“Tip of The Iceberg” – The Pending Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End…

There continue to be questions about the substance behind the pending release of the House Intelligence Committee memo.  With that release in mind, today it is worthwhile remembering this is the beginning of exposing the corruption within the DOJ not the end.

For several years the U.S. justice department has maintained an attitude of non-accountability within its ranks.  The Obama years elevated that attitude and provided multiple examples of a DOJ gone rogue.

A complicit media enables that attitude by engineering a false narrative the U.S. Justice Department was/is an independent fourth branch of government; unaccountable to congress and entirely separate from the executive branch.

The House Intelligence Memo is simply using the example of currently known FISA abuse to open the door and show the U.S. electorate how corrupt this unaccountable institution has become.  Behind that door are very uncomfortable realities for all of those who constructed the weaponized agency; and also those who have benefited from it.


♦When IRS head Lois Learner unlawfully sent the 21 CD-ROM’s containing the “Schedule B” filings of over a million Americans to the Obama administration, the recipient was the DOJ. (LINK)  It was the DOJ who was chosen to utilize the political lists in their “Secret Research Project“. ♦When U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen demanded DOJ lawyers attend ethics classes due to their false representations to his court – he was highlighting a corrupt DOJ. (LINK)

♦When the case against the Bundy family was recently thrown out of court, it was the “gross malicious conduct” of the DOJ highlighted by the judge. (LINK)

This is the same DOJ who denied their own Office of Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, the right to conduct oversight on DOJ internal action. (LINK – pdf)  The expressed Justice Department intent in every action has been an attempt to remain unaccountable.

The U.S. Justice Department has become a rogue agency weaponized against it’s political opposition in almost every jurisdiction.  This is the pervasive attitude, an air of ideological unaccountability, found rampant within every corrupt system.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when the epicenter of that attitude in Washington DC balks at the concept of having oversight, and thumbs their nose at congress by refusing to turn over the underlying FISA application documents.

The House Intelligence Committee, Chairman Devin Nunes, has oversight over the entire intelligence apparatus, including DOJ/FBI counterintelligence and the FISA Courts.  The House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Bob Goodlatte, has statutory oversight over the entire Department of Justice.  The Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Chuck Grassley, has oversight over the federal court processes used by the U.S. Department of Justice.   The Office of Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is the internal DOJ watchdog.

Unfortunately the corruption appears systemic within the entire justice system.  This is the problem currently being confronted.  This is also a system being defended by a political media apparatus who have benefited from seeing their opposition targeted.  The American people became the threat to their system.  The American people became their enemy. This outlook sounds stark, but this is exactly the way the DOJ has behaved.

We The People are in an abusive relationship with the Department of Justice.

Representative Mark Meadows puts it thusly:

THREAD: Because through all the “memo” news and headlines, it’s critical to remember why this issue is important and why it should matter to everyday Americans.

What this issue is all about: whether the Department of Justice and FBI, under President Obama, abused their surveillance authority against American citizens and political opponents. Put another way: was the Obama DOJ weaponized to spy on the Trump campaign?

Remember, in general, the DOJ and FBI spying on American citizens should automatically be met with MAJOR skepticism. That’s what the Fourth Amendment is designed to protect against. When those American citizens are ALSO political opponents? It should raise even more red flags.

So, take that principle, and look at what happened in this case. The DOJ spied on Carter Page, an American citizen. Red flag. Carter Page was also part of the Trump campaign. Double red flag. It should automatically raise questions.

Now, pause: we know about the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page texts, the “missing” texts, the McCabe concerns, etc. But this is about more. Focus on the dossier here–the political opposition research project put together by Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and the DNC by extension.

Quite simply: This infamous “Russian Dossier” was unverified political opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. If the Department of Justice used information like that as a key part of getting a surveillance warrant, it would be a HUGE problem.

Now, from what we’ve already known for months, it sure looks like that’s exactly what happened: that the FBI used that very dossier to get a warrant. @Jim Jordan asked the FBI about it 2 months ago. I asked too. We asked for the FISA application, and the FBI wouldn’t show us. WATCH:

We’ve asked repeatedly for information from the FBI, both privately and publicly. We’ve openly told FBI and DOJ officials–if we’re wrong, tell us! Tell us what was in the FISA application. Let us see the document. But we’ve been stonewalled for almost a year.

So the bottom line is this: if, in 2016, the DOJ and FBI used an unverified, Clinton/DNC paid-for dossier to spy on American citizens (and political opponents) in the Trump campaign, that is as wrong as it gets. If that happened, Americans deserve to know about it. Period.

I know we live in a hyper-partisan environment, and I know it can be easy to disregard any inquiry like this as party politics. I understand that. But this is so far above politics, folks. Lady Justice wears a blindfold. Her scale is supposed to be balanced.

If any Department of Justice, Republican or Democrat, put their thumb on the scale for the sake of politics–it would undermine the very fabric of who we are as a nation. Americans deserve the truth, one way or the other.

Last point: If you remember anything from this news cycle, remember: your right as an American to privacy from your government spying on you is critical. It is foundational to who we are as a Republic. Never take that right for granted, no matter the political party you belong to.  (link)

The release of the House Intelligence Memo is only the tip of the iceberg; the crack in the door to see just how corrupt the unaccountable Justice System became.

There are going to be many more revelations as the investigations into the FBI and DOJ continue.  Combine that understanding with the pending OIG Horowitz report, and we have only just begun to see how bad this is…

The key aspect to begin restoring a system when it has fallen into the clutches of corruption, is to remove their internal image of unaccountability.  The DOJ and FBI are part of the Executive Branch and they are accountable to congressional oversight.  We need to constantly remind people of that, and push back against this insufferable media-generated narrative of the DOJ being an independent fourth branch of government.

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2,044 Responses to “Tip of The Iceberg” – The Pending Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End…

  1. ForGodandCountry says:

    How ironic….

    It’s sunny and calm outside, weather-wise. An absolutely glorious day.

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  2. Watcher says:

    How odd mcstain and san fran nan both using Putin talking points.

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  3. trumpthepress says:

    Tom Fitton at judicial watch just nailed it. Called out Lyin Ryan for saying the Mueller investigation and this memo aren’t linked. Fitton said (paraphrasing)…There is no Russia crap without the fake “Clinton Dossier” payments and pursuit. It’s all in the memo. I like the term he used “Clinton Dossier”.

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    • Julie says:

      Sessions was just on video this morning bragging about Rosenstein and how great he is.

      It was disgusting. Saw the video on Gateway Pundit today.

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      • GenEarly says:

        Sessions is being blackmailed as surely as Roberts was on the Soopreme Court Obamycare “Tax” decision. Wray is Obiviously covering up for a corrupt FIB and telling Congress TSTFU in bureaucratic speak.
        DC is Sick twisted offal ….despicable beyond words.


    • V says:

      Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch re the Memo and implications for Mueller.

      This is the best commentary I’ve seen so far.

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      • Griff1123 says:

        Outstanding Tom Fitton! Shame on Paul Ryan.
        Today’s activities make it even more important that President Trump retain and reinforce his Private former NYPD security personal. The demo Socialist , deep staters will start to panic even more as the evidence Leeds to The Clinton’s and the Obambis and their sponsors.


  4. waltherppk says:

    The Dhimmicrats are so screwed it sets a whole new standard for how screwed it is possible to be.

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  5. Well if you want to catch bigger fish, you catch and use a smaller fish. Understand what your saying though.

    Need to get these fish onto the hook and under control. Will you not feel better and safer when you go forward with these fish out of the way. This is just the memo. That 99 page memo ( and I think it was posted here month or more) it is heavily redacted. It is my understanding that 99 page memo was the basis for the memo. With much more that is not in this memo. Like agents (contractors) with no security clearance with access to high level classified material, and more.

    Watch Hillary’s movements and the others. Is that boot still on her broken toe? McCains boot which just swaps from leg to leg, missing in action visibly, and with a remarkable tolerance to a form of brain cancer.

    There is a recent interview with Susan Rice, she wears a white printed dress I think. Listen to it, the end is gold. She sure appears to throw O under the bus. Blames O, she acted under orders for certain actions she took.

    It is over Bombards Body language site and I think its on the free site part.

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  6. GREENMIRROR says:

    Absolutely the Tip of the iceberg, I want to know “who” and “why” not just the “what” happened. This surveillance is pretty damn obvious. What was the motive and intent? Are the motives and intent criminal? This invasion of every sound and every sight inside our borders needs checked or we have no freedom or liberty. I am proud Trump pointed to the Statue of Freedom atop the capitol building during the state of the union.

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  7. Concerned Virginian says:

    The Memo:
    Our POTUS has unleashed a KRAKATOA upon those who would undermine the Republic.

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  8. Duditz says:

    so the memo is released, nothing but crickets so far. No statement by our supposed AG, no firing of RR or a second special council.
    I for one hope that President Trump skips these steps and goes for mass arrests of seditious parties in our government, media and crime cabal.

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  9. Duditz says:

    so the memo is released, nothing but crickets so far. No statement by our supposed AG, no firing of RR or a second special council.
    I for one hope that President Trump skips these steps and goes for mass arrests of seditious parties in our government, media and crime cabal like Lincoln did

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    • Carrie2 says:

      waltherpkk, a picture I would like on my wall so I could smile every day and then even better a picture of his being marched off to the gallows with no covering his head. Those pictures would be true treasures.


  10. Watcher says:

    Tip of the iceberg indeed. The Clinton foundation FBI investigation was reopened around a year ago.
    Arrest warrants could have been issued for Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson for lying to the FBI about emails, now that the memo is out maybe they will be indicted.
    Most of the iceberg is below the waterline.

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  11. JL says:

    So much information in one small relative clause …

    “… where they [Strzok and Page] both demonstrated a clear bias against Trump and in favor of Clinton, whom Strzok had also investigated.

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  12. JAS says:

    Refreshing everyone’s memory:

    ORDER NO. 3915-2017
    By virtue of the authority vested in me as Acting Attorney General, including 28 U.S.C.
    §§ 509, 510, and 515, in order to discharge my responsibility to provide supervision and
    management of the Department of Justice, and to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the
    Russian govemmenfs efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, I hereby order as

    (a) Robert S. Mueller III is appointed t() serve as Specia] Counsel for the United States Department of Justice.

    (b)The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including: any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals

    (i) associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and

    (ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and

    (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

    (c) If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.

    (d) Sections 600.4 through 600. l 0 of Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations are applicable to the Special Counsel.

    IMPORTANT! Paragraph (c) above is mitigated by paragraph (d). Mueller does not have “free reign” to investigate whatever he wants. Paragraph (c) is Bogus.

    § 600.4 Jurisdiction.

    (c) Civil and administrative jurisdiction. If in the course of his or her investigation the Special Counsel determines that administrative remedies, civil sanctions or other governmental action outside the criminal justice system might be appropriate, he or she shall consult with the Attorney General with respect to the appropriate component to take any necessary action. A Special Counsel shall not have civil or administrative authority unless specifically granted such jurisdiction by the Attorney General.

    § 600.7 Conduct and accountability.

    (d) The Special Counsel may be disciplined or removed from office only by the personal action of the Attorney General. The Attorney General may remove a Special Counsel for misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies. The Attorney General shall inform the Special Counsel in writing of the specific reason for his or her removal.

    MUELLER DOES NOT HAVE A FREE REIGN. He must report to the AG and the AG MUST APPROVE other matters that the SC wants to investigate that fall outside the scope of the appointment.

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  13. tgmccoy says:

    Next Sessions will unrecuse himself due to the revelations..


  14. How about Sessions says he supports the Constitution and stops this horsepucky about Civil Forfeiture, that States don’t have their rights and going having cannabis instead of rich sick in the head people instead of working joes that pay his salary.

    Sessions picking the people when they go, not with those two huge unconstitutional aggressive actions he has undertaken.

    Zshow me the law where he has the right to say a weed is illegal, where does he get that authority, why did they have to have a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, and had to approve its repeal. Where does the United Nations get to tell the US what they can and can’t do.

    Where does he get the right to take property with no trial and more.

    Yet ole Jeffy boy with they ever present grinning smile just says cause I say so. Sound familiar.

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    • blind no longer says:

      Oh there will be trials, and the people who will be loosing their property will be these corrupt bastards who have been robbing the taxpayers at every opportunity. Thats why the order is in place.

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      • Lindenlee says:


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        • So you’re saying he is just faking telling police chiefs that Civil forfeiture is just fine. Go and take joe blows money buy more equipment to intimidate the public they supposedly serve. Have a party on their dime. What is a right to trial and protections of personal papers, homes, property. Constitution is just a piece of paper ehhh.

          You’re saying he is just faking attacking State Rights and against the grain of Trumps statements on State Rights and Cannabis policy.

          so was he lying then or is he lying now. Can’t have it both ways. Such statements are a lawyers dream when trying to impeach. These are not small issues. The actions he has taken are at the heart of the Constitution for our./yours, and the States liberty’s.

          How many people had their lives ruined during the past year while he endorsed Civil Forfeiture.

          How much money have states and other businesses in other states lost trying to challenge Jeffery.

          Ya think Jeffery will reimburse those harmed. I am sure he will get right on it.

          Bye the Bye ,…Jeffery according to Bombards body language says what Jeffery says is almost always, always true. No signs of lying, so he is most likely telling the truth when he made those statements.

          The actions he took are totally out of sync with what President Trumps earlier statements.


          • Lindenlee says:

            I am NOT endorsing that odious CAF, have been fighting that in my small way since 1990. However, knowing Sessions, it is out of character for him to truly endorse this kind of thing, so there must be another purpose… Reading between the lines.

            Rival asset forfeiture laws are anathema to the Constitution and a free people. I personally remember when those laws were I stitutew and fought side by side by conservative groups and the ACLU… Until the ACLU found out that they could use it as a revenue stream for corrupt LE groups.

            Nothing like this should be understood on its own, I am putting 2 + 2 together with the President’s EO, and several other things. Just as our President has had to issue EOs to undo Obutthead’s ones , and not like it ONE BIT, it is, temporarily, a necessary evil, to be undone later. Please think in a larger context. This is a mess, but I trust my President and the AG.

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      • Mickturn says:

        Enough of this crap…we need an AG with some HUGE BALLS!

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  15. Three-Pound Sledge says:

    The root cause of all that is evil and corrupt was put into afterburner on August 28, 2008, when the DNC twice selected an unConstitutional and undocumented alien, aka Obama, aka Soetoro, to be their nominee for the presidency of the USA.

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  16. kea says:

    Wonderful Photo of Trump I must say!!!


  17. Albert P Gnadt says:

    … when are we allowed to connect the illegal FISA warrants directly to Obama & Lynch? Is it not crystal clear that Obama’s inner circle was using the this raw intelligence to target which Trump campaign official to unmask? … can we connect the dots here directly to the Flynn entrapment by Mueller … can we therefore infer that Mueller is complicit? … where are the FBI/DOJ whistleblowers?? … are there no Patriots left standing after 8 years of Obama? I have worked closely with FBI/DEA SAC’s for the past 20 years … these are “Men of Honor”… is anyone out there willing to bypass the ‘fraternity’ to step forward and tell what they know??

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Be. Patient. Have faith, this is not moving on YOUR timetable. This is a field of landmines.

      Every indictment of any agent or officer of the FBI endangers ongoing investigations by those agents. We could lose important cases. Various pieces will be moved into place to maximize the legitimate functions of honest agents/officers, while targeting the REAL culprits, up to and including military tribunals for treason.

      We see one small part. It is more important portent to do this very delicate operation CORRECTLY, than QUICKLY.

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      • sha44ss says:

        Yes exactly. We are at WAR within! And YES > Obama was a very busy little bee planting all his *landmines> his Praetorian guards against the Republic!! President Trump was WISE to surround himself with *Generals strategizing the * demining of our * Republic! I was relieved when I saw them ALL! This IS just Phase 1!! GO MAXIMUS!! MAGA!!


  18. If Rosenstein signed one of the FISA renewal applications, and it did not disclose the origins of the Steele dossier, wouldn’t that be illegal? Doesn’t that make him a blackhat?

    If the memo is accurate, everyone who signed one of those FISA applications should be arrested immediately, including Rosenstein.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it seems the Democrats and mainstream media are taking the bait. So, next we’ll see interest in more of the supporting documents, which hopefully then get released, and slowly but surely the big ugly will reveal itself.

    The question is, are people going to jail? Comey’s busy tweeting “That’s it”. He signed a FISA application that didn’t disclose pertinent information on the Steele dossier in order to violate the civil rights of individuals in the midst of an election. He should be arrested immediately and never sleep in a bed outside a prison cell again.

    So… arrests? Lock these people up and start getting some to talk.

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  19. budmc says:


  20. Donna in Oregon says:

    We need new media. This one sucks. I watch OANN and so avoid the nonsense I keep reading/seeing here from Fox, ABC, WaPo, NYT, etc.

    We need to start lobbying the FCC and the Executive to break up the monopoly. Only 6 corporations are running the majority of media. That’s a monopoly.

    We should demand change. This is causing problems, it’s become propaganda created and controlled by multinational corporate foreign interests; used to manipulate citizens, rather than inform. A free media is by definition decentralized

    All Americans deserve better.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Th e so-called “journalism ” schools are the problem. Journalists are indoctrinated with cultural Marxism, where they are taught there job is to change evil freedom, not to chronicle events as they happen. Same in law schools, look at the FBI. ALL the 7th floor pigs involved here are LAWYERS not cops. Same with the DOJ, they are all LAWYERS, many oof them in there postions because of there political ideology.

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  21. mutantbeast says:

    2 things come to mind for me. One is the likely covering up of the murder of Seth Rich. The other one is Uranium One. Hard to me to beleive FBI counter intelligence could have mssed the fact that the Clinton foundation was involved with the Russians. lets not forget the names who would have been in position to investigate Uranium One. Comey Preistep Strzok. Wray.

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    • TPW says:

      Just me….but is anyone else think this memo is another “false flag” intended to take focus off of lets say…..U-1…clinton and her foundation and emails? Keep dragging out dossier tidbits until everyone is exhausted ………who the hell knows…….too many obvious crimes that have gone unattended by Sessions…….lots of look….talk…..wait and see….but again…no ACTION.

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  22. Yuge victory for The American People today. The individuals involved in this scandal are a guilty as sin, even if they don’t go to Federal Prison for this.

    Trump vindicated, Democrats continue to look corrupt & juvenile, and media in full snowflake-meltdown mode. One of the best days of Trump’s Presidency so far.

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    • TPW says:

      “even if they don’t go to jail”……that is exactly why they continue to get away with corruption….because” we the people” are basically defeated and will accept that “they” never go to jail.


      • I understand your frustration, but do you expect them to go to jail? I can say they will go to prison for this, but it won’t happen. Honestly, the people involved in this scandal play by a different set of rules than you and I. They are held to a different standard than you and I.

        It sucks but no one from the last 10 – 15 years involved in corruption – other than former Republican House Leader child molester – has been held accountable, aka sent to prison. I agree, they will continue to get away with it, until we get to see them walk into a prison complex wearing a jumpsuit. When I see it happen to one of them I’ll believe it.


  23. Dats Right says:

    Nunes gets a single! Standing on 1st

    Next up…walking to the plate…..Mr Grassley

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  24. Leonard Lane says:

    If Sessions is to recuse himself from “all things Russian” then he should be replaced. Nothing the Russians have done(except to conspire with the Clintons an Uranium One and support Steele by not publicly exposing him) is on the scale of corruption of the DOJ and FBI. And Muller is part of this.
    If you look back the root of evil in all this goes to the Clintons, Obama, and their appointees. But the Clintons are the big fish.

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  25. Patriot1783 says:

    Ok, so is the guy behind Wray’s right shoulder in video above same guy in that group photo shot of McCabe, Page & Baker the unnamed guy wearing the green tie walking next to McCabe and who Comey nominated FBI Asst Dir of Congressional Affairs in Mar 2017:
    Gregory A Brower

    From images online he now has grayer hair but same profile and seems to favor green ties!

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  26. WSB says:

    Shepard Smith just reported that “four FISA judges signed of on the warrants.”

    I have not re-read through the memo yet, but I do not remember seeing this point. Does anyone know if that was premeditated misdirection talking point memo, truth or just incompetence?


  27. scott467 says:

    “Last point: If you remember anything from this news cycle, remember: your right as an American to privacy from your government spying on you is critical. It is foundational to who we are as a Republic. Never take that right for granted, no matter the political party you belong to.”


    If we are to take that seriously, then the entire NSA program of collecting every email, text, conservation, etc. and storing it in the huge data facility in Utah (or anywhere else, lawyers…) must end.



    To allow the government to collect that data on the promise that they won’t abuse it NEXT time is exactly equivalent to trusting a confessed and convicted child molester to run a children’s daycare center.

    Exactly equivalent.

    It is no less criminally negligent to trust a known pedophile to not violate children than it is for the American People to trust the government to not violate our rights.


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    • lastinillinois says:


      Must end!

      The fact that we allow this is absolutely insane.

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      • scott467 says:

        “The fact that we allow this is absolutely insane.”


        “We” never DID allow it, it was rammed down our throats by a corrupt Congress.

        Same as gold confiscation.

        Same as removing real silver from our coinage.

        Same as every other corrupt act our government has done for the last 100 years, at least as far back as 1913 and many would say back to the beginning of the Civil War.

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        • AmericaFirst says:

          You can add the facilitated invasion of our country, essentially assisted suicide of the native population. HOW many decades have we been screaming about that? Until President Trump became our champion, who listened? Few enough.

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  28. theresanne says:

    It’s amazing that after months of spying on the Trump Campaign, Transition Team and Administration the crooked FBI/DOJ/MSM cabal produced no real evidence to convict President Trump of anything.
    Not only did they fail to implicate President Trump they have succeeded in discrediting the entire Intelligence Community as well as the DNC & MSM.

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      So far besides Hillary losing and the memo it appears their plan is working perfectly. PDJT administration was headed to impeachment early on from Russia myth, then the typical SC story of “obstruction” started coming out. Now the fake investigation is leading to the real obstruction they always knew they could count on. Will take BALLS of steel to stare down what’s coming. I know PDJT has them but he can’t do it alone. We now know Nunes has them but they can’t do it together without help. In my opinion the key will be Ryan and McConnell being willing to take some heat from very fake news to let Goodlette, Grassley, and Nunes finish what they start. I used to be holding out for Sessions but i’m not a patient man so that hope is drying up.


  29. scott467 says:

    “The DOJ and FBI are part of the Executive Branch and they are accountable to congressional oversight. We need to constantly remind people of that, and push back against this insufferable media-generated narrative of the DOJ being an independent fourth branch of government.”


    Basic civics have not been taught to American schoolchildren in more than 30 years.

    Which is entirely by design. How better to ‘rule over’ a population than to keep them ignorant?

    We always knew it was by design, but then Wikileaks went and proved it:


    Supposedly, dumbed down Americans are the reason Trump is so popular. But, in fact, Democrats admit in emails that they have wanted them that way.

    This all came out thanks to Wikileaks.

    Bill Ivey to John Podesta (Clinton campaign manager): “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics, and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

    Even when I was a kid, I learned more about how the government works from the after school cartoon Schoolhouse Rock than I ever did at public government school.

    We were lucky to even learn this much, and we only learned this if we sought it out ourselves. AFTER school.

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  30. Odin Thorson says:

    All the names in the memo and cover page:
    Devin Nunes, Egan, Donald F. McGahn II, Paul Ryan, Adam Schiff
    Footnote: Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush
    Page 1:
    Carter Page, James Comey, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, FISA,FISC,FBI,DAG,DOJ,HPSCI
    Page 2:
    Carter Page, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie, DNC, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Donald Trump, Clinton campaign, any party/campaign, DOJ, FBI, FISA, FISC, Yahoo News, Michael Isikoff, Mother Jones, David Corn
    Page 3:
    DOJ, FBI, FISA FISC, Steele, Bruce Ohr, General Yates, Rosenstein, Donald Trump, Ohr’s wife, DNC, Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS,Bill Priestap, Comey, McCabe,
    Page 4:
    FISA, Trump, George Papadopoulos, Pete Strzok, Lisa Page, McCabe, insurance


  31. Realist says:

    All roads lead back to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero Ohomo the Serial LYING, Document HIDING, Devout Muslim . Oh and Vietnam TRAITOR McCain is in it up to his neck too.

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  32. Realist says:

    Shepard Smith is on the wrong network he rightly belongs at CNN

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  33. Mickturn says:

    The Democrap scumbags that perpetrated this SCAM need to all go to PRISON. Until charges are brought they will feel like they are winning…WE MUST PREVENT THAT!

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  34. Matthew Blackburn says:

    Quick question… First love this site read it religiously. If they got a fisa warrant for page does that warrant extend to the campaign officials he has contacts with. Meaning if they have one warrant for a trump campaign official does it mean they can monitor the whole trump team based on that warrant?


    • John Bosley says:

      They can monitor EVERYONE that has any connection to Page, wither it be his mom or his cleaning lady.
      FULL spying allowed from when anyone takes a dump to where they park their little limos at night in bed.
      Insidious, lecherous and treasonous , heads need to roll.

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      • John Bosley says:

        And I forgot also, that if they find something of interest in that cleaning lady it can also be extended to EVERYONE that she knows.
        So the spying can go 6 degrees of separation and could entail just about everybody.

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  35. Summer says:

    Definitely not an end — Nunes just said that they are investigating State Department and their role in the scandal.

    That should be VERY interesting.


  36. Walt says:

    Nunes on fox Brett Bair show shut down all the BS outstanding interview!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yes – he was great – Bair tried interrupting when Nunes was closing in on a few killer remarks, but all in all, Nunes was wonderful and handled old Brett really well.


  37. truthbomb says:

    Theory being proposed that Snowden, former CIA employee, leaked NSA secrets in 2013 to degrade its ability to keep an eye on Brennan, Comey, Obama et al.


  38. amwick says:

    Well, playing with this pic was fun//

    Liked by 3 people

  39. bessie2003 says:

    With over 2,000 comments it’s possible this has already been posted. This link is a letter from Sen. Grassley which has attached to it court filing in a lawsuit in London where Steele is one of 2 defendants, and I found this while reading the tweet thread of Trump Soldier @ Dave NY – I don’t know how to link individual tweets and their threads, so apologize for that.


    In the enclosed link, pages 17 and 18 are questions and responses in an interrogatory and asks the defendant, Steele, to list the journalists he gave the Clinton/Fussion Dossier to, and so this gives us some specific media outlets they were openly feeding.

    Here is the link to Senator Grassley’s letter and its attachment:

    Click to access 2017-10-04%20CEG%20to%20FBI%20%28Steele%20Dossier%20in%20foreign%20intelligence%29%20with%20attachments1.pdf


  40. zucccchini says:

    Many will disagree with me here vehemently but I think we need a another special council which will make a NEW and very perplexing problem..and that is who will head it. I have a nominee who all will vehemently disagree with BUT…he is honest AND will follow the rule of law. Prof. Allen Dershowitz (lawyer) Democrat. How can they argue with him?

    Liked by 1 person

  41. 8675309 says:

    Something to remember. A recent survey of attitudes of rank and file Republicans and Democrats, and Independents concerning voter fraud, showed that Republicans and Independents are against voter fraud, no matter who does it. The majority of Democrats were in favor of voter fraud if it helps their cause. I was very disappointed as I had reserved that attitude for the party leadership. Apparently that trait extends to all areas of their lives.


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