NH Debate Takeaways – Jeb Bush Believes The Keystone Pipeline is a Public Works Project – and Rubio, Cruz, and Bush Want To Bomb North Korea…

Let us all hope the good people of New Hampshire spot the insufferable and poorly briefed politicians who want to lead the nation.

In a recent South Carolina GOP debate Jeb Bush talked about trade with China and showed how much he relies on briefings by his team to create his talking points. Bush did not realize Boeing was moving a manufacturing plant to China, and with it American Jobs – SEE HERE

bush v trump

Similarly, last night in New Hampshire, to bolster his propositions about eminent domain, Governor Jeb Bush made the gobsmacking assertion the Keystone Pipeline project was a “public use” project.

It isn’t.

The Keystone pipeline is entirely a private corporation, a private energy firm, seeking federal permission to build a North American pipeline.  There is nothing about the Keystone Pipeline that is a “public use” project, it is a “private use” project.

The U.S. government has no ownership stake in the project whatsoever.  Watch:

While the project was originally developed as a partnership between TransCanada Corporation and ConocoPhillips; TransCanada is now the sole owner of the Keystone Pipeline System, as TransCanada received regulatory approval on August 12, 2009 to purchase ConocoPhillips’ interest.  Neither of these entities are related to the government of Canada or the United States.   They are private companies.

keystone pipelineDonald Trump is entirely correct, and Jeb Bush is entirely incorrect.

The issue of eminent domain in this instance pertains to the local and municipal landowners in/around the properties in Nebraska, Montana, North and South Dakota as well as Illinois and states beyond.

With regulatory approvals TransCanada would be permitted to enter into negotiations with municipalities and local landowners for purchase permission.

The financial benefactor of the pipeline, if approved, remains a private company.

Donald Trump has previously stated the U.S. should impose a surcharge for use of the pipeline as a form of payment to the U.S. for facilitating the transport of oil through the system.  This approach would provide financial benefit to the U.S. for the use of the geography in question – terms and conditions to financially benefit each of the states, municipalities and local communities to be determined through negotiation with the corporation.

Governor Jeb Bush’s poor understanding of the project, and conflation with the term “public use” shows once again what happens when a politician is relying exclusively on briefings provided for political benefit.  Briefings disconnected from the reality of current events.

♦  In another revealing moment in the debate, the topic of a North Korean missile launch was raised.   The question posed was what should the U.S. do, if anything, about the North Korean government pursuing an intercontinental ballistic missile program.

Here’s where Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush immediately jump into military mode, and begin to stake adversarial positions about preemptive strikes against N-Korean launch sites.   It was a moment when the national audience sees a neo-con militaristic approach on full display.  Again, watch:

John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush immediately jump into full military expansion mode.  Ultimately arriving at a determination that bombing North Korea, preemptively, might be needed.

Think about that carefully.

Kasich, Rubio, Bush and Cruz immediate gut reaction is the military, war.


Contrast their approach with candidate Donald J Trump who carefully and intelligently states the current economic relationship the U.S. has with China, vis-a-vis a $500,000,000 (billion, per year) trade deficit, can be used as leverage to have China intercede to stop North Korea from action.

China holds immense leverage over North Korea; leverage of a similar comparative scope the U.S. holds over Puerto Rico.  North Korea is financially dependent on China for its very survival.  If China pulls back money from North Korea, N-Korea collapses upon itself.

Rather than go to war or engage the U.S. military in strikes against Korean military facilities, Donald Trump identifies economic leverage as the solution.

The United States have a $17+ trillion dollar market that China is dependent upon.  Candidate Trump says use the principle trade leverage within “most favored nation status” as a bargaining tool to get N-Korea to stop military provocations and expansions.

The economic status of “most favored nation” is a golden ticket to the U.S. market:

In international economic relations and international politics, “most favoured nation” (MFN) is a status or level of treatment accorded by one state to another in international trade.

The term means the country which is the recipient of this treatment must, nominally, receive equal trade advantages as the “most favoured nation” by the country granting such treatment. (Trade advantages include low tariffs or high import quotas.) In effect, a country that has been accorded MFN status may not be treated less advantageously than any other country with MFN status by the promising country.

If China ever lost their golden ticket entry into the U.S. economic market it would cost them hundreds of billions almost immediately – their tenuous economic model collapses without customers.  China lobbies congress with tens of millions to keep their golden ticket in hand.

This is another excellent example of the benefit for a Trump presidency.  Because Trump is not beholden to their financial lobbying efforts, he can make decisions that entirely in the U.S. larger global best interests.   In doing so the direct downstream consequences are as wide ranging as keeping North Korea from military expansion.

I pray today the people of New Hampshire are able to see how their votes can provide a new era in political history.  An era where smart and strategic decisions can position the U.S. to begin winning again.

trump lion new hampshire

trump lion

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237 Responses to NH Debate Takeaways – Jeb Bush Believes The Keystone Pipeline is a Public Works Project – and Rubio, Cruz, and Bush Want To Bomb North Korea…

  1. Justice_099 says:

    Contrast the response from Trump to the accusation leading into the debate that he would nuke Denmark out of blind anger.

    And then we later talk about a preemptive strike, and who are the real knee-jerkers?

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    • Director says:

      It’s worse than that.

      Cruz, Rubio and Bush all deceive their own constituency about their Neo-con aggressive policy goals and methods.

      They are claiming that Trump would do some crazy First Strike and call him nuts while they say they will attack Russia with a first strike.

      These three are evil men.

      Even Clinton would be limited by a military that would revolt if given such orders. Under a GOP prez the military would be more likely to carry out an insane order.

      Trump is the only sane Repulocan candidate apart for Krispy.

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      • Mr. Lucky says:



      • AdamSelene says:

        Recall three debates ago when Krispy was talking about shooting down Russian planes and “punching Putin in the nose” which made my jaw drop, and Rand was dumbfounded too. He responded “Well, if you want somebody to start WWIII, here’s your candidate!” I like Krispy right now because of what he did to Rubio, but don’t be fooled, he’s still GOPe.

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    This is what we call “head up your butt syndrome”. Jeb!, and these guys who’ve never had to meet a payroll, don’t have time to learn Business 101, or pick up and read a newspaper, unless they are in it. They’ve got way cooler things to do.

    Hopefully NH will send them a strong signal this week that their inept services will not be required and they can all go home and do cool stuff again. Jeb! can get on to releasing his next book of no one really cares emails he sent or rec’d while living his privileged little life here on earth.

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  3. tampa2 says:

    Sundance, at the expense of your vitriol, one reader made a claim, which you developed a thread thereof, and I advise that I can’t make any reply, whatsoever, without signing in, something is amiss. Frustratingly onerous.


  4. Ladysforest says:

    On E/domain as in Trump v. the elderly widow. I apologize for the length, but if anyone wants to know the story, here it is from old newspaper articles. Just the highlights, my compilation:

    The history of the Coking widow.

    In the late 1970s, Penthouse tycoon Bob Guccione, eager to get in on the Atlantic City casino action, offering Coking $1 million for her lot. She refused. Exasperated, Guccione tried to build his facility around the house, but his project went broke before he could finish, leaving a steel frame looming over Coking’s place for more than a decade. There was a massive steel framework virtually encasing the house.

    She had run the house as a low income “boarding” home, but did not take any borders from the time the first casino was built in 1978.

    Trump comes along in the early 90’s and acquires the unfinished Guccione project, and the CRDA (the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) offered her low market value – condition considered, and she refused. She wanted one million (even though she had refused that same amount when offered to her in 1980), (then later on down the road when Trump came up to her asking she refused her own asking price).

    She blamed Trump personally for some damage done to her roof by the construction company that had the job of disassembling that steel structure that Guccione had built OVER her house.

    The construction company took full ownership of the damage, and offered to pay her $90,000 to have repairs. She refused. She wanted more and she wanted to sue Trump in the bargain. The judge wouldn’t go for that. Eventually she took the $90,000 because she was so far in arrears on her property taxes that she was in immediate danger of having the house foreclosed for unpaid taxes.

    Superior Court Judge Richard Williams said the attempt by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take the property for a new parking lot and a public park at Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino was flawed because it did not guarantee that the company would not later use the land simply to expand the business. Yet, Trump never did do anything with that land he had the massive structure removed from except build a parking lot AND a landscaped public green-space.

    Trump did her a huge favor in the end by removing that massive steel structure that the first developer had built OVER and surrounding her house. Trump did remove that. And he had a parking lot and green space landscaped where the massive structure had been. She was hunkered down under that thing for a dozen years because she was holding out for more money. Without the casino’s that were going in her property wasn’t worth half of what she had been offered in 1979, but she figured she’d get rich off of it. Fine, but it didn’t work out that way for her and she eventually lost the place because of unpaid taxes.

    Some Freeper posted that after all the Trump/ED stuff the widow listed the house for sale for $5 million. No offers. In the end she lost the place.

    The fact that she refused to sell to Trump for the amount she originally told him she wanted – well that’s all I needed to know about her. No problem with people trying to get the very best deal, but to pretend to be the poor little widow kicked out into a storm is bullstuff. She was called an “elderly widow” at the time Trump first approached her with an offer – she was close to 60 years old, but the media said she was “around her seventies” to make Trump look more like a villain.

    And this:
    “They had an opportunity that was squandered,” Zeitz said. “That’s really what happened. Imagine what they’d done if they’d really reinvested in the city. It’s a shame.”


    Is what Vera Coking and her husband paid for the 29-room boardinghouse/low income rooming house. In 1961.

    $1 million offered by Bob Guccione in 1979/1980.

    $1 million offered by Trump after Superior court denied ED.

    $530,000~Price fetched at auction.

    $995,000~ Reduced asking price prior to forced auction.

    $2M~Amount Donald Trump offered as recently as several years ago prior to the auction.

    AND – it was reported in the newspapers that Trump not only eventually offered her 2+ million, but in addition to also provide her a free place to live in Palm Beach FL for the remainder of her life.

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    • Link to Wiki,
      That woman would need to be mentally ill to live there.
      And that’s what Eminent Domain is for, we don’t want to be run by mentally ill people.
      Surprised some health inspection agency didn’t condemn the house.
      Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Any diesel engines near, that dirt comes right through the windows.


    • shallbe4 says:

      When you look at the group assembled to run for President with the exception of Trump and Christie these guys look like they had trouble graduating high school. The big donors still want Bush because Rubio doesn’t know which end is up unless its written by a campaign staffer. But who do these same big donors want out of the race — the smartest man on the stage Trump. Our Sundance knows more about politics then most of these guys. And yet they put on a suit and think they can run the world. Oh yes, lets bomb N. Korea. Wonder how much thought went into that statement. I want Trump for President so badly I ache to see him lead us.


    • uvaldegirl says:

      Thank you for the recap. I remember seeing that house, surrounded by a Trump casino in the 1990s, and thought how crazy it looked. By no means was Trump unscrupulous in this matter.


    • shallbe4 says:

      Thank you for that very interesting article.


  5. Mr. Lucky says:

    The Republican Party is infested with neocon lunatics. As much as I hate Obama, if McCain had won the election, he would have started WW3 with Russia.

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions

    How many men and women will die or be casualties fighting wars and defending America fulfilling this ideological shit? Trump and only Trump for Commander-in-Chief.


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  7. peachteachr says:

    Such a clear approach to a persistent problem. And Donald said of China, “…and I would expect them to make surgical strikes in North Korea.”
    My country went to war when I was a teenager, with North Vietnam. While I stood with my friends and their buddies who were fighting beside them, it was easy to see that this was a ‘poor man’s war’ where the wealthy and educated found a reason to stay at home.
    I don’t think I want to see any more of our blood and treasure spread on that desert sand. And certainly not with this Commander In Chief.

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  8. barton2016 says:

    And yet Trumps finger is on the trigger? He’s the only one up there not taking $$$$$$ from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup Gruman and the aerospace lobbies

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    • phil fan says:

      Yep Kasich, Jeb, Rubio, Cruz are full throated Neo-Con warmongers. Fiorina, HRC, Obama, Biden too but I digress. The military option for them is the primary solution to foreign policy ‘problems’. As Director sez above “these people are evil”. Hey not their blood or treasure going to war, but ours. I sincerely hope Trump hammers these blood-thirsty villains in a future debate, on campaign/rallies, during interviews. Trump is tough and has credibility to call ’em out with no fear of being charged as being soft. These warmongers and the trillions backing the US war machine will scream like bloody murder count on it. Killing is easy when its not them but do not dare touch their gravy train of ‘warbucks’.

      The wise idea Donald has of using our economic leverage to achieve many if not most of our foreign policy goals and solving our foreign problems is brilliant and will surely work with China. Do not listen to the Neo-Cons whose label ‘neo-con means “new conservatives’. These new conservatives dare to call Trump, us and anyone who does not favor perpetual war “not real conservatives”. I call bullsheet on their phony ‘new conservatism’ of killing as their favored solution to international conflicts. I call bullshiite on their Orwellian co-opting of the conservative mantle as does Phyllis Schlafly when she condemned the Nation Review neo-cons as “not representing the mainstream of conservatism”. They are totalitarian usurpers much like their kinfolk on the left. Uniparty has the same foreign policy goals whether on the left or on the right despite their swearing it ain’t so. Trump represents the mainstream in this and in many other ways.

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  9. Palin Smith says:

    Jeb is an ignorant schmuck.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      You mean Monkey Brain. That’s how he refers to himself. There is no such thing as Presidential Royalty. This is the USA we don’t need a Queen to approve our actions.


  10. Bull Durham says:

    Well, it looks like we will have another schmuck along for SC, Kashit. Maybe even Blimpo will go one more round. So, basically, four schmucks for the price of one.

    I think they want this crowd of crud to keep Trump’s total from going over 30%. They want to keep him so it looks like he cannot form a majority in the general election. With his high negatives he will have a hard time breaking away.

    After NH, we will have a better idea of their “full throated” strategy.

    Speaking of full throated, Rush must have thrown up in his throat when Rubio got his needle stuck in the record groove.

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  11. Bottom line the choices Trd Cruz has made are a total “tell” on his lack of good soul at his bade core. To much false pride.

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  12. Pinkie says:

    ED is not an issue for a president. It is mostly done at the state and
    local level. They raise it only because Trump is a developer. Same reason they harped on LBOs with Mitt.

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  13. NannyG says:

    We sure have some telegraph-their-moves war mongers running for office.
    Rubio, Cruz and Bush want to pre-emptively bomb inside North Korea and
    Christie wants to blow a Russian jet out of the sky if it gets into ”our” no-fly space in the Middle East!

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  14. Totally Domestic says:

    Jeb wants to force young ladies to register for the draft!
    That man is scary stupid.

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    • Pinkie says:

      I’d like to know how all of these guys, particularly the older ones were of age during the Vietnam war, avoided military service.


      • shallbe4 says:

        Pinkie thats a good question. I remember that time well and they were all chicken hawks. Some even got married to keep them from serving. The funniest one is when someone would break a bone just to keep from going to Nam


    • trapper says:

      When I heard Jeb’s Keystone pipeline comment I had one of those OMG moments. Jeb is stupid. He’s not just wrong or ignorant. He doesn’t follow the argument or the analysis because he can’t follow it. He’s a dullard. He can memorize a 2 minute spiel, and that’s about the limit of his abilities. Not his fault I suppose. His mother probably dropped him on his head.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Do not miss the fact that ‘Feminism’ was a manufactured Astro-turf movement with the destruction of the family/American culture as the real goal.

        ” Former presidential hopeful Aaron Russo (1943 – 2007), friend of 1%-er Nick Rockefeller (of the Rockefeller Dynasty), tells how Rockefeller admitted to him that the feminist movement was socially engineered to push women into the workforce to increase tax revenues and corporate profits”

        The other goal of ‘Feminism’ is the break-up of the family.

        Thanks to industrialization middle class American men could earn enough to allow their wives to stay home. Mom took care of the house, the kids and the elderly relatives.

        Now corporate America makes $$$ off warehoused toddlers and old folks and the government gets the tax revenue from them and Mom’s salary. More important the cultural transmission lines are effectively broken. Grandma and Granddad are not in the home helping take care of the kids, tell them stories and read to them thereby transmitting real history and culture. Mom is working a job but can not afford to hire help because the State pays the lower class more than she can. Therefore all her spare time is eaten up with meals and taking care of the house and not interacting with her children. The Boob Tube/video substitutes for the reading, story telling, playing and teaching found in traditional homes.

        The rest of the void while Mom is working is filled by the State. The State has stepped in and is now raising the children instilling the State’s brainwashing. The State made sure THEY control shaping the next generation thanks to the manufactured child abuse scare. This scare allowed regulations that control and warped daycare the way the State has warped education. (The state also removed childcare as well as domestic help from the easy money earning category and substituted welfare.)

        Scotland shows the end game:
        Every Child in Scotland to Be Supervised by State-Appointed Busybody — The
        True danger lies in the notion that the state should decide if you are parenting your kids correctly.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Another deliberate attack on the American Family is the idiotic notion that children must not be disciplined.
        Born-Again Christians lead nation in spanking children — Spanking is Child Abuse (No mention that Christian children are well behaved, well adjusted and go on to lead productive lives.) It has now reached the ridiculous stage where yelling in front of a child or at a child is now called ‘Child Abuse’

        “According to a new study published online in the journal Child Development yelling — defined as shouting, cursing or insult-hurling — may be “just as detrimental” as physical punishment to the long-term well-being of adolescents.”

        Of course when these undisciplined unruly children hit school the teachers demand the kids be put on drugs. Many of these kids are our most gifted who act out because they are bored to tears with the dumbed down schooling.
        Born to Explore: Gifted or ADD?

        Death from Ritalin — The Truth Behind ADHD

        The Real Suicide Data from the TADS Study Comes to Light

        Violence in Schools? It’s the Prozac and Ritalin Stupid!

        Again if you trace the threads back it goes to a Psy-ops by the Rockefellers. (The Rockefellers have their finger prints all over “the pharmaceutical investment business” too.)
        The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: A Critical Analysis of Rockefeller Philanthropic Funding, 1920-1960
        Brian J. Low

        “Past research into the mental hygiene movement in Canada and the United States has tended to view it in isolation from co-temporary projects funded by Rockefeller philanthropy, such as mass communications research. The mental hygiene campaign aimed to modify adult-child relations by reducing the influence parents and teachers held over children’s personality development; the central aim of mass communications research was the development of conformity of opinion. One a project of social engineering, the other of social control, the two projects combined appear to have possessed considerable potential to work in concert to shift weight in the socializing matrix from families and schools to the media at the outset of the post-World War II baby boom.”

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    • Dehbashi says:

      To be fair if you want equal rights it is the way to go. Men are still technically be drafted sue to selective service.

      Jeb is a moron overall and you know he is going to get our military killed but he isn’t wrong with that.


      • Totally Domestic says:

        Men & women are NOT equal physically. Or even emotionally. Load Of crap that equal rights!
        Men were designed by God to be protectors.
        Equal Rights has feminized men.
        This is just another way to destroy our military & pervert the role of women & men.
        Jeb wants girls & mommy to protect him.

        Nobody is saying that ladies can’t volunteer for military service.

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        • Totally Domestic says:

          PS: I think Jeb is a pajama boy.

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        • USA Patriot says:

          Not only Jeb but all the rest too — not sure about Trump. To be honest we should go back to an all male military army — single male for Private. Every soldier should be available for combat and to now have our daughters and wives to fight for many men is obscene. Blowback expected.

          Conservatism has also been hijacked by feminism — the strong Sarah “Grizzly Bear” Palin fan base is evidence of that.

          God created men and women different, not only physically but with different characteristics and women are not made to become warriors or for that matter Politicians.


        • Dehbashi says:

          That wasn’t the point I was making. I was saying for feminism if they want to be equal this is part of the process for it. However feminism is like ever other leftist thing is a big lie. They want women to have the same or more rights as men but none of the responsibilities. So the whole outrage that women may get drafted while men must be drafted is a bunch of bull.


          • USA Patriot says:

            I understood your valid point Dehb but digging deeper women should not be in the military “at all” — separate branch in wartime only for nurses etc is OK. They are very costly and dangerous in combat, which is the prime reason for the military. I think we are on the same page.


          • Totally Domestic says:

            I didn’t hear one bit of outrage. It was as though nobody heard Jeb’s remark or either everyone agreed with it. Total silence. Is everyone so feminized/brainwashed that they are ok with drafting girls??
            I think feminist are ok with it because they don’t care one bit about women! Example: Genital mutiliation, honor killing of young girls by Muslim men. & NOT A PEEP!


      • Gail Combs says:

        A very good article on why women do not belong in combat:
        Get Over It! We’re Not All Created Equal


    • shallbe4 says:

      OMD that is the dumbest idea ever. If a woman is built like a brick outhouse and she wants to enlist fine but no draft. Monkey brain is at it again.


  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Interesting Video

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  16. Dehbashi says:

    Look who was at a Trump Rally in Arkansas last week.


    Good ol’ Paula Jones. Great for the crowd to point her out.

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  17. USA Patriot says:

    First of all these 3 candidates are lying — tough “campaign” talk only. But if China does not end North Korea’s ICBM / Nuke development than the threat of preemption must remain on the table — same with Iran.

    In fact their nuke development should have been stopped in the Bush Administration by either twisting China’s arm strongly or if not successful the real threat of preemption –instead we got six Party talks Ad Nauseum. Now we soon will have a rogue nuclear state that can hit California. JFK was a hair away from going to war with the mighty Soviet Union in the Cuban missile crisis and a N,K. ICBM is absolutely no different.

    Conservatives are not Libertarians although they has infested the GOP. True conservatism sees a ominous threat and nips it in the bud. But first we need to rebuild our gutted military from both Parties fast, so we have again a true nuclear Superpower — do our nukes and ICBMs still work. When was the last time we tested a nuke?

    Trump’s answer about China was good but left unsaid was what if China wanted their satellite pit bull — then what ? Trump could not politically say he would consider preemption but I would hope he keeps it open as an option. The other guys would be like scared rabbits and do nothing.

    Nuclear proliferation should be a top issue in this campaign — starting with Iran and N. K. but also Pakistan, India and then China. We though need full royal flush in our military deck with a true leader.

    Trump 2016..


    • phil fan says:

      Trump seems to think China can’t afford to build their country/economy and fund a proxy aggressive state like NK if we use economic leverage (45% tariffs) to extract military concessions. This obviously would be an extensive negotiation with the Chicoms. I for one will not underestimate Trump the negotiator even with the slippery Chinese. But I’m sure the nuclear option will be on the table from day one discretely.


  18. jimrtex says:

    Pipelines are a “public use”.

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    • DeusVult says:

      Duh, that’s the legal justification, but they’re still private. Yeb couldn’t grasp that public use =/= public.

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      • jimrtex says:

        Listen to the exchange again. Jeb Bush clearly understood that “public use” was the justification for use of eminent domain for pipelines. That does not mean that it is a public works project. Just because someone is getting red in the face, and making faces, and getting into an argument with the audience, and waving his finger, does not mean that Jeb Bush does not understand the concept.

        Donald Trump said that the Keystone Pipeline would not be built without eminent domain. Jeb Bush said, “I agree”, smiled and turned to the audience. Donald Trump continued to argue.

        Where there may be disagreement is when eminent domain is used to acquire sites for private development, such as for a casino or resort.

        While eminent domain might be used for acquiring sites for schools, I doubt that it is used in most cases. It is certainly not the case that there would be NO schools without eminent domain as Donald Trump stated.


  19. D.Trump is correct about the necessity of Imminent Domain, but I would like for him address the relatively recent stories of abuses of I.D. by city councils. I.D. was never intended to kick American Citizens out of their homes for the purpose of building commercial projects to bring in more tax revenue. It was meant for bridges, roads, dams, and etc, IMO.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      This is sort of what or actually is what the BLM is doing to ranchers if you get into the whole story. The Federal government is taking over more and more land in America(Mostly in the west). Federal government was never meant to own land.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Hoyt Axton Mountain Right


  20. Respectfully, the word is eminent -high in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished; as opposed to imminent -likely to occur at any moment; impending. Even though in most cases of eminent domain they do seem to be imminent or unstoppable.
    Judicious use and just compensation are critical. This seems to be a ‘trump’ed up non-issue as a way of demeaning our billionaire builder.


    • shallbe4 says:

      Jeb also said he was Monkey brain. Oh dear God. No wonder Trump looks angry, his competitors are such a motley crew. There is one candidate I would like to see on the ticket with Trump and that is Christie.


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