Positioning for Politics – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gives Remarks on Trade Negotiations…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks Friday, August 31, 2018 about the Canadian perspective on trade negotiations with the U.S. – Everything about the Canadian position is framed through the prism of politics not economics. Virtue signalling is the primary tactic.

Trudeau and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland are in a tenuous position, they cannot accept the terms of the U.S-Mexico deal because they cannot afford to drop the protections and carve-outs within their highly controlled and subsidized economy. Canada would have to: drop telecommunications and banking barriers; drop protectionist tariffs on Dairy and agricultural products; and drop subsidies for the lumber and aeronautics industry.

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87 Responses to Positioning for Politics – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gives Remarks on Trade Negotiations…

  1. Paul Apostle says:

    D’oh Canada

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      You wouldn’t say that if you knew how many Canadians want that unprintable momzer out of office and are secretly cheering on Trump! But “D’oh Canada’s current government” I am forced into complete agreement.

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      • Dennis Leonard says:

        If you are really wanting to do something,there is a way under Parliamentary Gov to get rid of sparkle socks,so have at it.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        Don’t feel too bad.
        We stupid Americans had D’oh bama for 8 years.

        {Up yours, John McCain.}

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      • daughnworks247 says:

        Treehouse has a large branch loaded with real Canadian patriots. We love you guys.
        Please pardon us while we spank Justin, on your behalf. Looks like we both have the same problem with media and censorship.

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      • Ozzytrumpster says:

        Whilst maple Castro and his purple sidekick are fully deserving of the bitch slap they have coming I grieve for the Canadian people. Also this may be calculated, incremental forced adjustments. Destroy dairy,timber,auto,aerospace etc all at once leading to serious destabilisation of Canada ( on USA doorstep), or smash the auto industry (China) whilst leaving the rest still functioning. Paced reconstruction of Canada’s economy rather than sending it into an immediate death spiral. On a personal note either the Canadian people take out Justine via vote of no confidence or he’ll have to crawl to President Trump over broken glass to even get back to the table. This dummy spit is going to turn out to be the time out from hell.

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        • railer says:

          No, Canadian dairy, timber, auto and aerospace will not be “destroyed”. They will exist just fine. All Canadians will see a remarkable price drop in dairy prices, a good thing. You’ll get to dump a bunch of dairy bureaucrats, another cost savings. Canada’s timber industry might see a minor production drop, but not more than 20%, and certain parts of Canada will benefit on price as well, if US timber crosses the border. Auto sector will not be affected, and in fact will grow as China components are reshored. Aerospace will take a minor hit, but it’s too strong to be overwhelmed by even the US.

          This is a great deal for Canada, although it will likely harm Trudeau politically. Who cares about that?

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      • Rachel Guess says:

        On a brighter note, I think the election is next year for Canadians, meaning the campaigning has already begun, so that is perfect timing for your constituents to take out the trash.

        Just how far will twinkle toes trudeau and the freeloader get if they lose access to free trade in the US market when the alternative is a substantial tariff? It will benefit the US definitely, however Canadians, while needing to restructure their trade a bit, can come out on top as well by being motivated to get rid of those politicians that are more interested in saving face than what benefits Canadians.

        If trudeau and freeloader do not make a deal they will be committing political suicide. Hop on board the Trump Train and see how capitalism will benefit your country too…:)


    • fleporeblog says:

      Canada 🇨🇦 has always been screwed! They thought the Mexicans were going to be there for them. Once AMLO won the Mexican Election, their partner was no longer interested.

      You can’t fix stupid. You have to destroy it!


      From the article linked above:

      Ford Motor Co. has ditched plans to import its Focus compact vehicle from China to the U.S., citing an expected hit from import tariffs the Trump administration put into effect in July.

      The U.S. auto maker had planned to begin shipping a new version of the Focus from China, starting in the second half of 2019. But a new 25% tariff upended the economic case for the import plan, said Kumar Galhotra, the company’s head of North America.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      Bigger fish — EU. This is aimed at the EU. Trump wants these “negotiations” to fail with Canada. As a warning to EU that he means business. As well as to China. Turns now to Europe. My approach would be to deal with those not in the EU. Work the periphery, these countries need trade and are not spoiled EU socialists. That will pressure EU big time. China is a year or more down the road – second term. China thinks they some how can wiggle into Europe, and create a trade group against us. Problem: EU has same issues with China — not happening. China will be left with the 3rd world markets, with failing economies like Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil. Look at their currencies . Five years ago they were 0.5 to the dollar, now Brazil is 0.25, Turkey is 0.15 (as is China), Argentina is 0.0025 and Venezuela is 0.0000004!! Wealthy trade partners there!! The kind that never default on their obligations (sarcasm)!

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      Sucks to be him…..


    • Jedi9 says:

      Nope! “You brought two too many!”

      This is a showdown folks!


  2. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    He reminds me of the guy in the cartoon …circling the drain, already half way down it …screaming “It’s not fair!” 🙂

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  3. Bud Klatsch says:

    I think his left eyebrow is failing again. Is that virtue signaling?

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  4. Slowkid says:

    Blah blah blah. Hey hey bye bye.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Loved that song….used to sing it when we kicked someones butt in sports….

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      • Slowkid says:

        That’s the song that came into my head. While reading the article. I,m from north central ohio. Nafta was one of many things that destroyed the rust belt. Crying ass shame what our government let happen to our manufacturing base. Cold anger yes. Had it for years. Never could understand why our politicians would let the U S A go in such steady decline. They never represented us the people. Just themselves. Glad I’m alive . May get to witness a turn around.

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    • calbear84 says:

      You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything – David Byrne / Talking Heads


  5. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    Outgunned, outmaneuvered, outwitted.
    Trump makes another incompetent bend over & grab his ankles…of course, Trudy has probably dreamed of that.

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  6. Knickoftime says:

    I can’t believe that he is betting that Trump is going to blink on this. Fool…..

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    • Paul Apostle says:

      Alinsky tactics is all they know and will never depart from it.


    • nightmare on k st says:

      they continue to go to the same old game plan, after Republicans propose legislation, Dems turn it over to the MSM as a Tag Team to work ’em over, Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, by the time for the vote the Democrats don’t have to do a thing, sometimes a Globalist Chamber of Commerce Rep will step up like Sasse, McCain, Graham, Flake or Corker will get a 911 call to action


  7. MIKE says:

    THAT’S IT!!! 150% tariff on U.S. made eyebrow glue.

    You wanna play, Sox? Let’s play!!

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  8. Ziiggii says:

    “No deal is better than a bad deal…”

    OK there Tru-doe, have it your way!

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  9. grlangworth says:

    Canada, give us your autos…Thank you very much.

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  10. rsmith1776 says:

    Could you repeat in Hindu? Could you repeat in Zulu? Could you repeat in Urdu?

    No wonder Canada never gets anything done.

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  11. dayallaxeded says:

    Look at the expressions on the young people behind him–the smarter ones are pretty easy to spot. They have skeptical looks, don’t nod, like bobble heads. They are distinctly unimpressed by Trudope. Only a few are doing the dumb jock thing, or knee jerk “I’m a brown person, so gimme” thing. Even the short-haired dark complected woman right over Trudope’s left shoulder looks like she’s thinking, “I don’t care about your progzi BS, I want opportunity!” Just my 2 cents, mostly b/c I can’t stand to listen or look at Trudope or Rainbow Sparkles Sausage.

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  12. magatrump says:

    He is such a little boy.

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  13. dd_sc says:

    I suspect they are still hoping Congress will bale them out. Schumer sort of srnt them a lifeline with his tweet that only a trilateral agreement might be legal.


  14. Risa says:

    Canada thought that beginning ” negotiations ” with Social Justice (a Marxism) issues was a winning strategy. They didn’t realize this was a business negotiation, not a grandstanding virtue signaling exercise.


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  15. Mashall says:

    Canada has leaned on the United States for Military Protection for many, many, years enabling them to spend their resources in other ways. FO Trudeau!


  16. citizen817 says:


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  17. Karl Ushanka says:

    He kept saying Canada is looking for a win-win-win agreement. It looks as if the final agreement will be win-win-lose, with Canada’s economy taking a hit in the name of “the environment.” Let’s see how that plays out.

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  18. Larry says:

    Canada is the “Lena Dunham” of the Diplomatic circuit. That means “High Maintenance”. She acts up in order to be the focus of attention. Trudeau played his/her role as expected.

    The USA and Mexico can proceed with their bilateral agreement after Canada’s display of diplomatic rigor. Mexico et al will have the TPP context to deal with Canada.

    I wonder what the future holds in store for Canada?

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  19. scott467 says:

    Interesting… he has the same ‘look down and to the right’ tell when he lies, both in English and in French.

    His wife probably never told him… that’s how she can tell he’s lying, too.

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  20. scott467 says:

    One of Chrystia Freeland’s best photos, her ‘impenetrable brick wall’ face.

    Arched eyebrows, wrinkled forehead, fake smile that doesn’t turn upward at either end, and absolutely dead eyes.

    That face is the result of years of facing questions she doesn’t want to answer. The purpose is to reveal no reaction whatsoever, no matter what is confronting her.

    It might as well be a full face mask.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Considering her shrink-wrapped dress that’s 4 or more sizes too small, one might say that she’s playing the “sausage role” in their government (bad pun, sorry)….

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      • scott467 says:

        She is the only other (current) Canadian government official besides Trudope that I’ve heard of. She’s everywhere he goes.

        When she’s not beating the pavement with the Mod Squad to the sound of Issac Hayes’ Shaft


    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Too much Botox like Lizzie Warren.


  21. thedoc00 says:

    If one followed Freeland’s short press conferences, she clearly stated all week that Canada was there for Canada, meaning a 1-way deal only. Canada has zero good faith the entire week. The president delivered his response to her comments via Bloomberg (whom he knew would deliver the message as part of the Swamp Media).

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  22. Child of Morning says:

    Canada is a wealthy, productive country filled with brave, productive people. No joy in this for me. I prefer that Canadian Teepers not hold Obama’s global malfesance against American treepers. They don’t. So let’s return the favor.
    I hope this can still be resolved with as little disruption ass possible. I pray a leader will emerge in Canada just as we have been blessed in America by PDJT forswearing his easy life in favor of hard, dangerous work in pursuit of our national renewal. The Canadian people deserve no less.

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  23. ck says:

    Canada will be fine. Just have to spank the little boy and send him to bed with no supper.

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  24. Joe says:

    I have done business, in Canada, for over twenty years. The Canadian government has made my experience miserable several times due to tit for tat spats with the US government and I mean MISERABLE. Although my father was a Canadian, I have no love loss for what is happening. Highly recommend Old Quebec City.


  25. citizen817 says:


  26. Deplore Able says:

    The next scene in this drama:

    USA gives notice to end NAFTA and drafts proposed tariffs on Canadian Auto Industry, etc.
    Let a few weeks go by to let the consequences sink in to Canadian workers and for Trudeau to consider the possibility of a vote of no confidence.

    At some point Canada calls for a meeting to negotiate. We don’t call them, they call us.

    At the meeting Lighthizer (in the role of Luca Brasi), places the current proposed trade agreement on the table and then informs Christia Freeland (in the role of Johnny Fontaine’s manager) that either her signature or …. will be on the proposed trade agreement by the end of the meeting.

    It’s not personal, it’s just business.

    Capitulate they must.

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    • tonyE says:

      Send them a horse, in parts…

      “Hey you, boy in the socks, prime ministah, whatevah! I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. No speaka no frenchie to me, no! We’re in America now.”


  27. And when Justine and Christia get hosed by Trump and Lighthizer, it’ll be, “This is a good deal for Canada.” Voters will decide (and knowing how far Canada has fallen, they may agree. #SoxRule!).


  28. The Boss says:

    This moron Trudeau is as bad to listen to as obama. Epic hypocrisy – we’re fighting climate change, and by golly, we’re going to send our oil resources to places other than the US because it’s responsible.

    Time for a no-confidence vote Canada! Run this weakling the hell out of government!


  29. Turranos says:

    TruDope even took the time to chastise those pesky conservatives that disagree with his moves. What a guy!


  30. Stan says:

    Trudeau The Dumber and Canadian Hillary.
    His baldfaced lies about not playing petty politics were hilarious


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