Economic Diplomacy Continues – President Trump Softens Tone Toward China Currency Manipulation…

President Trump gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal where he changed a prior position on declaring China a “currency manipulator”:

(Via ABC) According to the Wall Street Journal, the president said the decision came in consideration of talks with China over its role in countering North Korean weapons testing. Trump said that any move to attach the designation could hamper China-U.S. relations. He claimed that, in recent months, China’s currency manipulation has halted. (link)

Is this a change in position? Yes.

It is an arbitrary change, or even an unexpected shift? Hell no.

As we have pointed out since the February 2016 GOP debate, the Trump approach toward North Korean hostilities is to leverage China to get control over N-Korea. –Expanded Backstory

President Trump is realigning U.S. geopolitical relationships based on America-First interests.   President Trump is using economic leverage to provide security and global stability. President Trump knows how to stroke the panda fur.

Last night President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held another consultation call. 

Earlier today China abstained from vetoing a U.N. security council resolution against the use of chemical weapons in Syria.  Russia was forced to stand alone in alliance with Bashir Assad.  Russia is now isolated.  To emphasize that point, President Trump publicly states his support for NATO.

Earlier this week, following the April 6th, 7th Florida meeting between President Xi and President Trump, China refused to allow North Korean coal cargo ships to unload.  Today, China signaled they may temporarily ban the export of oil into North Korea.  Through these actions North Korea is becoming isolated.

China holds leverage over North Korea as the U.S. holds leverage over Puerto Rico.

As we stated in 2016, and again in January 2017, President Trump is positioning economic leverage with China to promote U.S. security interests.

The non-designation of China as a “currency manipulator” may be a billion benefit to China today, but if China can leverage productive action by North Korea, that same transactional exchange may save the U.S. billions in the use of military and peacekeeping assets, and provide enhanced security to South Korea – another strategic economic interest of the U.S.

This should come as no surprise to those who carefully followed Donald Trump’s public positions on the issues.   Bold predictive statements made earlier provide the leverage today for President Trump to find a larger economic and national security win.

In the last 24 hours:

♦ Russia said President Putin would not meet with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  Hours later Vladimir Putin hosted T-Rex for more than two hours.

♦ Russia vetos a U.N. Security Council resolution against Syria, and China refused to stand with them – that’s a historic shift of alliance.

♦ President Trump modifies his position on Chinese currency, and China announces the possibility of an oil embargo against North Korea.

[…]  A new nuclear test or an intercontinental ballistic missile test, if conducted by Pyongyang at this time, will be a slap in the face of the US government and will intensify the confrontation between North Korea and the US.

Presumably Beijing will react strongly to Pyongyang’s new nuclear actions. China will not remain indifferent to Pyongyang’s aggravating violation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution.

More and more Chinese support the view that the government should enhance sanctions over Pyongyang’s nuclear activities. If the North makes another provocative move this month, the Chinese society will be willing to see the UNSC adopt severe restrictive measures that have never been seen before, such as restricting oil imports to the North.

Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program is intended for securing the regime, however, it is reaching a tipping point. Pyongyang hopes its gamble will work, but all signs point to the opposite direction. (link)

President Trump is leveraging China toward successful objectives in both Syria and North Korea.  In both instances Russia and North Korea are more isolated.  Additionally, in both of the key security interests of the United States, the use of this economic leverage means we do not have to involve our military.

The media are gleefully pointing out reversals or modifications of prior positions announced by candidate, now President, Donald Trump.   However, within each of these modified positions there are enormous benefits to the America-First platform.

America-First is not about isolationism; it is about the smart use of America’s aggregate scale and influence to shape outcomes that benefit America First.

….”Complicated business folks, … complicated business.”

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327 Responses to Economic Diplomacy Continues – President Trump Softens Tone Toward China Currency Manipulation…

  1. Piper says:

    The media and trolls calling the President a flip flipper just make themselves look foolish and childish! The TRUE leader knows how to move with the current, navigate obstacles, and come out of the other side still leading the pack! I’m staying on the Trump train because Trump is a great conductor, it’s great to see the media strapped to the tracks in front of us!!

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    • Maquis says:

      “…strapped to the tracks…”

      Nice. 😉

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    • singingsoul says:

      Piper says: “The media and trolls calling the President a flip flipper just make themselves look foolish and childish! The TRUE leader knows how to move with the current, navigate obstacles, and come out of the other side still leading the pack!”
      So true………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Trump is nimble leader. As a business man he knows that “timing is everything” and he is a master persuader that understands positioning (where he stands) on the field of play. Because he is NOT a politician in a political sense, he is unburdened by the “party line” and can execute policy that is non dogmatic. The MSM and the Dems are still hung up on the traditional right vs left, Republican vs Democrat narratives and miss that Trump is operating in 3 D and out smarting the competition by his bold fast moves.

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    • i'm just sayin'.. says:

      Once a statement / position has its’ desired effect one then has the option to advance to a next step or ultimate outcome. How one is flexible in moving forward off of a position reveals what their real intent is. So, if I hold a position that does not necessarily have enduring value even after holding that position accomplishes its’ purpose, then I’m probably a dogmatist. If however, I am willing to move through positions that do not have enduring value, to reach an end objective then I am probably a pragmatist.
      So, a few relevant examples. Candidate Trump during the campaign criticizes China on currency manipulation grounds and criticizes NATO for being obsolete and its’ member countries for not carrying their funding weight. President Trump realizes a positive effect from those campaign positions and no longer needs to hold them. These positions did not have enduring value but served their purpose and so President Trump could move forward toward his objectives.
      On the other hand, Candidate Trump proposed a list of potential Supreme Court nominees who respected the Constitution as written and did not view the Judicial branch of government as a Legislative branch. President Trump acted on his campaign position exactly as he indicated. So, this reveals that his position on the Supreme Court and the role of the Judiciary has enduring value and that dogmatically holding that position is an end.
      President Trump is demonstrating that he has the understanding and wisdom to be pragmatic or dogmatic as necessary. He is clearly not afraid of labels being placed on him (in this case flip-flopper) but will act according to how his good sense counsels him.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Exactly! He will allow nasty labels and charges to be made, and they’re almost a measure of his effectiveness!

        Trump uses throwaway truth to make changes. It’s truth that he doesn’t have to keep saying when the opposing force changes due to his actions, whether that change is mediated by an enemy, a frenemy, or by many people.

        For the judiciary, his throwaway truth (judicial legislating) was used so well, even Gorsuch criticized him for disrespectfulness – a master stroke on Trump’s part. Because Trump cannot resist solutions that solve multiple problems simultaneously.

        “You think Gorsuch is my puppet? WATCH THIS.”


        And mark my words – Trump uses this technique on US. Get too cozy on a position that gets in the way of Trump’s plan, and it feels like friendly fire is raining down. His statements about not needing Bannon are a gentle reminder that WE may see Bannon’s vector as the compass needle where Trump needs to go in the long run, but TRUMP may take many skew paths to get there, and don’t cramp his style.

        And word up to people worried about Bannon. REMEMBER ROGER STONE? Consider that Trump kicking that troublesome nestling out where he could peck the Clintons half to death was more than brilliant. Trump is not above firing people into greatness and long-term reward. I remember watching Trump going after Clinton with all his victims before the second debate, and realizing that Trump had completely outfoxed the Clinton machine by tossing Roger Stone at it like a hand grenade.

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        • The Roger Stone event was classic! Trump knows when to utilize an asset, even if other people think it not an asset. Trump sees multiple dimensions and how they are related, while all the others are still focused on a “flat earth” manner of thinking.

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    • Jersey Mark says:

      All that needs to be said is READ “THE ART OF THE DEAL”. The idea in any negotiation is to establish a maximum position of desired results and work from there. In other words, smack the guy in the mouth to get his attention and then using the “carrot and stick” approach, work to an agreeable result. The threat of declaring China a “currency manipulator” and its impact on trade relations is the big stick. The willingness to back off that position provided China gives what we need is the carrot. I do not think this is hard for the left media to understand so they are just interested in creating a false and confusing picture – standard operating procedure for them. The problem is that many Trump “supporters” and those who call themselves conservatives seem to have fallen for the smoke screen.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Well said. Supporter latency is a problem. The people whose purpose is to hate Trump and oppose whatever he does can actually re-orient faster to Trump’s “float like a butterfly” moves.

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      • WSB says:

        People do not know what ‘conservative’ is any longer. The term’ Conservative’ was hijacked by the very people who didn’t want to conserve the US…Alinsky tactics. Battered Conservatives. Confusion.


    • vincent cuomo says:

      Not only is he a great conductor, but unlike Kerry, Obama and Clinton who worried about what the polls or media says , all Trump cares about is how will america benefit He knows if he calls out the bad actors on the stage and isolate them America and the World will be safer.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    I truly believe that as we unleash our Energy we will find ourselves in a different playing field compared to the rest of the world. The Globalist that have run our country have done everything in their power to hold us back. Barry from Hawaii did everything humanly possible trough the EPA to destroy our coal industry, our ability to drill, Dakota and Keystone pipelines and all the nonsense about climate change etc. He realized that by doing so, it would marginalize us and cause us to always be dependent on foreign oil.

    When our President gets us to GDP levels greater than 4%, it will really be due to our Energy independence. SD is absolutely right that the dependency on foreign manufacturing will be diminished greatly because our Energy will full wages and our manufacturing industry.

    “Forbes contributor Jude Clemente pointed out, the U.S. is set to rival Russia in exporting crude oil and natural gas. ‘The U.S. is now slated to have the capacity to export 10-12 Bcf/day of LNG to the world by 2020, this is 1/3 of the current global market and a boom from virtually nothing a year ago…. In fact, U.S. LNG is so desired in Europe that some nations have offered to accept higher prices for it, willing to lose money to lower the reliance on Russia’ ” — Forbes

    “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Monday 73 million acres off the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida would be offered at a lease sale in August as part of the Interior Department’s five-year leasing plan.” Daily Caller

    This is what scares Russia, SA, Quatar, Iran and others more than anything else. China is starting to import our coal instead of NK.

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  3. I admit economics was never a strong area for me but something tells me that a strong dollar is not in the best interest for our economy when we are trying to sell more US products at home and internationally. In addition, an inflated dollar doesn’t invite tourism to the US that many businesses need to survive.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    • tony says:

      what about safety and security? with Europe going south with all the violence, the US will look better for vacations and extended stays from those who might have gone over there.

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    • singingsoul says:

      madelinesminion says: “I admit economics was never a strong area for me but something tells me that a strong dollar is not in the best interest for our economy when we are trying to sell more US products at home and internationally ”
      When I came to his country the exchange rate of German DM to Dollar was $1 – 4 DM.
      The economy was great and lots of jobs. People who did not go to College had good jobs and were even able to provide for their families. People worked hard seemed happy and many owned their own house.
      I know Europeans were gleeful when the Euro became higher in value to the Dollar.
      No wonder P DJT wants Europe to pay their share of Nato. They also should pay their share to the UN.

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    • Jersey Mark says:

      Yes an overly strong dollar is a problem with regard to exports and tourism. It is a boon to those countries that hols a lot of dollars as reserve currency. Of course, we don;t want to become currency manipulators ourselves, do we?

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    • pochas94 says:

      Keep your mind open on this. True, a strong dollar is not good for exports, as long as we continue to tolerate currency manipulation. But that (strong dollar) also means more jobs at home, and that picture has been dismal recently. Stable currencies are best, but we must be on guard for manipulation. Since the US dollar is the reserve currency we must keep its value stable, and it will remain the reserve currency. Tariffs or the threat of tariffs may be necessary.

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  4. pyromancer76 says:

    Sundance, your last sentence says it all: “America-First is not about isolationism; it is about the smart use of America’s aggregate scale and influence to shape outcomes that benefit America First.”

    Finally, finally, finally, smart use of American resources and American power in the world without a need “pay off” political/financial backers through stupid impediments to the best deal for Americans. No more lining special interest pockets. Also no longer a need to feed the war machine and at the same time no need to claim an ideological purity like “isolationism” in order to protect America from those who wish to enrich themselves through war.

    President Trump is unique in his multiple-dimensional wisdom. At the same time this is the first time, the to the best of my knowledge, that a businessman (an extremely smart and successful one) “stooped” to include politics in his portfolio. Our gigantic freedom-for-business-and-prosperity republic, our great nation that offers the path to lift all boats, that unleashes the creativity of every citizen whether in business or other enterprises, is back on course.

    I hope Trump can groom enough new citizen-politicians from business and other walks of life to continue this new (old) tradition of politics. No more lawyers, no more poli-sci majors, no more academicians, no more professional politicians.

    Once law-and-order once again reigns, once we true-the-vote and elect Trump-supporting Senators and Representatives, we can limit political “careers”, eliminate pensions linked to serving in electoral positions in government, eliminate government unions and free up the business of America — to prosper in private enterprise.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Good catch. You have identified a core mission statement. Though I use the “G word” with caution, so as not to scare “globophobes”, America First IS about global leadership. Trump uses America First to make America First.

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      • pochas94 says:

        Leadership yes, hegemony no. We need many nation-states working for the welfare of their citizens. We need this to prevent us from falling into the well of mediocrity.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          See – I really think Trump gets that – the idea that CONTROLLING other nations is what holds a nation and its people back. They don’t call them foreign entanglements for nothing. There is a difference between engaging the world and getting entangled in it. Obama was an expert at the latter.


  5. wodiej says:

    Trump knows how to play the game and win. Many leaders do not.

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  6. beaupre03 says:

    Sundance, FYI… you don’t need to type two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. That method was taught as a holdover from the typewriter era, when you had to put the extra space as a visual guide. But today’s digital typeface designers automatically build a little bit of extra space after the period and eliminate the need for the double-space. How do I know this? I’m also from the typewriter era and only learned about this a few years ago.

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    • MfM says:

      Sometimes extra spaces appear when you move from different programs or from different platforms.

      I’m here for the content, so I don’t even notice the extra spaces… and I learned double space in the 1950’s!

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      I still do it and I think it looks best and makes content easier to read.

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    • So that’s where that nasty change came from? All it does is make reading more difficult. Leave it to computer geeks to screw up something that was not a problem.

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    • El Torito says:

      Just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

      Think of it as written music – music would be extremely boring if everyone played music exactly as it was written on the sheet, with no personal expression or individualism and interpretation. Just like language, we are taught the fundamentals and what makes one’s work interesting, entertaining, etc is how we apply those fundamentals.

      Same holds true for putting pen to paper, and many other skills. Getting a haircut, having a favorite place to eat.

      I hang here because I consider the writing of Sundance among the finest things in life. Not because he uses one or two spaces after the period. He takes information unavailable to most of us and creates fine art.


    • Lostokie says:

      I graduated college in Dec. 2000 (age 29) and all my college papers had to have 2 spaces after the period. As others have said, I too think it makes typed material easier to read.

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  7. Sean Supsky says:

    During the debates, when asked about N. Korea, everyone had different responses, and President Trump responded that he would engage with China to take care of N. Korea instead of using military force and getting us into a conflict.

    This is the same debate where Sundance pointed out Jeb!’s ineptitude about trade, currency, and being able to negotiate effectively, because his reply to President Trump, then Candidate Trump, at the time, about taking care of China and money manipulation was, wait for it, ‘C’mon man.’

    So, perhaps, this is not a flip flop, rather merely doing what he said he would do during the debates.

    It was apparently 2 separate debates that became commingled within my mind, yet the effect is the same.

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  8. flawesttexas says:

    China currency manipulation is not as much an issue as the huge trade deficit US has with them.

    Lower the trade deficit with Communist China…and currency manipulation no longer the issue

    More of an economic concern is the EU and other nations who use the Value Added Tax (VAT) as a tariff against US goods

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  9. BG2 says:

    Donald and Xi have a shared secret.
    They know that the Chinese elites cannot survive in their present state of grace if the US stops buying their rubbish.Then Xi has 100 million upwardly mobile city workers forced to return to their villages to eat.
    Without the US accepting Chinese exports Xi is finished and he knows it.
    It is the USA’s ultimate weapon.

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  10. The Ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    Before he “takes the lumps out”, President Trump must put them in.

    President Trump’s negotiating gambit is a familiar pattern: He opens with all manner of unacceptable demands and outrageous conditions, and then makes concessions in return for certain considerations.

    He threatened China with loss of MFN and labeling it a currency manipulator (a very severe threat to its economy), and then in return for help with North Korea and opening their markets to US beef and coal he backs off those threats.

    Which is always his position: Everything is negotiable and the door is always open if the other party will agree to certain terms.

    Key to recognize that he always leaves a face-saving way forward for the other party.

    Even Russia and Bashir Assad will be offered a way forward. President Trump has fed them their lumps; now he will take them out if they agree to certain terms.

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    • Good explanation, and it does seem to work for rational participants in the political world-wide community. The biggest problem lies with the nut-jobs like NK and Islam, but especially Islam. With Islam, the whole rest of the world tries to react and deal rationally and it does not work because of the insane rigidity in the Muslim cult. Islam has only one goal in this world and that is to kill all infidels or convert them or enslave them. That’s it.

      And moderate Muslims have no sway because all five of the Islamic schools of religious laws and teaching agree with that one goal.

      Trump’s approach is working with China and Russia — so far at least, and that bodes well for future dealings with the implacable Muslims. They will have no chance whatsoever if China, Russia, and the USA are together against them. Let’s hope.

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      • Donald says:

        Masterful comments. It’s true that NK and Islam have their own version of ‘The Art of the Deal!’


      • lfhbrave says:

        I would say it is a myth that N. Korea and the extreme Muslims are irrational. Throughout history, when facing certain death and utter destruction, they are as rational as any people on earth could be. They are not irrational. The perceived irrational behavior they have exhibited is a set of survival skills they’ve acquired and fully developed through out their own history of infighting — cruelty, betrayal, deception and utter cowardice. N. Korea begged for cease fire/truce in the final stage of the Korea War when Eisenhower made a no-nonsense threat of utter destruction (a threat supported by nearly complete destruction of N. Korea’s military already and possible use of A-Bomb) even though Stalin and Mao still wanted to play game. We could get some hints from how those “irrational” Islamic extremists behaved under Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, not to mention the Mongols and Crusaders.

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  11. dreadnok89 says:

    Considering how he got china to turn on north korea its a win

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  12. Sentinel says:

    Sometimes Trump Supporters outside of CTH get so hysterical…

    It’s as if Frodo was given the ring and sent out of Rivendell, and then the rest of the fellowship just sat around watching him and Samwise travel on through a palantir, freaking out at everything they perceived to be a misstep and assuming that all is lost at every setback.

    We elected the man to do a job, it’s still only been 3 months. Calm the **** down and live your life. This day to day crap is only flung about to keep you clicking, whether it’s coming from the legacy corporate media or the new burgeoning alternative media.


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  13. Sentinel says:

    Sometimes Trump Supporters outside of CTH get so hysterical…

    It’s as if Frodo was given the ring and sent out of Rivendell, and then the rest of the fellowship just sat around watching him and Samwise travel on through a palantir, freaking out at everything they perceived to be a misstep and assuming that all is lost at every setback.

    We elected the man to do a job, it’s still only been 3 months. Calm the **** down and live your life. This day to day crap is only flung about to keep you clicking, whether it’s coming from the legacy corporate media or the new burgeoning alternative media.



  14. smiley says:

    changing TACTICS, sometimes, is a SMART move. 😀

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  15. eric says:

    Thank you LORD for President Trump.

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  16. thetrain2016 says:

    What about a simple answer to the question of currency manipulation? The two Presidents agreed on the issue. Done deal. China stops playing the devaluation game. To publicize that agreement is a bad political and diplomatic move, because it means China’s admission of previous currency manipulations…

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    • El Torito says:

      I see the value in that fact that they have ceased doing it. The admission is of lesser value to me because everyone already knows they’ve been doing it. The fact that DJT was able to persuade them to stop doing it is amazing. Economically, he is now the most powerful man on the planet. But I really believe US and China have entered into a new era of economic partnership, based on fiscal realities, and the reality that we no longer have idiotic traitors running our country. Averting a trade war is win-win. I don’t see this as a one sided win.

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  17. Bartsmydog says:

    Winning bigly and still not tired of it!

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  18. What amazes and maddens me is that an inbred psycho with crazy hair in a country without running water can frustrate and delay our much needed manufacturing sector recovery. Evil must be stomped out as soon as it rears its smelly head. Delayed justice costs us dearly!


  19. MfM says:

    There is an old Rolling Stones song that had the refrain:

    You can’t always get what you want,
    But if you try sometime you find,
    You get what you need.

    That is what I see Trump doing. Having everything in play and going for the biggest win for our Country without screwing other Countries. He may have known some of the playing cards before he was elected. Now he sees the pretty much the whole deck and he’s holding all the Aces. Some other countries may think they hold aces… but they are really jokers.

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  20. geoffb5 says:

    Many “positions” are tactical. Tactics are means to an end and can change, the strategy is to get to the end which is MAGA and that hasn’t changed and the movement toward it is coming along nicely.


  21. Wee2low says:

    I think there will be a lot of embarrassed Trump Train jumpers by the end of year 1. MAGA!!!

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  22. Owlen Rose says:

    I do believe that Jake just called his colleagues at CNN idiotic and offensive. 🙂

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    • ROTFLMAO!! I wonder how long it’s going to take poor, old, miserable Jake to realize he insulted himself as well since he works for and strongly supports that cesspool called CNN? LOL! Leave it to the libtards.

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  23. indiana08 says:

    It seems that President Trump and President Xi had a good meeting and hammered some stuff out on trade and N. Korea. Therefore, Pres. Trump continuing to call China “a currency manipulator” would only hurt the progress that he made in the meeting with President Xi. That’s something that certain types of conservatives don’t understand. You can’t keep pounding away all the time. Sometimes, like others here have already stated, you have to change tactics. Pres. Trump is getting more of China’s flies with honey at the moment.

    What angers me are the flip flopping supporters in the so called conservative media. Just wait to see how things pan out first before reacting(Ann Coulter, PJW). Pres. Trump doesn’t think in black and white and he isn’t a politician. Washington has never dealt with a man like Donald Trump before and at the same time they keep trying to box him into a typical politician.

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  24. LULU says:

    The Grand Illusion: How Trump Tricked China and The Press

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  25. grlangworth says:

    Well, it looks like other folks are catching on:

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  26. A little perspective:

    Remember aaaaaalllllllllllllll the way back to January of this year, a whole whopping 3 months ago, when President-Elect Trump thanked Taiwan for their well-wishes and the whole establishment clutched their pearls because DJT actually said the word “Taiwan” in violation of the sacred one-China politically correct speech. It was said by those who know best that Trump had endangered the whole world by his blundering mouth.

    Looks like having a President who owns ocean front property in beautiful sunny Florida is not such a bad thing after all.


  27. DevBlog says:

    . Every American owes it to himself .


  28. . Every American owes it to himself .


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