President Trump Rejected Meeting With Trudeau After Trade Conflict…

During a U.N. press conference President Trump was asked if he rejected a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  President Trump affirmed he did reject a meeting over the ongoing conflict within the U.S-Canada trade issues.  CTH Readers will likely remember when President Trump was going to announce the U.S-Mexico trade deal, Trump attempted to call Trudeau in advance. Justin from Canada rejected the phone call.


Justin and Chrystia from Canada have made a political decision to reject any trade negotiations in favor of using conflict with President Trump to aide their domestic political agenda. Justin and Chrystia are counting on U.S. political opposition to block POTUS Trump from ending the tri-lateral NAFTA deal.

However, what Justin and Chrystia have not considered (nor anyone else), was U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Trump anticipated a political approach several months ago. No-one dissects the details within a contract better than Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. He is legendary in the business world for this specific skill-set.

There is a very good reason why the U.S-Mexico deal was structured with strong benefit toward the Mexican economy. POTUS Trump and Wilbur Ross knew prior corporate investment in Mexico, tens of billions, combined with modifications to the ‘Rules of Origin’ would benefit both Mexico and the U.S.

Specifically, EU auto companies using Mexico for manufacturing would need to add to their investment within Mexico to meet higher content requirements.

Additionally, within another part of the strategic agreement, President Trump and Wilbur Ross structured the big picture to enhance U.S. investment in Mexico in the energy sector.

USTR Robert Lighthizer then executed on the U.S-Mexico strategy by building the framework for a trade bloc that is actually better for Mexico than the original NAFTA. In essence, Lighthizer made Mexico a regional “MFN” (Most Favored Nation).

The result of the U.S-Mexico agreement is a joint trade bloc that enhances the Mexican economy with a much larger (expanded investment) and stronger (industrial/manufacturing) relationship to the U.S. This joint agreement makes Mexico far stronger.

Now, why?

Why was so much emphasis put on making the terms so much better for Mexico than the existing NAFTA?

The answer circles back to the political approach by Canada to oppose President Trump.

After AMLO won the election…. long before anyone was paying attention…. Team USA entered into a joint “trade strategy” with AMLO’s objectives in mind. The AMLO objectives, to expand the Mexican economic base, are based on different policies from the Pena Nieto administration.

In August Mexican trade representative Jesus Seade (AMLO) and USTR Lighthizer (Trump) privately cemented the framework.  After the U.S-Mexico deal was announced, in the past six weeks the details have been filled in.

What Canada did not factor into their political approach was the likelihood that Mexico, not the U.S., will actually be the first country to exit NAFTA.

Mexico exiting NAFTA first removes the political leverage from all of Trump’s opposition.

The political dynamic changes.  President Trump is then responding to the Mexican withdrawal.

After Mexico announces their exit, the U.S. team will announce the details of the U.S-Mexico deal that are based on a bilateral agreement. The bilateral agreement means the U.S. must also withdraw from NAFTA. This move negates Canada’s ill-fated political scheme.

What’s Canada going to do, start publicly denouncing Mexico?


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200 Responses to President Trump Rejected Meeting With Trudeau After Trade Conflict…

  1. So, treaties are ratified/handled by the Senate, as I understand it, so the implosion of NAFTA and replacement with USM (U.S./Mexico) would go before the Senate, rather than before House Commerce Committee Can someone confirm this? Who will be the Senator working with Pres. Trump on this?
    It would be best to get this handled now; which is another reason to get thru Kavanaugh confirmation so that such issues can take center stage. Given the total unhinged idiocy of the Dems, can’t take anything for granted right now, even if it is manifestly good for USA.

    As an FYI, House Commerce Committee shows the following: Greg Walden (R-Ore) is chair; Steve Scalise is also on this House committeee. Frank Pallone- D-NJ is the ranking Dem.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      There are a few paths renegotiating NAFTA can take. Lighthizer explained it all and SD posted it. Here is what I remember:
      1. NAFTA can be canceled by PDJT, no Congressional approval needed.
      2. NAFTA can be modified by PDJT, no Congressional approval needed.
      3. US/MEX agreement with Canada is a NAFTA modification, no Congressional approval needed.
      4. US/MEX agreement as is will be a new agreement. Congressional Approval required.

      Current status:
      1. Congress has been notified NAFTA to be cancelled I believe it is 90 days (Dec).
      2. US/MEX agreement to be voted on by Congress if Canada does not agree.
      3. Canada could be separate agreement, must be voted on by Congress.
      4. So far no Canadian agreement and NAFTA will be ending (Dec).

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    • Barbara Byrdic says:

      I don’t like “most favored nation”. This has been a disaster with CHINA cheating and lying.


  2. The Devilbat says:

    When Sparklesocks finally figures out just how badly he has been beaten, he’s going to cry until his eyebrows drop off.

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    • MaryLS says:

      Not if the stupid peopke in Canada give him another mandate, and unfortunately there are a lot of clueless people in Canada who just gobble up whatever narratives are put forward by the CBC. It’s very sad for Canada.


  3. Cooper45 says:

    Freeland and Justin received the recognition they deserved from PDJT at the press conference for their various anti Trump antics that have been well publicized.

    I suspect Justin and Chrystia have been happily celebrating or partying with other liberal ideologues for being publicly chastised by the “tyrant” Trump no matter how much their snobbish and imprudent behavior costs their country economically.

    I doubt many of the gullible Canadian voters, that believed the pro Justin propaganda of the CBC and the constant MSM anti Trump smears from the USA and then obediently voted to prolong the radical Trudeau dynasty, had any idea how much harm Junior would do to Canada. I guess they’re about to learn just how much.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Like China, Canada expects the new Congress to block PDJT. If that happens UC/MEX agreement will not be approved but NAFTA will still end (Dec).

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    • SnazzyD says:

      Enough with the “gullible Canadian voters” crap. You gave Obama TWO terms…give us a break.

      Justin from Canada is seeing his popularity tank, and it does not look like he will win a second term when fed up voters go to the polls in a year. His Liberal party was demolished in Ontario this year, and the amateur idiocy of his cabinet is on full display nowadays.

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      • Cooper45 says:

        “You gave Obama TWO terms…give us a break.”
        Who are you referring to as “You” Snazzy?

        I have never and would never cast a vote for either Justin or Obama.

        I’m sure many Americans that voted for Obama once or twice can’t believe now that they were duped by Obama’s teleprompter rhetoric and the endless media hype about a charismatic political superstar candidate. Trump gained many of their votes.

        All of us have made wrong decisions in our lives that we regret, but in politics there are so many well funded campaigns and endless negative ads etc. that try to persuade voters who not to vote for and who to support unlike other aspects of our lives where we have a freer mind to choose wisely or unwisely.

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  4. SonAmRev says:

    Late to the party here, sorry. Canada is a “socialist” country with 36+ million. Mexico is a poor country with 127+ million but a growing middle class. (I live 90 miles north of Mexico and have been there many times. You should see how savvy they are shopping for things at Wal-Mart and Costco for their casas. Still way too much corruption, but that’s off topic for now.) Both countries have great resources, but Canada’s are much harder to get in the frozen north, eh? Trump wants a much higher wage for Mexican workers. That means they can buy stuff and build a strong middle class. So you can sell things to a 36 million population that has limited growth potential or a 127 million population with a huge growth potential. No brained with added benefit of less motivation to leave Mexico for the US. Win/win and more win.

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    Maybe Canada will become part of the Great Britain deal. That’s probably where they belong.


  6. Suzebeez says:

    A better Mexican economy also keeps people from flooding our border.

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    • diddle40 says:

      Absolutely. And imo it was what DJT was saying in his UN speech.

      Countries need to re-make themselves great so that they can provide properly for their own populations.

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  7. railer says:

    Trump is amazing. He’s thought ahead and even structured this deal so that it’d be MEXICO who voided NAFTA. Here I thought he’d had a major coup in negotiating a deal with Mexico, and that was win enough. But he’s thought this ALL the way through and has incentivized that deal’s full execution, BY OTHERS. This man is a genius. And he’s put Mexico in a position where they take in massive capital investment if they void NAFTA, so they are certain to make the move, because he’s incentivized them to do so. He’s just amazing.

    Poor Canada will have to play catchup now. I’m sure Trump has thought that through for them though, and provided avenues for this when it eventually occurs, with the next Canadian federal government. We’re all going to do well here in North America after this is wrapped up, I expect.


  8. jameswlee2014 says:

    Death to the Iciclehaeds!!!!!


  9. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Re: Mexican population growth.

    During the last decade, Mexican population growth has leveled off to around 1%. This represents a decline, actually, and is below replacement level.


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