. However, I believe in the Almighty and that miracles do happen–when He feels the need to allow them. And frankly, I think that’s all we’ve got…we will get what we need when we need it, and He will see to that. Just keep praying for The Good Guys.

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      • Lefty says:

        One time the Good Guys had to survive 40 years in the desert before their miracle was revealed to them. I hope the current Good Guys don’t have to wait quite so long for theirs!

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        • Rex70 says:

          Lefty–your point is hilariously frightening! Just be ready either way. I think we have a huge body of evidence with which to nakedly expose the opposition, but POTUS Trump just needs one or two other well-placed Good Guys (I have been and still ardently am a huuuge Rep. John Ratcliffe For A.G. proponent) with his courage to make some miracles “happen.” The Lord helps those who help themselves, and maybe if we show ourselves worthy, it won’t be 40 years before vindication. This country won’t make it another five unless we do.


    • “The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independant 11 years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”

      Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith
      Paris Nov. 13. 1787.

      Deep State entrenchment is guarded by a mind-boggling circuitous maze of think and counter think, trap and counter trap, erected and set in motion by desperate lawyers who threaten with guns, badges and the lock-up. They live and breathe to rig the familiar legal system, where the outcomes are always in their favor, their power always protected from the people who hopelessly find no lawful remedy, and no escape from its repetitious tormenting tyranny.

      Do they realize that half the country is watching all this with bitter resentment?

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      • Armchair Quarterback says:

        Here is my concern, anyone that has ever raised children with their eyes open and their minds engaged has known all along that all this scrambling subterfuge was an obvious attempt to cover up; after the fact, Obama’s use of big brother intelligence on all of us to his and his parties benefit. This would include Hillary’s personal enrichment activities and those of many others with the correct party affiliations to include many career republicans.

        I am willing to bet this same big brother intelligence has been in use way prior to the election of PDJT. Think Mitt Romney, Supreme Court decisions etc. The brazen use and open communication between principles indicates they were entirely comfortable with what they all were doing. Think of all the high officials that we know have without a doubt lied in formal settings with impugnity! I mean narcissism aside, Comey openly declared he leaked information for the direct purpose of initiating a special council investigation. No impartiality on display with that!

        Our Government for the most part would appear to be nothing more than a Ponzi scheme in what now appears to be of a world order funded by its constituents (us). The main surprise for me is the potentiality of other governments aiding in this conspiracy. It is apparent to me that the newest weapon in war may not be weapons of mass destruction but the information gleaned from big data on each and everyone of us. It is a lot more nuanced, targeted and subtle; and a lot less messy or obvious.

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    • Psycho Monkee says:

      Tommy Lee Jones, as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the classic ‘No Country For Old Men’, sums up my take:
      “The crime you see now, it’s hard to even take its measure. It’s not that I’m afraid of it. I always knew you had to be willin’ to die to even do this job. But, I don’t want to push my chips forward and go out and meet somethin’ I don’t understand. A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He’d have to say: ‘O.K., I’ll be part of this world.’

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  9. Bogeyfree says:

    This whole Mike Flynn frame job is so disgusting and filled with loose ends.

    Is there anything keeping Whitaker from saying publicly that from his perspective there are just too many loose ends of things that have not been investigated and he is moving forward with an investigation which will double check some of the work done by the SC on these “loose ends” that have never been touched?

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  10. CornPicker says:

    I’ll be glad when were done with this poor Flynn guy ,frankly I don’t like anyone who worked for obama and Erdogan,

    Was that flynn holding the umbrella for obama Erdogan in the rain ? Let’s move on from these stand down hero’s and on to the real stuff

    What kind of idiot would work under obama anyways and how hard up for money are you to join the armed forces under the obama hillz the enemy ? ,we knew obama was the enemy 10 years ago, what was wrong with Flynn the great intelligence officer he didn’t know obama was a muslim, bringing down America,no Flynn was part of it ,obama had the seal team killed then had an imad curse the seal team in Arabic at the funral. I didnt hear flynn speak out about that .

    Flynn is just another stand down hero and was silent as a sh!t house mouse under obana and his filthy unAmerican ways .

    News flash > Guilty people plead guilty ,people who plead guilty and cry about it later are straight up cowards.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi filed his own criminal complaint through attorney and former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman on December 3, 2018 why couldn’t Flynn do that ?

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    • Jederman says:

      LTG Flynn joined the Army long before obama was elected.

      “…Flynn is just another stand down hero and was silent as a sh!t house mouse under obana and his filthy unAmerican ways.”

      Flynn was appointed and subsequently fired, and I believe later targeted by the obama admin because he refused to go along with the admin vis a vis their happy talk about counterterrorism efforts.

      What’s your claim to fame? What have you been doing these past ten yrs?

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  11. thetrain2016 says:

    Mueller’s only chance to gain credibility is to indict the Podestas, close down his investigation by recommending a full investigation of a Democrat orchestrated conspiracy by a newly appointed independent council.


  12. Will Hunt says:

    It still is not clear, to me at least, why Mike Flynn, a man with vast intelligence experience, would lie about the Kysliak contact – if in fact he did. Mike Flynn would almost certainly know that there was at the very least a likelihood that he was being surveilled. Makes no sense.

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    • I don’t think he did lie, they doctored his 302’s. He just doesn’t have the financial resources to fight the feds. They’ve already bankrupted him.

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    • GREENMIRROR says:

      Had to protect the vice president


    • Piper77 says:

      Probably because it “looked bad” but wasn’t illegal. There was a narrative in the media about colluding with the Russians, so you probably want to appear that you are not in any way.


    • Kevin Putt says:

      Protecting the Vice President makes sense, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what good guys and good soldiers do?


      • singingsoul says:

        Kevin Putt says:
        “Protecting the Vice President makes sense, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what good guys and good soldiers do?”
        Your post says much about Flynn’s good character but not much about Pence character.
        Who allows a hero like Flynn to be financially depleted his reputation to be ruined..?
        A man whose aspiration is to be President at any cost. What as Pence promised how long POTUS would be in office..?


    • Deb says:

      It’s a he said he said. Flynn doesn’t have the financial resources to continue to fight the charges, hence the plea deal. Lawyers are expensive.


  13. Ber Knar says:

    Was surprised to see that Mary McCord made an appearance on CNN on Tuesday (?) night.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Ben Knar: Don’t be. It’s all in the timing. Just for jollies
      look up You Tube videos for John Carlin on PBS.
      Believe it was on “Frontline”. There were a whole
      bunch of them, just after he “resigned”. Watch how
      everyone on the panel shows looks at him to make
      sure they’re saying the right thing. The guy was a
      one man goon squad.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Was it about the border? She’s been advising libtard governors and mayors how to protect illegals and prevent conservative groups from organizing/acting, and the group she heads at Georgetown has actually filed lawsuits. Look up “mary mccord ICAP”.

      The Dems said when Trump won that they would fight him any way they can. And they aren’t just fighting Trump, they are fighting us citizens too. They’re disgusting.

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      • Jederman says:

        It’s strange isn’t it. This organized, in your face effort to mainstream illegals strictly and exclusively to replace normal, traditional (mostly white, conservative, even moderate) voters doesn’t receive serious and appropriate official federal pushback.

        Yes, we hear comments about sanctuary cities/states and the crime issues but, to date, no articulate, aggressive pushback or narrative (at least) on the illegality of the whole operation.

        The day the Right learns articulate and effective communication skills and, as a group, comes to terms with the need to get their hands dirty is the day they can begin to rally those beyond their base. Truth works.

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  14. GREENMIRROR says:

    And if vegas puts a line that Face the nation was in on the “insurance policy” ambush of Pence as well as the reporters who interviewed Trump on the airplane, and Sean Spicer during the white house phone press briefing, I soooo want to make a large wager!


  15. Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

    Just to button up one question, did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians (who were trying to meddle in the election)?

    Pence said of course not. The qualifier , ‘who were trying to meddle in the election’ was left out of the media narrative. The exact same was done to Sessions. He said he never met with Russians who were meddling in the elections. Democrat media minions said, “Aha, but you talked to Kislyak the Russian ambassador at a state function”.

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    • doohmax says:

      Exactly. The qualifier “who were trying to meddle in the election” is the trip wire designed to elicit just the response they got from Pence. It was a set up question.


  16. bitterlyclinging says:

    Pence was out of the loop at the time Dickerson skewered him with the ‘Contact’ question,.
    That Dickerson knew, and Pence did not, is indicative of how deep and extensive the Obama/Media incestual relationship was.
    Harry Truman knew nothing about the atom bomb development project until after FDR was dead Truman was sworn in as President.

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  17. Car says:

    This is by far one of the most important and viable pieces of work written by Sundance.
    As more facts come to light, it is Our Father, the Almighty that will see that justice prevails. .
    Believe it.

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  18. Memo to ENTIRE WORLD : Our favorite illegal Kenyan fake President lied to the entire country literally hundreds of times…. if you like your doctor , etc. etc .
    ALL RECORDED and played many times. Obummer a pathological liar . The Ministry of Propoganda just let him go … on and on !! SO. SO.
    GIVEN THIS CONTEXT , a mis speak by Pence ( to an intentionally deceptive question ) becomes the basis for a trap for GEN . FLYNN. ?????? WTF ??
    You mean Flynn could not simply state that Pence was confused by the question , and that here is the truth. Blah. Blah. Blah. The message here is that no one on earth ( except Trump) can withstand a Nazi like media barrage of lies and propogsnda.. that Pence could not simply clarify his statement.

    If this is true. If it is fact … then there is only one path out. ( I can Not accept the media bastards are that powerful ) or were that powerful 2 years ago .

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Unfortunately, they ARE that powerful and they DO run the country.

      Last warning from Edward Arthur Blair.

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      • steph_gray says:

        They did. But I still believe we are reaching the moment when the media crashes and burns. They have simply shot themselves in all their feet too many times to continue walking upright.

        It will happen.


        • Zippy says:

          “They have simply shot themselves in all their feet too many times to continue walking upright.”

          …and a majority of people haven’t even noticed because topics like those discussed here are far too complex and require far too much attention to detail than most are willing to take the time to pay attention to. What -IS- causing the decline of the MSM is on-line social media and the deep state is neutering any dissent against their agenda there via the censorship efforts of leftist, globalist social media CEOs against anything that counters their narrative.


    • T man says:

      I agree. Pence wasn’t under oath or anything like that. Obviously the media was going to distort anything he said. But it seems simple to me. Flynn gives truthful answers and if that makes Pence look bad, then it’s up to Pence to explain. And that explanation is simple. He asked if we were colluding and I said No.

      It appears Flynn was truthful but that the 302 was written in a way to harm Trumps people. Flynn can’t be responsible for a false 302.


  19. butch cassidy says:


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  20. I’ve never really liked Flynn. He’s weak. Why would anyone plead guilty to lying if they didn’t lie? Corsi isn’t doing it; he’s sueing. Stone isn’t doing it. And these guys are “the fringe” people.

    Why did Flynn not tell Trump that he was working for Turkey? That is, imo, unethical, immoral, and a lie of omission. Guess you can tell I do not trust Flynn.

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  21. Here is something that will make your day- the Complaint filed by Larry klayman (outstanding attorney) on behalf of Dr. Jerome Corsi against Herr Mueller et al. It is well worth reading as a perfect example of how to fight back against the criminal Mueller team who are nothing but thugs with law degrees.

    Especially satisfying are details about the statutes that they are violating and the appropriate punishments. They are due many, many years in prison for just what they did to Dr. Corsi. Makes you wonder why none of the other accused had the guts to do what Corsi did.


    Liked by 3 people

    • Mike says:

      Sen. Very interesting reading.

      The strongest part to me is the felonious violation of 6 (e) material. The complaint lays out that there is factual evidence the Special Counsel’s spokesperson Peter Carr, was regularly LEAKING GRAND JURY MATERIAL. This is a felony. Below from the complaint:

      A Freedom of Information Act request from Freedom Watch discovered that Special Counsel Mueller’s office has had over 9,000 pages of written contacts with the news media. Jonathan Easley, “Exclusive: Judge to rule on release of special counsel’s contacts with media,” The Hill, May 17, 2018, accessible at: https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/388146-

      exclusive-judge-to-rule-on-release-of-special-counsels-contacts-with. Upon review of ultimately

      produced documents, is was learned that the press spokesperson, Peter Carr, of the Office of the Special Counsel, engaged in secret meetings at Paul, a French café at 801 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., where he orally leaked grand jury and other confidential information to the media, avoiding any written record of the leaks. This needs to be investigated and potentially prosecuted

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      • Mike says:

        Correction, rule 6 (3) is NOT a felony, it is punishable by contempt.


      • Mike- I caught that one too. This complaint has a wealth of wrongdoing laid out by Corsi/Klayman. If you read some of the penalties, it looks like there can be some serious consequences if the thugs with law degrees were to get seriously prosecuted.
        What puzzle me and I brought this up before, is why no one else beside Corsi has fought back. ?
        Mueller used the same dirty tactics on all of them, in one form or another. All of the accused have had supposedly good lawyers.
        Yet none of them did what Corsi did- a relatively simple legal maneuver of filing a complaint. Nothing especially difficult either. I don’t get it, do you?

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        • Mike says:

          I think Manafort and Cohen had legal jeopardy based on their financial crimes, unrelated to Trump, that SC used to threaten them with considerable prison, and in state jurisdictions where Trump could not pardon them. Mueller got Cohen to plead to the BS campaign violation so the rat media could run with Trump as a co-conspirator, PURE PR BS. It looks like Manafort is telling them to pound sand.

          Papa D was royally set up, but he didn’t know it until after he pled. I don’t know if he could legally with draw his plea, baring some very strong evidence of criminal conduct by SC. So Papa D played it safe. I read that although he was given 14, he only had to serve one day. I sure hope he looks into a civil suit. Flynn may be protecting his son, or maybe he had some actual criminal liability for his Turkey connections.

          What is fascinating to me in a good way is, even though Corsi has kicked up this sh*tstorm, including all his very outspoken public comments, why hasn’t Mueller indicted him? IF Mueller has the goods on Corsi why hasn’t he indicted Corsi and thrown him in jail to shut him up?

          I don’t doubt the rest of the crimes presented in Corsi’s complaint, but unless there is a criminal investigation and Mueller’s electronic coms, documents etc are examined I don’t think it can be proved, and I don’t have a lot of confidence that it will be properly investigated, if investigated at all. But the 6 (e) violations look bullet proof.

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        • Deb says:

          Mueller uncovered other crimes to use against Cohen and Manafort. Flynn agreed to a plea deal because his son ended up in the crosshairs.

          Corsi has courage and doesn’t care about anything but doing the right thing. A man like that could conquer the world, only he would never want to.

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    • Just finished reading their letter of complaint. It appears, if all factual, Mueller et al could be in some hot water providing someone in the DOJ has the intestinal fortitude (gonads) to pursue it. At the least, the AAG or some judge someplace ought to put the Mueller investigation “on hold” until this complaint is resolved. Mr. Whitaker? Hello, are you there? Your country needs you.

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  22. Pristach says:

    I hope we all, including contributors here, aren’t waiting for an All The Presidents Men moment.

    It doesn’t fit the main media colossus. Sundance is chipping away, brick by brick, at that’s a great service. But should expect the Pulitzer?

    It would be nice. I wouldn’t bet it though.


  23. tommylotto2 says:

    Why does this article quote the wrong Pence answer that got Flynn into trouble? There was absolutely nothing wrong with the answer quoted. This was the answer that caused the problem:

    JOHN DICKERSON: Let me ask you about it was reported by David Ignatius that the incoming national security advisor Michael Flynn was in touch with the Russian ambassador on the day the United States government announced sanctions for Russian interference with the election. Did that contact help with that Russian kind of moderate response to it? That there was no counter-reaction from Russia. Did the Flynn conversation help pave the way for that sort of more temperate Russian response?

    MIKE PENCE: I talked to General Flynn about that conversation and actually was initiated on Christmas Day he had sent a text to the Russian ambassador to express not only Christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place. It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation. They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia.

    JOHN DICKERSON: So did they ever have a conversation about sanctions ever on those days or any other day?

    MIKE PENCE: They did not have a discussion contemporaneous with U.S. actions on–

    JOHN DICKERSON: But what about after–

    MIKE PENCE: –my conversation with General Flynn. Well, look. General Flynn has been in touch with diplomatic leaders, security leaders in some 30 countries. That’s exactly what the incoming national security advisor–

    JOHN DICKERSON: Absolutely.

    MIKE PENCE: –should do. But what I can confirm, having spoken to him about it, is that those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the United States took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions.

    JOHN DICKERSON: But that still leaves open the possibility that there might have been other conversations about the sanctions.

    MIKE PENCE: I don’t believe there were more conversations.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Dickerson was obviously primed to ask that specific question by someone. Who was it? Clearly Strzok and Page were waiting for it and pounced immediately. Then Yates played her part.


      Even if he DID discuss sanctions with the Ambassador, it is not illegal. Flynn was the incoming NSC advisor… it was his job to talk to the guy! Even about sanctions!

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    • evergreen says:

      Appropriate response is “Who said Flynn was in touch with the Ambassador at that time?”

      Followed by: “you’re amplifying hearsay and rumors.”

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  24. Jane Smith says:

    Schumer might have had the most prophetic comment of all:

    “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

    We really should either disband or decentralize the FBI.

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  25. John Q Public says:

    Why is Kenneth Starr such a fool that he doesn’t understand these things?

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  26. LM says:

    I offer an observation.

    The Left lies, manipulates, and uses every bit of power available (power that it does and does not have) to further cement its control. No worries on their side about breaking the law or offending any of us.

    Why would VP Pence, General Flynn, or anyone on our side go to all of this trouble and pain to placate the left by firing over a non-lie, watching their words and future interactions with Russia, and constantly watching and defending their words—all of which legitimizes the lie of the Russian narrative?

    For our part we seem to mainly complain to one another (never to our leftist friends….that would result in personal pain), keep our heads down, and vote. Maybe that’s why few on our side even consider us once they achieve office.

    But guess what? Our votes often don’t count, and when they do they often result in the electin of sanctimonious, posturing, pussy people who are only masquerading as our leaders—leaders who are afraid to use any of their lawful power to represent us lest they offend the other side!

    Those now in charge of our government should have taken a look at this laughable and pathetic abuse of power, taken the gloves off, appointed a special council to investigate the coup and the investigators on the other side, and informed the American people of the truth.

    I hope there is someone in the know advising the President of the consequences of placating the left and of not using his considerable power in everyway he can to right these considerable wrongs.

    The left hates him and all of us anyway and will make things up to accuse us of and take him and the rest of us down. It has been being done for decades.

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  27. treehouseron says:

    Watching all of the irrational Pence hate here on the site (Not coming from Sundance, he’s just saying Pence was used) is one of the reasons we lose. Lots of the posters just come off as bitter and of course they think Pence is working for George Soros.

    Get it together people.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Agree. There have been ugly smears against Pence, Flynn, Admiral Rogers (ha ha!).

      Oh. And smears against President Trump himself. Some quite scurrilous.

      People are entitled to their opinions, of course. But I’ve never seen this stuff at CTH before in such numbers. I think it’s just part of the post-election invasion here intent on ruining this site. If Soros is up to anything, it might be helping to finance this endeavor.

      Hey – it’s my own Occam’s Razor theory! 😆

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    • singingsoul says:

      treehouseron says:
      “Watching all of the irrational Pence hate here on the site (Not coming from Sundance, he’s just saying Pence was used) is one of the reasons we lose. Lots of the posters just come off as bitter and of course they think Pence is working for George Soros.

      Get it together people.”
      I am critical of Pence but do not believe he works for Soros.
      I believe Pence was drunk with the prospect that he could be President if POTUS would be pushed out.
      Maybe he came to his senses and realizes POTUS is not going anyplace.
      Pence is a Bushy and admirers Bush clan he is in the big club and Trump and we are not in it.
      Tell me when and how often has Pence stood up to defend President Trump when he was unfairly attack..? Right never.
      He did not stand up for Flynn either. Pence is for himself and it is apparent.
      I could be wrong and if I am I eat crow.


    • @ChicagoBri says:

      A nice side story for Sundance to tell us is just how then-candidate Donald Trump selected Mike Pence to be his running mate.


  28. eric says:

    hope these sick bastards rot in hell.
    sad for our country.
    praying for President Trump as he deals with this crap-swamp.

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  29. Margaret Berger says:

    As per Occam’s razor. Simplest explanation most likely. I have seen people now speculating that mueller is working for President Trump. Doesn’t make sense to me. The air plane trip with rosey looks like a let’s make a deal trip to me. Each side was hoping for more leverage after the election. Neither side got as much as they wanted. The fight continues.
    President Trump has held on to the releasing of the fisa documents etc for leverage against the house.
    Part of the deal not to release before the election was probably no time for Flynn and careful wording of the sentencing document. Probably got something of mueller closing up shop in such a way as to not enrage the left.
    I am not saying there is a truce. The deep state embeds will now depend on the house to go on the attack.


    • steph_gray says:

      The deep state embeds will now depend on the house to go on the attack.

      Good call. That they will.

      And VSGPDJT will counter, as he always does. With all the deplorables, I pray, to help him.

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    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      This ^ , if true, it only exacerbates the situation and serves to lower PDJT into the swamp. We need sunshine and truth……not leverage. Leverage is what big data is all about!


    • Zippy says:

      “I have seen people now speculating that mueller is working for President Trump. Doesn’t make sense to me.”

      It doesn’t, not even one tiny bit. Dan Bongino has absolutely destroyed that stupid idea from every possible angle.


  30. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    As long as they control the narrative they control the country.

    “The Left lies, manipulates, and uses every bit of power available (power that it does and does not have) to further cement its control.” ~ LM

    So the question remains: Is the corporate media complex the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, or are the Democrats simply the political arm of skynet central broadcasting?


    • Doug says:

      You make an excellent point. Something that I’ve been thinking as so much angst and frustration gets poured onto these message boards.Frustration about “nothing happening”.
      I get it. I share the frustration. But it goes back to the media. Dems infest the media, thus control what people see, thereof think. I see it even in our local news.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Yes, even in the local newscast; as the “progressive” agenda is spread far and wide. Why, just yesterday a local news anchor (Fox affiliate) was all giddy about the Mueller sentencing guidelines that were recently released and claimed that since Flynn had been “very helpful to the investigation” it meant that there would likely be more indictments of Administration officials coming up (wishful thinking out loud). FakeNews is BigBrother… and IS the enemy of a free people.


    • sDee says:

      The media’s job is to maintain for us, an illusion of choice while we all march toward global governance.

      The media (essentially all print, broadcast, cable and social) is controlled and/or owned by globalists. That includes Murdoch’s Fox News.

      Media and entertainment industries are propaganda machines focused on social and political agendas which drive the wedges and divisions into America, needed for global control.

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  31. mswinkle says:

    This whole Pence comment put Flynn in the hot seat is utter nonesene. The administration could have easily corrected Pence statement to say it is customary for an incoming government to talk with foreign leaders there were no other contacts. If you have ever worked in crisis management this type of correction is a no brainer and Pence answer should have been qualified to include talking to foreign leaders as normal course of incoming government.

    Question why it was not just boggles the mind. Couple that with the fact Trump by now knew they were trying to set him up with Russian collusion, it is even more insane that by not correcting a simple ‘misspoke’ statement, and allowing it to spiral out of control thus providing much needed fuel for Trump/Russia was an unforced error that has led to where we are now.

    Until recently this was all positioned as part of the plan by Trump’s admin to get the pieces in place and deliver the Big Ugly. Seems now the Big Ugly was never in play and while SC and DOJ have been effective in keeping those associated with Trump front and center, the high crimes against Trump and the American people have been swept away.

    Let’s not forget a lot of people have been scalped big time. Michael Caputo, the analyst who outed Halper,Gen Flynn, GP, Carter Paige, Corsi and Roger Stone just to name a few. And, we can add to the list people such as Atkinson, who is fighting at great financial cost the DOJ to release documents of their crimes against her.

    Meantime most of the perpetrators, while some were fired, have walked away with their pensions and benefits intact, and some such as Ohr are still collecting a paycheck.

    One last thing the Flynn indictment puts to bed Russian Collusion BS, but have we heard from Whitaker or RR going on record and making this fact clear? No, and so the SC will continue to roll.

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    • Timmy- the-Ute says:

      Pence messed up bad in his statement. The Deep State isn’t going after Pence. They think he can be controlled and will work for them. So Flynn had to take the hit. I like Pence but he is no Trump. We mustn’t feel like if Trump is removed form office we are safe with Pence. The Deep State wants a war with Russia, a war we will lose. The will bring the Globalist system (Antichrist).

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    • Doug says:

      WHAT CEMENTS FOR ME THIS WAS A SET UP is how Yates wasted NO TIME in taking the FBI notes, not 302’s, just notes and went DIRECTLY TO THE WHITE HOUSE. She didn’t try to contact Flynn or Pence to clarify the discrepancy. I wonder how long after Stroke left Flynn that he called DOJ????

      •Tuesday January 24th – Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was interviewed at the WH by the FBI.

      •Wednesday January 25th – The Department of Justice, National Security Division, (at this timeframe Mary McCord was head of the DOJ-NSD) – received a detailed readout from the FBI agents who had interviewed Flynn. Yates said she felt “it was important to get this information to the White House as quickly as possible.”

      FBI/DOJ wasted NO TIME.

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    • lurker2 says:

      This whole Pence comment put Flynn in the hot seat is utter nonesene. The administration could have easily corrected Pence statement to say it is customary for an incoming government to talk with foreign leaders there were no other contacts. If you have ever worked in crisis management this type of correction is a no brainer and Pence answer should have been qualified to include talking to foreign leaders as normal course of incoming government.

      You write that with a great deal of knowledge that you have acquired in the past 2 years, most of which was probably acquired since Dec 2017. But the Pence interview occurred on Jan 15 2017. Trump wasn’t even sworn in yet. Trump and Pence knew that they were being spied on but didn’t know the extent. They didn’t know the full scope of the Muh Russia scheme. They were handling incoming fire from Democrats and RINOs and Democrat propaganda media while transitioning into leading the country with little or no help from their own party. It’s really easy for you to critique their actions now, but I would avoid doing that because it’s really not reasonable.


      • To have held an interview during this time period let alone not been prepared for the questions smack of second class JV quality. Haveming done this long enough, Pence shouldve known better. Sadly, like most GOPe groupies, he is completely unaware of the sickness of the system. Mostly because he is part of it. Consequently, he was caught flat footed by a direct question undoubtedly thinking he was above such a rigorous interview.

        We still dont know the full extent of the muh Russiam meddling fabrication. However, as someone from the campaign, it was clear to me and others that some sort of surveillance was occurring as early as June and July of 2016. That the Trump campaign did not position itself accordingly as to do with the crash arrogance of the set at the top. An arrogance which created vulnerabilities which the likes of Yates exploited.

        Speaking of which, what kind of White House Counsel does such a legal throw under the bus maneuver as when McGahn asked Yates to whether Fkynn should be fired? He shouldve sat there, elicited info from her to see the depths of the problem, and then figured a way to immediately post halt throw Yates out the door of the DoJ.

        Instead, we get a scene where McGahn tries to figure out a way to protect Pence, rather than the future National Security Director who knew were all the bodies were buried. None of you ever seem to contemplate the scope of Flynn’s knowledge and what he couldve done to enforce authority over the IC and reconstruct it. Perhaps that has as much to do with Spygate as anything else.


        • GREENMIRROR says:

          Exactly, the “Scope of Flynn’s knowledge” on the corruption above and below Barry Soetoro cannot be overlooked or underestimated. The swamp has lazed Flynn from every direction.


        • steph_gray says:

          Let’s see – who else spoke of the opposition being a “JV team”? So that’s how you see the Trump Team?

          Things that make you go hmmm. 🤔


    • Fully agree. I couldnt then and still cant wrap my head around why Flynn was thrown under the bus. Best explanation I can come up with is WH insider intrigue. Dan McGahn seems to be one to the center of this jockeying. Highly likely he didnt want Flynn to stay as NS Adviser and when things got tough, advised he go. Remember a lot of the missteps, or setbacks suffered by the Administration are caused by vulnerabilities or anti-MAGA positioning directed by GOPe individuals and Javanka inside the WH. We can blame them, but ultimately the buck stops with Trump. Personnel is policy and his personnel policy has not been good.


  32. You ask a very pertinent question:

    “…wouldn’t you perhaps think that any action you take could be utilized to add fuel to this Russian narrative?  And/Or be used by these same leak facilitators to make something seem like something it is not?”

    You fail to make the answer. However, it is clear Flynn’s subsequent resignation after discussing with Pence and Trump did exactly this. I have never understood the roll over by Flynn, Pence, and Sessions during this time period. It’s like they all got there and pussed out the second they made the field. At least Flynn has a good excuse, but not so much Sessions, Pence, or even Trump.

    Additionally McGahn’s actions are also questionable. Why ask Sally Yates of all people whether Flynn should be fired after her first revelations. I think she was probably dumbfounded when he first asked that. What kind of legal throwing under the bus is that bull shit? McGahn shouldve quietly stared at her, elicited information from her, said he would look into it, and immediately made preparations to throw her ass out the DoJ door ASAP.

    Furthermore, what the hell where these Obama minions still doing in the DoJ. It was obvious to several of us that some sort of surveillance was going on as early as June and July 2016. As the transition team moved in and things heated up, I fully expected Trump to go in and throw the Tier One bums at places like the DoJ completely out. Instead, these creeps stayed in well past the point it became obvious they were actively insubordinate. Yates should be in jail by now.

    Thus, while the Obama Administration was clearly breaking the law and should be prosecuted from top to bottom, a good portion of the problems were caused by vulnerabilities created by the Trump team itself. Indeed, McGahn’s reaction to Yates comes close to outright betrayal and Pence’s interview on T.V. evinces second class JV skills. Bit we know neither are dumb dumbs. Whose to say the betrayal by the Obama Administration doesnt included both Pence and McGahn?


    • The leaking of the Flynn-Kislyak (sp?) conversation was the first point that Trump and his advisors, Pence and the rest of the team realized that they were being actively targeted by the DOJ to be “taken out”. It had to be a shock. Up to that point it was largely a lot of nonsense and rumors. This was classified information being illegally leaked AND simultaneously used by DOJ people to take down a team member.

      The media was in full war-cry for scalps. It was a shocking day or two to realize that the Intelligence agencies and the DOJ/FBI were attempting a coup, AND YOU HAD NO IDEA HOW MANY COUP MEMBERS THERE WERE.

      They quickly realized the media was driving a narrative they could not fight against fast enough to prevent a huge crisis. Flynn took one for the team because it was a LOT better for him to step down than for Trump to have to force the resignation of the Vice-President Elect before he even took office.


  33. Indiana Mike says:

    I really don’t get it. VP Pence answered the question he was asked correctly. Of course, he knew Flynn had talked to the Russian ambassador. The fact was published in the Washington Post on January 12, 2017. How could VP Pence not know? But, Flynn talked to no Russian, who was “trying to meddle in the election.” Trump’s people let themselves be bamboozled by the DOJ.


  34. Occam’s Razor? Pence had been left in the dark by Trump and Rogers. Pence did not know the details of the illegal spying nor the depth of the deep state coup attempt. At that point in time not even President Elect Trump knew the senior FBI leadership was actively running a coup attempt. He just knew he was being illegally monitored.


  35. cali says:

    @Sundance: Great analysis as always – thank you!

    I think we should take the Flynn case a bit further back. The framing ending Flynn’s career why falsely charging him was a goal by Hussein writ large going back to the Libyan coup and Hussein’s/HRC’s selling of stinger missiles illegally to the muslim brotherhood that went off the rail ergo sending Amb Stevens to Benghazi in hope to retrieve them as they began showing up in Afghanistan and other places killing our soldiers. Remember the 23 SEALS all crammed into an authorized Chinook chopper being brought down by one of the MANPADS and assassinated?

    Yeah that and together with the fake Bergdahl story LTG (ret) Mike Flynn as DIA observed it all after refusing to send our troops to Libya assisting the muslim brotherhood and Ansar Al Sharia to bring down Muammar Ghaddafi. He watched and noted the treason by Hussein writ large and HRC as SOS beginning in Syria. The fallout between Flynn and military command vs Hussein/HRC et al came to a blow. Hussein tried to fire Mike Flynn. Flynn took the high road and resigned.

    Petraeus at the time was the CIA director who also refused to assist Hussein/HRC in the sale of MANPADS. He followed up refusing to blame the attack on the CIA black side on a video. These two subjects were the reason that Petraeus was framed and forcibly removed via the fake adultery story.

    This is why and how the targeting of Mike Flynn began. As he left his post as Defense Intelligence Chief he also signed a number of NDA agreements basically barring him from speaking out what really happened in Libya and treachery of Hussein and Hillary et al.

    Enter McCabe – the Hillary sycophant: Two (2) days after the 2016 election he attended the assembly of FBI department/officers at a DC Hotel conference room. He was the featured speaker that night. He loudly declared to the room full of FBI agents/officer/personnel these words and promises: “First we F$ck Flynn and then we f$ck Trump”!

    Most of the assembled FBI agents clapped loudly and approvingly while a few did not.

    This is the reason that the target was on Flynn’s back before the transition took place. Flynn had to be silenced permanently. He was the biggest danger of their roll-up as security advisor of a Trump administration because he knew and knows ALL the treasonous activities of Hussein and HRC writ large. He could have blown up their whole muh Russia lie from front to end and back again!

    Enter VP Pence: I have reason to believe that Pence himself is secretly not a Trump fan or was at the beginning at all. Being a deeply spiritual man protects him somewhat from criticism by the many. There was info where the NeverTrump types and their counterparts on the other side talked about Pence stepping in to help and depose of candidate and then president Trump. Before Priebus was fired there were questions about his and Pence’s true intentions which appeared to be contrary what was shown in public. To make a long story short flying under the radar Pence statement was and is suspect involving Mike Flynn. Flynn was basically labeled the liar and even more ‘lying to Pence” about his call to the Russian ambassador. Pence never – not once – corrected the fake news media about that issue or took up the cause for Flynn. He left Flynn twisting in the wind with the label of ‘liar’ attached.

    Here we are: Looking at the reasoning why Mueller doesn’t recommend a prison sentence is a farce. They framed Mike Flynn just like they framed president Trump. The worst part in Mueller’s farcial case against Flynn is the fact that he does not exonerate Flynn. He goes into detail into some Turkish humbug leaving doubt about Flynn’s innocence. Nothing about the framing, entrapment and FISA abuse anywhere in Mueller’s docs..

    To me that poses a problem but mostly one of justice: Why did Mueller not drop the case against Flynn knowing that it is a farce and violence of Flynn’s civil rights denying him due process?

    “The fruit of the poisonous tree” = it should not stand.

    They ruined this man’s life as it forced him into selling his home. They threatened Mike Flynn to ruin his son as we learned from Flynn’s Jr and family twitter accounts.

    Joe Pientka – the FBI agent who wrote his 302 regarding Flynn remained elusive to investigators although he talked with Horowitz and Huber.

    Flynn did not help Mueller in any cases but he sure assisted Huber, Horowitz in the HRC, FISA, Hussein writ large investigation that were not investigated by Mueller.

    Judge Emmet Sullivan may give you @Sundance and us an answer tomorrow – Friday – during the hearing. It was he demanding Mueller et al turning over evidence that strengthened Flynn’s innocence but Mueller hid which is a pattern of Mueller. This judge also had the secret and redacted apportionment that he was given additionally by Rosenstein that nobody has a right to see.

    We’ll see tomorrow when Mueller and Flynn both appear in court! Sullivan should throw the book on Mueller!


    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      Like your assessment, Cali. A little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day!


    • listingstarboard says:

      The loss of the Navy Seals in that helicopter how could anyone in the military condone that hit is beyond me. Never forgive whomever sold them out and caused their deaths. 23 Seals–what a tremendous loss.


  36. Charles Tate says:

    I don’t understand the Flynn thing at all and I am afraid this article does not help me with that. Why does Flynn act guilty? Wasn’t he supposed to have some skills at counterintelligence? Why exactly does he become defensive? Why not ask Ms. Yates where in the hell she got the idea of Russian collusion? Why not ask her why she is recording the phone discussions with the NSA head and then letting her derelict agency leak that to the press? And who the hell cares that Pence answered that question in that way? He would not be LYING if it turned out that General Flynn talked with the Russian ambassador to try to reverse Obama’s asinine set-up of sanctions. The answer is that the new administration is not inclined to have its hand forced by excessive or rash actions by the former idiots. After all the fact that Obama’s administration was morons is the reason the Trump gang was elected. To change that dynamic.

    I’m afraid I am unable to avoid the conclusion that Flynn is a coward, and his timidity is his undoing. If in fact he was bullied by Mueller and threatened that his son would be prosecuted, he should have screamed that from the rooftops and intimated treason was afoot and he planned a complete reform of the IC to get to the bottom of it. Playing defense has got him exactly where? In my opinion we were lucky to have escaped Flynn as head of the NSA. Thank goodness he never led soldiers in combat if this mewling appeasement is his view of responding to a threat.


    • Zippy says:

      “I don’t understand the Flynn thing at all and I am afraid this article does not help me with that.”

      More people should either listen to Dan Bongino’s podcast, read his book, or both.


    • bandit says:

      C. Tate. Great piece. I am afraid Flynn choked. We have a tendency to “auto heroize” our military people. These generals are good at what they do regarding the military but adapting to the crap of capital hill, they just can’t deal with the backstabbing. Few have been great. Weinberger, and a few others. I think the military people are just not used the the cut throat stuff of capital hill. I could be wrong.


  37. Margaret Berger says:

    Easy for us to Monday morning quarter back the decisions made by the incoming Trump administration. Yes, they were told they were spied upon but there is no way they could have immediately understood the incredible corruption at every level of all the government agencies.

    It is also easy for us to critize how President Trump is handeling it. Our families and their future aren’t on the line. This man has put the well being of the country ahead of the current well being of his family on the line. He knows that if the Repulic doesn’t survive not only does “Everyman” who voted for him have not future but neither does his family. He doesn’t want that for them.

    He has more information than I do. I am guessing he is using leverage but I don’t know that. If he is that is ok with me as he is the first one in the line of fire and then his family is next. I have thrown my support to him and will pray that he can vanquishe these enemies of free men everywhere.


  38. Margaret Berger says:

    Also take heart. The globalist are fighting on several fronts. The yellow vests in France are good news. The revolt against the man made globlal warming wealth redistribution lie is imperative. We need to take our money back. Starve the beast.

    Also good news the countries not signing the U.N. migration pact.

    We really do need to fire the U.N.

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  39. James Street says:

    Trump’s joke during the campaign about asking the Russians if they could find Hillary’s deleted emails also became a leg of their collusion narrative.


  40. repsort says:

    Used to think Yates was pretty attractive… Ugly as sin now that I’ve come to understand how evil she is.


  41. Resistwemuch says:

    It seems more likely that Russia is colluding with the media and the democrats. How about a special counsel investigate that?


  42. rayvandune says:

    “There was nothing wrong with the incoming national-security adviser’s having meetings with foreign counterparts or discussing such matters as the sanctions in those meetings.
    However, lying to the FBI -or McCabe structuring the FBI position of the 302’s to give the appearance of Flynn lying- is the process crime that led to Flynn’s admissions.”

    I may be wrong, but I have not heard the following points made:
    1. The first sentence above raises the question of why the interview was allowed to be conducted at all. The question was asked by WH Counsel “what do you care if one WH staffer lies to another”, and Yates’ response was said to be a repetition of the points made the previous day, but characterized as “a whole more than that”. The points made the previous day seem to be reiteration of the apparently inconsistent statements of Pence and Flynn to the media. Is making public statements to the media, about something that is not a crime, “a whole lot more than that (lying to each other)”? The only way in which any of this makes sense is if there was at rock bottom a crime committed! The historical context of criminalizing lying to the FBI is at least originally to obtain convictions of some crime, where no “real” crime can be proven. Is that the case here? If so, was the “real crime” committed by Trump in getting elected?!

    2. The conduct of the entire affair up to this point shows a clear intention to entrap someone, be it Pence or Flynn, and is totally inappropriate against any American citizen, much less officials of a recently-elected President. The conduct of the FBI here clearly takes advantage of the naievete of some of the incoming officials, and reeks of bad faith,

    3. The media reporters and their employers to whom this “crime” was leaked (probably) were unaware that their subsequent published stories would be used as evidence in seeking a warrant from the FISA Court. But they could not have remained unaware very long, given the leaking from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. After that awareness, can their silence be seen as withholding evidence of a criminal conspiracy, or of at least of a miscarriage of justice? If the FBI asserts that administration officials can commit a crime by almost accidently lying to the American people, what about the media doing the same thing quite knowingly?


  43. Summer says:

    The only thing that really matters is the outcome. Still waiting for anyone from the Obama administration to be prosecuted for all this. Not holding my breath, though.


  44. HickTick says:

    A blind man could see this whole event was a set up , zero wanted Flynn out any way possible . They started working on it as soon as PDJT named him . They knew they had to cripple the new administration as fast as they could , before the truth started coming out . She was supposed to win


  45. Margaret Berger says:

    It was one of many set ups. Many attempts were made to set up a variety of members of the President Trump campaign. No, they didn’t think he would win but they were really pissed that anyone would even try to dislodge them from their parasitic perch.

    The first thing obummer did when he won was dealer gate. To remind people, that was any car dealer that had given money to the republicans lost their dealerships in the bailout. The secon most profitable dealership in the country in the Kansas City area was stolen from the owners that way. It was pay back.
    Remember Joe the plumber? These people go scorched earth. Look what they did to Sarah Palin. That is how they keep the wishy washy in line.


    • listingstarboard says:

      I remember being outraged when he crushed the car dealerships–now it seems like an everyday occurrence. Funny how we have become desensitized to criminal behaviour.


  46. Evelyn says:

    With apologies to Sundance and with deep appreciation for his incredible ability to dig for the truth for all of us, nobody is infallible. I personally think Rex’s analysis is more logical and “Occam”:

    Mueller’s Capitulation & General Flynn’s Ambush – The Tide Has Turned

    Drunk on power, Obama’s arrogant goons thought they could ambush Lt General Michael Flynn. As Rex explains, they never realized that they were General Flynn’s quarry, the entire time. And they’re about to learn the hard way what happens, when you try to frame a genius in military intelligence.
    by Rex

    Thu, December 6, 2018

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Sentencing Memorandum for General Flynn is a pathetic capitulation, by a worried man.

    It’s framed as a concession by the special Counsel. But to me, it reads almost like a plea for clemency from Mueller to Judge Emmet Sullivan, who will preside over General Flynn’ ‘sentencing’ on December 18:

    “Judge, let’s do a deal : yes, we have charged Mr Flynn with process crimes and in the process bankrupted him, threatened his son, as well as made his life hell, but, er, let’s agree to no jail time, as long as you don’t reveal the truth. Deal?”

    When the plea deal was made, remember, the forces behind destroying Trump would have been confident things were on track. Now? Not so much.

    Hence the begging.

    So what is the truth, Mueller doesn’t want revealed? Evidence showing that:

    • during the 2016 campaign, General Flynn was the subject of an illegal FISA by Obama’s FBI/DOJ goons;

    • General Flynn was spied on illegally through the campaign;

    • after President Trump’s victory, the General was the target of an entrapment operation by the same FBI/DOJ goons;

    • the same goons deliberately excluded exculpatory evidence from their indictment evidence; and

    • Mueller and/or his team of yapping chihuahuas knew all of the above, when they indicted the General.

    I suspect the good Judge also knows all of the above – and that he won’t be inclined to strike Faustian deals, with criminals.

    But Judge Sullivan may well want to hear the full story from General Flynn himself.

    Remember, Flynn has every right to address the court, why he should not go to jail. And the best part?

    Once this is done, General Flynn is going to make those who did this to him and his family, pay.

    See, In their arrogance, the crooks believed that they were ambushing Flynn.

    In reality, General Flynn was ambushing them.

    Read on.

    General Flynn’s Ambush

    First, everyone must understand that General Flynn didn’t lie.

    In fact, all the lying has been done by Comey’s FBI crooks. Here’s how.

    Go back to 15 January, 2017. In a TV interview, Mike Pence inadvertently says that no one on the Trump campaign had been in contact with Russians. It was an off-hand response to a question about the Trump-Russia fairytale.

    Of course, technically that wasn’t the case.

    General Flynn HAD been in contact with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, as part of his role in the normal transition arrangements.

    On 15 Jan, Obama’s DOJ/FBI crooks were fully aware of all of General Flynn’s communications. Why?

    Because the Obama administration was illegally spying on Flynn, under a dodgy FISA. Not to mention also unmasking Flynn, through illegally spying on Kislyak.

    So on 24 January, the lamentable Peter Strzok, secretly knowing of the Flynn/Kislyak discussions, no doubt put Mr Pence’s comments to General Flynn. We will learn that following that interview, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok drafted the FD-302 (transcript) to exclude some of General Flynn’s response, in order to falsely portray him as a liar. Multiple felonies, right there.

    In their arrogance, what did the idiots fail to realize?

    Flynn would have been TAPING THE WHOLE THING.

    Look, General Flynn is not just a survivor of The Swamp. He is a decorated 30+ year military veteran and a battle hardened intelligence specialist.

    Flynn would have guessed in two seconds flat, that the ‘informal’ FBI interview was an ambush. Ergo, he would have arranged to tape it.

    Ever since, I suspect General Flynn has played dumb the whole time. General Flynn knows that PROOF exists that Comey’s FBI lied in their FD-302.

    Which also taints the entire Mueller SC indictment. And sinks anyone on Bob Mueller’s SC team, who knew of the McCabe/Strzok felony. Including Bob Mueller himself.

    Leftist Delusion

    One of the disturbing aspects this tragedy has been watching the crazed reaction of the Obama & Clinton cult.

    Their minds soaked in Fake News propaganda, they have somehow interpreted Mueller’s memo, as evidence of Flynn flipping on Trump.

    This, despite the General’s public speeches in April 2018, supporting GOP candidates in the mid-term elections and praising POTUS Trump.

    Their thinking seems to be that General Flynn has accepted a ‘get out of jail free’ card, to reveal all about the evil Drumpf.

    Think about how deluded you have to be, to spin it that way.

    First, if Mueller had any evidence of a Trump-Putin conspiracy, there is ZERO chance he would just let General Flynn walk away.

    General Flynn knows EVERYTHING about Obama & Clinton’s crimes. As well as Bob Mueller’s role. They are terrified of him.

    And, second: if General Flynn has been co-operating with the government on non-Mueller investigations, as the sentencing memo suggests, why would he do so to undermine the government – and to strengthen Obama & Clinton’s hand?

    Answer: he wouldn’t. And he hasn’t.

    The mind boggles.

    Seditious Conspiracy?

    Strzok tried to ambush General Flynn on 24 January. That’s an important date. Why?

    It is AFTER Trump’s inauguration as POTUS.

    Which, unless I am wrong, means that all the activity that occurred afterwards is seditious conspiracy, aimed at undermining a democratically elected government.

    Bless little Pete Strzok’s heart. A boy amongst men.

    Strzok, McCabe, Yates. Not only have they and their cronies, been exposed as arrogant criminals.

    They’ve been revealed as very amateurish ones.

    Did they really believe they could outsmart a master spook, such as General Flynn? Seems they did.

    Too funny.

    “General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.”

    The circumstances will permit, General.

    Very soon.

    And you can tell your story.

    We very much look forward to hearing it

    Liked by 1 person

    • trumpmemesandreams says:

      It’s an interesting idea — but it’s a bit deus ex machina that Flynn is going to produce recordings that implicate everyone. Heads would explode everywhere, but it just doesn’t seem likely.


    • CN says:

      Hilarious. More of this “soon” pablum. Flynn is nearly bankrupt. Mueller is still investigating, Sessions was thoroughly useless and possibly “the insurance policy”. Hell, stealthjeff may have even been a Comey plant in the campaign. Come to think of it, Comey may even be the redoubtable Q. He’s got time on his hands and every reason to say “Trust Jeff Sessions”. A lot of people were outsmarted.


  47. Bunkers says:

    Rex spent months telling us that Mueller was some form of a double agent cooperating with POTUS and now we are supposed to believe this line of reasoning??


    • Evelyn says:

      You make a good point. For whatever little my opinion is worth, I think Mueller as been trying to save his own neck since the multi-hour “interview” with POTUS for the job he was ineligible to take. Hmm, what could they have been discussing…I strongly believe our very stable genius has had it all since before his inauguration, and whether Mueller is inherently black or gray, he like many others is guilty of treason via Uranium1 etc, and as a former Marine, he accepted a deal to flip on the Clinton/Obama swamp machine in exchange for some kind of leniency.

      Think of all the resignations and retirements of those in government and industry since POTUS won the election in 2016. There are clearly many things going on behind the scenes that we don’t have the details of yet.

      I also think it’s interesting that all of this stuff is coming to a head just before POTUS’ executive order freezing the property of those engaged in serious human rights abuse or corruption takes effect on 1/1/2019. Almost like it was planned this way.


      • CN says:

        There is no plan, so don’t trust “the plan”. If there were prosecutions coming, they would have made moves to indict. There was no reason to “wait till after the elections” other than losing the House. The three dimension chess crap is all crap. I used to look forward to reading how the “silent executioner” was going to pounce in June, then July, then in September. I scoured the internet for reassurance that Sessions and the DOJ was honest and crackling with integrity. I felt pretty good for a while. Now I know it’s all a fairy tale.


    • CN says:

      Nobody in DOJ cares about this and nobody will prosecute. The coup has essentially been successful, a few early retirements and a few cosmetic terminations (followed by book deals and GoFundMe riches) do not equal indictments and prosecutions. Trump is still Pres,but there is no wall, no moves against sanctuary cities, drugs flow freely, and illegals get benefits and clandestine votes. The idea that Trump will play this big indictment card when needed is jejune. Prosecutors prosecute crimes they don’t sit on them “just in case the criminal gives me a rough time”, either there are no crimes or it’s just one big happy family in DC and the only “game” is to fool all the people all of the time. Especially the “Steiner will come” sad little conservatives.


  48. pnj01 says:

    The photo that accompanies this article shows DOJ Attorney Dana Boente along with the more familiar Sally Yates, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein. Boente had been an Acting AAG in the National Security Division and the US Attorney for EDVA and is now General Counsel of the FBI. Why is he being put among that crew? Just asking?


    • Q&A says:

      When he was Acting DAG, Dana Boente signed one of the shady FISA application renewals to surveil Carter Page (which included the unsubstantiated Steele opposition research dossier), as did the others pictured.


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