A Pragmatic Canadian Conservative Discusses Trade Conflict and Justin’s “Cultural Industries”…

Justin from Canada has drawn a line-in-the-sand during negotiations toward a U.S-Canada trade agreement. Justin has stated that any market negotiations must necessarily exclude the “Candian Cultural Industries”; those industries cover telecommunications and media. Justin will not allow any media competition within Canada.

On the Ezra Levant Show he is joined in a pragmatic discussion with Frank H. Buckley, Foundation Professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, to discuss a recent appearance on the Canadian Broadcast Channel where he criticized the Liberals’ incompetence during the NAFTA negotiations.

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89 Responses to A Pragmatic Canadian Conservative Discusses Trade Conflict and Justin’s “Cultural Industries”…

  1. Leucothea says:

    Trudopia is under China’s spell like Korea Norte

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  2. tav says:

    I must destroy Canada in order to save it.
    – Justine Castro Truedue

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  3. Grandma Covfefe says:

    “I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.”
    Edith Sitwell

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  4. wheatietoo says:

    A lot of US Film Companies do their productions in Canada…to avoid the higher production costs of making their films in the US.

    It is similar to the way that US Manufacturers have relocated to other countries, to save on labor costs…and avoid burdensome regulations.

    The flight to Canada to make films has been going on for decades.
    The Canadian Govt has even offered ‘incentives’ for film companies, to come there.

    I’ve been wondering if this is part of the “Cultural Industries” that Trudeau & Co are referring to?

    Film and TV productions pump a lot of cash into the Canadian economy.
    But those productions are not inherently ‘Canadian Culture’.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      “I’ve been wondering if this is part of the “Cultural Industries” that Trudeau & Co are referring to?”

      Well if you think about it, Trudeau and Hollyweird are cut from the same cloth so no surprises there.

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      • Lined-out Hymnody says:

        That was a much bigger industry 15-20 years ago (around X Files time filmed in Vancouver for example) but it is still a substantial industry here. Our government could mean film and tv production industry or that could be a part of it.

        I took it to mean our internet and cell phone providers. We have regulations and only certain providers are given license to operate. A lot of these providers are media conglomerates with radio and tv stations. We also have something called “Canadian content” so a certain percentage of a network’s shows or songs on the radio have to be Canadian. I took it to really mean this industry that is tied in with radio, television, film, internet along with our Canadian Content rules.

        There is a formula they use, for example a song by an American but produced by a Canadian gets some points, a song by a Canadian artist, written by a Canadian gets even more points and so on. They would need to play in each 24 hour period a certain number of points.

        This is what they want to protect and its tied in to internet and cell phone providers (media companies that are powerful).

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        • Michael says:

          We also have something called “Canadian content” so a certain percentage of a network’s shows or songs on the radio have to be Canadian.


          VSGPOTUS Wants a higher “North American Content” actually made in NA for the benefit of North Americans and yet Princess Sparkle Sox says “no way we want to continue to launder Chinese crap and call it ‘Canadian’?”

          Talk about Chutzpah!

          Lined-out you have my sympathies having gone through decades of traitorous “leadership”.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Heheh, yep.

        The thing is…the tariffs should apply to all the products that are made elsewhere in order to avoid the higher cost of making them in the US.

        So perhaps that’s what is going on with wanting to carve out protections for “Cultural Industries”.

        Just like the car companies…the Film companies might come back to the US, if there is no longer a savings by doing their productions in Canada.

        Hollywood leftists claim to be ‘for workers’.
        But they’re not.

        In the Film Industry, there are Unions…for everything.
        This has raised the cost of producing movies & tv, here in the US.

        This is why some film companies have fled to other countries, to do their productions.

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    • cthulhu says:

      Heh. The story (as I heard it) was that SCTV had been approached by the CBC with a demand that two minutes of every show needed to be “identifiably Canadian content.” The show replied with, “look, this show is being made in Toronto by Canadian actors and writers, with a Canadian production crew — what more Canadian are you talking about….two beer-swilling guys in toques talking about back-bacon and snow while saying ‘take off, eh!’ and calling each other ‘hosers’?”

      And thus was born “The Great White North.” The CBC agreed that would be more “identifiably Canadian.”

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Bill Clinton’s Canadian bagman owns Lions Gate which is fully subsidized by the government in Canada to steal American jobs. Another socialist billionaire feeding at the trough.

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    • mickjt says:

      Canada has figured out how to skim the cream off the top of OUR businesses…and we just watch and let them do it!

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    • In the past many HGTV amd DIY shows were filmed in Canada. Not sure about currently, it’s like follow the money when subsidies are involved. This article from the Calgary Herald sheds a little light on the film industry in Canada. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/lights-camera-massive-film-subsidies

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  5. Grandma Covfefe says:

    “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”
    Napoleon Bonaparte

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    • fleporeblog says:

      The Canadians have no one to blame but themselves! This save the planet MORON was elected by the citizens of Canada 🇨🇦. He is not only going to destroy their Energy Sector but he is also going to destroy their Automobile Sector as well. Our President is going to impose the 25% tariffs on all cars, trucks and parts imported into our country from Canada 🇨🇦. It is just a matter of when at this point.

      Keep on eye on the Toyota Factory! They will be one of the first to leave.


      From the article linked above:

      More than half of the RAV4 are imported from Japan, while the rest are made in Canada

      TOKYO— Toyota Motor Corp. TM -0.74% said Wednesday that its shipments from Japan to the U.S. rose 22% in April, highlighting the problem it faces if the Trump administration makes good on threats to impose higher tariffs on imports.

      The problem is crystallized in one model: the RAV4 sport-utility vehicle. It is the most popular Toyota among American consumers—and none are made in the U.S. More than half are imported from Japan, while the rest are made in Canada and imported tariff-free under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

      Earlier this month, the Trump administration said it was considering a plan that would increase tariffs on cars and car parts, citing national security concerns, with possible duties on automobile imports of up to 25%.

      You are going to see a mass exodus occur rather quickly! That will be an additional 150K Canadians without a job.

      However, Justin, Barnie the Dinosaur 🦖 and the folks from Ottawa will make sure they increase the number of cows 🐄 so that those workers will have jobs squeezing milk 🥛 for them to not only drink but swim in as well.

      This tweet from our President tells you exactly what will happen to Canada 🇨🇦 once those tariffs go into effect. The Multinational Auto Sector will scream and complain and our President will put out a similar tweet.

      PDJT that Money talks and Bullshit walks! Sorry Canada 🇨🇦 it is not personal its business!

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      • Lined-out Hymnody says:

        Perhaps this will wake us up, like President Obama did for the USA.

        We have had a very slow economic decline but a constant one. It has effected our small cities, towns and rural areas the hardest. The big cities are in a long running real estate bubble. The rural areas haven’t changed a lot, while the cities to me are unrecognizable from my childhood (I’m early 40s).

        It is very sad to me. We are like 2 different countries, urban and small city/town and rural. Pray for us.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          I really feel bad for you and others that have to live through this nightmare. That is why the Electoral College is the greatest thing our Founders decided to implement. Otherwise we would be in the same situation. This is the reality under the MORON that calls himself your PM and regrettably it will only get worse:

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          • Coldeadhands says:

            Here’s a bit of irony… the most populous cities at the time of independence were Philadelphia, @ 40,000 – New York, @ 25,000 – Boston, @ 15,000. During the same period, the population of London was @ 760,000.
            Were it not for the size of London and its outsized influence in a parliamentary system would the founding fathers have arrived at the design for the Electoral College?

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        • Dennis Leonard says:

          This is your problem under Parliamentary rule and no Electoral college,of course you could change it ,but God Save The Queen,but since the French rule Canada who knows now.


        • MAJA says:

          On a lib fb post, they are talking about what an awesome speech 0bama gave and how they miss him so.


        • gman-reloaded says:

          That’s a nice thought-“pray for us”. Sorry, but it’s too late for that.


          • Coldeadhands says:

            Have you ever noted the content on the home page here? Everyday the Lord’s Prayer is posted on that home page…and everyday there is a link to a page provided for prayer requests. Sorry but this is not a forum that lends itself to the notion that it’s too late for prayer.

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        • Peppurr says:

          I can attest to the real estate bubble in Vancouver. And who are the major participants in that? Why the Chinese, of course! I sold told my house there a year ago to move out East. It ended up in a bidding war! Chinese family lives there now.


      • Paqul Killinger says:

        The problem is Abe is an economic pig and the Japanese are just that many more parasites on US consumers while stealing ouf jobs.

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      • oncefired says:

        The 2 Idiots in Canada are making a political calculation for the Lady-Boy’s reelection in 2019. It just goes to show that they are willing to play with the jobs and lives of so many of their citizens just to remain in power. Liberals/Progressives literally do not have a Soul! They have no problem throwing out the auto industry and destroying peoples lives just to remain in power, not to mention it will throw the Country into deep recession. I don’t know why PT is even giving them more time, kill NAFTA and take the deal with the Mexicans and slap Tariffs on them! It’s about time the Canadians wake up and throw the left out of Office, we see it happening in more and more European Countries every time elections come up.

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        • jrapdx says:

          I dunno, seems like a bad way to convince Canadian voters to vote for ’em. I mean, tossing the auto industry out of the country and putting >100K people out of jobs is not going to endear leaders to their electorate. Rather I’d expect them to go down to defeat in the elections next year, I’m sure few reading here will shed a tear for their political demise.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Your right! The notice to Congress is in. He has until the end of the month to get Canada on board. It won’t happen which will lead to NAFTA being terminated in the first few days in October. The six month clock will commence.


      • Michael says:

        Chinese apple growers doing work illegal alien workers just won’t do in America.

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      • mickjt says:

        At a point it gets very personal when Eyebrow Boy tries to push President Trump around…

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    • Paqul Killinger says:

      He would know.

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  6. Jedi9 says:

    I posted this same video in the September 9th Presidential Thread. This guy (Buckley) pretty much nailed it on the head, and to be honest its embarrassing for Canadians that the truth has to be found out this way in American media of all places.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Not surprising that’s where it would found given how intent the Canadian leadership is on “protecting” their “cultural industries” from the horror of actual competition. Would not be surprising to find Canadians “escaping” to American media under the monopolistic conditions mandated in Canada. Not that the media in the US are all that much different, there’s a media monopoly operating in the US too, but to be sure not in exactly the same way as in Canada leaving room for commentary about Canada’s plight.


      • Hope says:

        The CBC is the tool the liberals use to control most of the discourse. There is almost no alternate media. The CBC relentlessly attacked Harper and got Justine elected. Justine promised the state financed CBC a huge increase in funds and they essentially became his campaign party. It was a hideous conflict of interest that the overly polite folk of Canada did not react to.
        Now you see why the Liberals will never surrender their “cultural” industries. The CBC is the Ministry of Truth in a soft version of an Orwellian control of the discourse.

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        • jrapdx says:

          Doesn’t sound so different than the American MSM who have been relentless in trying to undermine PT and support the Uniparty “obstructionists” in Congress. Many people are of the opinion that the media were all in for Obama, never exposing the malfeasance of Obama administration officials coming to light in the last year and a half.

          The media goes out of the way to destroy competition from non-leftist authors and publishers. Conservatives have been the targets in both countries though methods of suppressing alternative voices have varied.


  7. Lined-out Hymnody says:

    The second clip of the CBC lady was embarrassing. Every so often while driving I say to my wife if she’s with me, “lets check in and see what they’re saying at the CBC” and I tune in to CBC Radio, it usually doesn’t last very long. It seems to be about 95% women over there. Lots of diversity.

    Long on innuendo, very short on factual reporting.

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  8. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Obviously they are hell bent on turning Canada into a third world nation by the systemic destruction of it’s middle and working class just like Obama almost did to us. They don’t want any competition with the socialist propaganda narrative being disseminated. Gee sound familiar? These people have one playbook and lack any imagination whatsoever which will be their ultimate downfall!

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Canada is riding onThe Obozo Express Limited, imported—rather thrown out— of USA.

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    • MAJA says:

      Maybe we can issue temporary worker visas to Canadians that want to or can commute until Canada can find their Lion.

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      • Paqul Killinger says:

        Canadians are free to legally emigrate to the US any time they’d like. Were it me, I’d be paying attention to the old adage, “Be sure to turn out the lights if.you’re the last one to leave.”

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    • woodstuff says:

      Indeed, Cheri. Trudeau administration (willfully) want to destroy the Canadian economy. The reasoning is clearly the same as that of little barry. Our Lord must intervene to save Canada. We need to ask for His help.

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      • Thank you woodstuff. Canada does really need prayers. We might be going into an election soon. Trudeau can call one any time from this fall to end of 2019. At least the conservative party is running on helping small business, lowering taxes, scrapping the carbon tax…so Canada just may have a chance… of not becoming Venezuela Trudeau is outed.

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    • Hope says:

      The few conservatives who understand what is happening up here see what is happening as a take over by the Globalists. A conservative blogger, Adam Daniel Mezei, said that if Justine Trudeau is re-elected, the globalists will have won. It is worse up here in the Great White North than most of you south of the border think.

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  9. Sentient says:

    Buckley had a good point around 7:30 that Canada is, in some respects, more conservative than the US: they have a lower corporate tax rate than the US – even after Trump’s tax reform and they have a merit-based immigration system. Whenever libs bellyache about Trump’s restrictionist immigration policy, I ask why we can’t have the same immigration policies as Canada or Australia. Those countries don’t take as immigrants just anyone who can someone sneak into the country. Why can’t we choose as future Americans people who have something to offer?

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  10. Angel Martin says:

    Never assume conspiracy when stupidity would explain it.

    Goes double for Baby-Doc and Princess Sparkle Dust.

    I have to say I do not agree with the Prof on the lessor regulatory burden in Canada, at least in the Federal sector.

    For example, the Trans Mountain pipeline. The Fed regulatory regime has created so many “stakeholders” with what amounts to a court enforceable veto, that it is just about impossible to get any natural resource project approved.

    People should know that the Trans Mountain is a side by side doubling of an ALREADY EXISTING PIPELINE !

    So all this environmental review, oil spill risk, migratory birds, endangered species, whale migration, Indian “sacred sites” … and all the rest of it concerns a pipeline which would be build right alongside a pipeline that already exists !

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the Trans Mountain is a side by side doubling of an ALREADY EXISTING PIPELINE !”

      There is so much oil in Alaska that the original plans for the Alaskan pipeline called for three four foot diameter pipelines to be built, the other two to be done after the first was up and running.

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    • oncefired says:

      And they killed it and put 8000 workers on the unemployment line!

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  11. AngelOne says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how much the left “leadership” is willing to sacrifice of other people’s stuff to satisfy their dogmatic ” principles “

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  12. LafnH20 says:

    Truedope is under the Globalist thumb. Imho
    They do NOT want to lose their influence.
    They do NOT want their Canadian msm to be outed as the criminal cabal that they are.
    To lose both the U.S. media AND the canadian media’s influence over free flow of information… and thus be outed as the CRIMINALS that they are… would be DEVESTATING!
    THAT, imho, is why Truedope is taking the position that he is.
    Imho, they fear the collapse of the U.S. media’s influence and desperately need to keep the canadian racket going in an attempt to “Wait out” this whole MAGA thang.
    Imho, Canada has the same “Sources & Methods – Situation” as the U.S. …
    And MANY other countries… Prolly.

    If The PEOPLEfind out… 🤔🤔
    Global Ramifications!!


    “If that F-ing Bastard wins we ALL hang from noises!”


    I say…

    🇺🇸VOTE 🇺🇸
    ALL OF IT!!

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    • Angel Martin says:

      “Imho, Canada has the same “Sources & Methods – Situation” as the U.S. …
      And MANY other countries… Prolly.”

      I’m sure it is worse. We don’t have the constitutional protections that Americans do. Imagine a Liberal party the same as the US Democrats and every “Conservative” like Richard Burr or Marco Rubio.

      That’s why I feel we in Canada have such a stake in Trump’s success. If you can’t turn this around, there is no way that we will.

      MAGA !

      Pray for President Trump !

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    I hope and pray for the sake of the Canadian people that they aren’t wasting Ambassador Lighthizer’s time. If they are, the pain will be magnified to a higher level!

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  14. gda says:

    In Ontario, we have a populist leader of the Conservatives, elected in a landslide – Doug Ford.

    Doug Ford wanted to eliminate waste. So he announced he was cutting the number of Toronto city councillors from 49 to 25.

    Cue the shrieking left.

    So where do they run? Why to the courts of course.

    Today an Ontario judge ruled that it was “unconstitutional” for the Ontario government to reduce the number of Toronto city councillors from 49 to 25. (This is the same judge, incidentally, who prevented the family of a dead US marine from attaching the fortune given by Justin Trudeau to AlQaeda prince Omar Khadr)

    Later today, Doug Ford upended the applecart, sending the progressives absolutely round the bend, by invoking an arcane Canadian thing called the “notwithstanding clause”

    In essence, he said to the judge “notwithstanding your opinion, I’m asserting my authority and doing what I said I would. So screw you”

    And the judge was powerless to stop him.

    Canada. Not over yet.

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  15. GB Bari says:

    Interestingly, Buckley seemed not to admire President Trump. He spoke around making any direct opinions of our president but praised the Mexican Trade Rep for his persistence and politeness. Then later he indicated that the US has had a good deal and benefit from trade with Canada ( guess he considers nearly a trillion dollar deficit over 25 years a good deal). IMO He implied that he was not in agreement with all of our demands.

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  16. ForGodandCountry says:

    Sundance wrote:

    “Justin from Canada has drawn a line-in-the-sand during negotiations toward a U.S-Canada trade agreement. Justin has stated that any market negotiations must necessarily exclude the “Candian Cultural Industries”; those industries cover telecommunications and media. Justin will not allow any media competition within Canada.”

    As noted on this blog many times, liberal ideas simply cannot compete in an open marketplace of ideas. Look at gay marriage…..twice voted down by the voters in CA, of all places. So what did they do? They turned to the courts and got the judiciary to mandate the issue by judicial fiat.

    Liberals would sell their mothers and children into slavery before they gave up their media monopoly. Today, in the US, it is the only thing keeping them relevant and alive as a political party.

    Which is why it must be destroyed.

    Fortunately, as things like Hollywood theater receipts, NFL ratings, crashing CNN viewership, etc. shows, they are destroying their media monopoly themselves….just more proof, in fact, that socialism and it’s practioners always fail(s) in the end. Always.

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  17. jsteele9 says:

    Ezra is always entertaining and informative. Neither of these qualities are readily available on the Canadian news networks that mostly funnel info about the USA from the American MSM. The CBC is a staunch liberal propaganda machine and the only fellow that thought outside the lib group think box was Rex Murphy that Buckley mentioned along with Ezra.

    But Levant “stepped down” from the CBC in 2015 and presently writes brilliantly for the National Post as a lone voice of reason in the political hinterland in Canada. He never jumped on the Obama Utopian Express like his CBC colleagues or the anti Trump fury barrage. He’s an independent thinker. A rarity in Canada like Ezra.

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  18. The Boss says:

    The sneering, obnoxious, ponderous Rosemary Barton (see clip starting 6:20) evidently knows one thing “more” about Canada than Professor Buckley, the location of every Canadian pastry shop.


  19. Rose says:

    Well Justine has to protect the media they work for him, for free or small doses of tax dollars via infrastructure projects. We do not have a free press in Canada, we have a compliant liberal lobby movement posing as the press.


    • GB Bari says:

      If the political hierarchy in Canada is anything like the U.S., the press does not work for Justine; he works for them.

      Case in point: PM Trudeau, like Pres. Trump, will eventually be out of office. The press however, never leaves office. They continue to control thought and propagandize the populace with their Leftwing ideology, propping up each “leader” who comes along and agrees with them.

      Those challengers who take differing views are castigated and never supported in the media. Academia teaches this Leftist ideology to each generation of new, young presstitutes; they go forth and keep that ideologically-based message in everyone’s face and ears by the way they spin and lie or hide unfriendly facts.

      The harbingers and masters of Leftist ideology are those with the loudest public voice. There was once a time when conservative thought was dominant and more prevalent throughout the nation. People felt secure in their beliefs as they were confirmed every day in the culture. The Left understood that was where they had to attack to destroy this country, and they did with alarming success.

      Up until recently, the Left has had little opposing competition in academia, arts and entertainment, and the media. Until conservatives learn how to re-take and hold at least an equal or stronger voice in all of those cultural institutions, we are always fighting uphill.


      • LafnH20 says:

        “If the political hierarchy in Canada is anything like the U.S., the press does not work for Justine; he works for them.”

        “People felt secure in their beliefs as they were confirmed every day in the culture. The Left understood that was where they had to attack to destroy this country, and they did with alarming success.”
        GB Bari,
        the culture they are Trying to Protect… IMO
        Is The Leftist Culture. The Usurpers Culture.
        Must keep the Leftist “Folks”…
        Who VOTE..
        On the Reservation.

        Nicely done.


        • GB Bari says:

          Thanks. President Trump is a rare and bold individual with a cast iron constitution. Most of us recognize his unusual traits and skills that enable him to work around and through the Left’s kultursmog and the historical level of both personal and political attacks that the Left has thrown at him. He has refused to work for the media – pretty much ignores and mocks them – and they absolutely hate him for it. So he along with 60+ million supporters – it’s probably much higher now – can make the Left’s very loud voice somewhat irrelevant.


      • mickjt says:

        What we need to counter the Leftist takeover of our institutions is mandatory balancing of those IN thise institutions…for example, No university should receive a penny of federal money or backup for student loans until their faculty is totally balanced…50% of Conservatives and 50% of Liberals. Same for Media etc. The Leftists always want things to be ‘Fair’, take that, roll it up and shove it in the Libs Faces or elsewhere…


  20. Padric says:

    OK, given what we’ve seen out of Justin in recent months I realize that I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here and that he is not a complete idiot, that there is a reasonable strategy to what they are doing in regards to trade policy. The only possible thing I can think of is this:

    They are counting on Democrats winning at least one house of congress and placing limitations on president Trump in some way that either limits the damage or completely undoes the new deal with Mexico. It can’t be that they’re planning on president Trump not being re-elected. Even in the unlikely event that occurs, the new president wouldn’t be sworn in until 2021 and then it would be months before a new deal is put together. That’s 3 years from now, a lifetime of lifetimes in the economic world.

    Now, all that said, I really do believe they’re morons and that they just have no concept of how to operate under a negotiation system where the other side doesn’t give a crap about their gender rules, they just want to make money. What makes it worse for Team Canada is that Team Wolverine doesn’t want to just make money. They want to make YOUR money.

    I was struck immediately in watching the interview when they brought up this very point, that the Canadians just don’t know how to operate when there is push back. My immediate thought was,”Oh, no.I feel so bad for our northern neighbors. Because if that’s the case, and it likely is, then then Trudeau is the northern Obama because he fell apart when Republicans pushed back as well and just couldn’t comprehend a world in which his vaunted brilliance was scoffed at. It didn’t go well for us and it won’t go well for them either. In fact, it may go worse, much worse. Our economy was more robust and diversified than Canada’s is.”

    To our northern neighbors, you have my deepest condolences for what is going to happen shortly in your country. Hurricane Reality Check is about to come ashore in Ottowa and my suggestion is to do what all people should do in the face of a hurricane. Get out of the path of destruction now or make absolutely sure you have the ability to survive if you decide to hunker down and ride it out.


  21. Larry says:

    Canadian Cultural Industries allow Canada to “punch above its weight”. Look at the role of Canada and the creation of the International Criminal Court.



    You can google to find more.

    Today’s context of the International Criminal Court is how it is used to “shake down” Israel and the United States. It’s a good thing that President Donald Trump has come out forcefully against the ICC and it’s band of globalist thugs.



  22. Sunshine says:

    Word is going around that Justin will call a snap election at the latest probably very early next year.
    Meanwhile, he’s sending Chrystia Freeland to address the United Nations and he’s setting aside Billions of our $ to buy a UN Security Council seat.

    To that end, he’ll prolong NAFTA discussions till after the snap election whereafter he’ll sign the Trump deal. Between now and then, he has the Trade Cartels in his pocket and Canadian sympathy for standing up to Trump.

    He’ll be reelected for another four years and to prevent massive loss to the auto industry, he’ll drop the Cartels. Consumers will see lower prices and will forgive him. That seems to be the strategy.


  23. clipe says:

    “Cultural Industries”
    That would be The CBC.


  24. Pokey says:

    No need to negotiate with these puppets. Might as well go to China to discuss their trade deals with Canada. Could ask them “what the hell?” about North Korea while we are at it. Now it is becoming sickeningly clear why China is doing over half of the manufacturing in the world. Don’t forget that above all else the Red Chinese are Communists. Canada’s government thinks they are in a high stakes game of virtue signaling. Looks like they will be exposed as being the third rate economic power they have always been. Maybe California could apply to be a Canadian Province and bypass the need to raise more taxes on their own. Canada could have a warm weather Province that has nice beaches and lots of undocumented citizens that could help with the virtue signaling program.


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