Multinational Global and Financial Interests Attempt Ridiculous Smear To Cloud U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross…

As any interested geopolitical observer will undoubtedly note, the Trump administration is systematically deconstructing the capability of multinational corporate interests to continue their decades-long exploitation of political and economic control.

Within that geopolitical battle President Donald Trump assembled a team of the sharpest, smartest and most patriotic U.S. economic insiders any administration has ever put together.  These are, quite frankly “the killers” President Trump talked about during the campaign.

The killers, dragon slayers amid the big and consequential battles, are, as an outcome of their intended objective, an existential threat to the influence of globalists who have held exclusive multinational economic control and influence for the past 30+ years.

Chief among the team is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross; a multi-billionaire in the strata of trade and finance, who, like Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, set aside his own life of wealth accumulation and went to work on behalf of team ‘America-First’.  The goal of Ross is to deconstruct and restructure international trade agreements which have been killing the American middle-class for decades.   In that role, Wilbur Ross is a preeminent threat.

It cannot be overstated how effective the America-First team are in carrying out their strategy.  USTR Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are crushing their globalist opponents.

On virtually every continent the state actors within the multinational systems are reacting to the tectonic changes in geopolitical economics. India, China, Russia, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia and the larger economies within the ASEAN nations are all changing or reversing their economic positions specifically because there’s a new head at the table of influence commanded by President Donald J Trump.

The signs are significant, the changes are ongoing, and at a level almost incomprehensible for the media to ever accept, President Trump is winning.  From K-Street influences over congress striking out, to Saudi Arabia taking action against their ‘bad actors’ to attacks by former Presidents‘, it’s all connected; all of the opposition is enmeshed in the big picture.

Yes, there are Trillions at stake, and nationalism (the outlook of self interest for mutual benefit) is driving down the global world-view and re-framing international economic policy engagement.  Multilateral trade deals are ‘out’, and bilateral trade deals are ‘in’.  Despite the Western media attempting to shore-up the value of the globalist perspective it’s not working.  The signs are EVERYWHERE:

Yes, President Trump, the man and his policy team, is an existential threat to the elitist hierarchy of things well beyond the borders of the DC Swamp.  In the era of explaining the complex it’s a planetary economic reset almost too massive and consequential to encapsulate in words.

THIS is the backdrop for the most ridiculous attack on a key and central figure on Team America.  This is the backdrop for global left-wing sympathizers to lash out against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.  This is what it looks like when economic ideologies begin to accept the reality they are no match for Team America.

Wilbur Ross holds blind-partnership interest in a company (Navigator), that does business with another company (Sibur – a gas producer) who had a former stakeholder who is the son-in-law of a Russian (Putin).  Yes, that’s the severity of the stretch the opposition is now attempting.  Oh, and when Ross filed his disclosure forms, his relationship to the board of Navigator was well known and fully disclosed.

Associated Press Story HERE and Reuters News Story HERE

[…]  Ross, a billionaire investor who is helping to shape Republican President Donald Trump’s trade policy, was criticized when several media outlets reported that he had failed to disclose that one of Navigator’s clients is Russian gas and petrochemical company Sibur.

Sibur’s owners include Putin’s son-in-law, Kirill Shamalov, and Gennady Timchenko, a Putin associate who is subject to U.S. Treasury sanctions.

The information is based on leaked documents from offshore law firm Appleby that are part of the so-called Paradise Papers, which show details of business dealings by wealthy people and institutions ranging from Ross to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and trading firm Glencore (GLEN.L). They were obtained by Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and some media outlets and published on Sunday.  (read more)

Despite the pearl-clutching ‘gotcha-isms’ of the banana-chasing media, Secretary Ross’s response is, well, as priceless as it is succinct.  WATCH and ENJOY:


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172 Responses to Multinational Global and Financial Interests Attempt Ridiculous Smear To Cloud U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross…

  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    Is it a journalism thing not to apologize for being wrong??

    The MSM never says they are sorry for being stupid, wrong, or both. She didn’t even acknowledge the mistakes she made……surreal!

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    • thluckyone says:

      “Is it a urinalism thing not to apologize…” There. Fixed it for ya. And, the answer is yes.

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    • mike says:

      FauxNewz: “Have you stopped beating your wife?”
      interviewee: “I’m not married”
      FauxNewz, more insistently: “Let me ask you again, have you stopped beating your wife?”

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    • honor78 says:

      These people are just hacks not journalists. Sort of like the lousy Hollywood actors who refer to themselves as “artists”, I always laugh at their very conflated view of themselves.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Of course they won’t apologize because the questions they ask are in line with the “Gotcha Story” that they came up with which is nothing more than made up fake news. I don’t worry about them because for me the more fake news they come up with means the stronger MAGA and us become. It is a wining proposition to me.

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  2. histbuff says:

    I LOVE Wilbur Ross. He is doing a phenomenal job. Go Wilbur!!! (and thank you for your selfless service to our country)

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    Don’t mess with Wilburine!

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  4. Kevin B Oshea says:

    Wilbur is a patriot

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  5. Michelle says:

    Wilbur Ross is so respectful that he actually answered her as if she were asking a relevant question. Except she wasn’t! She wanted to gossip about Russia nonsense, that maybe he shouldn’t have stock in a company where someone down the chain knows somebody in Russia, (because of accusations against Trump I guess???) and Wilbur assumes she means something relevant like perhaps there’s a sanctions issue, which there isn’t.

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  6. carole says:

    Wilbur Ross makes my heart s-i-n-g! MAGA!!! (I *loved* his response to her asking, ‘Would you be willing to be investigated? “Investigate WHAT?” declares Wilburine.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump commerce secretary mentioned in ‘Paradise Papers’: Media go nuts


    What has the press in a tizzy are some connections to Russians (naturally) from Ross’s former company. There is also a question of whether Ross made the proper disclosures of some of his holdings.

    But the lede to the story is buried 300 words into this NBC News report: “There is no evidence of illegality in their dealings.”

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    • louche9 says:

      The interrogator grilling Wilburine in this interview grudgingly acknowledges that there was nothing illegal in the deal, then seamlessly pivots to whether it was ethical. I expect the next step in the descending level of “Get him on something” was going to be whether the deal was in good taste.

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        Journalism, in the USA or abroad, is well on its way to become a dishonorable profession, attracting corrupt nincompoops incapable of discernment. With rare exceptions, journalists are money-hungry individuals who can write and speak but not think critically or able to feel shame. They are mercenaries liars in the MSM payroll, ready to betray their country to please foreign masters and domestic traitors such as Carlos Slim and Michael Bloomberg, for example.

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  8. datagooroo says:

    “I think we’ll be talking to whoever is the government.”. Haha.

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  9. Wilber Ross is one of the smartest trade and finance men in the entire US and the only reason he even accepted this position was to give back his knowledge and expertise to MAGA, and guess what? The swamp wants him out.

    I’m so disgusted I better not type more than this.

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  10. peachteachr says:


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  11. covfefe999 says:

    I love what Ross has to say about meeting already with the UK to fire up some trade deals, working within the constraints of the pathetic EU right now of course. I hope the UK citizens know about this and are assured that Obama’s threat of sending them to the end of the queue is a non-issue with Trump and his team in charge.


  12. MIKE says:

    Wilbur is a force to be reckoned with. No match for liberal pantywaists. Here or abroad.
    Love the way he grenades any pushback from the simple minds of a clueless bygone administration.
    I admit i’m a little biased. Wilburine is a ringer for my Pop, looks just like him :>)

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  13. tsmifjones says:

    I cannot overstate the gratitude I have for all good Americans who voted to elect the BEST president since Reagan, President Donald J Trump God Bless and long live President Trump…


  14. reverence1 says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    Süddeutsche Zeitung is the second biggest german daily, in 2008 it was bought by a Media Holding for far too much money and its, as all papers, declining (I suspect the actual numbers are below the ones given). And then for 1 year they had their guys “investigating”, i.e. doing trips to isle of Man and so on ….
    They might be in desparate need for the money of the paradise paper operation.


  15. JCL says:

    Unlike Wikileaks, where vast amounts of information was released to virtually everyone, the Panama Papers and now the Paradise Papers have been hoarded by the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), which was created by the Center for Public Integrity, which is a left-leaning and highly questionable entity (the irony of the org name alone!). So, here we have a group of “journalists” promising to spill the beans on the network of the global elite. How much does this smell (extortion, wiping out opponents, so forth)? When news of the Panama Papers came out last summer, the question was, Why aren’t we seeing anything about Americans (cough-cough, the Clinton cabal)? Now we have the Paradise Papers, and suddenly there’s something there-there.

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  16. JCL says:

    Sundance, have you covered the questionable ICIJ behind the Panama and Paradise papers? If so, can you provide a link? I’d love to share your analysis. I’ve hunted online and I haven’t found a conservative source questioning them, or their Center for Public Integrity backers.


  17. Kaco says:

    I’m glad you cleared that up for us and that the media is a big fat zero again! I was a little worried there in reading an earlier article yesterday or so, because I like Wilbur Ross and do not want to see his position in jeopardy.


    • JCL says:

      Just received an email from ICIJ that Bernie Sanders is demanding an investigation … I don’t trust this group – I don’t trust the authenticity of these papers.

      From the email:
      Back in the U.S. the Wilbur Ross story continues to kick along. Former presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders has called for an investigation into offshore tax evasion.


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