FUBAR – FLAK: NSA Purge – CHAFF: DOJ Removal – COUNTERMEASURES: Senate Intel Committee Report…

Three rather significant events surface today that might seem disconnected; but are actually related.  1) Trump NSA Tweet – 2) Scott Schools Removal – 3) Corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee [report released.]

Following Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee CTH has been mostly quiet on issues surrounding SpyGate and the DOJ/FBI corruption investigations. The reason was/is: during the Rosenstein testimony something became obvious.

In mid 2017 the DOJ-NSD small group executed a strategy to continue their Insurance Policy efforts; the FISC was a critical component and Rosenstein was a participant, wittingly or unwittingly, in the outcome.  More on that will follow later.

However, today, the downstream consequences from the Rosenstein revelations, missed by almost all who follow the details closely, begin to surface.  This is going to take a great deal of explanation; and believe me – there is no fun in writing this outline.

FLAK ♦It starts with a seemingly ‘out-of-nowhere’ tweet from President Donald Trump about the NSA and a data purge.  This tweet was actually anticipated; or, well, at least a few of us were looking for a signal that would confirm the ramifications to Rosensteins’ earlier testimony.

Remember, the NSA and FBI database abuse is at the heart of the FISA abuse story:

It might seem disconnected, but this tweet is directly in line with a finding from within Rosenstein’s testimony about the FISA application he signed (against Carter Page).

In 2015 and 2016 the FBI, DOJ (and approved “contractors” therein), were using FISA-702(16) “To/From” and (17) “About” database queries as tools to conduct political opposition research.   In a FISA court ruling, declassified in April 2017, the DOJ National Security Division and NSA admitted more than 85% of the prior searches were unauthorized.  [FISA Court Ruling – Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer]

NSA Director Mike Rogers had shut out “contractor access” in April of 2016; and in October 2016 he stopped allowing FISA-702 (17) “About Queries” entirely.  There was no identifiable process which could be put into place to stop the human factor from abusing the process.

Later in 2017, as a result of the 2016 NSA compliance audit; and as a result of admitting no system change could stop future abuse; and immediately following the FISA Court opinion on the abuse; NSA Director Mike Rogers made an official statement ending the FISA-702(17) “about” search process completely.    Within the statement:

[…]  After considerable evaluation of the program and available technology, NSA has decided that its Section 702 foreign intelligence surveillance activities will no longer include any upstream internet communications that are solely “about” a foreign intelligence target. Instead, this surveillance will now be limited to only those communications that are directly “to” or “from” a foreign intelligence target. These changes are designed to retain the upstream collection that provides the greatest value to national security while reducing the likelihood that NSA will acquire communications of U.S. persons or others who are not in direct contact with one of the Agency’s foreign intelligence targets.

In addition, as part of this curtailment, NSA will delete the vast majority of previously acquired upstream internet communications as soon as practicable.

NSA previously reported that, because of the limits of its current technology, it is unable to completely eliminate “about” communications from its upstream 702 collection without also excluding some of the relevant communications directly “to or from” its foreign intelligence targets. That limitation remains even today. Nonetheless, NSA has determined that in light of the factors noted, this change is a responsible and careful approach at this time.  (link – and read more)

Obviously with the tweet today from President Trump reflects this purge. The NSA continues to inappropriately capture phone calls and communications of U.S. citizens within its network.

POTUS Trump, and his campaign, having been victims to the abuse of the database, has an aversion to allowing warrant-less NSA communications captures; yet understands the importance of data collection as a tool for national security.   The intelligence apparatus wants to keep all FISA processes as tools; however, the executive branch is in a tenuous position if those tools are abused.

CHAFF ♦ The second related event that surfaced today was the replacement of Scott Schools.

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he will be appointing Bradley Weinsheimer as Acting Associate Deputy Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice. Weinsheimer will replace Scott Schools, who is leaving on July 6th to take a position in the private sector after close to two decades of service in the Department of Justice.

Weinsheimer will began serving as Acting Associate Deputy Attorney General upon Schools’ departure. In this position he will have no role in overseeing the Special Counsel.

“Scott Schools has been a fabulous lawyer for the Department of Justice for close to twenty years, rising through the ranks at the Department to become our most senior career attorney,” said Attorney General Sessions. “He has served with distinction in several positions in the Department, including as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, the U.S. Attorney for South Carolina and the Northern District of California, and as an Associate Deputy Attorney General. Scott has provided invaluable leadership and counsel in his years at the Department, and his service is an example to all. He will be greatly missed, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”  (read more)

As @almostjingo points out: Scott Schools authorized Robert Mueller (link) Scott Schools delivered Page/Strzok text messages to Horowitz [He could also filter them] (link)  Scott Schools was a decision-maker in Jeff Sessions recusal (link).  The guy is all over the DOJ aspects to the issues surrounding prior conduct.

Scott Schools looks to have been a key player; a careerist within the DOJ who was likely part of the internal self-preservation system.  A defensive position for the interests of the Main Justice “small group” who were engaged in all of the political activity.

COUNTERMEASURES ♦ The third related event is a release of a report by Richard Burr and Mark Warner from the highly corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee.

Those of you who have been around a while might remember this exact playbook from the Benghazi corruption scandal.  Remember when HPSCI Chairman Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger report. I don’t like cussing for a whole bunch of reasons, but I’ll be damned if the similarities to 2014 are not jaw dropping [SEE HERE]

For the 2018 version, Deep State Richard Burr and Deep State Mark Warner team up with the Deep State Senate Intelligence Committee to produce a report that tries to make the 2015/2016 [Brennan/Clapper/Comey] Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA).

The Committee has concluded an in-depth review of the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) produced by CIA, NSA, and FBI in January of 2017 on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election (Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections; declassified version released January 6, 2017) and have initial findings to share with the American people.

• The ICA was a seminal intelligence product with significant policy implications. In line with its historical role, the Committee had a responsibility to conduct an in-depth review of the document.

• In conducting its examination, the Committee reviewed thousands of pages of source documents and conducted interviews with all the relevant parties – including agency heads, managers, and line analysts – who were involved in developing the analysis and drafting the assessment.

• The Committee is preparing a comprehensive, classified report detailing our conclusions regarding the ICA on Russian activities. That report, when complete, will be submitted for a classification review, and the unclassified version will be released to the public.

Senators Burr and Warner, both gang-of-eight members, are attempting to bolster manufactured lies from the Obama administration about Russian election interference in an almost identical way that Rogers and Ruppersberger, also former gang-of-eight members, were bolstering manufactured lies from the Obama administration about the precipitating events in Benghazi.   The parallels and similarities around both sets of reports are spooky.

Here’s the nonsense from Burr and Warner:


This is getting too long, so I’m cutting it off here and will write a Part II with a specific breakdown of the Rod Rosenstein testimony and how it overlays all of these issues and highlights a predictable DC end to this entire investigative outcome.

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  1. Amy2 says:

    Wow. We are cashing in our chips so early! (I’m at the top of the list I must admit!). We didn’t even pledge our lives, our fortunes or our sacred honor! We didn’t even go to a protest or leave our families to physically fight against the enemies. We are such weenies! Someone posted an Animal House clip. Remember when Otter finally rallied everyone? They went for broke at the end; made their point, consequences be damned.

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    • For Eyes says:

      Well, we keyboard warriars can shake our little fists, and threaten to hold our breath until we turn blue?


    • Avi says:

      how about start by ending the BS of Sessions playing 64-d chess or not -Animal House
      claiming “All is well”

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    • Minnie says:

      Indeed, amy2.

      Sundance presents fascinating theories and I respect his ability to do so on this open forum.

      He often opens our minds up to possibilities that are difficult to grasp and analyze.

      This is when we must apply critical thinking skills.

      Bottom line, I trust President Trump implicitly.

      If/when Mr. President appears worried, I take note, not a moment sooner.

      I will NOT allow the seditious, contemptible, evil sewer/Swamp to steal my peace.


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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Here you are Amy2,

      Destiny of The Signers

      The Declaration of Independence
      When the 56 Signers of The Declaration of Independence attached their signatures to that document, each knew they were committing treason against the British Crowne. If caught and captured, they risked death. But death would not be swift. It would be by hanging to the point of unconsciousness, then being revived, disemboweled, their body parts boiled in oil and their ashes scattered into the wind. Our Founding Fathers valued freedom, for themselves and their posterity, to the extent that they found this fate worth the risk. The story below tells what happened to the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.
      * * *
      What Happened to the Signers?
      This story comes from http://www.self-gov.org/liberator/

      Five signers were captured by the British and brutally tortured as traitors. Nine fought in the War for Independence and died from wounds or from hardships they suffered. Two lost their sons in the Continental Army. Another two had sons captured. At least a dozen of the fifty-six had their homes pillaged and burned.

      What kind of men were they? Twenty-five were lawyers or jurists. Eleven were merchants. Nine were farmers or large plantation owners. One was a teacher, one a musician, and one a printer. These were men of means and education, yet they signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing full well that the penalty could be death if they were captured.

      In the face of the advancing British Army, the Continental Congress fled from Philadelphia to Baltimore on December 12, 1776. It was an especially anxious time for John Hancock, the President, as his wife had just given birth to a baby girl. Due to the complications stemming from the trip to Baltimore, the child lived only a few months.

      William Ellery’s signing at the risk of his fortune proved only too realistic. In December 1776, during three days of British occupation of Newport, Rhode Island, Ellery’s house was burned, and all his property destroyed.

      Richard Stockton, a New Jersey State Supreme Court Justice, had rushed back to his estate near Princeton after signing the Declaration of Independence to find that his wife and children were living like refugees with friends. They had been betrayed by a Tory sympathizer who also revealed Stockton’s own whereabouts. British troops pulled him from his bed one night, beat him and threw him in jail where he almost starved to death. When he was finally released, he went home to find his estate had been looted, his possessions burned, and his horses stolen. Judge Stockton had been so badly treated in prison
      that his health was ruined and he died before the war’s end. His surviving family had to live the remainder of their lives off charity.

      Carter Braxton was a wealthy planter and trader. One by one his ships were captured by the British navy. He loaned a large sum of money to the American cause; it was never paid back. He was forced to sell his plantations and mortgage his other properties to pay his debts.

      Thomas McKean was so hounded by the British that he had to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Continental Congress without pay, and kept his family in hiding.

      Vandals or soldiers or both looted the properties of Clymer, Hall, Harrison, Hopkinson and Livingston. Seventeen lost everything they owned.

      Thomas Heyward, Jr., Edward Rutledge and Arthur Middleton, all of South Carolina, were captured by the British during the Charleston Campaign in 1780. They were kept in dungeons at the St. Augustine Prison until exchanged a year later.

      At the Battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr. noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the family home for his headquarters. Nelson urged General George Washington to open fire on his own home. This was done, and the home was destroyed. Nelson later died bankrupt.

      Francis Lewis also had his home and properties destroyed. The British jailed his wife for two months, and that and other hardships from the war so affected her health that she died only two years later.

      “Honest John” Hart, a New Jersey farmer, was driven from his wife’s bedside when she was near death. Their thirteen children fled for their lives. Hart’s fields and his grist mill were laid waste. For over a year he eluded capture by hiding in nearby forests. He never knew where his bed would be the next night and often slept in caves. When he finally returned home, he found that his wife had died, his children disappeared, and his farm and stock were completely
      destroyed. Hart himself died in 1779 without ever seeing any of his family again.

      Such were the stories and sacrifices typical of those who risked everything to sign the Declaration of Independence. These men were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged:

      “For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the
      protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each
      other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

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      • Amy2 says:

        Yes thanks for sharing this. I knew I had read it, but didn’t know the source! ‘Inspires us to quit whining! (so distant from winning)


  2. nimrodman says:

    I’m not sure I fully understand the NSA data purge.

    Is it simply the culmination that Rogers recommended in his review?
    Later in 2017, as a result of the 2016 NSA compliance audit; …

    … NSA Director Mike Rogers made an official statement ending the FISA-702(17) “about” search process completely…

    … NSA will delete the vast majority of previously acquired upstream internet communications as soon as practicable.

    And then: why back to 2015?

    Isn’t that when a lot of suspect queries were happening before escalation into 2016 and 2017?

    Rogers has stated, I think, that information about those queries has been saved as an audit trail, even if the queried/retrieved data would be deleted. We hope and trust that’s true.

    But does deletion of the data back to 2015 hinder investigation into the improper querying in any way?

    And then there’s the newly disclosed bit about “irregularities” in the data, or CDRs, or whatever.

    From the “unsettling day” article:

    NSA is deleting the CDRs because several months ago NSA analysts noted technical irregularities in some data received from telecommunications service providers. These irregularities also resulted in the production to NSA of some CDRs that NSA was not authorized to receive.

    Are they setting up an excuse for when the “Russia, Russia, Russia” business that “all 17 intelligence services agree”(TM) falls apart?

    Or when particular players were unfairly investigated (Page, Flynn, entire Trump campaign via one or two “jumps” rule)?

    They can pin it on “irregularities”?

    And on “some CDRs that NSA was not authorized to receive”? It wasn’t the Fusion GPS guys and other contractors doing improper queries, it was “irregular” data that shouldn’t have been in the NSA system in the first place? That kinda thing.

    As you can see, I’m having trouble understanding the significance and ramifications of the data purge.

    If it’s a continuation of what Mike Rogers set in action, and if he’s cool with it, then I’m fine.
    But if there are dangers along the lines of my other thoughts above, then I’m not so cool.

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    • Minnie says:

      Precisely, nimrodman.

      Critical thinking skills on overdrive here, as well.

      Ultimately, trust President Trump 🦁

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    • starfcker says:

      Why back to 2015? On June 15th 2015, Trump rode down the escalator at Trump Tower. There’s no need to go back further

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    • Dixie says:

      The way I interpret this is that they don’t want an audit trail. And we are suppose to forgive and forget. They are erasing the fingerprints of all the skunks.


      • nimrodman says:

        Thx, Dixie.

        Yes, that may be what we suspect, but I’m hoping to see that suspicion reconciled with Adm Rogers’ prior statements that he PRESERVED an audit trail.

        So I’d hope for documented statements about what’s going on, rather than rely on suspicion.

        I’d like an “explainer” on the official record. Maybe we get that with the IG rev 2 report, maybe not.

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    • blind no longer says:

      Nim, would those irregularities be the collection of data given to the NSA by Great Britain, Aussies and others? I’m with you here, just stabbing in the dark.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Dunno. Way above my pay grade.

        Perhaps the best we can hope for is an explanation from Sundance at some point, if he’s able to “know” from sources he may have. Or someone else with such sources.

        It’d be nice to have Mike Rogers explain publicly in plain English at some point about what went on.


  3. brschultz says:

    I thank the Lord Jesus Christ as much as my memory permits. For President Trump, my family, this blessed country, and most of the Lord Jesus Christ shedding His sacrificial blood for this wicked and wretched soul.

    All this corruption drops me to my knees and humbled me deeply, why did the Lord choose a wretched sinner like me to save??? He loved us while we were still enemies with God, Christ Jesus died for me, for you, for the world.

    It is an honor and privilege to enjoy the fruits and truth of this blog.

    Happy Independence Day, Happy USA Sovereignty Day, Happy No NAFTA much longer Day, Happy No Paris Climate Treaty Day, MAY GOD HIMSELF FORGIVE AMERICA OF HER WICKED CRIMES AND DEFEND HER SIMPLY DUE TO HIS OWN GREAT NAME’S SAKE!!!!

    1 John 4:10

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  4. Marica says:

    Landslide–TY! I was a bit Bitchy tonite–Sorry Treepers! Sorry SD. Sorry Ad rem…
    GOD HAS THIS!!!!!
    SD also knows this…


  5. True Treeper says:

    So much as already been said, don’t want to repeat it. I’d say the comments tonight are thoughtful and realistic….

    Will justice win out?

    I’m heartened by the man, PDJT. He’s a fighter, he’s relentless, never sleeps, works his ass off and likes to win. Remember when those poll results came back from Florida, then Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan? Remember how hard PDJT campaigned in those last remaining hours? Let’s have some patience. The economy is going gangbusters and the Libs can’t take the market down (although they’re trying hard to). We can’t say for sure, but it sure looks like the Democrats are going to get creamed in November for the reasons we all see…

    I think the reputation and credibility of the FBI after the first IG report and the subsequent hearings has been severely tarnished. McCabe’s in a world of trouble and Comey is likely to get prosecuted for leaking classified info, among other things.I think it’s likely the 2nd IG report on the FISA abuses will build on the credibility questions raised about the FBI and DOJ….how can anyone defend using the Steele dossier after all we’ve learned?

    This victory will come in stages. They’re be ups and downs….and that’s to be expected given the role played by the corrupt media and the entrenched establishment. A lot of fellow Treepers here feel frustrated and rightfully so. Expressing that frustration, however, doesn’t mean giving up. The vast majority of us are 100% behind our President and remain hopeful that in the end he will prevail. I think it’s going to happen. Look at all that’s been accomplished in such little time.

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    • Cow wow says:

      And I would also like to add have faith in the killer team he has assembled, from Carson and Pompeo all the way to Mulvaney and Wilburine!
      We are Americans first! We have a true American leader in our White House for the first time since Ronald Regan.
      And fight like hell!

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  6. Moe Grim says:

    That picture of Burr and his dominatrix Mark Warner is Classic. Awhile ago I copied it into my notes. Remember too the Sen. “intel” committee is chaired by this despicable coward, this mega Cuck Richard Burr and Mark Warner. There is no more repugnant Deep State cowardly Cuck than Burr, and of course Warner. Burr has the voters of N.C. thoroughly duped as does his committee member Cornyn here in Texas. Cornyn is most often seen as Michelle McConnelle’s second head alt left/right side depending where he can squeeze himself in whenever he’s with Michelle, cameras running. Hopefully we can summon a sufficient numbers to shuck Cornyn in 2020. Burr in N.C. as well.

    Remember too, the TAPES/MEMOS of WARNER fishing for a meeting with one ADAM WALDMAN the lobbyist who worked for Putin associate Oleg Deripaska (Deripaska hired Waldman for $40K per month) and FRIEND OF F-GPS CHRISTPOHER STEELE. https://www.scribd.com/document/371101285/TEXTS-Mark-Warner-texted-with-Russian-oligarch-lobbyist-in-effort-to-contact-Christopher-Steele#from_embed. The Warner-Waldman contact/s should, in a healthy country (we are not), have led to the censure of Warner and subsequent removal from the his position on the SIC next to his kindred Cuck Burr At Least. Part of the Warner-Waldman exchange…. On 16 March 2017 to “set up a strategy”:
    Waldman texts Warner: “Chris Steele asked me to call you.”
    Warner replies: “Will call tomorrow (be careful).”
    Warner presses Waldman to get him access to STEELE: “Can you talk tomorrow want to get with ur English friend”?
    Warner to Waldman: “We have so much to discuss u need to be careful but we can help our country”.
    Waldman to Warner: “I’m in.”
    Waldman to Warner: ” “I spoke to him (sic STEELE) yesterday.”
    Subsequently both finally connected about Steele by phone on 22 March. according to the records. Waldman later texted back that Steele wanted a bi-partisan letter requesting his testimony first. He added that STEELE WAS CONCERNED about this LEAKING TO THE MEDIA THAT HEY WERE TALKING. And it DID. Like Carlos Danger/Huma Abedin (via the NY FBI office) or we’d HAVE NEVER KNOWN never known about this either.
    On 22 March, Waldman who’s firm was closely allied with hclinton’s campaign receives from Warner this: “He’d rather not have a paper trail” of these messages.

    BURR covers for his dominatrix Warner: “I promised you when we started a year ago that the sensitive nature of that material would, in fact, be protected. The vice chairman (sic Warner) and I have done everything in our power to do that.”
    RUBIO Twatters: “Sen.Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. Has had zero impact on our work.”


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  7. Hmmm... says:

    Washington DC can play their games but the effect is more distrust and more anti-establishment candidates winning elections. They may have won the battle by covering up the Benghazi episode and all the other Washington coverups but they lost the war when Trump was elected. Trump is an open wound in their side and they are being damaged in ways they never dreamed possible only a few short years ago.

    The DOJ and FBI has a serious weakness if and when the time comes to make a stand. They rely on juries. Their status is determined by their success in front of juries. Trump supporters are the type of jurors the government relies upon to get convictions. We have far more power than many people recognize.

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    • blind no longer says:

      I like the way you think Hmmm… I personally wouldn’t believe anything the DOJ/FBI told me while sitting on a 20 foot stack of Bibles.

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  8. HickTick says:

    They better duck , he is throwing the Buick , don’t think he cant make them show those FISA warrants any time he wants .

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  9. So, were all of our hopes for justice in vain and have they always been? That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow, especially considering all of the awesome work SD has done to shine the light.

    The tone of the post makes it sound like this was inevitable and the end, but that doesn’t jibe with the SD’s efforts and tone over the last 18 months. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance. This place is absolutely the Last Refuge and, I feel, doing vital and powerful work..


  10. Deplore Able says:

    Take heart my friends. In WWII we got our asses kicked at Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. At the Battle of Coral Sea we lost the Lexington and nearly lost the Yorktown. But then there was the Battle of Midway, a glorious victory won because of signals intelligence.

    At the beginning of the current war, signals intelligence was on the side of cabal. Currently, signals intelligence is in the control of PDJT. PDJT is also in control of the Executive branch of the government. He can declassify any document at any time and release the truth to the American people. He will soon have a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Control of Congress is tenuous, but we may see a red wave in November. It seems near certain that the Republicans will keep control of the Senate.

    Did you think the cabal would lay down and give up without a fight? Resist they will. Fight they will. But lose they will, bigly.

    PDJT will not give in. He is a born fighter. Washington did not give in at Valley Forge. PDJT will not give in because of a skirmish or two on the Potomac.

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  11. thinkthinkthink says:

    That’s the spirit Codger!
    Wait… wha? The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???


  12. PureInHeart says:

    We must remember the victories we have had with our VSGPDJT! Tax cuts, Supreme Court, trade deals, foreign policy victories, the right-before-our eyes decimation of the Democrat party which is financially and morally bankrupt, the growing @walkaway movement, the corrupt media losing all credibility. These guys are GONE or soon to be…Al Franken, Harry Weinstein, Jeb! Bush, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Paul Ryan, NFL kneelers, Obamacare, most of Obama’s legacy. We will see many more victories. We must keep praying and standing with PDJT. Truth undermines the lie.

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    • Daniel says:

      WTF? (What’s That For) What is VSGPDJT? No idea what that would be entirely. I could guess maybe Very Super Good President Donald J. Trump?

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    • LEET says:

      I agree we must celebrate the victories and there are MANY with POTUS Trump at the helm. HOWEVER, one notable inclusion in your list should NOT be there. OBAMACARE IS NOT GONE. I know this because I am still paying, every month, a $1,000 premium with a $6,000 yearly deductible for “obamacare mandates” in my health insurance policy!


      • PoCoNoMo says:

        Oh, dam, that’s harsh. We fought a revolution over things like this. Happy 4th, everyone.


      • Ackman420 says:

        Obamacare: our family of 4 premium finally hit $1400 a month. That’s what our mortgage is. It was untenable. Our solution: My REDUCED her hours at work so that our income became low enough to qualify for OHP. It will now be about 700 month.
        Reality: Thanks to Obama, the more you work the less you get. Unreal.

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    • Farmkid says:

      Smoldering here on the 4th of July, commenters thank you all for the “attitude of gratitude” but the swamp slime is overwhelming my waders. This ICA report is the final straw: it is well crafted delivering the quoteable headlines for the Russia, Russia, Russia zealots, provides justification for the Mueller probe and now props up the rickety “victim Hillary” narrative and worse she will be dragged out in front of the cameras again. UGG! The torch on the final straw is the release of Imran Awan (deleted explative)!! This guy should be in Gitmo undergoing a “Haspel” interrogation to uncover: 40 incompetent/corrupted Democrats-aiding and abetting Awan with international spying, imbezeling, extortion, false imprisonment, domestic abuses……. We never learned what went wrong with the seal team raid in Yemen ; January 29, 2017. The raid cost Seal Ryan Owens his life and a $75 million V-22 Osprey : could Awan’s access to defense Committee emails been used to tip off the Yemeni’s who laid in wait? Or was it leaked from Val Jars second Whitehouse? Enough said: this is a day to celebrate the goodness of our citizens and the wisdom of our Founders besides, I’ve got watermelon to slice.
      GOD Bless America.

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  13. AH_C says:

    As for the NSA deletions, Q talked about it a couple of days ago, saying that after review, the whitehats kept what they needed and deleted the rest.

    Another take on the flak is here…

    Put aside any conceptions you have about Rosenstein and just listen to what he actually says.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “… after review, the whitehats kept what they needed and deleted the rest.

      That’s quite a revelation, do you have a link that you can post?

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Lots of interesting things in the Rosenstein quotes. One of my favorites is when he says that “no one in the FBI” briefed him on the FISA application. He does NOT say that no one briefed him. So–did anyone else brief him? If so, who?
      Another thing that impresses me is the way he avoids answering questions, not only.with the usual, “Oh golly, I can’t talk about that stuff, because it is [conveniently] classified” routine, but with quite artful misdirection. Well, it must be artful, since no one follows up on the original question.
      The clearest take-away, for me, from all of this is that Rosenstein apparently is not responsible for what others do in the DOJ. So why are we paying him? Or maybe, why do we have his position at all?

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      • Joann–you are so right.


      • Foxy says:

        RR and others are a fiendishly clever bunch – but they’re attorneys so that really is in the job description. The issue you pointed out re. “no one at the FBI” is a perfect example. We would all like to hear the answer to the now obvious question that was not asked..

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      • AH_C says:

        All I can say is that things are not as they appear to be on so many levels.

        We have to hold fire until we see the whites of their eyes. Right, too many ill defined shadows and rustlings out beyond the perimeter. Certainly don’t want to take out our own defenders with friendly fire.

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      • Farmkid says:



      • cali says:

        @JoAnn Leichliter: What Q also directed us too is the fact that no emails or texts were published by OIG Horowitz that do exist: Rosenstein secret gmails between Loretta Lynch and others, Comey’s and the rest of the Hussein administration downstream: They ALL had secret gmail accounts set up by Goggle via North Korea and communicated via these gmails. They often used ‘drafts’ that were then read by all and deleted to avoid collection. Except – nothing is ever deleted on the internet.

        The Military Intelligence and the other white hats ‘have the server’ ergo Rosenstein is now forced to turn over ALL withheld documents.


    • vincentcuomo says:

      Sorry, I can not any longer put aside my conceptions of Rosenstein and Sessions especially after Awan pleads guilty to making a false statement on a loan application and that pretty much ended the DOJ’s Awan case. Remember, Debbie’s brother was the attorney assigned to that case, now isn’t that special.


      • Sandra-VA says:

        “Remember, Debbie’s brother was the attorney assigned to that case, now isn’t that special.

        This is not true.

        He works out of the same USAttorney’s office, but he was not on this case…. however being in the same office is enough of a conflict that the case should have been moved to a different office, imo.

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      • AH_C says:

        Fair enough, we’ll see.


      • old deplorable owl says:

        The Awan case involves a LOT of Congresscritters and the DNC! Methinks they’re quickly learning about the dual edges of the sword of discovery. Much mo’ betta for all involved if THAT one quietly slips beneath the waves…….
        If it’s allowed to quietly die, we’ll know the corruption is still rampant, won’t we? Hoping we see a string of caustic tweets from that large feline we pushed into that big fancy house on Pennsylvania Ave.


      • AH_C says:

        What do you suppose is meant by the highlighted portion on page 10 of the Awan plea deal?

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        • cali says:

          AH_C: Think of it that way as Q advised: The major espionage against the United States of America and the 40+ Democrats among others does not belong in a court where the assigned Obama judge adjudicated this fraud case against Awan.

          The other major espionage + case is ‘with the right investigators’ as Q states as well as the fact that ‘THEY HAVE THE SERVER’! 🙂

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    • Greg1 says:

      Your post, and link, provided a different take on things. Interesting, and worth pondering. Thank you.

      Definitely more going on than meets the eye.

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  14. Luke Adachi says:

    As I read this again, what I see is that this is nowhere near their first rodeo. The deep state is built on greased palms favors and mutually assured distraction. Of course they are making their play to get this to go away. I’ll never forget the look on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s face when she was told that she couldn’t have a laptop back because it was evidence… That… That was something…

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    • dawndoe says:

      Yep, she immediately threatened that cop’s job. She seemed to be in panic mode.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        And now Awan walks away with a slap on the wrist and his minions and cohorts pay no price at all. Move along, nothing to see here.

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        • shadowcole says:

          He’s not walking away, trust me. The bigger picture will soon emerge and you will be happy with the outcome. Look up/search the term qanon or go to r/greatawakening at reddit here


          I believe Awan to be in protective custody which may be why the judge let him take the ankle bracelet tracker off. He is a huge threat to the deep state with all he knows about the server, which the white hats have, and who did what. He is turning into a prosecution witness for military tribunals for treason, sedition etc. against many top Democrats in DC. Those tribunals will be held at Gitmo not in federal court as it would be too difficult to find a non corrupt judge and jury.

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        • Notmeagain says:

          The pleas deal seems to be limited to the DC court, according to Imperator Rex. I can’t see how emails could be limited to one district though.

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        • AH_C says:

          Nope. He’s still on the hook. Look at the highlighted portion of page 10 in the plea deal.

          The deep state tried to bury it by indicting him in DC. They didn’t anticipate Ms Liu being in charge.

          The bank fraud is a juicy rabbit hole into his various accounts (discovery) leading to transactions to/from Awan. We haven’t seen the end of Awan.

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      • signer1 says:

        Yes, and then that laptop was handed over from an evidence room to the defense lawyer? More corruption!

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        • TomJ says:

          Unless Trump gets a handle on the DOJ all is going to be lost. It appears that is one of the reasons to keep the SC to hamstring Trump while they destroy everything associated with him.

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        • vincentcuomo says:

          But we are told to have faith in Sessions and Rosenstein; sorry, I can not have faith in those two any longer and Trump needs to remove Sessions; however, the GOPe will not make it easy for him.


          • Linda Smith says:

            What President Trump needs to do is simply put Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller and Wray and any others in the top two levels of the DOJ and FBI and the whole Mueller cabal on ‘administrative leave’. Then the Senate can’t do a thing to him and he can just move down the system until he finds someone that will do their job correctly and protect our Constitution and the American people.


          • AH_C says:

            Glad Trump doesn’t listen to lo-infos bringing up the rear in his Army. As long as Sessions is doing his job as planned by Trump, he’ll keep him.

            Seriously, why do you accept any lies from fake news and uninformed Patriots? Investigate for yourself. Keep in mind, that Trump can declassify any and every thing. That is his trump card. He can nuke the deep state and GOPe at anytime, releasing pain. As long as Trump feels he’s in control of the narrative, he’ll not need to declassify certain documents. But rest assured he will declassify enoigh to destroy the DNC and nevertrumpers before November

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  15. gda says:

    Lets assume for the moment that Sessions is not being sneaky quiet while playing x-dimensional chess (or just not commenting on some rather intricate investigations).
    Lets further assume that the relevant documents are not being hidden because they are part of those investigations.

    President Trump can, at any time (theoretically), change everything in a blink of an eye by ordering the release of every document outstanding. He can also release every FBI/DOJ whistleblower and order their protection.

    Let’s remember what’s happening &/or coming (possibly by November);
    – IG Report Pts 3 & 4 (&5?)
    – open testimony of every slimy worm in the DOJ, FBI & State (+WH)
    – meltdown & incandescent anger (TDS) on the left is alienating hordes of moderate, common-sense Americans. Even Democrats. Hispanic approval of DJT just went up 10% points in a week!
    – the Democrats have no leadership, no message and are imploding
    – the polls (for what little they are worth) continue to increase in favour of PDJT, disfavour Mueller
    – people tend to vote their pocketbook – economy has never been stronger

    Do you really think all this can get put back in the bottle? More than half the public are at least aware – by November that number will be 70/80%.

    “Forget it, Donald, it’s Washington”
    Do you really think that PDJT will forgive & forget?

    With record mid-term results – 60+ seats in the Senate, a comfortable majority in the House,
    With Mueller’s approval below 30% (and shrinking),
    Fire Rosenstein (if indeed he lasts that long – really should be gone already)
    Accept Sessions resignation
    Replace the AG
    Squeeze Mueller til he pops
    Release the documents

    Bring forth the righteous sword of vengeance (even if it’s only for the chosen few).

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    • Daniel says:

      There are traps laid out before the president. Agreed? Nearly all “I wish the president would just…” actions are likely to set off one form of trap or another. And so many of these traps either trigger some negative narrative or would serve as an excuse for some sort of impeachment rhetoric or even action.

      The president is artfully stepping around all of these traps and if I were to guess, there may well be a giant trap to be found in the actions people desire.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Right on target, Daniel!

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      • Foxy says:

        The obvious answer is that PDJT is not involving himself in this bc its not in his interests to do so. Almost w/o doubt he and a trusted team are fully aware of all of the details. DJT is artful, skilled and experienced in dealing with cutthroats, snakes and double dealers. My money is on PDJT.

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        • Thirsty Thurston says:

          Trump obviously feels good enough about what is coming down the line to arrange and meet with Putin. The photo-op with Putin is sure to encourage the Russian Collusion crowd to continue their spastic irrational cacophony and calls for impeachment, but Trump, knowing that he holds all the cards, is going forward. He clearly feels that enough of the American public is aware of the truth, so optics be damned. This is a REALLY GOOD SIGN.

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          • Farmkid says:

            Think of the timing he will be with Putin while backhome the MSM will be pumping out headlines pulled from this report:
            Russian effort to manipulate social media outlets to sow discord and to interfere in the 2016 election and American society.Russian Leadership Intentions
            The ICA states that:
            We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm
            her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump
            The Committee found that the ICA provided a range of all-source reporting to support these assessments.
            The Committee concurs with intelligence and open-source assessments that

            this influence campaign was approved by President Putin.
            Further, a body of reporting, to include different intelligence disciplines, open source reporting on Russian leadership policy preferences, and Russian media content, showed that Moscow sought to denigrate Secretary Clinton.
            The ICA relies on public Russian leadership commentary, Russian state media reports, public examples of where Russian interests would have
            aligned with candidates’ policy statements, and a body of intelligence reporting to support the assessment that Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for Trump.
            The ICA also states that: We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and
            publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him
            Intelligence Community Assessment: Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions
            in Recent U.S. Elections, 6 January 2017.

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        • He knows what is going on, I am sure daily briefed, but what he is doing, is going about the People’s Business, keeping promises, and making this nation great again, That takes up most of his time, so the other details is left for his administration.

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        • SouthernTrumpette says:

          ” The obvious answer is that PDJT is not involving himself in this bc its not in his interests to do so. Almost w/o doubt he and a trusted team are fully aware of all of the details. DJT is artful, skilled and experienced in dealing with cutthroats, snakes and double dealers. My money is on PDJT.”

          Mine, too, Foxy.

          Yes, these swine in Washington are tricky slime, but let’s not forget that The Donald cut his teeth on construction in NYC. For his entire life, he’s been dealing with corrupt city officials, union leaders, and the Mob. I’d bet the house on Trump.

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        • Steve says:

          Nailed it. I suspect he knows EVERYTHING. Bet he’s seen the contents of Weiner’s laptop. He tweets from time to time about Spygate to keep it in the public’s consciousness but in general, he’s remarkably calm about what is in effect a coup d’etat against him. I have this feeling that being HRC et al is going to be a very uncomfortable experience very soon.

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      • Jederman says:

        Not sure how a memo from the Pres to DOJ directing them to recognize congress’ oversight obligations and immediately comply with all document and testimony requests, past and present puts him in any legit jeopardy. These people (Exec Branch) work for him. He’s responsible for their actions or lack of.


      • vincentcuomo says:

        I agree with you about the traps; I think that Sessions and Rosenstein and the GOPe in the Senate and Paul Ryan in the house are the one’s setting them; the GOPe knows Trump is going to rebrand and change the GOP; these establishment guys are not going to go quietly; this is their Warerloo.

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        • Steve says:

          I’ll always remember Michael Moore almost pleading and begging DJT to sack Mueller. Luckily, Mad Mike’s a reverse political weather vane. You just do the opposite of what he thinks and says and you’ll be fine.

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    • cjacks2008 says:

      One of the things thats happening is “motivation for mid-terms”…..traditionally POTUS in power loses seats, once again, the opposition and the Never Trumpers are over playing their hands against DJT. All of the things we are looking for will have a shelf life of about 5 minutes with a MSM hell bent on indicting POTUS as opposed to the real culprits. Look for all things MAGA to come out about 30-45 days prior to the election for MAXIMUM effect on the RED wave….POTUS knows our side uses “cold anger” in a positive way, not the vitriolic insanity on display by the left, its all GOOD as they say, have faith in our President……:)

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    • and now there is the #walkaway campaign, or the #silent minority, which is taking many from the so-called left that do not like the extremes that the left has gone to. They actually, see what our VSPDJT (very special President Donald J Trump) is doing and has done and they like the results: but what is MOST amazing about our VSPDJT, is that he is KEEPING HIS PROMISES. Now, what politician/senator.congressman has EVER done that before?

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    • TomJ says:

      The best approach is to appoint a special counsel to investigate treason. The investigation should not exclude anyone and focus primarily on the coup attempt against the President.

      In addition it should be clear from the outset that a military tribunal is being set up to prosecute in the event the Special Counsel finds evidence of Treason.

      When that happens watch everyone run for the hills. The stakes will have been raised. Right now there is 0 risk to what the Traitors are doing as its still pretty much Obama’s DOJ with Mueller being used as a sword against all that oppose it.


      • AH_C says:

        Tribunals have the constitutional duty for handling treason. A SC is political theater designed to get around or cover criminality. Why on earth would we want such a thing?

        Sessions appointed Huber and he’s getting the job done. We’re already up to 40k sealed indictments. Check it, it’s all public record and unprecedented to boot.

        Relax, make some popcorn and enjoy the show as Trump works to return government power back to we the people. 😉

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  16. Rachel Guess says:

    Getting out the vote will be the most important issue of the year, which generally for conservatives is not an issue. With more and more people leaving the dnc due to the actions of their legislators, such as socialists running for House seats, the rabid mad maxine waters inciting harassment of Trump administration members, groups like antifa perpetrating physical violence against the Patriot’s Prayer group, the rioting such as at Berkeley, etc etc etc…the list goes on and on, and honestly it spells doom for the dnc because Americans, right or left, reject their actions on these issues.

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    • The only issue. Plus flipping friends and family.

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      • SalixVeridi says:

        Sadly, wish I could. The majority of my family have been brain washed by CNN, MSNBC, etc.. They are still of the opinion that DJT is in cohoots with Putin and they somehow, some way the vote was tampered with.

        They WANT to believe this. They hate the man so much, their common sense flies out the window. If I could ‘flip’ them, I would, but it is near impossible with today’s constant drumbeat of stupid/fake/manipulative news.

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    • Jederman says:

      I used to think winning at the ballot box was the most important issue too. Not sure what I believe now. What’s the point in trying to win elections, in practical terms, other than “it could be worse” if the other side wins. Wow, what a bunch of crapola we’re handing our children.

      Tax cuts are great but it’s not draining the swamp. See, everybody is all giddy over PTrump. That’s great and everything but who will be the next Pres?

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    • We still need to get out there and not be complacent about the so-called “wave” I wince everytime I hear it! I remember when President Clinton won his Presidency by 33% of the total population of the United States voting. We must get out there and vote, we must not depend on the other guy or the media, we must tell our friends to vote. This IS the most important election of ourlife times! Please make sure everyone knows and votes. Just because we hear more from the left are leaving and walking away does not mean they will vote in our favor!

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  17. TMonroe says:

    Corruption Junction, what’s your function?

    Dreaming and scheming and strangling liberties…

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    • Carl Strange says:

      Nicely done TMonroe. For those not familiar with the educational and entertaining “School House Rock” music videos, enjoy, “Conjunction Junction” – starts after the roughly 20 sec intro.

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  18. Another Scott says:

    The good news is the cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows these guys are full of it. Everyone knows these guys conspired to change an election and bring down a duly elected president. This kind of stuff just makes us more angry. They can two step and send out chaff all they want but people don’t believe them at all anymore and want them gone.

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    • For Eyes says:

      The cat may be out of the bag. We may know the cat is out of the bag. Having the majority of the citizens know the cat is out of the bag … none of this matters if there are no indictments and no repercussions, and the people who can bring indictments are not doing it.

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  19. sysconfig says:

    The Sound Report is Just that Literally..Sound and no substance just like the Dossier and prepared in exactly the same way…

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  20. Pyrthroes says:

    Trump is more than capable of unraveling these threads, striking on mystic levels unforeseen by we mere mortals. However, for backup context-and-perspective browsing CTH would be to VSG’s advantage.

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  21. Joshua says:

    Nimrod et al., for what it’s worth, my reading of the latest CDR purge and the previous 702 purge is that these are NOT the same. I could be wrong but here is what it meant to me:

    2017 – NSA to delete most upstream internet communications collected.
    This is internet data. Raw backbone taps (“upstream”).
    This includes content.
    This is in regards to Title VII (foreign subject) related interceptions.

    May 2018 – NSA began deleting CDR (call detail logs) obtained under Title V since 2015.
    This is phone call/text (SMS…) info to/from, time, duration etc. logs (like a pen register or ur phone bill).
    This is not the content.
    This is under Title V.
    These are (most likely) CDR’s of Americans or people/entities on our soil.

    While phone calls, SMS text, and generic internet traffic may all run through the same fiber at some point nowadays, they are still distinguishable to the providers and the hardware.

    – Why 2015 ?
    My guess is that was when the FREEDOM act changed some of the rules of what could be collected and how (there may have been a prior purge). Among other things, It amended Title V. it requires the FBI and other agencies to use a specific selection term as the basis for National Security Letters when requesting this data from the providers. It may be that before the selection criteria could be more broad.
    NSL’s can be used only to request CDR, financial transaction info, other things…. not content, [because…]
    NSL’s do NOT require a judges approval.
    NSL’s are signed by either the Attorney General or DNI or maybe others (FBI director? Or DAG? Idk).
    Companies are mostly not allowed to reveal they have received such NSL’s though they can try to take it to court now.

    – A benign interpretation of 2018 purge:
    The companies filtering software wasn’t totally updated to comply with the 2015 FREEDOM Act yet…. and was maybe giving old mass selection style results when requests for specific selections were made.

    – A cynical interpretation:
    There was no rush to comply with the changes by either side. The govt was still submitting mass type queries and the providers databases were still spitting them out and going straight into the NSA tables where they could be searched by anyone with access (after being requested with a NSL – kinda like getting things into the pdb and then having some dept across the street requesting to unmask them).

    – A nefarious interpretation:
    There was use of National Security Letters to request Call Records for individuals/entities they do no want to be known about. Maybe this included broad non-Title V-compliant search results. Or maybe it was just the use of NSL’s they wanted to hide. This would be more of an audit trail hiding thing (This is a deep state tinfoil interpretation – my best imitation atm).

    My guess is all those CDR’s are still sitting in the providers databases – it’s only 3 years ago – and what’s been deleted is what was given to the NSA and the query it was rendered from (and possibly the legal justification for it (ie: “Authorization: NSL date/# XXX signed by you-know-how) – if u wanna assume the worst that is).

    _/|\_ Happy 4th everyone ! Man, I Love me this holiday so much.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Thanks so much, Joshua, for taking time with that very thorough explanation. I browsed it so far but will settle down and digest fully after thanking you. Happy 4th.


  22. ed357Ed357 says:

    On the FBI….The Page/Strzok “love affair” texting Trump45 haters….

    I think the “love affair” is just cover….I’ve not seen any texts describing….”what I did to you last night” or “what I want you to do to me tonight….”

    Correct me if I’m wrong….if you’ve found some typical “love affair”” texts….but I think this “love affair” is just cover and bullshit.

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  23. Pat Frederick says:

    wow! never saw so many white flags of surrender at one time!

    I believe there is more than one patriot out there. More than just one Admiral Rogers…and it may be someone unlikely…but he’s out there…

    think Independence Day…Russell Casse…an unlikely hero–but a HUGE ONE–when everything seemed lost…the world was up against what seemed like insurmountable odds…but we fought back–gave them everything we got…seemed as hopeless as it does now maybe…

    but that one lone wolf–a drunken nutcase–saved us all…

    I refuse to surrender at this point…
    We’ve got the Lion and he’s got a plan…

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    • Minnie says:

      Thank you, pat.

      “Russell Casse (died July 4, 1996) was a Vietnam War fighter pilot and crop duster from Imperial Valley, California who sacrificed himself to destroy a City Destroyer threatening Area 51 during the War of 1996. Russell served as a F-4 fighter pilot for the USN/USMC in the Vietnam War.”

      We all know by now how strategic our President is and what he can accomplish.

      Faith 🇺🇸

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      • Pat Frederick says:

        I just wonder if many people felt this way before? I know I did…during the 8 yrs Obama was president.
        And then Donald Trump came down that escalator and took control and you know what? It’s been getting better and better…
        we suffer our setbacks sure–but our POTUS knew it wasn’t going to be easy—but easy isn’t his style anyway. If it was gonna be easy, we wouldn’t need him–any ole candidate would have been fine…

        bringing our country back is a tough job, but the right man has the job.

        Happy 4th Minnie!

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        • Minnie says:


          “our POTUS knew it wasn’t going to be easy—but easy isn’t his style anyway . . . bringing our country back is a tough job, but the right man has the job.”

          Divine Intervention 🙏

          Happy Independence Day!


    • Victoria L. Kindler says:

      Love the Lion reference to President Trump. I love it when he roars back agains the BS.


    • TomJ says:

      Of course there are. Like the 20 or so FBI agents that are begging to be subpoenaed in front of Congress. The reply of Congress says it all. You do not need a subpoena. They do not want to hear the testimony.

      Or Assange saying he has evidence that proves the DNC servers hack was an inside job. No interest. Combine that with no one asking to see the DNC servers and you know the entire thing is setup.

      Whats going on now is the Tea Party on Steroids. Both parties have allied together to rid themselves of the MAGA movement.

      Its interesting to note that McCain lead the charge against the Tea Party for the Republicans and now started the ball rolling with the Fake Dossier.

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  24. HB says:

    I’m with Joann. What does his job entail? And how on Earth could there be 115,000 DOJ employees? What do they do? Imagine having that much manpower at your disposal.

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  25. slowcobra says:

    Mark warner reminds me of that senator from nevada that was in The Godfather.

    If scott schools was corrupt , why does jeff sessions give him glowing farewell statements?

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    • cdquarles says:

      Employer to employee: You’re fired. Do you think that I, as an employer, am going to disparage said employee in public, particularly if there is no reason to do so and doing so may result in a court case against me?

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  26. brock russell says:

    Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that Sessions is compromised and Rosenstein is running the DOJ. If nothing else, RR’s attitude and demeanor at the hearing reflects his status as the de facto AG. Funny, I don’t remember voting for RR in November 2016. Sadly, Jeff Sessions is nothing more at this point than RR’s mouthpiece. This explains POTUS’s continued frustration and unhappiness with him.

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    • TomJ says:

      Exactly. It will probably reach the point where Trump has to fire Sessions and Rosenstein. Mueller has no intention on shutting his team down. He is there for a purpose. To get Trump. The FBI text messages tells you all you need to know.

      The fact he stacked his team with pro clinton and anti trump people means they have little regard for exposing their bias. Its going to be full steam ahead. I doubt that we will avoid a full blown constitutional crisis.

      When you have Kerry telling other Countries that Trump will not be around long, and Holder making comments that Sessions may not be a problem or that rosenstein did a great job in the hearings. And also Clinton when finding out the Rap Star came out in favor of trump saying wait until you see what the truth is. In addition Warner bragging about how the next 2 months will be great as he knows what Mueller knows.

      There is no question the fix is in.

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    • AH_C says:

      Key word there is “apparent”. But what is the reality and how does one discern the truth?


  27. 0914 hours – I’ve had it for the day. Reading the commentary on this post has made me so depressed I’m going to have a hard time celebrating our Nation’s Independence. While I appreciate everything Sundance has exposed, I fear more now than ever before that our President will not survive the onslaught of Mueller and what I perceive as inaction or complicity of Rosenstein and Sessions. Have a better day Treepers……I’m spending time with the family. God Bless. MAGA.


    • John Bosley says:

      Have faith H.
      It is always darkest before the storm.
      The white hats in Government new this day would come and they planned for it.
      They picked President Trump as their head to go against the treasonous traitors.
      They promised to back him up fully in every way possible including military protection.
      Trust in him and his legion of patriots, they have a plan and are executing it on schedule according to their narrative.
      Happy 4th of July Independence Day .

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  28. Ken Maritch says:

    Is there a way the general public can legally remove an employee of the federal government?

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  29. MS Idaho says:

    My 2 cents worth. Things have to happen before other things CAN happen. You can’t live to be 90 if you are never born. You can’t win the contest if you don’t enter. We would not be where we are today had DTrump not been elected (YAY!) Many here want results NOW – but we don’t hold the watch that is counting (up or down). Wishing you all a GREAT 4th of July Celebration!

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  30. Chewbarkah says:

    So the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concludes that, “In July 2015, Russian intelligence gained access to the DNC’s network and maintained that access through at least June 2016”. Amazing intuition they’ve got, since the DNC refused to allow any US intel or investigative agency access to their servers to evaluate them. If any single detail demonstrates the emptiness of the Senate Whitewash Committee in general, and this report in particular, there you have it.

    At least SSCI lays down the hardwood by criticizing the IC for its “perfunctory treatment of historical context” as exemplified by omitting to mention some laughable Soviet attempt to put a radical on the Jimmy Carter campaign! Yep, that was the weak point… I’m so glad tax dollars were spent on this “investigation”.

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    • The Senate Committee report is incredible in the literal sense – “not believable”. The IC report is a well documented lie, crafted not by “17 agencies” but by Brennan and Clapper. It is laugh-out-loud bad: And for the Senate committee to vouch for it exposes the SENATE, but does nothing for the IC report. if anything, it makes it even LESS CREDIBLE than it was before if that’s even possible.

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  31. Freedom says:

    We, the People, are screwed again.
    I am disgusted beyond words.

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  32. pyromancer76 says:

    Any others want to make a $17.76 donation to Sundance and crew? Well worth it even when the news (real data/info) is not comforting. Delightful recognition of Independence Day – we become independent of propaganda news.

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  33. It is abundantly clear President Trump will have to purge the Deep State himself – through firing, and reassignment. The Deep State is once again investigating itself and declaring “nope, nothing to see here!”

    His political countermeasures consist primarily of calling the witch hunt a witch hunt – denying the conspirators the veneer of unimpeachable integrity they so desperately need

    Also – I will NOT vote for Sen. Richard Burr (up for re-election in 2022) in the primary, or in the general if he advances. That goes for Thom Tillis as well.


  34. Ken Maritch says:

    If our government is not bound by laws…. are we?

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  35. Luke Adachi says:

    There is one 4d chess argument which I find more convincing than the rest. The more he is “done wrong” the better for him, politically. At least that’s the way I see it. It’s not for my vantage point to be able to describe whether there is or isn’t anything going on behind the scenes. As such, it seems that there is still hope of well timed announcements about any other hoped-for announcements.

    But that’s just my own speculation.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Hillyard says:

    I’m a 4th grader and my handwriting is so poor the teacher can’t really read my answers but they look like answers. I get a passing grade because I turned in something that resembled what I was supposed to hand in but it was really anything but a complete passing assignment. Sounds like the Lack of Intelligence committee and the Intel Community. There was something that looked like intelligence product but it was really garbage to look like the real thing while in reality I was just covering my tracks to spy on an opposition party candidate,

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Nina L Bell says:

    A list of participants in this committee has been saved and the Republicans of the Deep State will be bullseye to be replaced in the 2020 election. There is no loyalty to the label of Republican. Loyalty is judged by actions and will be be judged by outcome of committee position. Republican and Dem. pack your bags for your time is limited along with your power. Get ready to work for your money.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. R Daneel says:

    “…..highlights a predictable DC end to this entire investigative outcome.”

    I have long maintained that absolutely nothing will come from all of this back and forth, churn and burn, nothing.


  39. As a man thinkth says:


    The real Moab’s are/were:
    The Winner laptop…
    The Awan bro’s and DWS laptop..
    The DNC server…
    These issues are buried deep and out of the public conversation…
    The basic information released months ago indicate there is (was) enough evidence on these devices to send 50 to 100 perpetrators to jail…The fact that the FBI threatened and fired agents over the Winner laptop tells me all I need to know about the depth of this cover up…

    My best guess is PDT has to wait until after the mid terms in order to reload Congress and Senate before he can take action to replace the skunks that are shielding these perps. Of course, the swamp is distorying massive amounts of evidence and holding mock trials in order to exonerate these thugs as quickly as possible..Awans freed on JULY 3, we are all being played for fools…

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Justanelectrician says:

    Whenever the media hacks talk about the Awan plea deal barring prosecution for any other non-violent crimes, they leave off this part:
    “Your client further understands that this Agreement is binding only upon the Criminal and Superior Court Divisions of the United States Attomey’s Office for the District of Columbia./…”.
    Any other US Attorney’s office can, and surely will, bring other charges.

    I think the blue wave crowd is celebrating prematurely.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. falcon Koch says:

    As long as Jeff Sessions heads up the Justice Dept. no one is going to jail and the cover-up will continue. Jeff is protecting the Deep State, in the end the big whitewash will just be nothing more than talk.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Padric says:

    I don’t think that NSA deletion is as bad as Sundance thinks. The last line of the statement they released says “The root cause of the problem has since been addressed for future CDR acquisitions, and NSA has reviewed and revalidated its intelligence reporting to ensure that the reports were based on properly received CDRs.”

    That reads to me like they deleted the old CDR’s, got new copies with the problem fixed (remember, there companies have to retain the records for seven years by law) and the NEW then re-ran reports against the new copies to ensure what they previously sent out was accurate.

    This is the only logical reading of the release. Otherwise, they are admitting that every piece of Intel they’ve gathered in the last 3 years is suspect.


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