Larry Kudlow Extensive Interview With Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross…

This is a great interview from the perspective of seeing first hand how the disconnect between historic economic theory (Kudlow) runs into the reality of a person (Ross) who completely understands how Trade and Finance are enmeshed in a completely new economic paradigm. [The Myth of Modern Free Markets]

If you have read “The New Economic Dimension” you’ll note that Kudlow represents the economist sitting in the Atlantic, only able to see the Wall Street economy; while Wilbur Ross has a satellite perspective on both the Main Street and Wall Street economic engines.

Kudlow’s financial perspective runs into Ross’s reality about two-thirds of the way through the interview when Secretary Ross asks the question: “I bet you can’t give me an example of an economically sound investment that hasn’t found capital”.  It’s just a splendid thing to watch.


Despite his financial-centric economic focus Kudlow is a good MAGA ally.  However, Wilbur Ross understands every single pixel of the larger economic picture, and how trade interacts with the larger U.S. economy within the Main Street -vs- Wall Street dynamic.


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  1. Sylvia Avery says:

    Wilbur Ross is a National Treasure. God bless him for agreeing to use his gifts to help save this country.

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    • Fe says:

      Indeed…. and he’s working for free! We are a blessed nation.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Thank you Fe, I did not know that. Pretty darn amazing to have someone work so tirelessly for our nation and to do so for free? Beautiful.

        I just love our Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. I also like writing all of that out too. 😄 I’m so proud and happy he’s on our side.
        Be well and stay smiling,

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        • Homesteader says:

          Pretty darn amazing to have TWO someone’s work so tirelessly for our nation and to do so for free.😉

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        • Ma’iingankwe: Can you write that out phonetically, and translation?

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          • maiingankwe says:

            I am so sorry, you had me lost there for a bit, must be 😴 tired or something to make me so slow.

            Sure, please be patient with me, I have a tendency to ramble.

            Muh-ing-gun-qway = Ma’iingankwe

            It essentially means female with the spirit of the Wolf. It is Anishinabeg. If you ever see a name with, ‘kwe’ at the end, it is referring to a female. Not all of us ladies have kwe at the end of our first name, but a lot of us do. Men do not have anything to signify they are male, it’s only for us special ladies. I have no idea why. It’s an old tradition.

            My daughter is, Dokmegishgokwe

            We call her Dokme for short. Doe-ka-may. So, if you ever hear a lady yelling this out to her child, it’s more than likely me.

            Her name is pretty special. It means the sound of calmness in the woods. It’s like when you’re in the woods and its peaceful and quiet. It took me awhile to figure it out, but it is her spirit in which is calm, not her physical self. My parents got a kick out of me struggling with that for years. I’d be like, she doesn’t have a calm bone or moment in her body. She is constantly moving. My parents would just look at me and smile. You know that knowing smile? That’s the one, would drive me batty.

            Hope this helps, and I apologize for the lateness in the reply. My phone and this site has been acting up, and I was out of town for the weekend. So when I was here, it wasn’t for very long.
            Be well and stay smiling,


      • Jim says:

        Thanks for that info. I was not aware of that at all either. These guys are just stellar individuals. Now that they are settled in you realize completely what a nightmare the last 8 years have been. I thank God every morning for President Trump.

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        • These 8 years have been like living through a siege. All you could do was keep your head down and keep walking, hoping that the country would be able to recover and would have the chance to try.
          Giving the haters the keys to the kingdom was our biggest mistake as a Nation and I believe it was hubris that brought us there. People thought the country was so strong that a President couldn’t do much to harm us and how “cool” it would be to elect BO. It has been an amazing journey watching Donald Trump become our President. I feel blessed to have witnessed it.

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          • louche9 says:

            growltiggerknits: Much home truth in very few sentences. 👍

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          • Indimex says:

            Personally, I thank God for the previous eight years. Without the blatant anti-American stance of the Odministration, I don’t believe for a moment that US citizens would have been roused from their (our) complacency. Prior to that, we were quietly moving toward the edge of the cliff and many would have been surprised to wake up one day in a full-blown totalitarian country/world. Regardless of the party in charge. There simply were not enough of us paying attention. And, as many here will recall, all but impossible to get others interested in what we could see coming.

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            • sat0422 says:

              There needs to be more of us “paying attention” now. After approximately 34 years of seeing Clinton, Bush and Obama at work (I always include anyone 10 years and under when Clinton was Prez) and 34 years of many receiving a dumbed down education at the secondary and the college level, what do you expect. It was the dream of Communists to get us by the gonads and ease right in and take away the constitution and steal our freedom. Those 34 years produced some pretty odd thinkers and not many of them are self sufficient or wide awake thinkers.

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    • piper567 says:

      Amen Sylvia.
      I love the picture sundance uses of him often…The one where he is straightening his jacket.
      Wilbur just has this air about him of complete confidence in his abilities.
      God has been so gracious to our Nation in providing these many men who have accumulated the character, skills and strength to sail forth despite the obstruction and pc crap created by their many enemies.
      God bless them all.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I love that picture, too! It has such a “hold my beer for me, will ya?” quality about it as he steps up to the plate to win one for us.

        Yes, God has graced us with some absolutely incredibly capable people to help PDJT implement his agenda. I pray for them as well as PDJT and family daily. I am so grateful to God for answering our prayers.

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    • Wilbur is a man of few words but every syllable is right on the money!

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    • Remington..... says:

      No question that God has sent us this team of immortals to take the fight to the wicked. I walk around in awe every day just shaking my head. We are truly blessed to have this team of all stars on our side.

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      • I often think that when President Elect Trump was interviewing the cream, of the cream, of the crop for cabinet members, he said something like “This is 100% about the American people. I do not care if you’re a D or an R, I care only that you will alway, 100% of the time put the American people and our country first. Those who I pick Must work as hard, if not harder, then me. A salary from your job will mean nothing if you truly care to be part of a team that will make America great again for all it’s great people. “.

        That’s who I believe our President Trump choose to fill his cabinet with.

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        • louche9 says:

          Choosing people who are already loaded helps in that regard, but I agree that PT has had his eye on people like Wilbur Ross for a long time as members of his cabinet; proven winners who don’t need or want anything from the position, other than a chance to help the country, and the intellectual stimulation of using their skills to gloves-off fight and win in the world arena.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I know what you mean. I feel just the same way. We are so incredibly blessed.

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  2. Former lurker says:

    Wilbur Ross reminds me of the Dowager Countess on that Downton Abbey show…The razor wit ready to burst forth from that Trojan Horse of frumpiness.

    He’s not just defeating opponents. He’s correcting them.

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  3. POP says:

    Poor ‘ol Larry is a crony Keynesian.
    He can barely process the fact that big govt is very bad for people who wish to be free.
    Every fibre in his body believes we aren’t to be trusted morally or economically without elite control.
    Poor ‘ol Larry, he’s essentially an Alinskist at his camouflaged core.

    What’s that old Australian saying? ….”Fornicate and travel” Larry.


    • laurelmarycecilia says:

      Which Larry are you talking about? Without a doubt NOT Lawrence Alan (Larry) Kudlow. Your comments about some “…Larry…” are damaging comments, for sure, but they cannot be appropriated to the Larry on the Newsmax clip. People on the same side (of anything) can disagree on process and implementation. Those who don’t understand the subject might – unknowingly – see such disagreement as rejection of core principles

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Poor Ol’ Larry, as you describe him, has been and continues to be a top advisor to the President. He not only advises on economic issues but has helped write speeches. He’s behind the scenes, but they talk. Another man that frequently talks with the President is former UN Ambassador John Bolton. His name can raise ire here, too.

      Bottom line, we live in a world of flawed people with differing points of view. To our benefit, President Trump does not close his mind off from anybody that he believes has worthy contributions to an issue. He realizes no one is 100% correct all the time, 100%conservative, 100% anything. He likes to be challenged, he likes broad thinking, opposing views, differences in approach. That open mindedness is how he’s developed the brilliance that is his business acumen.

      I’ve written it here before; Donald Trump, Jr., says his father “knows what he doesn’t know” and he seeks answers from varying angles in order to come up with a plan that works. For all those here that get agitated by the liberal influence coming from Ivanka and Jared, the America First/Drain Every Last Drop From the Swamp mindset of President Trump’s trusted friends and advisors, Bannon and Gorka, the fact that he may sit down with Schumer and Pelosi or have dinner with Ted Cruz, you’re missing the essence of the Art of the Deal and the Art of the Comeback. By now, if we don’t understand that one liners taken out of context or a loaded headline seldom turn out to be anything, we’re asleep at the switch.

      A prime example of POTUS’ understanding and willingness to evolve and embrace unexpected views is apparent in his faith journey. Five years ago no one, including himself, would expect Donald Trump to be a rock star at a Values Voter Summit or keynote speaker at Liberty University. No one anticipated his commitment now to the Christian faith or would believe the frequency of prayer meetings in the Oval Office. While Glenn Beck harped for weeks because Donald Trump publicly said, “Two Corinthians” instead of the more common “Second Corinthians”, God didn’t care how it was said. He was in the midst of calling Donald Trump to follow a new path, to accept an offer nobody ought refuse. Donald Trump was hand picked and chosen.

      The people we should focus our criticism toward and should set out to expose and defeat are the President’s Uniparty enemies and the lying jackals in the media, sports and entertainment industries that, while entitled to their opinions, are damaging our culture and our country. They are also our enemies. They would gladly strip us of our faith, our values and traditions, our freedom and our prosperity. They didn’t endow us with any of that. They should not be allowed to take it from us.

      Maybe we all should take a break once in awhile and “know what we don’t know”.

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      • NoOneButTrump says:

        Amen and thank you!!!!!

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Farmhand, I absolutely agree with every word you have written and it is written so well!

        I laughed when you quoted PT quoting his father “knows what he doesn’t know”.

        To quote my mom who repeatedly said of her cat, “Ernie knows what he knows!” Couldn’t argue with that. Ernie was a smart cat.

        Happy Caturday!

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      • freddiel says:

        Well said.

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      • tom f says:

        Thank you, Farmhand. Excellent observations.
        United we stand!

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        farmhand1927 once again you nailed it. TY

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      • Although I am not an Evangelical, I know quite a few of them. This is what they have told me:

        When Bishop Wayne Jackson, Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, gifted a traditional Jewish prayer shawl to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, that was truly a big deal. Throughout the Evangelical community, there was a collective intake of breath. This was, in fact, the anointing of Mr. Trump, by the entire Evangelical community, to be The President, to be Our President, and to be a Great President.

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        • Dixie says:

          I guess that’s why the video was interrupted at just that very moment while it was taking place.

          If memory serves me correctly, the guy who insisted they keep the camera rolling that day, was fired from his job immediately following.


      • copperchief says:

        Hear! Hear! Bravo and applause. That was simply beautiful.

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      • Farmhand, what a terrific window you’ve opened and let the light shine through:

        Nice inspiration to cap it off:
        Take a break to “know what we don’t know”.
        America needs all the relentless “self-educators” we can produce.

        Let’s hope that Betsy DeVos can carry the day in the war Academia is waging against us!


    • artichoke says:

      I don’t recall what Kudlow’s positions on big vs. small government have been. But he’s certainly wrong on trade vs. investment, and Ross corrected him cleanly. Kudlow would rather run a negative trade balance, saying he’ll take investment vs. trade any day!

      I guess that means Kudlow doesn’t care if Americans have jobs. And he really doesn’t.

      Fortunately Wilbur Ross does, and he’s the one running the Commerce Department.

      Wonder what Ross’ plans for the census are. Hopefully, to count citizens rather than warm bodies.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Kudlow is a “trickle down”, supply slider who served in the Reagan OMB. I miss his show on CNBC as he was the only free market capitalist who kept screaming that Obama and the Dems were destroying the US economy with their Big Government deficit spending.

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      • Dave says:

        Kudlow didn’t want to contest Ross’s assertion that there is ALWAYS enough American capital, because it would have led to a bunch of uncomfortable questions. For example:

        1. “If we have enough American financing, why bend over backwards for foreign investors? Is foreign money somehow better or worth more than American money?”
        2. “If their money isn’t worth more, are foreign investors somehow more invested or committed to the success of American ventures than their own neighbors are?”
        3. “If they don’t have as direct a stake in seeing Americans succeed, aren’t you really saying that this is about benefiting other countries at our expense?”
        4. “And if you’re saying that, aren’t you really just a Trojan Horse salesman trying to earn foreign commissions?”

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      • dutzie60 says:

        I hope he revamps that horrid, intrusive census form. If so, I may complete one for the first time in many go arounds.


    • oldschool64 says:

      If you are not talking about Larry Summers(who is mentioned in this video), then I have no idea who the hell you are talking about.

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  4. wolfmoon1776 says:

    The point about NAFTA being poorly designed on origin, to where CHINA is the origin of so much content, and the US origin is something like 15% on stuff imported from Mexico and Canada – that is PROFOUND.

    Not just because it’s a BAD deal for America.

    Who gave us NAFTA? THE CLINTONS.

    Who gave us the Clintons? CHINA



    It’s not even Mexico and Canada. NAFTA is a trade agreement favoring CHINA.


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    • Peter says:

      Wolf – you have a way of cutting through the noise – well said. In the 90s when Clinton was handing over middle technology to China we all watched in horror – wth?

      Couldn’t one argue then – with no evidence, of course, that Russia and China were hacking our election – which would explain which side Russia was on to block China and thus all the butthurt in Washington is so much more evident , and global in origin , geopolitical forces of Russia vs China in the puppet world of lawmakers and cOc chairmen

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      • Peter says:

        Missle technology, spelling error

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Russia and China take very different approaches to new American administrations, IMO. China plays a very long game – and so does Russia – but Russia will reconfigure everything to take greater advantage of whatever opportunities a new administration presents. It was like their famous mouthpiece who always wore a stylish bomber jacket under Carter. As soon as Reagan got elected, he switched to a 3-piece suit. Granted, that was the USSR, but still – Russia, Russia, Russia.

        Personally, I think Russia wanted Cankles, but hedged their bets beautifully, so that they could look like they favored Trump if they needed to. But I still think Russia was in the Tank for the Cank, and their Trump love was just to string him along as insurance in case he won. I won’t get into all my reasons – I like keeping a few nuggets off the table. 😎

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    • Jim says:

      Unfortunately, George H.W. Bush signed the NAFTA agreement 12/17/92 with U.S. Secs Lynn Martin, William Reilly, and Robert Mosebacher witnessing. More republicans than democrats supported it at that time. Bill Clinton put it on steroids!
      Remember this when you look at what establishment republicans are doing to our President today. Democrats tell you they are going to nail you to the wall; republicans lie about it and do it anyway. UNIPARTY!

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      • StanH says:

        “NWO…a thousand points of light.”

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      • Judith says:

        George HW Bush was a very busy boy! Before he slithered out of the White House, he left a road map for the Uniparty to follow. He officially signed the USA onto the Globalist’s New World Order in 1992, with UN’s Agenda 21.

        UN’s Agenda 21 is the Orwellian doctrine that specifically outlines all the steps necessary to complete Deep State/Global Elite’s quest for world domination by the year 2021. Of course, our well-funded Uniparty hacks fell right into line. Doesn’t hurt that there’s been a Clinton or a Bush squatting in the White House since 1980. A cartel, if you will. A syndicate.

        All these global Elites have done, since Barry Hussein woke the electorate, is to postpone their “target” date to the year 2030. Those clouds still loom on the horizon, make no mistake about that.

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      • MVW says:

        Bush=Clinton, buds from Arkansas drug running days.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        You know – we talk about “dodging a bullet” on Hillary – I think we dodged a grenade with Jeb Bush. Imagine how deep in NWO grief we would be with Jeb? He would be stacking up new UN scams on us like cordwood.


    • @wolfmoon how did China give the U.S. the Clintons?

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      • @wolfman…should have read further down after reading your comment ….for the answer. My apologies.


      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        The Chinese were strategically funding the Clintons with dirty bagmen as far back as Arkansas. There were multiple such scandals – meaning those are only what we KNOW about. The Chinese surely understood what they would get if either Clinton made it to the White House. Why?

        Hillary was working for a well-known communist law firm after she finished school, so the Russians and Chinese knew very well what they would get with Hillary. I’m sure she discussed her “plan” – which she mentioned to close associates, and very likely began at Wellesley – with the people at that firm.

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    • Old Codger says:

      Worth repeating: NAFTA originated with the notorious Bush Crime Family, as it fit right in with Herbert Walker’s efforts to force a “New World Order” on the American people!

      If anyone here still believes the Bush family to be “conservative” in any manner, the comments here should disabuse you of that notion. If not, just recall which POTUS had the most intrusive, unconstitutional legislation ever enacted, mis-named the “Patriot Act, ready to be adopted within weeks of 9-11? Gee, let me think on that one….

      Always remember: WATCH WHAT PEOPLE DO……… NOT WHAT THEY SAY!

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    • Minnie says:

      With all due respect to the seriousness of this thread and all your post, this entire debacle is worthy of a mega-blockbuster movie for those unable to fully grasp “who, what, why and where”.

      I appreciate Treepers who share their understanding of the facts.

      I often have difficulty comprehending the level of hate from those who perpetrated this crap on this country and by extension it’s citizens. Not burying my head in the sand just truly confounded by those we previously elected (!) to head our government.

      Now? Eyes wide open.

      Grateful to Sundance and all those intelligent enough to present this difficult subject in a clear, understandable manner.

      How many Americans, like me, living day to day, paycheck to paycheck, attempting to provide a decent life for their family?

      Throw this mess into the mix and values, morals and gratitude become even more desirable.

      The attempt to overthrow our Constitution will not succeed.

      God help us, all.

      HE answered our prayers and Mr. President knows exactly what he’s doing; of that, I am certain.

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  5. Peter says:

    Thanks for posting – out of the 3 or 4 public fed chairman Trump is reviewing for The Fed – does someone have a sense for who Larry was referring to in the last 60 seconds? Who among the candidates relates growth to inflation – sniffing out potential tax-cut growth. I don’t know the candidates well enough and Larry was clearly digging at one or more of them.

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    • Chris McCormick says:

      The front runner up until early this week was Kevin Warsh. He is a lawyer by training but was a Fed Governor Fromm 2006-12. He is pro growth but also much less of a fan if the central bank intervention we have seen. Artificially low rates. The enormous 20t debt will become difficult to mange if rates rise too high. Yellen is the current Fed Chairman who leans dovish meaning she favors lower rates for longer. Powell is the other front runner who is a Fed Governor is a continuiy candidate. Mnuchin publicly backed him this week. The odds are now probably Powell, Warsch then Yellen. The job does require a deep economic background which is why Warsch is not first anymore. Mnuchin can’t mange the debt structure if the Fed Funds rate rises above 2.5% (new Fed target) currently at 1.16%

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      • Dazza says:

        I still find it incredible that Yellen is in that position with her terrible optics and voice. If she is speaking I change the channel


        • Minnie says:

          Why is ANY obunghole holdover still in office???

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            My suspicion on Yellen is that the thinking is this: “The engine hasn’t blown to pieces under her – she must have some idea how to keep the dang thing from blowing up – so don’t touch anything.”


        • I believe that her colleagues have managed to hide her vast ignorance. But I had the opportunity to read her essays on the US economy when she was the Head of the SF Fed. We had been getting other pamphlets – Dallas and St. Louis – so I was familiar with the formats of each pamphlet. I couldn’t believe how dumb she sounded!


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        We want rates where banks are willing to lend on worthy endeavors and decent borrowers are willing to borrow.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        This was on Zerohedge the other day. I’m just posting for an FYI.

        Stocks Spooked By News Trump Interviewed John Taylor For Fed Chair Job

        Many years ago, when it was still unclear who would replace then outgoing Fed chair Ben Bernanke, Zero Hedge endorsed John Taylor for the role of Fed chair: a futile endorsement as it had no chance of ever coming true due to Taylor’s famous and long-running feud with the Fed over what the true Fed Funds rate should be, and the various pro forma adjustments the Fed imposed upon Taylor’s own “Taylor Rule.”

        Well, maybe not, because with the market convinced that the next Fed chair will be either hawk Kevin Warsh or dove Jay Powell, moments ago the WSJ reported that, out of the blue, President Trump also interviewed the iconic Stanford University economist, the namesake of the eponymous Taylor Rule, on Wednesday to discuss his potential nomination to become Federal Reserve chairman. Citing a White House official, the WSJ reported that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Vice President Mike Pence also attended the meeting.

        The news is surprising, and may have been the catalyst for the market’s poor close, as Taylor has been a frequent critic of Fed policy in the years since the crisis, arguing that officials should have raised interest rates sooner and testifying on Capitol Hill on the benefits of following a mathematical formula to help guide interest-rate decisions.


  6. A2 says:

    So glad this was posted. Larry, whom I have always paid attention to looks a lot healthier. Our Mr Wilbur was spot on, and given us some more ‘Wilburisms’, that the fans will adore.

    “I always paid attention to all my parts’
    paraphrasing Shakespeare, ‘To hack or be hacked’.

    He again explains the ‘myth’ of free trade (the ideal) with the reality of those who give lip-service to free trade whilst dealing under the table to thwart it.

    Great interview.

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    • Flova says:

      Geniuses like Ross always have a way to communicate in simple and analogous terms so everyone understands.

      Van Gogh once said simplicity is hard.

      Oh and he was married to another genius Betsy McCaughey. She deconstructed the communist Obamacare monster,all 2400 pages so we knew what kind of demons wrote it.

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  7. maiingankwe says:

    Sundance, you just made my heart swell with happiness! Remember the picture of snoopy dancing? Well, that’s what I feel like right now.

    I love our Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. I just think he has a brilliant mind, and I could listen and listen to him for hours. What a gift he has, and he’s sharing it and working for all of us. What an awesome man.

    Thank you for posting this video and thank you for posting all of the related links. You work so hard to make us smarter and more aware, and it’s greatly appreciated by all of us here. We love being Treepers!

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    The derivative bubble is never discussed by economists or business networks like CNBC or Fox Business. Reminds me of the Mortgage Meltdown in 2008 that no one thought was worth mentioning either.

    This debt is Corporate debt, it is buried worldwide and has been adding up since 2008. All these Mega Corporations are at risk. Every economist acts as if the Corporate and Government debt that’s hidden in derivative contracts doesn’t mean anything, it won’t destroy the world economy. This is doesn’t make any logical sense. It does matter.

    President Trump is right on the money for the USA to be self-sufficient. The Global economy is heading for a deadly wound.

    The Telegraph, Financial Post · Sept. 18, 2017 | Last Updated: Sept. 18, 2017 2:01 PM ET

    “Canada flagged as hidden $14 trillion credit bubble stokes global crisis fears”

    The world’s top financial watchdog has uncovered US$14 trillion of global dollar debt hidden in derivatives and swap contracts, a startling sum that doubles the underlying levels of offshore dollar credit in the international system.

    A forensic study by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) says enormous liabilities have accrued through FX swaps, currency swaps, and “forwards.” The data is tucked away in the “footnotes” of bank reports. “Contracts worth tens of trillions of dollars stand open and trillions change hands daily. Yet one cannot find these amounts on balance sheets. This debt is, in effect, missing,” said the BIS analysis, written by the team under Claudio Borio, the chief economist.

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    • Jim says:

      You are exactly right about this. This type of thing is connected at the hip with globalist banking cabals and why they are fighting our President tooth and nail. Make no mistake, when Sundance keeps saying, “Its a big club and you aren’t in it,” he ain’t kidding.

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    • ok4ayl says:

      Its not “missing”, its being deliberately hidden to stave off economic armageddon which will be foisted upon the unsuspecting masses by the very ones who caused it in the first place…..

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    • Lburg says:

      Interesting. Also according to this article:

      “The message from a string of BIS reports is that the U.S. dollar is both the barometer and agent of global risk appetite and credit leverage. Episodes of dollar weakness – such as this year – flush the world with liquidity and nourish asset booms. When the dollar strengthens, it becomes a headwind for stock markets and credit.

      If the dollar spikes violently, it sets off global tremors and a credit squeeze in emerging markets. This is what could happen again if President Trump’s tax reform plans lead to a big fiscal expansion and a repatriation of trillions of U.S. corporate cash held overseas.”

      It is difficult to believe that PDT would propose repatriation of trillions of dollars if it would spark a financial crisis. Would it, or is this fear mongering?


      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Derivatives are global and it is going to happen anyway. It is worldwide, and the dollar is a major focus of the Globalists.

        The IMF, BIS and the Fed are not concerned with the USA, they are focused on the Global economy. There appears to be a “coordinated tightening of monetary policy”. The BIS controls policy initiatives of national central bank members, so central banks all over the world are pursuing the same actions and the same rhetoric.

        The only difference is the pace they have chosen. They will act in concert as they are clearly doing now in terms of policy tightening. The hidden purpose behind this tactic is centralization on a global scale. The Fed is not interested in the health of the U.S. economy, it is interested in total globalization of all economies under one totalitarian umbrella. To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.

        The debt will be their undoing. All of them.

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        • The Boss says:

          Donna – Your posts are brilliant. I know a few CFPs and analysts who would benefit from reading your several posts in this thread if they could shake off their blinders.


        • wantsomebacon says:

          @Donna in Oregon if it is going to happen what does that mean for the citizens? Are we basically fighting something that’s going to crumble anyway? Does “their undoing” refer to the fed, BIS, and IMF? Meaning they are going to get what they want in the end?

          Just looking for further education on this topic.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Minnie says:

          Donna, thank you as well, there is much to comprehend and you’re excellent analysis helps immensely.

          Couldn’t help but wonder how Mr. President’s statement (during quick presser yesterday) re: Emmanuel retaining $$$ from Renault played here.


      • TreeClimber says:

        My guess is that America would be the only nation to weather it, hence nationalist Trump going ahead with it.


    • Paco Loco says:

      The House of Cards! If the derivative bubble bursts, Katy bar the door. It will create a world wide depression that will take a major war to recover from it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dutzie60 says:

        Winter is coming and it’s way over due. They’ve postponed it by stoking the fires so I suspect we will get a real Blizzard!


      • Tom says:

        Unless Trump sais, and there’s plenty of proof about this, that most derivatives should simply be abrogated as fraudulent. If they take down the TBTF banks, we have thousands of other banks that step forward. In reality, the concept of the megabank is only “necessary” when juxtaposed against the mega corporation. Get rid of both, reduce the scale and complexity, and the globullists die.

        Would it hurt ? Of course, but we’d all live in a better nation as a result. There can be no benefit to fraud.


  9. TomR,Worc,Ma,USA (tb032004) says:

    That man is NOT the wolverine …….. that man is the Honey Badger!!

    Judge a man by those he surrounds himself with ….. well done Mr. President (MY PRESIDENT), well done.

    Tommy From Wistah..

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Jeff says:

    Being a TREEPER I almost heard Wilbur Ross call out the UNIPARTY for blocking the AMERICA FIRST agenda in his own way . We damn sure heard Larry Kudlow call out the Keynesian Summers !!

    Wilbur Ross mentioning the 301 trade inspections …Not quite the color of DAYS OF THUNDER where Big John describes the ” Japanese Inspection ” BUT this is REAL LIFE and not the movies !!

    I wished for more !! Oh the discussion on Dodd/ “FWANK ” capitalism killa’ bill would make GREAT LEVERAGE to increase Keynesian SPLODY HEADS !!

    Thanks again SUNDANCE for all the insight that made this interview in clear focus . THE LINKS are great !!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. StanH says:

    The President promised to put “killers” in as his/our negotiators, and as promised PDJT has delivered.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. dufrst says:

    Awww, I was looking for that “Wilburine” picture!

    Love Wilbur Ross! Trade will be the four stage to this economic rocket, after deregulation, tax reform, and infrastructure investment done right. Included in trade to me is immigration reform. Wages will be lifted as a result.

    I see Trump masterfully steering the economy, by getting businesses going first with deregulation and tax reform and then getting workers going with trade and immigration reform. Infrastructure investment benefits both capital and labor and is the bridge between the probusiness and pro labor policies.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Joe S says:

    LOL, speaking of integrated and sophisticated electronic components in vehicles, Kudlow asks in relation to trade valuing, “can we even place a cost on stuff like that (paraphrased).”

    No Larry, auto companies produce tens of thousands of cars in multi-billion dollar plants these days with no idea how much these things cost and what they are paying subcontractors who make these systems. In fact, the final price of a car is completely plucked from air. It is a total guessing game!


    Liked by 3 people

    • NYGuy54 says:

      I know. For as bright as Kudlow is, he flubbed that part. Of course successful businesses know their component costs. You can’t run an organization without that piece of information. It’s absurd to think otherwise. And Wilbur quiety made that point.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Joe S says:

        Unreal right?

        How did the these things start to get produced in Mexico in China in the first place? LOL, they knew the costs and that they could get it cheaper somewhere else-DAH!

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Kristin says:

    Sundance thank you. I always have a little chuckle the way you bring these pieces.
    Especially with the pics of “the little friends”. It’s all magnificent I say.
    You are teaching us so much by bringing the teachers to life on these pages. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. rashamon says:

    I wish I could trust all the Wall Street elites and their banksters, but their history since the early 1900s (if it were ever exposed through our educational system) does not bode well for their honesty nor their loyalty to Mr. and Mrs. America who mostly create the patents and products that have made these wheelers-and-dealers very, very wealthy. I hope Mr.. Ross is not putting on his public voice given he has been a bit less concerned about our educational system and trade agreements in prior years when he served as the Grand Swipe of Wall Street’s quite secret society, Kappa Beta Phi.


  16. freddiel says:

    So I am wondering if crypto currencies are the great equalizer. Investment can be cashed out in any currency. Does this make sense?


    • MVW says:

      Cryptos are a sure way to crash the world. Cash is a hard copy that has a fall back position. Cryptos are ultimately hackable, maybe not today. When they do get hacked, say with quantum computers, how do economies recover??

      Never trust a computer 100%

      Liked by 1 person

  17. scottmc37 says:

    Most people at his and even Trumps age are retired, these guys are the types that are like bees, never stop working. I think Ross is almost 80 and still going strong, means Trump must have at least 10 more years in him…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bert Darrell says:

      Your inference assumes that Trump and Ross have identical genetic make-ups and are exposed to the same future biological risks (which is safe to assume they don’t). So, let’s enjoy them while they (and us) last.


  18. Thanks to Sundance for finding and posting these great interviews. We are lucky to have Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. Now if Congress would just start listening to him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bert Darrell says:

      JimBrOH (@TrumpOH2016) says:
      Now if Congress would just start listening to him.

      What’s the point, Jim? They wouldn’t understand a thing, anyway, or their donors would snap them out of it if they did.


  19. linda4298 says:

    LARRY KUDLOW: Now, you know my credo: “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.” And let me add to that from our Founding Fathers: Our Creator endowed us with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, freedom.

    Freedom to work, invest, take risks, and the freedom to get rewards and incentives that motivate us all. It is freedom that makes this the greatest country in the world, and it is freedom that so frequently keeps me on the optimistic side of life.


  20. Texian says:

    I know this stuff is very entertaining and fun to watch. But.. don’t be fooled. Interviews like this from Leftists like that is the enemy probing the wire.. They are looking for the narrowist nuance, the slightest weakness they can exploit. These “interviews” are enemy recon missions.. I just hope that our Generals know this going into these interrogations..

    The enemy wants us all dead. We are in the midst of a Culture War. Your liberal “friend” will out you in a second.. The Mandalay massacre is just the opening act. The Leftist groups, cartels, etc. are now funded and armed with automatic weapons of war. They are using the commie Viet Cong playbook.. Attack, then blend back into society – just like in Vietnam.. Walking down the street you don’t know if the person next to you is a friendly.. or an enemy..

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Your Tour Guide says:

    Around 7:40-7:50 “After we get the tax , we’ll go after the infrastructure improvements.”

    A big old lightbulb went off with just this sentence. Think of it in terms of your household
    budget. You pay off some outstanding debt, and take a look at what’s falling apart. The
    things that you patched up, overlooked, deferred suddenly have the opportunity to get
    corrected. So you strike when the poker’s hot. Get that new roof, that cast iron plumbing
    replaced. That new coat of paint. And you get the quotes, hire the contractor, and get the
    job done, because you know if you wait, the money will be gone.

    That’s exactly what can occur here, on a Yuuuuuggeee scale. And prior to the elections
    to boot. On time, on budget, new, shiny. Visible improvements everywhere the eye can
    see. Nothing would stress “success” better then seeing signs of decay and neglect
    being corrected right and left. With a good chance that maybe the people that in the
    past have pocketed the money see some jail. Something to hope and pray for.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. NJF says:

    Listening to Kudrow on the radio right now. He will be highlighting this interview.

    Analyst on right now saying Wilbur is a genius.


    • WhistlingPast says:

      I just shut it off yelling at the radio.
      Kudlow is one of these blinkered ninkompoops whose knowledge of the world is a mile wide but an inch deep.
      He just confessed being at a complete loss to make any sense of the Iran deal from America’s point of view.
      “I can’t for the life of me understand why 0bama and Kerry made this deal.”



  23. Paco Loco says:

    As smart as the Trump administration is on stimulating economic growth, reducing taxes and creating jobs for the middle class, the big gorilla in the room is the $20 trillion in debt, and the trillions in other unpaid liabilities. The US congress still does not have a budget, and despite Trumps call to reduce spending, the CoC backed Uniparty will continue to deficit spend. They never will balance the budget, NEVER. It’s criminal to push the debt off onto the next generation but that’s what they are doing. If the corporate derivatives blow up like the mortgage derivatives did in 2008, what we will experience will be mayhem and an economic crash like never before.


  24. homer L. may says:

    THANKS, /


  25. cjzak says:

    What a great interview! That guy is brilliant and so in tune with what he’s doing and fascinating to listen too. He well knows and understands what the limitations can be and how we get where we need to be. I have always liked Kudlow a lot and he certainly appreciates what Sec. Ross is doing and the man himself. We are truly blessed to have people like him working for the American people and our great country. Never, ever listen to the media when you can listen to the actual knowledge and information coming from the really smart people who know what they are dealing with and how to solve the issues. Thanks for posting this Sundance!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. TreeClimber says:

    Is there a transcript of this anywhere? I don’t have time to listen to it all and would love to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. backwoodsgirl123 says:

    We need a BOOM boom!


  28. starfcker says:

    He spanked Kudlow on the inflow of foreign capital issue. Kudlow had no comeback at all. Great to know that the administration won’t buy into the theory that trade deficits can be balanced by capital inflows. (Empty million dollar condos) Trump is as altruistic as we will ever get.

    Liked by 4 people

  29. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    I am an engineer. Without going into details, I know the difference between E6010, E6011, and E6013 welding electrodes to name a few, where they are best used, and which end of the electrode goes into the stinger. Having said that, I agree we need to look at vocational education and apprenticeships. People need to change their mindset about getting their hands “dirty” in the course of doing work. College is not the be all and end all they think it is… That degree or certificate is not the end. That piece of paper is merely the starting point for the rest of your career. Learning does not end when you get that degree or certificate – the real learning has just begun.

    Liked by 2 people

    • starfcker says:

      “College is not the be all and end all they think it is… That degree or certificate is not the end. That piece of paper is merely the starting point for the rest of your career.” The Obama coalition (women, minorities) liked that deal. Buy a college degree, get government funded employment, and SET FOR LIFE. Cradle to grave. Life of Julia. But we were PROMISED. Not as popular with those of us who pay the bills.


    • rashamon says:

      TY, deplorabledave. Youth need to go to work asap with, of course, the appropriate safeguards. Having work experience early on allows one to make better choices as educational opportunities occur. Those with too much time on their hands become the whining SJWs and graduate without any marketable skills except complaining about their lot in life.


  30. CiscoKid says:

    If I may.
    One must first learn theory, then learn to apply it in the real world, hands on.


  31. anniesezso says:

    Ross, “The world is not a free market economy.” BOOM Mr. Kudlow!


  32. Budman says:

    Is it just me, or does Larry Kudlow remind you of Paul Lynde?


  33. Mike diamond says:

    Right on Wilbur !!!!


  34. D-FENS says:

    Watched the interview from start to finish…and I have NO attention span. I really feel confident knowing Wilbur Ross is Secretary of Commerce. He is the right man for the job.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Plain Jane says:

    I finally got to watch this today. I love WR and Kudlow.

    WR took the bankrupt LTV steel, and within a month, we were rolling again. Many people put back to work and no one complained about mgmt. doing jobs that were previously union only jobs. Bonuses were great.


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