President Donald J Trump -vs- The Big Club…

Some call it ‘Globalism vs Nationalism’, at other times it is best described as “Wall Street -vs- Main Street”; however, the overarching bigger picture is a battle over economics and the financial power structures that oppose President Trump.

CTH has often said ‘everything is about the economics’, because it is. Ask the ‘why’ question five times to any issue and you will find the root issue is money.  Power, greed and control, it is all about the money and the economics.

Opposition to President Trump’s singularly unique and transformational reset of the U.S. economic system boils down to a battle against the ‘Big Club’.

Every political confrontation is a move within this dynamic. The structural battle is not based on party affiliation, it is based on control and ownership of economics.  This confrontation represents the biggest challenge; a brief example:

Hundreds of millions were spent on the 2018 election by owners within the ‘Big Club’; at a surface level those expenditures are discussed by punditry thus: “we were outspent” (insert Kevin McCarthy and/or Ronnda McDaniel here). But if you have followed the challenge more closely, over the course of years/decades, you have a more substantive understanding of the dynamic.

Billionaires on one side of the UniParty spend hundreds-of-millions in opposition to the MAGA agenda. That agenda, that economic agenda, is the existential threat to the Big Club’s grip on power.

Here’s the critical aspect: When it comes to the economics, there are no big spending billionaires on the nationalist side of the equation.  The interests of Wall Street Democrats and Wall Street Republicans are based on globalism; Wall Street not Main Street.

In the 2018 midterm election special interest groups representing the multinational (Wall St) financial interests of The Big Club spent massive amounts of money, through various PAC’s and funding mechanisms.  The objective was to undermine and reduce the ability of their adversary, President Trump.

In this fight there are no nationalist MAGA-donors to counterbalance that spending initiative other than you, the people.

Each of the lost congressional districts were targeted by the multinational Big Club.  Until the MAGA base gets a firm understanding of how this works opposition will continue to succeed. There is no MAGA-PAC or financial alliance system, funded by Wall Street billionaires who support the principles of economic nationalism, to counteract this dynamic.  It just doesn’t exist.

In the ‘globalist’ multinational, Wall Street dynamic, the Big Club DNC donor base and the Big Club RNC donor base have mutual self interests.  Within this interest, President Trump is their unified opposition.

The only defeating mechanism that can structurally override this dynamic is an independent Billionaire and a massive amount of tax-paying small donors, ordinary middle-Americans, who can supplement the financial arsenal.   Think back to 2015/2016, and you will see the single-successful-reference for this reality at work.

Everything is about the economics.

The Big Club opposition to President Trump is based on financial best-interest.  That opposition is not bound to a political party ideology.  It is an ideology based on economics.  In essence, this is a structural economic battle that is being waged politically.

Another intensely visible example of his dynamic is the Big Club donor-base within the GOP supporting Kevin McCarthy, and ADDING Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) who was chosen yesterday to serve as House Republican conference chair, the #3 GOP spot in the House.

In the economic battle the successful defeat and diminishment of a House republican political body is more about creating a vulnerability, and creating a bigger opportunity to remove the existential threat President Trump’s economic policies represent.

Decades of financial policy were intentionally structured to the benefit of the BIG CLUB and the multinational Wall Street alliance represented by U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.  This is not a Republican -vs- Democrat issue; this is a larger confrontation between those who hold financial power and a singular person, President Donald Trump, who is determined to remove that grip.

In headlines today:  Big Club board member Alan Greenspan declares that President Trump’s tariff policies are “insane” [link].  This expression by Greenspan is directly representative everything noted above.

However, conversely, the outcome of those MAGA tariff policies are EXACTLY what we said they would be.  The BLS released information yesterday quantifying inflation across all sectors (emphasis mine).

Food – The food index declined 0.1 percent in October as the index for food at home fell 0.2 percent and the index for food away from home rose 0.1 percent. Three of the six major grocery store food group indexes declined in October. The fruits and vegetables index fell 0.7 percent in October, its third consecutive decline.

The index for fresh fruits fell 1.8 percent, while the fresh vegetables index increased 0.3 percent. The index for cereals and bakery products fell 0.6 percent, and the index for dairy and related products declined 0.4 percent. (link)

Notice how the prices for food are dropping as the MAGAnomic trade policies of President Trump are being carried out.

Notice how the timing of the decline is directly related to the tariff actions, and the counter-actions, by the targeted countries.

President Trump is fracturing the multinational corporate ‘controlled market’, and his trade policies are beginning to reconstitute supply and demand pricing in a nationalist market.

This inflation data, specifically within the fastest sector to show indicators (most perishable = fastest turnover) highlights what we have been explaining for years:

[…] The biggest lie in modern economics, willingly spread and maintained by corporate media, is that a system of global markets still exists.

It doesn’t.

Every element of global economic trade is controlled and exploited by massive institutions, multinational banks and multinational corporations. Institutions like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Bank control trillions of dollars in economic activity. Underneath that economic activity there are people who hold the reigns of power over the outcomes. These individuals and groups are the stakeholders in direct opposition to principles of national economics. (cont.)

The process of charging the U.S. consumer more for a product, that under normal national market conditions would cost less, is a process called exfiltration of wealth.

It is never discussed.

To control the market price some contracted product may even be secured and shipped with the intent to allow it to sit idle (or rot). It’s all about controlling the price and maximizing the profit equation. To gain the same $1 profit a widget multinational might have to sell 20 widgets in El-Salvador (.25¢ each), or two widgets in the U.S. ($2.50/each).

Think of the process like the historic reference of OPEC (Oil Producing Economic Countries). Only in the modern era massive corporations are playing the role of OPEC and it’s not oil being controlled, it’s almost everything, including food.

Yes, President Trump, the man and his policy team, is an existential threat to the elitist hierarchy of things well beyond the borders of the DC Swamp. In the era of explaining the complex it’s a planetary economic reset almost too massive and consequential to encapsulate in words.

There are massive international corporate and financial interests who are inherently at risk from President Trump’s “America-First” economic and trade platform. Believe it or not, President Trump is up against an entire world economic establishment.

…AND, as a result of Trump’s success, the Fed is now having to modify its baseline assumptions to re-evaluate the shifting new economy.  Keep watching…

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420 Responses to President Donald J Trump -vs- The Big Club…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    There is another point that needs to be explored. “The Banks” are such an easy target for everybody from pundit, to blogger, to POLITIAN to attack. They are actually physical entities and the easily identifiable infrastructure that holds and moves the money used by Wall Street. Yet, they are NOT the Wall Street Financiers and decision makers. Notice how nobody, especially politicians, goes after the real power brokers of Wall Street as these are the very people who direct WHERE the money flows, be it to a business deal or politician’s pocket. I suggest this point also needs to be added to the discussion. Soros, Koch’s, Styr, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg, Major Hedge Fund Owners, Musk, Cuban, etc. are NOT bankers but are the decision makers whom need to be the objectives of investigation and scrutiny.


  2. jerseyjoe says:

    In the meantime NY and Va subsidize bezos and amazon with billions of tax payer dollars. That’s the dems looking out for the middle class .The rich get richer in blue states. All the while if you are a lowly entrepreneur of a start up be sure you pay all the fees and taxes or face fines and jail. No subsidies for you. What happened to the rich should pay their fair share.


    • thedoc00 says:

      It was also pointed out this morning by a guest on Varney that not only did NY subsidize Amazon but they subsidized a move, not to economically needy Up State NY, but to mega rich NY-City. So, the entire state is once again subsidizing NYC getting richer.


  3. pyromancer76 says:

    This is one of your most important “economic” – global (total) power – posts, Sundance. Thanks for keeping this issue front and center. The behemoths are mobilizing in force using their communist shock troops in every state. Too bad these fodder-ground-troops cannot see how they are being used and will be discarded eventually, sooner rather than later.

    I hope your readers, including some powerful people, can get our minds around this issue and work on solutions. My belief (wish I had lots of data to back this up, but I left that researching profession many years ago) is that we are at the end of an era of global wealth being consistently created by the entrepreneurial middle classes and the diligent working men and women. AKA developed Western societies — spearheaded by white men and women of many nationalities. A gift to the world of a model of ingenuity and wealth creation. Praise “white people.”

    Instead, without limits to monopoly/oligopoly winners, these corporate winners, no longer competitive, are forming crony corporations by the dozens, and siphoning off wealth everywhere they can. Sovereign nations of the healthy, developed-world kind, are dying. There is not going to be much left for the One-Worlders to suck up into their greedy maws.

    (I think China’s internal economics is an excellent example — how many empty buildings, how many citizen and No Korean-slave (and other ethnic groups) deaths from extreme poverty, accidents and disastrous environmental pollution?)

    Who is going to create the prosperity for their magnificent wealth/power building? At some point it all comes to a disastrous end. I hope we, with President Trump and the faithful in the Admin and Military, will find a way to assign loser-ship to the global behemoths. It will take law and order along Constitutional principles. Do we have “enough” left? Their corporations are no longer creating good products or wealth.

    One other question that has been raised and alluded to above, with some proof. Why have no billionaires split with the “losers.” I believe that it is the variety of methods of “ARkancide” makes all players shiver and shake — and hide. Where are the courageous “capitalists?” We must create some spaces of safety or we all live in terror. I am more and more grateful for the tremendous courage of our President, his wife and family. Wow!

    For the tenacity of global power greediness, E.M. Smith has a post that provides some interesting history.

    A p..s. My former institution of higher education became a marxist hive. I retired to a second full-time profession. Institutional politics have given me trouble from time to time, but the center held. However, the latest is the takeover by socialists, who used their shock troops to demean my efforts, especially after I objected to demeaning our new president as absolutely unethical, and against every promise of a search for truths. I am no longer in “political power,” but my efforts have created the largest body of new students at the Institute. They are thrilled with this search for truths added to their varieties of training. Life goes on. We do what we can do.

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    • James Street says:

      “This is one of your most important “economic” – global (total) power – posts, Sundance.”
      I agree. I’ve been thinking about it constantly over the last couple of days.

      Liked by 4 people

    • smartyjones1 says:

      “They are thrilled with this search for truths added to their varieties of training. Life goes on. We do what we can do.”

      Amen to that! Fight the power and yeah; punk rock, for the Republic!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Carrie2 says:

      We do what HAS TO BE DONE and a large part of this is to remind congress members they were hired to represent us the WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and not they. We must drain the Congress swamp of these greedy people which is about 95% of Congress. They must know we are taking away the lifetime benefit and no yearly salary increments, and if they do not what they were hired to do (again thank you Ben Sasse for expressing this), then they are kicked out of Congress and will have no way to stop us. They are the employees and we are the employers. Why? Just think the Founding Fathers were few and could take time by horse or whatever to meet together in the chosen DC, but how do millions of us can get together and make decisions. Not feasible so we hired these creeps to do what we want and then they turn around and kick us in the butt. Would your employer allow that? No way, Jose. We are taking back the reins and they will not like it, but Tough!


  4. Walter Thomas says:

    Thanks much for this substantive essay. Thanks for pulling back the curtain so that we can see the economic machinery working. Most of what appears on the internet today is as vapid as Democratic politics.

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  5. Curtis Gomes says:

    What we’re seeing now, across the board, is years of Republican failures coming home to roost. The voting laws in this country should have been strengthened many years ago. People need to be citizens of America and have voter IDs conformed. The current voting criterion and rules are a joke. Anyone, literally can vote. Some more than once. The Democratic process has been usurped by petty bureaucrats and politicians. This is beyond belief. Americans have stood by, with their fingers in their behinds, while their republic and franchise to vote has been stolen right in front of their eyes. You have to give the leftists credit. They are willing to get in anyone’s face whom they oppose and even stoop to criminal acts to get their way. There are no consequences for them. They are the ruling class through treachery and cowering the opposition. This country is living on past accomplishments and accumulated wealth. Sooner or later, probably later, this will all come to an end.

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  6. Nancy Jervis says:

    The article is very well documented and argued, but OPEC is not the Oil Producing Economic Countries!!!! It’s the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. That is an unpardonable mistake in a writer of your caliber.


  7. DelAware says:

    Stalk softly and harry a Big Club.


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