Under New Leadership Anxious CFPB Workers Begin Communicating in Coded Messages…

A rather interesting New York Times article describes life in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) now that interim Director Mick Mulvaney is leading the agency. Actually, one of the more interesting aspects is how congressional defenders of the CFPB have claimed the workforce is non-partisan, yet for some mysterious reason the mostly Millenials are described as using coded messaging.

Keep in mind, these are presumably college educated young professionals:

New York Times […] Some employees, including a few of the bureau’s top officials, have welcomed their new leader. Others, pointing to Mr. Mulvaney’s earlier hostility toward the agency and its mission, are quietly resisting. One small group calls itself “Dumbledore’s Army,” according to two of the people who were familiar with their discussions. The name is a reference to a secret resistance force in the “Harry Potter” books.

An atmosphere of intense anxiety has taken hold, several employees said. In some cases, conversations between staff that used to take place by phone or text now happen almost exclusively in person or through encrypted messaging apps.

Mr. Mulvaney has begun examining lawsuits filed by the agency and its process of gathering information from companies under investigation. The bureau’s so-called demand letters — an investigative tool used in the early stages of investigations — are “fairly broad and fairly burdensome,” he told reporters on Monday.  (read more)

The CFPB is the product of far-left progressives, specifically Elizabeth Warren, initially setting up a financial control agency that operates without congressional oversight. The Bureau construct was previously challenged in court and ruled ‘unconstitutional’.

The CFPB was essentially created to work as a legal money laundering operation for progressive causes by fining financial institutions for conduct the CFPB finds in violation of their unilateral and arbitrary rules and regulations. The CFPB then use the proceeds from the fines to fund progressive organizations and causes. That’s the underlying reason why the Democrats are fraught with anxiety over losing control of it.

♦ #1 Conceived as a government watchdog, with aims to financially fill the coffers of left-wing activist organizations, the CFPB was doomed by an Elizabeth Warren structure that made it an inherently political agency. READ HERE

♦ #2 The sad and sick joke – how the face of the CFPB’s first director falsely claimed caring about consumers, but the reality was entirely political. READ HERE

Elizabeth Warren set up the bureau to operate above any oversight. Additionally, the bureau was placed under spending authority of the federal reserve. The CFPB gets its operating budget from the Federal Reserve, not from congress. Again, this was set-up to keep congress from defunding the agency as a way to remove it. Everything about the way the CFPB was structured was done to avoid any oversight. Hence, a DC circuit court finding the agency held too much power, and deemed the Directors unchecked position unconstitutional.

Mick Mulvaney is now in a position to look at the books, look at the prior records within the bureau, and expose the political agenda within it to the larger public. That is sending the progressives bananas.

Most likely President Trump will not appoint a replacement until Mulvaney has exposed the corruption within the bureau. That sunlight is toxic to Elizabeth Warren and can potentially be politically destructive to the Democrats. If the secrets within the bureau are revealed, there’s a much greater likelihood the bureau will be dissolved.

There are billions of scheme and graft at stake. Within the record-keeping there are more than likely dozens of progressive/Democrat organizations being financed by the secret enterprise that operates without oversight. That’s the risk to the SWAMP.


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384 Responses to Under New Leadership Anxious CFPB Workers Begin Communicating in Coded Messages…

  1. Rick says:

    If what you are doing is legal, you don’t have to send encrypted emails.

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  2. rsanchez1990 says:

    Dumbledore’s Army? GTFO with that nonsense! These idiots are gonna be lording over us soon unless we cut the government down massively.

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    • Yvonne Marie says:

      No. The “lording over us” days are coming to an end.
      Mr Trump is putting good judges in place all over our states & districts.
      McConnel is helping him thru the senate confirmations.

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    • AM says:

      It speaks to a lack of their education, too. Literally how they understand good and evil is a series of children’s books that on the whole are compelling, but end up rather empty.

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      • Bendix says:

        Children’s books which have been criticized by some Christians as a doorway to the occult.
        I thought that criticism rather harsh, because they are just storybooks. However never in my wildest dreams did I believe adults would take them that seriously.

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        • rsanchez1990 says:

          That criticism is making sense now. If kids were properly educated on Christian values they wouldn’t be prone to following whatever ideology promises them safety from “evil”. Leftists are conveniently casting Christians as evil. Since kids growing up in public schools were taught that Christians are bigots and Christian values are evil, they have nothing to guide them except these stupid wizard books, and so as adults they take those books deadly seriously. They see JK Rowling as their great prophet, and when she says jump they trip over themselves to show her how high they can jump.

          The cornerstone of leftist progressivism is attacking Christian values and filling the nihilistic vacuum they leave in kids to make them further the leftist agenda as adults.

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        • TreeClimber says:

          Real adults don’t.

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        • Athena the Warrior says:

          Think about what they are teaching kids to do and think its cool: casting spells. I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately about Predictive Programming and you would be amazed at what is hiding out in cartoons. Illuminati symbols are everywhere. Cult worshiping, pyramids, the all seeing eye.

          Many, many things are hidden in children’s stories to bring them in early.

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        They have a black-and-white view on good and evil that JK Rowling routinely exploits to rile her fans up against anything that threatens progressivism.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        They watched the movie but forgot that there is always a Cho Chang.


      • sat0422 says:

        Speaking of children’s books….have you read any of them lately. My grandson is now five and I shake my head and shudder at some of the crap that is published for children. We have settled on a few and they are his favorites.

        As for understanding the difference between good and evil, I recommend old style westerns on TV. There is always a bad guy and a good guy. There is always a choice and a delima that has to be resolved. That is why this younger generation doesn’t know s*it from shinola.

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    • Sharon says:

      “These idiots are gonna be lording over us soon….”

      They already are, which is why the country is in the mess it’s in.

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    • Dixie says:

      Cut them down now or expect worse from them as they increase their power. They’ve been taught corruption and influenced by some of the slickest scum in the federal government.

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      • sat0422 says:

        Geo HW Bush 4 years
        Clinton 8 years
        Geo W Bush 8 years
        Obama 8 years

        Many of those years saw Hillary Cliinton deeply involved.
        Now, why are our kids screwed up?


    • dbobway says:

      Delusion runs deep within the Empire!

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    • Ken says:

      Oh it said Dumbledorf’s Army. I thought it said dummy dorks army. I guess that I was wrong…LOL!

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    • Dumbledore’s Army, indeed! More like the corrupt Ministry of Magic, for whom the end justifies ANY means, regardless of the consequences to good people.

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      • Risin'Tide says:

        Precisely, they live in a pirate’s world with pirate maps – up is down and good is evil – and they are conflicted by the lack of knowledge. However, I know people even closer to 60 that are infected with this virus.

        I agree with up-thread comments about the legality of communicating this way – not to mention the activity is likely a firing offense in addition to being called on the legal mat. Call in some IGs, bring charges and let these “government employees” be consigned to prison where they can attempt to find a safe zone.

        I shudder at the daycare mentality of that generation and their inability to copy. My daughter is an exception and she says there are quite a few like her. Let us hope that more and more of them can be saved with an infusion of logic and common sense.


  3. Guffman says:

    Here’s an idea… seize all of their cellphones (which no doubt are property of the US gov) and go through them for evidence of illegal activity. Bet there’s all kinds of interesting info on the Dumbledore phones.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Good idea Guff. Gather up all cellphones, company & personal, for a quick inspection. If anyone objects they should be terminated for insubordination. Keep squeezing until the workforce there is reduced by 90%. Congress can then shrink their budget and Mulvaney and phase the corrupt agency completely out of existence.

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      • platypus says:

        Uh, not quite. The funding comes from the federal reserve precisely so that Congress could not de-fund CFPB. The only way to deal directly with it is to directly repeal the law creating it.

        Of course, there is an indirect way to kill CFPB – dissolve the Fed. I’m uncertain how well that would go over though I keep getting images of lead balloons in my mind.

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        • The Demon Slick says:

          I guess it was too much to hope for but I really wanted President Trump to name Ron Paul as the new head of the fed. If Mulvaney can go into the consumer agency then all things seem possible.


      • Lindenlee says:

        Get enough evidence from Mulvaney’s examination of the records to prove probable cause of vile things, then get the new intelligence department that Trump is creating to apply for FISA warrants for all employee phones, and download all the info without their knowledge. Then indict and prosecute, get plea deals, expose all the higher-ups and all the vile leaders like Warren.


    • DGC says:

      Better yet, let the subpoenas fly for their phone records. And perhaps the NSA could be enlisted to help? After all, I highly doubt that they are talking to each other about the last movie they saw, their friend’s birthday party or how much weight they lost doing Pilates.

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    • ibobland08 says:

      If they were doing anything illegal it wouldn’t be on a government phone. Most likely they do not have a government phone anyways. Usually only managers have them.


      • Guffman says:

        This is CFPB we’re talking about, with virtually unlimited and unchecked funds ($216M reno on their leased office space!). I’d bet they all were given gov’t phones along with their massively inflated salaries, benefits and perks.
        Spicer pulled this move to find leakers – called everyone in and asked for their phones to see who starts to sweat.

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    • abdiesus says:

      “Get ’em outa here…and keep their coats….AND their phones!”

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  4. unconqueredone says:

    Mulvaney could fire them all, but their replacements were mostly indoctrinated just like their predecessors. Close the Bureau, you say? The same type of people are employed in every government agency at most levels.

    This article points to the deeper issue: The War is for every generations’ minds. While I wholeheartedly support draining the swamp, I can’t help but wonder whether it’s winning a battle to lose the war. For two decades or more it has been crystal clear that higher education (with it’s efforts to indoctrinate) was the core of the problem. Now it has fully trickled down to all levels of education. The students coming out aren’t stupid, they are indoctrinated and have no base of life experience to inform them that the ideas they were taught are foolish and dangerous. Only a remnant have any understanding of how America was founded and how Constitutional government ought to look. I fear for my kids and my grand-kids future.

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    • GAPTOG says:

      Absolutely agree. Very worried for my children and grandchildren. So are my friends about their own.

      This is a major reason I supported, attended two rallies, voted, and continue to support our incredible President.

      God bless you, Mr President. Gosh how I love you and your making America great again.

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      • diogenes says:

        This is one of the reasons I’m going into teaching as I get older. Someone has to fight the holding action in the schools where our children learn in order to show at least some of them that there is an alternative to the lies they’ve been fed.

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        • pacnwbel says:

          Good for you Diogenes, that is a magnificent commitment you are making. May I commend to you the Rush Limbaugh children’s books about Liberty the talking horse and the Constitution, a remarkable series of our history un-revised, aimed at grades 3-6 and older.


    • Paul Revere says:

      I too agree 100% but add, I fear what your kids and grand kids are actually doing! It is these younger generations that are making the rules now and look at what it has wrought. What we held as important and of value they do not. It seems to me the children of flower children are off the chain in this regard.
      This is only going to get worse until the pendulum swings again the opposite direction. Sad thing is it may be too late as the islamic horde infiltrate our culture just like Europeans over ran the Indians in North America since the European invasion of this continent.
      What goes around comes around….

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    • Wee2low says:

      Patience my friend, patience. You don’t want to rock the boat until you get the lay of the land and build your strategy. As soon as their court case failed the Dems became powerless against Mulvane’s MAGA. If this agency is what SD says it is it’s just a matter of time and the consequences of the findings will be severe. What you’re watching is similar to watching 2 people play chess. One person knows there is no way he can lose if he executes his moves in a certain order. The other player knows she’s going to lose but has no choice but to keep playing until the end. Full, unadulterated MAGA!

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  5. 4sure says:

    Just one more example of the banana republic we have become.
    Sad, but also alarmingly dangerous to our freedom. A takeover of the republic w/o a single shot being fired. I’d say those having taken over were pretty damn smart. The rest of us, not so much.

    Either that are we were just too damn lazy and preoccupied w/our toys and the worship of our material and entertainment gods to give a crap.

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    • People give up too soon. Yesterday I called my Senators demanding they end the Mueller witch hunt. I posted here and asked others to do the same; I mean this is a weak point in the investigation with all of the exposes.

      I heard a lot of people saying no one listens, my Senator could care less…well, the left never gives up!! They just keep repeating the same thing over and over and eventually they win. We need to do the same. Pick up that phone and call.

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      • 4sure says:

        I wore the phones out as well as the email to my Sens. and congress critters when I lived in NC and later when I moved to SC, as well as the WH. I thought I might get a visit from the SS for contacting these folks so much. It changed absolutely nothing.

        I went to their town halls when they had them and confronted them. Most at the town halls were not supportive of my confronting them. I was never nasty and never used profanity. Just was asking the correct questions and using facts. Most citizens at the town halls had no clue as to what I was asking or saying as factual.

        I think face to face confrontations at town halls or where ever it can happen are much more effective , especially if the crowds are in support of the confronters and tv cameras are present.

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        • KBR says:

          Good idea, 4 sure, but if you cannot get to the townhalls, at least send mail or email.

          And if you go to a townhall, it is good to bring along likeminded people too. Bring your own support group of people who do have a clue.

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          • And practice making your points with a couple of your friends. You’ll be thrilled to hear yourself getting better and better. Listen to the radio talkers, too, and notice how they set up each topic with brief introductions. Also listen to the callers – some do very well, others not so much.


      • KBR says:

        Exactly right, Littleflower!

        People, please just do this. Do not let them say (without lying) that they did not get much negative feedback.

        They should be getting enormous feedback. Whether it seems to do any good or not, if they get enough they will know we are not happy with them if they do not comply.

        It is an election year in just a few more weeks. The ONLY time they might care is NOW. But only if they get a whole lot of calls.

        Don’t be a loser. Never give up.

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      • frank says:

        They do not care what we say….Only money donors are listened too.A lot of people not getting re elected would be a good start to open ears in DC.


    • In Az says:

      The politicians who were supposed to be on our side helped get us to where we are at.
      Those Republicans betrayed the country.

      We have been busy trying to get by because the Uniparty has been decimating us piece by piece. Hard to fight back when trying to survive. Also despair and hopelessness were big players.

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    • Sharon says:

      Speak for yourself.

      I have very few “toys” (unless you count the 5T log splitter that is a blessing) and I certainly don’t worship them.

      I’ve been giving a crap for over thirty years and have mostly been ignored or, at best, tolerated as an outlier.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Exactly 4aure. And while no one was looking they have made most kids victims and medicated them. The parents willingly put their kids on daily chemicals just because over indulged kids were easier to tolerate. The kicker is they were put on chemicals per teacher advice. More money for the school, kid catatonic, parent doesn’t have to parent = kids without thinking or survival skills.


  6. How do we find out who is paying for this English’s lawsuit; the article says the lawsuit is continuing.

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  7. El Torito says:

    Ceded as in “what would you like on your pizza?”


  8. Rob1 says:

    This headline is a bit sensationalized. Communicating in coded messages? I guess that’s technically what encryption is.

    Personally, I don’t think this is a big deal. Everybody should encrypt their messages. It’s the only way to have any damn privacy these days. I wish my kids would do it.

    If these employees are using government equipment to encrypt, then I’d bet that the messages can be decrypted by management. The purpose of encryption in an office environment is primarily to prevent competitors or other outsiders from seeing the message. It is trivial to set up encryption applications to always be decryptable with a “master” key, and that’s what I would expect in an office environment.

    Anyway, this isn’t a big deal. It’s comparable to whispering instead of talking loud enough for everybody to hear.

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    • booger71 says:

      I respectively disagree. One, coded (in reference to Harry Potter books) is quite different than encrypted, second, no to to encrypt on anything not designated classified or above

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    • Dixie says:

      And usually means something nefarious is in the works…….sounds like they are children playing games in an adult world and doing more damage than good.

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    • Coded messaging is NOT encryption.

      Calling enemy artillery “antlers” is code … it’s spoken “in the plain” but it has hidden meaning. This is why the Navajo Code Talkers were so valuable … only the Navahos knew the complete coding for their language. That’s why they traveled with a Marine.

      In the event of likely capture, the Marine was to shoot the Code Talker (and probably himself?) The code talkers were that valuable and knowing WHY they were so valuable was also critical intelligence that could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. At the time, the code was unbreakable because ONLY Navajo Indians spoke it. However, they were a living COMPLETE copy of the codebook and once the secret behind the code was out, it would have been relatively trivial for an enemy agent to kidnap a Navajo or two.

      But spelling the word “artillery” as *(gl77#gM” is encryption. Until your artillery is bombed, you have no way of knowing for certain what the word “antlers” means, but you can use decryption techniques to find the hidden meaning of (gl77#gM. With “code”, you need context to understand it. Even very strong encryption will submit to brute force attacks (eventually) without need for context.

      It is possible to encrypt code and it is possible to use multiple layers of encryption so that a successful decryption looks exactly like a failed decryption. They both look like random garbage. Where speed of communication is not of the essence, you can make the layers as deep as you wish. Please to note, though, that the loss of an apparently trivial number of characters / glyphs in the original message utterly destroys the value of any deeper layers of encryption.


  9. Truthfilter says:

    One of the backstory links above is to a Daily Caller article which states the following:
    “English made the decision to take the case to court Sunday night and sued both Mulvaney and Trump, according to The Hill. She claims that she is legally the acting head of the bureau.”

    This may be a stupid question but how does one sue and get any of it processed on a Sunday night? The thing implies that she filed some kind of emergency injunction type thing. I know this is possible in emergency situations but protecting one’s position at work seems rather petty. The rest of us certainly wouldn’t get this kind of quick access to the justice system.

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    • platypus says:

      Almost all fed court stuff is done over the internet. You can even file a complaint that way and pay the filing fee via mastercard. Literally, the paper files filling corridors of shelves in the fed clerks office are no more. Everything is scanned into pdf and the pdf is uploaded to the appropriate court.

      I am unsure about getting a judge’s signature on anything; that probably requires a physical haering in a court room. The last fed case I filed was resolved entirely via the internet. Never saw a judge or a courtroom.

      It’s a new world.


  10. uptothere says:

    It’s so obvious that the lack of any teaching of ethics and rule of law within our educational institutions is bearing fruit in a significant portion of millinials.


  11. Bendix says:

    The whole concept of fines for these giant financial entities may have sounded good on the surface, but essentially people were getting away with crimes because they were big enough to afford to pay these fines with a small part of the large sums of money they stole from us.
    Then to top it off, this phony restitution didn’t even go back to the people who were wronged, it went to fund some more opposition to our best interests.
    Charles H. Ferguson, Oscar winner for Inside Job, a documentary about the financial crash, mentioned in his acceptance speech that nobody went to jail or was even indicted for these crimes.
    That’s all the CFPB is, a phony diversion program to keep Wall Streeters and TBTF executives out of jail.

    I don’t know what goes on in Liz Warren’s mind. She has looked as if she lost it ever since Obama double-crossed her and wouldn’t allow her to run the operation she set up for him. I don’t know why, at that point, she didn’t wake up and start supporting people like Donald Trump or even Bernie.

    This article by Mr. Ferguson contains a lot of insight into the Uniparty, even though he didn’t intend it that way, and this man is no Republican, just someone who has an interest in seeking truth and exposing wrongdoing, which put him at odds with Democrats.


  12. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Boris was greeted by Natasha in a gloomy bar in Cairo. She kissed him on the forehead and murmured “My darlink, the police are on the hunt for A LADIES’ MAN DRESSED IN WOOL”. He knew immediately whom he had to seek.
    Beside herself with rage, Natasha screamed at Boris behind the Sphinx, “Why did you shoot the lead singer of Three Dog Night, you fool! Don’t you understand simple English? POWER YOUR KAYAK YOURSELF.

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  13. TreeClimber says:

    Dumbledore’s Army… *scoff*

    This may look a little off-topic, but I’m responding to [the mass of] comments just as much as the article, namely the ones pointing out the flawed “education” system and today’s youth. I’m not sure if the GED test is state or Federal – but either way, it should be highly enlightening. I recently went and got mine, since my education level was well beyond high school but we’d never bothered with tests and a GED is required to homeschool in SC. I’m legally bound not to disclose any of the contents or even really discuss it… so I’ll make it brief and vague. All of you who can afford the fee, go take your GED test, even if you have your diploma. It should be highly enlightening – and keep in mind, this is what our youth is taught, day after day after day, since preschool (or daycare) all the way through college.

    Wasn’t too terribly long ago, in the grand scheme of things, that I was in preschool myself, and I still have memories from it… they don’t wait until college to start indoctrinating our kids, no they do not. Or even middle school. Or even elementary school. Or even kindergarten… I was only there for a year, my mother pulled me out after that, but it was still a scarring experience. (Of course, I’m of the opinion that scars make you stronger, too, and now I know what mistakes to avoid with my son.)

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    • I’ve mentored a couple young men. Parents — think LONG AND HARD before you give your kids a public school education.

      Yes, it’s nice that they socialize. But think long and hard about who they are socializing with.

      I work part time as a school crossing guard and you wouldn’t believe the language I overhear … FROM THE GIRLS.

      A relative has her son in a charter school. He wants out … because the school is over-run with gays. He’s an attractive young man and is being accosted for sex day after day.


  14. jmclever says:

    Director Mulvaney should install a cell phone signal block so that they must use CFPB system.

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  15. Mickturn says:

    I can see by the majority opinion (consensus) the Democraps are thieves and this agency is illegal and needs to be shut down, NOW. Do I have any nays?…Motion Carried!

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  16. Nunya Bidness says:

    Ixnay the abgay
    The ossbay is isteinglay

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  17. COLibertyBelle says:



  18. I fully expect that Mr. Mulvaney is proceeding with a plan of ultimately completely ending this agency. I mean, can anyone tell me why, once it was adjudicated as being unconstitutional, this agency was not immediately shut down???? I mean, really……a court of law said it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL……SMH


    • Sylvia Avery says:

      NF, I have wondered this myself and have not read any explanation other than somewhere I read that the court’s “fix” to the CFPB’s unconstitutionality was to change it to make the Director someone the President could fire for cause.

      But surely that isn’t the only thing that was unconstitutional about it, was it??? Anyone know? All the stuff about lack of oversight and Congress not even having the power of the purse over it–surely those things were also considered unconsitutional? Does anyone know?

      The best thing that could happen is for this place to be exposed and then shut down and “uncreated.”

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  19. ed357 says:

    Communicating by code….PLEASE.

    Easy to prove….doesn’t matter the subject….the code is proof of subversion….FIRE THE CODE TALKERS.

    Idiots better rethink this.

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  20. POP says:

    After its main purpose of funding neo marxist cultural organisations with taxpayer’s money, comes the CFPB’s secondary purpose of supplying employment to mass produced college graduates who are often educated beyond their intelligence and really truly rooly should have learned a trade, but wouldn’t have been up to it.


  21. waicool says:

    now drain the marsh


  22. old farta says:

    Let us not forget that Warren is a women.


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