President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Announcing USMCA…

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks in the Rose Garden of the White House announcing the USMCA (U.S-Mexico-Canada-Agreement) trade construct. The agreement covers $1.2 trillion in annual trade.

Joining President Trump is: U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow, Ambassador Kelly Craft, White House Advisor Jared Kushner, Trade Council Peter Navarro and Chris Liddell, with Deputy U.S. Trade Representative CJ Mahoney.

Make sure to hear the remarks from Ambassador Lighthizer @25:41


FACT SHEETS from USTR Offices:

U.S.T.R Negotiation Team: Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, Jennifer Prescott, John Melle, Jim Sanford, Jamieson Greer, Daniel Watson, Fred Fischer, Jason Bernstein, Courtney Smothers, Bill Jackson, Jeff Emerson, Stephen Vaughn, Gregg Doud, Greg Walters, Daniel Bahar, Daniel Watson and Andrea Boron.

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169 Responses to President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Announcing USMCA…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Incredible deal! all done before the midterms too…ahead of time and under budget!!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Incredible indeed! You know it is bad for Canada, MSM, Coc, RINOs, Never Trumpers etc. when CNN is running the following:

      The MSM thought they were going to get a soundbite from our president to run with when it came to Judge Kavanaugh.

      Ole Turtle decided to rain on their parade!

      Judge Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh and sitting on the bench at the Supreme Court next Monday.


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      • Chickficshun says:

        Mitch forcasting his intentions. Sorry I’ll believe it when I see it. All this to my mind sends a signal to those who have bad plans to execute. Watch tonight we’ll have a slew of anon rape charges. Corker will come down with swine flu. Collins will drop a anvil on her foot.

        Flake will hem and haw…..Soros will cut him another big check.

        The corrupt FBI will give PDT a bad report.

        Pray like crazy Treepers. We’re fighting Satan and his minions.

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        • USTerminator says:

          Let vote this week. If Kavanaugh is voted down then so be it. After mid term with larger Rep Senate, we can steamroll the Democrats with even more conservative nominee. If we are lucky enough with 60 Rep Senators then there are many MAGA agenda we can do even a full funding for the wall, terminate Obamacare, defund Parenthood …. Best we will see liberals crying river.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            The vote will happen this week and he will be confirmed 52-48 (Manchin will vote YES with every Republican including the POS from Arizona)

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          • yy4u says:

            And Judge Kavanaugh should hold a press conference to announce he’s resigning from the Circuit Court in order to devote full time efforts on restoring his reputation and good name. That he has hired an attorney who specializes in defamation of character law suits (I think he has already, hasn’t he?), that he will demand full restoration of his good name along with financial retribution from those who defamed him which he will donate to charity.
            He should start with Professor Ford. I’m sure a private investigator could find out very easily if she uses the mouse voice in her every day business lectures etc. He should include Senator Feinstein’s staff who leaked the letter even if he can’t sue her which I think he sould try and EVERY senator who defamed him, every accuser who defamed him up to and including the journalists and reporters who had to know when they printed these salacious stories that they most likely were not true. ARGHGHGHGH

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Mitch’s entire legacy is tied to the Judicial Seats and more importantly the SC Seats. He would not make this statement if he didn’t have the votes and if the vote won’t happen this week.

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        • Sharon says:

          Negative Nellie😳🙄

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        • piper567 says:

          Chick, think you are on a bit of a downer…
          BUT, I Most Definitely Agree with your last sentence!

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        • Ray Runge says:

          Do not fear the dawn. Evil can be observed in the roadside gutter.

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      • fleporeblog says:

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    • bluesky says:

      One can tell how great the deal is by how nuts the Left and anti-Trumpers are getting. They must have had their talking points lined up for today’s announcement.

      Congratulations to U.S.Trade Team and Administration. A lot of coffee must have been needed over the weekend to hit the midnight deadline. I will pitch in and buy them a beer for their hard work.

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    • Kenji says:

      A proud day for the American middle class … and a … “shot heard round the world” … in MY President’s Revolutionary WAR against Globalism. Somewhere in a darkened room, Jeb Bush is gently rocking himself back and forth muttering that his costly campaign SHOULD have beaten Trump … that HE should be POTUS now … that HE should be expanding Obama’s vision of America … so sad, so very, very, sad

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    • MightyMustardSeed says:

      A joy to see our President looking so pleased!

      Thank You Mr. President for loving AMERICA!

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    • waynesteapartyworld says:

      Indeed…Maybe the deal name could be changed to US Mecca, though, for shorthand, instead of USMCA 🙂

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  2. Lighthizer:
    President Trump’s instructions for renegotiating NAFTA:
    • Protect American Workers.
    • Fight for our Farmers and Ranchers.
    • Preserve America’s Competitive Innovation Edge.
    • Secure greater Access for our Businesses.
    • Above all, BRING BACK JOBS to America.

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    • wondering999 says:

      THIS! ^^^^ I was watching the video and thought, this needs to be posted so no one misses it. Our wonderful and loyal President Trump. And Lighthizer said wonderful things about our President also.

      Need to send thank you’s to Lighthizer and also to Kushner who Lighthizer acknowledged. along with a YUGE thank you to our President

      Also sharpen our pitchforks (and shovels) if Congress obstructs. If Congress obstructs then they have it coming

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    • Kenji says:

      Please don’t call anything by it’s … “pillars”. Since that word is inexorably attached to the Islamic Faith.

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  3. $1.2 Trillion USMCA Trade Deal is the largest in history!

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  4. The Boss says:

    The president, and we, are on a roll.
    Winning only. No participation trophies.
    Great presser and related Q&A.

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  5. Lighthizer:
    The USMCA will accelerate the Manufacturing Renaissance under President Trump.

    It will bring our Trading Relationship with Mexico & Canada into the 21st Century.

    And it will protect America’s Competitive Edge in Digital and Innovation across the economy.

    It will also serve as a Template for Trade Agreements in the future.

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  6. Lighthizer:
    This paradigm-shifting Model rests on THREE PILLARS:
    ○ We have negotiated stronger origin rules for automobiles, which will bring $ Billions of Manufacturing back to America.
    ○ We have secured greater market access for our Farmers and Ranchers.
    ○ We have agreed to labor standards that will help level the playing field for our workers.
    ○ We have also agreed to a first-of-its-kind Review-and-Termination provision which will ensure that the USMCA, unlike NAFTA, will not become unbalanced and out of date.
    ○ Digital Trade
    ○ Intellectual Property
    ○ Services, including Financial
    • ELIMINATION of UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES: Strong new disciplines on
    ○ State-Owned Enterprises
    ○ Currency Manipulation
    ○ Relations with Non-Market Economies, etc.

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  7. President Trump:

    “We have $250 Billion [Tariffs] at 25% with China right now”
    “We could go $267 Billion more.”

    “And China wants to talk … very BADLY.”
    “And I said, ‘It’s too early to talk’. Can’t talk now, because they’re not READY.”
    “Because they’ve been RIPPING us for so many years.”
    “It doesn’t happen that quickly.”

    “And if people politically force it too quickly, you’re not going to make the right deal for your workers and your country.”

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    • That last quote has got me thinking…

      Any chance that the disruption of Kavanaugh’s confirmation is actually (at least partially) driven by China? Looking at the source (Chinese spy DiFi) and the motivation (drive up Dem turnout in midterms), it is just the kind of thing China would pull to try to defeat President Trump’s trade reset. Could also be the source of money behind Flake’s flaking and Ms. Ford’s GoFundMe.

      In the end, it all comes back to economics and China must defeat the President in the midterms to survive… especially after Justin from Canada folded like a wet paper towel! 😛

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  8. President Trump:

    “Without TARIFFS, we wouldn’t even be talking about a Deal.”
    “Just for those BABIES out there who keep talking about Tariffs.”
    “That includes Congress: ‘Oh PLEASE don’t talk about Tariffs.’ ”
    “We wouldn’t even be standing here right now.”

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    • ParteaGirl says:

      I once supported a local think tank. When I found out they were against tariffs, I stopped supporting them.

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      • ck says:

        Trump is against tariffs, I’m against them but it’s a two way street. On a level playing field we can outproduce anyone.

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      • Ray says:

        Tariffs are a tool that should be used to the countries overall benefit.In areas of security they should be maintained. I think though they should be used otherwise to ensure reciprocal trade. A competitive back and forth is healthy.

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  9. Mexican President Nieto (outgoing) and President-Elect Lopez-Obrador:
    • WORKING TOGETHER as Administrations-in-Transition SHOULD
    • Demonstrating Global LEADERSHIP-by-EXAMPLE
    • Proving Obama the FECKLESS SEDITIOUS FOOL.

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    • RoostyScoot says:

      Thank you for your TL;DW snippets. Very excited, and very glad Canada got on board. Trump isn’t negotiating with China because they haven’t even BEGUN to feel the hurt yet. Just wait until this kicks in…

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      • What a great day for America
        … not to mention Mexico and Canada.

        President Trump and our Trade Team DO know how to structure Win-Win-Win deals compared with what any vindictive dealmaker might have done with Trump’s Trade LEVERAGE. (YUGELY deft and underappreciated touch)

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        • MaineCoon says:

          It is a great day for all, but Canada probably doesn’t know it because of the spin by Socks and Purple dress. I really think POTUS saved Canada’s economy by getting these terms done over the protest of Socks & Purple. They’ll be long gone when Canada will credit POTUS.

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      • Wit's End says:

        By instituting the USMCA President Trump is negotiating with China. See what almost happened to Canada? This could be you.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      Obviously no Logan Act in Mexico.

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  10. Gunner says:

    Huge….just another example of “promises made…promises kept.”. Of course, wouldn’t know by the questions of the assembled vermin press. God forgive me, but damn I hate ’em.

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  11. cdnintx says:

    Robert Lighthizer is a very hard working man. He is indeed one of Pres. Trump’s “killers”. He deserves a medal of some type for having to negotiate with the purple eggplant for the last year.

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  12. Joe S says:

    …..not sick of winning yet

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  13. quintrillion says:

    I didn’t hear anything about lumber. Reading the links above and no mention of lumber there either. Just wondering.


  14. JonMaxwell says:

    So what does the great sucking sound that Ross warned us about, sound like in reverse?

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  15. thedoc00 says:

    The best part of the market report today. NASDAQ Down, while DJI and S&P were significantly up. That means tech did not carry all the weight today, which is a key indicator to watch. It appears the economy is potentially working itself into a more broad based advanced that is important to lessen some of the clout of the tech giant mega rich owners.

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  16. wondering999 says:

    Ran over my phone minutes to listen during breaks, spouse will be annoyed!
    Our President handled the press at the end LIKE.A.BOSS!!! perfect. So satisfying to watch
    and heard so many good things

    he doesn’t have rancor towards any other countries, or their leaders for looking out for their people; the Chinese representative told Trump, when he asked about the terrible trade deals, “nobody ever called”

    What feckless leaders we (and by extension, the rest of the world) have endured. Stuck at the stage of being drunken prep school kids… they had no idea of what good leadership is

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    • This wasn’t your WEDDING, was it?

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    • SHV says:

      “the terrible trade deals, “nobody ever called”
      But as SD has described many time, that is not the result of stupidity or incompetence but was intentional. As SD has documented, trade “deals” for at least 40 years have been negotiated by US trade “delegations” (read CoC operatives) who along with their fellow foreign co-conspirators screwed US tax payers and consumer for the benefit of Multi-National corps. and cooperating foreign governments.

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  17. SHV says:

    Interesting that Mexico seems to have displaced Canada as the preferred #2 Partner in this trade deal. Mexico (AMLO, the far-left socialist) broke Trudeau’s and Canada’s back when the Mexican gov’t announced that they would support a two-way treaty. That statement killed Trudeau’s fantasy of US/Canadian Progressive Solidarity, blocking USMCA with endless court challenges and Dem-Thug/Rethug Congressional obstruction. Sucks to be Trudeau and I would be willing to bet that AMLO has a very positive balance of PDJT goodwill as he assumes the Mexican Presidency next year. It will be interesting to see If PDJT has changed AMLO from “nationalizing” to Capitalism/Nationalism.

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    • President Trump said there was much more to come with Mexico…

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    • ck says:

      Canada doesn’t make anything. How can you be a major trading partner if you don’t actually make stuff? Assembling our competitors products isn’t working any more.

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    • Rodney Plonker says:

      Great way to solve the Mexican migration problem. Give them a future and they will stay there.

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      • trialbytruth says:

        There is some truth to that… unfortunately it was used to sell NAFTA, so I suspect it will fall on deaf ears. It is also true that we are going to need most of the Daca kids for labor. This will also fall on hardened deaf ears. One more interesting condition trump has created is an economy that will be able to fully absorb the Illegals that are here at above the table wages.

        I am really not trying to start a debate or support unlimited immigration. I am not suggesting that this is a good idea. I am Just stating something which I believe is becoming obvious. The COC brought these people here to suppress wages. Trump is quickly making that a mute point.

        Was it BK that suggested yesterday a winning strategy for a lifetime of Hispanic votes?. If not I don’t mean to put words in his mouth. I simply see a move to re-try with Daca coming, We don’t have to make Daca recipients citizens. They do not have to be able to vote to live here, simply give them a registered alien status. For the most part they are already absorbed into our schools and workforce.If or if not there is a path to citizenship is a separate issue.


  18. 6x47 says:

    I guess Justin from Canada and Chrystia realized, to their great horror, that President Trump isn’t bluffing and they faced economic ruin if they were left out of the new trading bloc, and belatedly caved to all the US demands.

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  19. Daniel says:

    Anyone threatening the globalist agenda will be made poor and miserable. Trump is making our economy independent again. While we still have an appetite for exotic and foreign goods, our marketplace will be just fine if they threaten us in any given way.

    In other words, without threat of actual war, they can’t hurt us. And they and their economies will depend on deals with us. The USA is back in charge again and shenanigans will not be tolerated.

    I half-way suspect the congress will try something ridiculous in not signing off on USMCa. Trump doesn’t bluff. He will simply end NAFTA with no deal at all and we’ll still be just fine.

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  20. ParteaGirl says:

    Such a funny clip!

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  21. Sweet Old Bob says:

    USMCA = ” you smacka ” and the US certainly did !
    MAGA !

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  22. Paul Gallant says:


    NAFTA Is dead

    Globalism just took a giant kick in the nuts!

    THIS NEW USMCA agreement just built a giant North American Economic Wall against Globalist and a one world government.

    The evil European Union just got decked!

    Now what Europe? The Italians and Polish and others, broke from that evil Cabal and will benefit mightily with a new economic friendship with the United States. Others in Europe will follow.

    China you’re now going to have to make communism work without the Americans as your Piggy Bank. Good luck with that.

    Can you imagine what the Globalist Cabal is thinking? Trump negotiated a deal with the incoming socialist government in Mexico and our Fabian Socials Government in Canada. And the sheer ineptitude of the current Canadian government actual worked out good for us Canadians. The likes of Macron, Junker and Merkel must be severely disappointed in their little pup Justin from Canada and the Socialist Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico.

    Sure our Canadian Globalist Multinationals are going to take a hit but any company that can produce a great product and compete in a free enterprises market will do well. We have over 300 million customers to the south and lots of them are working for a good wage and there companies will need our products services and resources.

    There will be no backdoor goods from cheap labour countries slipping into the US through Canada and Mexico with the new “Rules of Origin” and “review and Termination” Provisions.

    Because of Trump Mexico has to pay their auto and autoparts workers a minimum $16.00 per hour. They should be thanking him.
    Justin gets to keep his supply management dairy farmers in Quebec happy. Not sure how beneficial that is going to be come election time however.

    Auto workers in Canada: a word of caution. You better make sure your government is working for you in a free enterprises market to compete with the US auto industry because they will be tooling up and ready to roll.

    That massive proven oil reserve in western Canada is now North America’s proven oil reserve militarily speaking because that large Mexican and Canadian border with the US will be defended by the US military. Who else is going to do it? Mexico and Canada have abandoned a realistic modern defense against the world’s military powers. A new joint military strategic initiative should be next.

    A great day for North America. A great Day for Free Enterprise Democracy. A great day for the Middle Class. A great day for Patriotism.

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  23. fleporeblog says:

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  24. Pedro Morales says:

    I wish POTUS had told the FakeNews- “Only trade questions today. I will hold another presser on Kavanaugh on Wednesday. After I fire Rod Rosenstein tomorrow.” And then just watch their little heads explodey….

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  25. JAS says:

    KAABOOOM! Promises made, promises kept. If I ever get to meet him, the first words out of my mouth will be “You DA MAN!”

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  26. IMO says:

    Look at all those Wolverines on stage. What a team. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We applaud you all.

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    • Can we use a different name than Wolverines? They completely suck and haven’t won a meaningful football game in like 5 years. Maybe we call our trade reps Buckeyes. Because they win big ones and poison the people stupid enough to attempt to eat them for lunch… just sayin’


  27. Citizen 817 says:

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  28. Jenevive says:

    Should we worry about Mike Pence now after
    President said that they pretty much have dirt/file on just
    about everyone in DC except Mike Pence and if they
    ever found any it would be like the most shocking
    new story ever!! Are the dems now looking for dirt
    on Mike Pence? (just kidding..I think?)


    • thedoc00 says:

      That is not what the president said. he said he has seen many politicians in compromising positions and did not elaborate except to site Blumenthal, Feinstein and Booker. he was purposely jovial and vague with comment. If anybody needed to pay attention, it was Jeff Flake as warning not to stray too far.

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  29. Jerdog says:

    Anyone notice that the agricultural adjustments to trade appear not to take effect for six years.


    • Ristvan says:

      Not an accurate decription. They take full effect then. To be specific with dairy, the start is in six months. On my Wisconsin dairy farm the average productive life of a dairy cow is 4-5 years (one year to maturity/first freshening, then after delivery maybe 6months milkingnto second freshening. Milk productiin drops after 3 or 4 freshenings, so cow is sold for hamburger and herd life goes on. So the Canadian dairy farmers can adjust their herds and crops according to the diary ratchet.
      This general idea of a ‘ratchet’ is IMO very clever. Gives Canada time to adjust in steps, rather than crater entire protected industries on day one. Point is we all know both the ultimate endpoint and the locked ratchet pathway. A fair way to reach reciprocity while minimizing adjustment pain.

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  30. Bendix says:

    Wilbur manages to look adorable even when he’s just standing still.

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  31. free2313 says:

    That is funny the name: US M CA
    So close to Y M C A

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  32. Ristvan says:

    Been reading a number of the USMCA details—whatever is credibly available. The only place US ‘caved’ was Article 19, keeping old NAFTA dispute resolution where Mexico had agreed to standard commercial practice. BUT looking into details, it is much less important than it was before, for three sets of reasons:
    1. On some of the stuff Canada used A19 to protect was directly addressed elsewhere. Think dairy and lumber.
    2. On other stuff, there are new ‘circuit breaker’ protections. Think aircraft, state owned enterprise, and Bombardier/Airbus.
    3. On yet other stuff, the new IPR and digital provisions supercede A19.

    So all in all, NOT a big concession knowing was a Trudeau red line. No deal is perfect.

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  33. Rose says:

    Wonder if the Chamber of Slime lobby movement are weeping in their deep state rice bowls today? Did you know Dairy farmers in Canada flushed milk down the drain because of the quota system, can you imagine how many poor people could of benefited from that milk?


  34. clipe says:

    Lightizer’s “third pillar” includes mention of “relations with non-market economies”.

    Hey Justine! Kiss China goodbye.

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  35. I’ve watched the Whole thing..
    Incredible !!!
    Are you not ENTERTAINED!


  36. Cooper45 says:

    Resistance trolls abound today.

    Trump once again handled the media with well informed confidence and panache.

    Lighthizer looked exhausted. He and his staff must have been doing many all-nighters recently. But Robert was full of energy and optimism when he was called upon to speak.

    The agreement doesn’t look like a “betrayal” to me as some agitator trolls suggest. Not with steel and aluminum tariffs still in place etc. Interested to read SD’s view of it all.

    But many Canadians will be accusing Trudeau of folding I suspect.

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  37. oldschool says:

    Curious, does everyone think congress is going to vote to pass this trade deal?


  38. Elle says:

    It is a great day today! China, not being stupid like Justine, has read the tea leaves and realized that Trump isn’t going to become neutered in the midterms and got back in the game…..and … given the timing of this announcement I suspect China’s many insiders also know what is becoming more clear by the minute; Trump has the votes for Kavanaugh.

    Somebody hand Brett a beer and we’ll all drink to his upcoming nomination!


  39. railer says:

    Lighthizer’s comments are gold. He said as he was being sent off by Trump to do this work, Trump left him with two comments. One, he’d back whatever he did 100%, no exceptions. What a concept, eh? The boss actually supporting the worker bees in all their endeavors, not interfering and nitpicking? And two, Trump told Lighthizer to “have fun” while you’re doing this.

    This Trump guy is a superb leader. You couldn’t send somebody off to do a tough job with better preparation than that.

    Then Lighthizer pointed out Trump’s grit, and how that was indispensable in concluding all this. He was gritty. Yes, brother Robert, he is that.

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  40. gymcy81 says:

    Look what happened to Detroit MI. (Motor City) and Gary Indiana, Cheese factories in WI., in the last couple of decades…closed buildings.

    Are they saying that the giant vacuum sound (of jobs and manufacturing ) has been turned off …. and that the jobs and manufacturing may be returning – due to a better, more equal AMCMA ?

    WOW !!!

    Love thy neighbors….
    Matthew 22


  41. visage13 says:

    I love how he handled the presstitutes today. You never think (hilarious) (ABC hack) you are done no more questions from you I don’t know who she was but I am sure she is crying on Twitter about it. I love how he went off on the Dems and specific people. Our President was on fire today!

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  42. gymcy81 says:

    Look what happened to Detroit MI. (Motor City) and Gary Indiana, Cheese factories in WI., in the last couple of decades…closed buildings, lost jobs, unemployment check$, food stamp$…increased dependency on the government funds (from taxpayers ) and decreased independency and liberty.

    Are they saying that the “giant vacuum sound” (of jobs and manufacturing being pulled out of the US ) has been turned off …. and that the jobs and manufacturing may be returning – due to a better, more equal AMCMA (pending Congressional approval etc.)?

    WOW !!!

    Now. to get more folks in DC to vote yes for better business (all across the USA) and more financial independency and more defending of liberty, and public safety.

    Here comes election days (absentee ballots, election places etc.) ….

    Love thy neighbors….
    Matthew 22


  43. Greg Gutfeld’s “Bucket of Trump ” on Saturday night was over the top funny and spot on. He’s taming the world without using the military.

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  44. Sharon says:

    Charles your concern has been noted 😩😏


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