The Motives Behind The November Rogers/Ruppersberger “House Intelligence Panel” Report On Benghazi…

Those of you familiar with the Benghazi Brief will note the alignment and expectation of the Rogers/Ruppersberger report.  Their report is exactly as we anticipated it would be.

With a House Select Committee (Trey Gowdy) already in place, you might rightly ask yourself why did Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger even produce a report?  As you read their House Intelligence Panel Report on Benghazi it is important to note a few key aspects:

• Both Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger are members of the Congressional Gang of Eight.  They are the ONLY authors.

This is not a House Intelligence “Committee” report on Benghazi.  This is only two committee members writing a report based on prior information.

• Both Rogers and Ruppersberger would have been briefed on the CIA operations in Benghazi during 2011/2012 as the covert operation began.

• President Obama signed a finding memo in 2011 permitting Operation Zero Footprint to begin. The congressional “gang of eight” held oversight responsibilities.

• Rogers, Ruppersberger along with Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Saxby Chambliss and Diane Feinstein would have been notified of the presidential authorization. In 2011 they were the congressional Gang of Eight.  Their lack of oversight reflected a willful blindness to the operation.

• In addition to the covert Zero Footprint Operation, the Benghazi CIA annex served as a rendition site. [We find this out in 2013 from Paula Broadwell, who was the pillow-talk recipient of information from 2012 CIA Director General David Petraeus. Broadwell and Petraeus had an extramarital affair.]

The Rogers/Ruppersberger Report is specifically designed, by wording, to provide political cover to both parties – Republicans and Democrats within the Gang of Eight particularly  included, and protected.

It is professional obfuscation in structure, content and wording. Here’s an example:

Page #2

rogers-ruppersberger 1

This is an excellent paragraph to show how the entire 37 page document is strategically worded.

…” no evidence […] wrongly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement

This wording intimates that none were signed.  Not correct.  We know nondisclosures were required.  This phrasing simply says none were “wrongly forced“.  Where the intelligence community/committee determines rightly and wrongly.

…”or polygraphed because of their presence in Benghazi

Again, this doesn’t say that intelligence officials were not polygraphed, only that the auspices for their polygraphs was not a result of their knowledge in Benghazi.  Again where the intelligence community (IC) determines the valid auspices.

…”The committee also found no evidence that the CIA conducted unauthorized activities in Benghazi”…

Parseltongue.  The word emphasized is “unauthorized“, meaning all of the activity was known, active, and authorized.  As expected and outlined within The Brief.

…”and no evidence that the IC shipped arms to Syria“.

BIG parseltongue.  Note the absence of the word “direct” or “directly“.  Of course we sent arms to Syria, the administration admitted to sending arms to Syria, just not “directly”, which is the keen distinction within the paragraph.  This aspect was also critical to include because Hillary Clinton testified to a Rand Paul question about it.

The entire Rogers/Ruppersberger “Panel Report”, which is not to say the report was done by the entire House Intelligence Committee – because it was not, is similarly worded.

Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger together, and alone, pulled data from all of the various committee reports and assembled their own “panel report”.  This key aspect seems to be lost in the conversation, only Rogers and Ruppersberger authored this report.

The reason for that key aspect of authorship missing, within analytical discussion of the content therein, begins the conversation of motive.

With Senate committees about to come under Republican leadership, Rogers and Ruppersberger have a motivation to put out a report which can be used by their party allies to avoid scrutiny.

In addition, with Rep Trey Gowdy’s Chairmanship of a Select Committee on Benghazi anticipated to start up again in January, and with House Intel Chair Rogers exiting from congress, the authors of this report hold a motive to undercut Gowdy’s investigation into missing oversight that would normally be part of Rogers/Ruppersberger’s responsibility.

For the Democrats Hillary Clinton now has a talking point shield she can utilize for her future political ambitions; and boy howdy will she use it.  In exchange, and for Republicans, House and Senate leadership now have a shield of avoidance from sunlight upon their own complicit knowledge.

In addition, it is reported that Mike Rogers has ambitions to launch a talk radio show – this report allows him to retain credibility and avoid sunlight upon his own complicity as a member of the “Gang of Eight”, and chair of the House Intelligence Committee during the State/CIA Benghazi operation.

In short: Mike Rogers is trying to hide his willful blindness.

After you read the report again we invite you to look at the factual constructs of The Full Benghazi Brief.   Within the brief you will see the fully connected dots which explain the risks, liabilities and willful blindness, trying to be hidden by publication of this recent report.

We predicted this outcome at the end of the brief:

Operation Zero Footprint

The Benghazi Brief – Ghosts Beyond the Wire

*footnote: Because of the controversy within the brief, it has been vetted by some very well regarded institutions, intellectuals and think tanks. All of them with an objective to deconstruct the content.  It withstood all scrutiny.

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47 Responses to The Motives Behind The November Rogers/Ruppersberger “House Intelligence Panel” Report On Benghazi…

  1. 2x4x8 says:

    wow……just wow
    letting the two leaders write the investigation report instead of a non-partisan outside investigative source, I guess thats what you get, when Mike Rodgers broadcasts his talk radio program, callers got something to talk about


  2. bikermailman says:

    Treepers: Doing the jobs American journOlists just won’t do.

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  3. 2x4x8 says:

    yes, the polygraphs were to determine, if people who were involved in Benghazi, had talked to the press, so it was a “press focused polygraph” not a “Benghazi focused polygraph”

    excellent foresight Sundance, the world is “wiser” because of your research, a toast, this “Bud” is for you

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  4. RJ says:

    If only we could unearth J. Edgar and ask him what he would do, what he would say to his agent Mike Rogers…if only. Hoover’s boys are long gone, but they did have one thing in common: Noses that were trained to sniff out the truths.

    Mike Rogers represents the “new and improved” FBI. A political arm working on behalf of a master who slithers across the stage all the while smiling to a cheering audience too busy clapping to notice the con.

    Washington insiders working their magic on us little people. Soft raping in America.

    The sweet words of liars…kiss me once more!

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  5. Brett says:

    Neither democrats, nor republican leadership, have American interests.


  6. Menagerie says:

    Liars figure and figures lie. Especially political figures. Politicians have no product to turn out, no quality control to monitor, no human resources department to keep off their back, no sales quota. All they have to do is a little slight of hand and deception to keep you looking elsewhere while they cart the cookie jar off.

    It’s working very well for them.

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  7. labrat says:

    The Dems are in their glory! It was always about racism – don’t you know?

    Ron Gilmore It’s embarrassing to the country. It makes the country look like it’s full of bigots. Just looking to find something, crying impeachment and threatening lawsuits. Racism is devouring the people of this country.
    Like · Reply · 205 · 1 hr · Edited
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    Ryan Ary It is.
    Like · 13 · 1 hr

    Cynthia Britt I have friends all over the world and none of them envy us or have any desire to live here. “Shining city on the hill” indeed. At least they don’t hate us now that Obama is president but they pity how hard we work for so little. Sadly, my Canadian & Aussie friends are going thru the same conservative onslaught now. It is apparently contagious. Low IQ voters are everywhere.
    Like · 39 · 1 hr

    Harriet DiMarzo It is full of bigots!!
    Like · 14 · 1 hr

    Crystal Barron Indeed @Cynthia, Conservatisim IS what is wrong in North America. They lie, divide, and corrupt any country they rule.
    Like · 31 · 1 hr

    Bruce Cutter Well said Ron
    Like · 7 · 1 hr

    Jeffrey Martini I’ve come to conclude that electing Obama has set race relations back. It was too soon. Another decade or so and the scared old white folks would largely be dead or ineffective. As it is, they were bold and vital enough to summon their long-dormant fears and hatreds and just subtle enough (sometimes) to couch it in terms of ideological differences. This has triggered younger people to follow suit and created a model for even younger bigots. It’s going to take another decade just to get back to where we were in 2008.
    Like · 6 · 1 hr

    Tm Darkis Jeffrey the only way this country ever moves forward on equality is by being drugged kicking and screaming. Just consider any movement in the past has come with riots, or war.
    Like · 9 · 1 hr

    Semper Fidelis Hate to agree with Jeffrey but by golly I think he’s got it. We weren’t quite ready and those who were least ready have now risen up like zombies and are converting others. The toxin that is ‘fear of other’ is spreading. Lord help us if our next president is a woman!
    Like · 2 · 1 hr

    Tony Gutierrez Racism has to be the cause. The current stupidity makes absolutely no sense.
    Like · 4 · 46 mins · Edited

    Suzanne Train Tm is right. It is like having a baby- there is no “right” or “good” time. It is going to be noisy and there gonna be some pain, but it will be something we all have to go through.
    Like · 3 · 46 mins

    Louis Navarrete The country IS full of bigots. LOOK at a map. The Old Confederacy has not disapeared nor has it stopped working to bring down the Federal Government. We had better figure that out. These ‘States Rights’ shouting, Grover Norquist Pledge signing GOPers are traitors. period.
    Like · 3 · 43 mins · Edited

    Billie Veronica I disagree with Jeffrey. I think this level of racism always existed. Its just out front and center now. Also, the age of the internet has ratched things up. It’s not just with the old. It’s all ages. 10 years would not make a difference. What I find particularly disturbing is the thinking (or lack thereof) amongst some Millennials. Some have little awareness of history, are dismissive of our current issues with race and are often the first to say “get over it and stop whining…that happened like forever ago”. Some seem incapable of reflection or empathy. There is also a surge of Millennials moving towards the republican and libertarian parties. This is not surprising. The worst of the willfully ignorant, unabashedly arrogant and unflinchingly racist comments have been from our youth…and that hurts my heart and makes me fearful of the future.
    Like · 1 · 44 mins

    Gil Garcia no more fear mongering …it’s happening again,non sense with don’t let it happen with a woman now!! ….fiddle sticks!
    Like · 1 · 43 mins

    Gale Cady Williams This country IS full of bigots!
    Like · 1 · 19 mins


  8. czarowniczy says:

    During normal 9-to-5 times folks in certain intel areas can expect can expect to see that guy with the polygraph show up at intervals. It may be an incident specific polygraph or a lifestyle polygraph that is akin to a corporate physical by Carnac the Magnificent. So, let me ask, how does the committee KNOW that no one was poly’d? They asked and the askees responded after crossing their hearts? No ones pants were on fire after the questioning?
    That’s just one example, the facts are that there’s no way Congress can be sure, even if it wants to, that what they get from any national-level intel agency is the truth. they have to take what they get at face value – what are they gonna do, storm into the Langley compound, or the Bolling compound or the Foggy Bottom Compost Heap and start rummaging through drawers? Just like Jack said: “You can’t handle the truth” – not as if they are going to get it. We still don’t have everything about the entire Iran-Contra affair, an across the aisle operation if there ever were one. There’s even stuff from WWII that will stay buried until hell has a ski resort.
    Just be entertained by what you get, don’t expect to get anything even approaching the whole truth and be glad that the entire event didn’t hurt you any worse than it did.

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  9. west1890 says:

    Anyone else feel like they’re trapped in a continuous loop of ‘Atlas Shrugged- The Sequel’?

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  10. texan59 says:

    With all of the creativity that these politicians exhibit, you would think that just by pure dumb luck they would use it for good at least once in their career. 🙄

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    • elvischupacabra says:

      Even the “blind squirrel theory” doesn’t apply to these sh!tbags. Of course, the fact that they were self-serving might have brought out their best work.


  11. sundance says:

    The pressure on Trey Gowdy to drop the House Select Committee on Benghazi will begin immediately.

    All of this crap is so wrong, on SO MANY LEVELS.

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    • fina biscotti says:

      I hope Trey Gowdy rips them to shreds. Obama gave STAND down orders – having no intention to attempt to save or rescue our fellow Americans serving The USA abroad.
      From the very beginning, there were no US Marines standing guard – or involved in any Security detail – in Benghazi.
      Hillary Clinton refused/”denied” requests by our US Ambassador Chris Stevens – for Security = left wide open for being “kidnapped’, held for ransom in exchange for the release of the Blind Sheik.
      While Obama, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton were LYING to DeCEIVE the American people = disgracing the USA to the world, CANADA was letting the truth be known =RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACKS against The USA – on the ANNIVERSARY OF 911 – in CAIRO, Egypt and BENGHAZI,Libya – by The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

      distancing her trstimony


  12. sundance says:

    And of course every single pundit is falsely stating this report was a “House Intelligence Committee” report.

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  13. Beagle says:

    After seeing the HIC report today which I knew was a whitewash I stumbled into your work here. I have been reading for over an hour.

    Thank you so much for tying together numerous Benghazi loose ends. I knew about a MANPAD link between Libya and Syria but had forgotten the Afghanistan shoot downs. The IS linkage evidence is strong as well. No wonder DC just wants it to go away.

    Kudos to Sundance and this website. You are doing the job the so-called journalists won’t do. Had any strange happenings with your personal computers? I would expect Attkissoning if I were you.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. WJ says:

    You will never see anything on Benghazi. It will never make a difference. Focus on the ways this traitorous administration is trying to destroy us from within.


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  16. Sally's Special Services says:

    Reblogged this on Sallys Political Page.


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  18. inspectorudy says:

    Something about this whole incident smells. Gowdy was going full bore before and then abruptly stopped. It was almost like someone handed him something that he was not aware of and it made him stop his interrogation. Personally I do not expect the new select committee to come up with any big smoking gun either. There is just something that we are not privy to and whatever it is it stops all of the investigators in their tracks. Look for another ho hum report from Gowdy.


  19. s1ct says:

    Benghazi will get played all the way up to 2016. And Mike Rogers is such a media hog that he will not be able to keep his mouth shut after leaving Congress.

    “This is not good news for Obama. It is especially bad news for Hillary Clinton. The report also explicitly states: Prior to the Benghazi attacks, the CIA provided sufficient strategic warning of the deteriorating threat environment to U.S.decision­ makers, including those at the State Department.”


  20. Anton says:


    Rogers lied and obfuscated ….HId the facts of Stingers to AlQaeda

    Left Congress to Hillary’s PR BS firm with his assistant…




  21. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    90% of the politicians are corrupt to the core and will DO ANYTHING to enhance there position or to bring more money to their families, or both if possible!


  22. James B. says:

    So because the Republican led committee showed there was no wrongdoing, the Republicans involved in the committee are part of the conspiracy, Obama’s puppets, etc. Uh, okay.


  23. Aslan's Girl says:

    If Gowdy is forced to give this up (maybe they’re claiming national security, whatever) then I hope he’s been promised the IRS scandal will go somewhere good.


  24. Aslan's Girl says:

    Hmmmm. RINO Lindsay Graham is not going quietly. You’d think a RINO of all people would just accept this and move on…


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  27. Greg says:

    Trey Gowdy has the goods on Mike Rogers and his dealings with the clandestine arms for Syria deal run by the State Department because the CIA wanted nothing to do with it. Operation Zero Footprint was far worse than Iran Contra and now all of those arms are in the hands of ISIS. Rogers has his hands all over it and will be the GOP scapegoat. I hope he likes his short gig on Cumulus Radio. This Report has just lost any audience he would have had. And good luck on K-Street. No one will touch him fricking traitor.


  28. bunkerville says:

    From a story about just who the Rodgers wife is? Thought this might be of interest

    GRIFFIN: Want an example? Take Kristi Clemens Rogers.

    Four years ago, she married the powerful chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers.

    Up until 2012, she was also the CEO of the American branch of Aegis, a defense and security contracting firm, where. according to her new employer, the law firm, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, Kristi Rogers successfully developed and led a two-year pursuit and capture strategy to win a five-year, $10 billion contract under the Department of State’s Worldwide Protective Services program.”

    And, yes, it’s an area her husband’s committee has Congressional oversight, making sure diplomats and their staffs are properly protected.

    You would think Congressman Mike Rogers would at least disclose that family connection, or that in appearing before Congress, Kristi Rogers would disclose her marital ties.

    But on his Web site, Congressman Rogers only states he’s in fact married, no name, and Kristi Rogers in an appearance before a presidential commission back in 2010 didn’t mention the name of the man she just married, even though she missed her first appearance due to her honeymoon.


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