Mick Mulvaney Begins Review of “Entire Operation” Behind CFPB…

Interim Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Mick Mulvaney, announces the entire operational architecture of the liberal protection racket is being reviewed.

As many reports have indicated, the CFPB was structured to be an unaccountable branch of the government dedicated to controlling the financial industry, and by extension the U.S. economy, by blackmailing companies to pay for protection against the targeting by their overarching punitive power.

If companies providing any financial services (ie. consumer loans, banking interests or consumer finance) wanted to operate in the U.S. they would be well advised (forced) to pay indulgences toward progressive politicians and organizations.  Failure to do so could mean they would be subject to CFPB fines, legal challenges and devastating court costs to defend their interests. This was the larger goal of the Elizabeth Warren enterprise.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Trump-appointed acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday that he is launching a review of all the federal consumer watchdog agency’s policies and priorities.

It’s the second major step taken this week by Mick Mulvaney, who took over as acting director in late November, to reshape the bureau. On Tuesday, the bureau announced a review of its recently enacted rules for payday lending.

The review is the clearest sign yet that the future direction and role of the CFPB, which has existed for less than a decade, will be dramatically different than it was under the Obama administration.

In a statement Wednesday, Mulvaney said he is publishing formal requests for information for all “enforcement, supervision, rulemaking, market monitoring, and education activities” of the bureau, effectively the entire bureau’s operations. Requests for information are a beginning step by federal agencies such as the CFPB to make changes to any rules they may have already put into place.

“In this New Year, and under new leadership, it is natural for the bureau to critically examine its policies and practices to ensure they align with the bureau’s statutory mandate,” Mulvaney said.  (read more)

♦ #1 Conceived as a government watchdog, with aims to financially fill the coffers of left-wing activist organizations, the CFPB was doomed by an Elizabeth Warren structure that made it an inherently political agency. READ HERE

♦ #2 The sad and sick joke – how the face of the CFPB’s first director falsely claimed caring about consumers, but the reality was entirely political. READ HERE

Elizabeth Warren set up the bureau to operate above any oversight. Additionally, the bureau was placed under spending authority of the federal reserve. The CFPB gets its operating budget from the Federal Reserve, not from congress. Again, this was set-up to keep congress from defunding the agency as a way to remove it.

Everything about the way the CFPB was structured was done to avoid any oversight. Hence, a DC circuit court finding the agency held too much power, and deemed the Directors unchecked position unconstitutional.

Mick Mulvaney is now in a position to look at the books, look at the prior records within the bureau, and expose the political agenda within it to the larger public. That is sending the progressives bananas.

Most likely President Trump will not appoint a replacement until Mulvaney has exposed the corruption within the bureau. That sunlight is toxic to Elizabeth Warren and can potentially be politically destructive to the Democrats. If the secrets within the bureau are revealed, there’s a much greater likelihood the bureau will be dissolved.

There are billions of scheme and graft at stake. Within the record-keeping there are more than likely dozens of progressive/Democrat organizations being financed by the secret enterprise that operates without oversight. That’s the risk to the SWAMP.


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196 Responses to Mick Mulvaney Begins Review of “Entire Operation” Behind CFPB…

  1. Brant says:

    Could monies from CFPB gone to pay for a certain dossier?

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  2. mopar2016 says:

    SCHUMER: So you’re telling me he just walked in there with donuts and took over the place?

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  3. Sylvia Avery says:

    This CFPB is a nightmare. I have read a couple of articles about a couple of different businesses who somehow got in the crosshairs of this thing and it was really jaw dropping. It most definitely had a totalitarian feel to it. I felt very sorry for the business owners. There was absolutely no way out except to fork over money they demanded. It was just awful.

    So, go Mick, go!

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  4. Payday says:

    Another tragic story on Marxist corruption that few other than treepers will ever really hear about.

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  5. chojun says:

    I think it’s interesting that Mulvaney has been tapped for a dual role at the CFPB. The Director of the OMB is a hugely important position.

    I think we’re missing a huge explanation here, that Sundance has picked up on. That is, what was discovered at the CFPB was likely so damning and concerning that Mulvaney had to step in (political appointment situation aside) and get to the bottom of what likely is an entirely illegitimate and, outside of political graft, useless organization.

    I sincerely hope the CFPB is dissolved because I won’t be able to trust another administration to self-restrain themselves.

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  6. Charlotte says:

    How much of this money went into Obama’s pockets?


  7. HankM says:

    Ultra transformative President Trump and his well chosen Cabinet members like Mulvaney are giving their best effort to MAGA.

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  8. obamaclaus says:

    Holy shite I hadn’t read either of the NRO articles cited in this post. The power wielded by Cordray and the CFPB is terrifying. No government entity should have that much power and that little oversight.

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    • old deplorable owl says:

      You think we dodged a bullet with The Hag? This scheme was entirely the product of forked-tongue Spreading Bull! Let’s hope the fallout from Mulvaney’s appointment and exposure of the dirty dealings scuttles Lieawatha’s presidential ambitions forever.

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    • Blacksmith8 says:

      the cfpb was created out of thin air during obysmal’s terms. We know he signed it.

      The only thing they’re missing are the brown shirts.

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  9. DanO64 says:

    Mulvaney discovered the basic “road map” used in every gov’mint agency to scam fines and such to fund their socialist agenda and line their pockets with cash. RICO the whole Obama administration. Nuremberg style trials would be so much fun to watch. Then, hang ’em high. Just say N.


  10. Jim says:

    Again, I won’t be holding my breath until someone sees jail time.


  11. Caius Lowell says:

    I predict Mick will find zero corruption — NOT A SMIDGEN! — and doubtless CNN will confirm my prediction.
    In other news, I sat down to read my favorite new addiction, Gabriel Allon, and who did Daniel Silva thank in the front matter? Jeff “Fake News” Zucker! Of course Daniel’s wife, Jamie Gangel, works at CNN, but still…


  12. Jonny R. says:

    Lets go a little deeper with this entire audit. Mulvaney finds evidence of fraud and corruption. Under the EO issued to fight corruption; all assets of the CFPB must be frozen and seized. This also sets up and audit of the Federal Reserve since they are the providers of the CFPB budget. What possibly could be found is that the Federal Reserve has been funding leftist agendas through the CFPB. Just a thought. What do you think?


  13. Mulvaney for President in 2024.


  14. OverWatch says:

    I want DJT to tweet “After considerable investigation by Mick Mulvaney into the CFPB, it is now obvious that it is a liberal sponsored, gov’t operated criminal organization. Some folks may be going to jail.” Wait for the splodey head sounds. I am definitely not getting tired of winning. More winning sir!


  15. Demoncrats says:

    Obammy and Holder used the DOJ to blackmail banks to pay massive fines directly to an Obammy approved list of community organizations to re-elect Obammy. If the banks didn’t pay the Obammy and Holder fines, they would pay massive legal fees defending themselves from fake federal charges. Obammy and Holder should have been impeached for numerous crimes. All Demoncrats set up and change federal programs to primarily benefit Demoncrats. That is what the Demoncrat strident calls for amnesty is all about. It ain’t about what is good for the country. It is all about what is good for Demoncrats. We have two mafias running the country. Half of the Republican Party are RINOs (a.k.a., Demoncrat zombies).


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