NAFTA Watch – GOPe Construct U.S. Deregulation and Business Scheme To Increase NAFTA Appeal…

Sneaky.  CTH anticipated POTUS Trump would withdraw from NAFTA due to the FATAL FLAW that still remains unaddressed in all discussions.  So it came as a surprise to see reports (opaquely cited) that U.S.T.R. Lighthizer was willing to drop the U.S. firm stance on content origination rules within the auto-sector.

Why would the Trump team agree to low thresholds of U.S. auto-parts used in American cars?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Still doesn’t… but no-one’s talking right now; and clarity is impossible to find.  The bigger question remains:  Why haven’t we pulled out yet?

Perhaps the answer to that question lies in the heart of a plan concocted by a small group of conniving GOPe multinational business interests. The tricksters are creating an enticement plan to insert domestic rules on U.S. regulations into a renegotiated NAFTA draft.  The GOPe loves them some NAFTA. The GOPe will scheme to keep NAFTA.

Their current enticement plan is to work around congress, by structuring a NAFTA chapter on “rules of competitiveness”.  If the scheme works as they have outlined, many domestic regulations currently tripping up expanded U.S. business development, specifically shipping/transportation infrastructure (ports/railroads), could be reduced or eliminated by putting rules to override U.S. regulations in a final NAFTA deal.

Hypothetical Example: Portland, Oregon doesn’t want a new port facility to open. They block the proposal citing environmental regulations or internal infrastructure etc.   However, the new NAFTA rules require streamlined timelines and support the facility being built.  The NAFTA rule overrides the federal regulatory register (the domestic rule) being used by Portland to stop the development.

On it’s face, this sneaky approach seems like a way to cut through bureaucratic regulations to speed up economic expansion.  Ergo POTUS Trump would like the approach; or so the architects of the plan are approaching their construct by anticipating Trump’s thinking… Therefore POTUS Trump would see this innovative approach at deregulation as reason to remain in NAFTA.  “An enticement to remain”, at least that’s the plan in their mind.

However, the ultimate beneficiaries are not necessarily the local U.S. business interests; rather the beneficiaries are multinational corporations (Wall Street) who would still exploit NAFTA, but now hold a talking point showing benefit to Main Street U.S.A.   Hence, my definition of the schemers as “sneaky bastards”.

The “SNEAKS” never stop conniving and scheming. EVER.  In this endeavor, just like the TPP scheme no-one understood, Tom Donohue has the same Wall-Street-Minded Decepticons in position to pitch the ruse:

Ted Cruz of Texas, Steve Daines of Montana and Cory Gardner of Colorado. The senators touted the plan in a letter to Donald Trump on Tuesday, describing it as an unprecedented opportunity “to lock into law” major elements of the president’s economic development plan. (link)

You can barf or eye-roll, your choice.

Remember this is the same Decepticon crew that was for TPP and giving Obama the legislative fast-track trade approval authority (TPA); before one of them decided to run for the 2016 presidency and manufactured an insufferable walk-back that convinced a bunch of “Battered CONservatives” he really didn’t support TPP or TPA.   [See: historic reference for “sneaky bastard.”]

Behind the curtain here we can sense the invisible hand and familiar fingerprints of Tom Donohue and the U.S. CoC.

BLOOMBERG – […] The tactic could enable passage of an array of legislative proposals, including regulatory overhaul bills stymied in the Senate and measures to expand workforce development programs. Potential changes also could include setting ceilings on the cost of new regulations and making additional spectrum available for commercial use.

Adam White, who directs George Mason University’s Center for the Study of the Administrative State and who has been briefed on the effort, says the approach could improve the U.S. trade position by strengthening American competitiveness from within and enticing businesses to invest in the country.

“We need to be given the best possible opportunity to compete,” White said. “In some ways, that involves lowering barriers to trade abroad, but sometimes it involves lowering the barriers that we have created for ourselves.”  (read more)

Consider me suspicious cat on this scheme, as we look for more details:


Build the wall.

Destroy NAFTA.

Enough with the too-cute-by-half plans.


Just – get – us – out.


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140 Responses to NAFTA Watch – GOPe Construct U.S. Deregulation and Business Scheme To Increase NAFTA Appeal…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Prettyplease says:

      That container ship reminds me of the stupidity of politicians. The port authorities in cities across the country are vying to be the supercargo port n there is no desecration that is too great. In my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, they are digging up the river channel which will eventually destroy everything in that area, the fishing, the shrimping, the wildlife, erosion to people‘s properties along the waterways and future lawsuits…all for something that they have not been promised. How incredibly insane is that? These damn politicians talk jobs jobs jobs even though they know that imports are on the downturn. It’s enough to make me weep.

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      • I lived in Savannah, Georgia, for a bit, AND Springfield, Ga also Statesboro..
        Sav. Has a big port, (much Larger than ours)…. Nice towns liked them all…
        REASONS are that Yours, Mine, (Wilmington, NC) & Morehead City, Charleston, SC Our largest East Coast, Mid-Atlantic ports are ALL wanting to “deepen” River channels, Widen them..

        Because it’s the expansion of the Panama Canal that Handles much larger Ships, than Panamax class size vessels..

        I’m for Deepening & Widening for OUR port here..
        Same NIMBYS are trying to stifle it here, under the same reason(s)..
        Either We can “smartly” grow, or Die on the vine..

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      • John Juan says:

        I also,live in SAV. As I recall, the channel widening didn’t happen overnight; planning was talked about for years and then another couple of years to get the project finished. No, we haven’t been “promised” anything, but we have had two of the largest built container ships come through the widened channel in the last year. That wouldn’t have happened before this project. Environmental impact? Fishing and shrimping is still happening. Maybe I just don’t “get it,” but I don’t see how deepening our channel another 5-7 feet is going to errode the shoreline any faster than in previous years of shipping traffic.


        • Prettyplease says:

          Wait n see. Deeper channel means faster flow which will undercut embankments. When you see the coffins in Bonaventure Cemetery floating down the river, you’ll understand. Every river that merges with the Savannah River will be affected.
          Faster flow means more fresh water mixing into salt, upsetting the brine ratio in the marshes where shrimp hatch. Fewer shrimp. Whole ecosystem is out of balance in a few years.
          My father worked for the Corp of Engineers, dredging that river for 35 years. I learned a lot from him. If he were alive today, he would say that this is a really bad idea.

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          • mdaush says:

            My wife and I visited Savannah a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Loved it! Can’t wait to come back.


          • Deeper channels mean SLOWER FLOW and LESS EROSION!
            • Deeper channels have a larger “cross section”.
            • Upstream tributaries still feed the exact same water flowing through the deeper channel.

            Same principle as the spray nozzle on a garden hose: Narrower nozzles concentrate and accelerate the flow to “erode” debris from the patio, where the wider hose itself cannot.

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            • prettyplease says:

              .Not so. Read below. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the negative effects of dredging.
              What dredging does:

              Dredging removes compacted sediment that armors the stream bed, thus increasing the susceptibility to erosion.

              Dredging disrupts the alternating deep and shallow areas called pools and riffles, which serve as speed bumps for the stream, slowing the water and absorbing energy.
              Without these features, the stream has more energy to use eroding its bed and banks.

              Dredging creates a flattened stream bed without a low
              -flow channel where concentrated flow has enough
              energy to transport sediment through the system.
              This can result in deposition of far more sediment than the amount removed by dredging
               If a dredged channel is also straightened, the water velocity is increased significantly, due to increased slope and the loss of energy dissipation at bends.
              Faster water causes much more damage during floods.

              Dredging creates a deeper channel with high banks that are often susceptible to erosion or slumping. in addition, the lower water level can stress adjacent plant communities, reducing the ability of their root systems to stabilize the banks.



    • Sylvia Avery says:

      ESPECIALLY after Peter Schweiker’s new book why on earth would we trust any of these people? No, no, no, no a thousand times no. Just get us out of NAFTA.

      I know it my heart of hearts how hardcore the libs in Portland are. There is absolutely ZERO chance of any kind of port/shipping/transportation improvement happening there. Uh unh no way, I don’t care WHAT kind of clever laws or rules they make. It simply will not happen.

      We’re better served just getting cleanly out of NAFTA and starting all over again.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I agree. CANNOT TRUST. This is BAIT! These conniving back-stabbers! NO. Canada and Mexico can deal fairly and openly with the people of this country, or they can GET LOST and take their forsaken mini-TPP with them!

        Don’t look at best-case scenarios. Look at how CHINA can SKAREW us through this, because TRUST ME, THEY CAN.


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    • Jedi9 says:

      I really hope not! This would be among the biggest disappointments for me. We need to go back to unilateral trade agreements with individual countries, not NAFTA, TPP and all the other BS exclusive clubs that these jokers want for themselves. Let the people vote on it and see what happens! I would bet if a poll were taken tomorrow about whether to remain or leave NAFTA that it would overwhelmingly be in favor for leaving! So how do we make a poll happen and then forward it to Trump? Independently speaking, not more of this bloomberg BS fake media crap either! Lets make it happen. Now is the time to be proactive much like what BREXIT was and is, we need our own referendum so we can decide! Anybody with me on this? This is probably one of the most important issues of our lifetimes and a determining factor for the future and securing the sovereignty of our great country.

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  2. Everywhereguy says:

    Coming soon — the Afta Nafta era…

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  3. Everywhereguy says:

    Why would the US need to enact domestic regulations by bundling them with a NAFTA continuation? Just drop NAFTA, and enact the domestic regulations as normal US regulations…

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    • WSB says:

      “The tactic could enable passage of an array of legislative proposals, including regulatory overhaul bills stymied in the Senate and measures to expand workforce development programs. Potential changes also could include setting ceilings on the cost of new regulations and making additional spectrum available for commercial use.”

      Whu? Toodoo whu?


    • Maquis says:

      Now, come on. How will they try our hands for the next fifty years if we don’t fall for their cheap tricks now? 🙄

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      Not either or but both of them. If we must choose then NAFT goes by by.


  4. wheatietoo says:

    “You can barf or eye-roll, your choice.”

    I am doing BOTH.

    Out. Get us out of NAFTA!
    Just do it.
    Please don’t fall for this trickery, Mr. President!

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  5. tytanshammer says:

    Trump is under no illusions as to what this means. His counter moves are about positioning his enemy where he wants them and where there only escape is the one he has planned for them.

    “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

    ― Sun Tzu

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    • Y/O, says:

      Best comment of the month. The golden bridge is there, it has been built. Any who cross it we will welcome them as brothers. Ain’t no better, no more friendly, more brotherly more welcoming bridge ever built.

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  6. Chickficshun says:

    I have an idea Sundance. Why dont you send this article to Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham. PDT might watch the program and figure out what his party is up to.

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  7. PS says:

    The problem is, are we willing to throw the baby (sovereignty) out with the bathwater (Democrat obstructionism)? The west coast states are the shortest logistics route to Pacific transports, and coincidentally some of the most onerous environmental and socialist (labor-centric) wackos in the USA. There are many of us in the Central and East side of the country that point at California and say “they brought it on themselves, a save the spotted salamander mentality, human-caused drought because of poor water management, poor logging management, cultural destruction, illegal immigration, etc” and say cut-em-off.

    California might be crazy, but it’s our family’s crazy. It’s like I can pick on my brother, but anyone outside of the family badmouth and you better watch out. If we start allowing multinational pseudo-government bodies to dictate rules to the federal and state governments, then where does that leave us as citizens? There’s always a slippery slope.

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  8. Sayit2016 says:

    Well… we know darn well that President Trump and the AMERICAN PEOPLE that want to MAGA are going to have to fight tooth and nail every damn day. These people are not going to give a bloody inch. As we have read here 100 x “There are trillions at stake”- they will not go quietly into that good night….. We will have to beat them back every single day, we can not allow them even a toe hold.

    Look at the way they are having the vapors over POTUS congratulating Putin. you would think POTUS sent out a decree to waterboard all the kitties in America, the uproar while amusing in it’s absurdity has a purpose. While the former is LOUD the backdoor crap they are trying to pull with NAFTA is quiet.. stealth if you will. There is a saying, ” you are either contributing or contaminating” ….NAFTA
    as is, is CONTAMINATING the US…..time for a surgical separation.

    The US does not need anyone’s permission to be FREE or prosperous. NAFTA will either be on terms that support America- or it will die a SWIFT death.

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  9. oldschool64 says:

    Build the wall.
    Destroy NAFTA.
    Enough with the too-cute-by-half plans.
    Just – get – us – out.

    I’ am with you SD! Enough of this 9D chess nonsense. Time to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles!!

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    • ediegrey says:

      It’s way past time. I want the wall NOW and I do not want this obscene budget they are foisting on us. It is time to put up or shut up. Enough is enough. How stupid do they think we are. And I have to agree with Ann Coulter- tired of hearing Trump coo over the dreamers. When is the great day for America that we voted for coming?

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  10. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Never under estimate the treachery possible when such large sums of money are at stake.
    Scrap NAFTA completely and start over. All these hundreds of pages of legal mumbo-jumbo is the perfect way to sneak in a “Trojan horse”.

    I do not trust that omnibus bill, either. Not with the smirk on Schumer’s face. That told me all I need to know.
    Remember Nancy Pelosi –

    “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”
    How did that turn out last time?

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  11. Landslide says:

    For all the things Texas gets right, Cruz & Cornyn (our 2 senators) are such weasels. Sometimes I feel like they are schizophrenic. Maddening. Suppose they love the omnibus as well. 😡

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Landslide, perhaps they have a real “interest” in staying in NAFTA and because of that they don’t want to lose whatever. Sad so many in Congress are just plain leftists and greedy and power hungry instead of realizing they are there to represent us. What a concept!

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      • PS says:

        Texas is one of the gatekeepers of US/Mexico logistics. Various articles claim between 400,000 to 1 mil jobs are directly related to trade imports. So, representatives of that state are just doing their jobs, being self interested relative to the other states of the union.


        • Reciprocal balanced trade with Mexico will reduce the empty backhauls for trucks going south, saving boatloads on transportation.

          Jobs in Texas will multiply as plants move north from Mexico to the most hospitable state for business.

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  12. duchess01 says:

    Slimy, Slithering Snakes – Greedy Globalists Get lost!

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  13. phoenixRising says:

    Sundance –
    LUV the faces of the mariachi !!!

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  14. SpanglishKC says:


    I knew it was a scam…

    What is even more grating and ADDS to the COLD ANGER is these POS’s think we are that stupid….

    GO TO HELL CRUZ et al!!!

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  15. lokiscout says:

    Sounds like UN Lite to me! I can’t believe this is even being discussed it is so crazy.

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  16. Mark McQueen says:

    Congress is going to fix it? Yeahhh….ok…..

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  17. starfcker says:

    What I read somewhere today was that Trump was willing to forgo the 50% United States content, not the higher North American content. I don’t know if that’s true, but that would make a little more sense. Remember what Trump has always said, “I will never let you down. He seems willing to listen to anything, but he always goes back to his hardcore position on the big ones.

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  18. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Budget was a slap in the face to conservative voters and these same schmucks have done nothing but obstruct POTUS at each and every turn. End them Don end NAFTA end it

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  19. elricviii says:

    Isolationism sounds better to me every day. And while we’re at it, bring back the gold standard. Make our currency actually worth something tangible again.

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  20. Y/O, says:

    You glorious warrior you, Sundance. Don’t stop, they look beat, doesn’t matter if they are or they ain’t. Unconditional surrender.

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  21. MIKE says:

    The thing that sticks out with me is the cast of players. It’s like they’re on a rotation or something.
    “Alright, we got the latest and greatest plan to get him. Who’s up?”

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  22. Dennis Leonard says:

    This is off CNN business.Is this double talk or some more crap they are floating,
    ” The European Union, South Korea, Australia, Argentina and Brazil may be exempted from the Trump administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday.

    Lighthizer stopped short of saying that exemptions were certain for those countries. But his comments were the clearest yet on which countries might avoid the trade penalties.

    The tariffs — 25% on foreign steel and 10% on foreign aluminum — are scheduled to take effect Friday. “

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  23. usayes says:

    One, two and three… breathe in then exhale. VSGPDJT knows all about these scofflaw Rinos and CoC snakes. He also knows that in addition to pulling out of NAFTA (an absolute given), there are always those pesky tariffs he can impose. No amount of port improvement, dredging or other “workarounds” will work here w/o VSG’s OK. He’s not going to allow back door entry into the US that would worsen the trade deficit. Period. Don’t believe me? Then lo siento mucho 🙂

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  24. uvaldegirl says:

    As I was reading this, I was thinking of my comment –essentially get OUT of NAFTA and build the wall already. Do it….and then saw Sundance’s similar last lines.

    Probably a lot of us are getting a impatient. All this time studying gives GOPe like Cruz time to collect their payoffs, stictch together some weasely bill and cook up corny phraseology such as “lock into law.”.

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  25. thinkwell says:

    The photo-shopped Mariachi band is amazingly apropos and well done. Bravo!


  26. trapper says:

    They never stop scheming and conniving

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  27. thinkwell says:

    Maybe in sanctuary cities and states the feds should require a one million dollar security bond before turning over any illegal alien for local criminal prosecution (normally the libs let them go rather than turn them back to the feds). All defaulted bond money could go towards building the wall. The wall gets built or the pukes get deported and either way libtard heads explode at the dilemma. Any way would be a win-win.

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    • Just refund them and apply the dollars to more feet of the Wall.


    • JX says:

      It’s all part of it. NAFTA, “sanctuary cities”, super-corridors, common core… they’re all related. Once sufficient blurring has been achieved, the by then defacto NAU will be formalized. The blueprint is much like what the globalists used to create the EU from a 1952 coal treaty. Our rejection of TPP is a temporary setback for the globalists. They will persist. Therefor they must be destroyed. The Bushs, the Romneys, and the rest can take their NWO…

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  28. thinkwell says:

    By the way, neither little Marco Rubio RINOsaur nor Canadian Cruz are natural born Citizens, but that didn’t either one of them from trashing the Constitution by running for president. They both should be primaried.

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    • Proud American from Texas says:

      Cruz was primaried here in Texas. I swear, nobody ever heard of his opponents, other than their respective families.

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    • Serena says:

      That fact used to bug the heck outta me. Especially Lyin Ted who calls himself a Constitutionalist!! His supporters never wanted to hear what Trump and his supporters warned about him being the Republican nominee. That the Democrats and the media would beat their drums and take it all the way to the Supreme Court to have him disqualified. They were too stupid to see that running a non natural born citizen for President only works for the Dems.They are ruthless in their desire for power.

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  29. Jim says:

    Just watched USTR before the ways and means committee on CSPAN. Every member praised both Nafta and the Korean agreement broadly and specific aspects of Nafta pertaining to incentivizing outsourcing even. I don’t have any hope in congress; at least if that committee is indicative of the larger group.

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  30. Scout says:

    The Establishment is everywhere, most of Trump’s Secretaries are value believers in it.
    And for Trumpians, the Establishment is not to be ignored because they know that President Trump is temporary while they are permanent.

    “You want to be upwardly mobile in Treasury or DoJ in 10 years, boy?
    And you want to run Trumps agenda in 2018?


  31. I voted for DJT, I a white woman with my one and only dear brother recently dead, my father dead, an X husband that I don’t listen to and would never in a lifetime listen to my jerk boss. Just sayin’. (Hills).
    I voted against TPP, NAFTA, and living on the border, for reinforcement of the Wall. NAFTA must change or go down.

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  32. Pyrthroes says:

    Dismaying, to say the least… and with all we’ve seen for decades, most probably Right On.

    The expanded Panama Canal’s impact on global shipping, hence U.S. continental entrepots, is a practical point well-taken. Is there a timeline for Trump to cut through this BS and simply exit NAFTA, outfoxing the deep-shadowed CoC and Goldman Sach’s “Battery Boyz”?

    Here’s hoping that whatever chicanery wins out will balance positive in ye long run. Alas, we wouldn’t count on it.


  33. hellinahandbasket says:

    That Giant Sucking Sound

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  34. Ospreyzone says:

    With their toxic omnibus budget, racketeers Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al., have charted the perfect path for removing the GOP from power in 2018. They have frustrated Trump’s base and thus successfully given majority control back to the beltway lobbyist class who will furtively and generously reward them for their contemptable efforts.

    Once Republicans step back from the majority, which was never supposed to have happened, the new House will be able to launch impeachment proceedings against PDJT for the offense of “conspiracy to defraud government,” Mueller’s go-to crime that he is feverishly working to get across the finish line.

    The “loyal, conservative, Republicans,” once again comfortable in their minority roles, will cry foul and feign outrage as PDJT is knee-capped and rendered a lame duck, which has always been the play.

    It’s very sad to watch, really, but barring timely and earth-shattering indictments of MAJOR black-hat players and subsequent confessions exposing the breadth of their seditious acts, it is not too hard to deduce.


  35. Brenda Purington says:

    Please God let President Trump see through these shams and schemes. All of DJT’s promises seem to be falling by the wayside. Tax cuts are nice but do not solve things for the long term like walls and sovereign trade laws. I am so fed up and feel helpless.

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  36. Lefty says:

    The only hope is for people to wake the F up and vote out all uniparty. Unfortunately, that has little chance of happening as they control most of the levers and purses in politics and we are mighty short on VSG able to take them on.


  37. Glad Peter Navarro is on Trump’s/our team… maybe he can cut through this garbage.


  38. Bob says:

    If you really want to help the president, then we all need to call your senators and representatives!!!
    Secondly, we need to go after the local newscasts and their families, asking them to tell the TRUTH!!! We will stop when they start telling both sides of the the arguments!!! They work for the networks and tell me they just report what NY, Washington tells them!!! Well it’s time to do it with kindness and love, but stick to the TRUTH!!! If they get enough heat they’ll have to start, but will tell you there are laws on the books to arrest you if more than 7 people show up. We need to organize doing something besides reading CTH and getting mad all the time!!
    We The People need to organize in all states, this stuff ain’t going to stop till We do organize like the commiecrats do! Police officer told me here in Houston that the left are pros at it, they bring in people that do this all the time.
    Trump is loosing in the media no matter what, we need to change that!!! Someone needs to go after their FCC licenses for propaganda and out an out lies. MRC has the biases documented, we need to go after them hard, time is $$$$ and we need to do as their doing!!! Look at PA, they got leftist supreme justices to change the district maps for the depends party!!!! When are We The People going to get off are asses an organize like they do??? We’re at a critical point where the Uni-party is dead set on not loosing their power and will not stop at nothing to make sure the likes of Trump never happen again!!!! Time for doing things we’ve never done, Boycotts, going after advertising, calling daily congress and senate, calling news media with the TRUTH.
    Being self employed and trying to do this is hard but I’m sure there are lots of retired people that could get this going. Legally going after the news needs to be priority #1!! I finally commented after almost 2 years of reading. You can be assured that God is watching what you’ve done with the gift called Trump. It’s Time folks, it’s time! God Bless Sundance, and Trump! It’s our last chance at saving this great miracle called America!!!!


  39. Dorothy Marcum says:

    Looks like Trump keeps going backwards on a lot of stuff
    As SunDance asks? Why haven’t we pulled out yet? Why are we bending over and scooting backwards?
    Makes no sense unless as the spiddy senses tell me it was maybe just campaign rhetoric

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  40. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    The GOPe are liars. They say one thing and do another. Dems tell the truth. What? The Dems tell you exactly what they stand for and how they are going to screw you. They make no bones about it. And, they stick together. Republicans are incapable of doing so. Whoever thought GOPe members would actually beat Schumer in a race to get in front of a TV camera to criticize, degrade and humiliate our President. They make me sick. I have to hold my nose if I’m forced to vote for any of them. MAGA.


  41. powderdayrules says:

    Trump can veto the underthebus spending bill, and dump nafta, and start the big ugly all at the same time! Drop the gloves, it’s Time To Go! (while listening to Dropkick Murphy’s song). Unleash DeGenova.

    Then he can simply tweet out to Ryan, McConnell, Chamber of Commerce (FU Tom), and the mediadems the following simple questions:
    Who are you working for? Its not the American people.
    Who are you answering to? Its not the American people.
    Who is funding you? Its not the American people.

    We treepers can help the cause by only funding MAGA candidates directly in the primaries. The RNC is not on our side.

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  42. thedoc00 says:

    The stupidity is becoming infectious, after watching the morning business shows. They all seem to be very happy with a few “higher” end service, political and media jobs as long as the Financiers on Wall Street can make their money in a low volatility environment.

    None them understands or even cares that economic systems only stand and grow on designing AND BUILDING stuff because the country that builds stuff controls the prices and has a growth oriented skilled economy and population. Services are based on companies that build stuff. Being you do not need that many skilled people to sell stuff and distribute. The major hubs of distribution and service management can also be done off shore rather easily, thanks to the information management technology companies,. (very simple example: notice how many call centers are located off shore for any topic you can name). Not one of the business experts thinks about what happens when all those who actually builds stuff decide to raise prices and the US has NO industrial base to compete or counter. In case its lost on folks, even before Trump’s election, all those “benevolent” exporters of stuff to US shores were raising consumer goods prices. The cost hikes do not show up in the media because the term ‘inflation” was changed by Wall Street and Fed to hide the price hikes.


    • SharkFL says:

      They do understand. They are not stupid.

      The media is 100% owned shills for whatever position is paying them. The only opinion they have is the one that pays for their mortgage.

      The media and congress are consistently voted among the lowest respected positions in the country specifically because they are all paid liars, traitors and scum.

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  43. TheWanderingStar says:

    I’ve known for a long time that Corn-hole Cornyn and Lyin’ Ted need to go. Texas should find some MAGA challengers to get rid of these 2 blights on our great state.


  44. MTK says:

    Content origination rules within the auto-sector. Hmmm…

    Sounds like a prudent thing to put in place.
    Prudent!!! Yup prudent.

    Lets say PDJT is about to throw NAFTA out with the bath water. What happens to supply chains… everything goes into flux as they are readjusted. Right.

    Right, so you don’t want a little old “false” labling scheme that was invented in the first place as a reaction to NAFTA to bring the whole enterprise down.

    Cool. PDJT is smart. He is thinking….
    Get rid of false label and tariffs on steel and aluminum will invigorated American companies to re-enter the manufactor of these components… Thus leading to an outcome that will in reality lead to higher content of American sourced parts by DEFAULT.


    • thedoc00 says:

      There is not a nation in this world that does not have much higher national content regulations than are in NAFTA. They also use special anti-trust and special industrial base protection regulations to augment their national content laws.


  45. nyetneetot says:

    “You can barf or eye-roll, your choice.”



  46. Not that this has anything to do with this article but what do I do to report if my comments are being screened on another site.

    I noticed over the past couple of months that on other sites I no longer see any responses ..also neither likes or dislikes.

    Not that anyone would ever not like me …dear me no! LOL

    In other words… what’s the follow up proceedure? Does anybody out there know?


  47. JX says:

    NASO the “North American Strategy for Competitiveness” was previously known as “North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition”

    earlier version of their website (note logo continuity)


  48. magatrump says:

    They will fight to the death to save there money supplier. I cannot stand the Uniparty and the CoC.
    Please just build the wall and get us out of Nafta. Thank you President Trump. MAGA


  49. MaineCoon says:

    American First.
    America’s sovereignty.

    POTUS made these slogans the basis of his campaign.
    POTUS said he’d never let us down.
    No NAFTA. No “dirty tricks” NAFTA.

    Liked by 1 person

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