The Origin of The Feces – Corrupt Intelligence Community Now Leaking To Justify Unlawful Election Surveillance: Operation “Crossfire Hurricane”…

U.S. intelligence officials who participated in the 2016 Russian interference narrative/scheme are now attempting to justify their conspiratorial conduct with leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post.  Their leaks are a transparent effort to justify prior conduct. This cover-up endeavor has been their primary focus since congress started demanding documentary evidence from the DOJ, FBI, State Department and intelligence participants in the scheme.

Before breaking-down and explaining the recent obfuscations allow me to posit one simple but central example that highlights the gross intelligence misconduct.

On October 21st, 2016, the DOJ and FBI used the Steele Dossier as the foundation for their FISA Title-1 Surveillance application against Carter Page.  Surveillance was a key part of the FBI counterintelligence operation to investigate Russian interferance in the 2016 election.  However, almost three months later, on January 4th, 2017, when John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey produced their Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), the same individuals who created the FISA application did not include the Steele Dossier in their ICA report.

Think about the contradiction in this example. It is within this contradiction, and many more, where we discover the origin of the feces. If the Dossier was valid enough to present to a FISA court as evidence of Russian involvement; then why wouldn’t that same Dossier be valid enough evidence to include in their January Intelligence Community Assessment?

When you start asking these irreconcilable common sense questions, you begin to realize -and expose- how insufferably corrupt the entire intelligence scheme really was.  The entire scheme was an assembly of individual lies; each lie a thread rolled into a bigger ball of entwined nonsense.  Look at it from a distance and it looks like a vast Russian conspiracy ball; however, pull any single strand out, look at it, and there’s no truth to it.

It’s all an illusion.


This illusion was on full display today when the Senate Intelligence Committee asked John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (ODNI), and Mike Rogers (NSA) to come to a closed door hearing so the corrupt senate politicians -who were also involved in the scheme- could coordinate talking points and generate synergy in their excuses and justifications. Not surprisingly former FBI Director James Comey refused to attend.

Today’s motive for the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was exactly that: coordinate talking points, circle the wagons and reach a consensus on justification.  As we have outlined exhaustively the Senate Intel Committee is the second most corrupt deep-state assembly in Washington DC.

Another example of fraudulent threads is the 2018 indictments of Russian entities by Robert Mueller.  This week, as specific threads are pulled out for legal challenge, we discover that Mueller indicted Russian organizations that didn’t even exist during the time they were supposed to have been engaged in election trouble.  Another corrupt thread example is Robert Mueller having to lean on 2006 and 2009 tax avoidance schemes (financial crimes) of Paul Manafort in order to justify a Special Counsel indictment of Paul Manafort for involvement in… (?)… well, no-one really knows, except it’s NOT 2016 Russian election interference?…

Where did Mueller get his collapsing foundational intelligence for his Russian indictments?… Well, from the Russian investigative evidence inside the ICA… DUH.  An ICA that was based on false and thin threads.

Look deeper at the Russian use of Twitter… OK, but wait, when they do, there’s no ‘there’ there either.  Social media? Same/Same…  Look at Russian spending on campaign events…. OK, but wait, when they do, the same outcome… Comrade nothingburger.

Which leads to all of these Special Counsel endeavors simply trying to justify the existence of an investigation into something that never existed. And it should be noted many of the same players attempting to create the current justification are the same players who participated in the scheme to create the illusion.  It’s all nuts…. and as each thread is removed and reviewed, the illusion is collapsing.

The more the Russian Conspiracy Collusion-illusion collapses, the harder those corrupt officials are having to work in an impossible effort to retain it. There are so many holes appearing in their dam, they’ve run out of fingers and toes to plug ’em.   James Comey, skipping out on today’s meeting, appears to have invested in scuba gear.

This backdrop is the reason for the corrupt intelligence operators turned to the New York Times for help.  However, their leaked excuses/justifications are so ridiculous they are transparently desperate.  Consider:

New York Times –  Within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016, the F.B.I. dispatched a pair of agents to London on a mission so secretive that all but a handful of officials were kept in the dark.

Ha, ha, ha…. stop. Just stop.  Now you’re being silly… Ooooh, so secret FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were text messaging each other about it?

…Their assignment, which has not been previously reported,..

Yes it has.

Sorry NYT, no exclusive here.  Anyone who read the actual text messages six months ago read all about the U.K. assignment. There are dozens of reports; just not from The Times or Washington Post.

…was to meet the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling. After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an F.B.I. interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos.

Oh, see the motive here?

We already knew about all this – but the leakers are trying to frame justification for the upcoming released name of apparatchik Stefan Halper, and how he participated in organizing all of these “unofficial” meet-ups.

The agents summarized their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug. 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation. But at the time, a small group of F.B.I. officials knew it by its code name: Crossfire Hurricane.

THIS –right.flippin’.here– is why I’ve been yelling at people to read the damned Page/Strzok text messages.  This paragraph is written by the New York Times because Andrew McCarthy finally broke down and read the darned messages and wrote about this specific meeting and what the FBI did upon Strzok’s return from London. {SEE HERE}

[…] Agents considered, then rejected, interviewing key Trump associates, which might have sped up the investigation but risked revealing the existence of the case. Top officials quickly became convinced that they would not solve the case before Election Day, which made them only more hesitant to act. When agents did take bold investigative steps, like interviewing the ambassador, they were shrouded in secrecy.

Fearful of leaks, they kept details from political appointees across the street at the Justice Department. Peter Strzok, a senior F.B.I. agent, explained in a text that Justice Department officials would find it too “tasty” to resist sharing. “I’m not worried about our side,” he wrote.

Only about five Justice Department officials knew the full scope of the case, officials said, not the dozen or more who might normally be briefed on a major national security case.

See what they’re doing here?  Political spin.  Attempted justification etc.

Mr. Comey was briefed regularly on the Russia investigation, but one official said those briefings focused mostly on hacking and election interference. The Crossfire Hurricane team did not present many crucial decisions for Mr. Comey to make.

Top officials became convinced that there was almost no chance they would answer the question of collusion before Election Day. And that made agents even more cautious.

The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.  (read more)

D’oh, there it is again… keeping Comey in the ‘willfully blind’ dark again.

I can’t go on – it’s one thing to read propaganda, it’s another thing entirely to submerge yourself in the parseltongue obtuse obfuscations and lies.

The leaky obfuscation goes on to say in retrospect the FBI and DOJ couldn’t tell President Trump about their spying, wire-tapping and campaign surveillance…. because it would reinforce Trump’s impressions of the FBI and DOJ wire-tapping, spying and surveillance upon him…..  Seriously, that’s their excuse.

I’m done with this nonsense.  The third-phase of IG Horowitz looking into the FISA court abuse will reveal much of this; and I prefer to outline bite-sized portions of corruption one thread at a time.

The Obama Intelligence Community is screwed.

They know it, and their justifications in the New York Times proves they know it.

Mark the date.

The tide has turned.

They, all of them, are now left attempting to control the severity of their exposure.

“Muh Russia” is dead.

Political operatives, contractors, used deep-state access to FBI and NSA databases for campaign opposition research.  Then they needed justification… then came the sketchy counterintelligence operation…. Then they needed justification…. then came the use of the sketchy Dossier to get a FISA warrant….. Then they needed cover…. then came the Russian Conspiracy…. Then they needed cover…. Then came the Special Counsel….


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636 Responses to The Origin of The Feces – Corrupt Intelligence Community Now Leaking To Justify Unlawful Election Surveillance: Operation “Crossfire Hurricane”…

  1. Mike says:

    Another home run Sundance. Nicely done!

    Liked by 3 people

    • hillbilly4 says:

      Sundance is doing work akin to Woodard and Bernstein. He and his team have single handed raised the bar of day-to-day political reviews and discussions. A Pulitzer is in order here. What say ye?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CollusionMyth says:

    Strzok/Page texts of 11/22/2016 use the abbrev CH, Crossfire Hurricane anyone?

    Liked by 4 people

    • Good Job! says:

      Does the use of the word “Crossfire” mean Strzok knew it was “fire” from a political campaign?

      The word “Hurricane” certainly means it was more than the shaky story about Papadoo’s Hillary emails comments being evidence Russian intel told Papadoo of future plans to hack the DNC.


    • Rob says:

      The conspirators should have called their plan “Rape! Murder!” (It’s Just a Shot Away!”)

      Tribute to Merry Clayton who gave us those classic, haunting and timeless vocals –


  3. Zippy says:

    “‘Muh Russia’ is dead.”

    As far as any INFORMED person is concerned it is, but the mainstream media will spin this 180 and an insufficiently attentive and misinformed citizenry will believe them just as they have been thus far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Job! says:

      They’re still hiding the Steele memos.

      The New York Times story blatantly uses it without name an then tries to pretend the FBI only knew of the memos in Late Sept. or later given personally by Steele. As if Simpson, Hillary and Perkins did not have them earlier and turned them over to the CIA or FBI. It’s an obviously fake story to hide the political origin of the investigation.

      BTW, if Flynn is openly sitting with Putin at an event, isn’t that more likely he isn’t a spy for Russia that the other way around?


  4. Zippy says:

    BTW, who are the talking heads on Fox referring to when they claim they know who the spy was and that “You’ll know his initials”?


    • BetsBets says:

      They are referring to Stefan Halper (Hannity jokes that he and the spy share the same initials). They are reluctant to say the name outright because there are rules about uncovering the names of FBI/CIA assets, at least from what I’ve heard.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good Job! says:

        There’s no “mole.” Giuliani etc. are just following the speculation of the WSJ. Halper was not in the campaign but tried to trick Papadoo to say his earlier comments about Hillary’s missing emails was really do to Russian intelligence agents informing him that they planned to hack the DNC servers.

        There’s a possibility the Australian diplomat didn’t know the difference and the CIA and FBI purposely used this confusion and feigned to believe it in order to have an alternate origin of the investigation than MI6 Agent Chris Steele paid for by Hillary.


  5. SteveO says:

    the thing, Brennan, Pinky, Comey and the Brain, Clapper are going dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.


  6. Concerned says:

    Do we have access to the communications used by Stefan Halper in order to reach out to George Papadopoulos? “randomly reached out to contact Trump low-level campaign aide George Papadopoulos”

    Do we have proof that Stefan Halper was working for the CIA or has been working for the CIA?

    Extract taken from earlier Sundance article:
    Knowing what we know now – how Stefan Halper (a foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor with connections to the CIA and its British counterpart, MI6), randomly reached out to contact Trump low-level campaign aide George Papadopoulos; and how that contact was likely part of a coordinated effort by political operatives within the U.S intelligence apparatus to start the counterintelligence operation against Trump; this prior interview with Chairman Devin Nunes is well worth re-watching.


  7. BoDeen says:

    The Mueller investigation is like the show Finding Bigfoot. No matter what “evidence” they may find the absolute reality always remains. THERE IS NO BIGFOOT!

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  8. Rodney G. Graves says:

    sundance, that :

    The entire scheme was an assembly of individual lies; each lie a thread rolled into a bigger ball of entwined nonsense. Look at it from a distance and it looks like a vast Russian conspiracy ball; however, pull any single strand out, look at it, and there’s no truth to it.

    It’s all an illusion.

    Is how one builds a disinformation campaign.


  9. Rodney G. Graves says:

    sundance, that :

    The entire scheme was an assembly of individual lies; each lie a thread rolled into a bigger ball of entwined nonsense. Look at it from a distance and it looks like a vast Russian conspiracy ball; however, pull any single strand out, look at it, and there’s no truth to it.

    It’s all an illusion.

    Is how one builds a disinformation campaign.


  10. SteveO says:

    Andrew McCarthy commented on on Laura Ingraham’s radio program this morning : “If this investigation is Crossfire Hurricane, John Brennan is Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Query: Who is the toothless, bearded hag?


  11. fuzzi says:

    I need a new “eating popcorn” gif…


  12. Concerned says:

    I think, we can all accept by now that the leadership of the DOJ and FBI remains corrupt. And now, as we all know, the Congressional leadership is stating that they are unable to effectively perform their over-site duties of the DOJ and FBI because of this same leadership.

    Does anyone know, if President Trump has a plan for dealing with this leadership or should I say obstruction?


    • Steve says:

      They seem corrupt at all levels, not just the top. Unless one still believes in all those “honest footsoldiers still doing their duty” crap.


  13. jeans2nd says:

    National Security Letters, you say?
    Oh dear.
    AG Jeff’s gonna be really, really, po’d.

    27 Dec 2010 –
    National Security Letters:
    Proposed Amendments in the 111th Congress
    “A sixth bill, the USA PATRIOT Reauthorization Act of 2009 (S. 2336),
    —>>>introduced by Senator Sessions, which would have neither amended nor repealed NSL authority, would have amended the judicial review provisions governing NSL recipient secrecy requirements…The 111th Congress adjourned without further action on any of the proposals.”

    Click to access R40887.pdf

    “President Obama’s Intelligence Review Group (2013) has effectively called for abolishing NSLs altogether”

    There are many, many constitutional issues with National Security Letters, most notably the First and Fifth amendment. AG Jeff is well-aware of these. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (link above) has a wealth of information.
    We are well-versed in National Security Letters, as is AG Jeff.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. yy4u says:

    “Top officials became convinced that there was almost no chance they would answer the question of collusion before Election Day. And that made agents even more cautious.”
    This is unadulterated B.S. There was NO INTENTION of answering anything “before Election Day” because if Hillary Clinton won, there’d be no need, and they thought she would definitely win. And if she lost (which they didn’t think would happen) this was the INSURANCE POLICY to take out Donald Trump and declare his election illegitimate.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. “The Obama Intelligence Community is screwed.

    They know it, and their justifications in the New York Times proves they know it.

    Mark the date.”


    You have the truth, You have the facts, but it’s the height of self deception to believe that they won’t get away with it. Again….

    There will be a 6 month blizzard in hell before the left wing deep state troglodytes are held to account or pay a price.

    The NYT fantasy BS will enter the democrat media echo chamber, and they will work diligently to protect their criminal enterprise. The truth will never be heard – outside of conservative venues – that will be studiously ignored.


  16. The Great Kazoo says:

    Sundance nailed it again!

    The whole thing was a coup plot against a duly elected president.



  17. Concernedcitizen says:

    And as Brennan is led out of Federal Court in shackles, having just been found guilty of multiple counts of racketeering, he turns to the packed courtroom, and in a quivering voice states, “I thought I was doing the right thing, but I was duped by British Intelligence.”


  18. Bugsdaddy says:

    Something I have not seen talked about (or maybe I missed it), is what recourse, if any, does the FISA court have for being presented “false” evidence?

    To me, this is really the whole central issue. I love our President, and believe this whole thing is one big rotten egg thrown at him, but I really, really, really am concerned about the constitutional issues with this whole episode.

    It scares the bejesus out of me knowing that a “small group” of operatives inside the government have been able to turn so called “Law and Order” topsy-turvey.

    Does the start of this saga go back to the “well it looked like a good idea at the time” Patriot Act? As a former Marine, I understand the need for tools to reach out and destroy the enemy. But, as a former Marine, I am also well aware of there are checks to prevent you from conducting fire missions on friendly forces. Yes, mistakes get made, I get that, but these are not mistakes we have been talking about here on the CTH for months (years). These have been wilfull manipulation and the absence of the so-called checks and balances is what strikes me as being entirely un-American.

    Anyway, just some thoughts that have been troubling me through all of this.


    • Lindenlee says:

      Well, YES! Rush is talking about those special letters that are a substitute for a subpoena issued by a court, circumventing the 4th amendment protections. This is real Stasi stuff. MUST be rescinded.


  19. Karl Kastner says:

    Help. Who’s the caricature witht the briefcase?


  20. Lindenlee says:

    Rush is talking right now about the NYT attempt to pre-minimize the effect of the IG report coming out, and the deep damage that this fake investigatio has done to the body politic. He is SO right.


  21. nuthinmuffin says:

    “James Comey, skipping out on today’s meeting, appears to have invested in scuba gear.”
    that was priceless


  22. Elle says:

    Goldberg plays a computer operator in a big New York bank, and it’s a standing joke in her department that her computer terminal sometimes picks up Russian television. One day, it picks up another signal from Russia: a desperate cry for help from a man who signs himself Jumpin’ Jack Flash. That is also the name of a Rolling Stones tune, and he challenges Goldberg to figure out his secret password key on the basis of that one clue.

    She tries out a lot of passwords – including the first names of all of Mick Jagger’s girlfriends – before she finally stumbles on the right one. Then she finds herself in the middle of an international intrigue. Jack Flash is the pseudonym for a British agent who’s marooned in Russia and desperate to get information from the British Embassy that may allow him to escape. He wants Goldberg to help him.


  23. Fools Gold says:

    Excellent and Thank you again.


  24. Charlotte says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Prof With CIA, MI6 Ties Met With Trump Adviser During Campaign, Beyond


  25. Charlotte says:

    Joe DiGenova: Frustrated President May Fire ‘Clowns’ Sessions and Rosenstein

    DiGenova warned that Sessions is on thin ice with the president and his days may be numbered. “If it comes out that Jeff Sessions has not authorized a grand jury into all those unmaskings, all those leaks, … and Ben Rhodes and John Brennan and James Clapper have not been authorized for subpoenas, … if he has not authorized that, he’s going to be fired,” he predicted.

    The reason he knew that, DiGenova said, was that both Rosenstein and Sessions had been to the White House twice in the past two weeks to meet with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and they were told their jobs were “not secure.”

    “The president has had it up to his scuppers with these clowns and he has every right in the world to be furious with the incompetence of the Department of Justice under Rosenstein and Sessions,” diGenova explained, adding, “I have been told that by people who know.”


  26. Charlotte says:

    Ties That Bind – Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud & Alexander Downer (& Papadopoulos)


  27. Charlotte says:

    Joe DiGenova – John Brennan Headed to Grand Jury via


  28. mutantbeast says:

    Got news for the lefty porpganda American hating commies. The top 6 officials at both the FBI and CIA are cleared for everything. Theres not one security classification they dont fall into. So you cant “hide” operations like this from them. They WANTED to undermine Trump. ALL OF THEM.


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